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"dr ron alexander" Discussed on Living Regret Free

"Of mindfulness and out of this come to you. Well, you know, I my trajectory my path, you know, very psycho spiritual for very long time. I've studied many teachings many modalities, many techniques technologies, etc. Because I've been on the path of you know, you said that we're transformation self realization, self actualization. You know, you know, that old quote knows I self, you know, I've been very interested in the workings of the mind, and for me in particular, my story stems from having a sister that was mentally ill, and which was very devastating and she's no longer with us. She was very very special soul. But, you know, her breakdown her mental breakdown really impacted me, and it really just changed my whole world around if you will so it so I went on a deep deep search for that meaning mindfulness with. That I discovered along the way and once I became aware of it. And also as a meditative because I started meditating young, you know, to sort of, you know, understand how to calm the mind down how to head observe it. And the mill thousands of thoughts we think in in that head of ours. When I came upon mindfulness, it just immediately resonated for me because it really was a way in which we could observe ourselves. And this isn't just about sitting on a meditation pillow or yoga mat where you sit for twenty minutes, and quiet the mind. This is about all the waking moments of our live and mindfulness for me was such a powerful, you know, understanding of the self and I became a certified mindfulness teacher in a mindfulness meditation teacher, and my work really is devoted to that. And it's an integral part of all of the work that I do it was part of my first book says who which was having. Mindful awareness of the thoughts that we have. And with that mindful awareness, we can then change them. And that's how I created the says who method and now my new book live true, a mindfulness guy too often Tissot is really all about the understanding of who we are. You know, it's it's really getting to know ourselves better. I think it's really important to do. So so that we can be clear and healthy and wholesome and have healthy thinking habits, which is something I go in, you know, deeply into both books. Well, it's interesting. I have to confess I am not a meditative. I have tried. I've tried but my mind is just going all the time. And so, you know, when I sit there, and I I tried to empty my mind. You know, then I fall. Then I got this shows, you how relaxed your you get, you know. And then of course, you know, I just did a workshop at one four four multi versity in Scotts valley in northern California called mine mood and happiness with Dr Ron Alexander. And a woman came up to me because we were teaching meditation that was part of the workshop, and she said that very thing. She says, you know, I meditate a lot, but then I start to fall asleep. How can I stop that? And then that takes you to a whole other level of being aware of when you start to be tired. So that you can bring your focus and awareness to that. Like, oh, I'm about to fall asleep. And then you become aware of how not to do that. So and by the way, you not being a meditation imitator, and being honest that I think is great. There are millions of people who feel like you do they don't meditate. They don't know how to meditate they don't wanna meditate. But I really encourage taking time in are very very busy days. Even if you're. Someone who doesn't wanna meditate and that's perfectly. Okay. No judgment. But try and sit for at least, you know, I encourage like ten minutes just just sit quietly somewhere. Even if you're looking at the out the window and seeing, you know, the the leaves on a tree moving or, you know, a sunbeam coming through your window or anything that you can stop the business. We we need to really incorporate that enjoy day somehow, I agree with you. I think that's important. And of course, when I look out my window. All I see is water and boats, but I will fight. I tell pretty Gail it is it is. And then of course, when I fit my catch come on my lap. And then I love petting them. And that's very relaxing to me. But you know, you also talked about training yourself to become fully present. And I know that there's a lot talking about just the power. Power of now, you know, the power of being right in the moment. And right full have a really difficult time with that. And you know, that's well, it doesn't matter. What happened in the past? We don't know what the future is the only thing we can control is right now. So how do you tell people? How do you train them to become more fully present? Well, I talk a lot about that in in live true. And I say that we oftentimes spent more time than not in two timeframes that don't exist. We go back to the past which is already come and gone. And sometimes we lament what we wish we did differently or it happened different y'all. I think we ought to Louis we do, and that's a total waste of time and mind, you this is very different than reminiscent. Or you know, remembering fond memories, that's not what I'm talking about. Here. I'm talking about how we go back into the past. And we can stay on what I call the hamster wheel. And we we really do spend an inordinate amount of time there or we are thinking about the future, which isn't even here yet and our mind gets occupied with the what if what you know, what could happen. What might happen and it creates worry and concern? And exactly so where we. The least amount of time isn't the president. I mean, it's just amazing to me that we try to wiggle out of the moments of our lives, and what's really sad. If you will about that that life moves very quickly. And before we know we've wasted a lot of time. And you don't want to be taking your last breath. Wishing you hadn't done that. Do you know? So that's the power of mindfulness is really to bring that awareness to people. And basically say look the moments of your life are really important. And if you value them, you're not gonna want to hurry them along now that can be easier said than done. So your question. How do you do that well, mindfulness which its definition definition is being in the present moment with total awareness and to add to that is with acceptance non judgment, and I what I like to call the cherry on top with self love. And so if for when you're in a moment you and I are. Talking. We're engaged in this conversation. I know I certainly am. I'm not thinking about what I'm going to have for lunch or dinner. And I'm not thinking about what happened yesterday. I'm really here. I'm present. I'm in this conversation because I want to be you know, you have to wanna be present. You have to one of value. What you're doing enough to also what I call show up for it like a hundred percent. So this takes training this takes practice, and

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