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"dr robert sala" Discussed on Niner Faithful Radio

"Versus sherman email rowsley k. One you know. I'm getting give it even though it's not sure you know prime richard sherman. I'm still gonna give it to twenty nineteen and of course jimmy ward and angie's guitar vs dante hitting her and Strong goals now. We were talking about hitting their goals. You know we do have to put the ask that. Let's be real. It's a different ballgame. Now i'll be there be able to play now might have been kicked out the league then for that hit. He put up here on this. I mean you might be suspended for hit like that now. But i think that i'm still gonna give it to the secondary because you know. Hopefully you watch the interview. The ground cone had with jimmy ward is a really good any You just you really. I've interview and jimmy was not a very outspoken. Man you know he's not a big self promoter. But i love you walked away thinking you know what. Yeah you know. Jimmy works a lot of crafts. And he you know he doesn't deserve it because if you look at it. The only issue with jimmy ward is really ever been health. He's a good player is a good safety. And yeah everybody says turnovers turnovers turnovers. But if you're not getting thrown at man jimmy ward brought up a good point that every word that nobody counts four thousand stops and jimmy ward out a couple of those and so i think that what you're seeing. The last couple of years is what has always been there with jimmy ward. He's just been healthy now that he's been able to play majority of the games and you've been able to see that he has italic definitely should have been first round. Pick in two thousand fourteen and you go to jakubowski tart who a lot like jimmy wars. You know just does his job and you know you could tell it. Twenty nineteen was the cost. Went out with that rib injury you know. The defense definitely did did fall off. Not a whole bunch. Obviously but if fell off enough. And so i think that it's important to note that jaguars came up with some big plays that year. You know the biggest obviously was when he became back out for the ball and that that was. A huge thing are huge. Play in that game. Yeah we ended up losing it. But i don't think without that play. You can't say that we come back and forced to overtime and so everybody will always remember the forest buckner scoop and score but cross qatar de for the ball was just big as a play and so i'm gonna give it to the twenty nineteen in the secondary but overall if you said you had to pick one defense. I think i'm gonna go twenty. I think i'm gonna go twenty twelve. I'll take justice. Smith dismiss Navarro bowman patrick willis and and all that don't they hitting their and the shaun golden so on and so forth our defense. Now you could also say that the defense kind of gaels the super bowl that year kinda like how obviously for a lot less of the game but you know the devote defense is gonna get it done but i would like to say that the twenty twelve defense would have if given another opportunity if you had to play that game over again. I think we shut down baltimore. And also i'll go to won't even go coordinators on this and i'll give it to vic fangio. I mean big fan. Dr robert sala. Wishing luck new york as long as it doesn't affect the niners but i did fangio's away to better coordinated than robert zala Okay so now. Moving to office side of the ball. You know we'll get a little bit coaching staff to we'll get that a little bit towards the end of the episode but going into office. Okay so you gotta start at quarterback so we'll go ahead and we'll go cap because we'll look at who started the super bowl versus jimmy garoppolo. that's tough but you know what i'll take cap and twenty twelve. I'm not saying. I would take him for the whole career that i'll take catholic. Twenty twelve four. The fact that the league having caught up to a cap came out slanging. And i think that a lot of times. We're calling kabir nick. A lot of people look at the beginning of his career and think that's all he is and then you have people who look at the end of his career and you know think of that's what it is so i'll definitely say colin kaepernick was shooting star. Louis you know he was bright bright but you know yeah he did say and we obviously know what happened at the end of why. He's no longer in the week. But we won't get into that. But i'm gonna check cap over jimmy and twenty twelve just because yeah you could say he didn't get it done. At the you know jimmy. With the overthrow capita fade rows to crabtree. But i would say that. If i could play patrick mahomes in the super bowl. I believe i believe that caps mobility would have greatly benefited in the fourth quarter. When you know the pastor start getting there and you start getting balls batted down on everything. Jimmy least would have been r. Chop wood at least been able to move off. This fought and you would have had the of his legs. I think that's what i hope. Cowboy mostly my super bowl is that hey the offense gets in a rut like you know. It happened to the super bowl. We got in a rut but having the threat of a quarterback who a office getting shut down balls. They're getting better down. Wherever you go and pick up a first now you know with your legs and yeah the offense might still be sputtering but at least you have you. The offense is moving down the field. Yeah you're not getting a big pass. Plays or whatever. But i mean you're getting i in the chain moving and i think that you even with the offense is sputtering. If we simply would have just been able to have a quarterback that would have been able to move the change with his legs. I do that super. Bowl comes out a lot. Different super bowl. Fifty four comes out a lot different Now maybe the chief do what baltimore did in super bowl atia. Hey no matter what every play. We're gonna hit colin kaepernick and so would ended up working the way they did. But i still think. I would have said cap over jimmy. Twenty twelve cap versus jimmy. Twenty nineteen now. You go to the running backs. I mean look lover. He's a dream. I was there for thousand. Nfc championship game amazing. But if you ever think i'm gonna take another ready back a diner history. Was that immediate. How doing doing legendary brother doing legendary. How about yourself but Let me know what you think of the comments We're we're we're breaking down. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred versus twenty twelve. Niners becky brad. Thank you three. Shaded are doing great. That's separate that's what's up guys. You're doing good or less. But i think and if you think i'm gonna take any other running back nine history besides number twenty one. You're smoking crack. I mean maybe the million dollar backfield. Joe perry any.

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