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"dr radovich" Discussed on Healthcare Triage Podcast

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"dr radovich" Discussed on Healthcare Triage Podcast

"Ordeal. He farmer. I will tell you takes ten years in a billion dollars. Plus, yes. So, you know, as as a doctrine, either mentioned, you know, you could you could start developing drugs from scratch or you can actually start a little bit later in the process where you have drugs that are in trials or drugs have been FDA approved trying to find the right patient to match drug. And so that allows us to really move the translation quicker to patients are we going to get to a point where it's like, okay. Now, we figured out the target, and I can just pop on this machine and just crank out the the exact drug because that seems to be the I actually I do. But I don't think it's going to be small molecules. I think we're gonna see this is in the concept of vaccine based therapies and cell base therapies, where we actually design immune cells for specific personalized aberrations of a person's cancer and allow that cancer allow that of mutual to hone in destroy the cancer that seems to be a more broadly applicable idea. I think so I do I do, you know? No. And so we actually really begin to see this actually, the first example, this Efren breast cancer was just published a few weeks ago by the National Cancer suit. Where scientists at the NCI took a woman with a heavily pre-treated, estrogen receptor, positive breast cancer took out there took out her tumor, and actually isolated immune cells it reacted for the tumor. Okay. They took those immune cells made huge numbers of them. And then reinfusing it. And got a phenomenal response actually a complete response to therapy. I g I hear about this. And I'm always skeptical of one. Yeah. Of course, that at least I can wrap my head around that like, I get it. And it seems like if we could do that that there will be that it would that it will be something that could be more broadly applicable. No immuno oncology has become a huge excitement. And clearly all my patients are asking me as something for me. I would say in the world of breast cancer. We've not been great at it. So far what I would also suggest is what the drugs and approaches we have today. Probably not all. Patients benefit from it. But as Dr Radovich mentioned, I do think for that sub population who gained benefit it can be pretty substantial. And so what I think we have to do is get better identify in the patients who are gonna be those that respond to this sort of therapy. So I mean chemotherapy, obviously has a lot of Texas city and a lot of side effects associated as well. So is there is there work are things going on to try to to look into that how we can make that better. Yeah. So, you know, interestingly for anyone who's had a family or friend with cancer. You'll know that many of them fear the word chemotherapy as much as they fear the word cancer. And I I think that's a reflection of the side effects that we see with chemotherapy, we've talked a little bit about those earlier today, but clearly also serious side effects like heart failure things like neuropathy, where you get numbness pain and tingling in the fingertips and toes that can be irreversible and life altering.

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