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"dr polly mcgee" Discussed on She's THE Boss Chats

"Hi and welcome to. She's the boss chats. I'm your host, Gills Brooke and in the show I interview amazing women and female founders. Bad what it is that they're doing and why they're doing it. It's all about US lifting up the women around us. I K well. I'm very very excited today, because I have my great friend and a woman who I have to say, his inspired me for many years ever since I first met her. As the compare of a pitch fist in Melbourne Dr Polly McGee welcome. Hey so great to be here. Thank you for asking me. It's my absolute pleasure, I just such a big fan of yours so this is W- early days in my new. She's the boss Podcast, which is really all about you, and what a great boss chick you are! So, the first thing that I want to ask you is what exactly do you do? Can you tell us about your business and what you're doing now and why? It's a great question for the now in fact, because it's something I reckon I've struggled with for lace. Fifteen years white. Light. What did he do so? This is going to be a long unexpected answer. I suspect. Long. Through a rebranding process and one of the things that I really struggled with was that. I'm what's nine apparently in the design industry as a slasher which actual last year. was even better. Sounds like something out of. What's that one lead the face? What does it, Texas chainsaw massacre? You're the slasher. Yes Evil Dead Stop. mcanuff slushy and it's interesting because I distinctly remember being coached by. Professional consultancy coach always have three or four things up your slave, so I would say well. I'm an author and digital strategist stint I'm a fifteen other million things, but people would always be like. So, what are you doing clean? Meter on stage talking and that same e books and they'd say me doing consultant saying that Samy catering for a local. Buddhist gig and it seems during stuff unlock. It was super, super confusing which I took for a long time because. All of my career's which are many varied. I have to say I've always done lots of things at once..

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