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"dr peter navarro navarro" Discussed on NBC Meet the Press

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"dr peter navarro navarro" Discussed on NBC Meet the Press

"Rented a capitol hill condo requests for special perks and raises for his aides against the advice of the white house you didn't know that they got these large i did not know that to get the pay raises until you should while many of the white house professional staff led by chief of staff john kelly have advised the president to fire pruitt pruitt is a conservative star and allies had launched a coordinated campaign to save his job he has become outside of trump the single biggest target the american limp and so far the president has listened and pruitt has his public confidence casting person and joining me now from west palm beach florida's president trump's chief traded visor dr peter navarro navarro welcome to meet the presser mr todd how are you morning i'm pretty good let me start with this it seems as if the administration wants have it both ways telling the chinese were serious about tariffs these are coming here's the list but then telling the public no no it's a negotiating ploy to negotiating tactic which is it's it's both mr todd basically what we have here is a situation where every american understands that china stealing our intellectual property they're forcing the transfer of our technology companies go to china and by doing that they steal jobs from america they steal factories from american we run an unprecedented three hundred seventy billion dollars a year trade deficit in goods this is an unsustainable situation what we've done in a very measured way over the course of many months is develop plan to make the situation significantly better that plans being implemented include both tariffs to recover the damages that china and flicks as well as investment restrictions we proceeding measured way in those terrorists will be imposed in those investment restrictions will be imposed at the same time there are discussions going on with the chinese with.

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