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"dr peter corey" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

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"dr peter corey" Discussed on News Radio 920 AM

"Coast to coast Am open lines. I always look forward. To these special two hours and again. Let me give you that hotline number because I'm hoping to speak with some inventor, some some backyard tinkerers. Some Tesla wannabes, perhaps 8188170021. How have you used This. This covert locked down? Perhaps the benefit mankind or the benefits yourself. I'm looking for inventions, innovations, perhaps just a breakthrough for you on a personal level. Let's begin with Lynn in Orange County, California. Hello, Lynn. Welcome to coast. Apparently, we're supposed to keep this light. And actually, I think this is amazingly light and happy. It shows how our first responders really care for us in that over one year, a group of doctors technically our top critical care doctors in the United States Have been awesomely fighting for us and and working really hard every day, and I'd like to congratulate them that their success on January 6th They finally got an audience in front of our National Institute of Health and CDC and to talk about the fact that they had over 20. Um, studies and clinical trials for Doug Ivor Mexicans. But you might recognize because George has been following it, along with Dr Wallace and some other guests and the fact that they just presented those studies the fact that every purpose drug Um, has now been repurposed again, Andre. We're waiting for the response from on my age from January, 6. But they waited patiently for whole years. The response on this drug, and I think that's amazing that they and so Strong, Andre just it's Isaac Newton. It's that it's that sense that scientists and doctors that care for us that they literally give every breathing moment. Of waking hours to him to help us all when we can't help ourselves and I've Romek tin. It was taken before. Well, you know, if you see an NIH in America on January, 6 And we're just waiting for the actual final response. But the study shows a repurposed drug that won the Nobel Prize. Um in, you know, for medicine and 2015 now cannot will take care of the virus. It can take care of the pulmonary. It can also take care of the fact that you can take it in the human grade. And, um, you can actually, you know Going to get a prescription from your doctor. Hopefully, it's just the guidelines change here. And they state that it can. Your doctor could get stuck. There could do it now. But you know, so the guidelines change and so you can take it and you could take a 15. Milgram's Let's say, and you don't have to worry for 30 days. So if you're waiting for the vaccine, you can wait patiently without fear. And I don't know about you, but that I find him culture a year. That's amazing. That's just possibly I watched Dr Peter Corey testify. I think it was Homeland Security Committee meeting before the Senate. And he spoke for about 10 minutes. He's part of the study group. And again these air group of medical people who are looking to repurpose drugs and I've remained in his Ah Ananta parasitic. On showing according to all of these studies, Great promise not only as a prophylactic, but also with people are diagnosed early on are given this and I believe it's kind of Ah, steroid, a type of steroid. I might be mistaken about that. But it does sound very promising. And I think Again. We We do need to be paying attention to Maura of these existing drugs. And can they be repurposed Esso, let's let's hope that it is all that. You know that that is made up to be. It sounds very, very promising. So you know, let's I hope they get behind it and do some exhaustive studies. I know they have done some. But let's Let's hope that that's the magic bullet. Thanks for the call in. Let's say hi to Joshua in Texas. Good morning, Joshua. There is a straight to talk to you. Likewise. Thank you. So I wanted to talk to you about some weird things that have to me while I was working on the wind turbine technician over and study the Texas There. It's about an hour.

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