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"dr petals" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"dr petals" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Kevin what's in our studios? They'll play by play. Justin update their time out. Toronto's gonna win one of 5 96 30 seconds to go. Raptors are also going to the free throw line, so Memphis will have the wait at least one more game. To try to wrap up a spot in the play in game But remember they have. Boston in Milwaukee is their final two games Sacramento Tonight they'll be eliminated from contention with loss New Orleans where the losses not eliminated, but Portland win, Shawn They will be back to you in P. J. I know I've been reminded all day, Shawn. It's not an elimination. Shawn is not it is it really is Kevin alluded because of all the other factors. Deli Deli that was all off the weak side screen drama played by San Antonio. Other timeout there. Lead 69 53 1 Bellies. Jump shot hesitates Walker Picks it up, shoots about the following. No good hurdles. Gotta rebound block, right, Get another look at this thing. They're not moving stream Pirtle. His third was it? Yes, it was purple. Third time he's been called for the legal screen. He came after the dribble handoff on the right way through Holiday's trying to shakes in life back into his right arm, Dr Petals on the floor. He Andrew, you banks have been called pops looking at the board again. No, I don't think so occupies right. I did not see that He didn't even move Pops really upset who turned back after the handoff crossed over to the right lane gave it up the holiday. 23 rebound favors backups. No dumping baseline for holiday through Rose on the lane. The ball top of the arc back through the gas left hand dribble favorite hand to design of strong stores in a shroud. That's what the first half maybe they're going to get it here. It's got like that possession, Sean. Good passing offensive rebounding. Finished the river outside, Marco for three. Straight away. Go With down to 14 from pals. Williams spins left Come sit on the finished with two hands. You know you had that in the toolbox Way go 69 57 rows in the leg collides with holiday through, says incidental contact. Got in the way of blocking is turning to the video guys behind the bench when he sees a play. He wants to show that might even be this afternoon when they get back to The hotel. He's turned a lot today. Sometimes there's not as many. There's.

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