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"dr patti ashley" Discussed on WGN Radio

"Welcome to the Karen Conti show on seven twenty WGN hello everybody Karen Conti here on this happy groundhog day no it's talking about it groundhog I didn't see a shot or whatever did they were going to have a very early spring according to that would shock and early spring in Chicago is you know me to June first it will be nice so I'm looking forward to that and thank you for joining me I know all three of you are listening we are enjoying will enjoy the show tonight you know what who needs the Superbowl we have so much going on here we have riveting conversation we have tackling legal issues were running down the legal news of the week we're talking to all kinds of important people in and the most incredible thing that's going to happen is Roger banish is going to perform at halftime on my show so at eight o'clock which is the mid part of my show there's going to be a Roger baddest halftime show he does not know it yet I think he's a little worried I don't hear anything from the newsroom at all but she is going to be very entertaining as he usually is we do have a great show tonight we're going to be talking at seven thirty to an astrologer now do you believe in astrology is based in science my birthday is tomorrow and I was thinking and I always read my horoscope just for fun I used to study the astrology just a little bit and I'm wondering doesn't matter where our planets are aligned to the stars and the moon and Jupiter are those things that really because trends in society are those things are changing to the changer personality if you're born under certain signs I know out there are probably some people believe in this stuff and probably a lot of people don't but let's listen to what the premier astrologer in Chicago was going to say about what astrology means and how you can use it to maybe make your life a little bit better and understand some of the trends that might be going on that's at seven thirty and eight o'clock we are taking your legal questions as you know I'm a practicing lawyer and if you have any oceans at all about anything you will give me a call here at nine eight one seven two hundred three one two nine eight one seven two hundred or text to that number I will see if I can answer your legal questions and maybe in the process helped out some other people who I have the same question I also will be doing my little quiz at the end just before nine o'clock and will be kind of a run down of the week's news stories and we'll see how much you paid attention to the news stories I promise we're not talking politics or impeachment or viruses so we're going to stay in some topics that are a little bit more light hearted if you will but let's get going with our first topic which is something that I've been thinking about all week as you recall last Sunday Kobe Bryant died tragically in a plane crash the great best basketball player his his daughter died as did some several other people in this helicopter crash and what was interesting I mean you saw on the news Superbowl today there was a map of memorial they were having the morals at all different games and you saw people just with an outpouring of sympathy yet and they were crying in there were tears and I wonder why is it that we as people in our society more in it with such great feeling the loss of a celebrity what is it about us we don't know this guy we've watched him maybe we think we know him maybe we've route before him or maybe we admire him but what is it about his tragic death truly goes right to the heart of our emotions and with us to talk about that fascinating topic is doctor Patty Ashley a doctor actually is an international workshop presenter an author and speaker she's a psychotherapist who's going to give us some insight into the identification of why we feel so strongly about these issues doctor Ashley thank you so much for joining me how are you tonight well hi Karen I'm great how are you thank god so much happening good to have you here so let's just talk a little bit we were going to go to a break in just a little bit but I wanted to just your insight instinctively is this an uncommon thing to see people getting emotional about the death of a celebrity and if it isn't why don't we do it no it's really commented the archetypal we kill something in our bones that triggers us it feels like it's something we know but we really don't know so you know we feel we are hard to open there's an embassy in on and we really want to make sense out of something that doesn't make sense especially tragic sudden loss like we saw with Kobe Bryant are there certain celebrities that seem to evoke that kind of feeling more than others I think so you know and I think it really depends on the person because everybody has a certain character that they're drawn kill princess Diana for instance she in no doubt that morning went on for ever the flowers and the letters and the and and she did so much work you know in the world but she was also such a will family kind of situation that has stirred up big big questions in our lives and so I think really depends on you know the individual how much they're going to be touched by the person who dies like for me my favorite singer songwriter was cancel Burke went out for a long time yeah he's he's actually from Illinois I forgot what town it's not yeah Peoria's which is somewhat on state and he died also tragically young of a prostate cancer I believe and I don't know but about you but when I hear his songs wich are so beautiful I just I feel I can't help but feel sad because his life was cut so very short I would have loved to hear him now you know in his older years doing doing other ballots and other songs right and so that's a personal connection for years the music as it is for me so I'm gonna more not a little bit more sales big sports fan for instance with Kobe Bryant you know when their whole world is around sports and what that's about they get excited and then in something tragic like that happens I think they probably have a similar feeling like well I wanted to know what else he was going to do in this life and it was so sudden it could happen to me right right let's let's open the phone lines if anybody has felt something like this where you just talk you obviously don't know the person you've heard about it in the news is there's somebody who's really kind of just tugged at your heart a death that you were kind of surprised yourself when we come back I am going to talk a little bit about someone who kind of touched me and I and I still look back and think how was it that I felt so strongly about the death of somebody who I didn't know nine eight one seven two hundred three one two nine eight seven two hundred and we're talking with Patty Dr Patti Ashley and we're talking about grief to we're gonna get to morph into another topic which is very important to talk about him which is dealing with grief dealing with the loss of loved ones and how may be some tips to make you feel a little bit better you're listening to WGN this is Karen how to show coming.

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