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"dr patrick gainey" Discussed on ResearchPod

"And welcome to research pod. Thank you for listening and joining us today. In this episode we will be looking at the research of dr patrick gainey. Principal scientist at eagle talks gainey consulting. He is leading the first systematic review to examine whether lia sophian potassium his toxic to the environment in recent decades. Our society has become more and more preoccupied with whist as metropolises expand in the population of the planet continues to grow. More whisked needs to be managed. This includes an increase in sewage in westwater having more people mean more toilets and tops to flush away the various waste we produce from bodily excretion being flushed to the cooking. Oil is washed off from pounds. It isn't surprising that the sewage contains a cocktail of chemicals that require the water to be treated wastewater plants even with the modern sophisticated sewage and water treatment systems that exist in some countries some chemicals and pollutants can survive the treatment process. This may pose a threat to people on animals. By contributing to environmental contamination and ukraine disruptor chemicals from pharmaceuticals pesticides on personal care products are examples of classes of chemicals suspected to be changing the reproductive sex of aquatic animals upper hops. Unexpected wastewater chemical is is sophian potassium also known as es k. His sophian potassium is one of several new. A new calorie. Sweeteners used as a healthy alternative. To sugar serendipitous. Lee discovered by crisis in nineteen sixty seven he k. was approved by the us food and drug administration as a food and drink sweetener in nineteen eighty eight. It has become a popular calorie free alternative to sugar for hops because it is two hundred times sweeter than sucrose therefore less as needed in order to achieve the desired level of sweetness and food and beverage products. es k. is sold directly in suite. one sonnet sweeteners. undoes used to flavor many products including baking products soda fruit juices desserts and tooth passed in the last few decades low and no calorie. Sweeteners held become much more widely. Used as a less caloric alternative to sugar. Where i- sugar as absorbed at a caloric cost. es k. is not even absorbed by the body instead is k. is excreted of the body unchanged but what if there is a price to pay for calorie free sweetness lou calorie. Sweeteners have been subject of skepticism and controversy with a lot of discussion around the potential for negative side effects. Researchers have raised concerns about counter kidney disease controlling the body's blood sugar levels on problems.

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