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"dr nita leila" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"Now let's get back to the. Great Gildersleeve is made careful preparations for this evening's festivities, taking care of both the outer and the inner man forties exterior a new suit for his interior. He is insisted on blending Mrs ransom services of Birdie for the evening now his cup of joy filled, and splashing over yielders approaches Leila's house with Joanne pipers arm tucked snugly through his own. This is where she lives. Right next door to my house. Oh, I didn't know that we're good friends. Neighbors that is I, think you like Ms. Ranson I'm sure I will she so kind advice me? She's an older woman of course, but she's a darn good sport. Leila's lots of fun. Did. You mean I? Think so somebody. It'll be long the minute. Help Birdie fancy finding. You hear good evening, sir, good evening Ma'am good, evening Birdie. May I have your rat man? Thank you. Why so formal Birdie you act like you never saw before. Mrs Ransom told me not to get into any conversations with the guest. Take your coat Sir Code Oh. Yes, yes, yes, thanks! I just hang in here in. The new. Afternoon. I, never saw it before mine. Sean US you British. Mr Gives me by. You. Oh. Shoot my mouth. Mandate here. Do, hope. You'll forgive me good evening. Hall Ngo Joanne High for. show glad to meet I. Would acute fresh that had used? She looked down. Well thank you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate. Your invitation. Mrs Ran All. I'm delighted to have you actually. It's exciting to see a new face Tom Athena. Lead talk go into the Polish. Excuse me, MS RANSOM! You want me to serve them little doodads now. The canopies. Yes, but you may shares them canopies. Down in Shabana, everybody shows. You wouldn't think of having a dinner party without canopies. Sudan, won't you? Miss Pipe book banning wire. On the Couch Joanne, it looks awfully comfortable. That's a good. How do you like Shama Theo mich- Piper I think it just sweet little town, don't she? Everyone here has been so nice to me. I'm crazy about it was the same way with me when I came all I down home. Everybody was show kind especially. You thrive, Ma. Ella neighbors you know have to be on good terms with the neighbors. Mr Gildersleeve it's been very kind to. Brand of Dr. Him is a friend of mine. Joanne lives with Dr Nita Leila's. Now I just loved. AFTENADIR. He's darn. I meant to go to church on Sunday but I was still quite tied for my trip. You might if he should is I'm sure he won't. I don't think he keeps track Betty knows just the same. Arrays with a canopies. I do hope you like them at Piper thirty. Doorbell I'll get it Leila, please. Can I injury? No reason to get panicky if you take panavision patch them that he can go to the bell. that. Give me the TRAE Birdie Yasser Shall I bring him right in. Just his hat and coat, Baddie and then math. Canopy Madam La Nursey at. Booz welcome. Leila better. Go and greet Ma gashed. Who is it anyway? She's awfully. He's true. Blue Leila's. Why did you tell me she was? She's older than you are low. That's what I meant I meant. I wouldn't think of her as old particularly. Both about the same age she. US. Present Leonard Algebra. How do you do what you do is Piper. Jealously, Mr Albright do how are you Mr? Go to sleep seems to me I've seen you somewhere before. Of cars you. At the Bank Michelle Rod. Is it the first national I couldn't think that's where I met you when I opened the count last week I remember Ms Piper. Ma You get into pass. The canopy show Mr Albright would like one. Oh sure. Where to go. These smoke tramps with tease missed our ride. I hope you like them ventilation. Thank you I believe I have another one rock Ma. Damaged Iraq won't anyway. There's plenty of room here on the couch. My seat. You can shit here by me Throckmorton then we can both reach the smoke shrimps but I. Really are pretty good. You're at the bank say O'Brien yes, sir. Well I guess I'm one of your biggest customers. Not Personally, but my department together sleeves the wild. Commission A missile bride. visit distinguished policy mich- pipe, a public official and a bank. A bank could give Dinna potty rare distinction, don't you? Oh, yeah, well. I'm just an assistant cashier of course. That doesn't make any difference. Oh, it must be so exciting. Canton ten dollar bills all day long. been there very long. Have Y'all bright. No I have that is A. I was in office, boy at the bank and forty one, and then I went in the army. Oh, what did you do in the I was in the air, corps? You're GONNA be seventeen. How thrilling! Thrilling Glad to be back in a nice safe, but did you fly over Germany? Were you ever shot down over Germany? We'll sort of. It was over the French border we. Don't think Mr. Alright wants to talk about Johann. Veterans don't like to remember their wartime experiences. Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize. Speaking, flying I almost crashed myself once. What's? Not It, no, you never been up in applying one time I was considering flying, and if I had taken the plane I thought of taking I remember the day the seventh the May. The ship ran into a terrible storm and almost crash. Tissue might've been killed. That's right. I am flown..

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