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"dr nathan brian nathan" Discussed on Plant Strong

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"dr nathan brian nathan" Discussed on Plant Strong

"Right I. Am here with Dr Nathan Brian Nathan and I We actually. Got To know each other or have got to know each other a little bit because one of your business partners. A man named Bill huff reached out to me because he really wanted to get in touch with my father. Who has I'm sure you know is a huge fan of nitric oxide. And, so I basically brokered the phone call made it happen, and while I was listening to the conversation that you were having with my father. I was like holy smokes. I've got to get this guy on the plan. Strong podcast because he is. Probably the foremost authority on the planet on Nitric Oxide. And everything about nitric oxide which? My father refers to as the the magic molecule. I think you refer to it as the magic molecule, and it seems like most Americans. Don't know what it is what it does. How important it is to disease prevention. So I I'd love to spend the next thirty minutes or so with you. Talking about your what you've discovered since plunging yourself into the the study of nitric oxide, and how our listeners at home can can benefit from from this knowledge what they can do to increase their nitric oxide production. Make sure that they're not somehow. Disrupting the production and things of that nature, so for starters. What is nitric oxide. Gets a very good question. Recognized Scientific and medical community is one of the most important molecules produced in humans. So it's a gas..

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