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What is life like this days?

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What is life like this days?

"Iheartradio and the US Census Bureau wanted to do something special for the class of twenty twenty, so we made commencement a new podcast with boards of inspiration from the biggest names like Palsy while we can be sold a lot of things. We will never buy a dream cash. Becky, G and pit bull generational change the world listen to iheartradio's new podcast commitment in partnership with twenty twenty census speeches available now on iheartradio APP, or wherever you get your podcasts, remember you can do something that will affect the next ten years so if you lived in a dorm, don't worry. Your school will count you if you didn't visit twenty two thousand census, Dot Gov to be counted. Class Twenty, twenty. We know things have been super weird lately. You were robbed of graduation ceremony, so we found some people to write. You mentioned speeches. Legend he's a Hillary Clinton. She's into over twenty of your favorites from Dj. College Coach K. Abby Wambach to Palsy. They're all here to give you the wisdom that we could all use right now. Tune in I heart radio new podcast meant speeches are out now on iheartradio APP, or wherever you get your podcast. Welcome. Back to another episode of. Covid nineteen twenty twenty addition. I'm your host Kevin Powell just that. Tell You, what? Why don't you meet me down there at eleven tomorrow and all? She then. Let's be alchemist. Showering particular little say Craig Accounts Account when you fly next. What do you imagine your in-seat process will be like in order to fly comfortably? Well. This'll be about five years from now, right? And I hope technology has advanced to the point where something like a star Trek. Beaming process, right, take place transporter. I'm not getting on a fucking play. That's what I was. Getting on that plane, okay? Closure Pie hole. It's caroline cutter. Carol chips. How do you know when you're done? Usually on my legs kind of buckle church fall down. That's. WHAT THE HELL! There's James Zini Dangle, jangle Jim. How much would you pay on a monthly basis for life to return to normal for all of us? What other? Fee The monthly fee. You're willing to part with so that everything's back to normal for all of us. one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety nine a month. Wow! But that's all of us right. Yes, yeah, that's fair. I'll share that family plan. What if I could get you in for one nineteen? Ninety nine hundred nineteen dollars a month. Hey It's Chris Virata. Chris all night long. Does it normally look like that? No when I turned forty, it starts change, but you did for the better. You did not turn forty. That's a lie Oh. Yeah, I'm well over forty now. I mean. Well over forty. Raise your hand. If you refuse to believe, this happened my hands up. James Ends Up Carolina everyone's hands up Chris Paul guy well sorry to say worker silver. question! People always want to say Carter. To me if they can't read yeah! I can. Thank you so much. Forty years old. Forty plus and last put mayor sack fall out of your socks. If you think leads Joey Greer, bad, Joey, why do you James so much I'll tell you why. Because I envy pure pure envy. Oh, yeah. He has skin I want. He's got. The is in phase. I want and he's got that sweet little hole and I'm just jealous, hell. So it's the rectal ring, the brings it home yet. It's. Pretty Sweet. James stay out of this all right. Let's do a damn show. Most of our scenes come from your listener emails. Thank you so much for right them. I love to read them. We'll be using one of them today. Ones come from our patron. VIP Priority Lists. If you'd like to submit your. Listener email seen suggestion. Please read to the podcast your name here. DOCUMENTARIES DOT com. That's your name here at Alchemy Dot Com if you'd like. Somehow to become Patriot VIP. fine go to patrons. Slash Communists. Do what you gotta do. Our first seen suggesting comes to patient VIP David. Rosia. Hey Kevin. Glad that in the last thirty plus days you've had you all have created wonderful episodes and neglected my seen suggestions. Also I know you're in the business of making crap up, but I didn't know that applied to things. You say to members. That was my impression of your sharp quirky sense of humor. Was it funny? Thanks for helping US laughing so by terrors of indoors. You guys are wonderful. And then he added in a second email. Wow, sleep, deprivation makes you say crazy things. Sorry for the last message. My beautiful wife just gave birth to our second boy last week, and while I can't believe how blessed I am grateful for such a wonderful woman in my life, I've been wondering how others are doing in similar situations. I be super interested to know what life is like these days. You guys think you could shed some late. Thanks A MILLION PS! I promised to do more drawings soon. Sincerely David Rozier. It's that David everybody. Who Lives incredible drawings that we love so much and congratulations on the birth your second bowl. Alabama's Chebbi. Chebbi I'll sue your ass if it is me. Oh Yeah, I'm take the court bigger to me sounds like yes, then I'm GonNa. Take the kid to court. So? David is interesting to see how life is like. What life is like for everyone these days. Take you to one of those everyone now. It's your turn to what tiny. Why? Did you ask me some think it's your turn right here. How? Car You fight a Gut Davis. We're now finding. We're saying we're discussing. Yelling at each other. Oh! Do. You want to say. that. Germ. Doodoo Doodoo. fucking, follow, do hello. Are you interested in buying stuff. Still hold on I, can't. I can't talk. I can't talk about that right here. We get the closet. Door. Call saying. I'm not kidding the door. I'm getting it. Stuff. Interesting. You're at my door asking me if I. WANNA. Buy Them. Hard to go out in August of. right now. What are you selling? You've not door, we come back. Don't come back. I'll call you right back in all. I don't have a lot of time. This is probably the only privacy I'm going to get. Don't go. On The phone I mean you don't even know what it is you. Can't I'll get it. The door! Yes hello. J., by something Yep I would not. By anything you're selling. Just tell me what it is. Back Olympic comeback. Right. Telling you I don't have a lot of time for this is. Going to. Give me. Give me one. Give me one one zero discount if I get more than one. No one's good. Yes. My House Man! How's it going over your parents My Dad's are both fucking insane Tom me. They're constantly like answering the door to random people lie at yeah, people are people are knocking, trying to sell shit like capitalism. Stop fucking talking like a couple of freaks trying to raid this ORCs. Cave. Holy Book. Can you just like calm down? You're bleeding to the Mike you screaming at us right now. down. It just wouldn't have played this game. Pony. So can we please focused on the ORCS? What weapon is the ORC brandishing? Is Brandishing. A sore made a fire. Can you not see it you know able to? We're supposed to be playing the same on same browser. Ralph. Are you on or not? Not sure if I got this shut up correctly. Welcome anyone who's watching the my two dads reunion on Zoom I'm your host Paul Reiser and I've got. Greg Evident I'm waiting for him to join, so it's just me right now I'm taking all your questions. Apparently, we have some sort of thing hooked up where you join the zoom and asked question. okay well. Let's take Larry's question what she questioned. Larry What the Hell Are you? Is this free? Greatest Question! Well! There is a small segment of America. there's a small segment of America. Asking for mad about you reunion even that I don't think the demand is there but. The. What about that? Sorry, the I don't even have the wrecking my dad's. My Dad, you fucking asshole markets. Look if you're GonNa talk to Paul got no gonNA show. He's okay. You can't one I'm looking at his IMDB right now. I mean look look, look, look. We're going to have let you go. Okay I know. It sucks during this time to fire someone during a pandemic, but you're going to have to go just furlough. GonNa fire. Marcus you have to ask me I I'm the boss and all. a pain, grandma or something? Wrong? I don't remember what he said. But I was listening in the other room out of. Journal. Tera Tera Look I. Need you to answer me. Will you marry me? Yes, or no? I I okay. This is what I'm saying actual answer from you. Can thank you know how many ladies zooming with these days. Are you serious? Yeah, I'm assuming if some ladies you said I was the only when you zooming with only. ASSHOLE. I didn't do that for everyone when you'll thank you. Thank you, that's we all have to watch this. Yes. Now, let's look. A little personal. Paul you want to answer answering questions or Any questions you might have. We had a hell of a good time. shooting the show, my two dads and I just. Question. The guy in the lower corner. That can't. They can't shape about his name. What's what's going on? Okay so This is reunion. They do a lot of these reunions now. Leading Alone. Get that. I'm not getting the door I'm alone person Lumo high. AM. I speaking to the Turner residents. Yes! Hi My name! Is You lar-? I'm askin to know if you or your family are happy with the Internet service or up currently get the door KNOB. Get the phone. Did. You say happy with our Internet service. Are you happy with the Internet service your that is currently provide. Listen It depends on the. Same can I help you person on my doorstep. Hello! My name is Joe Lar- I'm here to Sorry, what is what is your name July Joe? Lar-. I'm here to ask you if you're happy with your Internet service I might be if I could spill your name. Are you the? We like to upgrade. Would are you looking to upgrade your services? Are you looking to upgrade your? I might. Just. Need a spelling out your name. Are you looking to upgrade or services? Are you looking for services? Sometimes it feels like I'm living in a bed eighty sitcom. Do. Attack the ORC with a with a flame spell. We okay before you know Jesus Christ. Oh God damn. You just fucking. Okay, okay, let's. Let's get an alley bursts of your. Can We mute that characterize? Working or art? Or that okay well. I need heels. He only dealing human. Cool Okay Great, so let's get a dot on that work and then let's move over here. Happy mine are not. Can. We not talk about family when we're doing this, please. Coach I've still commute working. I'm meeting it. Sales for video game are through the roof or cave hunter three thousand is the number one online game during this pandemic. Now I'm going to say something. A little controversial I think we should keep the disease going to make sure that the video game sales don't stop. I just feel like it's a little selfish. There's there's a whole bunch of industries that are suffering while our industry just going skyrocketing. It is just going skyrocketing and I. think that if we can just let it skyrocket. Pretty bad. Guys get the numbers in. trill rat two trillion down. Oh. How many people were in the world? How many people are the world? There's there's four point. I guess last I checked. It was like eight billion people sat. That means that on average. They're each getting a hundred thousand copies. Moors They're each getting hundreds of thousands of. Serbs up a Paul Reiser and Greg epic Inter doing live Zoom call reuniting my dad's, we had to go. Meeting. How do we get that live? Okay, yes, I just got time for one more question and then I've got to go the greatest. Geisha the upper left corner there. What is Your Name Young? Man? What's happening? Seen one that is seed one Maybe he'll be the stranger. Things zoom reunion as well. An it career at ddat means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate, join it for challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now at Gd, dot com slash careers ged isn't equal opportunity employer, billion iheartradio state farm know that the graduation stage is the first of many, and while grads may not be walking across one this year. They can get the send-off. They've always dreamed of with our new podcast commencement, featuring inspiring speeches from the biggest names like John Legend I'm honored to have the chance to speak to to share in this special moment, Katie couric. You'll need some very important life skills to move. Move Forward. Perhaps the most important one is resilience Chelsea handler. Jared do things that scare you if you can embrace the unknown and fully jump into what life has to offer you, there will be much to celebrate and much to enjoy and cash reflect on the work you've done and celebrate moving into your new face. These iconic names all coming together to celebrate you. The class of twenty twenty listen to iheartradio new podcast commencement brought to you by state farm speeches are now available on iheartradio APP, or wherever you get your podcasts and remember state farm will be there for this stage and every stage after like a good neighbor state farm there. See to comes from Justin. Longtime Listener, first-time emailing in my seem suggestion is. PRUDE couple gender orientation your choice. prude couple surrounded by NUDIST. And ridiculed for wearing clothes can't wait to hear what you come up with Justin Portland Oregon. All right so orientation is just about complete. We just had the show you, you folks the kitchen, and then once we go beyond orientation. We will need you to join everyone else here at the nudist colony by. By, but what does it? What are the move removing? You're calling it clothing. What did you say? Joining everyone here at the nudist. Holiday. I. Am Not I'm sorry. I'm not going to take my clothes off. I have extremely huge. Dog Say it. Don't don't even finish that letter finished. My goddamn business. Visits, if you're. If you're not not notice then. Just let us say it. Just let her say music, or though we paid, we paid the two hundred dollars initiation theories after the whole orientation. I can't believe it's just now realizing you can't believe it. I can't believe it's a new discovery and I frankly cannot participate. That might enormous long several. Several of the members are also Buddhists. You won't feel like an outsider. To stays for if we could talk to the Buddhists, my question talked to the Buddhist. I'M NOT GONNA. Take my clothes off either okay. testicles are very thin and very sharp. Hey, Derek. Men Ray Barbecue last night. Really Great Barbecue the wife and I had a great time. Really really good time and say. You. Know thanks for having. Tickets are fun. It was super cool that you guys could make it yeah yeah. Sorry about the incident, but. You look like you've recovered. Not only recovered endured flourish. Someone say I decided not to put it out. It's going to be my thing. I May your caucus and. Thank you thank you. I wasn't sure if that was you. Yeah that's me. Wow Wow wow. So, how long has the haves? Heavy genitals been on fire. Three glorious days. Three days. GUYS NICK IS HOT Okay, can we? I know him I know him. Are you sure he's just going to hang out in the hallway. He's cool okay. The smoke signal from your car. So Doc. I. Don't I'm here to ask. How long can I keep this going? Wealth there doesn't appear to be any permanent skin damage. This flame is not going out it. Yeah I mean. I have to agree with your colleague in the Hall Your. Your penis appears to be eternally burning. MARKSVILLE on stairs. Honey I know you said that we were going to try to Officially start trying for a child now. Just ask the obvious. Career Oh. My God, you are called. Let me. Be Honest with you I'm frankly not comfortable with you. Rod Dogging me if you're if you're penis. Wow okay, first of all, this is like my thing now, and second of all that should out broad dogging. You is the only thing I've been looking forward to the last three years because we've been using protection and now. We, want to have a kid. Four when we were using protection, your penis was on fire. Yeah, and now it's on fire in front. Thank you both for coming to my priest office. I appreciate you been. Couples counseling. Church? Offices to go to little on the. Little Bodega if you will it only sell anything, but it's like saying that word, so I understood that This is about raw dog that correct. Yeah. I WANNA ride, dog, my wife badly and that I wanna be clear, it's not that's not answer problem with. She's okay with Ron Dogging right. Maybe tell him. I mean you're not my baby. You're my breeze, but. I moved I'm okay Braga. I've not okay. This fact that his penises on fire that is such. Yeah okay, so excuse me, folks soldier so terribly. Sorry to interrupt. Just had a a message. I needed to get to the father. Excuse me once I. Forgive me for interrupting Father Baby for. A message from from from. It's been two months since my last interruption. Yes, what is it, my son? No you I interrupt. That was how you're GonNa let me interrupt yeah. Sorry father baby it's. It's your cousin. Which? Told me message for you, Sir Tommy. Is Not doing well, she's. She's gone to hospital. To Hospital your. Father. We have your blessing owner Rod. Second hold on one second, my mind is going to the hospital. Your mind, your mind, my mouth. Mother my mother, my mother, my. mind. Sounded out. You. Got Softer. Okay, listen I I'M GONNA fall. Again I hate to interrupt. Very sorry did under sorry. I wanted to get that message. You never left. Folks I'm sorry to interrupt. Sir. Lovely Penis. Just lovely. Tell her all right. Miss that's a lovely lovely Dick. please. Don't look at my husband's Venus graphic would. There's no way not looking at a dig on fire. Okay so let's let's split up the teams right now. So if we want to pick WHO's on whose team I appreciate, people who weren't wearing shoes today this speech, even though we are using asphalt here to play on the court, but let's just pick out who we want to play and then we'll. We'll just Sorrento court. So I'll go first Let's do. Brian how you? Nice mate. Now you Brian. Brian I'm saying. I will choose Brian in face fuckers. No, not you. Know. The other Brian Okay. Cool pick. All right that's it. But I didn't even put on a team, Blake. To. Court, stay Brian. Listen we've just got about seventeen minutes left in the session and me. Know he's talking to me. This is my session Mike. You brought the person you brought with. You could He could step out for maybe our last seventeen minutes. Oh my God! I would really like it if Brian would step out. Ryan. Would you mind? This is Brian's time. so you don't need to be here. I. Guess is what I'm saying Boca. Things would be much better off if you weren't in fact here. What are you trying to say? I would like to leave? Okay, went through the door now. This doesn't count my seventeen minutes certainly does. Brian get out of here. Okay Gimme a second. Let me collect almost a lot of color not. Got To, pick up. The second shove that stuff out the door afterwards. Is that silver surfer? Wow. The no kids are still reading Surf Daddy adult so. Well for those of you who've gone through orientation. We say welcome welcome, and now is the ceremonial removal of the clothing. So this. Ted. Dude Hey, Stevie! You can't afford it destroys. Dude Yeah, she's got wrong saying long knockers. Excuse me Sir. I was fine with that man Asti Meena. Show my big old jug use, but when you talk about them, that's disgusting okay. I. Okay, we're all wives here. You know what I mean question. Yes. Tommy. Yes yes, thank you. Okay so. Everybody! Three that's remove our clothes and then do the wave. Okay, here we go. What took them off early? Yoga to three here we go. ooh, ooh! Ropes, yeah, they are. I don't want to take my clothes off. Okay. just don't WanNa. Take my clothes off sir. Are you familiar with Sudarsa? Guatemala. Yes thicker Tomah. The author from. The. He was sitting underneath the tree and that's. That's. Now, that's what you're doing essentially when you remove clothes. Shorter dig. Dig Look at my PP's fine. I, very sharp, thin balls, okay. I took off my shirt. It's fine there now playing tug of war with my. You. Can deal at all dude. Take off your move on, take off! Let's see your. I think they WANNA see them I'm scared that my testes are going to be used as weapons of war against shows. Your razor blade balls. Okay. Okay fine I'll do it, but I want everyone to know this, okay. I want you to accept me for me. Not For my research sharp Ding dongs. Somebody with your nut sack all right? That's why I don't WanNa. Do it. Because of that stuff right there, okay? He's just one guy. This is his deal. This is his stick. He runs around the compound. It's an it's more than enough. Okay, because it's like if that guys around here, what else are you let? Me See. How do you have you met the Bruins? I met the Bryans I've met them and there's one brand that's just psychopath. Okay, and I'm scared of that Guy Associated. Adverse look the fact that you let that guy slide by here that crazy stuff I let him cut people up with my my stock that you were judging. Them shows that you are far away from reaching enlightenment Sir. Drop your pants and let me cut those balls. Okay if you cut them, you're going to cut your hand. I can't be more clear about this. The razor sharp. Trump. Honey I got to wait in the car I'll wait in the shower towards car. In two weeks I don't get. Those guys. Okay. You see this. I can't do this and no one stopping this guy OK p workers who get hurt if my balls are let loose. Promise that S. What Oklahoma City what about Oklahoma City well that was different. That was different that was you choosing to murder a large group of people? I'm sorry I'm sorry, okay. I've changed. I've grown a lot so exactly, so you said yourself you change, so take off your pants, let. What about Tampa, whatever. Different. Hey Bride. She subscribed. And that sent. Sent to physically titled Too Many Brian. After all we've been through the class of twenty. Twenty deserves a proper sendoff, which is why Iheartradio Doritos brings you commencement the podcast featuring speeches and dedications icons. We admire most here from Halsey. We've shown the world. While we can be sold a lot of things, we will never take a dream and pit bull generation standup. You guys a generation. Make a difference. You guys a generation. Go change the world techy G, John! Legend, Kesse Angie, Martinez, Khalid and many many more. All have something to say to you the amazing. Class of two thousand twenty choose. Choose firmly choose willfully and choose confidently. Listen to iheartradio new podcast commencement now on the iheartradio. APP or wherever you get podcasts with Special Doritos Valedictorian episode where doritos takes graduation speeches to another level by naming five Valedictorians giving them each fifty thousand dollars in tuition assistance and sharing their speeches with the world. You are the ones that's GonNa make a difference. Jarvis Masters and steadfastly maintained his innocence since he was sentenced to death almost thirty years ago. Innocent people on death row newly uncovered evidence posters, those claims of innocence I ruin, believe they Salman women I would not been charged. You? Be The judge on dear governor the PODCAST. Like, innocent on death row, listen to dear governor on iheartradio APP on Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Seen three comes from Patriot and. Three comes to pay VIP Nucleus Mascara. Who suggestion I want to start by thanking the often under appreciated by fans host of the podcast. You Kevin Pollack. Your creepy Goblin voice and constant under your breath background laughter never cease to crack me up my suggestion today comes from work experience as an employee for a defense contractor Oh and is as follows. A meeting is called. To brainstorm new ideas for national defense, unfortunately, all the ideas are awful. Good, stay safe and love you all especially Joey. All right. Get in here. North North North grumble grumble up is up. A. Huge contract with the DOD and we got to come up with some ideas now not. Okay Okay we got it. You're not okay. So, if you're not, you can't have any coffee or donuts okay. Well, if you're not, you can't have any Co.. The coffee and donuts. There he's not allowed to have them. That's just the way we're going to do you're. Being fair, it's about making sure that we get this dod deal. Look at fifteen billion dollars on the table, okay? We got to come up with something. Boeing is out there kicking our as every step of the way. So, we gotta come up. If you don't mind me, saying only always heard. The best defense is a good offense. You can smoke in here sir. Let's. Let's just. Say. Now we realize there's a lot of dogs and cats around the country speaker. Say that. We just put some lasers. I'm sorry. Surveys talking. I'm still talking. You speak up, so we weren't able to. Saying. Why don't we put some lasers on the cat's? owner. Hold on I'M GONNA. Stay into the back of the room and then let's not. See saying Richard Mazer. I don't think so okay, go go! Can you hear me? I can hear you. Go? All right so what I'm saying is fast. Defense is good offense, so let's put laser beams on Bax. And Razor Blades dog cat tales. Awkward. Minimum Mr Bob Boeing. I just. Wanted to give you the latest who reports? It seems that North Rome grubbing is. Planning some really high tech stuff. Okay I'm a is OCCUPA-. What else did they say? That's. Such bullshit. What Paul? Go! Nicknames all affection. Bullshit. Hey Rufus listen you on medical you. A different kind of name like. Donald, Duck. Yeah. That's because you don't wear any pants. Look was here to drop off the information. Oh. Okay, maybe you'd find it useful. Okay, let's play a real quick game, though not not no, no, thank you. Thank you. Thank you much. WHO Now if we look at this diagram here, we'll see that the animals will have a laser on their back. A CERTAIN ANIMALS! Let's say their cats. Let's just use it. Yes, question. Okay? Just just give me one second. Let me just Dr Mike partners. I'll be right back. I think they're so old. Everyone in that kind board meetings a thousand years old Oh my God! I I can't tell them okay. I just can't sell to them where we're going to go somewhere else. You got to want it. You can have the want of course wanted everyone in there is die can't sell because everybody's do old. I don't even know what that means. It means that they can't pull your head out of your ass. They're all talk. Don't like they need to be talked to. You want me to scream at elderly people. Is that what you want me to? Abuse the elderly. I'm not condoning abuse this. Loud talking is appreciated by the older okay, but that's angry talked, you know there's a difference between loud enunciated speech and aggressive behavior. Okay, let's try loud enunciated speech Tim. Because my idea, don't make this. It seem like this. You want me to go in there, and you want me to punch these old people the throat. Hey along good to see you mandates for meeting me for coffey good to see a bud. So couple things couple of things What's in the soap milk? This is good. Yeah, it's of course A. Things things things Let's see I got two. Days Oh to have some We'll take two more. They will keep them. I might have the wrong table. Good to. Remind. I saw. my name is Cranston and that's what it says on the. And I. Want your coffee? Drink your coffee. Oh my God I don't know who you are and I don't fucking care, so this is long musk cran. This is a very important vigil he's. He made flame throwers goodbye recreationally, so I just. Do, you want to play? I can have claim. That's GONNA burn forever pal. Excuse me two months convenience between erupting him message from the front. All right go ahead. Take me or can me. Stop. Is this a telegram? Okay Great. Great. It's so crazy going out for coffee with you. This is a typical day. Sorry, you're in the middle of pitch to me. Right to get right to it because we're going to be. So. Bobby blue. Hell it's easy lawn. CARE. I've fallen into. Here's all the time. Twitter's all time. Greatest. Chris, rock metal when you think. Oh Hey people people asked me as. We look like. We, look alike. Do we look like no, you look like. Oh, get OUTTA. Oh. Sorry you're in the middle of the pitch. Coming. Out in the front and my car won't start a have a tesla. And it's just not starting so I was wondering if you could kind like, tell me how to start. To Start Your Tesla Yeah I I. Don't know the first thing about that. I mean I I'm an idea guy, necessarily the nuts and bolts guy. Okay I just exhausts charging it for a really long time. Probably overcharge early overcharged. It drove it here, okay. I have no idea. IDEA. Take a flame thrower! Really. Along this is Jim, I'm in your ear. Don't Let the gentleman. You're having lunch with meeting with no, but. Next the next person to come up to you is an alien. Just so you know we have is on them. We have is on them. You're going to be. High Yeah. What That reminder where we met. DETROIT AUTO SHOW Jeff, how's it been? Give him a flame thrower. Okay, Jim I don't need to be told to do. I give. A, so, why do you want my kitty sir? Well, we're using this as a draft and we're gathering all of the house cats in the area. Were starting a small army. kiddies makes sense of course it is. You WanNa. Use My kid these to make playtime. No. We're going to use your kiddies for national defense. Kidding does not sound sweet. It sounds ready for battle. Sounds like a battle cat? These are my keys, my grandmother's. CH- well, we are having a draft and we are enlisting all kitties. Okay. Oh, what who the hell are you? Are you talking about it? I'm with the Department of Defense Dod. We're here to pick up every kitty that you have any kind of a badge or any kind of the this batch. This is my gun. Sometimes, this has more. Okay all right hold on what the Hell do you want? I want every God damn cat in your house and I need them in a bag and I'm taking with me. You'll get. Turned Kimberly get inside. Get inside. Would you want the cats? Want every cat you have in a bag. You'll get the cats back. Okay Look, you got all the cats. It's amazing they're all. Alive. All we need in a bag. will say is catch out of the bag I. thought that begs and catch. We're like peanut, butter and Jelly. One cat, we contested. Hell, are you talking about? You. Don't sing. Is Cats out of the why peanut butter and Jelly? What does that have to do? It's just not say. Those are all saying different things. I've got five hundred dead cats on my end and one one living cat. Cadillac like Rambo. It's going to be a really good I. Will I hope you? Can do something with it because I. Just I hope you've got a good leisure. Be Put on the back of this I have a great laser. Remind last names laser. My first name is. Frank and Tell the truth, you. You got that less name added onto. What added on. Yeah Okay just going over application for a name change Frank You don't want the last name Fleet Jim. Can you like to change it to lasers? Damien, delays. which the the background you ask everyone that question. Someone, this chatty, if the. You know what work here a minute. You're sharing. I don't think so no. Fleas you WANNA. You WanNa. Change it to laser. Yes, it's. It's French but my mom was death and when you meet people with the name laser. What were you told them the origin of that name? I guess I'll tell them that. It's because I invented lasers. I'm just fucking with you. DMV Humor. That's cool. I don't really get. Joking with me usually so. We just need to take your photo. If you just look straight ahead into these. I'm just fucking with. We don't need your photo. Okay I'm one of the guys do. It's a beautiful. So So. Somebody used the flame thrower to to put your on fire at the DMV. Yeah okay well, apparently, the you have no permanent moons here, but it is a common internal flame. Shave this'll rod dog this week. Hook you up for a Rod. Consult You'll have to go outside the hospital system and. Of course. Shit for me to Dowse it. No, I think you've got to keep this flame going, but yeah I I would. Definitely. If you went to raw a second opinion or something I feel like. Office. Dr Musk. Tell Him your second opinion is that he's also ugly can shut the fuck up Jim. fucking. I'm not sure you even exist. What do you mean I don't exist ugly? What you're ugly. You're jammed. The voice in my head told me to tell you that. Your piece of Shit just because you make those Goddamn batteries. You think you're cool I've never seen one to the starbucks bathroom with you. Take a look at my firearm thing though I just cut the shit out of my hand and your balls. And that is our show. such a pleasure Chris Alvarado. Thank you so much for joining us today, but boy. They spearheaded me I love you guys and I love everyone and I love everything. All right like. Controversy. Yeah okay! Follow. Sons, a good boy on the. S. O. N. Y.. Boy On instagram all right Paul Great to see your Chaz always James Heaney. Thanks for tuning in check out the adventure bits on youtube were playing some dark souls. It's incredible expert. Walk through of an incredible game. and. How do we find that? It's on Youtube at the adventure. Bits the adventure bits. Yeah, sure that. If you just looked up James Heaney end adventure, it would show up. Could folks just send you two or three dollars each instead? Yeah actually impacts five dollars, and you don't have to look at anything. I, ever do, but that's a monthly fee. Where do they send the? Can you give us an address? To never mind, put it on the mountain this instagram. Caroline Connor. Thank you so much. A. Burnt that bread again. I know that was sad. Look though we're just in the oven too long. What was the deal every almost every time? I Make Bread I. Forget about it because it takes so long. What are we on your phone? What are we talking about in terms of? Hours like over twenty four hours between all the rising and the turning and the oven. And Yeah I have a timer on my phone, but that I I like get distracted. It's kind of. We'll keep post. Those photos please I can't get enough of the burnt brings I'll try. Thank you for being here. Craig cousy would a pleasure. Check out the final episode of craigslist. Great Place to start to start at number one work your way backwards community streaming on Netflix now. If you care about me and want me to get residual checks while this pandemic is happening. That's a great It's a it's a good show. But Really always if we wanted to just send two or three dollars way I'll tell you that. Might've IMOS. To you by Jamie, I prefer to get money in two dollar and twenty two cents chunks. Joey Gherman. Thank you also my friend. Thank you for having me you. Got An e shows to plug on Day West Theater westside comedy theaters twitch twitch. TV backslash was side comedy theater. We're going to bear splash every Wednesday at seven o'clock. Check it out and some random shows throughout to check on my instagram Jeb Gruber to know what's going Bel. Air Supply. Oh. Yeah pretty much. Well, thank you. And your. Inflamed Penis joining us today. Thank you all for listening out there? We hope you're well and extremely healthy We look forward to spending some time with you on a weekly basis, so hang in there and we will. Let's thank our engineer and producer. The Stars Mr, Bean. An IHEART. Your host Kevin Pollack until next time. Rene Bach was only nineteen years old when she moved from her small town in Virginia to eastern Uganda. In two, thousand, nine Bach founded serving his children a feeding program for severely malnourished goods. The NGO quickly grew into an inpatient medical facility. The heroic image obscured a deadly truth. Rene Bach had no medical training. When it comes to missionary work and humanitarian aid in the developing world, what is the line between helping and hurting? We'll find out in the new podcast the missionary. Listen to the missionary on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. I'm Jensen Karp and I want you to listen to the new podcast from tree media? An iheartradio called the no sports report with Janssen cars. You See. I'm a comedy writer. A die hard sports fan who was terribly missing the athletes I love so much so every episode I'm talking to them the best athletes, coaches, commentators and legends from around the world to see what they're. They're doing now. That were all stuck on our caps on. This podcast will hear our sports figures are entertain themselves and their families. We'll find out if they're staying in shape. Their kids were heckling them during home school. Did they almost burn down the house trying to make their own bread? Are they sleeping in their jerseys and like I? Do know just meet all right. Some of my favorite episodes have been hearing boxing legend sugar. Ray Leonard Talk about staying in shape and a driveway. Of working now, Kim, working on whatever you can do feel much better or having Jay Williams explain his crazy NBA cruise ship idea, cruiseliner are massive, okay and getting Olympic Sweetheart Adam rippon to critique my quarantine v. that screams to me. I don't care listening to the no sports report now and subscribe on the iheartradio App Apple podcasts forever you podcast.

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