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"dr mughal" Discussed on Protrusive Dental Podcast

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"dr mughal" Discussed on Protrusive Dental Podcast

"Obviously the the NAVONA is have high Q.. And you can use your hands and you can use your brain your. Brain, you can deploy three and not really like the triple threat weapon of of of the truly successful dentist. Welcome to the protrusion dental todd cast the forward thinking podcast for dental professionals. Join US discuss hot topics and dentistry clinical tips continuing education and adding value to your life and career with your host. Jazz Gulag. Throughout my Chris so far I've really tried to stand on the shoulders of giants and I tried to learn from mentors learn from people who've got significantly more experience and people and dentists. Successful quote unquote successful now was actually mean and what are they actually say well, we'll get to what that means but it later but all these dentists when I asked, what makes a great dentist they all say the following things. They say empathy they say communication skills base as soft skills they said the ability to explain to patients. In a way that they can understand it and the ability build fantastic report with your patients and and all these sorts of things. So very much the soft skills. Now, if I was to summarize all these things in two words, it'll be emotional intelligence, and that's what this episode is all about. We're GONNA talk about how to be successful early in density in life because I think why truly believe from reading more more more and listening to people is emotional intelligence, which is actually far more important than your IQ. So I've got someone awesome to talk on this topic with me. Today is Dr Rigid Porter, who so of you ought to come on the podcast back when some episodes. Who you guys wanted to come in the podcast and so many of you who message me on Instagram. Say Wanted, doctorates reporter so we've got doctorates reports on today and I want to take too much of your time. I'm the Patriots under Pearl and we'll go straight to what hopefully will be a really impactful and dare I say Life Changing Episode View Dental a happy. You is the lesson I learned as a dental student and recently speaking someone who's recently qualified has resurfaced as like a lesson that I've sort of almost almost rekindled within a way. So so it's a lesson I learned. I was they're treating a lower pre mola as a student and you know how every? You get it checked by your to my tutor was Dr Abs Mogi who is now a think? He's a restorative specialists by now actually. Stories quite cool. Actually, he did eleven years edgy GDP. I'm hoping I'm getting this right apps eleven, years GDP, and then he applied for his specially specialists, right? Straw training restarted entry and you got the place and while I was doing my in Sheffield, he was then a registrar in restart density but anyway. In his days as to on the restorative dentistry. So floor as like fourth year students, I was treating this heavily curious lower premolar and typically students and young dentists. Mistake that we'd make is that we spend too much in caries removal. It should be a fast thing we should be very precise. For as we should know where we should have good hand piece control and we should be able to remove carries quite quickly now. But as a student definitely at that point, it was like you know you remove a bit and then you reflected you think, oh, should I remove some more Schneider shadow a little bit more here? Should I stop in show my turn, and of course, go about half an hour to choose comes round, right anyway. So have this tooth which is heavily curious and there I am removing carries and every few minutes I show. Dr L. Movie Dr Moody Have I removed them enough carries. Done enough here and really at the end of that session once I place my restoration and it turns out about tooth needed a root canal and needs to be needs to be done by a specialist because it had split inside to some lower promoters they have a split inside the canal. So really it's in the realm of special special especially at that point. So it was referred to a specialist unit, but the feedback that I got was amazing. The feedback that I got from Dr Mughal never forget is. Don't be shy. With a tooth of poor prognosis. So that's don't be shy with two noses as exactly the conversation I was having with with a colleague who listen to podcasts Neil Hi Neil listening, and hope you don't mind me mentioning are mentioned. And Neil will send me a case of an upper central incisors, which was pretty much put. It was a trauma case. The Palatial fragment was loose it completely understandable right and he was telling me like, what should I do sheriff especially? Should I try and do the Endo while we saw Beria we came to a conclusion and I borrowed some knowledge from Dr Baretti implant dentists about how we should handle the situation. We went was to root canal, bury the the tooth because she's twenty S- little bit on the young side for an implant and get five years or so from reservoir bridge. So we talked about doing an immediate reservoir bridge, right but that tooth was a to poor prognosis hopeless prognosis and the lesson I want to pass onto him was exactly what I learned from Dr Abdul Mogi and that is don't be shy for the to Pokeno I mean what can go wrong? The Tooth Caputo already so I told him do the roof canal explain to the patient that the tooth is hopeless and the secondary lesson from that. It's something. I mentioned before many episodes never make the patient's problem your problem, right? Sometimes, we stress more and we take that all burden anxiety on us but ray the problem is very unfortunately due to trauma the patient's problem need to dissociate yourself from it and become someone who's there to help them. So the the main pile here is don't be shy with a to popaginos this your patient if a tooth is very poor hopeless bag noses and just go for it, don't be shy with two of prognosis. So hope enjoy that and really excited to. Present. This episode new about emotional intelligence, how to succeed I've given it quite an ambitious title because really I do believe this is the most important thing in your career and in your life. So that's join Dr Richard Porter to them all about emotional intelligence. Richard Porter. Thank you so much for coming on the dental podcast is absolute honor to have you on. That very view about owner ido dessert. It's. One hundred hundred do in in my journey so far. I. Like I said I don't know how much of the puck you tune into before in terms of looks mom my story and my background. But certainly, you're a huge and you still are a massive inspiration to me in my journey from about third. When I started reading some of your lecture then blogs and I I used to follow your twitter cow and I saw you south aspire and I was so close to actually joining us by. But because at the time in my journey I was doing other things like I was doing identical training post and restarted say why wasn't in the right place for that but certainly, it's absolute. Absolutely amazing. Have you on today was very Very, kind and everyone comes to the learning stage when when it's the right talk to them so So yeah, with a very very. Glad played some school role in the great thing Juden Siren now. And I'm not just saying that it's been great and all. Around, about episode seven or eight, I started to say to listeners who do you want on the podcasts next literally I can you know I have to Straw all my messages and a number of people that want reporter we want. Potter. So I'm is and all these. Extended on my extended family for for pretending to be dentists and putting us. that. That's no word of light honesty. Lots of people wanted you on and I can see why I mean the first time I saw you speak live was you doing a remember this? I think you're just starting up spire the time and.

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