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"dr moody" Discussed on Evangelism on SermonAudio

Evangelism on SermonAudio

05:44 min | 3 weeks ago

"dr moody" Discussed on Evangelism on SermonAudio

"Okay, it's a lie. It's a lie from the pit. By what standard? How do you know what you know? How are you going to live your life? Is this the word of God? Okay, can the idols be decapitated? Yes. Get out there and do it. And yes, this church and other churches and everyone here is all imperfect. But then I will go with what the evangelist D.L. Moody said when he faced criticism for his work. He said, well, frankly, I prefer my way of doing it imperfectly to your way of not doing it at all. Okay, can we agree with Dr. Moody? Okay, I prefer my way of doing it imperfectly than you not even getting started. And at root of all of this is human autonomy. It's the first sin of our parents. They answered the by what standard question. Well, it's my opinion. In my opinion, in my experience, this is, you know, this is what I think will bring me happy. That's the problem, not the way out. Human autonomy is the corruption, not the way out. God has shown us his mind in his word. And this means that absolutely everything must conform to the standard of Scripture. Everything. When you are presented with ideas at university, students, by what standard? How do you know what you know? By what standard? Show me your work. By what standard? Never tire of asking that question. How do you know what you know? How will you test it? We are Christians by this standard. Okay, by this standard and none other. By this standard. So our task is always to get back into the word. And we are seeing in our time the fruit of compromised Christianity. Has anyone noticed everyone's either finding their way back to the ancient paths to full rock-ribbed Christianity or they're deconstructing and leaving the faith altogether? Has anyone else noticed that? Okay. The instability of the 1980s and 1990s and the 2000s is working itself out. People are finding the ancient paths, which is what we are trying imperfectly to offer, or they're just leaving the faith. Okay. And the whole Christian deconstructionism thing, the whole progressive Christianity, all you're doing is waiting five years before you tell everyone, yeah, I just hate God. Skip the step. Save yourself some time. If you're thinking about deconstructing, if you're gonna try progressive Christianity, just leave. Okay. No one's forcing you to be a Christian. It's instable. Just realize what's at stake here. It is going to be Christ or it is going to be chaos. And there is no mediating position. Okay. Either the leaven gets all the way in, you are fully sold out to Jesus Christ, or please leave. Okay. Don't lie. The leaven has to get into everything. Are we willing to think that way? People, are we willing to think this way? Does the leaven need to get into everything? Yes, it does. It must get into everything. We must find the ancient paths. We must say by this standard. Okay. The idols can be toppled in your life and in the world. Now let's get to it. Father God, thank you for your word. Thank you for the pictures that you use to describe the work of your kingdom, not just in the world as the gospel goes out to the nations and converts people, but also of the way that it digs its roots into our souls. Lord, and we are a people who are already here. We have heard your gospel. We want to trust that each one here is converted. And yet, Lord, there may be some who are not. Lord, I pray that right now you would convert their hearts. Drop the scales from the eyes. Unstuff their ears. Lord, work. You've promised to do it, so do it, please. Now. And then, Lord, I pray that we would not be happy with mere conversion, but that the leaven would get into everything. Lord, I pray for a church, for young people, for children, for old people, to see the leaven work its way into everything. That our theology wouldn't just stay in our head to play games, but that it would come out our fingertips through graciousness, through confidence, through fruitfulness, through productivity, through spending our time on worthwhile endeavors instead of a bunch of fake flimsy promises. Lord, you've done it again, and we are pleading with you. Do it again now. You have been good in history. Do it again. I pray this all in the strong name of Jesus, and amen. Please stand as we sing. I learned this morning that if you're under 40, you probably won't know this song. So if you're over 40, you have to sing doubly Christian soldiers marching as to war. With the cross of Jesus, blowing on before. Christ, the royal master, leads all men to war. For more men to battle will seize their days gone. More than Christian soldiers marching as to war. With the cross of Jesus, blowing on before.

"dr moody" Discussed on Defocus Media

Defocus Media

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"dr moody" Discussed on Defocus Media

"Relying on the media podcasts. It feels like normal times. Because i'm not only With rib i'm sitting beside optometrist of so verster podcasting though right percents Definitely talking to me about some really nerdy topics. Which is what we're gonna do this evening. As the science of contact lenses the something. That's really fascinating to me. And of course we had to bring on expert guests to go into some of the science. I'm simply welcome to the show. Dr kurt meaty agenda. Thank you being here in your same thing on my end. This is my first time doing a podcast looking forward to it. It's my job to lead you guys authors this safely and soundly make sure you have a wonderful experience. Keep the move back for war against the topic. I did want Sponsor dawson johnson vision. For making this podcast happen. We are so thankful or all of sponsors in supporting our show. It is a labor of love. And it's something that you love. Bring you guys rate information every single night and so dr moody. You're the director of north america special education. johnson johnson visit. I am yup so know. I've been doing that really almost from the start of code but but i probably did some education even prior to that because for thirteen years prior to that I was in rnd So my roles. An iron d were pretty varied. I worked in our claims group which is creating those studies for anything that would substantiate any claims that we're making on our current products but most importantly was the work that i did in regards to the development of product so i led the team that created one day. Accuracy moist for stigmatism and then my biggest accomplishment was the creation of one day. Accuracy moist multi focal for which i won the johnson award. So i'm very much like you. I guess i consider myself a little bit of a nerd to when it comes to anything in regards to contact lens design or materials so definitely. This topic is near to my heart. We'll tell your income is a little bit.

Dr kurt meaty dawson johnson dr moody johnson johnson north america johnson award
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Feliz Dia Novo

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"dr moody" Discussed on Feliz Dia Novo

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Ovechkin Monica Gina Miles davis Lucielle shane shipley miles davis Cuomo Mahdia vancouver Jesus google america mid fifties sweden John novus maurice sierra chica fume American
"dr moody" Discussed on MinddogTV  Your Mind's Best Friend

MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

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"dr moody" Discussed on MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

"On near death experiences talked about in the bible. We'll talk about on this episode of the mind dog tv podcast. Okay and yet. Another episode of the mind tv podcast. I'm matt napa. Thanks for coming in. It's great to have you here as always we're gonna talk about near death experiences today and we're going to get right into it. My guest today is j. w. spillers who's written a book called heaven's truth the parallels between the bible and the near death experiences. It's my privilege and pleasure to bring him to you today. Ladies and gentlemen please open your eyes open minds and helped me. Welcome in j w spillers to the mind on. Tv podcast jay. Welcome to the mind. Tv podcasts. yeah thank you for having me. Thank you so much for being here. Now as i mentioned you've written a book it's called heaven's truth. The parallels between the bible and the near death experience now near death experiences been with us for a long long time. The stories of people having near death experiences can we start by defining. What constitutes a near death. Experience visit brain actually have to stop functioning. The heart stop. How do we define what is near death. Experiences is usually when you die and you have a Experience kind of spiritually transformative experience. And i have been incidents where people have come close to death and had an experience and sometimes people have experiences that where they don't die at all but it's very similar with we'll allied or they'll encounter people on the other side and they call those spiritually transformative experiences in the only difference between that necessarily in indy is. The person didn't die. Come close to death so anytime you dire come. Extreme close death in have a spiritual experience could could be classified as an indie income. Researchers have narrowed their studied to only ones where there was clinical death and some of them will a little broader than that you know in terms of what took in gotcha so so there's no exact medical criteria of what constitutes near death as there is like a real death actual death there isn't a A medical criteria that has to be met or near death. It's anybody who had that experience of joy understand that correctly. yeah and the praised near death. Experience was coined in nineteen. Seventy five by mou- dr moody. Who started studying it and wrote his book and that sort of where it became popular and and our culture to talk about near death experiences. Starting in eighty five and growing forward you know and near death. Experiences became more common fat in the seventies and it had to do with improving precipitation techniques. People had near death experiences for centuries and millennia. That's when he started seeing and hearing a lot more powder this starting in the nineteen seventies. Okay so what. What prompted your interest in it. Did you have one do know somebody that had one or we just coming at it from a curiosity standpoint. What what got you interested in this enough to do enough research to write a book about it. Well i mean my my very first encounter with hearing about near death experiences. I was eleven years old and it was nineteen eighty. Three and there was this. Tv show called. That's incredible and they were talking about near death. Experiences than i was really awestruck by it comes from a christian background in a couple of years. Before i had become a christian and then i was hearing about going to heaven and seeing some sometimes dot thing god or jesus having different experiences and i was like wow they're experiencing. What many of us already believed by saying you know. I just really found that fascinating and i think at eighty three of the christian community wasn't really open to it. Because i i called this talk show. Christian talk show called the bible answer. Man was walter martin and asked him what he thought. He kind of pooh-poohed it and you know basically saying that you know that's nothing to worry about that. And so i just sort of put it aside till the nineties. I started getting interested again probably in the nineties. I was interested on and off that whole time. But i really started getting in the late. Nineties was kind of you know doubting my faith and things like bats so the near death experience was for me something that kind of strengthened. My faith you know i think for a lot of people that's true and it seems like the christian community has become more open to. You'll see books like Having this for real with colton bourbeau different ones like that and you know. I think the thing with christianity in the near death experiences I think a lot of times when you hear experiential things you know where people have spiritual experiences. But it's you know experiential allow the christian community is kind of hesitant about it. But when you look at the near death experienced it sort of confirms a lot of what we already believe. You know that there's a heaven. There's a god you know. A lot of people that have encountered jesus were told that he's the son of god. 'cause i it's confirming a lot of the things that we have in eighty two you know i want. I want to take that idea though. Because that's interesting to me. now. I believe and i'm now. I'm no expert on this and i'm i'm i'm assuming you you are far more educated in this than i am but Too so if a muslim person had a near death experience would they necessarily come back from it and say that they saw jesus what they say they saw. Our is there any data on that for people of different religions. Warren pushing their experienced differ in any way well The general experience tends to be very similar experience like the light or being of light and you experience break peace and love. And you know you'll see like allow time you'll see beautiful scenery and ancestors and things like that and So the experiences are similar. What what One person talked about his his name was a melon. Thomas was the feedback loop and sometimes we'll sort of experience what we expect your experience some degree. That isn't true in every case. And it's sort of like god sorta meets us where we are and then so that helps take us. Further down gives us a deeper understanding. So yeah i mean. I've heard of experiences where people seeing religious figures from different faith traditions. I've heard ones that have extreme buddha and you know i've heard of muslim said you know obviously experienced god but he he directly referenced himself as ala and people that have seen jesus that come from various backgrounds sometimes christian atheism jewish but jesus seems to a lot of times come through the people of different faiths or no faith at all but yeah. There is a lot of commonality.

Warren Thomas j. w. spillers walter martin nineteen seventies nineteen Three mou- dr moody j w spillers today jesus seventies nineties Nineties colton bourbeau christianity eighty eleven years old One person god
"dr moody" Discussed on The Higherside Chats

The Higherside Chats

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"dr moody" Discussed on The Higherside Chats

"And the glimpses behind the veil that we do get from people who have and ease sort of a. What's the worst that could happen scenario and for my money a guy like dr moody makes the worst. That could happen. Seem far less severe. Or my name isn't russ carl would funny. That he heard my name as russ. I wasn't going to correct them until it came up. But the man is seventy six years young. It's really no big deal. But as i was saying. I know we did some shows looking at pretty radical opinions on cova and a lot of that material still stands. I wholeheartedly agree that we have much more control over our health than any of the vested interests are saying sherwin press. They might admit to it. But it's never part of the twenty four hour news cycle the messages more. Go on keep eating junk food but just wear that mask and whatever you know but if you're circle is anything like mine then you do know people who have had a sick week with no smell or taste. of course. that's no big deal but friends who have lost grandparents colleagues who have lost family or people we might know who never left in icu. And folks dealing with that kind of loss they don't wanna hear about pcr tests or the dangers of ventilators. Or any of the coulda woulda shoulda stuff. So i've been thinking about the isolation that i've seen because of fear and uncertainty and how long it's gone on a full year. When are you gonna come out of hiding. You know but also the loss that i have seen in my circles lately and when you deal with the loss what's left but to deeply contemplate what the death process even as because it's not end and it is unavoidable so maybe society doesn't wanna talk about it. Maybe the system is best served by everyone being so scared to die. That the live inside forever. If you hear out people like dr moody and you do some exploration of your own you can reach a place where you know consciousness survives. It makes loss a lot. Easier ended encourages fearlessness. Not full-blown recklessness but fearlessness. Which is what. I think we need. Maybe it's just that for me. My thirty six th birthday is next month. Many of my friends are also in their mid thirties. And i'm realizing that covert or not again not trying to say this is a huge cova commentary but if you've been lucky enough to escape any real tragedy or loss up into this point you're probably in the minority and in a certain sense you're probably do. It's in the range of human experience. And there's nothing you can do about it. Except explore the clues breadcrumbs as to what that process really is so i set out to do a near death experience..

seventy six years next month dr moody thirty six th birthday twenty four hour mid thirties russ carl moody russ sherwin press icu