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"dr michael washer" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"Our Santa Ana prone areas will get northeast winds 20 30 MPH with gusts around 45. The rest of us have a mild, sunny weekend. What temperatures? Little lower seventies Anthony Honest NBC four right now. 66 Orange. It's 63 Fountain Valley, 74 in Winnetka and 71 in Studio City. We lead local live from the Ko Phi 24 hour news room. I'm Debra Mark. Charlie Kensho. John Coble. Ken Shampoo, Okay, if I I am 6 40 live everywhere on the I heart radio app. But the news that Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter. You wonder if one of the alternative platforms that he will probably Move to will take off in some popularity Causio easier. Millions of followers and 80 has 88 million followers. And there's there's a competitors called Parlor P A. R L E. R It's only got a few million people on it. But if Trump went there, and I don't know how many other ones there are, he lived for Twitter. He's gotta find someplace to send out. This message is that he loves to do. Yeah, that's how he speaks to his his his mob his mob every day. So they wait for the special message from the leader. We'll have more on the whole situation with the capital the other day, some more information on some of the people who are being arrest, including the guy that was in Pelosi's desk. They nabbed him. The Arkansas guy that put a seat up on the desk and was having a good old time and took an envelope, some really violent guys and a lot of really stupid goofs. We were going to talk to her doctor, Dr Michael Washer man who we had on earlier this week. President, the California Association of Long Term Care Medicine, the nursing homes, I think he's former former president. But right now he's director of the Eisenberg Village nursing home and received medical director by No matter how you slice the numbers. We're doing very badly in California. The broadest way to look at it is how many vaccines have we gotten delivered? And how many if we used Well, we've got 2.3 million delivered. We've only used about 600,025%. And that is fourth from the bottom among states were in 47th place for the percentage of vaccines used. We're getting the vaccines the federal government has sent them. So far, we're largely incapable of efficiently injecting people. And everybody blames everything. Today's story is about a software program called Prep Mod Vaccine Management Tool to manage the weightless and the inventory to send proof of vaccination to people and the system doesn't work so well. And Dr White. Michael Washington's gonna Come on, among other things. Talk about that doctor watchman. Welcome again. How are you? I am good, and I was quoted in that story and we had issues. It took us a week and a half to get the vaccine because of the California the cove it ready for the California ready program because it kept kicking us out and creating problems. So there are problems with the technology there and to your point the other day. If if a nursing home or assisted living wants to be vaccinated, we got to say, how quickly can we get the vaccine to you? Rather than have you dotted your I's and crossed your teeth, So I think that's part of the problem at the state level. Keep in mind. In the federal government delivered the vaccines about three weeks ago. That was like the first state in the counties heard of anything so they weren't given time to prepare. Now that at the end of the day, they've had a few weeks to get prepared, and I think it's time that we get it right. Isn't that true with all the states, though, because a lot of states are doing much better than we are. Um, yes And no in the nursing homes. It's we're pretty, You know, I mean, look when you look across the country There's about 75% of the vaccines that air destined for nursing home sitting still sitting on shelves. So we're fairly average in that regard, West Virginia. On the other hand, they've gotten the vaccine out of all their nursing homes, and they did it because they engaged the nursing homes, existing pharmacies. Rather than CVS and Walgreens. Uh, Florida. From what I understand, you can correct me. They were down near the bottom like we were. They decided they're going to give it to everybody. I think over the age of 50 just line up and you'll get injected. They got rid of all the categories. They didn't care. What if you were a nursing home patient, or you worked. In this profession of that profession. They just said over 50 get in line. They have moved up considerably. They have now used about 35% of their vaccines. They've actually are doing quite well in a very short period of time. Once they just said, Hey, if you're over, 50, come one come all Yeah, The problem is, they're not necessarily getting it to the people who need it the most, which would be the folks in the nursing homes or in the assisted living facilities. S O. I have honestly, I wouldn't use Florida is a great example because they've also had 1989 year old sitting outside for eight hours waiting to get their vaccine. I'm not sure that approaches ideal. It's probably the 50 year olds that are getting it there more you know more in a better fashion, But I will tell you some positive news here is I am actually speaking to Dr Ferrer tomorrow about the L, A county distribution of the vaccine. So, um, I'm hoping to, you know, provide little guidance to the county in terms of how we can get the vaccine out. To the nursing homes and assisted living quickly in a much more effective fashion. I thought California was considering the people over age 50 thing that Florida's doing that I read that the other day, Dr Wasserman or I hope not, because, remember the people who are dying from this virus. People who live in nursing homes. People who live in assisted living facilities, generally people over the age of 75 as well as the folks who work. In in those facilities. They are dying at a higher rate than and by the working in a nursing home for the last 10 months is the most dangerous job in the United States. Then explain to me again. I know we went through this the other day, but a lot of people may not have heard it. If everybody knows where the nursing homes are located, and there's this huge vaccine supply sitting on shelves, why can't they simply drive the vaccines over there? It's literally a captive population. These people can't go anywhere else. You know where they are. And how many of them they are. Why isn't this being done? 24 hours a day? Bureaucracy has gotten in the way. Which is the discussion I'm gonna have tomorrow there. I completely agree with you that we need to put the bureaucracy aside and figure out how to get it done. Why do they think this way? Like I don't know anybody in normal life that would come up with this complicated, uh, impossible system with with tears and categories and software that doesn't work and application processes and this and that and the other thing it it's so complex. It is so rigid. It is so ineffective. I mean, it literally does not work. So why do they claim to these systems? Why don't they just do it the simplest way? Honestly, I think it's habit..

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