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"dr mark intel" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

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"dr mark intel" Discussed on Straight Talk with Ross Mathews

"I want a real real you. Remember when who it is? Because I talked about it on straight. Rob lowe. Oh, yes. What we talked about this on the pod. No, you talk. I've thank you. Mcgetrick reminded me 'cause I texted. Rob lowe. View. Plo rob blow. Yeah. Yeah. Why? Well, I. I saw the video collection his private video collection when he'd set a camera up in his room and record him having sex with fans and girls he meets. He would just do that for. He did it because why why why would you do this? And he said because somebody told me to do it because when I get old I can look back on these and see what I had. I'm like, that's really bad. Rob you'll need to throw these out one of his video show all of them. I didn't just see one showed him to you. Oh, he loved my reaction. So he always wanted to show them more. Well, the other thing what if I was him. What I would say is videotaping because at the beginning, I make sure that we have consent and everything on film because nowadays you wanna make different tiles gonna say that was a different time. When you do that today. But now, sex tapes are the thing. So just getting started promise this game will get good. Dan. Jay rod is pulling out of the bull g rod. The wrong the wrong got the right button. Dr Mark Intel time, okay? Jay. I tripped. My sixth grade teacher and chief hold down hill ripped her panties..

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