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#415 Dr. Marc Siegel

"Now the lace. Welcome to I glass fatherhood. Welcome everybody to sold four, hundred, fifteen of the podcast. I am happy as always to be here with you. Thanks for stopping by if this is your first time listening to the PODCAST, please go over there and Baghdad subscribe. He did not want to miss the action. It's coming your way right here on First Class by the right DAD's diving into the latest information on the corona virus today and what you need to know as parents to keep your kids safe out there for this I have an incredibly joining me today Dr Mark Siegel who has A new book out covert the politics of fear and the power of science. Dr Mark. Siegel is the medical director on Sirius Xm satellite radio. He joined Fox News as a medical contributor back in two thousand eight. He is a columnist for the hill a member of the board of contributors at USA Today. He contributes to the Wall Street Journal National Review And New York Daily News Dr Mark Siegel is a clinical Professor Department of Medicine at Nyu Grossman. School of Medicine in addition to his new book, He has authored several books on influenza contagious and. Even a medical thriller entitled Bellevue Amount of to have him here to pick his brain a little bit about the pandemic, which has drastically changed all of our lives Dr Mark Siegel will be here with me and just a few minutes please stick around for the interview. Today's interview was recorded on video and is available for you guys to watch my youtube channels. If you'd like to watch the conversation between Dr Mark Siegel and myself please get over and hit me with a subscribe on Youtube link is into description of today's podcast episode Okay and one. Of the little silver linings during this pandemic is that has made a lot of people become available for interviews. So I've been able to grab some really phenomenal guests during the pandemic for the podcast including comedian Joel McHale, Weatherman, Al roker backstreet boy nick, Carter my pillow, Mike Lindell NFL quarterback drew bledsoe, and so many others all of which are available to listen to at your convenience in the archives of the podcast. All right coming your way on Friday. I got a fresh frogman Friday edition of First-class Fatherhood Former Navy seal and director of player Development Ila. Jake Swig will be here with me. Don't miss out on that. Make sure you guys follow me on. INSTAGRAM. Alec. School as to find out which Dad's will be joining me here on a podcast next week, and if you guys could be so kind as to leave you with a rating review on spotify or I tunes, wherever does you enjoy listening to the podcast you really? Goes a long way to help me out and as always guys, please let me spread the word about this podcast every father neighborhood. When you contact lists, let them know about the show that's celebrating fatherhood and Family Life Fatherhood rocks family values rule and every day father's they write you a and I'm GonNa be right back with Dr Mark Siegel on allegation you're listening to First-class Fatherhood. Today's episode is being brought to you by manscaping. Dad's twenty twenty has been a year of things happening that are completely out of your control but there is one thing that you can control and that is shaving that area that made you a dad in the first place in my sponsors over at Manscaping DOT COM or remind you to do. So the Manscaping lawnmower three point Oh is premier trimmer that is waterproof would advance skin safe technology. So you never have to worry about scratching those love spuds while you giving yourself a smooth shave the lawnmower three point no is included in the perfect package point Oh. And for a limited time when you order the perfect package kit going to get two free gifts, the shed travel bag, and the man's gaped Anti Chafe and boxer briefs and let me tell you something right now guys the Anti Chafing Cooling Boxer briefs are the best pair draws I've ever put on. So what are you waiting for visit manscaping dot com use my Promo Code father you're GonNa Save Twenty percents off your order plus free shipping that's twenty percents off your order plus get free shipping at manscaping dot com use the Promo Code father and get rid of those short hairs in your short pants today. Joining me now first-class class. Father Dr Marks Eagle Welcome to First Class Fatherhood Oh. Really good to be here. Love being a father one of my favorite things in the world. All right. Let's start here. Then how many kids do you have and how old are they? So listen, I, have three kids and actually a lot of the stories in my book covert the politics of fear of the power of science have to do with kids because I learned about fear from being a father and about. About how to conquer fear and what you see and keep in mind and you know this better than anyone better than me. That things are dilated in children's brains, and so if you show them courage, it amplifies their response especially when the very little. If you show them fear, it amplifies their response. I remember when my oldest son was about two or three years old, we were hiking in a volcano in Hawaii this is in my book by the way and all of a sudden at a time of dusk when everybody was tired, we couldn't find the path back and we heard a dog barking in the distance and my son got shook up because we were shook up. And we and he was afraid of dogs for years after that same same idea with my daughter around the time that she broke her leg when she was very little she was in a bath with bubbles bath made bubbles and she was afraid of the noise for a while. So as parents, we really have to watch it because fear is the most powerful emotion human brain and it overrides reason every single time we think that we're reason oriented that we can reason through things. We think that we can come out the other side by thinking things through. Case it's always emotions we can battle the emotion of fear with courage with happiness with laughter with love we can't battling with reason, and that's what we're having. That's the problem we're having right now with covert. While very well said the doctor and you know what going along with that too I think a lot of our limited beliefs about ourselves implanted more kids to where we think we can't be something more than what we are and I think sometimes, if the wrong seed is planted in a kid, he may never think he'd get out something because he's been told that and I think that that puts a limit on where he thinks he can go in life and I think that's similar to so the fear does to these kids. Coach so true and we're hitting that right now with Cova if you tell your kids, it has to be online only or you tell them you know this is what safe and you're not right about that. It's GonNa stay with them a long time to come kids have much greater potential than we do. I told this story the other day about how my youngest son is now fifteen. was writing off to high school because high school reopened. Then he was happy to go on the bus with his friends smiling I'm nervous fine of worried is there covert. There is there covert there. But what the key thing was the bus, the friends, the school kids are not as afraid as we are. Naturally, we teach them fear and we have to not. Yeah. Yeah very well said and. You know Thanksgiving and the holidays are right around the corner here and we're hearing certain states telling us don't have you normal family gatherings have a limited amount of people at the Thanksgiving table this year and stuff like that. What would you suggest for families? Should they limit their holiday traditions this year do you plan to Limit Your holiday conditions? How should families go about it this year? I think that we have to learn public health measures and then they wouldn't be superimposed on US I. Forgot to add when I was talking about fear. You know what happens if you give into fear, the government then uses the fear to control you or the media uses the fear to create ratings, which then causes the government to control your they keep taking. A bow every time they constrict your liberty. So I'm all for Thanksgiving but why don't we do it in responsible ways? Why does it have to be either or either either I walk around with a mask like a mummy or I say a mask is ridiculous and I don't where it at all how come you're either distancing or you're in or you're in a crowd. Can't there be a middle ground where you obey the basic ideas of how not to spread viruses while at the same time getting together whether it's outside whether it's a heated backyard whether it's inside but with good ventilation with distancing I'm all for Thanksgiving I think the more of these traditions we give up the worst we're gonNA end up doing. Very well said and I think even as a power, you talk about fear that's the way we used to try to control our kids. If we don't want them to do something, we try to give fear to to to make them obey we're telling them to do and I. think that's what we're seeing now where being scared and then shamed into behaving in certain ways and you're seeing it all of their you talking about masks now. We hear these is their medical proof to back up the fact that masks will prevent this corona virus and is it safe for kids to be wearing these masks all day long in school? Well. So here's my answer to that. We only have week masks science. We don't have large amount of it. We have enough science behind masks for me to believe in them but what I'm really worried about is when somebody wears a mask it's Dangling off their face. It's filthy it's dirty. It's hanging off their chicken and then they come zooming up right next to you as though they're invulnerable because of the mask they've lost sense of all reality should kids wear masks in school and close quarters I've talked to many Pediatricians Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialists obviously I interview them all the time they're convinced that if you have the right kind of a mess, kids can tolerate it it it. Really depends my kids. School has an emblem mask that that has the emblem of the school printed in it, and it's kind of like got a little filter on it and it's very comfortable to wear. So I think it's okay to have missed it schools provided they're not constricting masks they can be part of a of the apparel that you wear, but it shouldn't be a form of punishment as you say or some kind of confinement. Right. Yeah, and then you know I wanna hit you on. This is that there's talks about vaccine maybe being available by the end of this year maybe by early next year since kids don't seem to be as affected by this virus as much as people in the older age brackets would you recommend for parents to allow their kids to get this vaccination when? It comes out. So here's the answer to that. It's going to start with me a healthcare worker and older healthcare worker melts co workers are going to get it first we're going to watch they're gonNA tolerated it's GonNa work. Then we're GONNA say, Hey, give it to the elderly and the elderly get it. Then we say, Hey, give it to obese people risk. Conditions poor people, people that are more prone to severe side effects of minority communities. Then we're going to say, let's give it to the general population. Kids should not be on the front of the line because they tend to get mild cases. So I think by the time, it gets to the point where I've had it where a lot of older people who? Had it where people in high risk groups have it I'm going to be able to come back on here and say, Hey, you know what? We've already given it to a couple of hundred thousand people maybe a million people now let's try the kids. Yeah. Yeah. Well, let me back this up to you. Then as a dad hear about how old were you? When. You first became a dad and had becoming a father kind of change your perspective on life. I became a father when I was around forty and I have three children now and it changed my life incredibly because I just published the novel my first book at the time my son was was was born and I felt like I had two children, my book and him and I learned to divert myself from my own needs to his needs and I found that I was not living through him. That's not what father should do do not live through your kids but see your kids as having search have having special talents and skills and abilities that you don't have one of the things that that's really. Great I. I use two words to describe this cultivate your children's talents cultivate and the second word be proud of your children but don't don't know your children live what you never did or or never accomplished to wanted always to accomplish. That is an enormous mistake right now my oldest son is showing tremendous writing ability and I've been a writer ever since I was little and I'm so proud of him I i. read stuff I go Whoa who is this that writes better than me and they go wait a minute. This is my son but that's the extent of it. It's his career it's his right now he's working. Bush. But he's he's also publishing poems and short stories as I did. I'm so proud of him but I stay out of it, and so as your children get older, you do let us guiding and more and more. Pride more more just pleasure at seeing your your children. The best thing that a parent can do and I'm sure you agree is to see your children become independent succeed on their own. Yeah good stuff and I do agree one of the things. That's Kinda. Fun about it. Like my oldest son became interested in chess at an early age and it was a game that I never played in my life I. I never would have imagined myself playing chess but I ended up learning how to play it. Now, we all played the family. It's a big part of what we do and those are kind of things that you know you gotta follow and and get behind what they get interested in it. kind of takes you in different directions, which is pretty cool to see what would you say are the top values that you hope to instill in your kids as they grow up? Why First Class Fatherhood climbing to the top of the podcasting charts listened to it. Dan's like you have President Dana White legendary New York City radio host Greg T and Navy Seal David, Rutherford have to say about the podcast what a cool podcast is one of the coolest ones I've ever did and congrats seriously I mean what a cool podcast concept and I love it. Good for you. Man Continue Success, Dude I, love this podcast. Your questions are phenomenal growth putting nominal I'm really happy and I can tell you honestly a proud of the apartment. Thanks for having me on. Thank you out and God bless you and what you're doing keep it up I think the compiling this many fathers and this much great information is going to be invaluable in so many ways. So I wish you all the best brother. So. Let's go. Dad's we are not babysitters we have fathers and not just fathers. We are first class fathers subscribed to first-class Fatherhood today. which is pretty cool to see what would you say are the top values that you hope to instill in your kids as they grow up by the way before answer that I gotta I gotTa tell you my youngest is a daredevil and So when I was eighteen I dove off cliffs, we did cliff diving. We're riding their bicycles across the United States I hated that but I remember taking my son a few years ago the Atlantis and he's going down dead man's dive I'm like, do I have to do this because I'm a father do I have to do this? You know. So so there are things that and one other thing is my my youngest son is a tremendous technical wizard and I'm not he got my father's engineering gene which missed me. So he runs my TV studio I can't believe it I'm so happy about that I go Sam Sam help held. Very cool. Did you did you end up doing the jumper now? Yeah. It was one of the roughest moments. Yeah, and then they made me go. Yes. I did the job. Then they made me cough in a helicopter one time to film to fill to do a filming shoot and I'm like how long is this going to be? They said seven minutes and it was the longest seven minutes of my life. You're daredevil not me you're the daredevils. What would you say the values that you hope to instill in the kids as they grown up? Independence is number. One honesty is number two because there's so much dishonesty in our society if you can teach kids to be honest. So it's independence honesty and caring. You know put other people be aside from yourself. A can't always be about you isn't that boring people that are always about themselves. So it's independence integrity and caring. Yeah. Dale Carnegie One Center. If you talk to somebody about themselves, they'll listen all day long. It's a better way to turn a conversation. Me Jump into your book here, covert the politics of fear and the power of science. Why did you write the book and what separates it from the other Kobe books that are out there it's because of the fear factor I wanted people to understand the following point because I've written a previous fear book. I don't know if was covered saying I can't write the fear Rangel because everyone's going to think I'm deep diminishing the actual covert angle, which is pretty frequent scary. But then I thought of something I thought the worst virus the more of a threat the more the fear level is going to go up the more you're over going over personalized the risk. So it's a narrative series of stories cove it is my book is about stories that occur that teach me how to guide myself through the fear and come out the other side. My father and mother played very crucial part in that because they're actually alive in the mid nineties and I have a series of stories. In there called the port stories with their sitting in their old porch where I grew up and I visit them physically distancing they're wearing masks and they teach me things things I didn't know this is your point. What are you learn that you didn't know his one my father got over cove in nineteen himself in his nineties and has cardiologists gave him hydroxy chloroquine and he thought he was laughing at it. Well, I don't think that's what helped me meanwhile a few years later a few weeks later he got antibodies that showed he had actually had covert and my mother to, and now months later he's convinced it was the hydroxy so he says to me on the porch. Whatever happened to this drug I said, well, people don't believe it works science didn't show it works and he says at ninety seven to how when did they give it in the hospital or when people were first getting sick like me and I said Dad you're right they're not giving it. When people I getting sick they didn't studied it in the right in the right time, and so I learned from my father had a look at things in. A higher perspective and then same as I'm trying to teach my children. And then my father says to me by the way mark did you know that in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, six, took the swine flu vaccine and I got very sick and I don't think my memory has been the safe same sense I said no, I never knew that and he said. What about this vaccine and he said there's a big difference I said, what's the difference? He said this time there actually is a disease and it's very dangerous and it's very threatening and it's called covert. He said, I, really hate all the fearmongering going on about this vaccine this vaccine would take. Of course, he probably doesn't need it because he has the antibodies already this vaccine I would take one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, six was ridiculous and then there's my mother on the porch. My mother said, do you know who uncle Leonard was and I said? No, I never heard of uncle she said, I had a brother. I said, we're really whatever happened to me never heard of him, my mother's ninety, ninety five and I never heard about a brother. She said when her brother was eight years before she was born and she never met him either because at nine months of age he had two severe ear infections and they needed to drain his ears for him to survive but they couldn't do it because the hospitals were filled with a killer pandemic virus known as the Spanish flu. This was nineteen eighteen and she cautions at ninety five. Let's not let that happen again and it is happening too. Many too many medical procedures and interventions are being overlooked because of people clogging the emergency rooms from covert nineteen. So we can learn lessons from the past and I learned a lot on this porch about how not to be afraid and to Coche show courage in the face of this virus. It's the best way to beat it, and we also have to embrace technology that we're using to beat at the treatments that are coming out the and the monoclonal antibodies, the antivirals, the steroids, and finally the vaccines I embraced the idea that these vaccines are coming at light speed at warp speed. Yeah. Very well, I don't have a Lincoln to description of this podcast episode two yearbooks. My listeners can get over there and check it out and one of the things octa Siegel is we get so many different we this is the age of technology you get information fastest way possible. But now it just seems like everything is conflicting. This seems to be political in some points. It seems like we're getting conflicting stories about masks vaccine, which way. Do what would you say other than reading your book here? What would you say is the best piece of advice you could give a to families about how to go about their life here with the corona virus don't rely on Dogma who's ever telling you. It's this way or the highway. It's dogma rely on the fact that this is an evolving situation and we're learning day to day beware of the Dogma beware of the ridicule. B Be. The divisiveness we're in terrible time. Now of division, it's not just the virus that makes us afraid. It's our leaders. It's each other. I would say that kindness piece that I was talking about kindnesses secure for fear and it's a cure for dogma learn as we go rely be happy for the technology. We have the technology that allows us to to have this to have this sky skype call with with. A great host, the technology that allows us to have online learning if necessary technology that's leading to tremendous cures at a rate of speed for a brand new deadly virus. But the old fashioned things we need are carrying an accepting each other do not do not ridicule someone for disagreeing with you try to learn what their site is an incorporated into your own well said that may tie right over into my. Last question here I love to ask all the data to get on the podcast. What type of advice do you have that new dad or for that about to be father WHO's out there listening? So speaking of fear you're going to be afraid you're going to be afraid when you're in new debt as I was about loss of love from your new spouse, you're not ready for this, but your spouse is. Going to divert affection to the child and what you need to do, and this is so important for fathers out there. That's how you learn to be a father to understand that you can love that child to the way the mother is equal to the mother I like to say I'm I. Don't think this came from me but I like to say what percentage of a of a parent should I be? And the answer is each parent is one hundred percent. Each is one hundred, percent ninety, just fifty percent. Each is one hundred percent you act as a father the mother's not there the mother actors though you're not there and the child gets twice the amount of love do not be Joseph your newborn. That's my biggest lesson that I learned from my life. Yeah. Well, very well said I love the advice just been an honor for me I gotTa say Dr Mark Sceviour, I last father all the way. Thank you so much of. Time here on first-class Fatherhood you're a great guy and you have a great podcast. Thank you for joining me an honor. Thank you. Both. Back. To wrap things up here, personally fatherhood I gotta give a special. Thank you once again to Dr Mark, Siegel, for giving me a few minutes of his time was so cool me up on twitter. Over, on instagram daughter about today's episode of always love reading your feedback lock it in I'm going to close out the week with a frogman Friday edition of the podcast, your former navy seal and director of player development. Illinois Jake Swig will be joining me here. Don't miss out on that. Make sure you're following me on Instagram at school as to find. Out which Dad's will be joining me here next got a real special guest to drop you guys for Election Day. So find out who that is. That's all I got for you guys today. I'm Alagoas thank you for listening to the first fatherhood of please remember guys. We are not babysitters. We have fathers and we're not just fathers. We are first-class father's. Jokes. No?

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