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"dr malone leo j malone" Discussed on The A&P Professor

"I want to tell you a little story way back. In the olden days it was my first semester as a freshman at the university and me and a buddy of mine from high school were invited to participate in a one semester version of their chemistry course which was normally two semesters but this was a pilot program to see if by screening out students that already had done well in a high school. Chemistry course could do what they needed to do in one semester and my high school teacher knew this university professor in so i guess that's how i got in. I guess that's how i got invited. And boy that made me feel good. But on the other hand being a freshman at a well regarded. University has a little scared. Because even though i enjoyed chemistry in high school. And i did do well and i also knew that it's not easy and so yeah i could do well in high school course. But how is that going to do in this course especially if it's accelerated and as for smart chemistry students which i it was not a label. I saw myself wearing very easily so we went in there and Dr malone leo j malone was our professor in he walked in was very welcoming and made us feel good about the fact that we were in this class and shared his excitement over this educational experiment to see how it would go in and we got excited about that but it did kind of crank up the pressure. A little bit at least for me that. Oh my gosh would skype better do well. Because i don't wanna disappoint my professor. Who so excited about this experiment..

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