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GSMC Technology Podcast Episode 126: Facebook and Washington

GSMC Technology Podcast

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GSMC Technology Podcast Episode 126: Facebook and Washington

"The Golden State media concepts technology podcast covers everything. Ted this mobile phones, tablets games, we review it braided tested on whether you're Microsoft or apple Android, or iphone will give it to you. Get what get walk the Golden State media concepts technology podcasts. Welcome into the G S M, C technology podcast. I am your host Tom Doherty today on Tuesday. We'll be talking about what is going down on Capitol Hill, the Facebook CEO and president Mark Zuckerberg will be there testifying through senators on the mischievous actions. The his company did come running into the election of two thousand sixteen if you have not heard already his there was a millions of. Personal information millions of profile profiles that is from Facebook where sold to a company called Cambridge Analytica, and that was used to build software, and it was used to predict and track possible voters and voter tendencies and Israel US citizens that was done. And now they have come to roost when it comes to Facebook. The government has come to roost and martyr, burgers, Mark Zuckerberg is in quite the pickle right now as he's going to be ditching the hoodie, and jeans and donning the black suit as you saw him have to do when he was doing some litigation and arbitration when it came to his previous big law scandal when he was dealing with them, add water sovereign and the vocal vase twins way. Back when this company I came to life. Now, it's at the size where you can start asking it to. Sell you millions of profiles from US citizens in order to predict the election, or maybe Coursey election a little bit there. So sucker brook will be on Capitol Hill testifying to senators, and as he needs to pretty much thread the needle if you have to if that's what you wanna use the little the little wording wording, you wanna use there when it comes to security. I mean, they already have a place because already announced they're going rolling out a specific or security pro protocol where you now you on your Facebook dashboards, you can go into your settings. And you can it'll give you the exact different sites. In little apps in quirks, or whatever it is though questionnaire things that are if you already know, which your which Simpsons character, you are you can go in there and tell that to stop using your personal data Republic your public profile. It'll give you all the different websites. You have doing that granted access to that over the years. I mean, I've had my Facebook account for I don't know seemingly six seven years now. And I I mean, I couldn't tell you how many companies I probably or different sites have given permission to just to get into like signing in with Facebook has now become a thing for a lot of different companies where you sign a Facebook. You give them there, you give them permission to to get your name and a little bit information. I don't really have that much stuff on my Facebook profile anyways. But some people I mean, you never know that could be putting some stuff on there that you really don't want to be sold across the sea overseas and used to generate voter data. So now, you can go in and take off whatever site. You would like that. You don't want to be granted access any more to read or to get have to have your personal profile their access. Also Zakar has said he obviously can't he has come out with a written test of he's testified or testimony written testimony before the goes in front of the senators, and he has stated that it's going to be quite difficult to keep. I mean, this is the problem is he's not gonna make as much money. Basically the Facebook has had so much growth in so much. I mean, it's an absolutely dependence Thomas growth they've had this shareholders. Obviously, they they don't like anything, but growth, obviously, they can't they can't say no to that. So now, he's going to have to say, okay. Hold on pump the brakes here we got to put some security measures in. And then what with that comes a little less growth. So he's gonna have to make nice with the shareholders to make nice with our government and comply, obviously mcknight's with his user base as well. Because if it's anybody who feels betrayed or feels wrongs in this scenario, it's the it's the general public who have gotten into. The Facebook world and put all their stuff online. I mean, obviously, they probably were they have willingly did it when they signed up for Facebook. But they were doing under the under the idea comfort that it was there information was at least somewhat secure. However that was not the case now. There were millions of profiles us to build a software program. And then it was used to predict an influence the election in voters. So that's interesting. See how that goes on taxi going on right as we speak. Now would probably win this podcast will come out. He'll be either he will be still talking in his hearing or it will be just completed over there out in Washington DC, our nation's capital. So. Big deal. I mean, if you're Mark Zuckerberg, you gotta be you gotta be real careful here. I mean, I talked about that he's got a thread the needle. But I mean, you are you had something that was so so financially solvent. And so finance able to make money. I mean, you found a new source of revenue, basically, however, it was kind of I wouldn't call it. The most savory way to make revenue. He's gonna have to he's gonna have to kind of tried lightly as he gets through this whole process. His been been in groups calling for his resigned. For him to step down from his post for that. He is too close to this. And he is not he needs to be able to have be step away. And have somebody else who's not as connected to Facebook original model as he was you can imagine I don't know how many people have seen this network. But he this guy. I mean, the obviously it was a fiction is the version we have to be honest there. But it's still basis off the truth that he wrote this code he made the site from his own brainchild. And it was completely his own genius that may this up. So the fact that we have gotten this far down the road from from here, and he's trying to still make some ways to make more money to show offer shareholders. I mean, you have to be. Honest me think about Facebook. Now is a public traded company, your mom, your dad, your annual clue your sister, your brother can go onto whatever your trading Zaid is and buy Facebook stock and become a I mean public very low very low percentage shareholder but shareholder whatsoever. I mean, whatever their stock is doing wolf ect. Affect you. If you have have gotten some shares from them. So this is an interesting thing is that they're going to have to do. This is a problem. The the Facebook has had deal with they put it they made it along. I spent I mean called a longstanding problem, it's not really a bug in the system. It's a feature in their entire. It's it's a feature in their tire model believe at this point. Now, the Jucker Bri said is trying to make more money. He's trying to make his business trying to get new revenue. Streams obviously they were trying. They did it through advertisement and different campaigns to get to make more money to get his get it out there Facebook out there. But now that it's so huge obviously across country. I mean, Krant transnational international site and and use the round the world to her many different things. Now, we're getting into Facebook TV and different ways to air shows and watch our watched shows and watch TV. So I mean, he's just trying to think of new ways new ways to make money in obviously oppressed, those shareholders, I mean, it kind of came back to bite him. As the comes to the fact that they use in using individual data to to to influence political campaigns into sell it to companies who are going to make these they're gonna make these. Algorithms and programs in order to try and gas her coarser put ads, and that's the problem with fake. News fake news was put on the whole thing was put on CNN by the president. But I mean, really if you look at it fake news is on Facebook. I mean, you can find stuff all these these fo- articles he stuff that looks like real articles. South that could coerce people. I mean, so do you think I mean, you can even makes you think that they took this data's personal data from people because Facebook is such birthday and your name, and your mom and your dad that you're really put your mom and brother or whoever you're related to. But people have like interests, they have movies have TV's, you can really find a lot of find out a lot about somebody and find out a lot about their views or something and stuff or what they're afraid of or what their if there are teetering person. Like when obviously wouldn't comes to elections. You have your stalwarts on either side, you have your strong left's in your strong rights. But it's really those moderates that both parties are trying to sway their way. And when you have when you can get information about them and use a computer program to whether it's you're looking at their favorite movie or favorite Booker, some sort of person that listened to you can try and target that. And then give them an ad or give them some sort of fake news article or. Put something on their wall. Other in their in their stream on Facebook. They might may not look at likely look at and that could sway their vote. I mean, you don't we don't know. We that's what that's what we're talking about here. This is what we're saying. This is going to be influencing elections. The fact that this is what's going on here. And we talked about. A lot with Russia hack and stuff like and things like that. However, I mean, we could be talking about this is a main reason that we had the election we didn't twenty sixteen. So we gotta talk about we got to keep talking about it because we're not gonna let this go are sicker Burgas now having to deal with a lot of stuff and it's coming from older actions for him. So he's going to be up at Capitol Hill seemingly for a while today. I think he's gonna be going in two different hearings. He's gonna be going in front of a couple different committees as you can tell he's definitely will worried about it as he's hired. He's definitely hired some advisors. I mean, he hired a US law firm. Wilmer HALE was previously special advisers to president the George W Bush towards W Bush, not the second Bush, George W Bush, and he hired them to coach Zuckerberg on the best strategies on handling different heated question. Or different questions from the senators the senators they can ask whatever they want. If they have a little piece of formation that they're assistant told them or that their wife told them or their husband told them in bed or doesn't matter. They can they can pinpoint a different question. However, they like. I'm really put some pressure on on Mark Zuckerberg coming. We have reports saying that congress wants to inflict pain on Burg. And a lot of different papers are asking if he's ready for it. I mean, we have reports from the guardian saying that they didn't. I mean, he they didn't like the fact that he's come out and said his brass tacks, kind of statements Sammy he is quoted saying, we did not take a broad enough view of what our responsibility is. It was huge mistake. It was my mistake says Ekberg I mean, but I mean, obviously, there's going to be much more consequential actions going on this week in Washington DC as you can talk about how me just look back at some of these other hearings. We've had there not easy. They're not nice. There grilled their pointed questions, they're aimed try and get you to talk or maybe even look bad or get you not to talked which usually sometimes if not talking. You're not answering speaks louder than answering. So it's going to be interesting to see because burgers, definitely had some issues with talking in public crowds. He's always been guy. He was a coder at heart. I mean, he loves you could tell he could he loves being in his little computer room. At his keyboard in his tapping away on on code on whatever he's making program. He's writing at the at a certain point. So I mean, it's gonna be a hope I believe it's going to be televised. I would I mean magin if it's going to be in the big chamber, if they're gonna do it in a small room if it's going to be televised or not they haven't announced yet. But if you can look if we have some people look at C span or they're gonna air it on CNN. I how we haven't had a. A person go and do a hearing of this this kind of profile high profile person in the tech world. Go do hearing in quite some time. So and none other than than the face president and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg? I mean this guy. He's the he's he's Zach. I mean, the call him being apparently, he's the guy they call him that. And he's pretty well known a whole round around our world as a very visual person. Who is in chart is has was created. Now, probably the biggest social media site in our history. So he's gonna be going to DC. I've talked about pretentious whole site -ment saying that this is going to be interesting to seeing little transcription through congress. I mean, congressman said, it's the theater it's all show. They're just doing it. Make the make the politicians look good. They're not just letting this go they're trying to just at least give him a little bit of ribbing before they kind of just let this go and under the rug or sliding Facebook is already kind of made some make goods here. But I scan interesting to see if congress really lays into him or they're just trying to figure out what's going on. I mean, Americans don't like having their stuff sold. Their information sold them. This is you can call her data breach caller dot cell. It's going to be interesting to see if people are gonna be turning away from Facebook, deleting their accounts after the fact, or if they're going to be just doing the same old same of they do no matter what how many hearings Marceca goes in with our our US congress. So they also have. I mean, if you're thinking about in DC. Congress- congressional hearings people kind of roll their eyes because just a little bit of a show me show me. I mean, that's what that's what I was saying before congress is leading this. Oh, we're going to do a hearing just to make it look like we're actually carrying and we're going to do something about it. But then they really aren't going to do anything about it in long run. Our they're going to basically gonna be like Mark, please do something Markham on Mark. So it's gonna be a way awhile. We already kind of already talked about in the very beginning of the show. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook has already started to roll out a different feature on their on their in your profile where you can take off certain things that are using you're using your profiles information, you could see as a definitely a new. New thing of transparency we have not seen from Facebook ever, a seemingly. And but we're going to definitely see what happens with congress as they go and start attacking and chomping at the bit. Where Mark Zuckerberg and seeing what he's his real motives were behind this sale of data. All right. So that's the first segment. Second segment we're gonna be talking about some technology. When it comes to safety specifically in sports. There is new new cool products that you can use to track different concussions. We have. That's a big issue for those who are both tech and sports fans out there. We can we're talking about different ways to keep our our athletes safe and different ways to have real time readings of what is going on up in their brains with these head injuries and concussions Bareback with that. You want to be healthier? You just don't know. What to do all these shows telling you this and that, but nothing seems to work will listen close. Golden State media Cossacks has got something. Great for you. The health and wellness podcast dedicated to work out healthy eating habits, diet and everything about healthy living. Join us in our banters as we help you not just live life to the fullest. Let live it to the healthiest. Welcome back to the technology podcast in a segment we're talking about where sports and technology of crossover. I mean, if you haven't listened to money other podcasts do couple other sports podcasts here on the GMC to podcast network. But we're gonna talk about tech and sports here in this segment. Ideally, we're gonna be talking about safety, and how technology can help keep our athletes more safe and keep them on the field longer and keep them from getting these nasty, or at least we're able to find out if they had these nasty head injuries. There's lots of different technology regarding real time. Time information, grabbing obviously protection we have these new helmets. We have new pads? They're coming out. They'll talk about later in the segment, but right now, we're talking about a mouthguard actually that you can you can that is now going to be on sale for. Football select flick, sports sporting suck at schools and use OC will be able to buy this headwear for their athletes and his mouth guard that actually has an app connected to it as help prevent biometrics. And it it where you were the mouthguard actress normal now, obviously and help keep your teeth from getting knocked out if you get pops in the mouth, but it also is going to give your trainer a real or coach a real time assessment of how your brain function, how your brain isn't of your separate a concussion or not. I mean, we now we have all these different regulations and rules regarding concussion protocols that are usually done off a visual tests where you have athletes in front of a doctor, and whether they're going to be testing there is testing their motor functions. What what have you those improve in inconclusive or just not as trustworthy as as these as a real time? Data can be a cat. Can be. I mean, we have magin having an app on the sideline as it as a trainer with your entire roster on all these guys were in these little or ladies wearing these little mouth guards. And you somebody gets hit in the head. You can Amelie look at the app. Look at your look at the readings, and it could tell you if they're in danger for concussion or if they've suffered one because the I'm concussions it is. It is really about early detection. And it's gonna be a nice way to to keep these people say, I mean, these these are athletes we like watching on TV, these athletes that are putting their playing sports that are they're passionate in the last one. Last thing we want to see is is something terrible happen to them or have some sort of head injury that is gone unnoticed as we have seen in the past. They have been an issues within National Football League and concussions that we have seen. Documentaries come out. We there was a movie with wool Smith came out. Call concussion that. Was about. C T E, which is a disease that you get in the brain have lesions in the brain after repeated concussions, and where you have had doctors that found out what it was and try to approach the NFL about it. And they weren't able to get any kind of traction there. And actually the NFL ended up trashing one of the trashing the career of one of the medical examiner's, Dr Malo who was he was played by Wilson in the movie, but he's now works out in California. But it's interesting it just interesting magic if he had technology like this where he's able to get readings in real time from hits that happen seconds before. So about versus cutting having to cut into people's brains that were donated from previous NFL players you. That's what that's where they were able to find out and then. Find out what C T E is. And how what the effects concussions can have on people. Also in sports, obviously, we have a lot of different technologies going on these days. When it comes to player safety. We have these we have new football pads that are just very very good. And now all these helmets, and our actually developing even a they're developing a new kind of turf that is going to be it's a high tech turf that has civic of little padding underneath the grass where you can kinda give just has more give to it. So when it because we have all these injuries caused by guys hitting or lays hitting the ground head first whether they're being tackled or they fall to the ground or push the there's a lot of sports whether it's men's or women's. There have our our contact sports rehab people falling to the ground, and he had the ground isn't soft people. Just it's it's it's definitely it's in the come come out you pretty quick. So if we are able to get field with turf that have a little more give have this special cushioning underneath it. That'd be quite quite the advancement in our sport, sports technology and keeping our players safe. So when it comes to that. That's definitely something we need think about the problem is here with all these gadgets. I was just talking about the mouthguard is the price point hasn't quite reached the fact where it's. I mean, obviously, it can be it's re-. It's not reasonable. Let's say it's a reasonable price point. Quite yet. For like say, you're going to buy for your son is this. Oh, you're young young young kid, right right away. I mean this Mel card is two hundred dollars one hundred nine and the storage cases in additional thirty nine dollars. I mean, that's not quite the price point. We want to in order to make it affordable for apparent of of eight year old or nine year old or whatever have you that even they don't even have to play tackle football people concussions in soccer, people Gushin's in the cross and they talk to in basketball baseball, all of the place. So the fact that they need to make maybe make the technology little more Ford -able for whether it's a individual family buying for their kid or make it maybe it's a team that can't quite afford buying whatever fifty of them for full team twelve for basketball team doesn't matter to the numbers adept. So this this technology is out there. But we seem to make a little more Ford -able for everybody. To to get going here. We have new pads can do the same thing football pads that what you can you can wear that have sensors in them that will give you a little more kinky view a reading or have a little more protection. And when it comes to concussions and concussion blows. They protect your protect your bone structure into keep keep it away from were kind of spread the entire kinetic blow across a flat plain versus having appointed injury. Where you're going to lead to. To specific pain in whether it's broken bones or a separated shoulder bested knee. I mean, this is this is where we're getting to sports they're getting faster and faster, and this is the crossover from technology and sports while we have to make improvements. Do our our safety and our into our gear that will help these players and teams keep stay healthy and stay on the field and play for longer and play smarter and play more confident because they'll worse than you wanted somebody who's not who's not confident enough because they're afraid they're gonna get hurt. Again. I've been I remember going to school having these players get hurt two or three times. Others just came back from a knee injury had surgery dollar rehab and everything and then they get hurt again. So I mean, if there's any team the tech world that. Anything in the tech sector that can start working to little more getting some more advanced -ment seen some more companies out there get going. It's definitely when it comes to sports safety sports are pretty popular regarding we have a United States millions of kids playing soccer millions of kids playing baseball. I mean, even tackle football at youth level is becoming more and more popular. We have to keep those kids safe. There's gonna be more and more technology technological advancements. When it comes to helmets. In the fact that down we're going to have these special foam in different kinds of ways to keep these helmets and get them from being more concussion concussion prone and get them more to where it's more of a glancing blow than a specific hard blow. So these guys can just kind of go next versus crash into each other. It's it's you some people go watch these highlights of some of these hits your surprise some of these guys heads no come off or they get knocked out on the field. It's ridiculous. So whether it's wearing that head specific headgear with it's putting pop mouthpiece. And if you can afford it and getting a real time reading, I mean, that's pretty cool. If you get on the wireless reading right to a phone. Instead of having to go on the sideline having some some trainer to give you a little I test that could whether it's going to deem that you have a concussion on me. And now it's becoming a little more sophisticated, but it's gonna be the fact that. We need we need to have better just better equipment for for athletes. I mean, this is this is definitely something that that has been talked about a lot on these platforms. The fact that we have to have these safety when it comes to hockey shoe and comes the context sports, like hockey football, even soccer and basketball up there too in so new might not be wearing helmets, but they still people crash in each other the floor hard. I mean, they. They need to get something where they can definitely be more able to protect themselves and have doctors be able to dentis her injuries a little quicker and a little better. So people can stay on the field longer or not have to have these devastating injuries. We see all the time or have to deal with the Russians are nice. I mean concussions are your you got sick. I mean, you get dizzy me you have memory loss. I mean, they're not they're not nice your brain rattling around in your head. You can have some sort of technology advancement in order to keep that from happening or either. If it does happen you can have. You can have some sort of way to figure it out and have a have a machine that can or piece of tech that will just flag it immediately, and I get that kids or that athletes attention right away because that's what really really needs to happen in the sports world where we have a lot of different kids out there. There's like I said millions of kids out there all trying to have some fun trying to get some exercise, and we can't we can't just have kids not play sports because it's it's healthy for you to get out and get get moving out there if we can get some some tech tech advancements in the sports world that can definitely lead to just having people play and be more be more confident out there on the field. All right in the next segment. We're gonna be talking about some new guys coming out. We got some different things. Whether it's you're going to be controlling things with your feet or having some different things going into your eye or. We're gonna talk about some new gadgets that have been coming out. And then I'll be coming up next. Tired of searching, the vast jungle of podcasts, listen close. And here this out. There's a podcast network that covers just about everything that you've been searching, the Golden State media concepts podcast network is here thing less podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports, music fashion, looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more. So stop Lert at around and go straight out to the Golden State media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that podcast. Whatever it may be visit WWW dot GS MC podcast dot com. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and download us on itunes, soundcloud and Google play. All right. Welcome back to the GS C technology podcast in this Everett. Worry me talking about some gaming equipment attention gamers, so right now, we have a new there's a new product out there is called the three D rudder. So I know we have some definitely increase in tension in these VR game. So when you have your headset on and you're playing these VR games. This isn't going to be a new piece of equipment where you're going to have it on your feet, and it's going to be able to be basically a controller, but with your feet, so you can kind of lean back and forth. Whether you're playing. Number just makes me think you're playing a snowboard game or skiing came, but it could be used pretty much for anything. So it's going to be compatible with the most VR games and existing p games, but also enhance your since Asians, obviously when you're playing different games like whether it's a flying game or even first person shooter, you can use this piece of equipment to to get your feet involved and adds some an another dimension to your to your game playing. So obviously, you're gonna have that headset on so it's right in front of you. It's like you really sitting in the game. So now, you're gonna actually have something that will have give you feedback from your feet. So I think it's pretty interesting as basically with VR, you're kinda limited. You have you have little things in your hands trackers under hands. But we hadn't quite gone to the feet. So now, we have something that is can we brought into the home isn't quite like to bookie as per nice. Good size. Little just a little disk thing. Thing. The you put your feet on. And you kind of just get you get going. So I mean, it's it's it's a nice little addition to our VR advancements in world so tuck VR little bit here. These we have obviously, the we came out with VR things we had the different. Different brands of the VR equipment that came out and the kind of the phone companies took it over. But that is definitely the future of gaming, whether it's gonna you're gonna be all hooked up. Like, I said with like different sensors on your feet and stuff where you're going to be using the three rudder to work, your swift or your H T H E C five. So I mean, that's just something that's going to have to be advanced integrated into it. But these these these VR games, I mean, what's going on here we these came out along along while ago, but we're still playing fortnight on our XBox is the fact that we can wear headset and sit down and be loafs and just watch or play with our friends on on TV on our TV's on icebox. I mean, there's something really wrong with that. But. Why wouldn't you wanna get in your head seven? I was the whole ideas, you're wearing your heads at you have little you have your little gun control thing that you're going to be fake using and you can get into basically be dropped into war and have all through your through your own is instead of looking at it TVs, great. So the fact that you can now have this little Rutter thing. It's pretty interesting. I mean, it's going to be windows is going to be coming out with their fear headsets, and it's going to be working on that too. So getting look out for that three D rudder as a as it will come across your your scope for your gamers who actually people who like the are getting into the VR game and not just sticking with your basic console me. I talked about it on the previous show. The XBox is already rolling out to has been has rolled out to new consuls and trying to target both gone gamers, whether it's the casual gamer who's gonna be using the console as as a entertainments vice and gaming system. And then. The more intense gamer who's going to be who who wants all that extra ram and should video cards of ability. I mean, I'm in graphic card availability. So to play the games that are more higher level. So we're seeing kind of battle here. And there hasn't really been shift. I mean, I remember for VR verse came out, I was kinda the rave, and it was going to be the thing that was going to take over and shut down. The whole space box console world. We're over and have headsets on. And we're all going to be just sitting in the place and going in kind of looking like, I mean, I don't know people who have headsets on the they look pretty cool. Some of them are a little weird Oculus rift looks pretty cool. I I mean, it's but some people on whether you're getting get vertigo or get sick or you get claustrophobic because you have your basically wearing goggles with. No, you can't see out of them or you're gonna it's too real for people or stuff like that. And we've had different types of gaming. Come out. We've had wireless gaming had the way we have had the XBox. Connect the PlayStation VUE, and nothing is really still knocked that old fashioned is set box and with sit in your chair the controller. I mean, maybe that's just the whole idea of gaming is that you're just chilling your house or your house, or whatever it might be in a chair and just tapping away on your controller get those that dexterity going. I mean, that's that's what I play still wasn't just sitting on my. In my chair playing XBox. So there's these games that we talked about with four nine we can go into that a little bit here as we continue to segment talking about four night in the fact that you know, you have these games that are going to be free to play. And it's kind of like you go in like, I mean, we had war frame. I don't know if people have heard of war frame that's kind of a similar asp similar kind of game play. Well, it's some kind of game. Plays for nice lawn is not as integrated with the entire live scenario. You're you're more playing missions with play. Locally with your friends, but the bursts being on a massive map where you have people from all around the world playing with you. But it's similar was free to free to play for your download on your XBox. And then if the way they can make your the way that you would pay if you get to a certain point where okay, I want to advance in this game, really bad. I don't wanna take two weeks to have to go get all these coins or credits, or whatever this is going to spend the ten bucks and get him now, or whatever the same kind of thing with fortnight where you can either just play methodically and not pay for it and just play for free or you're going to be hardcore and your friends come on guys come on. And we wanna we wanna play. We wanna we wanna get better about a royale wanna win this thing. So, hey, your five bucks. Let's go, man. It's while people are going to mean are going to start making the money's. So these games making money, obviously, it's free kind of thing to do. Is that free to play? But we're still not going to sell not gonna get off the call Judy training because that's something that hasn't VR has not really been able to get on there. There are some first person shooter VR games, maybe with this three D rudder. We can get get more attitude where it's going to be getting your feet involved, and you can be sitting there and kinda use your feet. In order to get go. Get more into get more accustomed to the game and warned to game. But just people are sitting in their chairs have there. I think we just really got it. That's what it is. You can do a little kids that millennials out there, even the even their even the dads the older. I mean, the next illumination. I mean, we've been doing it since their kids or young adults. Playing these Xboxes XBox games of places and games. Whatever constantly you may have to have gotten really with your fingers. I mean, we we came out and the the we you which is basically a controller. And then now Nintendo is coming out the switch, which is another thing with control or the kind of went towards like, oh, we're gonna use the sensors and the cameras, and we're getting into the next new technology age of the fact, we're gonna teach these controllers. And but I don't know the tech wasn't there. They weren't able to they weren't able to make it efficient enough or at higher high level in order and sell sell at the same price point. Just what the thing is. I think these technology hasn't been able to get more affordable to make. Whereas if you want something like that high level you have to sell it at a high cost. I mean, that's the thing. These companies they kind of went back controllers are they're pretty cheap to make. We sell them for fifty sixty bucks for the next. Walks control or usually runs and they'll last for a while. Versus getting giving somebody this. Whether it's a two hundred dollar two hundred dollar camera system. Xbox connects thing. Get up and and actually control the control the game with their hands and hand, motions and stuff like that. But I mean, these guys and girls. People. So there's people who want to do it. But the masses when it comes when it comes to the gaming and selling making money off of it. You gotta sell it to the masses and the masses want to still sitting their chairs and top away on their controllers because they've gotten really good at it. And they doing it since they were little kids or since they were young adults or whatever they may whatever they started playing ten fifteen years ago and the whole colony train. Is keep on moving as we even saw a little sneak peek of what maybe the new culture two game ABI where they're gonna get black ops. Another Blackhawks or we're going to get I don't think there'd be it'd be advanced warfare. But I believe Blackhawks black hubs for. I think is coming out. Next movie pie or a little review on that of this of that game on this show when that happens, but getting more into that anymore into that. You what is it? The I v are the virtual reality kind of stuff. Whether it's too real whether we weren't quite ready for it. As a as a as a. As a nation as a game playing nation that we are. We were quite ready for it. Or just wanted to stick with her Sigler guns and still play some supplies some controller games are first person shooters with their controllers or play just play. Go place a fortnight with your friends. I mean, this is you can't really thing is I think it's more about the fact that you don't wanna wear the headset. It don't think it looks that silly. But sometimes you could feel silly wearing it because you're kind of locked into this headset. Yeah, you're in the world. But. Rather have more might be too realistic for him. I just be too much where you're kind of like, you have no other per falls. It's all that game. Whereas if you're playing on TV screen, you have your entire room around you that, you know, you're obviously sitting in your house, and then there's people walking around with the headset on and run into this. Which is interesting see and now maybe with this three D rudder thing where you're gonna get your feet involved more instead of just sitting there or standing there and trying to play your game. You're gonna get your feet involves a little more. And it's going to help you along help you along with this with the with whatever you've you VR games, you're going to be playing because it's going to be compatible with all these different VR technologies. Whether it's Oculus rift or the. HTC VR VR thing or whether it's going to be coming out with windows come out with the are. Are we are capable device that's going to be compatible with this three thing, which I think it's pretty cool. Because that's the thing for me is the fact if I was gonna play VR I'd wanna get my feet involved. I don't want to kind of like, what am I going to do? Do. I have hand sensors to just go throughout the game blind. Or how do I move like you're gonna have a little more activity? More feedback from the user feedback definitely going to be enhancing your sensations. I mean, you're going to be able to fly planes, and and control things with foot pedals and things like that. Or you can just walk up a cliff and gets your next position or whether you're gonna play fortnight. I mean, let's missing fort nine on VR would be interesting. I mean because fortnight build up your map, you gotta find all these people obviously over multi multi level player multiplayer map. So it's interesting to see how we're going to evolve with these these free to play games, and if people are going to start buying these VR says, I mean, I think that's what happened was everybody kind of already had XBox? And they had a three sixty or are they bought an Xbox One a couple years ago or another going to get onto the Xbox One x and or the s the thing and people kind of already have their console which is go to buy another another thing acknowledged to figure it out there or the real tech gurus are going to we're gonna wait till it gets more advanced. We're gonna wait till the second fourth second third or fourth generation of this VR technology come out where it's going to be really advanced. We're going to be able to play. Play the way we wanna play. I mean, look at this game this movie just came out from stevensville where called it's called ready player one. And that's basically all kind of ER gaming, it's setting the way in the future. Obviously where everybody sits. And does this VR gaming where they get to go to the? To a whole of the world when they put the goggles on and basically walk around as a secondary kind of person. So it's it's really interesting how this is going to be how is this going to evolve through? Our world, and how gaming is going to be changing in the next few years in the next decade. I mean, I think we're still gonna be sticking with the XBox for quite a little bit. Especially the fact that Microsoft is double down and come out with two different two different consoles that I talked about last episode, and they definitely are trying to go market after both kind of gamers instead of getting you haven't seen Microsoft, quite get into the our world tribal tried with the more with the visual and the picking up the motions with the connect another going back and getting better gaming systems better operating systems. And then also ones that are more forward for people who don't quite want for gaming, but more one for entertainment purposes, and then to use the seamless seamless interface. So that's what I'm talking about segment. We're going to just kind of talk about what's going on in the tech world. Talked a little bit more about soccer Berg, I can maybe some updates. If we're getting some reports on what's happening in DC, and what's going on there. And it's like we do here at the four seven figure it out and do what I wanted to do. And I'll figure it out along the way. So we are back with that. Find out what movies to go see and check out the MC movie podcast. It's your ticket to the lead est movies. Whether it's a new blockbuster event, romantic comedy or action flick. This show has got it all covered they talk. Some what to go see? Now, don't bother what's hot on Netflix and everything in between. That's GMC podcast dot com. Back slash movie dash podcast when it's all about the movies. It has to be this new show. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GS MC podcasts dot com. For more info. Welcome back to the technology podcasts in this episode. We have gone over Facebook and their CEOs Mark zuckerberg's trip to Washington. And the fact that congress was is planning to grill him as high going on as we speak here as record this podcast, and might be still even going on as I posted and released to the world the world would world the whole nation. So. Yeah. Just talk more by sucker. Burgers is interesting. The fact that we had just had Facebook. I mean, it's negligence or they did it on purpose just giving it's called. I mean, they're getting charged for data. Lots of different names. I'm saying all over the all over the the headlines here all of the message boards, all over Twitter all over everything. In fact, that took a break now is finally getting called on the called called the the roost is definitely the Russa's quaking as the no he's going to have to go to congress and. Talk about what they're what his what his transition transgressions were during the whole time. He was there doing during the twenty sixteen election, and what they're what they were doing kind of allowing to happen on Facebook. I mean, whether it's data mining election meddling allowing fake news spread selling different. People's profiles to Cambridge Letica. I mean is definitely a scandal. And it's just it's definitely gonna be playing out and talk about it. Some more on Thursday after we get some information from what his what his carrying. He said he's going to be talking to the Senate Judiciary committee. Also be talking to the Senate Commerce Committee. Today in tomorrow, he'll be talking to the house energy and commerce committee. So he's talking to the Senate and the house so they're going to definitely both get their their cracker him. Just a is just crazy. The fact that you're you're the head of this company you've been trying to make this. If you remember from the movie, I don't know if he really said it, but he's trying to make like it's a party. Everybody's coming together. Everybody's meeting. Facebook was great. It was a great tool. I mean, I mean, I haven't seen so many people so many people able to reunite or find friends from previous previous times in their life. Or even my parents going in reconnecting with high school people or using it to be able to organize different parties and stuff like that. I mean Facebook has upside, but. When you say that your two point two billion users can be it can't be can't trust you with their data. You're definitely going to have some issues because of not does breach insecurity. But just the fact that you're deliberately giving away information. I mean, it's just the fact that sucker has said the fact that his top priority. He's been quoted in saying that his top priority has always been to build our social media social mission of connecting people building community and bringing the world closer together. Nowhere in. There is a metal with elections or data mine or sell off people's information. So definitely something that you can think about whether you're gonna decide to keep using Facebook or not or I mean, I still have an account, but I don't really go on there. Very much definitely taken off a lot of my personal information that could be taken off through different things that have given permissions to. But I mean, that's just me people who have tons tons. Tons more information on their profiles. And you definitely have to be careful about it. So mean. He has also said in prepared prepared remarks released ahead of the committee committees meeting, the he's saying that advertisers, developers will never take priority over the fact that over that. His longest running Facebook advertising, developers developers will never take priority. Over the users on the site, which is big question. Yeah. Right. I'm sorry. Yeah. Right, Marky, Mark, Zuck, whatever you want to be called wolves call Mark because he's an adult and he wears a lotta hoodies. And he wears a lot of he wears jeans. Hoodies. All I mean, but now he's going to be wearing his black suit going to going to Capitol Hill. But you know, he definitely. Is talking through his teeth little bit there. She's not the only one obviously working in. This company is mass amount of employees. He's got working for him. A whole board of directors got definitely CFO C C o. I mean, different type types of interesting people that he's hired to do the do his bidding down over in a in foster city at the Facebook headquarters. But now I have a hard time believing that advertisers, developers will never there will never take priority to kind of already have taken priority. He's gotten a user base. It is astronomical higher than he could probably even thinking of. I mean, you never know he's pretty vicious guy. But he's already had a certain number of users. I mean, why think about these IRS when you have two point two billion of them when you can just use that massive number two, how advertisers and. Wow, developers and trying to get them to to do different things to make you money. I mean, this is what they're doing. They have had this massive. Boom and massive expansion over the last few years. I mean, it was for a reason. We're kinda surprising it from from this company. Tech giant it is. But they're acquiring wiring Instagram able to make moves I they they choir tumbler to believe that made made a aquisition there too. So I mean. It's just interesting saying that this is this is now what was the basis of that the fact that they were able to monetize the users themselves themselves in the monetize the information that users were putting on the site itself. So he's coming. They're coming home to roost, their Mark. So it's going to be interesting to see what what's going to happen to him where he's going to have to step down. Or he's going to tight rope. It through all these. All these committee comedy committee hearings, and I'm gonna get my hands. Get my hands transcripts for Thursday show. So it can be kind of questions these senators and congressmen we're asking him whether it was really point into the question of their kind of throwing them softballs softball. So I've already read stuff I talked to a four on the first segment they're going to be trying to get him. They're gonna take chunk out of him. And they're going to be pretty pretty poignant and porty pretty upset because I mean, these things are senators don't like is the fact that they all represent different parts of the country and all them have constituents who have Facebook accounts, obviously, they probably even have their own. Facebook counts they used to help burn their campaigns. And when you have a guy who is the head honcho of this Facebook empire. And allowed a US presidential election to be corrupted in any kind of way, you're going to have politicians politicians not not like that. Which ones that are going to have to be elected. And my have there. I looked at again, and my have their elections medal whether their campaigns metal with Facebook's to Facebook again. So they definitely want to make sure that this is not going to happen because it could even matter it could be they could take personally if your Senator senators not so much, but maybe a house member next for his next meeting. You can take it personally because you have to run every two years. And not that house. Elections are not quite not nearly the highest profile our presidential elections. But you never know you can get a really highly touted. I mean, we had one the house election special election, just happened in Pennsylvania. That was highly scrutinized nationwide. It was a big one big swing a publican chair. I mean, a red seagoing to a blue blue candidate. So it changes over. Skips the balance. I mean, congresses a big deal. The fact that you're gonna have a chance for the Democrats to swing some of the momentum in their favor coming in November this year for the midterm elections. You'd never know we can have if they didn't really get get on if they don't get Berg. You could have a bunch of different elections tampered with and we're going to have some sort of a Genda put forward for whatever it is whether it's leading Russians put get Trump in like last year or like burger self trying to get I don't know get more Democrats, if I mean or more California, I mean, it's whatever it might be you don't you don't need any crops, and you wanna have a true and fair election as poss-, choose and Farris election as possible. We definitely do not have that. Now as reading we did not have that in twenty sixteen and definitely partially. Thanks to MRs Albert and Facebook to and the fact that they were able to not able to deter the fake news fake appointed certain pointed. Articles and fake articles and ads that were put on these people. And especially the ones whose data was taken. All right. So I mean, there was a was a blower involved in this. I mean, the fact that this only came out if they come out in the New York Times to come out in the guardian so it was internationally released and they were able to vet appropriately. So we don't get set. It you don't get a Senate hearing house hearing over nothing. So we definitely got some big news report when this called breaks down we're going so now we know we have a lotta pictures of him walking into. With his lawyers into Capitol Hill. He's definitely hired a lot of advisors in order to get him to be prepared for. Classes might be thrown at him and stuff like that. So it's gonna be interesting to shift say some just some news coming out here. We have the talked about last time a little bit. But the home home pod and the different different new home devices. We obviously had Alexa, come out. Now, we're going to have an airplay to gonna be airplay to multi room. Audio is going to be working with. Work with your apple home pods of an apple fan. And you have you're gonna be getting that apple home pot. You're going to be able to play music all around your. All around your house. So we are waiting for airplay too. But I mean, you have an official launch. The beta software is out there. You can get multiple speakers multiple rooms, we have that kind of with the Alexa where you have the little. Dots or whatever it is. Or you have multiple echoes through the house, you can tell you can assign them certain rooms, and then tell Alexina plate in certain room. So to flee enemy interesting. But now I've apple is going to try and integrate all of these things together with new IOS. And then when airplay to comes out, they'll be able to get the new software for the TV's control, your home pies through all that kind of stuff and through your through your apple TV and get these speakers going through your house for all your music levers, and the people who want to be able to control all kind of stuff. So all the beta is out there right now, it can give you guys who are bit who like to be beta testers who aren't developer non developers, but are interested in beta testing, a taste of what's going to be going on when it comes to the rollout of Apple's new programs. Apple's new programs apples news vices and oppose new. Systems regarding updates to teeth. They're gonna have the TV OS. And then I o s TV OS eleven point four in Iowa's Levin point four as we already talked about some of the issues with eleven point three over the has to do with the I pod. So. This is definitely the home. Pod. I don't know how I don't know. How much I like that name this going to the home pod? I mean, that's the thing because we had ipod iphone now, we're getting when we're going to pause going home pied. So we already had they couldn't call the eye home because we already had the I- home, I home. She was the speaker didn't have the so. They look pretty cool. There's little things sit on your desk. Nice and clean. Look to versus the Alexa lexical to a little more of a tower kind of eligible Moore's logical higher tower versus this is actually. And then a speaker all the way around it. That's gonna have that capability. We're going to be able to talk to Siri in your kitchen. You talk to Siri and your bedroom talk to Syria in your bathroom, you could talk Syrian your living room. And then they even have Siri I believe on the apple TV's where you press the button, and you can tell series do something through voice command. With Siri there. All right. So we've made it through the end of our show. We're in we talked a lot about Mark Zuckerberg. And the news with him going to Capitol Hill in talking to he's gonna have three hearings with three different committees. And be reporting on what happened with those. And hopefully, I'm gonna get some transcripts for those and to report on for for Thursday's show. And we'll be able to see what kind of questions these congressmen or asking Mr. Zuckerberg and seeing if what if what Mark said is going to be. Thirty thirty in the needle or making some clear admissions or just kind of pushing it off and giving clear straight answers. I mean, these these senators like when you dodge questions, so you kind of have to answer them, regardless. They're gonna just disconnect. Keep asking you have. Pretty much as much time as they need to get what they want. So these these these Senate hearings can be daunting, especially when you're guy who's like Marken. They don't you don't really like talking in public that much. Talked about a lot of some needed advances as well as an advancement in technology. What guarding sports safety the mouthpiece? You can wear. Now, you can get your kid and having wear it that will give you real time. Advanced real time stats real time information on whether he on concussions if it was a head injury. Or it's going to give you real time readings through that headset or through that mouthpiece. When you get definitely had had to collision or a collision that could be deemed a concussion as well. So that's going to wrap it up. For today's episode of the GMC technology podcasts. I have been your time Dory. And we'll be back on Thursday said likely with more news from Mark Zuckerberg. And until then have a good day. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts technology podcast part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at WWW dot Jesus MC podcast dot com. 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