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The Greatest Squirt Gun Ever Built

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The Greatest Squirt Gun Ever Built

"Endless thread is supported by packet and with Savi to companies working to deliver a new model for cloud computing together. They're integrated solution combines the power of dedicated bare metal servers that's packet with low cost. High-speed cloud storage was Sabi the result improved performance and lower costs. But also new model to look at as companies race to the cloud. That's packet dot com and was sobbing dot com. Produced by the island at WBZ. You are Boston. Peter piper picked a pip. This is inventor Lonnie Johnson. Peter piper picked peppers that works for me. If you if Lonnie Johnson is a super chill, dude so chill. Wake up Lonnie. The episode is starting Wani's chill. But he's also responsible for a lot of mayhem the really started. When he was a kid obsessed with rocket fuel true or false. You almost burn down your house trying to make rocket fuel. Yeah. That's true. How old are you? Jeez. We'll say must have been around twelve years old. See something similar happened to me. But I was in college. I was deep prime pirogies. So same was trying to make a month. Clearly, there is a difference in here. We'll try to keep up that get you in trouble or what? Well, yeah. We'll no, yes. And no 'cause my parents, obviously were not happy. And that was really fearful of what would happen when my dad came home. But when he got there, and he looked and. If it will you're gonna have to start mixing that outside from now on any bought me a hot plate, and and that was about it. Lonnie's dad, also chill and thank goodness. You know, sometimes thinking, my parents weren't as tolerant as I could would have turned out very different because there were lots of reasons for me to be in really, really big trouble. But somehow they saw Mike reality as an asset and. Figured out that I could serve me. Well, one day. And fortunately, they were right. Well, so far. We said that Lonnie Johnson was responsible for a lot of mayhem. But he also made millions of dollars off of one idea. Just pop up our one. One kind of toy and you can soak someone up to fifty feet away into the stratosphere. Today's episode the greatest squirt gun ever built. I'm Ben Brock Johnson. And you're listening to endless thread the show featuring stories found in the vast ecosystem of online communities called rennet one does not simply walk into our show that saying how it is made. I'm here with my co host damn receiver. Tin, and we are coming to you from Boston's NPR station. WB you are. Okay. I gotta be honest saying squirt gun instead of water gun. Just isn't me. Like, I grew up on hundred percent saying water gun. The word squirt is just gross. And it sounds belittling. That's the kind of thing. A little squirt would say whatever I'm squirt your scam. I was definitely what moms and dads of my friends might have called a hell, Ian. But my troublemaking would have been a lot less effective if I hadn't been wielding device that Lonnie Johnson, invented the super soaker squirt gun water gun if I had a squirt gun right now, you would be so. But you don't. So I'm not the super soaker arrived at the perfect moment for me nineteen ninety one. I was eleven years old and my family loved water fights, I loved them to but my friends, and I just used good old fashioned water balloons, keeping a classic point is everybody knows super hookers, or at least at a particular time new super Sobers fewer people know, how this invention came into the world and the story the man who invented a man who is still invented. So back to chill money who just wasn't your average kid like your average kid gets toys and then plays with them Lonnie on the other hand. Gotten a bicycle for Christmas and decided that I wanted to have a win meal. So actually took the chain crank everything instead it up, and I actually got some blades from a window shade. And actually put them all around in an array at made a win hill and ahead my bicycle this turn the crank. I got a big kick out of that thing. Lonnie was always doing this taking toys apart putting them back together. My toys is will must siblings toys. They must have been big fans of that. Sometimes I'll get them back together. Thank together. But I was always curious about what was in. And how they worked. Around the time Lonnie was mixing his own rocket fuel indoors that curiosity was getting an additional boost from something he had seen president John F. Kennedy say on TV in September of nineteen sixty two. We choose to go to the moon, and and do the other thing not because they are easy. But because they they caused that goal. Well, served to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills because that challenge is it wasn't just the goal itself that struck on. It was the confidence JFK had an achieving it despite the lack of a road map to do. So we didn't know how to do it yet. We didn't have a tools that needed that they're going to be invented developed. This new materials the building fist that was a pretty. I'm vicious statement made to the world to do something that was very hard and had not been done before. And that actually happened. It's something Lonnie laughs about now. But at the time, it was dead serious. And it was dangerous also dangerous for people like Lonnie, the blowback to the civil rights movement as a black kid growing up in mobile, Alabama in the nineteen fifties and sixties Lonnie saw and felt segregation firsthand. Money Johnson went to an all black high school, and he excelled kids in the neighborhood called him. The professor he placed in a statewide math competition two years in a row, and then his senior year he represented his school in science fair. We only flex. Represented in. This was in sixty eight in the year that K Martin Luther King was assassinated. And you're. Proba Kennedy succession needed. So it was very very. Very trying time in the country. I can remember how depressing it was around the school at that time and actually the principal called an assembly. We all got into the auditory of. It was just a tough time. The regional science fair was held at the university of Alabama and just five years before that the governor of Alabama had blocked an entrance to the university to protest the enrollment of two black students, but Lonnie felt confident in his creation project was a robot. Three and a half feet tall appro pain tank for torso movable arms made out of scrap metal wheels for feet and a real to reel tape recorder, brain control via walkie, talkie remote. He was my alter ego kinda head still cute. So I have this by immagination going so called it a named Atlantic's at the me. But it won't have kind of electronic take name. So instead of Lonnie linex L, I N E X, which inspired Lonnie Johnson's username on read it. Yes, he's a register. He goes by. I n e x back then linex was the name of his entry into a science fair. He was barely invited to which we wondered about or you asking you feel unwelcome. Yes. Absolutely. It was hosted by the school of engineering. And I think in the whole time near the theme didn't really say anything to us. Until we will leaving when he said fine drive safely. Wow. How'd you do? I want first place after that doing things that are very hard despite challenges sort of became lonnie's MO. It led him first to the air force weapons laboratory where he helped develop this stealth bomber program then to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA where he got his rocket scientist cred or I it was only the Galileo project. So that was the power systems engineer for Galileo gala lamb as in the space craft sent to Jupiter launched in nineteen Eighty-nine didn't arrive till nineteen ninety five. What I think about that. It's like, okay. I was working on this robot in has. But now, I'm working on robots that are going to of the planets, and that was kind of cool. Yeah. I mean, I guess that's kinda cool. And that was just the day job when he clocked out Lonnie would go home and lean even further into doing things that were very hard. And that had never been done before also known as inventing experimenting with this. He pumped that was trying to design a heat pump that we use water so working fluid instead of freon because free is bad for the environment. It was destroying the ozone layer. It was a big deal. Everyone was talking about it. So I decided what could be more environmentally friendly than waters working fluid. Machine. Some nozzles was with these nozzles in my bathroom and shut the stream of water across the bathroom into the tub. And the stream of water was so powerful that the curtains on the windows swing and that talked about shelf. She's would really be nice to have power water gun. It felt really really good holding. Stream in my hand. So I decided that point that I was going to be able to have performance water. Do you? Remember how you felt when you shot that I stream of water? Just so pleased with yourself. It was pretty impressive. Lonnie knew he was onto something though. He wasn't sure what or why just yet more on what why in a minute. Endless thread is sponsored by packet. And what's Sabi when it comes to cloud services? Most people turned big names like Amazon, Microsoft and Google, but a new partnership between packet and Sabi offers a powerful and compelling alternative that focuses on your three most critical components compute network and storage packing. Him Sabi are better together to companies responding to developers increasingly intensive data needs with next generation solutions that are better faster and cheaper. That's packet that calm, and what's Sabi dot com. So Lonnie had this idea maybe for a water gun. He started making a prototype out of PVC pipe plexiglas and an empty soda bottle. The only person told that I was going to make the water gun was my daughter twelve maker this really really super. And she was best dad. But it wasn't until I really got it finished and literally took few weeks and got a penalty assembled in pumped it up for the first time that actually so it work at it was turned out very impressive and daughter play with and the kids couldn't get close tour. It would be another eight years before lonnie's water gun was available in stores. I as the power drenched. Then you're later as the super soaker, whatever it was called it never had gun in its name. And it was always painted bright colors and effort to distance the product from real guns. It was made by a company called Laremy which was later bought by toy giant Hasbro twenty million of them sold that first summer and just to give you sense Hatchimal Immel's one of the most popular toys of recent years sold two million units in two thousand sixteen. So the super soaker was a massive hit even for the nineteen ninety s when toy retail was booming. It's. Popularity was nuts which meant that very quickly. The toy went from just the classic super soaker fifty to a whole suite of products. On those occasions when you needed makeup to play super soaker one hundred when a toy gun gets this popular, it can get folded into the larger gun violence debate a super soaker fight in Boston in nineteen Ninety-two escalated into real gunfire leaving two dead. Boston's mayor at the time even asked merchants in the city to remove super soaker from shelves, of course, that didn't stick. You. Don't have to look hard for evidence of the super soaker impact. The nostalgia around super soaker Zahn read it is strong. And because Lonnie himself is redder people can actually share their appreciation with him people like Reddit user, Z Suth, who writes, I had a less than pleasant upbringing. I was always grateful that when it was hot out my siblings, and I could get out of the house for a few hours and run around the neighborhood with our super soccer's. And then there's or VIP remedy who writes, you have single handedly filled many summer days with hours of entertainment. You were doing all this work that was like deadly serious. But you you saw the potential for this thing to be at toy. What was interesting about that, you know, that wasn't my first invention. In fact, it wasn't actually had patents by then. And we should talk about one of those patents. His very first patent. In fact. Refer to it. As thick fish got away the label of the title was digital distance measuring instrument, but it basically is a device that news it should make by using photolithography to optically, reduce a binary scale down to the point where you can't really feel with translation needed most deaf translation needed. Okay. Here's what you need to know about the patent for lonnie's digital distance measuring instrument. That's the base technology for DVD's, and CDs I received that in nineteen seventy. How did it get away? I was preoccupied with Kallio. And being an engineer and working at a pan terrorists. Thanks. That's fair. We needed you for that. You win. Some you lose some money, and you don't always get to choose which invention sees the light of day somewhat frustrated because you know, I've been talking to investors and trying to get people interested in funding ideas, and I wasn't having ineffective that and so two. Thought to myself if I stopped the heart sign stuff the heat pumps, and all these things that really complicated work on something really simple that anybody could look at appreciate I could get enough money from that often or calling heart science stuff and in reality. It's worked out pretty good. Well, actually, better than I expected thought I'd be able to support myself in my family and continue to work, but it literally did change my life. The super soaker has generated more than a billion dollars in sales which makes for a good chunk of change in royalties and Lonnie made even more in royalties from a line of Nerf guns that use the same air, compression technology as the super soaker. This is a point we have to underline not only was Lonnie responsible for the outdoor phenomenon known as super soaker squirt guns. Water gone also helped to build the fundamental technology behind some of the end strike Nerf guns Nerf as in the Tway weapons that fire all manner of foam ammunition, at all manner of friendly enemies. I mean, basically Lonnie I think I need to thank you for most of my childhood fun. This is only infamous the most technically advance plaster. All of this has allowed Lonnie to get back to the hard science as he calls. It. No have a company of about twenty five people working on staff, including PHD, liberal fantasist who are working with me to develop the next generation of edited technology both in power generation as well as energy storage Lonnie startup Johnson, research and development is based in Atlanta, Georgia where Lonnie lives and where he raised his four kids. It's a lab, really. And one of the things they've made is something Lonnie calls. The great great grandson of that heat pump. He was originally trying to make when the super soaker idea came about. It's called the Johnson thermoelectric energy converter or the J tech. It's an engine that converts heat into electricity that one actually pretty pretty excited about. He has good reason to be excited because this technology could be used to power spacecraft's at five times the efficiency he says he just signed a contract with NASA to work on it and back here on earth. We could someday charge our cell phones with our body heat or convert industrial waste heat into energy. If you own. If you own Pete from industry booted into fifty I mean, we wouldn't need oil. So the whole idea is to focus is to try make meaningful contributions to our effort to transition away from also fuel so that we can stop destroying them. In energy system without fossil fuels means a future reliant on renewable energy resources, which means will meet a much better system for storing that energy, which brings us to the next big thing is working on advanced battery technology, specifically the solid state battery which could potentially store ten times the energy as the lithium ion batteries that are currently being used in everything from electric cars to smartphones. Lonnie spent the last twenty years working on this. You're talking about all of these developments that you've made in the energy industry that could literally change the world. And yet you're probably still best known as the inventor of the super soaker. Was that frustrating sometimes? But also, you know, it's a nice ice breaker and learning that it actually gets me in the doors and gets me into conversations that otherwise people would be less open tonight. We start with the super soaker and slip them the J tech. Yeah. Then we transition something else. That's been frustrating for Lonnie are the times that he hasn't been able to get a foot in the door. You're person of color field. That has traditionally not had a lot of people of color in it and also been pretty unwelcome on to people of color. How do you think about that at this stage in your life? Well, you know, swimming, upstream is hoping that I. This is what I do. And sometimes when I get no. Do maybe for one second. So sometimes wondering if it's really a legitimate. No oil, if there's something else going on way of when you go in and kill people developing battering that could be ten times the energy of conventional if you mind batteries, that's a pretty pretty hard thing to accept its being possible coming from anybody. It's hard enough. Just being an inventor being told you're wrong foolhardy crazy because you're trying to make something that is never been made before. And you're asking people to not just believe in your ideas, but to funded them, and when you spell it out like that becoming an engineer or an inventor, it's a hard sell. So Lonnie started a nonprofit last year, the Johnson stem activity center, it provides funding for science technology, engineering and math education and robotics activities for under served students in Georgia the way, I like to describe the importance of this is that you know, if it were not finished we all be living in caves. I think kids need to understand, particularly when when a lot of kids. Convinced that the only way out is through. Sports and entertainment or of of pets to success. Although the super soaker is to me and Leslie entertaining. Okay. Ben. I think we should share one more comment that someone wrote to Lonnie on read it when I was maybe eight years old. I took my school backpack and one of those five gallon water jugs rummage through my dad's tools and piped up a five gallon backpack. Water to my super soaker. I ruled the water fights for two summers. My dad was a little pissed that I was rummaging Thurs tools. But after that, we had something the bond over creating. I just wanna thank you for giving me a place to start on creative engineering. That is my first memory of thinking outside the box. And I still look back on it when I'm trying to make something work better. This comment hits me right in the feels. Maybe it's a little hallmark card. But it's good. Yeah. You never know what will lead someone to engineering sometimes it's a water fight San away. Lonnie Johnson is kinda come full circle. He invented something that made it possible for him to invent a whole lot of other things. And now the people he's inspired are inventing their own things. Pretty cool. You're almost seventy years old. Don't remind me of that. Got a lot to do. Yeah. You don't sound. Like, you're the least bit ready to retire. You sound like you are paving, a new frontier is that how you feel? Yes. I mean. It's why get up in the morning motivated. I wanna have an impact I think there are problems that I think I have the ability to solve. I want to tackle them. You know, once said this, there's no greater boot. And then an opportunity. I don't think I'll ever be without an idea. And I think that it would be irresponsible and even sinful to waste of. Dr Lonnie Johnson. Thanks a lot for talking with us. My pleasure thinkin. Endless threat is a production of WB. You are Boston's NPR station in partnership with red it our shows a dream realized by just Alpert, and when she found out we were talking to the guy who invented the super soaker. She said. Iris had there is our executive producer. And hearing Lonnie Johnson story inspired her to get motivated mix and sound is I'm by Paul vicous in John Perotti who thought the moon landing was mildly. Awesome. Our web producers Megan Kelly and she wants to trademark wholesome memes. Michael pope is our advisor read it who almost burned down his house when he tried inventing Chantiers, even though you don't always hear his voice, it's important to point out that our fellow producer. Josh schwartz. Can also say that endless thread is something. I made extra production assistance from James Lindberg, our interns Candice limb, our theme music is by squatter unready. We are endless underscore thread. If you want to contribute art for an upcoming episode or give us a juicy story tip. So we can tell it like we did today. It is up there. Also, when you go there, you should follow our profile on read it. So we can be in touch my co host and producers Ameri Iverson. I am senior producer and host. Ben Brock Johnson. Let myself out. So our our intrepid production assistant, James Lindberg went onto read and posted a question about what the best Nerf guns for hanging out and playing around in your college dorm room where? And he got so many amazing answers, very detailed answers. So you're you're gonna do dramatic nerdy. Reading of some of these answers. I mean, I would recommend to elva troopers three strifes to disruptors three hammer shots single rhino fire. And most importantly, lots and lots of darts. You don't seem to be serious about a Nerf war. So get basic Khushi darts from EBay five hundred thousand should do the trick for a long time said and you back thirty to sixty dollars on their own but much better than normal elite Dart's in every way, also on EBay there. Eighteen round aftermarket stick megs for four to five. Good. Oh, good. Keep going up doing well stick MAGS for four to five dollars each which aren't hugely reliable. But they're cheap and should cut it this this won't be nowhere as good as yours. But I'll give you a bro voice. You wanna bro? Yeah. Yeah. Heck just pick up. A pile zero extra reflect six plasters cheap decent performance compatible with all long darts, nicer goes and great for modding. If you like, no, slam fire single-handed priming. But hey, they are solid. Where's the bro voice that just ended like you? Great. With a Nerf gun.

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171  National Toy Hall of Fame

Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

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171 National Toy Hall of Fame

"Calling all minute maniacs. Second psychos and epoch and susie ests. It's that time of year again. Hey remember how we were going to have a great time at time. Con twenty twenty. Well as we all know time didn't quite work out the way we expect it but let's look to the future with time con twenty twenty one official product the everyday. Qna page a day calendar courtesy of our friends. Jonathan oaks evokes media group and trivial warfare and argued friend. Katie secorski of the inkling questions submitted by you the listener. Yes so get yourself to trivia calendar not net a war you can go to the oaks media group page. That's oaks media store dot com and you can get the products there And right now. They're say twenty percent discount. If you preorder new to get twenty percents off each calendar order you can just get in there and get your discount. Great for gifts for christmas. Oh my gosh hannukah or just for fun fun. You should have one for your office. Yup and one for your home. Yes is that when you're working from either place you can access your calendar exactly because unfortunately we are still in twenty twenty but not for much longer yet and you won't be in twenty twenty when you have the everyday. Qna 2021 trivia calendar. pick up yours today Hello and welcome to misinformation trivia podcasts for ladies and gents who love trivia and sticking it to anoint teams that pub quiz or your host. I'm lauren. And i'm julia. Hey joel hi lloyd well you know. Today's no today is and everybody else does what today is yeah. You know what we should remind you. If you're not in a states but here in the states today is election action day yes which is very important day and if you are in the states you should have voted or are planning on voting today. Please do that. Voting is extremely important obviously But today we are providing a service. Yeah we're just here just so you can veg out a little relax. Don't watch the news for a little bit. yeah. I mean it a off a twitter at least an hour. It'll be there when you come back. You know exactly so. We're here for you with really one of the most playful of topics that we've ever covered on the show. That's very good. Thank you see what. I did very so this episode kind of has been in there making for a while because longtime listener to the pod. No i work at the strong national museum of play here in rochester new york and one of our big you know exhibits that we have at the museum is the national toy hall of fame. And it's a really. It's a really fun. yes it super fun. It's a fun thing to talk about. And that's what i'm doing today is we're talking all about the national toy hall of fame act now. Are they paying you for this. No this is. I mean i guess it's it's not technically add. If it's a nonprofit right right yeah there we go. that's fine. We're doing an edge providing an educator educational service. Yes absolutely so for those of you who haven't heard of the national health fame It was established in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight by a c gilbert's discovery village which is now called the gilbert house children's museum in salem oregon to recognize toys that have achieved longevity and national significance in the world of play and imagination. But that hall of fame quickly outgrew its original home there. Because it's kind of just like a big victorian house oregon so in two thousand and two the strong national museum of play acquired and move the hall to its permanent home in rochester. So why is there even to a hall of fame. Yeah might ask so. Toys are among the most important human artifacts. They're learning tools. They foster imagination creativity and critical thinking toys socialize us and teach fairness they reveal what we believed in valued encouraged and endorsed dismissed and feared Remind us of who we were who we are. We hope to become and they help us. Imagine what's next. I mean they clearly also entertain us from childhood to adulthood and most of all they are fun inducted toys r selected on the basis of the following criteria so first icon status so the toys widely recognized respected and remembered the second his longevity so the toy is more than just a passing fad. And it's enjoyed popularity over multiple generations. So maybe the pet rock might not show up in the national to a hell of fame one day but you know you never know you never know. They might run out of choice definite possibility. There's a finite amount of toys this supply chain exactly on per minute from the third is discovery so the toy fosters learning creativity or discovery through play and then finally there's also innovation so the toy profoundly changed play or toy design and a toy might be inducted on the basis of this criteria without necessarily having met all the first three so if it has icon status and has been around for a while an also was big innovation might get in Into the national toy hall of fame. Yes yeah great. So the public could nominate toys on site at the toy hall gallery or online and each year. An internal museum advisory committee reviews the submitted. Nominations determines which twelve toys best meet the criteria for selection. I am not on that. So i cannot be swayed. Okay or provided or bribe on bought in any way. I'm not part of that committee. A national selection committee then reviews the list of twelve toys and each member votes for their top toy. Choices and the votes are tallied. The toys that received the most votes make the cut for induction so the first class of inductees was in the year. Hundred ninety eight and okay as you might have noticed throughout all sorts of halls of fame. The first classes usually the biggest. Oh you're not gonna start a hall of fame with just two guys. No you know you're gonna have your biggest class like right up front and then maybe the second year will be another big one two and they're usually things that are obvious. These are alike. You don't even have to defend any of your choices at that point. So what we're gonna do say i'm gonna go through chronologically. The toys that have been inducted into the national toy hall of fame. Okay if they are a product or you know have interesting background info. I'm gonna tell it to you but if it's something like the kite i'm just gonna say the kite and i'm not gonna give you background on stuff. That is his era term or maybe a household object. Like stuff like that. I'm not really unian into but the stuff that is trivial worthy or has interesting backstory or tidbits. Come up a trivia. I will talk about great. I love it nine hundred ninety eight. Okay what do you think's the i if in your mind okay. It's the first product you would put into a toy hall. Probably a ball. Shit comes way leader. Oh sorry oh sorry. I had i. I know i know okay. Some of you people out there. That i bet you said barbie. Oh sorry very bad. I was barbie and of america's favorite doll it was derived from figuring that was sold to men in tobacco shops in post world war. Two germany out so while on vacation in europe Handler was one of the co. Founders of mattel toy company noticed doll for sale based on the main character of the build lily comic strip. So this is kind of like. She's kind of a sexy doll. You know she's you know the comic strip girl she is. She's a big chest in thin waist and long legs and her hair's in a ponytail and she's very mean and so they leased tobacco shops and like other knowledge shops. Were selling dolls based on the comic strip character. Okay name was bill bully. So he bought a lot of them and brought them back home to mattel in. She was guessing that little girls wanted to pretend to be bigger girls. So do i. Barbie really looked just like bill. Willie if you look at if you look at one of those the billy dolls from the fifties and then you look at the first barbie. You're like definitely copied. That so the number one barbie was released in nineteen fifty-nine retailed for three dollars in her first year. Mattel sold more than three hundred fifty thousand dollars so big hit right off the bat. By the end of the twentieth century a barbie doll sold every thirty seconds. Wow and other trivia facts that for some reason get asked a lot. Ruth and elliot handler named barbie for their daughter named ken for their son. In the barbie dolls. Real name is barbara millicent. Roberts okay. I think i've heard that yeah sure it comes. I'd liam's all the time they're like. Who's barbara millicent. Robert they answer is is barbie. Barbie is real name second in one thousand nine hundred you get crayola crayons. Sure icon you. So after several producing commercial pigments edwin biddy and see harold. Smith produced a black marking crayon in one thousand nine. Oh two and the following year. The company decided to enter the consumer market with its first drawing crayons. So the name. Crayola was suggested by alice. Gibney the wife of one of the founders She combined cray. Which was the french word for chalk. as a reference to the pastels that preceded and lent their name to the first drawn crayons with the suffix ola meaning only edginess or a reference to. The wax from the crayons were made so the first boxes of crayons likely had eight colors and they were five cents apiece. Early creole advertising mentions thirty different colors. So there is no official list of what existed then. And you know. We didn't have the keller keller photography to confirm but over the years obviously appealing colors tracked fashion trends and cultural change and introduced in nineteen. Fifty eight the crayola number. Sixty four was and smith largest regular assortment for more than thirty years and featured the last major changes to the cradle of colors before nineteen ninety. So it's funny so if you were at a relative's house drawn with a bunch of crayons that were in one of those dansk cookie tin and making their way there for for decades You can tell kind of how old some of these crayons are based on their names. It on if these names have have phased out over the years sure. Yahoo colors were introduced in nineteen ninety. That's when you get like green and robin's egg blue and all those you know great colors the nineties but then there's colors like blue violet and orange red and stuff like that at that point. So it's i mean it's pretty interesting to go down the rabbit hole about crayola crayons out ally. It's very like you can smell them right now. Like if you imagine it and wax yes. Yeah so crayola. Crayons made it a next erector set. So that was originally patented by alfred. Carlton gilbert also known as a c gilbert and it was first sold by his company. The mr manufacturing company of new haven connecticut in nineteen thirteen So basic erector set parts included various metal beams with regularly spaced holes for assembly using nuts and bolts and flat or curved pieces of sheet metal and various shapes and colors could be added to the structural skeleton hardened steel rods and screw clamps allowed for the construction of hinges and the transmission of mechanical power via rotating parts like police gears. Wheels and levers some fun fact voi- in one thousand nine hundred nine erector set was used to build the precursor to the modern artificial heart. What by william sewell. Dr william glenn of the yale school of medicine their external pumps successfully bypassed the heart of a dog for more than an hour. What the what when. You're like you know an early version. I swore you're going to be like a some sort of famous building. The chrysler building or like not an artificial heart. Yeah that's incredible. Also this is i mean. Maybe this part isn't as fun but in the late. Nineteen eighties with an erector set included and also various old toys and bits of jewellery. Jack kevorkian piece together. A machine called the thana trend which later renamed mercer tron So three bottles were suspended from a beam on wednesday with a saline solution to patients. Spain's own another with barbiturates for sedation in the third with potassium chloride to stop the heart. In after doctor kevorkian connected the patient to an ivy. They would pull a chain on the device to start the lethal medication slowing and he called it his rube goldberg suicide device. So my god he was. Now here's the thing we're not gonna get into like right to die staff or whatever this part this we're like we said before this very light hearted podcast but kevorkian regardless of all of the good or bad he has done. He was total creepy. He was creepshow creepy man who also like collected very dark art as well so really spent a lot of time thinking about death in not like a clinical way like in a disturbed way. Okay like a messed up. Way like he looked. He looked at some kids. Erector set was like you know what i'm gonna do with. That could kill somebody with that. Legally later note in the one thousand nine hundred engineer mark. Sumner used the erector set to create a working model for soren which is an attraction at disney's california adventure in anaheim california. So so to me okay. Also nineteen ninety eight. You have the sketch okay. So the sketch toy was admitted in the late nineteen fifties by andre cussin' ye who is a french electrician. He named the toy. Lee clan magic or the magic screen so it looks like a small television screen with little knobs at the bottom. There's a static charge inside that holds a mixture of aluminum powder in tiny plastic beads to the inside of a clear screen Knobs are touched. The police they control. Movements of horizontal and vertical rods in a stylus is attached to where the rods meat inside the screen As the point moves around across the inside of the screen. It's scores dark sharp line by wiping the surface free of the aluminum dust. Okay so that's how it works so if you made a gorgeous drying yeah and you wanted to save that you could If you drilled a small hole in the back and drained out the aluminum dust than the screen than the image on. Your screen would be preserved. That way i say so. The sketch was manufactured factored for decades by the ohio. Art company is now owned by spin master of toronto canada. Also ninety ninety eight. You get the frisbee the frisbee so people have been throwing around pie. Tins or large can leads for years but in one thousand nine hundred eighty two air force veterans came up with a plastic disc they first called the flying saucer and then renamed the pluto platter so the rights were sold to whammo in one thousand nine hundred five and they renamed the product to frisbee in nineteen fifty eight so the term frisbee is often used generically describe all flying discs but frisbee f r i s b e is a registered trademark of the waymo toy company. Ed headrick Hired in nineteen sixty four. As women's general manager and vice president of marketing changed whammos marketing strategy to promote frisbee use. As a new sport hedrick became known as the father or frisbee sports like ultimate or disc Why am i mentioning this well when we all dated a guy who did ultimate frisbee. Let's be honest right. We all dated that guy who was into ultimate. is that what. You're sweet joke now. Why am i mentioning. Ed headrick team. While when hedrick died he was cremated and his ashes were molded into memorial discs. That were then given to family and close. Oh come on at how people love stories. That's like the creator. Pringles was buried in a pringles. Can well the the father frisbee sports was cremated and and do a bunch of frisbees. Well i mean live your passion and die your passion apparently and also what are you. What are you doing that. Then go back and play some on your mantle like what if the dog gets older that you know man anyway. Mistakes everywhere just imagine anyway. Nineteen ninety eight. you get. Lego did a sixty four lego. My lego go check that out. It's very good next to you of monopoly. What we also done whole episode monopoly did go checkout episode one forty-three playing with monopoly money. It's very good. You know what you're going say that several more times on this podcast. We have talked about toys a lot a lot. Yeah all right. One thousand nine hundred plato. It was first manufactured by a soap company called couteau products in cincinnati. Ohio as a wallpaper cleaner in the nineteen thirties and then in the nineteen fifties. The product was reworked to be used in schools as an art supply and reading to plato and it originally just came in off white. Didn't it didn't come in colors until you know maybe the next decade but then it was primary colors. And then i the only thing i can think of. This is how. I know that. I'm in my thirty s. I was like penn. Must've gotten so dirty off. White played gross right tinker toy. Oh yeah yes so. That's a toy. Construction set invented in the early nineteen tonnes by stonemason charles pajot. He observed children sticks or pencils into wooden spools from thread and was inspired to create the first tinker toy construction in nineteen fourteen. So the cornerstone of the set is a wooden spool. That's roughly two inches in diameter and it has holes drilled every forty five degrees around the perimeter and one through the center one of tiger toys distinctive features is the toy's packaging It's a cylindrical tube. And initially that design was chosen to reduce shipping costs like they would be able to if you order tanker twice that you could. They could slap a mailing tube in just sick battery in the mail. That anything okay. There was a colorful how to instruction guide that accompanied each set and in the nineteen fifties color was added in the wooden sticks appeared in red green blue and yellow. Nowadays pieces have plastic parts their sold in sets designed to create particular objects. So it kind of feels like it lost a little bit of that free form. Play that you originally had. But there were so many more tinker toy sets than just what you can imagine with the schools in the sticks on my gosh there are tinker toy people that were dogs lower tinker toy houses. It was it was it was really wild. You're right all right but also in one thousand nine hundred eight other to toys. I'm not gonna talk about really that got in our the teddy bear. Oh sure and marbles. Oh yeah see. I said ball so i was not that far off. We're spoiled glass balls. Miracles are just tiny balls There you go in one thousand nine hundred nine you get the dunkin yoyo so wait for. I just say the dunkin a yoyo is dunkin brand yoyo. Oh i didn't know that it had a specific brand. Okay let me tell you. Yoyos are depicted on early. Greek pottery from around five hundred bc and were widespread across europe and asia for centuries the oyo as we know it came to america in the twentieth century when pedro flores hotel worker brought the toy from the philippines and trademarked. The name yoyo which means come come in taganrog. His technological contribution consisted in how the strings attached so that the yoyo goes down and it transfers energy to the spin which allows it to sleep or do tricks okay. Donald f duncan who was also the founder of the good humor ice cream company fat bought the idea from florida. Nineteen twenty nine and the rest is history so dunkin's company generated millions of customers by staging contests. Were yo- champions. Could make the toy. Do tricks like walk. The dog shoot the moon rock the cradle and go around the world in the name yoyo was actually trademarked by dunkin until nineteen sixty five. Oh so the dunkin imperial yoyo. I see now specifically the hula-hoop. Oh yeah that's also been around since about five hundred bc as toy so either yet you know on your body are you ran around with it or head it with a stick like they did in colonial times you know yeah i always see that like khalil williamsburg or something hit this around. The modern hula-hoop was inspired by australian bamboo hoops which were made of plastic and popularized in nineteen fifty eight by arthur k spud mellon and richard noor of whammo the same company that the free so before it was known and recognized as the common colorful plastic toy which is sometimes filled with water or sand to kind of have a weight in there The traditional who was made of dried willow tan grapevines or stiff grasses at some point in the nineteen fifties both the ussr in japan. Band this toy. Because it was too provocative american for their cultures. And i just wanted to point out that. The longest verified record for continuous. Hoop spinning is held by aaron hibbs of columbus ohio. Who kept a hoops. Binning for seventy four hours and fifty four minutes in october. Two thousand nine my god. This man's this poor man's oblique sinuous. Imagine for probably five half seconds as more thing at best. I haven't tried and good areola. Put it on your arm. All the yeah. I could do this or like some people do it around their necks. No i'm not good at it but it was. It was a big fat in the fifties but definitely has endured to this day and you can go buy one dollar store right now. Easily get also nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine here at the hall of fame woo grip it and rip it baby brought to you by. Pbr hard coffee. How many more do you have in your fridge of those. This is a new batch. A new veteran okay. Okay okay you only get four and one pack. I still have one in my i live. You know what. Now that i see that. I got a drink in nineteen ninety nine. The lincoln logs. Oh yeah okay. So they were invented around nineteen sixteen by john. Lloyd wright who was the second son of well-known architect. Frank lloyd wright oh lauren covered in episode fifty five brickhouse. It's very good. I think so. You know i didn't tell people to go. Listen to it. They could find it. They'll find it there. Sorry you'll find it. So lincoln logs. The building toy consists of square. Notched miniature logs used to build small forts and buildings in the mold for the toy was actually based on the architecture of the imperial hotel in tokyo. That was designed by frank The foundation of the hotel was designed with interlocking log. Beams which made the structure earthquake proof and was one of the few buildings to remain standing after the nine hundred. Twenty three great. Kanto earthquake that crumbled. Tokyo lincoln logs are believed to be the first way to be marketed to both boys and girls. An appeal to a simple type of creativity connects the toy's current distributor states that the product was named after abraham lincoln. Famously born in a log cabin sure due to patriotism during world war one but others attribute the name to frank lloyd wright's original name. Which was frank lincoln right. I did not know this. He was born. Frank lincoln right and later changed his name to honor his mother's family. The lloyd joneses from wales So some people think that house where lincoln logs came from or also there is the possibility of the alliteration of the name. Lincoln logs like l. i. n. k. I n. low. They're lincoln henshaw lincoln logs. I never thought about that. But you're blowing my mind. That's what i'm here for. All right all right another one. That was pretty fun but radio flyer wagon. Oh yeah okay. it's iconic is is trademarked. okay so italian. Immigrant antonio passan p. s. I n. buzzy. I've told me oh sorry to pinch your little fingers. He started building wooden toy wagons and chicago in nineteen seventeen and was sold to area shops. His business grew until he formed the liberty coaster company in nineteen twenty-three which he named in honor of the statue of liberty. So this boy loved the matter because so much and the demands for these original wooden wagons which he dubbed the liberty coaster quickly outpaced production in one thousand nine hundred thirty. He began mass producing the toys. Out of stamped metal incorporating the mass manufacturing techniques of the auto industry and he called his new wagon the radio flyer named as a tribute to famous men of the day marconi and lindbergh so italian veteran engineer googly alma marconi develop demonstrated and marketed. The first successful long distance wireless telegraph in nineteen o one broadcast the first transatlantic radio signal. And then you had charleston berg who completed his first solo nonstop flight across the atlantic in nineteen twenty seven. And that's where the name that's the way of the name is comes from lauren. I had no idea. I always like flyer. We all hear it. But i never really thought about like why it's called radio flyer because it's not a phrase that makes any sense that's amazing. I had no idea name name for. You're getting you very good. Also nine hundred and ninety of the view master. Yeah so it's an update to the stereo scopes from the turn of the century graves and william gruber introduce at the nineteen thirty nine new york world's fair and began selling it through specialty photography stores following the lead of its predecessor. The serious scope. The first real is presented views of scenic attractions around the country during world war. Two the us military ordered one hundred thousand of the key is entertaining in nineteen fifty one view master acquired its main competitor. Which was a film strip. Production company called true view and with it. They got the stereo licensing rights to all disney character. Oh that's based so basically that was like ching of master began offering three d images of brand new disneyland amusement park stills from disney movies and television programs dam and their sales exploded so he master offered slide rails of virtually every major kids show and motion picture after that. Oh yeah that's huge. I mean when you were a little it was. It's still like a cool thing. It's like oh with the two images and like the like a depth of field. It's amazing yeah very cool. Can i can feel what it feels like to use a little sound that you get when it advances. Yup the view master ladies museum also thousand ninety nine. You get the roller skates. Oh sure roll around on with wheels on your feet. That was probably the first tagline for roller skates. I think you're probably right. Probably in the year two thousand we get mr potato head. So the toy was invented and developed by george lerner in nineteen forty nine and first manufactured and distributed by hasbro in nineteen fifty two. Mr potato head was the first toy advertised. On television has in production since his debut to the toy was originally produced as separate plastic parts with push pins that could be stuck into a real potato s. I have heard this due to complaints regarding rotting vegetables and new government safety regulations has began including a plastic potato body with the toy set in nineteen sixty four and replaced the metal pieces with plastic ones. Smart yeah around this time has. We're also introduced oscar. The orange and pete the pepper what they were plastic. You know plastic orange and a plastic green pepper with attachable face parts similar to mr potato head and also you got female characters. Katie the carrot and cookie the cucumber cookie the cucumber now. That is just misleading. You would think the you could make a giant. Yeah like why not. Just cookie the cookie. I don't know while potato chips for single. It's going to do something studios nineteen sixty four. I'm sorry get this cucumber outta here. This is ridiculous. Names cucumber cookie. That's my question question number one. I heard of k. The carrot maybe like a couple years ago. We had a researcher from england to the museum. He runs the carrot museum in the middle of nowhere in san. He was doing research on. Katie the carrot. And we don't have one in our collection but we do have like trade cadillac document like that she existed she. Katie the carrot courtesy and it was. It was a lot of funny charming carrot museum. There's a museum for everything you know that all right for this episode. We're going to link the carrot museum. We're gonna we're gonna give this guy a little little bump we're gonna give that door that's sweet sweet misinformation bump that everyone craves and we're gonna lead you to the character of clicks a so another iconic toy with two thousand. Besides mr potato head. Was this linke. It was invented and developed by american naval engineer. Richard t. james in nineteen forty-three demonstrated gambles department store in philadelphia in november. Nineteen forty five. The toy was a hit selling. Its entire inventory of four hundred units and ninety minutes. So richard james and his wife betty formed james industries in pennsylvania to manufacture slinky several related twice in. Its first two years. They sold one hundred million. Slinky ought in one hundred sixty though. Richard james left the company after his wife filed for divorce and he became an evangelical missionary in bolivia wanted. Sold one hundred million slinky's than richard. James like go out so betty. She's there she's like well. I i know what i'm doing. Yeah so betty like took charge of this company and she just crushed it good so she insisted on keeping the original slinky affordable in nineteen eighty-six the price of a slinky change from a dollar eighty nine to two dollars and sixty nine cents. Uh-huh she was kind of upset about it. She told the new york times so many children can't have expensive toys. Feel a real obligation to them. Oh that's lovely so yeah. Oh my gosh she was a roster so science fact for you sure the rules that govern the mechanics of a slinky are hooks law and the effects of gravitation in one set in motion on the on a step two platforms such as a stairway the slinky transfers energy along its length. Any longitudinal wave. The whole spring descends and over end in a periodical motion as if it were walking down one step at a time. The jingle for the slinky television commercial was created in nineteen sixty two. You can sing it right now. What walks downstairs alone or in pairs makes this link these down a spring spring marvelous thing. Everyone knows it's linky that became the longest running jingle in advertising history. Wow i mean you when you when you hit gold right out of the gate. You're not going to change it. Also it takes eighty feet of wire to make one standard size slinky. And i have ever tangled a whole on up. You realize that it's eighty feet of right have tangled numerous slinky's and have never been able to untangle them. Just throw them away. I mean. I'm i'm just getting like so many like sensory memories as we're doing this episode like i can. I can hear the sound of it. I can feel the weight like between your hand when you're yeah this is sara bellum here Also in two thousand and you get the bicycle no sure The jump rope. Oh yeah and jack's which nobody knows how to. I've never played it. I don't know one knows you drop a ball. You pick some jacks up. Who are there rules fun. Probably not. I never and never learned how to play jacks and sure we have a listener out there. Who is like the jacks champion of wyoming. or something. that's good. I'm still doubtful that it's even a real thing that it's not just been like a longstanding prank like the aliens come in the what is this all right so those were the first three classes of the hall of fame. And that's again. I said you're getting like really frontloaded at the start of this point on. You're you're getting two or maybe three things. Okay so in two thousand and one silly putty oh yeah all right so during world war two. The war production board encouraged chemists look for cheaper alternatives to rubber and nineteen forty three. Gee scientists named james right mixed together boric acid and silicone oil making a non-toxic petty that would bounce dropped could stretch farther than regular rubber would not go moldy and had a very high melting temperature however it did not have the properties needed to replace rubber so it was just kind of a useless thing that maybe scientists would play around in their lab in one thousand nine hundred nine toy store owner ruth fall got her came across this putty and she can talk. She contacted marketing consultant. Peter hodgson in nineteen fifty. Hodgson hired yale students to fill colorful plastic eggs. With one ounce blobs of the putty Initially sales were poor. But after a new yorker article mentioned this product hodgson sold over two hundred and fifty thousand units in three days by nineteen fifty five the majority of its customers were age. Six to twelve so i came up. Thing for toys was advertised. Them like captain kangaroo and like other early kids shows in ninety sixty eight. Silly putty was taken into lunar orbit by the apollo eight astronauts because of its adhesive characteristics. It was used by astronauts to secure their tools in zero gravity. Oh that's very clever. Finally a use for it other than just being a toy at. That's not useful. But i only ever knew silly body as like you would press it onto the comics page and it would transfer. Yeah stretch it and then it would eventually you do that enough. And then it collars don't get gross and you lose it and bought box covered but hey it was. It was really hot in the fifty. Oh yeah i bet it was. It was interesting and he doesn't want you also get tonka trucks so just afterward were truth. Three guys for mound. Minnesota decided to manufacturer garden tools and they founded a company called mound metal craft. They acquired a tooling company from a nearby town and one of its products. A toy steam shovel so the mound metal craft guys added some other pressed steel tool so their inventory and after selling more than thirty seven thousand units in their first year stopped making guarding tools and decided to just focus on toys. I'm so they changed their company's name to talk after nearby lake minnetonka. Oh okay and if you have ever played outside with a tonka truck in the rain or the mud or the dirt. Oh you didn't have no ways in your house. I didn't have any boys in my house. And i was an indoor kid so so so it's strikes against very heavy. They're very durable. they they. I mean they're. They're real realistic models of these things so any kids that are in construction toys or the dump truck that i think most of dump trucks and i do remember at one thinks giving at my aunt's house. They had just like an old tonka truck from the seventies or something and one of the kids at thanksgiving swelter head on my corner of the puzzle. Get stitches so super. Durable is what you're saying terrible possibly dangerous don't seem league your head right on the corner of pressed metal construction toy but i- conic. Yeah frankly it's the kids fault two thousand and two raggedy ann. Oh yeah so. She's a character created by american writer. Johnny grewal around nineteen fifteen books starring raggedy. Ann started around nineteen eighteen so raggedy. Ann is a rag doll with red yarn for hair and a triangle knows publisher fallen arranged to sell raggedy ann dolls along with the bucks and the tie in between grills raggedy ann stories. The dolls proved to be a marketing hit in the stories when humans weren't looking righty and her brother. Andy came to life and embarked on many adventures I do take care of the family papers at the strong in the archives there. So that's kind of interesting. The name for raggedy ann purportedly came from the titles to james whitcomb riley poems the raggedy man and little orphan any. Oh okay oh. We grow mashing together with raggedy an interesting in two thousand two. The other thing that was inducted was the jigsaw puzzle. Okay yeah we do that during Well in the before times we would do that during lunch as a peaceful. Yeah you know content meditative you feel accomplish at the end of it. Yeah and you could have a conversation or not. Have a conversation that was nice about it is that you're all working towards something soon and feel like you had yeah. It was nice. So there's a rich history behind jigsaw puzzles. I'm not going to get into that today. Perhaps we can talk about jigsaw puzzles in the future what are we doing. They made it into the toy hall of fame. Good in two thousand and three inducted work at the blocks and checkers. Great speaks for itself. Two thousand four it gi. Joe oh yeah all right. So the name for gi. Joe derived from the usage of the term gi joe for a generic us soldier which was itself derived from the more general term gi. So that was used as an initial ism for government issue general issue or ground inventory Depending on who you're talking to. But it did originally refer to galvanized iron I also have to mention in nineteen forty three a pigeon named gi. Joe saved the lives of more than a thousand people. In a small italian village was scheduled to be bombarded by allied forces. So the message that the british had captured the village was delivered by gi joe and it arrived just in time to avoid the bombing and over a thousand people were saved. Oh gosh and then they made a movie about it and whatever so the term gi. Joe might have been in the site. Geist at this point in time in the development of gi joe led to the coining of the term action-figure. First action figure the original eleven and a half inch line which was introduced in nineteen sixty four centered on realistic action. Figures and in the early nineteen eighties. The line was relaunched. Three point seven five inch scale that was complete with vehicles place at a complex background story involving an ongoing struggle between the gi. Joe team in the cobra command which six to take over the free world through terrorism. Yeah i i've heard of that. I remember they to make a movie a little while ago. Oh bush butch haning was almost positive are channing within that we should. We should add that to the list of movies. Yeah for deep long winter we anticipate we are doing a channing tatum movie yes just like we're just gonna watch every movie he's in every would also the rock right. Oh yeah we're going to do the rock and we're gonna do channing tatum regardless of how bad the miser. I'm happy to pop some popcorn. And just as long as it's not a horror movie to watch exactly those are our parameters. Yes no no horror movies. We avoid those and almost all of the oceans movies. Yes we're ignoring twelve completely. I think if we if we start to run out of things to watch because who knows how long winters going to be. I think we also put in tarrant edgerton films. Ooh that's a good idea. He hasn't made a ton. Yes i would really love to rent baby tatum. oh yeah. He is like baby tatum. He's so cute and we didn't see the. What is it called. Archer your robin hood robin hood. That's it the rodman was very bad. But i will watch it. Watch it more. We talking about toys toys. Gi we're talking about yes so gi. Joe was like meant like he was technically a doll but they wanna play with so he became an action figure and he was the first one two thousand four. You have oh yeah. So f- play scrabble. Right now. Could play scrabble right now. I would i would happily play you and scrabble. I used to destroy my ex-boyfriend and scrabble. I would embarrass him on a regular basis at scrabble miss it we had to implement some rules in my house when playing with my brothers. That like billy. You're not allowed to play two letter words or words that you made up. I can see how there will be several in house rules for them so during the great depression Out of work on the alfred butts invented a board game. He called criss cross in which players picked random letter tiles and took turns forming words with them on a grid that looked like a crossword puzzle. He calculated that the letters j k q x z appeared less frequently than other letters so players who use those letters would get more points in nineteen forty eight james bruno and his wife secure the rights to market the game and retitled at scrabble. According to legend scrabble's big break came in nineteen fifty two when jack straus president macy's played the game on vacation and upon return from occasion. He was totally surprised to find out that his store didn't carry the game so he placed a large order and within a year. Everyone had to have one out in one thousand nine hundred unable to meet demand himself brunot sold manufacturing rates to long island-based salchow and rider one of the manufacturers who had previously rejected the game loops back in its second year as a cell show and writer product. Nearly four million subscribers sold great game. It's a great game. You can play with anybody literally. Yeah you also get. The rocking horse makes it in Two thousand five another game candy loved candy land so the game is designed in nineteen forty eight by eleanor abbott. While she was recovering from polio and san diego california so the game was made four in tested by the children in the hospital ward The children suggested that abbott submit the game to build bill bradley. The game ended up being bought a milton. Bradley and was first published to the world in nineteen forty-nine the game requires no reading minimal counting skills. And it's so it's very suitable for young children in due to the design of the game. There's no strategy involved. Two players are never required to make choices. Just follow directions. Players travel among the rainbow colored trail. Pass the peppermint stick forest and the gumdrops mountain navigating obstacles like the molasses swamp and ice cream floats drawing simple color. Cars players advanced two squares of the same color and the winner is one who reaches the kidney castle. I yeah so it's often considered to be like one of the first board games that you might play with a child. Yeah i mean it's fun. It's still fun. I play candidate right now. She doesn't even like board games. Board games eric. Speaking of board games the next one the next The next inductee to the toy hall two thousand five was like a little bit controversial really. Because it's not a product at all the cardboard box-. Oh okay so this is the beginning of and we've talked about this on the podcast before where the hall of the toy hall of fame started doing kind of thing where they would like choose like a generic toy doesn't have a brand like nutty bear. They would choose a brand toy like candy land than they would choose like an imagination. Point that you have to be creative about exactly and the cardboard box mammoth right up there. Yeah i do you know how many my sister and i would be beside ourselves with excitement if my mom brought home a refrigerator by god. Refrigerators did everybody. We know because we all at least ended up with a refrigerator box a couple of times a couple of times a summer at least at least twice a summer i feel like she must have scoured. She must've dumpster dived for these things. And then my sister. And i would just destroy like we would treat it real delicate first and then we'd be like color side so it would be like a little house or lung chip or something and we call her the inside with the crayons. Sometimes we would cut a window. S yup yeah and then when it was on its way out or got left in the rain once it dried we would just jump inside of it and then we would just roll across the yard tumbling into each other until it was flat. It actually why it's free it's free and the other thing that made it and she doesn't five is a jack in the box. Oh yeah yeah. It's fine fun but yeah we're we're scary to babies than anything. I introduce children to the jump scare to them. Six the easy bake oven off. It was introduced in nineteen sixty three by counter products which was based out of cincinnati. Ohio the original counter easy bake oven heated by two one. Hundred watt incandescent lightbulbs came in turquoise or maybe pale yellow and was designed to resemble a conventional oven so the oven came with packets of cake mix and small round pans. I'm you'd get additional mixes that were purchased separately Apparently one point you could make bubble gum in your easy bake oven like that. That trivia fact would pops up sometimes for some reason they're like you could make bubble gum and what toy from the sixties s. The answer is the easy bake up. I can't believe i missed the bubblegum part. I feel like i would have used my easy. Something went wrong to not be like yesterday. There's probably in it and kids got botulism or something lead. Yeah the mix powdered lead. Add water to this powdered leg in heated up to And speaking of lead to those lyonel trains lion all began producing trains in one thousand nine hundred at built its reputation on trains. That's noted for their authentic detail smooth operating three year old tracks and transformers that allowed kids to vary the speed of their trains and during its peak years in the nineteen fifties. The company sold twenty five million dollars worth of trains every year. God so trains so trains like like everybody had an uncle with like a cool train set in the basement or like you know they'd pull the trains set around the christmas tree exactly. Yeah and nobody like nobody of the younger generations is doing this. I think it's because trains are like a viable form of transportation in the us. Like it's just not a thing like trains are big in the uk and in your people take the mayor you know. We don't take no one takes the train. Maybe maybe the toy company should get behind the hyperloop. Yeah that's what. I'm talking about although our good friend. Elizabeth her son thomas loves trains. Oh he loves trains. Obsessed with like thomas the tank engine trains or does he want a full scale model. Replica of the nineteen twenty two wichita kansas. Yes trae wants he got started. He got hooked with thomas the tank engine and then he just went over the top so he can tell you like this is a knuckle coupler like tennis. Well he's you know he's he's probably gonna end up getting a lot of trains at some point. Yeah 'cause 'cause they're all everyone who was into trains now dying i know it's like trains and porcelain dolls white ball. We're cleaning out my great great grandmother's house. Dan want four thousand porcelain dolls. And we have to say no sorry. We have enough porcelain dolls. Yeah too many dolls. No one wants dolls anymore. Because they're creepy creepy anyway and that's lawrence worth. That's the word for more word from lauren. In two thousand and seven. What makes it in the atari. Twenty six hundred game system and you know what we talked about atari episode one. Thirty eight the atari age. Check it out if you're interested there. It's very good in two thousand seven. You also get raggedy andy on his own ragged made it into those to the andy big campaign from all the raggi and heads all around the world put. It should go in here. We would any and you know what it worked. So the rating campaign worked raggedy. Andy made it in join the sister. Five years later in the hall was right with the world. Also the kite made it in two thousand. Two thousand and eight we have a bunch of generic things we got the baby doll Skateboard sure and then the other one that was controversial at year the stick see. I think that's genius. It's great it's great. It's great kids. Love sticks yes hell. I like a nice looking stick. You know what i mean. You're hiking through the woods. Go hiking all the time hiking through the woods you find. It may stick your yeah. This is a nice stick. How many times do you think that gets uttered in the woods. Oh my gosh. Ten seconds and easily consume goes. This is a nice nice deck. Where'd you get that stick. It's nice yes great. It's great to those nine. The big wheel. Oh so the nineteen sixties designers louis marx and company took part a tricycle mixed up the parts and reassembled them into an upside down track that handled like a race car. So this new kind of trae code its novelty and high-performance to its design on an old steel tricycle. The writer perched a seat high above the drive wheel and pitched over on sharp turns Traditional tricycles didn't allow for much speed but the big wheel road only a few inches off the pavement. It allowed you to make high speed. Skit outs on says there was molded. Plastic construction cushion the joints. So kids on big. Wheel's like oh the hell out of thing eleven they sat out bumps and corners and pavements where they can pick up speed ramps. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah and you also have the nintendo game boy so following the enormous success of their any ass home console. Nintendo launched the gameboy one thousand nine hundred nine and the system became obviously an instant hit so the secrets to gameboy. Success was not driven by advanced graphics or processing power but rather by simple inefficient design. It allowed for head connectivity and you could have dozens of intriguing games game. Boys game link cable allowed simultaneous multiplayer gaming which was the first for portable system and the classic puzzle game. Tetris came bundled with gameboy and appeal to a diverse audience ranging from children to grandparents sell tatra says really the game. That made gameboy into the success being. Yeah and then. Finally i guess you brought this up at the beginning. Two thousand nine the ball. Oh man just ball just ball. I'm surprised her marbles not made a class fig soft marbles is what. I like to call them. Yeah so i'm surprised that took them that long. I mean it's one of those. Yeah it's one of those things like it's generic enough obviously like Yeah i mean. It's not already in there. So i think ball was also meant to encompass all the sports thing jerry als and all that kind of thank all wrapped up into one twenty ten. The game of life love that game now milton bradley had printed and sold a game called the checker game of life in eighteen sixty and as nine hundred sixty approached the milton bradley company. Enlisted independent inventor reuben. Klamer to come up with a game that commemorate the firm's hundredth anniversary so climber took the life name from the eighteen sixty predecessor but created a completely new game for a new era. So you got the spinner. You got the car you got the little pigs. I know that my friends and i played a role that like. If you got like the shack or the or the split level you could. You could put it back. Wow that's very generous. I used to play with Molly maguire and her brother charlie. When i would go over there and the maguire's were and still are to this date. The most attractive family that i've ever laid so beautiful like honest to god like their beautifullest children and then they never had an awkward phase and each and every one of the mirror. Five children there are stunning. Most attractive people i've ever seen. I looked like an ogre in comparison to them. Beautiful irish champion anyway. Yeah we used to play life a lot. It was fun. It's a fun game. It's a fun game. You also had playing cards made it in that year generic playing cards great twenty eleven hot wheels in the nineteen sixties. Elliot handler. co-founder matali envisioned a die. Cast car surpassed the popular english matchbox cars so he wanted a line of toy cars to dominate mattel's boy division handler insisted that the cars look authentic so the project enlisted harry bradley atop outer designer from chevrolet to lead the toy design team mattel engineers produced muscle cars with thick plastic wheels. Built for speed. Minimal friction axles that featured torsion bar suspension which gave the cars shock absorbency. And we will bounce. Wow and as of the time of its induction into the hall. More than eight hundred models in eleven thousand variations of hot wheels had been manufactured also in twenty eleven. The dollhouse was inducted. Oh sure yeah and the blanket. Oh yeah that's nice nice. Twenty twelve Star wars action figures. Oh good civically star wars action figures. Here's what i wrote bla-bla-bla star wars nineteen seventy seven blah blah blah. Yeah if you get many angry letters at this point. Seven five inch figures which included so many of the characters from star wars. I sold from nineteen seventy eight thousand nine hundred eighty five and again from the mid nineteen nineties to present day for more than three decades kids of you star wars action figures plus all of their accessories in place to tell stories about the star the wars of the source. Yeah if you want to learn more about star wars just stick your head out of your your apartment door. Hey just a costing jar dry banks yet. Literally just a cost the first person and they will be like. Oh yeah i love i love. He's hot right. No he's evil prince. Yes well brother things get so fired up. She's she's got ta copy end. She is sassy she's ready for. A fight fight you star wars. The other thing that made it in two thousand twelve was dominoes. Okay yeah houston know how to play dominoes. Websites just setting up and knocking down on. I mean that's really. The fun part only offered as far as i don't watch a lot of videos on the internet. Okay but i love seeing a set of dominoes get knocked down here a simple girl simple leads. I'm proud of you for knowing how to play the game. I don't think i ever learned like matching sure. Link tiles down in matching like open number down a nine with a seven on it. I have nine. I'm gonna lay my nine down near your night. Yeah yeah it's a lotta matching right a little bit like gin sort of all right by nine funded knock down. twenty thirteen was my first year at the shaw. Yes and what russell has little let down by not because it was the rubber duck and chess. Oh yeah that's awesome pointing actually like. This is the toy hall of fame. Teed rubik's cube hungarian design teacher and serious puzzle earner rubik assembled his i q puzzle in nineteen seventy four called it. The magic cube after toy agent pitched the puzzle to ideal toy and novelty company. They renamed the puzzle to rubik's cube and began putting it in stores in one thousand nine hundred and then obviously the rest is history puzzles. All over the world wanted to solve the cube within two years. They bought one hundred million of them. Making rubik's cube the title most popular puzzle in history. How mico rubik's cube itself is made up of twenty seven tiny cubes called q. Blitz each having one of six colors. Okay and the other thing that made it in in two thousand fourteen was little green army men. Oh yeah i remember that. Twenty fifteen can get the super soaker. Oh yeah oh yeah. so dr lonnie johnson. A mechanical and nuclear engineer working for nasa on the galileo mission to jupiter by day. At night he was working on his own project. A new heat pump that replaced freon with environmentally friendly pressurized water vapor and while tinkering with this pumps design at home. He hooked the nozzle up to his bathroom. Faucet and a steady stream shot across the room gave him the idea for a high powered. Water blaster so from pvc pipe in an empty soda bottle. He improvised model that he called the power structure that featured an air pressure chamber and a water reservoir johnson later enlarged the tank and moved it to the top of the blaster. Kind of making it look like it was a prop from science fiction movie. Sure yeah so. The first super soaker went on sale in one thousand nine hundred after johnson worked out a deal. Laremy corporation a maker of inexpensive plastic toys and action figures and larry's aggressive advertising sold twenty seven million super soaker in the first three years of production and after that innovations like increasing water carrying capacity altering water. Direction lengthening the distance of the water stream. The toy's popularity and to date laramie corporation and now hasbro which owns it has sold about two hundred million super soaker. More than one hundred seventy five variations. That's about a billion dollars in sales. Oh my gosh only been around since one thousand nine hundred ninety. Wow what that's crazy. Nine thousand ninety hundred thirty years ago though. If you think. I know chef it's tough to deal with A little more a little a couple of decades earlier though you got twister in nineteen sixty four toy inventor guyer came up with a shoe polish promotion as a game with a mat on the floor and people serving as the playing pieces geyer artists in a toy designer charles fully neil ribbons to help him with the development of the basic idea and the three devised a game that they called pretzel. Oh that's cute so fully and took the idea to milton bradley. Which saw promise. And the men received a patent for their design after some deliberation milton. Bradley used printer at general tire that manufactured shower curtains to print the largest color spots on plastic mats. That make sense. And when the firm determined the name pretzel wasn't available chose twister instead perfect. Yeah there was a big demonstration on the johnny carson show with oh With eva gabor. Okay show and she. She played twister. And then you know everybody office that you're also got the puppet when oh sure you not scary at all. No puppet twenty-six dungeons and dragons out episode one twenty two dungeons and dragons with our friend. Jamie cusak jamie. That's such a good job such a good job such great ex- dungeons and dragons. He goes to get fisher price. Little people in two thousand six. Yeah so fisher. Price made the first little people from would and lithograph paper. They were solid single colored wooden bodies that later followed so later. Figures were made of hard plastic. Those are the ones i remember. Yes man in the nineteen eighties concerns about small figures becoming a choking hazard the nineteen ninety-one introduction of a new design larger diameter known as chongqing pete junkies on ge's but by the mid nineteen ninety s. Little people became more people like with arms legs and dimensional faces as well that year. you also get. The swing is inducted. Oh great inducted twenty. Seventeen my favorite my favorite inductee to the twelve fame. The board game clue. Oh yeah can't go. Julia goes crazy about iraq cub. For clue she loves the movie. She loves a game. She loves everything about it. So just a little background on it for y'all because you're listening to this you're like you're you're stuck with. You have listened to us go through years and years of history at this point you might as well stick it to the end. Yeah they were in two thousand seventeen now So between the world wars pianist anthony pratt enjoyed the murder mystery party games that he saw played at posture paean hotels where he worked in nineteen forty-three pratt and his wife. Elva designer board game based on those party. Game centered on deduction when in clare. Solve a murder mystery By eliminating possible locations weapons and murderers to come to the correct conclusion. He was granted a patent in nineteen forty seven postwar shortages halted. His games manufacturer for several years Linda london's waddington's games finally published it as cluedo in nineteen forty nine and their american partner. Partner brothers bought out a slightly modified version called clue that same year The rest is history. Oh yeah nineteen eighty-five five clue best movie Was the first movie based on a board game. Okay besides battle riano with battleship ribbon movie. Julia likes clue so much. I bought her a harry. Potter clue clue for christmas. I think one year found that. And i was like show much easiest easy so many license versions of it too. It's fun the whistle ball. Okay in the toy hall so tired of too many broken windows from playing baseball too close to the house david nelson mullany who retired semi pro baseball pitcher determined through trial and error that a plastic ball with eight slots cut into one hemisphere worked best at grabbing the air. In diverting the ball's trajectory so the pitcher could easily throw a curve a slider or knuckleball in the game produced. A good number of strikeouts called whiffs in his neighborhood so when he began display local stores with the ball and nine hundred fifty three. He removed the letter. H from with and trademark. The name whistle. We'll football players used a thin purpose built with a while. Bat which further advantage the pitcher by handicapping the batter. And also if you got hit with a wiffle ball it didn't hurt didn't hurt at all. Maybe stung a little bit. If you got like a soft spot like your cheek but now you were fine. You were sucking up that year. You also had the paper airplane sure. Yeah it's great twenty. Eighteen the magic eight ball. Oh yeah so a book. Man of the alabama crafts company of cincinnati introduced the magic ball in nineteen forty six. The novelty provided answers. That swam randomly out of its inky depths the size of overgrown softball with flat spot. That let it sit as a desktop paperweight. Magic eight ball would respond to questions with one of twenty phrases framed in a triangle in the round window. So what's the secret to the soy. The blackball decorated with an eight and a white circle houses. A twenty sided plastic poly hebron. That floats in diluted liquid and inscribed on each of its facets different answer to a yes or no question shook it up shake it up ask the ball that little is up like me ask and then you would always be like okay. Put it down times time. The card game uno also makes it into the twenty twenty eighteen. Oh so the robins family of reading ohio love to play cards especially the game crazy eights but that games. Tricky rule variant sometimes lead to family arguments. So merle robbins marked deck with instructions to avoid such confrontations play a king and the direction of the play reversed. A queen meant skip. The next turn says were wild etcetera so the family and their friends soon learned that the newly mark dex made the game easier to learn faster and more easily understood by younger players so they just thought why not design a new deck around this game in have it printed her so robinson his wife. Maria sold their home in their game. Investment and finance. Five thousand copies of their new game They named it uno after the rule to announce when only one card has left in one's hand so they drove through texas and florida playing and selling exit every campground along the route and back in ohio. They sold they go back home. Had sold five thousand copies they made that confidently ordered another ten thousand x in place. These i and small retail outlets and then eventually larger stores outside ohio stockton carried it so it was kind of like a home grown product. That like they really believed that they really believe how good for them. It's the subject of so many memes. These days really is. I noticed that on twitter twenty-five also in two thousand eighteen pinball goes oh sure of course and then twenty nine nine magic the gathering Now we covered this a little bit in the quiz of episode one forty nine player cards rate in which we also talked about playing cards. Basically in one thousand. Nine hundred three created by richard garfield and released by wizards of the coast. It's considered to be the first trading card game okay. We also had matchbox cars win so wheels in a couple of years before and then we had all the matchbox heads. I see matchbox matchbox to get it so english dye-casters leslie smith and rodney. Smith founded lesnie products in one thousand nine hundred seven and along with their partner. Jack odell began making small toys to fill slack. Demand during wartime in nineteen fifty. Two adele was inspired by rule at his daughter's school that permitted students to only bring toys that fit inside a matchbox. Oh so he scaled down there. Like road roller toy and packaged it in a matchbox and sent his daughter off school with it and the matchbox car was born. How clever i had no idea. That's interesting yeah. Also in two thousand eighteen was the coloring book oh finally criminally went in so much earlier it was not of there is not a big uprising about i guess not necessarily but it just makes sense it does make sense. So that's what's in there so far. Okay what does this year's coming up. Twenty twani you're gonna find out in two days on november fifth. You're going to find out what's toys made it into the hall for twenty twenty. So i'll tell you real quick with what the nominees are. Ooh twenty twenty. You have baby nancy. So she is she's the first black doll. Okay from shindo toys from nineteen sixty eight bingo army and i gotta be again. I'm not part of the selection committee. Guys yeah but and bingo. I'm kind of surprised. It's not an yap to briar horses. So you know morris curls. I mean it's definitely for girls right like the played with porras's collected though jenga. Oh yeah which was invented by a woman of way. I leslie scott it comes the name jiang comes from the swahili verb for to build everybody. Oh cool all right light. Bright masters of the universe way so like he man masters generous from the nineteen s. My little pony so your second. Your second horse horses risk based on a concrete sidewalk. Chalk oh yeah and The board game. sorry okay. Yeah and the tamagotchi okay. Yeah and then finally yahtzee jacci. Oh my gosh. I loved yahtzee. Yeah i used to play with my dad. My sister and we really for like a hot minute there. We were really like cranking out some young yati yati. Yeah we were yahtzee yahoos. So so you guys. We don't know yet what's in what's in for twenty twenty three. I really don't even know what the what's going to have. They don't tell you in two days like maybe that'll be fun news. Yeah that'll be something. Nice museum of played-out oregon find out. Fix learn thank you all right so are quizzed. I'm very sorry you sample it's called i'm gonna live forever. This is a quiz other halls of fame. So i'm going to give you the genre of it in the location and you tell me which very famous hall of fame is located there. So i'm not talking like it's the the whipped cream hall of fame on here on this list. I can promise you that. Okay all right. I think i can do this all right question. One arts eleven hundred east ninth street cleveland. Ohio number two sports one thousand hall of fame avenue springfield massachusetts number. Three history one canal street. Seneca falls new york number four transportation inside the visitor complex space commerce way merritt island florida number five sports twenty one. Twenty-one george halas drive northwest canton ohio number six history wall of honor at stonewall national monument greenwich village new york city number seven sports thirty young street toronto ontario canada number. Eight arts to twenty two fifth avenue south nashville tennessee number nine sports. Twenty five main street cooperstown new york and finally number ten technology carnegie mellon university school of computer science pittsburgh pennsylvania the tropic family would approve. I'll give you about a minute to think about it. And then i'll be back with your answers the grade. You can be the best. You can be the tom on your chest. Beat the ball. You got the gaggle banging on his door. You can t to move a mountain. You could be masked up. Don't wait but not dedicated to helping you can. Not since you can run. You can walk through. The sports ones are really the really twisted me up. But i'm gonna. I'm gonna certainly try ones are ones you should know. Okay oh jeez. Yeah it's like a crooked earlier's hall of fame but you you looked so threateningly at me. She put her finger at my three fourths of the way through my. Pbr her coffee. She's in the angry stage. Okay all right right number one arts eleven hundred east ninth street cleveland ohio. That's the rock and roll hall of fame. You are correct. The museum documents the history of rock music artists producers engineers and other notable figures who've influenced its development so the rock and roll hall of fame foundation was established in one thousand nine hundred three by ahmet ertegun founder and chairman of atlantic records. Cleveland was chosen in nineteen eighty-six as the hall of fame's permanent home after lobbying heavily for the museum civic leaders in cleveland pledged sixty five million dollars in public money to fund the construction and they cited that. Wj w disc jockey alan freed both coined the term rock and roll and that cleveland was the location of freed moondog coronation ball which is often credited as the first major rock and roll concert They also are real nazis about you taking pictures in there. Which in this day and age is like. Oh my gosh yeah they are really like you pull out your phone to check the time and someone like slapping out of your hand out of nowhere. It's really wild. I think it's because so much. That's on terry. Yeah that makes that makes sense but also architect. I m pei designed museum and it was dedicated in one thousand nine hundred five. It's a great museum. it's may be the only nice thing about cleveland. I mean like the restaurant melt which is just. Oh yeah she's she's tweets restaurant. There are two good things about you. Can you can do you. Don't even need a day trip to cleveland. you need four hours in cleveland. Oh my god two good things in cleveland. One of those hours are going to be spending waiting in line to get no melt because ari you've decided to go to cleveland. All right i mean. I'm not disagreeing with you number. Two sports a thousand hall of fame avenue springfield massachusetts okay massachusetts. So i'm thinking lord. Is that the basketball hall of fame. You are correct. It's the naismith. Memorial basketball hall of fame serves as basketball's most complete library in addition to promoting and preserving the history of basketball dedicated to canadian american physician. James naismith who invented the sport in springfield massachusetts. The hall of fame was open and inducted. Its first class in nineteen fifty nine. And as of the class of twenty one thousand nine hundred hamas formally inducted four hundred one basketball individuals. It's wonderful number. Three history. One canal street seneca falls new york. That's the women's history hall of famer. The women's rights hall of fame women's suffrage women's rights women's right to vote hall of fame. Isn't it like a woman's remember how you're like. I said all the words basically the same as giving you answer is that does that count in. this situation. is the national women's hall of fame. Okay yeah i just complicated it a little bit. It was created in nineteen sixty nine at the location of the eighteen. Forty eight women's rights convention so the national women's hall of fame inducts distinguished american women through a rigorous national honor selection process involving representatives of the nation's important organizations in areas of expertise. They are selected on the basis of the changes they created that affect the social economic or cultural aspects of society. The significant national impact results of change due to their achievement and the enduring value of their achievements are changes. Also seneca falls new york beautiful little town the town of bedford falls in. It's a wonderful life. Stunts seneca falls so if you go there you can see like the bridge that george bailey jumped off and like all of this stuff. So it's definitely like a one to one and a lot of places in seneca falls. It's very cute. Yeah good point right number four transportation. It's inside the visitor complex. Space commerce way merritt island florida and i've redacted with the visitor complex. His name is because is it. Is it a spaceship hoffy. Is it like rocket ships. Is it the space on that. You're on the right track. Yeah i mean we're probably honoring people. Oh astronaut hall of fame. Yeah okay hall of fame. It honours american astronauts and features the world's largest collection of their personal umbrella. In the one thousand nine hundred eighty six then surviving mercury seven astronauts conceived of establishing place where us space travelers could be remembered and honored along the lines of the halls of fame for other fields. So the mercury seven foundation in astronaut scholarship foundation reformed and have a role in the current operations of the hall of fame. I'm so the mercury seven. You know they were the seven original american astronauts and they were scott. Carpenter gordon cooper. John glenn gus grissom wally. Shoora shoora chirac alan shepard and slayton right number five sports twenty one. Twenty-one george halas drive northwest canton ohio that the football hall of fame it opening nine hundred sixty three in the hall of fame enshrines exceptional figures in the sport of professional football including players coaches franchise franchise owners and front office personnel almost all of whom made their primary contributions to the game in the nfl. The hall index between four and eight new chinese and as of twenty twenty either a total of three hundred forty six members of that hall of fame number six history wall of honor at the stonewall. National monument greenwich village. New york city is at the gay and lesbian hall of fame or the yeah okay national. Lgbtq wall of honor was dedicated to the lgbtq pioneers trailblazers in heroes and unveiled at the stonewall inn in june twenty nineteen as part of the fiftieth anniversary of the stonewall riots and it's located at the first us national dedicated to lgbtq rights in history in the us. The first fifty names for announced june twenty nineteen in each year during june. A pride month five additional names will be added related to this which i tried to stop was interesting insight resists california there is something called the rainbow honor walk. That's a whole walk of fame installation to honor. Lgbtq individuals from around the world who left a lasting mark on society. So there have been twenty plaques installed in two thousand fourteen they they installed twenty four plex in two thousand nineteen so they say that This planned walk of the rainbow on her. Watkin can honor five hundred people. So they're gonna add to it every. Yeah that's one whenever they can so. Yeah pretty neat. All right number seven sports k thirty yong street. Toronto ontario canada. So it's spelled y. o. n. g. Yeah i don't know it's pronounced young just like young child i know is i'm just. I'm just preventing you from getting very no canadians. Why is this doesn't make canadian has got to be the hockey hall of fame. Museum and hall of fame dedicated to the history of ice hockey holds exhibits about players teams. Nhl records memorabilia and trophies including one of the copies of the stanley cup. As of two thousand twenty two hundred eighty nine players including seven women one hundred twelve builders and sixteen on ice officials have been inducted into the hockey hall of fame. Well i mean we've been meaning to go no kind of wants the borders open back up again. We're we're in korean. Has got her eye on it for us. Let us know she'll let us second. That ontario is like yes. Okay the new yorkers come new yorkers can come back exactly all right number eight arts to twenty two fifth avenue south nashville tennessee. Is that the country music hall of fame country music. Then it's the world's largest repository of country music artifacts and membership in the country music hall the highest honor. Our country music professional receive is extended to perform song writers broadcasters musicians in executives in recognition of their contributions to the development of country music all right number nine sports. I saw you make a face when i said this. Twenty five main street down new york why. That's the national baseball. Hall of fame. Julia. yes it serves. As the central of history of baseball in the us and displays artifacts and exhibits honoring those who've excelled in playing managing and serving. The sport cooperstown is often used as shorthand or omitted him for the national baseball hall of fame and museum similar to how people refer to the pro football hall. Famous canton yup and for more in baseball history checkout episode twenty four the old leather apple so good so good also cooper so long ago so two years ago literally. A cooperstown is a beautiful little town. It's very charming and they also have an. I don't know if it's tied to the museum. But they have their own like old timey base ball league. That's like two words and then they wear like the old like wool uniforms and play the like the original version of baseball. Everybody is a handlebar moustache. Everyone has a handlebar moustache. It's very apparently it's very fun. And like it's a bunch of people in the community like are on teams. They play that stuff. It's very cute and finally question ten okay for the win. Lauren technology okay. It's at the carnegie mellon university school of computer science pittsburgh pennsylvania. The chop beck family would approve. Okay this was the one that i was like. I is it okay. It's pittsburgh does. Does pittsburgh mean anything. In this instance. Now this is weird is okay to carnegie mellon. Is it just like the computer hall of fame. No no show up what i said. Is it shit. It's not the topic. Family would approve. I don't know what's that's a capital c. With like a carrot it. Okay a. p. e. k. I don't know who those people buoying technology right Traffic family Slavic in some way Slavic and technology slavic technology. What are the slobs. Give us besides sauerkraut excellent sausages. I'm going to be so mad when you tell me. They give us a word. Is it the robot hall of fame is the robot hall of fame its net robot hall of ood so the robot hall of fame in two thousand three to recognize landmark achievements in robotics technology to create a broader awareness of the contributions that robots and robot assists make to science and society. There have not been any inductees into the hall of fame since twenty twelve so i dunno if they like already covered all the good robots however they you know people have different priorities now. Inductees include things like hal. Nine thousand from two thousand one a space odyssey r. Two d. two from blah blah blah star wars nasa sojourner the mars exploration rover maria from metropolis who has cited as the first robot to be depicted in cinema So this is this is both real ass. Yeah robots roomba. Jeez okay now one eight hundred wally. Okay yeah i guess. There's there's a finite number of robots out there all right. Yeah okay good good for them. You did it you did it. Learn fake seattle thing. I did want to include the internet fame but since it doesn't have a physical location tricky. Why don't you tell people about the internet hall hall of fame is is a hall of fame that's real. It's a really doing some blog posts. No it's absolutely real and my mother-in-law is in it. And i'm going to be doing an episode hopefully soon about the internet and it's going to be called lawrence brother-in-law colon the internet and the reason why is because my mother-in-law is net mom the mother of the internet and we're going to leave it at that they were just that little. Caesar that's a little teaser for everybody. She doesn't listen to podcasts. But but but yeah. I'm going to talk a little bit about how i'm related to the internet. He's my brother-in-law. It's great and sometimes it can be real dick. Yeah my gosh. Yeah so i know. This is really long episode. Oh no sorry guys hoping. At least it would be based distraction today direction from today trip down memory lane. That's nice. it's nice to relieve your child. Some of your favorite ways tweeted us. Tweet some pictures of your favourite toy lease due. Atmos and papa on twitter. We would love to see pictures of Your childhood toys. Yeah awesome well. Thank you. So much julia. Thanks and thanks to everyone for listening guests we will. We will catch you next time goodbye.

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