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Are We Alone in the Universe?

Science Rules! with Bill Nye

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Are We Alone in the Universe?

"You could listen the ad free new episodes of science rules only on stitcher premium for a free month of stitcher premium go to stitcher premium dot com and use promo code science i can guarantee you you have asked yourself these two questions are we alone in the universe and where did we come from the sean blow off science people science we know what is it i did because it's there's chemistry biology i'm here in whiskey ice cream it's in who you fall in love with rules and ethic and everything we make the world better for everybody welcome to science rules so i'm your host bill night this is the show where or science rules now it's a call in show people if you wanna be on the show please go to ask bill nye dot com and type on in once again i am joined by my writer editor end very good friend korea's powell greetings corey hello again bill so today corey we're going to talk about where we all come from how did we get here that my friends is the essence of the modern discipline we call astrophysics and with us we have world world renowned brilliant fabulous astrophysics communicate tore she's declare to professor of physics and astronomy at burn the college of columbia university and of course so much more welcome to science rails doctor jen eleven so jim you're studying gravitational waves and black holes in the beginning of university you're on a very very big track how did you end up where you are you know it's so interesting in retrospect i think we have these narratives that we kind makeup but looking back i was always interested in this i remember the first time i ever saw the milky way which is dining experience i'm a city kid who grew up in chicago there's this thing called light pollution i'd never seen a milky way and people were talking about love carl sagan my dad and went for like a run on the beach as a little kid my father before as many running on lake michigan owners noted oh good point we went to the small island off of south carolina where there were no street lights and we were spending a month out there on the beach each end it's dark and it's over the ocean an icy the milky way it's it is this milky riff of stars cutting across the sky i've never seen anything like it knows who is one most impactful experiences of my childhood and i remember we would see shooting stars you is just staggering believe it's real the first i made it very hard to believe it's real and still i did not self identify as a scientist i a i thought that scientist memorized questions were incredibly tedious had no creativity were not interesting people and it really wasn't until like halfway through college we watch physics what is that we're living in amazing time first of all here's a humble nineteen twenty three lemon yet the strategies that plate so nineteen twenty nine he figures out they universe is expanding or find evidence for it and the collection takes a lot of clicked on it and then convergent with that there's people discovering a chain reactions in nuclear fission right mhm and then a chipping away at that people develop quantum mechanics and this is where the very tiniest tiniest tiniest things that we could imagine merged urge with the gigantic is to just most enormous sicker goal things we'd been so everybody asks these two questions worded we come from are we alone in the universe and if you you wanna ask those questions you have to explore the cosmos you have to understand stars and so now people routinely just walking down the street will use expressions big bang black hole and i'd be surprised to learn if everybody really knows what each of those expressions yeah yeah so i think what's fascinating in what year posing is one that you used the word you or us right it somehow by studying something so austere showstopper for my something that has no reciprocal a sense of love for us as we have for each mainly they austerity universe and the big bang black holes you know the cosmic energy on work with corey the black hole corey so be i love that idea that we find meaning in these things and i get asked all the time why should i care about the oh my goodness so why should we care we should care for all the reasons you just said there ashley answers to those questions where where are we in the scheme cosmic scheme of things where did we come from how do we interpret herself in the universe it'd be answers come from studying those things the fact that these little tiny teachers have been around for a bleep the second on this little rock which we now know is one of such a large number of you know the the trillions and trillions is able to reflect and understand that we are in fact progeny of university began thirteen point eight billion years ago is not and extraordinary thing meaningful it is filling in for all of us i love it if it's true for all of us it's not social it's not politically it is not economic is just what we are made up in the world you throughout the number thirteen point eight billion how do we i mean i have a sense but how do we achieve how do we find that number and agree upon it so we predict how hot the the light leftover from the big bang was initially how do we how well so that's based on the laws of physics oh well today we might realize how huns figured out how start so i hope it's related crowd upon yeah but we do we add up all matter in the universe in seattle fastest moving in friday we yes we can also it's a separate wait a measure dhs universe which is lovely that they come to the same agreement the separate it measures to look at horrible and humbles conclusion that not only is universe full of gallup other galaxies but all of them are moving away from us if you imagine the entire universe what's really happening at the space between the galaxies are stretching the galaxies are stains space time and don't actually moving march they're like they're like spots like a viewer put stains on a balloon skin they don't actually move around but which stretches is the distance between all of them and that means cumulatively the further away you look at a galaxy the faster it must be moving away from you and this is called hubbell's law and from hubbell's law were able to do how fast universe is expanding how fast it's expanding today end in the past and that allows us to estimated when we all would have been crushed together into tune inconceivable single area could run the story backwards backwards and then you can tell how long the movie's been running forwards you could tell how long if i run it backwards we were just a catastrophic high energy singularity which is what we call the big bang all right so here's something astronomers do all the time which of course is charming take these extraordinary in a sense mind blowing certainly staggering ideas and just give me whimsical big bang crunch black hole that they office so a the big bang ideas at all the matter envy energy weaken observers in this singles point in space mhm a we don't know what happened in the first ten to the minus forty thirty seconds once you can't you can't no doubt the point time or something you know we definitely can't know that yet and i would say instead of saying everything's at a point in space i would say space itself had contracted to yes can we go to the phones oh yeah yeah haley hey earlier you their high where you calling from haley ohio ohio or oh well thank you for joining us here on science rules so what's on your mind what do we tell you about the universe today how come how come people accurately measure the universe of universities constantly expanding you mean the size of the universe haley yeah well we can't yeah we cannot estimated the size of the actual universe and it's something i have labored over and in fact we might never know the size of the universe what we can now is the size of the observable universe and were really careful to distinguish those things we can tell how far into space we can literally see because of the light travel times since the big bang so how big is observable universe it's about ninety two billion light years across and that's because even though the universe's only thirteen point eight billion years old it's more than twentysix 'cause i would get light from both directions that we give me twenty six six billion light years it's bigger than that cause universe is expanding and so we get to investment of about ninety two billion light years across his how far into the universe weaken see now just be on that we presume there's more maybe more behind that maybe it's infinite maybe it's infinitely full i mean so then but like the universe is expanding into what does amazing universes really spending anything anything is universe everything the cosmic his universe thing dark wave gravity thing that's been upsetting knocking off the homeless students gets better the more than one universe how would we know that well there's two separate things one is is that universe does not need to be expanding into anything if i could say the universe is expanding into something and it's expanded by this much space that would be the universe what we really mean is space and time everything is included so the universe can weirdly get bigger without expanding into anything but then there's this other question this big bang we keep talking about thirteen point eight billion years ago who's to say that's the first and only time it's ever happened yeah food court who would think you or cars move above me out of the university joe is haley these questions are so deep yeah and you know you're question is important and it might not be answerable haley and it might be see that the universe is a finite size which which would be spectacularly interesting but we might never be able to see that deep space to notice that the universe doesn't have an edge would fall off of but maybe wraps back onto itself self kind of like how the earth does you know if i walk in a straight line from new york city and they don't turn left and i don't turn right and they keep walking straight i actually will come back to where i started eventually if you could navigate oceans all kinds of people have done one i would just do just i would swim i would walk in now what if i left the milky way in a space craft and i looked behind me i saw the milky way receding behind me and i didn't turn left her right and they just kept going straight for as long as possible and i saw this galaxy approach in front of and i landed on the planet and they found the statue of liberty buried lazy as a reference where things have gone catastrophic wrong for humankind right now haley are you buying that we know universes constantly expanding then are you buying that we know how old are we have a very good estimate of how old is but how could you know how older if you can't if you like how do you never before the big bang that that's a good question and this is need we say more really i mean isn't that it this is the deepest fundamentalists questionable fundamental questions i mean people have really tried to give really systematic ancestors questions not one weaken answer yet but there are some very interesting ideas that 'em that they you know there was nothing literally nothing but the quantum potential in some sense where something to exist but i think much more modern idea is that there is this kind of landscape of space and time and what we're really talking about is like a ginger root that plumes off and then the big are big bang is just this sort of plume off of this larger multi verse and we've skirted the word this long i can't believe it fantastic kudos to the us but here comes this idea that there is a multi verse and and there are these plumes off of which each one having its own big bang and all we can do when we look in the past his see ours we cannot seem deeper pass the big bang nor will we ever be able to because in some sense because it's space time that so into her past is not something we conceive so that is a troubling be crushing it could be the evidence of what happened before the big bang is lost to us absolutely it expanded beyond or reach that's say it is it not only expand it'd be honored reach but because of the because different observers in the multi verse perceived space and time differently for us it's the past but if they're if they're a multi multiple universes than ours cannot be infinite by definition there you can have multiple infinite universe's or on you yeah you can cause you know abrasion prior to the universe what about one thing like say you got multiple head of beer what about that multiple infinite universe's yeah he has a good cause when you're visualizing it as am i because it's a limitation of the human mind where imagine this kind of ginger root of plumes is being nested in higher dimensional space and like they bumped into to each other right but that's actually just in artifact of the way where visualizing it they're not near each other in any higher dimensional space the space is the most ever that's it they made an owner it's cool we all love to talk about because it's the fundamental where we all come i had this is like a real workout from my little brain here but it's hail you've gotten to fund a fundamental question of fundamentalism it's really a really appreciate you taking the time to ask an answer is it's so it really is mind boggling and a satisfactory answer is elusive yeah you took us right to the edge of science so i think if that speaking around fumbling science move profitable having the right answer in so many situations it's so satisfying it really is no this is true whether you're solving a problem or exchanging trivia with friends the great courses plus is a price will source of knowledge in just about any field the streaming service offers thousands of lectures so you can explore everything from exo planets the ancient egypt from science fiction literature to drawing or do it yourself engineering i recommend checking out the course of the life and death some stars stars four wheels because it is cool a you know when you when you're done with that there's also a neutron stars and pulsars if you really wanna go deep a that's that's that's kind of my jam and i enjoy nathan everybody's jim corey i'm not kidding so many people have these big guy ideas about the nature of reality in galaxies in nature and stars and there are great courses about all of those things and i enjoy them so no the right answers and start learning but the great courses plus today my listeners can get a full free month of unlimited access when they sign up today at the great courses plus dot com slash science rules but what's what's that again it's the great courses plus dot com all one word word there the great courses plus dot com slash science rules here let me ask you a question people say cosmo's people say universe first it is the cosmos universe the same thing in what is it how do you define what is everything and is there more then everything yeah i think the more interesting question is is there more then everything so i would kind of lump cosmos in universities as interchangeably like if you needed to not repeat yourself so much in a sentence he could he could mix it up but i'll tell you what you do controlled there's connotations yes if somebody says well that's a universal truth right that's different though than a cosmic truth right well we used to think the celestial bodies were the whole thing but now but now we've learned that are solar system is not the only one we believe in a galaxy where there might be one fifth of the star systems might have planets and multiple for planets in the number of exo planets planets that are in our own solar system might exceed the number of stars in the universe and so then it gets bigger and bigger we've got galaxies then it turns out since hubble are is is not only galaxy hopelessly starting up pre hubble space telescope maybe actual dude at the universe yeah and he was the first one to identify that a galaxy that looked like just a navy look could have been a small thing close by which actually a huge thing far away was actually an entire other galaxies who's the first one to on a critically identified it there were other galaxies victoria you're out there somewhere and you have a question where are you from victoria i'm from alberta canada oh tourism free andrew over question yes so my question is what do you think of this theory that we're living in holographic universe so i want validation of my existential still crisis that were just a three d m h projected on a tuesday surface surface yeah 'em i think it's a really clever idea nick originated with lenny suskind who me you can't prove a negative you can prove that you're not in a video game there's no way they also they implanted all year memories of everything that ever happened in all the discoveries about like the cosmos they're all planet and astronomers mind but at the super bowl game designer it's just very it's just unreasonable you are comes radio hold on that right now that designer just turned me off which is if our universe is a is a hologram a sort of a higher dimensional space how would we ever know i mean is that ashley at testable theory well there's two questions or why do we even think about that neither is it testable 'em bosa maybe not impossible so one of the ways this came up as by thinking about black holes so a we know the star a bar cohen is no longer start a dead starting might never have been a star you could make a buck whole maybe in the early universe and it never was a star with oatmeal or something yeah you could make it with fewer strong enough to crusher oatmeal down to catastrophic microsoft about some cold oatmeal so which is right on yet yeah just so basically 'em nothing can be more compact then a black hole so see we start to think about mattering density in this kind of ordinary ordinary way of talking about physics but we should also be talking about in terms of information i can't pack more information into of volume then could be packed into a black hole because that's the fundamental limit that we know of there's nothing pass the black hole that's when it all collapses if i took something in this room and i tried to pack moron information on it then i couldn't a black hole it would become a black hole and quota german strong yet so black holes therefore tell us something about information and fascinating lee black hole you cannot pack more information on a black hole then can be encoded on its surface area not it's volume the black hawk cannot and this isn't even hearkens as it relates to hawking and penrose and beckons dean in and lady lady says many people who came afterwards that you cannot put more information in a black hole then what comedian coded on the surface which sounds like a lot less than what you could encoded in the volume and that's where law graffiti comes from it's the suggestion that the three dimensionality is a black hole is in allusion created information packed on the surface on a tuesday surface and if that's the limit fundamentally how much you can pack information in anything in the universe then we must be in some some sense ridi productions of information that is at most two dimensional having mode so we might be information dancing on a higher dimensional surface or lower dimensional order and that in your jack seeing delusion of being three days so a two dimensional information could totally two dimensional early that gives us is very convincing and compelling allusion that were three dimensional you're without victoria clear as mud at all but there it on a night where does the first step forward enlightened yeah we have tanner on the line a tenor are you there yes hello hi jenner first of all welcome to science rules where you calling us from cedar rapids iowa cedar i what do you do you look at the milky way there you in a place where you're dark enough you could really see some real sky down at my hometown i cannot to mckee theater athey yeah i know you're hometown by it's called farmington i was there is a lot of towns called farmington and so do you have is you have factories there oh no let me guess there's farms and so when you were wormington you saw a as a dramatic night sky yes but with that said that dramatic sky lead you to ask this question take it tanner okay i think you guys have talked about it a little bit but i don't understand how light can be measured from a galaxies that are incredibly far away a bus i'd estimating eighty eight drifting universe well light is very persistent and one of the spectacular 'em facets of light which led to this entire revolution multi ideas were talking about is the constancy of the speed of light the fact that light will never slowdown if you threw a rock from a distant galaxy it would eventually just stop moving and it would never make it to you the fact that the light does 'em is just this gift actually because it tells us a not only will definitely get to us but it could also allow us to look into the past as well is looking into space and if were patient patient enough 'em the light the light will get to us in convey some aspect about that galaxies the time when we give up hope is when the power emitted is not strong enough so you're saying that when you look at a beam of light of ray of light you knowledge that is coming from the past yeah at least is perceived so yeah so it helped tanner understand a how observing one beam of light tells us told right over the one verbal story were referring to a but yeah university that's incredibly hard to if i know nothing about the light source i really have no gauged you know if that's an incredibly insanely powerful signal far far away it just looks faint because of its great distance or if it's a of fainter a less powerful signal right up close and this is dog jim or candle how things called gallery bursts which we didn't know where they kind of powerful in in our galaxy see or were they insanely powerful in another galaxy instill the light was getting so i mean china you're question isn't isn't so much maybe about lake will always make it to us if we wait long enough universe is expanding to rapidly but but whether or not it was powerful enough for us to for it to register tanner did that work for you yeah really really good about it yeah okay well you know it's a hard problem just so you know in the standard candles when they weren't very good we now you super novia standard candles so if you see entire stars exploding we are made of the dust of the stars when they mercifully explode and throw it back out into the universe that's part of the big ecosystem when we look for those explosion soldier excellent standard candles as well and we used those two determined how fast universes if you're really good at recycling it's amazing i mean think about what would happen if it made the stars the stars had thermonuclear explosions in their course making heavier elements like carbon and oxygen and all that stuff we need for life and then did not cast it back out into the universe but kept it lock inside that would be the end of us planets there'd be no rocky planets there'd be no life forms financial rules will behind bond as you know i'm the chief executive officer of the planetary society the world's largest member supported space interest group cofounded by my professor at cornell carl sagan along before i became a ceo i was already being hurt on the society's great public radio and podcast podcast series planetary radio planetary radios are weekly deep dive into space exploration for well over sixteen years are host matt kaplan that's been talking with astronauts space agency leaders scientists authors and engineers ingineers who are leading our quest across the solar system and beyond we wanna answer the two great questions we all ask where did we all come from and are we alone in the universe joining us out there on the final frontier you'll find planetary radio on the society's terrific website planetary dot org along with all the places you could hear science rules planetary radio in science roles it's a match made in heaven turning both up loud funny tools back let us go to the next caller sarp sar burglar yes sir welcome to science when you're calling in dubai dubai while he signed by everybody loves it's cheaper all of that so it's fabulous i have a sense or do you have a question that goes along this line ticket tickets at white energy incompatible string theory however ladders compatible a conflict by no okay well here yeah maybe maybe some regions dark matter dark energy and strength to rewrite it jim breaking down what is what is dark energy and what is dark matter yet so here's the fascinating thing that happened over an actually many decades of controversy is that we realize that everything you've ever seen in university everything that anyone has ever seen ever will see makes up less than five percent out there about little birds little birds entire galaxies poppy dirt dust sugar is five percent is less than five percent of what's out there in the universe and that was a kick in the teeth that was a shocker we're also move the stuff that you can pay which is part of the show that and we know that because dot dot dot so self promoter and that whole nobel prize winning crew and other teams at observed that the universe is expanding faster than we had not only anticipated getting faster is the point like a car where you've got you know you're hannity accelerator foot rather have you tried right feet on a motorcycle today in new york we were doing right handed a lot of driving 'em so that really few people off because we know from the relationship of how energy affect space time that they only form of energy that could cause space time to expand it in accelerated rated rate getting faster and faster must be just a few slee up permeating all of space time and had this kind of a weird rubber band quality as university expands it feels more of it so that makes it go faster which makes it feel even more of it which makes it go faster okay just a second maybe maybe i've got this and then maybe syrup will be over so as you expand mhm space time expands yes you expand into more dark matter it's almost as though v observable region that is responding is able to respond to the dark matter has put its arms around more of it i'm sorry energy which arms around the dark energy is able to put his arms around even more of it as it expands and that's not usually the case know when you think of a new spending balloon demeaned spinner those you blow the woman slows down because it's still has the same amount of stuff in it which is driving the expansion which is regular stuff bouncing around with pressure and pushing and and you don't get more of that stuff as a blunt expands so it gets weaker so it slows down okay so that's what we anticipated it's just made up of light and stuff in it and the stuff as some kind of in some sense of additional pressure and that's causing expansion expansion slowing down as it gets more in more dilute totally anticipated oh totally anticipate in this case it's not getting more dilute and that's really wild so now we give it a name but her energy that okay now string theory help shore up with the string so i just have to close at these other twentyfive percent after dark matter makes up a dark energy makes up a lot of it like over seventy like little the lot of at a quarter of roughly is in a form of matter that is just just invisible but it it acts like ordinary matter but it's invisible an it just means it doesn't interact with light it's actually not that exotic it's nowhere near as exotic it's dark energy oh no no okay so it's a matter of the light doesn't bounce off i can give example neutrinos well known form of matter i've got some i got some neutrinos going through may right here though you reason they're going to you is exactly because their dark that's the reason they're going to you they don't interact with you're adams or with light or anything like that so this is another case where a strong numbers take a regular word to describe some amazing crazy idea yeah dart could have called it invisible so 'em but the um you know the fact that that makes most of it is quite fascinating 'em but yeah the dark energy just a proxy name we give to meanwhile we don't know what that stuff you know what string theory you still or the shore so string theory is not on the same footing is dark matter and energy there is zero observations yet which can confirm that string theory is correct string theory is an idea and it's a gorgeous idea and what makes you so gorgeous well one of them is because it's unifying in a very fundamental ways so we love this idea of unification we love this idea that there's not millions of laws of physics and it's all really complicated we love this idea there's actually one law physics that's what were hoping for one fundamental law physics that everything else looks differentiated but is really just unified back in that so here's here's one very quick way of seeing westerns unifying it says that every particle in the universe is not a different particle they're all actually the same fundamentals straying just ringing at different harmonic and the different harmonic as they played on this fundamental straying distinguish an electron from a photon so all those seem like completely dispirit phenomena they're actually unified by being made of the same john fundamental universes musical again in this in this if this idea that you who came up with these russians string and is there any longer than it is wider aspect ds string of the string theory well so i can't swear hootie original person was i think it might have been somebody like lenny suskind 'em i i'm guessing it's lenny suskind but but i can't swear to itsel anyways just messing around this idea that when we look at the microscopic quantum level we don't see a point particle if we looked close enough that we blew it up even more which we haven't being able to do we would see this little closed loop of string and it's important that they were these little closed loop so string groups of string yes that the strings were closed loops and they couldn't cut them or break them they were fundamental they were what they were but they when they play different harmonic state emulated later different particles entire universe is reduced to a string so much more color orange and blue i would be a different note played on the string okay so let me be here as as it starts a proxy a so an instructor you you're gonna jump jumping if i'm if i'm missing could miss sean manning yes yes we have the sort of exotic syria might be a theory of everything some somehow dark energy is harder to explain the dark matter we don't really have even are most exotic series can't really get get us to to what dark energy is more what is the so mysterious about dark energy even and exotic forwardlooking siri like string theory can't quite explain it's not string theory it might be even worse and i think this is maybe i don't wanna scribe syrups motivation but maybe way and he asked a question is because it does look like string theory does not want there to be something called dark energy which is a little bit stronger right then just saying does it explained dark energy but it might not be that cut and dry so for instance brian greene his famous stream theorist 'em he and i've written papers together where we ask if even in the context of string theory if the dark energy could be a kind of quantum energy trapped in extra spatial dimensions not firmly incompatible with a string okay okay you guys how much joy well so it just be a quantum energy trap yeah so we know that you can trap quantum energy gee between let's say two plates in the laboratory something called the kashmir energy you get these two plates and it creates this kind of quantum energy between them so we wondered well if the universe has extra special dimensions do you have a similar kind of energy 'cause it's like a small all space in which quantum energy gets trapped dimensions you keep going right if the universe was an dimensional were only three spatial dimensions and one time dimension expressed her words large maybe the universe was born with ten eleven dimensions and they were all wrapped up small and what were really trying to figure out is wide it only three of the spatial dimensions get large why did the other state curled up tight sean if they do they would have this quantum energy and it could be the dark energy sort of sharp is this helping you a question of course is the field before if the problems higgs field is really not the core of the problem hicksville a dennis proud the hicks just quickly i think the reason star effects asking questions because the higgs every particle has a field so you described already electromagnetic waves and having a photon every single article in the universe has field component in a particle component so the higgs bose on which we call sometimes the god particle more often the god damn particle which was by the way the original title leon letterman intended a also has a field component in that field is what's more interesting to us in the university relive 'cause it permeates all of space and it looks kind of like a dark energy and it's something that our adams do interact with us and it's the reason we feel inertia 'cause as we move through this field is like the kind of molasses aspect of the interaction athletes on the field at my feeling of of you're just you're not ran up when it's hard to stand up and get your heart san fran this chair or bent on taking a turn in a car and feeling kind of pushed aside yeah that's me interacting with the higgs field yes okay go an a an that that looks like dark energy but interestingly it does not satisfy what we see cosmological it's not the right a energy level it's not the right so it can't explain the dark energy as we know it but probably people have played with other ideas well maybe there's something else like a higgs field who's field is permeating all space that housing energy density chew it and that could be the dark energy so so these are ideas if people pursue so we so we see evidence of those energy out there we just don't know where it came from and what it's doing yeah and electric field in this room has energy we can't see it 'em unless it's awfully hard see an so it could be there's a bunch of fields olds in the universe each contributing to the dark energy the problem is if i did a naive estimate of what it should be it would be way shooter the weird problem is that it's the the dark energy is small which is surprising it should it'd be huge huge would have just blown out by over right we never would have had time to make stars and galaxies okay well i'm glad it's not huge then yeah so along this one sarp yeah it is speculated the all of these fields yeah all these fields and these strings and these energies and these parks or one thing well string theory has proliferated at started a string theory now it's kind of m syrian nobody's ever figured out what the m stands for i think multi could be multi it could be am am from membrane and we know there's basically every dimension of fundamental object less than the size of the entire space so in other words if we living a three dimensional universe maybe they're strings maybe they're membranes which are like surfaces if we're living in a four dimensional universe maybe their volume maybe there's the number of membranes as you go up intimate looking at the start i hope this helps you you go send a great a great deep dive here and i wanna i wanna thank you for taking us down that path thank you sir thank you it's time for the lightning round i wonder clapped is an artifact of a lightning strike so you ready for the lightning round doctor i am a come in here all right janna brain rest galaxy name out there oh i mean i i guess i have to be andromeda i mean it's a good name what am i supposed c m eighty seven cool at mit one is much better name are there other universes besides hours i think we i strongly suspect that there are because that's how the whole trend since apparently has has gone do think it possible to travel into the past is definitely possible in einstein's theory of general relativity or the general relativity i apologize but it's okay sorry wonder but a lot there are chronology protection conjectures that argue that ramona jek protection cringe at shows that even though it is permissible under certain extraordinarily strange conditions very strange conditions in relativity that maybe the rest of physics will forbid you're favorite space song goes elton john you go say but but we will have to be so far david bowie sorry oh but i would i would say there's an arctic monkeys song which makes reference to a black hole okay i've been noticing like i have i ear picks up right everytime you hear space time it from both space time inlet calls in and arctic monkeys on if you could travel anywhere in the universe where would you wanna go oh man that's a tough i'll tell you what i told a reporter yeah yeah gimme somebody why why is pretty good still alive you gave waters but you gotta spacesuit you've got a super spacesuit yeah she could go somewhere for for a day with you're jane i can make it back well here's a young i i would of course who's not gonna go check out a black hole i mean come on okay then by the time i come back this millennia have passed here on earth and you know i don't get to hear this podcast a crowd that welby late i would be impoverished life so i know what is the most common common misconception about space in your view and you're humble opinion i think it's the one we already raised that space expand into other space and yet i always want to convince people that means it is space space the meetings question innocent it is right anything that can be expanded into is part of the universe because it's based in a related follow one last lightning round question what is the one thing you wanna do know one thing everyone to know about space or astronomy restroom physics a well that gives me an end everybody when you ponder ponder the number of stars in our galaxy then in turn the number of galaxies but weaken observed now is in around a trillion that right yes that's right and go that is more than you can imagine and somehow you and i are part of that great cosmic universal scheme of things and somehow you and i are one way in which the cosmos knows itself that is really something love we humans with are a little puny human brains have figure this stuff out and talk about it is admirable whenever makes you feel smalls away to remind yourself for isn't at grand yeah we were able to do that is grand and that we feel so small yes isn't it can we have the sense details thank you so much general evan thank you thank you i heard course reader books invest i'm bill nye and i'm cording how remember when it comes to the universe part of our universe science if you like science rules please take a moment to rate and review it in apple podcasts end on stitcher it helps us out and helps other people learn about the show thanks science roses burs by jordan bell par ingineers casey hopeful jerry o'connell and brendon burns mixing in original theme music by casey offer special thanks declare rawlinson

korea corey jim bill nye writer editor powell professor of physics college of columbia university eight billion years five percent ninety two billion light years twenty six six billion light y forty thirty seconds twentyfive percent sixteen years three days one fifth
#66 | Como a RD trabalha sua estratgia de gerao de demanda recorrente com inovao

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#66 | Como a RD trabalha sua estratgia de gerao de demanda recorrente com inovao

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Yuban with my oth- nathan. Tom Bena e key todos. yada Which visualize alina mountainous com today. S komo. She was interview ice usually Former bailing out as you on each valujet dodge much received wanna think same duvida as march gould. Converses consumers as don't bank per capita the mood connect father in bill dodgy keita value. Saints are said our hobbies things as eeo kia put of eight thousand. They'll be to those main brag rather say parabens opport- obamacare assisting faith mass bidding manged prejudice zeki of cardiac tranquil. That's artists soggy dotted saying but this is for the thanks. As don does not say together dodgy yukio positive key neck mozdok Nas follow us. Criticism was that will sustain allying. Demise has todd those moines key. Your memoir is presumed to see heavily. Capita spectators skill is almost of you know pre okay. Good idea acute bob. Garage door fossil is. She makes me call up. Who suited rich was sold Keep day phone to do further. It'll tell simply apply hitch bonday to the moon lewke perform banished stocks prosekey zone. Only whom you me Backyard as you are following got indicted keeping album at the civil sick. If you caught tacky accomplish this bizarre you yada. So it's like qian whose hobby airport find this concept. Things that to do some earners collide novice be seem owing to show me the high not them. I starts out.

asia yashpal coma nasa jesus bob gigi s jim boundary sipple rosalyn knossos chris meal ted icy ella alabama chavez Garcetti gerasimov manos Al stack mack nagoya nampula eric bill sheila makina ritchie musoma mitch
La India en silla de ruedas y Tacones de Dlmata  Silleros Viajeros 56

Podcast RadioViajera

42:31 min | 1 year ago

La India en silla de ruedas y Tacones de Dlmata Silleros Viajeros 56

"The People that is Gutenberg Sita's behaviors. He festival many hitters. We hero spoon tecom embody hit up DOT COM Ooh Masochist almost combo. Sutter sporadic rapacity Dino's because ballot is my nose Lama Allenby Apparatus correal mono this year as we ask our egos read it have been blow back owners. They've Alvorada new react case. A minister is when I take our Gordon. Eakin knows garlic the modern we'd lucy will either. I was super in data centers. I got an worcester brought on by the mini those many this as gators behaviors. April remark conceivable. That some super bowl with phobe will travel emails. Mosiac or Congonhas. They can win team. Pull they pathetic alert theater controversy so because he perusal or use. Promo Swim. Yeah Hey y'all laying the minority Susannah. Ns W Hideki combined other now as unique through says billionth. Yes get him on. The in the area had physical mental Cornelia Tromso honorable happy. This I've Sinatra Perama Susannah Bienvenida associated craters April or to the radio. We are started. This we know Sanaa though that had his own corner so traditionally proven e almost delay India as his fellow north and motor tempo as we stay on bipolar in Gaby's barriers Personas Gandhi capacity. That's what Donald Trump Akito say it that much though which is a marsh or Chore Number Reliable Shahnaz Navistar Mazas Panacea. Rytas YOU'VE EMERSON CDs. Electric Car E. Y no VN experience. I'm Bethel going to be that same. We let me go Spaniards India Sepulchre. Now we have a catheter. Has One of those a or not awesome? Well Addictive Quintana. Now he must. He must tune commuted. W on E. was located to those crispus. I'll go my dau- but opined overseen Celia were Solo as Myers complicated galaxies. Deka was the of us to the embryo e. s they will mature sodas. The waters a embiid though winter. Cd-rom Clara lost in the in handle. I got a Personas Alaska Office. They that's getbraincoffee in the transit no. Us does put up with heavier. Post by one spot in Kentucky are combined most of them. I mean they opened across Iraq and North Carolina. Lamantia this medium. Here's this hapless combined with this tecoma choke you've gone off it. GonNa Theta and restore combined scare Gabia. Hong-keun Daego Estonian Sec- staff did. What did they be hair? Comb via musclemen knows knowing thrown as close as the mosaic last year Ayatollah India. Ibm Say since. You're almost daily yellow person in the US No those are the Ash Meadows on the on the best about fair sample. That of course has it. C- Undersea Buzzer. Skit is when they still gets inefficient Or gathered is is there. I'm going to start their sister. We must show elephants theorem. They'll India data on the cd-rom. They see as best days. What is to be most in Delhi a bakery more the gardeners now flugel being data on Shoe Burien Gordon? He thousand elite Elliott to be more clinical nurse. Louis Arbitron Radio Commercial Bring and Maganto Yvonne whom VR is to pendle gay. Nasi wa at your door policy that there's enough who to go now. She actually end up on the past. Alamos you thought of vitamin A star in Muslim Aharonot fournette. Though he bigger in Oregon radio era Landau all now Bartolotta. Gay went off. We were standing. Tillerson t. But getting winters Rattle Mentally Cinta Illinois Straw Obi Nulla Janos Co e. y not wish the name which is a big big rally or going back. This is Komo Stan. Comoro by city luxury that villas is NATO Beta Theta Dodd now. She donned the Harrow. Mass Ghana's pursue a lucrative e e. One I got you. Almost the bitter she gets the game. Utah Maura which stemmed lows IGUANA POST IN AN ARC. This view that By Stan Day Marsano Seriously I. I don't see football as Cassani feathers is Tom. We import or you personalities through Dr knows how to the Komo but is that our young donors knowing that people react list. I went opposite killers. Killers Stan Duda Gal. Who knows all Muslim Barbie Damascus Yup? It's Muslim minister. Though or any of these IOT initial Punahou initial course heater get North Korea safe because Ziegler seriously no in days gone breath. Us THROW LEMON. He can be any solid. Were still is must feel. Suzanne Tear Domino Kirksey India by the brutalities Ingraham Your in methodist so. No one was there because they are Super Neuhof get the Komo now so may be an op een moving your but I mean I know ours. Let's honest to be Muslim. Trust me combined. Minnesota Bella is flat on a scooter ye UvA necessarily as We have had one on this. You'RE GONNA love yours to the kicked off as you said we see that I can get this goaltender in one data sees Elaine. We must leave. Must obviously a lot tune by La Casa Landy? Ivano edens okay is Western interests under. They explored this begun on book. Allies thirty I e this this will Boko was enacted momento. Gondolas to a minute. I'm used to visit Mazda MIATA. Mba A cockatiel. Naturally Dr Been Prevention Difficult Game Parrella visually more way this style. We see that the WHO the WHO my own K. One off way more. Chula if we I'm in a good to me not give. Gays inquiry is inaudible. Ethan is stubborn. Monarch were skilled yet. Dot but gang looser am Ibn is a let's see disability in ramp up for their accent. I seek get end of the day GALENA screamer South Yarra Laura Garrido GonNa Photovoltaic assertain Mustang delaroche each other Tambi n Cuando. Yoga's last in traffic McCarthy cool out typical NOLASCO SASKATOON IMPLICIT MEMPHIS JERUSALEM. Which are that idea is Ghulam Pogo. Royal E disciplined investment. Gabby motorcycle think of China's familiar. Is Okay Remorse. Land. That's seeping nor speak to you or not. I say that but you still maintain a as Budai Fugu Landau use it until a CK. Owner is motorable at like e. Galleria a Burmese Mason on CD of the day. All they need Dell Com- offend robustly. There's there is no my to do that. Is in Delhi and Niagara on the are. Outta if something else and high booed look. Here's the the ACA law will be more severely by these initial Guano Nevada. Kids look Dr Muslim four-decade brutal Kellyanne. Thorough spotty monumental money that if we can curricula Eagle Mono no swindlers. Abc thought read this for gays. Inc Really I am on the Emperor Nitto I the thing own. She'll get the minimum wage to scissors are rallying concierge actors in Orlean Theorem Dr Dolittle alawradio delivers hardiness. Them internationally. Steelers Sir Italy until you're not not within CC. Bushel. I thought Sissy see happen when when that off that must believe these bare mass was mid air moment duck. Do we must Mitchell Gabe me. If we're cutting the expedient SALVIA GET US remorse obviously tired of them plumbers. It went on collided. It excessively on the Amish. I should Lead injured adopt the Hawaii. No I I would have done at Skydome. Now they're not enough Calama Heraldic. Nettie capable kabbage almost than their nosy cook at a nursing. Outta my own tears. Who gave you a new? Not Bob Latvian. Pick Anita boiled egg in spite of theology. Death it is still not out of the head on tra- making it we can rely Inada Woomera Ouaga. You northwest data the on the day Amish Lori McKenna deal but shoot that Gideon. Gillis Gays Dinner Steinfeldt Darras laps clockers Iran by someone level less cars less hours received. He is laying out INDYCAR for our own laws. One rusted quitters to receive mercy. Barbarity one on that. No the reality that initially got to do not. Moina reality that God Hamas Villa Grenada Snyder. Not near done quite in thunnus. I got on it. Almost WanNA talk theon no. Let's see let's head yet. Is Wound up our sellers. Soup works you want not meet Allan. The Gun C. Subaru in an adult daycare. Silas them go know if they didn't Alexander's by C. Thursday. They found out on a sycamore city fit that he went on the Su- went down. There pushed former defeat aboard law. Nurse that has gone. Moore's Alaska Raila. You are more saying the Guy Laroche Nina's if way by believe what do Ruutel Ruutel Viscous Bradstock and lost planets in Western Milo. With his selling the fifty day boys deployments these funds. So Oh yeah you get a restaurant on Mia Bien begun to under Sika? Look another become Kahlo. Hedda yummy content no matter astronaut Media Mancado. Am which has misconduct Gosh Dondo on gay them Moina Atkins Okay Kelaniya it. An Elizabeth start up by mental kickoff seeing Labrador part of this bitter become become. It'll when I mean I mean I'm Joe I which does not meet our standards that most governor Eden posted this Recuse STILL ASTRUM. Yeah Sushi medic bail gase Africa all star gas needs through tallow denounce does say other. The de la. Welcome burgomaster leased. Okay go modular severe most say Msci money say young down learning your sister. Citizen via Super Philippe is daily Seniors that by analogy in Lemme smuggle nealer Does has got us in this. This Guy Moot More chummy Satyam. You're going to the inaugural not immune therapy parral. Okay fifty I mean. The MOM studies Dr. Levin Massana fatal. Paul the Tino bill say I just thought about those have look at Conrad Perkasie? No one was the gotTa Motorola guessed that in game porky one. Nothing senior fellow. Diety animal skin was when the mortar school. Doodo so we must`ve. There's cannot just last night there in its dip window and Mahbub Susannah Moti Master. Yes or combat erase those. We saw druce e always carry masochist relatively flat level. Tamara Bego Larry. They could have on your show throws boy this is eastern on ESPN. I must more outgoing. Lebron Tito st no apple the battery into some women for carpet not before that though those e atlas associated doors other skills gender so yellow skin is uneven gave. I didn't have enough to know how to lean you. Most of us in the feel the wind. Lucy will a question. Larry CONAN's Madda is about it. He'll superintendents and they'll frontier the ESTAR. Nubia a Nubia. Wreath Gain Buckling Down Book. Tomorrow's versus activity there is chaotic. Or more better. Knock on these at Swale. Orlan Rudy APP via mini. That's your heroes April remedy to reason. He will that Hera Allowing Academy and Gonzales Congo. Show throw him to win a Liberty Minna. Those printers will stop or Nemesis Heatwave Ikeda's through ten days Saipan Has got another appropriators charalambos in his own media is not. GonNa these Kathy that Beethoven Giddy Scotty at two am. Did They WanNa Tina Convention idea? When I met a lot of people to walk. I figured out a bullock while Joe Paolino comfortably Soir Bill Mantica that a Dingo to get on a took a ended up era lobotomy. Monday in Lebanon. Timmy had them. It won't be balloted DUMMY TAKE ON GOODWILL DR O. full-throated Guten via as a Kippur Augusta etc. Casale against the Medical Monte doesn't the endo gays a locally that number two projector anti-competitive his head. See Ya we see. Data may deal a good. You also likely Theo E. winnable condo already California Law Committee Keith. Assay a team up again with Timbaland vocal fidget. They will I mean. I'm going to meet your cy notably opinion. They may not our. It can use backwards data. Packet your schedule lobby and not enough can give wander into our up one or both long documents seen gone you. You already blocked multiple Kimmel to mutual after the Raffia. Vento a lamola whenever Kumar quirkier teacup. Where he'll Tom for total Catala Ghazi to loan he may we'll talk from Beta lowered ACA Lamamra Liam nominee. I can blow Damola Nissan. Yeah a lexical Manashian combranch Salama hold filed out. I've got a book up. Welcome if within thrown for hang. Look Tara getting a Lotta also theology in doing zero thing. Remorse with the low in Medina. Prosciutto Mamo missy and dove will reduce the vague Germania book up on them. If we own and live with rob locate us for now national the owners to come on. Luda. Don't they got a book three a does it all depot they Marshall Tinny the three multi layer in Toronto immed- party only building through will actually at eight Indian Tarik Salema senior goofy. Will then throw. Delap was really low car oriental at a good time here for medicine. Pretty whoever it is on the no from June Elaine Frat Tutuila Pussy and but if the united does indirect is on the line for two hundred dollars on this but I say I could see includes era took it out on people the Persona Kit Interim Solvent Dr a boy hockey your preliminary Early that allowance Rocky Incan. Today you hit on Musica e Combined arm a little kid you configure Moose Academy health care. Lucy era and then dark amis may conceal to say on Luma particularly in gleaned mutual in the in the dark it a little bit more. Komo's temporary casino. Concealing for two hundred keyboard went out John Placebo. A tall without without a miniature musica it one Downing West Nile Phenomena Dummy Louisville Camillo increments. They are two points or throw him in those Kamal Song after presidency of sensory experience that most handlers by most Mama's Domus over Alamosa Book. It is it is. It is contended in his home group. Masika it was Perkin. Roscoe's US then as deputy feeling why they signals Nokia combined to see a Automo- Lupo three kin see fossa elevators. Lana Nulla north really respectful. I listen they K- knowledgeable for Lupul Peterborough Amazon. About the capacity dahbi Suave in Thessaloniki. Persona get the second in the meantime we in audio without the way to me in and saved all see dealer locally is seeing people monocle mortgages Joe. Nobody attack on music because people they won't take a fake Nodia when a bonus we'll do nothing drama maturing into a lapita sooner or two fatal Diplomacy Color Warren narcotic my agenda for Nazi Luoyang INFORMATICA Cappuccino maturity. Boom Shaka groomer partially Latino Luminoso from antiwar lonely lonely cannot emotion on the Ramo collect later? No no no no no dinning. Newell fitness accumulates on no Gunderman Latakia put on say instagram. The Open Sierra a little Dodo charged. I got enough we win we will need to. I in most interpreted cutting little Mara USA innocent. Terminator you're going on your skip. Remorse paid Obama. Not Having enough money to they're no. Pda In disciplinary ALLENSINC. Was from other than Guangdong new. Get some really tough work in Oakland. Donald Seattle Tehema. Mto till they were dying. Gravely I'll get me legals. He lowered iota. Go later on. Demography does hilary more meemaw. Forget another hundred lorrimore. The you know he was a dot com. Look at government highlighted. Be One of those north in chocolate. Not Being I cannot hide meters or guitar. Videos are 'cause we begin is your e Piddled Arment Nashville not often. You don't death twice on this program. As well I'll push him out to our law. Allow not is a few tally. Remote eight thousand divided about something healthy time. Donald V us with a a Info culshaw little llanelli's the city at this really really really losing their plumbing yet but as a fundamental mundane in the end though no one to me you look at former Tamalada a infertility menu bill in Cuneo but a compromise Malaga Lego and Duni. WanNa see a photograph during Lee. What I'm going to tell you but I wanted to to mass acquisition those e Olya is thank for Matthew those stars Proxima regardless but they mustn't go drive him. Worcester party now web see a town in the Venezuela in Lubbock madingues allure Columbus relevant to do Butler after Phoenix Stay on a lamb. Prison got it all off the bowling too. I haven't When no secular. Ice Alamosa them restaurants bitty antea sense. Odiele kisses with them will pay. What line on me. I'm eager to have you back at it and it's sort of the federal. Is You almost a moment? Domain controllers In internal ran micrometer ems global select As retroactive little short of theater. Jackie la La land thing. It's Marcus Komiya noted that could mean Amilton on a whim. Diva e are able commenced Lavar UP CITY FOR INFOCOMM OUT. Then I see no macarena when I'm in a God yet. Him Calica me commutable a day. This billionth yes political as a medical day or Komo come from funen. A penalty needed recommend salad. Casinos in select blue electoral. Men's soccer he could maybe look owned entity that could be really love vetoed on their daily or deputy. Ah Okay owing Brousseau feet upriver Iran Bbc's opinion on the corner threw so don't heal our millar at put in your collecting America has cdl. Commune Solitaire on our city. Is that people numbers that would disable. Astor's pretty envious boy this hair on any data for a Pony Martane in me. Local is lamentable personality. That are high in. I don't always walk in. Memento was quite yet persona the Abu Dhabi Nano aerial political heavy fool around for example a Prada indistinct persona yet took over disagree with him for a product. Lateral PRONUNCIA scenario nozzle photo Mamo. But it's not basically immune for K. A look at your Kiro kid on Komo Luca Viva La Guardia poison me bustle for disability mental Combined import on some commodity. Jj Persona Theater all sorts. All sort of assume is about network is but here your skin starts us would not be in better and really that Jimmy Conrad Your Komo comments lunatic. Komo's Laver Dagga Qatada as CD Nulla do not after opinion. Yeah but they're not saying in order to run wing date Gillani settler. But I WANNA young over all not not got to Nami Gumma. Moss Might Nas look at famous is a lot of unilateral Peninsula Bama putting a definitive Mika but up persona later yellow Colorado the commissary saw de la differentiate. Gullion shown the talk here. It's up on the social ladder. Took I dig American Flato said Weasel M Como Zulu Rem normal solitaire difference and your fellow? Komo said they would imply that a fuller persona being calm being seat to a Theon Komo commodity right on our show now Guy Kamaruddin Nila scene at the citadel. Daniel Gamal Domino down. The data is persona putting and she got from the Komo Komo Algal Moot Seltzer Sima Chairman. Komo local equal plan known necessarily opponent commissary with this we. They re their own aperture not here salute where Cambio look inside weaving in Libya Paean. Lottie da Gama ready to come you know I could suitable blood or leading to Peter Cappelli Reno it commodity lemon lyrica. Alameda academical behaving badly. I do want the canonical local. The pick and you talk to me when I'm not gonNA capacity. That's central yet. Oh not own uncle media motorable kid rock but soon as a second job is is an axiom for Madiba important. They must make post in. Tampa that interest antivirus. They need yet the. Us We love it. I can't remember what is the intent to allow hinted in a Milwaukee Luella personal conduct do data data medical ready to our our. Oh wait could satisfy Komo product. My La La La Peninsula shooter. This deal fruit in a get him on the street about casino gambling. I mean me I would have one or you're not out is how oray oldest out-of-work Alamo status will allow me is still may has a facetime union was through territory of for C. Till a gutter pretty in for Jim Rueda Melson. Hi overn Into in the classrooms in England People Dokic Timothy. Look back and whether you need to go to iago Gona Gone Komo's agai winnow gear winnow or digging into personnel. Get them gainers into the the tobacco now. Wherever they attack owners day Malda the deputy John Them Young winners has been interest personalities. In the gay talk via her motor etc museum. Boy There's combat the ear one of Komo Komo zone associates but at the local mall. Komo better so knock on contract Enosis Eko combat aviation plateau. Do Me Below Mexico. Komo in doubt but Joel look locally. Cabinet blast Ceo SALVO FOR THE BY IT GAGGING. The boiler was read aloud rival. So you'RE GONNA throw on Indo own the field but I salute theon will benefit. You'll they are outside like yoga. Whatever 'cause you luckily real name sickle combined locator or going into graphic e? Ict You tell them the real quick twitter said we dominate the local into Median goners Alma data entry. This'll theologist that same facebook and they're the ones that I'm being key thumb a book or they're still poor. Gareth is a Larry's not letham on Maslova Inca Vieira Moss sorretto personas gone capacity obvious welfare than see Joe Biden that Land Lucille. A total capacity. Daddy Joy Toronto Prada DNR easy but But also in the CIGA- persona comb at the seat them. I do not get together. We're going to see a financier theme Potter Buckle. She demento all at the end of productivity is in Pictogram. Ah But In the community for tonight's without in dental affiliate are more important the gate compared to the fatal merely capacity last data to support coming mental classroom limited markets in Asia. A Yoga Unisys victim within also go Rhino K. K. Most a couple of these about the issue and I mean there's a mobile radio and in twitter only momentum color if mass a mobile phase is over it although and is that. I'm you start with this political that I seek almost almost always or nobody's being automobile. Espn if they remained asking me so this this as Dorothy has was sea in good name animal though at one of cutting his hair and Donna is not the I'll put them in. A footnote cannot get unconverted. Memento COSC- boiling barely to his meager. Who Combines all the ladder? Courtesy own look bowls. Oh looking Soto will came in with a race looking at the inauguration. I mean lower. Lucky Joe. Ain't nobody shooting out that it moved so duper Hindu parental channon battle volume battle Moby into sage was May Bado E. Camilla. Mano a Manga lacking blue with the KOMO poetic Crean Oh being the victim in Daytona. But I'll I'll do ill-will to combat it can somehow gets a look. Now we'll do negative his Wimbledon Induna. Maybe it'll thought that I didn't see I'm not to be a little taller. Cologne Labadze in total took a Miami. They know tikolo. The HOKUTO bitter putting implement better mobile leroux. La Lettera fail him afoot Ohgushi toddler who already fatal another Niccolo also all see a yellow line. The comment about young Louis. He puts it in Colonie Khalida. Oh what you want. How or by Gilda? Kosher Dill Lacombe Greenaway. Then it must stand together in their nudie out. Tc Muslim affairs for status. That are they gonNa Roast Pork Umberto experience. Nps Momma started karalis finish channel a KOMO TRIPLE INPUTTING DOT COM gone. Deal the Tabacchi. Now we're able to correlate throw nickel that does why not just going into all of them. I guess one of my marketing a little Russian even the input fatal kid Bristle Tiago Alameda. E E one up mean dangling down the margins music or Atra Provincia political Putting the guitar on Netflix. So Ian get it with the army after the enemy gone back to Mika Electron ago me make a adults in an NIMMO relevant McCone stomach that go near Alameda. Wounded Warriors Nubia Motors Motor but is that throws e when was this mosaic wikileaks broadmoor but again those competitors quite videon teac that by the time the in this day he is on the move. Rondo Back Yeah. Who Comes Pretty soon? Face UNISEM animus muster Brora an actual team. It's almost as similar strike either already. Gordon Moskenes policing Gandara radius of post-communist. Komo's years behaviors or quality speed. I E Cape a psyche studies supposedly Theon pussycat as combat. It was hit as time solo than as can be on girl attorney Coa Info at Siu heroes. Boondoggle wish travel.

Komo Us Komo Komo Komo Stan India Gordon Moskenes Lucy era Komo Luca Viva La Guardia Donald Trump ESPN Elaine Frat Delhi Kentucky twitter Susannah Bienvenida Congonhas Personas Alaska Office Cornelia Tromso Toronto Gutenberg Sita
411 | Privacy & Inclusion (FLoC) with Carolyn Lyden of Search Engine Land

Edge of the Web

35:09 min | 3 months ago

411 | Privacy & Inclusion (FLoC) with Carolyn Lyden of Search Engine Land

"Caroline liden digs into flock zero. Click and marketing automation seat. We pissed off everyone on this one but redeeming ourselves. We're actually unpack into discussion about women in seo today on the your weekly digital marketing trends with industry trendsetting guests powered by your digital marketing. Pioneers strategic this week's featured guest is carolyn laden director of search content or search engine land and sms. Now here's your host erin sparks. This is edge of the web radio on your host errands park every week. We bring you amazing guest chat with about digital marketing tactics and news. We unpack key marketing topic for our digital marketing audience. Whether your agency or freelancer or part of a firm this show is for you be sure to check out. All our recent shows over an of the web radio dot com edge of the web is actually sponsored by your title sponsor site strategic. so we're pioneers. In the agile digital marketing methodology. Our core specialties. Our seo sem technical seo and conversion rate optimization along with omni channel media broadcast just like what you're hearing endless in watching today as a marketing results based marketing. That actually works. If you're interested in what we can do for you. Give us a call at eight seven seven. Seo for web or eight seven seven seven three six four nine three two just want to let you know a few things some housekeeping badge. Who's going to be coming up on. this show. Next few episodes are going to be talking to roger monte over at search engine journal and mark trap hagen. Be sure to check out. The reason shows that we've had Aguirre andrew optimizing as well as check out our four zero four four hundred and fourth show. Yeah we did four hundred and four shows and we actually had a contest giving The way really cool podcast and get to the best submitter of a top level. Four page on the net so we have a lot of fun. Check that out if you're interested in being part of the show. Just let us know at info at edge of the web radio dot com reminders on youtube and get notified when we post these videos. Make sure they check out our weekly news. Podcast covering the most reason digital marketing news and google updates were dropping it every tuesday to help you navigate your digital marketing week or continuing. Our news with me oberstein the indomitable morning overseen so you never know what he's going to actually say so you might want to tune in that. Well let's continue our conversation with caroline. Light it he didn't check out our first episode she. The director of search content at third door media most recently her own agency search hermit where she specifically set out to help women and be. Ipo owned businesses improve their presence and performance in she's extremely knowledgeable across all verticals in search marketing with predict expertise in content marketing strategy local search marketing and analytics. She's also a well known figure in the search community through her experiences speaking in various conferences and as a leader of popular Chats on twitter hashtag seo chat in particular and every once in a while aerobic jumps in there and and alan bleiweiss caroline truly is the matriarch there so we want to make sure that we clean house away from those robes every once in a while right caroline. Thanks so much again for joining us on our second segment here. In good knowledge about how door operates its content and and how search engine marketing land deliver content on a daily basis for us in the s you know digital marketing industry as well. We talked about some of the challenges. The third had with their at person conferences. Getting shut down and twenty twenty. I would like to pivot around because you are the editor in chief and let's talk about. Seo topics here for a second because there's so much in the water right now. It's never a dull moment inside of seo. None of her moment in the spaces of even big data in politics. We're not going to big data and politics today. But just saying this constant thomas in the water all right so topics in seo nfl. Oh see what. The heck is this thing i i know what it stands for. Federated a learning of cohort. Give me your take a boilerplate for our audience of not have come across this yet. What is epilepsy. so i'm just calling in flock for the The show many akron. 'isms there that we can you and it's part of i think google's all the acronyms around it are related to like birds and things like that which is super interesting to turtledove. Fledge in something that look like you said is federated learning of cohorts and it's essentially gul's replacement for third party cookies so they're phasing out So that they say to protect the privacy of users in the idea is that google will group users essentially into buckets based on your interest in targeting will be based on those interest buckets from now on as opposed to the cookie based targeting that we were using as advertisers before and that's users were oftentimes unknowingly participating in. I don't think a lot of times consumers understand how the data privacy aspect of surge in ads work. i think this is also given users a glimpse into what's going on behind the scenes a little bit even if they may not understand the minutiae of it. There's a lot of debate about this. And we we know that they they privacy challenges with party. Cookies have been there for the longest time. It's great it's good to actually slough off that in favor of a new way to track users however if there's a solid campaign an anti flock or flocking as the case may be able to see it's going to be the gift that keeps on giving the approach effectively hides individuals in the crowd and uses on device processing to keep the person's web history private on the browser. Google ads team tested this privacy. I type of alternative for third party cookies replacement but it's a new way to make a browser do the profiling. That third party trackers used to themselves right in in this case in boiling down your recent browser activity into behavioral label and then sharing that with websites and advertisers. So you're getting distilled and democratized as opposed to opting in. Now there's a. We had a lot of conversation on the show. Here about opt in tracking. Just let us opt into the sites that we wanted to attract and at that point in time. You're in full control of all the advertising this coming your way and on top of that you'd be even in full control of Where that advertising information right into the ecosystem but to be part of a learning cohort and have a labeling or a series of more detailed labels assigned to my behavior they may very well not know my history of my browser but they certainly are going to put me into a category. I don't particularly want to be in and see the ads. Come at me from that particular labels. Here i'm going there to choices at mix here is the route of often scenario and then being kinda labeled and we have no control over how that labeled data actually gets moved to different advertising third parties. So there's a lot of contention about this. What have you guys Written about that clears the air or actually assists in. I wouldn't say feeding the the argument but actually clearly creating the lanes of understanding. Yeah so sort of to touch on what you were saying before regarding opting in like giving being given the choice to opt in all of the not all of it but a decent amount of the news and a that's coming out seems to compare rules federated learning cohorts to apple's idea phase so in apple's latest iowa's update they're giving people essentially the option to be tracked across apps which also affects marketers. But it gives it puts the onus on the user to choose whether or not they Participate in that tracking the giving up of their data. So i think that there are Two that case said he's out there are case potentially case studies that we can see how this goes. There has been data around. How many people actually would choose to opt in. And i think last year think was around sixty percent of people said they would. I read a study recently. That said it was more recently around forty percent of people in. I think with apple's idea. Fa also you only get two lines to explain why you want to track someone so that may be a harder That may be why. That percentage has dropped but yeah the coverage around flock. I feel like it's part of this. More zoomed out. Look at data privacy and why it matters for search marketers obviously are used to third party cookies that we get even in the the tools that we were using probably previously. It makes me think of jal remember. Nacho analytics is to help people Spy on different companies. They don't have access to. And i think that was tracking people without their knowledge and using that data for their Sas purposes. so. I think there's a larger conversation that fog and the fa even now facebook with their leak of user data that will have less trust in these tech companies. Having axios did some data Release date on it but people have less trust in these companies and thinking about. What does that mean for marketers. If these are the main Ways that were reaching people in search marketing if we're targeting people on facebook retargeting targeting with search ads and so that that part of the conversation than the part of the conversation is if google is moving forward with these and then other browsers are also getting rid of third party cookies. How are we adjusting. How do we need to adjust. Do need to adjusted all google says. I think that according to their testing which they opened flock for advertiser testing at the beginning of q two but according to their own internal testing it was like ninety five percents. I want say accurate. I don't know the exact word. But it ninety percent on par with the an existing tracking. So i think marketers are like i said earlier in the last episode we were always evolving. We always have to deal with change. And so part of it is figuring out how we're going to deal with this and if it changes anything for us and in how we can adjust and then there's a communication aspect of it. Well also. How do you communicate this if your agency side to your clients of your in house to stakeholders as this is why we're changing the effects. It's gonna have this is maybe there's an evening out period where we gotta figure it out so i think there's that zoomed out view of what's really happening across the landscapes freebies tech companies in how we have to adjust as beyond marketing. Obviously it's society as a whole. I mean five hundred thirty three million. Facebook users accounts were leaked. Include names phone numbers facebook. These locations birthdays relationships. That is i mean. This is serious serious stuff and are going to as much as we. We did talk about how convenient personalized ads are in search and how consumers thoroughly enjoy the the personalized content and advertising. That comes with a price and people are more and more understanding what that price is. And they're pushing away from the table. They're not wanting to have those type of conveniences at risk of their personal identity being stolen or exploited. So we're going to be in the space. Where i i mean. I'm not a prognosticator. All i can all. I can do kind tee up the the facts as we see him and have discussions about him right. It's great to be able to see this incubation of a new way to track without tracking de personalizing behavior but at the same time. If you get yourself labeled to a degree of labeling could only imagine that the only way to be effectively marketing you've got to have such nuancing granularity into the labeling itself that by larger still getting the same result and you're still as potentially susceptible of privacy Exploits even though they don't know your name they could truly pinpoint you on geo targeting and all the other behavioral characteristics not to put on my tinfoil hat or go evil genius on. I lean more towards opt. In if i want the data if i want that type of advertising let me choose as a private consumer to be able to accept though. I'll leave it there. I think also on the search marketers side at least a lot of the feedback. That i've heard is a lot of people in advertising and ppc sort of feel like. Is google getting to decide that. They are the arbiter of privacy and data in. There's lots of talk of the walled garden. Google's the one who holds the blackhawks of data. And what does that mean. Google obviously has pushed back on that which we've made sure to try to cover in our reporting of the situation as well. So i think because the. There's this constant i guess. Back and forth between google has tech company in a search engine search marketers. Advertisers that there might be some distrust back and forth between the two so making sure that i guess there's as much clarification as possible. But i think that that's also a big. I guess topic and the search lula topic of conversation speaking of trust. Here's a great segue into our next point here. What the heck you doing with our search content. Google sixty five percent of searches in twenty twenty resulted in zero click. All right so we talked. We cover this time this last week. I think but here there's a whole nother subject matter right here of website owners and marketers Getting all aflutter because the searches that are happening all last year and continue this year are not resulting in a click going to website destination so on the surface. You'd think that well google's slurping up all the content to be able to populate feature snippets and this that and the other but that's not really the case we as consumers are asking more of our smart speakers are our search environment. We're looking for that transactional data. That has no destination. What time is it. What's the weather my directions to the airport. I don't need a destination. I don't need a website to see. And i'm trusting more and more into google because of the tech company. They're providing me this omni present answer cube right to be able to go to google and just say all right. This is what i want. It need to know so our consumer behavior just like we were talking about this last subject matter. Art consumer behavior is changing. Why are people so up in arms regarding zero click. I think honestly as with most things like the flock thing There it's less about what's actually being said more about the. I'm phrases as like possible but it's more about this cushion. Pull i think with google that a lot of search marketers have sort of related to the flock thing so We get data from rand and similar web and we say okay. Who will is this. True and google says no. But we're not going to provide you with data to necessarily refute it. And so. I think there's a frustration there that people don't necessarily maybe he hates that they that truth exists or you know i even think that maybe the sixty five percent is a large number because of course were including things like you were saying researching. What's the temperature outside. And what time is it in pacific time. I searched that all the time. I have time zone issues but i think it's more about this pushing poll between search marketers in google. So it's about the actual numbers and more about. I like to tell people it's like we wouldn't exist without grupo book gluing exist without us giving our at least as a search engine giving our websites for them to rank and serve in contents. The slippery slope is we're giving their web websites content up to google and google also deciding to lift it into feature snippets. And then there's the other contention of okay if you're actually showcasing the answer. Then there's no reason to actually go to my website. Who gave you that permission. And then on top of a the last more recent news is all of a sudden competitors are actually getting inserted into the knowledge panel of your own brand what the flock is that. So i think i think again this especially in this maybe on the more on the seo side in theory on the pbc side. Your research mortgage will disagree but google goal is to serve the user in if really wants. Google makes a ton of money by advertising so if it continues to keep you on its search engine you are more likely to click an ad and they were more likely to make money from you. And that's just how business works how it works across multiple domains even a aside from search engine so their goal is to serve the user and as users like you were saying. I don't wanna print out my mapquest directions anymore. Like i just want someone to tell me how to get there and a lot of the charter. I think i've been seeing the seo community. Once people got over the number of zero quick searches that was published. A lot of people were actually saying like okay. Yeah this is what it is and make sense because we're trying to serve the users as well. We're trying to answer questions as best as possible. And instead of focusing on what google google gives and we'll google takes away. We really need to think about take google out of it and think about what is your user want. What is your target audience warrant. And if they want the map they're going to get the map if they want the degrees outside they're going to get that instead and if they want a long form explainer that is what is going to get served up to so creating that content for where it exists and one thing i tell people i think people forget. When you do keyword research we get so caught up in the tools where checking the rankings rechecking. The keyword difficulty were checking. How many links. Nobody actually lugos it. Just google and see what comes up like is it a map is it shopping. Is it a a youtube video. Is it an info graphic intent. Absolutely ya and google. That's what google is serving select. Create that if that's what you want to rank for that specific keyword do the best version of that. Because that's what google has assuming he will when exertion for that specific all the arguments encompass a fiction about control the users evolve and what we could hold onto for click through rates ten years ago. It's nothing like that now. And on top of that the entire utilitarian aspect of the functions of google have changed the new media audience. Perspective has changed so you can't have anything. There's nothing constant. There's no guarantee of anything constant life to begin with wind the world. Do you think that that your click ratio on. Google search is going to stay the same come on plus we just put into a wormhole for a year. You better believe there's going to be a heck of a lot more activity on search that won't result into a transaction on your own buddy website. Okay rant there i do. I really do thank you all right. Hey let's let's let's Jettison some of those top. I do appreciate your contribution there. Because that's the kind of stuff. That riles everybody's cages. And it's unending it. it truly is unending at. I think there's some time digest the want to bitch and complain is actually stronger than resolving yourself. Actually make a better website you know. There's there's also that out there but let's let's fitted around to a Survey that malls ran back in two thousand twenty to finish out our interview here. They ran a survey with a six hundred and fifty two. Seo's and who participated in the survey one hundred ninety one identified as women and four hundred and sixty six identified as men men. I'm not outnumbered Women by two one in this. Seo survey and there's another key elements so just recently. They brought through female identifying seo's are more likely to freelance and specialising content. Those backup for a second here fathom what's your take on females and seo and the discrepancy there in. I think. I mean. I'm part of the women tech. Seo community shout out to reach starting matt and part of a bunch of different facebook groups even just for like women digital marketers. And i think a lot of people when they started. Seo back in the day. Tanner fifteen years ago. Many people at least evolved from developer or database or something very technical that oftentimes it was men in those industries. Not because women weren't interested but because they were essentially like closed out. It was often times of bro. Club in So that's why. I think the idea that women getting into seo through content is super interesting and it seems like it personal. Obviously it's my personal story too. So checks out for me but i know so many super smart super amazing women on the technical side who i mean. Frankly they get Not shined but when they come out with things there are men who are like all right. I know more about this topic than you. Or yeah you didn't cover this or xyz in that sort of thing. So i think sometimes women are less likely to want to put it out there. Because they don't want to have to deal sometimes with The backlash that comes from some. And it's not everyone obviously but Sometimes women are like. I'm just freelancing doing this on the side. I don't have to be a vocal member of the seo community. Or if they are. They're hurting women only seo communities where they don't necessarily receive that negative potential feedback. But i do think that. Hopefully we're moving toward more equitable balance in terms of seo. And i hope that the next survey they do reflect sad. And i think mentorship is a super big part of that women in tokyo. Had a mentorship program. I know a couple of different entities are also doing like speaker mentorship program Mentorship programs just so that different. Seo's can come out of their shells and be more vocal be more present in the community. Speak at events and things like that too so there's more visibility there as well. That was just a long rant. I know that's not one hundred percent true across the board. I know that there are definitely women in tech. Seo that there are outspoken women in it as well. So i know that's not one hundred percent the case but appreciate the around because it kind of sets up the conversation. I want to pinpoint on one particular area that you covered there. And it's this level of scrutiny. Have you seen it been used Thinly-veiled there's also a heck of a lot of pettiness out there and there's a heck of a judgement out there that is thinly veiled with scrutiny on the technical analysis that you're doing but have you seen that type of attack as thinly veiled bias against women in tech. Seo definitely i remember a couple years ago. Britney muller was Speaking out at an event. And she i don't remember exactly what is about but she's obviously a a leader in cooking about automation. Even a couple of years ago she gave a talk at moscone Even it was one of those moments that i mentioned in the last episode. Like i'm going to go implement this immediately but events. She was speaking at posted a really. Just like a thing about a sessions. She had coming up so the live event hadn't even happened and there were a bunch of big name men in the seo community who were like well the it doesn't cover this. She doesn't talk about that. And i went in to the twitter. Mentions almost like this has been hasn't even happened. You haven't even seen it. You don't even know what she's covering you're just coming into well actually like have you thought about this and that actually deleted twitter off my phone after that because i was like. I don't need this vitriol. People calling me. That i'm a bad person a for this as well but i think to your point. There is almost a level of elitism that can happen any. Seo community annoyed varies for different people. Some people think all these like big name. People who are in the seo community aren't actually doing seo there. If you're on twitter talking about it then you're not doing about it. And i. i honestly think that added a very basic level. I tried to think everyone like if you were a child. What's going on with you right now. Like where are you hurting other people like. You obviously have some not you. Finding obviously has some sort of late thirties. Or you know like only hurt. People hurt people so like what's happening in your life right don't you. Yeah or like maybe a timeout. My yourself but i mean that's how i try to think about it not naturally empathetic person. So that helps me. But i think that sort of where it stems from is maybe people have their own imposter syndrome You feel better when you're trying to like take other people down so to the community i would say like you don't have to take other people down to make yourself bigger. We not slices of the pie away from people. We can just take a bigger pie in. Everyone can be part of the picnic. But i think it's definitely in of it. And i hope it diminishes more women are in those big name positions in speaking keynoting running huge experiments in writing articles for publications. Things like that to you. Know what life's too short for this. If you're actually coming out with experiments and coming out with depositing a thought about it as a group right. seo should be the community that welcomes the scientifically minded. Especially if you're having people come in from the creative more vision quest side and they're wanting to embrace the analytics the actual mythology of testing and coding. Why in the world would you be up in arms and try to close ranks. I mean it doesn't make any sense you're wanting to have this top experimental marketing mindset. That's the convergence of what marketing and analytics gave us is the ability to test things right. You shouldn't have to have a degree in analytical. Science factually positive thought in he should not have to defend every nook and cranny of something that you bring into the table to discuss. Well that said There's a number of key points that are from the survey in t in twenty and we certainly would like to see mas. Do that again. And see how twenty twenty has come through and twenty twenty one to be able to see a shift in the data. there unintended female identify. Seo's generally charged less than men for their services. You know a group of women and seo that we wanna give a shout out to as jill whelan out any cushings and smarty lily. Ray elitists elise. She's been fantastic in the space. Susan went to grad number friends of the show here their their stellar in what they do and they put forth such great great forum discussions as well and see that demonstrates the welcoming in as opposes shuttering the board and creating our boys only club right spanking in alpha. No girls allowed. What the hell is that you know. I don't remember what the what was i. Remember the little girl's name but added news. Yeah dr. levin shoes the anti boys club or whatever what to your point about people not charging enough. That's one reason. I think if you wanna be a good ally to a woman in seo or in search marketing one way to do that. It's just tell people how much you make for your job equivalent people at your if you're in pbc and you haven't equivalent search marketer talking about salary salary. Transparency is super important in this space. I speak frequently about how to go. She ate your salary. It's something super passionate about. And i always try to make sure that. I'm targeting that talk toward women audiences because i think a lot of times i mean. Data shows that. Lynn women ask for salary increases for our employees or people in our departments where seen as charitable receiving were seen as nurturing. But when we asked for salary increases for ourselves were often seen as greedy. It's considered this double bind so Making sure that you're supporting women in your department women in your agency to make sure that they're getting paid the same as you and it goes back to the other pie thing like just because someone else getting paid equal to you for equal work doesn't take away from your salary doesn't take less or take money away from you. So that's one way to be super great ally in it. It's an uncomfortable conversation because people associate yourself worth with how much they make. But if you want to help the women around you. That's one way to do. It is to open up conversation. Talk about how much you make. I think that's one thing that i really like about the women in tech. Seo community to is women often go to these freelancing positions especially now cova d- because the along with the work the house work the domestic work also often falls to women so they ended up taking part time jobs or freelance jobs are becoming their own consultants because they can set their own hours but sometimes it also means that they're under pricing themselves so talking about how much you charge for an audit or any other seo working you how much you charge for local seo a monthly basis what that includes opening those conversations up like happened what happens in the women in tech seo community can really help sort of like the rising tide raises all boats making sure everyone gets paid for what they're worth. I really love community as you can tell i have no like stakes in it. But it's what are we started. I think has been super helpful for so many people. Even just empowering women to have these conversations because it like. I said it seems scary. Sometimes so certainly champion. What you're doing and keep that torch going. Okay there's anything that we can do to be able to help the cause. We certainly want to do that as well. It's been a pleasure speaking with you. What would you give us a tip share with our audience today. Man i think my i like my keyword research pro tip in my also pro tip to share your salary information. I guess sorta to touch on what we were talking before is if somebody is maybe not as nice to in the seo community instead of d. m. ing that are instead of calling them out or quotes heating them like or you're seeing argumentation happened. Dm people ask how they're doing. Because i think especially in this environment. People are sometimes at their wit's end they're doing a lot of work. they're doing a lot of work at home and they're doing everything from home. So instead of calling people out in the community In starting twitter wars or slack wars or whatever it is actually asked people how they're doing because sometimes they're not doing great right so extent some empathy. I'm trying to do that to be better about if i see something being like. Hey man are you okay. You need help in some way. Do you a listening ear. I think as a community We can be better for extending that empathy to people literally. Just just asking. Hey is the okay now. Does there was nothing. That really was offensive. There can. can i help you. You know buying up a coffee. Something like that. Virtually all right to work through all right so Is it true that you wrote a raging elephant a rampaging elephant through the forest in india. That is true yeah. I studied abroad in college in i. I didn't understand how it worked at the time. I feel really bad about it now but we got bought a ride for an elephant in the elephant was not having it so it rampaged through the forest it got a tree with its trunk and tried to like swat us off. Its back home. They had to bring the elephants girlfriend to calm him down. And then we walked back. And i was like i never Getting on a large animal again. And i regret this choice so please don't come after me. Animal rights people. I know now. Don't send caroline any pictures of elephants. I want i can send you the picture of the elephant like trying to stomp on me before we guys. Yes we gotta have that all right. Thank you so much. We want to make sure that we promote s advanced. Coming up june fifteenth. And say a sixteenth. Certainly wanna be participant of that. So we're going to jump in there see if we can get a ticket or two and we may even want to give away one for of our audience. How about that cuckoo alright That said oh you wanna certainly track down. Caroline on twitter at caroline liden l. y. d. e. n. Thanks so much for joining us today. It's been a pleasure and it's great to be able to meet the new editor in chief over at third door media. Keep up the good work over there all right. I appreciate it absolutely absolutely all right. Don't forget to subscribe to the edge of the web on youtube. And if you really filling up today you know what we'd really like to have you give a on how we did on this show as well. Maybe some of the others That's how we get our feedback but also keeps the algorithm working in our favor. So please give us a review today. Thanks to our sponsors sites strategic check out all the videos and much more over at edge. The web radio dot com. That's radio dot com next show. We're gonna be talking to roger monte author at search engine journal. we're talking news people all of them so from all of us over edge. Do not be a piece of driftwood. Stay well and clunky next bye-bye.

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Episode 72: Fertility crisis and the mystery of Dr Lambourne


38:34 min | 1 year ago

Episode 72: Fertility crisis and the mystery of Dr Lambourne

"This is a stimulus network podcast. Hello and welcome to Eureka nerd. I'm well, and I'm Leah and we have A. Quite a special episode, but we have a very different episode for you this week. Because normally we talk about news out and find, but this time the story found us when he received an email through to the Eureka nerd invokes a few weeks ago, asking if we'd like to read them, review a book, which has recently been published and we thought. Sure why not free books we're into free books are now. We have our review. Well, it's not so much a review of the book as a discussion of some of the things. That the book has brought up. Shall we say that sounds? Diplomatic, let's say that. Yes, but we're going to focus on is not so much the. Content of the book. Oh the argument. We will talk about that. Will Run a bit about that? We're discussed the book purely by its own merits, but also. It's important to raise and discuss how one should approach a book like this. If someone gives you a book and says Hey. Read this science book. It really changed the way I looked at things. What are the things you should be looking at to make sure that the conclusions that roaring in the book of sound that you know this is something that's worth agreeing to let star the top with the author. This book is. Our accidental extinction, the dangerous gap between what we want and what we need by AC Lomban. Doctor AC number is credited as an academic researcher writing analyst with apparently degrees in psychology and political science, including a PhD from the University of Vermont in Psychological Science. And this will sounds quite impressive. All sounds like an interesting kind of person, a well educated person at the very least having a PhD until you Glenn on Google. And find that he doesn't. Show up very much on the Internet, which is very hard to do. In the twenty first century. It's especially hard to do if you've got allegedly published papers in peer review journals a PhD from the University of the mountain dill of this. And lecturing and all of these things that should leave a digital paper trail and. Professionally go looking for these kinds of paper chose to find contacts or researches to interview my job to reach out to full this podcast as well for the last couple of jobs. I've been hounding people to make them. Tell me interesting stuff. And that's the really big deal. Because if I googled somebody and didn't find them, I wouldn't know what like the next step would be to track them down, but you do and you have taken those steps, and you've I mean all we found is the website for this exact book which has got the same bit of blurb. The same like rundown of who this person is supposed to be. It should be on the feasible that a published author lecturer. Academic does not exist. Without every such gate profile without papers published on Google scholar or pubmed without some kind of page on their university to say that they are staff. Hold Electra ship. They have lectured here that even if they had like a vanity page with a picture of themselves on besides like holding this book, saying Hi, I'm Dr Ac van, but here's my book. None of this exists. They don't have a social media presence I don't have a linked in. They don't have an email. That isn't this book. They Lomban, generously is a pen name made up to sell this book because I didn't want to do it under their own name. I mean someone certainly Roy this stuff referencing in it has been done properly and academically. There's a whole chapter of references at the end that has an index to go back and look at pages as acknowledgments, even which bank family and friends to people mentioned by name who turned out to be copy edited his based out of New York, it seems, but that's kind of as far as the trail gets in these copyright, who what for a big freelancing company, so that's kind of a dead end. They might be worked with lots of people and not one of those people AC London. We reached out to the publishes rolled Horizons Publishing. And you think I could find something about Bro Devices publishing maybe. They. Do have a website, but the only thing that's on the website as they spoke as well as being the only book. From brought. Horizons Publishing! It appears to be a print on demand. Jump which. Isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's very effective. Way Of some publishes, and self publishes to respond to incidents directly without having any stock, they have to or any of backlog of old issues, but also kind of doesn't tell us much. About the publishes and kind of fight the absence of information. We have to infer about the publishing. Are Maybe, not a particular prestige, all pedigree, you might expect from other publishing houses, the copyright on the website off from this year's so I mean they appear to be brand new, but if that's the case, they've not made much of a a launch. And I, honestly if we agreed with the content of the book, we probably wouldn't have gone digging. Unfortunately what they've done is tracked down with a cold email. A pair of left leaning quia educators people who know how referencing things is supposed to work. Authored a book about how humans are going to one COSELL's to death. Over pornography, rather than breeding Britain by somebody who apparently believes that recreational sex was invented in the sixties. That may sound like a lot to take in. So take in which is why we spent the whole of the afternoon when we received the book turning to each other and going what reading excerpts going really. Rather, than read it directly from the book I'm going to read some of the Post that sort of got stuck into the book starting with WHO is Landon now Internet trial no history at moment. How does this expand on Barrett's twenty ten book about novel Stimuli, and how they out compete, not for woods, full evoked behaviors. Sweetness Oswego Graham Than Suga is but given the same nutritional benefit. That's the same line that's thrown between natural arousal and synthetic, or will minted arousal in this book about Superdome Oh. Oh actually. This just in. Live breaking news. This is live breaking news. I have just received an email from the content editor. Who I looked up I contacted to say. Do you have any contact details? Fool Dr, Landon. I have not had any contact with Dr Lamb after he hired me to do some copy at its best than here. So. It's actually not even the publishers who hired the editor. Seems that the company of the two was hired directly. and. They don't have any contact information the author. That's weird. I'm super glad that happened live now as recording, but that is still super wit. Actually what? How much do we know about? There's sort of publishing thing is. Would it be normal full? A writer to hire a freelancer copyright. Their money scraped before getting it published. If anyone listening to this has more experience with publishing. Please do let us know if this is normal behavior. Because Baiano and the fact that there's been no contact after being hired a therefore, you can't like. Send an email and go. Oh, someone's asking about your book. Does seem a bit peculiar. Anyway. Posted said I've got stuck into this. Who is a novel WHO Opera Horizons? The next one that comes up is just pull exclamation mark because. Apparently? His a super modern super stimulus that we only invented in the last couple of decades, despite all the archaeological evidence that people have been making pornographic titillating imagery since. Bow The stone age. Yeah, I think the oldest things we have that are. That way like ninety percent shore. All supposed to be pornographic like Roman. All kinds of way at sex stuff they've got a lot of history about best sex stuff. If you've listened to the BBC series history of the world in one hundred objects, which goes through the whole of. Humanity scope of time through selected items from the British Museum. One of those is a Roman Cup featuring images of people. Having sex, which was probably be passed around to orgies to go. Talk. Willie's. Other posts include demographics nationalism. We're GONNA. Come back to that in a little bit unsustainable population boom. Baby, free sex will kill us all. Want somebody think of the men. TV killed my Bona. No animals for fun. A brief couple of pages on the impacts of Porn addiction and sexual health, which is valid, and does merits study, and is affecting a lot of people, and there's a lot of ways in which the won. The world is geared towards enabling that kind of addiction. So like glad, that's in the, but the next one also just says handmaid's Tale I've written that down and stuck that in in all caps because Oh. Dear, Oh, no, Oh God. I do think it's important to point out that we found some textual akers in this of a lot of things that. sort of concerning ideologically speaking, but which John Textual so, you mentioned nationalism. Yeah, that's not textual. There's nothing in here. That is textually eugenicist. But there's an awful lot of stuff that seems to be. Let's call it traditionalist. I am meaning to evoke the likes of Trot wives by that. Because, as mentioned, Dr Lomban whoever they may be in reality. Honestly believes that recreational sex was invented in the sixties which I mean. Oh, my gosh cracks me up the oldest. The oldest medicine in the world is the control like certainly the contraceptive pill became widely available in the western world in the sixties. Before then we had condoms. The rhythm method herbal contraceptives annable abortive. Crocodile Dung pessaries which Cleopatra wrote about for Heaven's sake. We also had ways of having sex which didn't put anyone at risk of getting pregnant in the first place. To using one person's genitals, having sex with someone who physically couldn't get you pregnant because. They didn't change of gimmicks. Scientifically the because to be delicate about it, you didn't have the compatible physiological requirements to enable the preakness then one enough organs between you for anyone to get pregnant. Secretary Him Okay Sex. which as you know if you're a queer on the Internet? People have been having gay sex forever. You also mentions animals. No animals have non reproductive sex. This is untrue. It's just not true, so there is an interesting pattern. All of a sessions in the book Wichita referenced which have a citation to a study which has found. Battle something adjacent to that to been studies in sexual reproductive health. The generations be have been doing this for a very long time. People have been researching it for a long time. The psychology of stimulus and super stimulus again not a new thing now actually on this whole double page spread where you have. The Tab marked no animal fun. There are no citations. There is not a single reference. On this double page spread and it's because it's a lie. Saying. No animal has a disconnected sex from procreation ignores off the top of our heads. Dolphins will have blowhole sex with one another. They will also try to have sex with not dolphins dogs fraught up again stuff all of the time the sexual release. It's kind of trump. Yeah, like I'm pretty show. West Westie is not trying to get the pillow pregnant. In Hyenas, dominant females will have sex with other members of the trip to establish dominance when Obama keys are famed for the exchange of sex or goods or status as a kind of very gracious. How do you do very active? Animal and people look at them and go sex monkey, even the volition recycle Aji. Guys who like we Duncan frequently because there's a lot of misogyny in that field going on. Even they acknowledge the in humans. Sex has got a social component. That we have sex with each other as a means of bonding. So that's wild, frankly as an assertion, I mean 'cause. That's what like halfway through the page, count of book early on there were an awful lot of references. Every other sentence has got brackets something. Yea, but there are still. Assertions which on reference. which definitely have not come from a reference that been mentioned before one of the ones about breast enhancements flipped the Tampa Food Heavier and you did also mention that you went and look the study that was referenced in that unfounded. The conclusion is being drawn in. This book is not quite. Actually born out in the study, so there's a reference to a study by doyle and you. He I believe that's how it's pronounced. In Two thousand twelve, who investigated the attractiveness of breasts that natural, an unwarranted, and the attractiveness of Bresser, had been augmented and brought in parity. They say which is to be made more symmetrical and rounded, looked at different cup sizes, attractiveness of. Two men and two women English speaking Fosse speaking I believe because I mean this happened in an English and Fosse speaking neighborhood. And they found broadly speaking that enhanced breasts were a bit more attractive than natural breasts like she is the point of announcing, but that wasn't true for breasts over all people oppressive had been augmented at a smaller cup size, say or b the difference between attractiveness of natural and enhance breast. There was much greater than lodger breast size, c, O d cups. The attractiveness impact scales to the amount of natural breast tissue. Where is this book? A sets that an augmented breast is always more attractive. In fact, it's not just more attractive today. Reproductive Super Stimulus. It does also assert that rest size is related to ability to breastfeed which I was waste hold was absolute nonsense by like every sexual health. nece I've ever spoken to, and that's one of those things that goes on referenced in this book. The next sentence follows however. Brings back piece of evidence fours to a new position. To say about this means that cynical enhancement of one's body to either improve service to other people or to improve body satisfaction in oneself is taking reproductive attention away from natural undocumented women who should be having babies. And you can see how the start of that sentiment of increased attractiveness through augmentation and the end of that idea. that. This is changing how we reproduce as a species and making his likely to have babies. Is Not. Really cohesive. Rabi make sense because it's not true. But, as a sliding slope of well I've caucus reference about this thing which means. Not Actually true thing that I say next has more credibility to it, and you'll be brought along on this right with me. Physical attraction is the showed, explains Physics, science and technology from the existential threats to humanity to the impacts of technologies. Society through to the fundamental physics that lies behind old. We'll take you on a trip through nuclear fusion, neutrons, stones artificial intelligence to quantum mechanics. into. Experts to intricately research now towards physical attraction strives to explain fundamental questions about how the universe works and weather. World is going. You can find physical attraction at www physics podcast dot com on social media is physics pot and wherever you listen to podcasts. WBZ Physics, PODCASTS DOT COM. So amidst all of the mystery of who is docked zealand-born, who operate horizons and fact in the midst of coding this episode, we were caught off guard. By the publication of a new paper in the Lancet picked up by the BBC. Addressing the facility crash crisis that seems to be looming with many nations now dropping below the required two point one child per pairing. I'm not has freaked. A lot of people out I think children of men was trending on twitter today. Yeah, I didn't know until today. Maybe I'm looking it different sets of trends the Newell. Interestingly in the BBC news. Coverage of this the. Researches do not mention Super Stimuli. Seemed to have in the same way as many conspiracy theories, the same set of information June quite different conclusions, and they even make a point of saying that in many ways falling birth rates are a success story because it means that more people are only having children when they want to have children which you know. Is a good thing. Not, the kind of person who thinks that reproductive rights, aw! Immoral somehow if you're not the sort of person who feels that, F respond is sacred, which is another tab that I've got in the book actually because they have a quote from the pope, but yes, the Super Stimuli of docked ACL do not get mentioned whatsoever. They draw much more of a line between societal oppressions to reach a age and social position and finance. That will make the likelihood of having children as successful and happy outcome, more likely will people are delaying having children into later in that lives so like that is a part of the book. Doctor does say that in his book. The short mention in the book about and social policies does come up in the BBC coverage talking about countries increasing parental leave allowance extending that to paid leave to take care of your children when they ill. For example, which I know is is something that parents of my acquaintance have struggled with quite a lot having to take unpaid leave from work because they've got a kid who is often poorly. The researches and the BBC news coverage dual, so mention migration which the book does not. The BBC is kind of more aspirational, perhaps too of the future that seeing as the countries where they hire facility rate that don't having more babies and a growing population, the other countries with a shrinking or aging population where we are facing a retirement crisis in aging crisis, a pension crisis, a crisis full, so many elderly people we might start competing to bring immigrants in two trees. They used the phrase compensating full a low birth rate with migration, which is one way of dealing with it if preventing an aging population from from toppling your society, I would. Would like to suggest fully automated luxury communism. That's maybe not exactly, but we have enough technology especially, if we were actually using it to its full potential, that would be far less work to go around. That needs doing than there are people This is overdue concept that people discuss I can't remember who the economist as but there is an economist who has written a book about capitalist, busy work, which is mostly like the stuff that middle managers do on a lot of the thrust of thought book. I understand is about how being a person who has to do that. Work tends to make. People horribly depressed because they don't feel useful. And as much as automation is the promise of technology and capitalism, that we can outsource all of this to robots, all of the cloud, or split it up through like a bazillion different job shares, wherever can share that load with us only rarely so much stuff that has to be done to accomplish the essential tasks then yet that would free up a lot of time for looking after babies if that is still like aiming tained profitable practice I've I mean I'm thinking of looking after the elderly as well if you. If you have automated. Everything you can automate then you free up human beings to do work, but human beings. Actually have to do like taking care of old people hound making things like translation about. Practices rather than just mass production, not to sound like a Victorian deeply steeped in the crofts movement, but working with your hands is important, unfulfilling and having handmade things is pleasant to nice once you've freed up people from things that human beings need to be doing free them up for things that human beings do need to be doing, and you can free them up to do things that human beings want to do like procreate. I think we would say that fundamentally a lot of people do want to procreate. And the way to do that is to divorce the concept of earning a living. From having to have a job. Like. There is not enough work for everybody to do. Which is why capitalist busy work exists. So, aren't we just giving people the basics that they need to survive, and then anything else is a bonus. When have reached? There is a very similar conclusion to some of the suggestions before it in the solution chapter of Donald One spoke saying that. If you want to encourage people to have babies and keep this population replenished then basically socialism tax breaks time breaks, lots of things that you look at from outside especially from a European perspective and think. Oh yeah, that's that's quite a nice idea. On kind of attainable in some places already doing it, he loads. The Nordic societies a have parental leave the have paternity and maternity care. Do you know I think the big contrast between these is though is the Lancet its study is concerned because all the pressure of an aging population which again if people aren't required to go to work in order to make living becomes a non-problem. Don't have to worry about. Nobody's ever going to be able to afford to retire if everyone can just afford to be. Without having to do that work, whereas London's book mentions aging populations for like two pages, and then it's just it's just how. Not having babies, and how terrible it is tough sex that went resulted in babies again like you excel politics, they've looked at a similar data Sandra very different inclusion, and that's Wade and confusing, but. Amidst all of the problems of population venture crisis, whatever it is I don't think high heels and pet chihuahuas are going to be the deciding factor as Dr Bone proposes they are. Not once in the Lancet. Stuff is suggested that rest enhancements are responsible for falling fertility rates. So you know if you're faced with a book like this and I don't really WanNa. Get any deeper into what the actual content is I. Encourage you not to go and look it up yourself because I don't think they deserve the attention, but that sort of mixing reference to sessions with an referenced ones is definitely something. You should look out for you should. Probably also you know. Make yourself aware of the source of dog whistles. That white SUPREMACISTS US when they're talking about populations demographics. The point of women. There's a fair amount of discussion about masturbation. which leads me to suspect that the writer has come from a conservative religious background? On sites that. Religious reasons, the sort of genesis go folson multiply. Is Enough of a motivator in some situations. Although probably it won't work worldwide because far, too. Many people are atheists these days. That's a bit flip. It doesn't actually say that it says in fact, atheist might be more motivated by fear, so we need to scare people into having babies. What a good reason to have children yeah! Yeah never ever discusses like adoption ever mentions idea that you can look to other babies at aunt yours. There's lots of these boats of people in the world without families and you can be. That can provide that I'm not as a great benefit to society and also the species. They haven't mentioned how people supposed to reconcile not wanting to have children, because your own experience of being a child was so bad that you'll not sure how to a child. It also completely ignores the idea that. We can in deal constant population growth on a finite the resource planet. And, people have been making the case. Full population controls due to resource availability for years, and all of that nudges up against Eco, fascist thinking up against some political practices such as the one child policy in China, which were enacted and did limit population growth at the cost of brutal crackdowns massive social unrest. Yes, it does actually site. China's one child policy doesn't. He has an effective method of population control does not mention the. Hundreds of thousands of babies that were just left to die because they want the baby that their parents wanted. Again if you think about it and stops making sense, which is why you should think very hot about this book. No, you shouldn't think very hard about this book. You should immediately forget about this specific book. You should just remember to keep your eye out for on referenced assertions in books that are in being marketed. Books. There are some behaviors in this which see across other media as well in videos. Even in person there are some political debaters to give the again very diplomatic title. WHO WILL START OFF? That point by saying, let's say that only know. Let's say that. Eight percent of people who do crime from vis background without any reference to whether or not that's true, and the no lead on this set of hypothetical steps, which none of it has been proven. None of that point is actually factual based in grounded in reality, but they want to bring you into that constructed reality where they are right and to do that. They have to induct you with some stuff that you will accept I, and sometimes that will literally be your may in the pub. And, it's just as important to know. When not to listen to your mate, Dave in the pub as it is to know when not to listen to. Video! Critiques about certain, films. Evening Yeah someone who is presenting a show on a TV station that you know holds a particular political viewpoint. The victimhood which Landon seem service in this book all. Women who have cosmetic surgery or millennials who have pets Ole. Sex is who seek to deprive me of my contribution to the gene pool by not using it to make babies going to be the death of us all, and what somebody please think of the good men like me who have been tricked into spilling, our seed non reproductive. Yeah, the the poll. Men who have been fooled. By women who used lots of makeup or over control all this control. So. We are kind of in this position now. Having read the book and being very concerned by the contents and by the suggestions of. Using as many means as possible to incentivize women to fulfill very productive purpose on this planet. It's not about using incentivizing women to fulfill that reproductive purpose so much as is about incentivizing men to go. No, that's a super stimulus I'm going to ignore that and find somebody who wants my seat. Yes men, he emphasizes that make up and celebrities including action film stars. May Be making it harder for us to settle down with WHO only regular looking folks. which is interesting because I mean I don't know many people in now I. Don't think I know anybody who is gone. Oh no I'm not attracted to anybody. Other found extremely unattainable film star. I have spent a fair amount of time admiring. Chris Evans, as Captain America on a big screen, and I still married an actual human being I'm going to take that as a personal victory. Also like we recently watched the Witcher, and spent a lot of time, both of US admiring Henry cavill because he's beautiful, outweigh bisexual. And we still like each other quite a lot. All of this is to say that the problem of a population crash is seemingly more real than we took it for. It pays valley and we do. The research is behind the Lancet paper for doing they're working getting the news out there I mean I'm still pretty confident that like even if policymakers consider having common sense of this thing that the solutions are to care for each other on a societal and social level to give as much space and opportunity to people to. Want to have a child in a well that maybe isn't on fire riven with disease and social conflict on. A world that is worth bringing children into is I think what we actually need. And I want to close out on a quote from the primary research on that paper in the Lancet which will link to in the show notes for this. Professor Stein said says. They must not compromise efforts to enhance women's reproductive helpful progress on reproductive rights. Just not quite nine. The doctor lamb bones position that we're all too busy banking ourselves to death to settle down with our high school sweetheart straight out of GCC and get pumping out babies, and still somehow invest wisely in sensible stock options. It does take energy to remain. Constantly, vigilant and Termaine company critical of the media that you consume and one to who is this serving? What bias might they have? What do they want me to take away from this? And how true is any of what just told me? But for a book like this? That has again been sent to US completely. Free Someone Philip that. We as a science podcast would receive his book. Read it review it and probably say something. Nice about because that's what you won't. When you send people free books for them to review, you want them to say Nice things about it and give it platform and promote, and I mean I'm so assuming that they did the rounds of a bunch of. Costs on a- a- science chart or thing on just email, everybody offering them a copy a review who knows how many people will have taken them up on it. If. You have been contacted by brought. Horizons Publishing Oh Doctors Elam, and if you have any information about either of these people slash bodies I mean I really would love to know what Dr Lamb bones background is. There are multiple references in this, too. I don't really know how I'm. There are some things that are written about here. That betrays in certain personal aspect of the author in the people he's talking about is Catholic. The gender category which broadly overlaps with Trans Women as we understand them in Western, society, talks about how these are people who have made themselves into women through plastic surgery in order to do sex work I think he's the exact wording like. Nothing about just that's just the gender, but like the specifically they have gone through. Hormone treatments on plastic surgery in order to be successful at sex work. British or is not actually like the point of. Undergoing Agenda Transition. I just be interested to be like. What is your dill? Were you like this? Why do you acknowledge in the end of the book? Your two daughters who have? Apparently prepared you for the hardships of writing a book, and then say that we need to embrace the pain and suffering of child rearing. Let's no polite free. Not It's deeply uncle. I feel very sorry for his daughters because. I mean hopefully there will be able to break away from this idea that their purpose in life is to park create. If You Know anything about Dr Levin. Brought by publishing if those doors and a broken free from the this topic nightmare that have been upbringing. Then please reach out to us to reconnect cost on twitter. Your economic kost at gmail.com for an email if you have been approached in a similar way to comment on. This book and want to talk with us about. How kind of Specific areas in certain specific things then please contact us as well. We'd love to share this. Without encouraging people to buy it because like we really. Feel very strongly that if you have fifteen dollars, there are millions of better things to do with it. varies no good reason to buy this booker boundaries instead by this book, and even then you still shouldn't buy this book. You should not this person money because they might not exist. Any of the money that doesn't go directly to them is going to Jeff Visa. Send that, guy. Needs it. Not? We'll be back next time with probably a more regular show until then thanks very much and good bye. Bye. This podcast is brought to you by the stimulus network. We're queer. We're GEEKS. Where weeks superheroes Star Wars Broadway race. So if you're super, Gay Bernardi for anything in between. Listen to Quique today. Wherever fine podcasts are sold and find us on Instagram at quakes podcast.

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058 There There by Tommy Orange

Book Club with Julia and Victoria

1:17:27 hr | 6 months ago

058 There There by Tommy Orange

"Hi friends julia. Quick content warning off the top on this episode contains discussions of mentions of suicide gun violence addiction and violent death. So if that's not something that you wanna listen to you right now than just turn this off and we'll catch you next episode. Welcome to this thing. We wanted to read literally every every single one. Yup very job. It's wonderful yeah. I resulting in two days Harshly because victorian takes love to read things he gets i. I hope wes anderson as a young child thought to themselves study. he learned the word aesthetic. You might historical fiction. And i liked dragon guys. Welcome to book club. Where julia in victoria. We are two roommates and friends. Entice high school who read a book and talk about each episode this episode. We're discussing their their by tommy orange. This is a realistic fiction. All set in oakland About native american communities and we are so excited to dig in to this book today. There are some heavy topics which we just up top. So that's not what you wanna listen to today will catch you. On the next episode there will be spoilers in this episode though go read it The ending is as a big a big one We told you so really just doesn't care about spoilers. Welcome to the party this city on your shelf for awhile. Julia and i realized that my show notes. I didn't even write down experienced rating. 'cause i was about to transition to the next part mike. You know what it's not time for author by is a big piece. Which is how you find this book. Why are we reading it now because you will definitely where the personnel. We're doing this on the podcast. I was like okay. Yeah exactly went down that way. That's hard remember it It it's my cousins book so really. Yeah so elizabeth who. We've had on twice check about women's health and Sursee by madeline miller When she gave me her copy of starsky she also gave me two other books to read. Or loaned i should say they were. They were not gifts but loaned me her copy of their their As well as silence of the girls. I think it's called so yeah. This book has been sitting on our shelf for almost a year. Now probably and was always something that i was gonna read. No matter what 'cause i had several people recommend it to me before that point But it yeah. It just felt like a perspective. That's very hard to find in the institution of the publishing world in general and felt like something that we definitely need to do on the podcast no matter what and yea i read most of it in a day as i'm sure is becoming common theme if you didn't drinking game like listening to all of our episodes like how many take shot every time. Julius says she'd read this book all in one day. You would be pretty drunk so ever pretty long. I feel like it's like a good spacing them. Once in our. I guess ticket shot every hour so recommended only one drink in an our. Yeah intriguing around here. that's true. Yeah stay safe friends. But i really loved it. I mean i. We've done a few of these books on here where it's like a lot of individual people's stories sort of compiled together in all loosely connected. We've done several those now. And i've said it before i'll say it again. I love that. I absolutely love it. I love little character. Vignettes that all sort of bleed together Impact each other in ways that they don't realize I think the way that they all come together at the very end is perhaps unique. I was very surprised. We'll talk about the ending. Where later i was left with this kind of like. Whoa what just happened. is everybody dead. Like there's this kind of lurching feeling at the end of like nothing's quite resolved sort of leaves you with this kind of gritty kind of feeling chiu-wan of you're just like Yeah 'cause it's you feel like no one's story is quite done at the end So yeah i really enjoyed it. Yeah it was. I knew is going to be a heavy book going in. And of course i took it with me for the holidays which usually is mutating like a young adult fantasy fiction usual holiday reading or like some jane austen or something. I don't know like curl up on the couch with this around the christmas tree And so it was a little heavy for that time of year but a really engaging read it very important read. I'm excited to talk about it. I i dunno. Feels like it goes without saying but it works saying like we're to privileged white girl sitting around books in Of this is just us exposing our ignorance because there's so much i didn't know about oakland about native american communities yup in general and especially in cities and just humming orange doesn't Yeah he opens up with like a prologue. That just hits you with truth and you like yeah. Ouch yeah yes i need to re this I to be reminded of the horrific history of white colonizers in our country or that made the country that we live in today and how we continue to benefit from us system and see in the lives of individuals. And like you julia. I really enjoy the multiple perspectives. I know it's not like a new thing. But i just feel like a lot of fiction lately is taking that route To tell stories of a chorus of voices from marginalized communities and communities that are traditionally underrepresented in the american publishing world. And like how powerful it can be made me. Think back to interpretive maladies that. We talked about the podcast. That came out. You know twenty years ago but Did that for the community of indian immigrants to the us and their variety of voices that Yeah i'm the same way that tommy oranges like this is one native american that you can pin your whole understanding of need has just so inappropriate but this is a chorus of voices to speak to the nuance of his experience in the experience of his community. Yes someone who's like getting their master's in literature comparative literature or something like do a thesis about this format because as you said a lot of times it's with marginalized community or a a history like a history that americans might not be super familiar with like we got with dr. levin techno right. It's sort of humanizing your average russian whereas we vilnai's manal of our films and stuff right so or girl girl woman other where it's the story of black women in england There's this drive to get all of the representation done that's been missing for so many years all at once. It's like yeah. I wonder if that's part of the reason behind this growing trend over the last ten fifteen years is like there's been this lack of representation for so long that they're trying to like compensate and if it's like a choice or if that's just kind of the form that naturally ends up happening because it kind of has to 'cause you can't just tell one story when we've been missing a whole group of people anyway someone right about come. Tell us we'd love to hear more. We'd love to hear your thoughts now. This one was interesting to me too. Because we mentioned these other Books that kind of take a similar approach Tommy orange winsome. Even tighter together. I think allies and brings them all to the same place. I guess a baristas women other kinda does a lot of her characters end up at the same opening night of play in kind of interacting. That space yeah. It's weeding together. A novel. I think even tighter than some of these others that are more like short story. Format azam altogether at the end or interpretive maladies which is legit are all interconnected. I think that. I mean we haven't gone into like structure anything yet but that was something that really stood out to me to how tommy orange can take twelve different characters. Give them all very unique. Like three dimensional characterization give them different points of view different voices and be able to flip flop between especially in the last year of the book. It's a page or two pages from each perspective on your instantly in their shoes. You know their back on you know they're like it's really exceptionally just looking at it from a guy riding structure. Yeah novel writing format That was really exciting to read. So julie came up to my room last night to be like. Hey ready a prep. For the podcast. And i was like shake the hunt for second be like. Oh yeah sorry. i'm three layers. Deep in a read it took orange answering as like an ama. Ask me anything questions in a it really interesting and i really hope to see him at a reading someday or i don't know one thing i really appreciate about during this podcast is that we pick books. Offer that we've been wanting to read our people recommend to us and then it gives me like a new author to fan girl over. Learn all about so a little bit about tommy orange. She was born and raised in oakland california and he is an enrolled member of the cheyenne arapaho tribes of oklahoma. He's a graduate from the nfl program at the institute of american indian arts in santa fe new mexico. I'm and this was his first novel which is also incredible Read these works of fiction. That was once. I i go at it. Odyssey's got training with a whole mfa program. I'm had fellowships in stuff that allowed him to perfect his craft. But it's really exciting to see the success of young authors orange says. His father had a traditional native upbringing in hama. He didn't have a lot of time to introduce orrin. Tommy and his siblings to native american culture and Orange says that that's a common experience for kids who grew up in a big city. I found particularly interesting is that he didn't consider himself much of a reader going up. I'm much more into sports. He played roller hockey on a national level from each fourteen. Twenty four he's in addition And his interest in music took him to get a degree in sound engineering but After graduating couldn't find work so he took a job at gray wolf books which is a bookstore just outside of oakland that unfortunate closed But while he was working that he developed a passion for reading. It was interesting to me that he wasn't always reader and yet establish itself as a noteworthy author still. He's only like in his thirties. I think he's not even that far along in life is so it is cool to see A different take. Because i feel like so many authors or people like us. We're like we loved books. Since the day we could read at three this such nerds never looked up remote. And maybe that contributes to oranges incredible diversity of his characters because he's got more experience than all of us who kept our noses in books. I probably worn. Says he didn't grow up in the urban native american community he connected with this community as an adult working at mental health during a storytime project and being on a powerful committee and these are experiences that gave him the idea to write a novel from the perspective of a bunch of different urban native american characters who all end up at a power in oakland In one he said the idea of work came to him all at once but then it took him six years to write. Deep in. This reddit ama threat. I learned that orange mentioned that thomas. Frank one of the characters in their their Most closely resembles him and his family dynamics and what that was like Interesting but he also notes that chapter in completely autobiographical. You can kind of see a lot of his experiences at weeding into other characters edwin block who also got A masters degree in in literature in in the arts You've got multiple characters who are how He works with native american a mental health. Maybe it was general health Services at points in earlier. Jackie and A lot of you mentioned a product. Kind of similar to dean. He had done a project that as well kind of like the story. Core fashion videoing. Someone telling you personal story on one thing. I was particularly excited to raid is that a sequel is in the works. Yes we'll get to know what finally happened these people. Yes i was like all the edge of my seat last night when you were talking about how you were so like kinda distraught by the open ending. Yeah speculating who's left. And who you want to hear more. I know the sequel. I don't know it'll be a sequel about the whole cast of characters or if it's just one of them i know details Anything says he's working on it. So that's a bit about tommy orange. While they're they're like engine with his first novel to come out Won a bunch of awards. American book award between nineteen. He was a finalist for the pulitzer prize for fiction Won the national book critics circle award the hemingway foundation pen award Some of those awards specifically for highlighting diversity in american literature others for new emerging authors. The posers for people who are fantastic brags all it's ours. He's covering the board. Yeah wow doing was a little synopsis. We kind of hit on the the big ending in some of the plot points. Yeah sure this is the Yeah we've we've said most of this already. But a collection of individuals stories. centered around the native american experience in oakland so thinking more about the urban native american experience rather than like on a reservation or something And it sort of his all culminating towards a what do they call the. The great powwow of oakland. I think the big oakland power. Big oakland out. That's what they call it and to paraphrase victoria shit goes down. So yeah it's really more Not a lotta time passes in the present tense of the novel. It's a lot more seeing each individual character. Live out of their lives but then getting a bunch of flashbacks and backstory. So it's a lot more about the history of these individual people and then most of the plot occurs in the last section At the paulo itself basically the power robbed and then a bunch of guns and stuff it's gets messy that's basically it. It's a not complicated. But i'm at any would be complicated to right. If that makes sense Take a lot of time to position. All these stories together the way that they are sort of covers some major themes about identity and specifically the identity of urban native americans and kind of their connection to their history and their culture to different degrees and also covers stocks about addiction and generational trauma is a big one p there. This is victoria. If you enjoying the podcast today we invite you to share your support in one of three ways or all three. You can leave us. A five star. Review on apple podcast. It's really that simple when you click those five stars and a quick note. That's a way that you can help. Make our podcast visible to new listeners. The second way is to you give a one time financial gift to us using our bias. A coffee link on our website when you do this. You're helping the cost of the podcast including paying awesome engineer and supporting our local bookstores. And last you can also subscribe to pot hero. You can provide ongoing support for us in all of your favorite podcasts. With a single five ninety nine per month subscription and. Yeah we're using pottier ourselves to to follow and support our favorite podcasts. For a limited time pod here will donate an additional five dollars to our show on your behalf when you join using the link on our website. So thanks for your support. Everyone we love making the shout me hope to keep doing so long as you ask cape listening now back to the books. So there's twelve characters in this novel and julia and i were like which ones should be focusing on and the I think i listed six of them. Yeah and then added two more. So we'll see how much we have time for today. But i've wanted to first address one element of oranges writing. That stands out almost immediately as his use of point of view Talking about point of view. I mean it's partially. Like whose eyes are we looking through But also Concretely which pronouns are using our wait list. The speaker talking about myself is an omniscient third is a at pass tons of the future tense So his he plays with point of view intense. So much I took a painstaking amount of time to map. Every single chapter tensor using but what stood out to me to was he starts in A war i can never sent a royal. We thank you Back on for listeners are the child. I couldn't say my rs and ws. And i still have problems with that. So phrases like the royal third person. There we go or plural person sorrow. I now yes. And it is. The of course of voices of native americans speaking to The readers Pretty pointedly about like this is the hardship and oppression of the native. american people. Adhere is actually happened at what you call thanksgiving. This is actually what happened with Us government's role in Pushing aside native american communities to advance the interests of white people He also writes at a very stunningly way but really sets the tone from the. Yeah and then jump into it. We've got tony moment. A first person point of view accounts we at some more a little more distant but closed third person point of view. And then eventually. My favorite momma is Outstanding rated second person so this is a. You're talking like a general you at or to a specific person you. You'd be like you would go to the store and you will grab a gallon of milk and you will check out the stats. Speaking in second person But entire chapter in this way that tells the story of an individual yet a list. Thomas frank is the first character. Talk about but i can't contain myself. Oh it's so good at it and it's the last one before the pow. It's like the last long term individual story it's definitely a very tricky n fascinating way to write a character. I think it's a really fascinating way to put the reader okay. I'm missing that. We're literally belly. Feels like oranges putting the author in the character. Shoes like a really direct way like he could have said. Imagine at the very beginning. He doesn't but i feel like the one with her interpret. What he's doing. So thomas frank again it is big. Is thomas frank. One telling himself you or is the author kind of putting the reader. As like imagine you were thomas Could be both end is going to read it to get a little more context. Our listeners here will work if you said this was the most autobiographical for him. As far as the family dynamics of a evangelical christian mother who's white at a native father is it a way of addressing himself this passage to that kind of slips into while he subsidy using we a little bit which is interesting so goes later. You remember your mom saying to take drugs was like sneaking into the kingdom of heaven under the gates it seems to you more like the kingdom of hell but maybe the kingdom is bigger and more terrifying than we could ever know. Maybe we've all been speaking the broken tongue of angels and demons too long to know that that's what we are who we are. What was speaking. Maybe we don't ever die but change always in the state without hardly ever even knowing that we're in it goes back to more like concrete description so when you get off at the causing station you walk over the pedestrian bridge with butterflies in your stomach. You do and don't want to be there. You want to john but also to be heard drumming not as yourself but just as the drum. I found that interesting because it turns a little bit more like. I can't think the right word here. More reflective so a lot of its describing cut of concrete things as you. But then there's some really poetic passages to that more speculative like at the beginning he opens up. You were a. He's the imagery of a russian doll. Unlike there so many possibilities but you were the of in your mom's ovaries of all the chances that became you. Yeah and so the second person also feels a bit like he's not quite there you know like he's trying he's trying very hard not to be in himself in his own body in his own life in a way and he uses as the. He's part of the drummer. The group of drummers at the pow out and it seems like practicing. Drums is like one of the only places where he feels good about himself. Speaking of disassociation as one of the other characters. I really wanted to talk about Also kind of carries a bit of that disassociation ogle viola victoria bear shield. Who's got as interesting name. As she is a character so many different facets to her and you mentioned Prepping that she is kind of like a stone. She's removed herself from her native american identity and try to kind of push set aside and hardened herself because of the pain and the trauma that she's experienced in her young life and then when we see her. It's interesting too 'cause she's one of the characters that we get like a very detailed story of her childhood and then also a lot of extra As a An adult She is taking care of her sister's grandchildren And she works as a male persson and has her audiobooks and music going all day. Just kind of rounding everything out In disassociating while they're still a glimmer especially towards the end like she deeply deeply cares for her sister's grandson And even though. She hasn't really introduced her grandsons at all to their native heritage. She's a grandma she knows. She knows her one grandson oracles like going to go dance at the pow. Wow so she sneaks into part of it yeah she's probably. She's probably the most grandma of the grandma's grandma's in this story. A lot of people being raised by the grandmothers or in this case. Great aunt she feels the most like your stereotypical grandma. Who's already the mohsen naturally motherly. I don't. I don't know how exactly to describe it. But the sense of like a stalwart kind of immovable old woman who is like the bedrock of her at grandchildren's lives and she creates a really good home for them and they seem to have a really good boys seemed ever relationship with each other and their family is feels the most out of all of them but it's at great personal cost to herself. She She cuts off so much personal or as you said like drowns it out and she tells us that she's like yes. I know i'm doing this. But it's the only way i can keep going and i have gone for these boys part of what she drowns out is. She like part part of how she copes with her trauma is. She's very very superstitious. And she has this kind of magical streak to her where she like. She has this kind of voice in her head that she drowns out. You sort of see her address it two different times when she's young it's sort of distance from her and it's the voice of her teddy bear and when she's older when one of her grandsons get shot and she's in the hospital and she finally opens herself up to that voice again and she is trying to figure out what it is in this very tense moment in she sees it sort of as a voice of god but also she recognizes that it's herself and it's a way of thinking about bigger questions in talking to herself in red like Wrestling with bigger feelings in bigger thoughts. It's kind of the way that she's Dealt with that in the past but she has a lyles conversation with her teddy bear. Yes okay so for context at this point. Young opal is on alcatraz island Which will get into. I found really fascinating because his one of many elements of this book. That i just was ignorant of that history. Back in the seventies there was a group of native american activists who occupied alcatraz island. So that's where opel is. Currently with her mother and sister this is the bare. Speaking t s. He says you know we're not so different. Both of us. Scott scatter names from pig brain demand. Take branch men with pigs for brains. Meaning columbus called you indians for us. It was teddy roosevelt's fault how he was hunting bear one time but then found this. Real scraggly old bear. He refused to shoot at then in the newspapers. There was a comic about that hunting story that made it seem like mr roosevelt was merciful. A real nature lover that kind of thing then. They made the little stuffed bear named teddy bear. Teddy bear became teddy bear. What they didn't say was that he slipped that old bears throat as that kind of mercy they don't want you to know about. And how do you know about any of this. You gotta know about the issue of your people how you got to be here. That's all based on what people done to get. You hear us bears you indians. We've been through a lot. They tried to kill us. But then when you hear them they make history seemed like one big heroic adventure across an empty forest. They were bears and indians all over the place sister. They slept all our throats. This martyrism that. I put him reading the entire book to you on my because it's a riveting story. Yeah that one. I mean first of all just mind blown about the teddy bear fact. You do not know that. Yeah and i think it's one of the first times. Tommy orange like throws in a discussion on He doesn't few times. But on how what native americans are called and kind of their different Monikers depending on who's talking But then to have that be a child. This is a child. She's like twelve in this story. This is a conversation. She's having with her teddy bear and it's like the last time she talks to him and then she leaves him and she sat him down and she comes back to find later and that voice that she used to hear from him has been sort of silenced. It's it's wild. I could unpack this for very long time. This like the big symbolism of saying like she leaves the behind like she's yet hushing that part of herself aside. It's in a way like a very traumatic coming of age. Yeah leaves her innocence in childhood in connection to herself and too like magic leaves it on the island and when her sister her mother and her leave alcatraz a bunch of other hardships unfold for the family Opel's really forced at that point to grow up. And i think that's kind of the beginning made that orange to say this is the beginning of when she shutting herself aside and dan stonewalling yourself particularly her heritage The fact that a story about herself and her identity is coming from this voice in the teddy bear and she puts that aside while this thing is happening all around her on this island. They're there for a few months on alcatraz but it doesn't seem to be doing anything It feels very much like a choice of like. That's when she started sort of ignoring that part of herself as well and so did a little more outside research for some context here when the ostriches prison closed the same as prison in the on island in the bay area It closed in nineteen sixty three. A native americans lobby to have the island turned into a cultural center in school for them. I have in attempts were made to break into the prison. But initially failed however reclaiming the rock became a rallying point and symbol to the. Us government's indifference to indigenous people so beginning in november nineteen sixty-nine a group of native american activists on alcatraz this lasted for nineteen months so when opal and her sister and mother there is a hidden hitler months with no longer timeframe so at one point as many as six hundred native americans lived on the island they set up a public health centre daycare in school and other resources for residents however there was some fallout as one of the influential families. That kind of spearheaded. This had some personal tragedy strikes. A lot of the activists were college. Student returned to campus after the winter. Break so by the end only a handful of people were living there. The us government response to this was Just let's ride it out like they didn't come in to force them out but they also didn't respond to the demands so they the group's goals were to develop the cultural center in school and outlined in a manifesto addressed to quoting the great white father in all his people and they surpassed offered to buy the island for the same small small-price that white people bought manhattan island for quote. Twenty four dollars in glass all so much shared. Oh dear is that really the not what people they really bought manhattan island for. Oh god okay. Who does the pay. The people living there fairly. I don't know the context that further research to behind history understand. So i found it interesting. That tommy orange includes in here this very pivotal historical moment For native american activists and ties in his characters to this larger Political conversation was happening and continues to happen. We also can't really talk about opel if we don't talk about jackie her half sister who's older than her and we were saying how opal kind of liked shuts down disassociates to deal with the trauma. Jackie has more external struggling with trauma. Yeah we meet her when she's or we get her perspective when she's much older and she's working as i already forgot what substance of you. Yes that thing even though she is currently struggling with alcoholism and is like maybe on day ten of sobriety after her most recent relapsed so alcatraz island is actually where she has her. I drink And it's Sort of a focal point for a lot of the traumas that we see her dealing with it later in her life and it's interesting that she so she she's attending this conference for work because she's working as like a counselor and she doesn't really want to be there. I think because it it the topics sort of bring up a lot of. They trigger her a lot. They bring up a lot of really painful memories so she's kind of checked out. You had a section that you wanted to read. I found it a couple of things here. jackie's character brought reminded me brought to light how difficult it is for people with generational trauma to support others in their community when they themselves are dealing with that trauma. And i think a lot of times with more maybe individualized. I am not a mental health. Professional might laypersons like thoughts. Here you know like you have to work through your own staff an email as a therapist they have. They own therapy To talk through with someone else Some things to kind of make sure they're providing the best of their clients when you talk this like generational trauma like jackie is still dealing with ally but is still putting herself in a place where she's like living in with other people to try to support them. There's also like an interesting conversation had to because everyone at this conference are other native americans or like also these like white women therapist that also feels problematic to kind of some white savior ism feelings in there. It's complicated one part also in jackie's introductory chapter visiting than what she says. But this is one of the attendees speakers at the conference who works in suicide prevention. When i'm here to talk about as how our whole approach since day one has been like this. Kids are jumping out of the windows of burning buildings falling to their deaths. And we think the problem is that they're jumping. This is what we've done. We've tried to find ways to get them to stop jumping. Convince them that burning alive is better than leading when the shit gets too hot for them to take. We've up windows and made better nets to catch them. Found more convincing ways to tell them not to jump the making the decision that is better to be dead and gone than to be alive in what we have here. This is the one we made for them. The one they've inherited either involved in have a hand in each one of their deaths. Just like i did with my brother or absent which is still involvement. Just like silence is not just silence but is not speaking about his that speech if felt like a really one of the most important parts of this whole book where because the the theme of it sort of weaves through so many different characters stories i if you know it impacts them in some way if not themselves than a family member yeah like you were saying when generational trauma enacted by a state may mean or an entire race of people fully acknowledged is never resolved is never repaired leg. It's ongoing i mean the the oppression of native peoples is ongoing. I mean a serious trauma genocide happened initially and like nothing has really been resolved. And so like this speech to me said so much about How like no one has really been a been able to heal and so it raises this question of like for someone. Like how can she help her grandsons. He'll when she can't And yeah and like basically. The burning building is the ongoing trauma and the habitable space that the united states has created for native peoples. And you know so. Many oppressed groups in our country that were for some groups. Things have improved. Said maybe a faster rate than others but Yeah it's so. And then i feel like the way that a discourse among white people at particularly i from what i remember growing up was about Oh those poor people who deal with addiction. Oh those poor people who have that group has a high suicide rate or whatever and but never a question of will why you know are they may be triggered discussion discussion of the symptoms. Yeah but no no adjust to the actual disease which is oppression. Yeah like no acknowledgement that. The building is on fire. And then just being like. Why are you jumping out. It's going to hurt you and completely denies the pain that is ongoing And yeah i like yeah this speech for me really I just saw. I saw in every single person story in different ways ended ends up triggering like jackie barely makes it through his speech and then has to run back to her hotel room to like sob uncontrollably because this is bringing up the memory of her daughter who struggled with addiction and ended up killing herself in her. Jackie was only founder. She has to like throw away her fridge and then throw the alcohol in the pool from the to like. She doesn't like harlem the alcohol away from herself in order to not drink it because like she needs it so desperately to try and cope with all this pain. That can't really be unfurled and it's just makes you really angry and upset on their behalf and makes you feel like wow. I'm only seeing this teeny tiny part. Tommy oranges exploring these ideas of identity and we get you know heavily. The generational trauma aspects specifically with jackie. And and then we also some characters who are biracial and have not grown up with connection to their native american heritage and they're searching it out in their young adult life so we have to characters specifically in black and blue who a big reveal later. The book is that they are actually half siblings. Don't even know it Blue is jackie's daughter that she gave up for adoption and was adopted by white parents She goes out to kind of like learn about her Native american heritage moves to oklahoma for a while but eventually after a abusive relationship Back to oakland And helped out with the powell committee. That's where she meets edwin black anoja. Nodule i wanted to talk about a little bit more in depth. He never knew his father. His white mother can give him a few details and it seems like his white mother is also very More involved with the native american community than maybe he was She works for the committee that puts the power or some sort of cultural centers of mike that And then her boyfriend bill who we don't have time to get into his story. Too much is native. American as well in block is really fascinating to me. Because he defies a lot of the stereotypes. I mean big win for these characters is that they are living in a city. They don't live in rural or the middle nowhere quote unquote reservations and so he grew up in the city. He grew up not really knowing much about his cultural background. She's very highly educated but Deals with not specifically stated but variety of Anxieties different mental health issues or blockers. That kind of keep him cooped up with himself but he does find outlet for himself like on the internet. I'm very much a digital age kid. And then his attempts to kind of get a job at the pressure of his family members. Who kind of looked down on him. He ends up working for the power committee. And that's how he needs blue. So that's a lot of context there. Yeah i knew. He peaks your interest to julia as someone who comes for may highly educated immediate and extended family who reads a lot of books but has a lot of mental health issues. His story felts familiar at a much more close to home. I think i. Yeah i to me. He felt more like a character. Who i've talked to in friends acquaintances friends family throughout college in my adult life. Where i'm are sort of millennial. Generation were very over educated for the jobs that are available and so have a very hard time. Getting work deal a lot of anxieties from being in sort of raised in the digital world and are also a conversation. I've had with a lot of people is how we're trying to find a real cultural heritage. We're trying to figure out who. We are as we sort of construct this myth of america ray like this myth of whiteness. This myth of america and kind of unpack are very gruesome and depressing history trying to find like our ancestors and so his journey. I thought was something i've seen in a lot of people that i know and wins. Search for identity and connection also reminds me of a whole lot of time to get into all the characters but orville especially. Who's the grandson of jackie. And him and his brothers have not really had much introduction to their Native american heritage through opel fryatt Uses the internet like. That's his connection. Point to watch dancers and to learn dancing he. He finds one of opel's regalia Outfits and he learned sedan sluggish just by using youtube videos or not. They say youtube explicitly visiting branding. But you know but he was online Probably just also fascinating to think about because communities so much for our generation is digital and in some ways it can be a detriment And there's a lot of studies out there about the mental the adverse mental health effects of extreme exposure to media and social media or excessive exposure. But at the same time it can be thought really meaningful connection point especially for a community that has been purposefully spread out diminished killed through genocide. that they don't have that immediate connection in bill to their immediate surrounding area and they can find that community online But in this back to you then we get the in-person community of the powell Which is also another concept. That i like you. I've heard people appropriate terms to mean like a meeting and that's not cool But then also. I didn't really have much understanding. That was an in the interlude. Orange includes description of what is how its second intertribal meeting. It's more of a modern thing. It's a way to connect and make money To be able to sell their art and their clothing and meet with other native americans in celebrate their culture across different tribal groups. So the big thing. The big thing that happens at the pow is This guy named tapio who has sort of his collected some lost souls maybe some men around him and they are involved in various illegal activities and they owe money all of them. Oh money to someone and so they. Their conclusion is like okay. If we were gonna rob the prize money from the pow and then divided up. And then we'll all be square so you sorta you get introduced to that idea in the very first chapter and then slowly slowly bill to it at the very end and you sort of see how that explosion literally and figuratively kind of effects. All these storylines that we've seen But i think it's interesting because you get the background of three different guys including octavio. Who are involved in this robbery and so that you can kind of try and see why they're doing it. Which is it feels kind of rare. Maybe it's not. Maybe this is a normal thing that we get now in literature but feels kind of rare because it I don't know. Like i found octavia story very very moving and a great example of you know The impact the sort of reverberations that Violence has on people's lives. He watches his father. Get killed right in front of him. His father's like protecting him from a- stream of bullets and literally dies in front of his eyes and After that various family members are also killed end up getting very close to his younger cousins and they ended up getting involved in drug dealing and stuff. But it He so much more than that and you. I don't know i. I wanted so much more for him. And i. it's so heartbreaking. Watching him slowly lose everyone in his life Like i really wanna like him. Yeah he's so. I really wanna root for him. And he's gone through so much but then also i'm so mad him because i am also grew to love these other characters. Who are enjoying the powell in having these very big reconnection moments with a strange parents than like. There's so much hope for what could happen. This one particular day But from the get go. 'cause the very first story in this book we get a heads up that they plan to rob the Gunpoint And i also found it interesting. The logistics of it like this palo has security in cuddle detectors. But they have a three d. printer of the three Three d print working guns Tony loan menace. Told to throw the bullets over the fence in a sock into the bushes. So that thing get past security in find it that day and it's hard because i think it adds to the nuance of these characters in this book. Which is sometimes. I like that too often. It's just new on it. It's like a cliche word in some ways to us but Still important though. It's important to understand that this violence doesn't happen out of seemingly nowhere and it's a lot of people's faults that make sense. Yeah it's orange. Dozen tommy launch doesn't Try to convince you that no one is in control of their own actions in the story but he also doesn't let you just summit up as of are bad people making bad choices. Yeah it's people who have been hurt and marginalized oppressed in carrying generations of trauma put in positions to make very difficult decisions and some people people choose different ways to react as well to their circumstances. Yeah i think Part of why you wanna like octavio also is because he tommy orange does right in a foil for him that's much worse as sort of inactivity to people. But they're talked about one person with this so their names are charles carlos but archaeologists calls them carlos. Big i mean because carlos is just the spanish version of charles and other kind of one person When octavio is finished robbing the powwow. No one had gotten shot. No guns had gone off. It was going to go off a hitch and char lows try to steal the whole thing from him and start firing and so then other people start firing like they just sort of. It's kind of like One of the guys. Who's there a well. Charles is doing something wrong. But he's my brother. So i can't let octavio kill him and then tony's like well i can't let them collect. Tv oh and then he sees that these guns are going off in hitting. There's a bunch of stray bullets that are hitting other people and so tony sort of sacrifices himself in runs into the line of fire to take someone out you have someone to be angry at. Who isn't octavio someone who's perspective. You haven't gotten Ray so it's kind of It felt like kind of a work around for time. You're just like a. I'm still gonna give you someone to be angry at even though i'm providing more nuance for these people which yes Just like having a villain. We like having someone to blame when things go wrong. Two of his closest relatives are who survive or his grandmother and his uncle and his uncle is a more violent guy. Who's the cause of a lot of his loss and so there's sort of this line of survival of violence like he wasn't given the opportunity to grow up in his very loving family and he you see him sort of really struggling to care for the people in his life and try to make the most of bad situation a tough story but yeah and then you get all these stray bullets start hitting everyone so many people die leg half the characters you meet dodi or are presumed dead and you know we have tony. Who is shot and killed avenue shot but a taken to the hospital and we don't know for sure if he survives or not. Bill davis who has wins mother's boyfriend Shot and killed. Calvin johnson presumed dead though does explicitly say thomas dies of shot. Thomas frank sean killed. It's yeah it's intense in the way the pacing is just extremely well done to you're switching perspectives. Every few paragraphs basically feels very chaotic. Yeah yeah and there's so little resolution like he the conversation between like there's so many conversations that still need to be had there were so many people whose marks could have found some resolution in the completion of the pow outright in dancing and playing the drums and telling stories and talking to their families and so many stories could have been resolved and they were interrupted by this incredible loss and so and then it just ends with this First year uncertain about whether orville and edwin are gonna make it. You're there with them in the hospital. And then you get this sort of Monologue from tony's point of view as he's dying and that sort of book ends the story in That's the end of the book and it's a really beautiful conclusion. I realized i wanted to read it but you have the book soil. Summarize read it. Yeah just the last paragraph. Tony is back on the field. Every hole is a burn and poll. Now he feels as if he might not flow up but instead fallen side of something underneath him. There's an anger something. He's been routed to all this time. As if in each hole there is a hook attached to a line pulling him down a wind from the bay sweeps through the stadium moves through him. Tony here's a bird. Not outside from where he's anchored to the bottom of the bottom. The middle of the middle of him the center center. There's a bird for every hole in him singing keeping him up keeping him from going. Tony remember something. His grandma said to him when she was teaching him how to dance. You have to dance like birds singing in the morning. She said and showed him how light she could be on her feet. She bounced her toes. Pointed in just the right way dancers feet dancers gravity. Tony needs to be light now. But the winds seeing through the holes in him. Listen to the birds singing. Tony isn't going anywhere. And summer in their inside him where he is. We're who always be even now. It is morning in the birds. The birds are singing. Your yeah i just like one of the many many guam's at tommy oranges like poetic style of writing to which is so beautiful. I love the repetition and like the the change in the pacing. The sentences something. I've read about like part of the harm. Done to indigenous people in relocating them forcing to different parts of the land or removing them from their land completely moving them to cities. is the violence of the Disconnecting people from the earth Fats when europeans came in they europeans were already so disconnected from the earth that they just wanted to plunder it and had shut off their emotional connection to nature almost completely And that severing was enacted on native people and It seems like part of tommy. Oranges mission in this book is to show how on even if you live in a even if you live in a city you are still native to that land. That is your homeland. Now and you are intimately connected with it and so this paragraph to me felt a bit like that of tony finding something in him that was always there in his like finally finding his connection to nature. You hear the birds he feels this poll. The center of himself to the center of the earth And it's so beautiful. And it's so heartbreaking that it doesn't happen until the moment that he is but Yeah i i just yeah i really really loved up and it was also so upsetting to be like that's the ending. You're just like but but wait for what happens. What we just gotta wait for the sequel sequel. So yeah overall an incredible book. Can we see what he writes next. So after reading this book. What would we recommend people dig into next Yeah i Mentioned it earlier. But i think girl woman other in terms of structure would be a great follow up to this one. We also covered it on the podcast. So you can check that out. There's a technically tecom. Comedic stand up special but it more emotional than funny but john leguizamo 's His special latin history for morons on net flicks is the story of him digging into the history of south america more. So and the native peoples from there on behalf of his son his son's working on a history project and it's sort of a catalyst for him like digging up a bunch of his own story trying to find you know his connection to the past and it's moving and entertaining and really incredible. I think if you want amazing content about the lives of native peoples from today indigenous pirate. Radio is a podcast. I think i've mentioned before hosted by people from different tribes and they talk about things that are happening in their communities and then the last thing is a show. I haven't watched it a long time. I watched it back in college. So i am summaries a little rusty but it's a show. I think it's still a net. Flix called clever man from australia And it's the sort of origin of it was an indigenous guy who wanted to create a superhero for his son that was connected to their History and so he found. It's sort of a mixture of real folklore from their people about this figure called the clever man in connection with modern day and the current political civil rights struggles that they have And so this boy sort of has this power thrust upon him in yester- try and defend his people. And i absolutely loved it i am. I think there's only one or two seasons. I don't think it lasted very long. But yeah. I would recommend that as well i mentioned earlier. The episode interpretive maladies by jim for the he offer similar style though it is a collection of short stories instead of a novel or maybe similar approach messenger style as far as seem content goes arctic episode of the largest podcast as well as a documentary that they put out and It is the podcast hosts traveling to the arctic circle and there Time learning from indigenous people who live affair end really really good really incredible interviews end. Yeah appropriately calls all of us. White people out on our shit And then to recommendations for myself in an interview orange with asked other literature out there by native american authors. He would recommend so. I took note on looking forward to reading these myself. Heart buries a memoir by therese. Murray mill hot. She is additions from the seabird island band and grew up in british columbia and she actually graduated in the same class as tommy orange at the institute of american indian arts So that is a on my list for sure memoirs read at my alley books types of both like and then a collection of poetry by a lakota poet lately long soldier her collection whereas She's writing response to a joint resolution from us. Congress that came out to nine That acknowledges quote along history of official depredations in ill-conceived policies by the federal government regarding indian tribes and offer an apology to all native peoples on behalf of the united states. So it's her response to that That's not really fascinating as a premise of approaching collection and sounds like a wonderful region. That okay and then the most important part of the show currently obsess a go. I my list is very short this week. 'cause i've talked about everything on still watching so there's a show. I'm watching with natasha. That s- Right up the alley of anyone who likes elite on net flicks This is also called tiny pretty things and it's basically elite but in america at a dance academy set in chicago. There's a lot of murderer. Ed intrigue but the dancing is very very good. They're real dancers. And i have been very impressed. It means sacrifice a little bit of the quality tile is a little stilted but the dancing is not super so yes i am in the middle of that it is intense. Not for the faint of heart. So yeah so. Julia has gotten me on board with erie on her. Washing jeremy out to the theme song which i'm like. We need to play this on a podcast. It's just a whole three minutes of the episode as silently had banging to it. I mean it's not really high. But that's how i react to any anime intro music that i really like. I don't know that's my response. Great wonderful television As podcasts go. I still like in the midst of all my favorites one. I don't think. I recommend it on the show yet. efficient auto by delaney fisher It's really great podcasts. For people who are entrepreneurs or creatives who wanna bring some simplicity organization to their work Allies and i really liked the episode's because it's not just her giving advice and talking at you. It's like a one sided but kind of interactive workshops together as she's got worksheets can download online You can pause episode and right out your responses. of course i'm always listening to these like wow. I'm going for a walk. So i don't fully engage in the way that they're intended to be but I just listened to one recently on decluttering your life and it spurred me to throw out a bunch of stuff. I don't need or at least put it in a pile to go up but having made its way out the door but additionally i have been enjoying yoga with agents thirty day challenge for twenty twenty one Breath if you are interested in yoga but not really experienced with it. I think her thirty day challenges are good entry point. This is maybe a little faster pace than some of her previous ones of your brand brand new. Maybe try home which came out last year. But it's been nice to have like a. I think on my to do list everyday. That feels like i accomplished something. I finished it but also makes me feel really good relaxed in helping me get more flexible and moving my body when it's really cold and i never will if you have thoughts on their their by telling me we would love to hear it so you can have instagram. Dms there or she doesn't up through our website booklet with jd. Dot com bullets other shipmates. There you can also along to see what we're reading next and catch some cool means and julia leaves and her stories on instagram. At the club with jay. Be a big thing to greg. Berger sound engineer for making a sound good and creating original music another big. Thank you to go. Evelyn for our design. Thinking will catch you. Guys next episode is happy reading.

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Episode 920: Self-Hating Jew supporting the Squad?

The Charles Moscowitz Podcast

57:09 min | Last month

Episode 920: Self-Hating Jew supporting the Squad?

"Suv go love and youtube. Just we had a little bit of resolution in israel. I guess but we should definitely talk about that and and also Thanks for joining me up. He one charles moskowitz here with david david. An i are have been doing this program on thursdays. Live at one. P m. we discuss often Judaism and its intersection with politics with israel with culture so dove. This is a new government in israel now Headed by naphtali bennett. It will be there for two years and then Lop eared will be in there for two years to kind of a similar to the national unity government in israel. back in the seventies when you had peres and shamir share a four year term peres into and then shamir during two. And it's one of these kind of compromises where a government was cobbled together and was able to obtain enough votes and enough seats in the knesset to be in power so they are in place now. Israel also has a new president. what what What do you see The situation as it stands now. And what do you think we should expect there. I mean the biggest difference obviously is bennett. Only having five percent of the vote think either coalition government. Then you'll prime minister is no comparison. Ever that does someone could be prime minister with only five percent of the vote and it was obviously because of the vast Pressure to get rid of netanyahu that such a possibility but i don't know we could look it up. Put your how many seats shamir something has. But but i think they had at least fifteen twenty percent of the electorate. But not unfortunate probably. I'm not. I'm not so confident. I think that I mean you see that The most likely thing that's going to happen in it could be instantly could even be today. There's already problems coming today. That will talk about with the votes that ever came across. The knesset that everyone that the polls eighty percent of israelis maybe even ninety percent predict that this government is going to collapse. And then we're going to be in the same situation. We were before of but is not going to be netanyahu. It's going to be naftali bennett. And as i think it's going to be a disaster. We talked about How he did in lebanon telling you like besides like the un and international corden palestinians. that even israel said that like this guy was a loose cannon. This guy was out of control and that was the israeli report and it is our prime minister. I mean at least. I mean israel citizen but the people that really care and follow about israel and the most likely thing is the government is going to collapse and we're going to be in the same situation with perpetual Abandoned that and you may be they'll be able to speak out of budget of before the government collapses but i would not be surprised if The government collapses before they could even eke out a budget and you may be israel could survive. You'll like going on like this. I mean you talked to mordecai qatar and visions for israel as american citizens basically include call it the destruction but the dismantling of the way the israeli government is currently set up. So i mean i mean even charles we have disagreements about what we would like to see in israel. I think both of us largely agree that the current system probably has to be dismantled in. They need some sort of constitutional convention in new structure. A government of its emirate or whatever a system But that's not on the table that's just like people like me and charles. In even in israel people like professor could dr are avesta minority in and unfortunately on likely the only thing that will unify israel again will be some sort of military threat. So i i get a minimum. I'm pretty. I wouldn't use the word scared of but i'm worried and pessimistic. You know. I don't really know the politics of israel deeply. I should say that up front here. I interview people over the years. Including recently o'clock odar and maya sense is that The government is going to go forward. And it'll be fine. And i think he will be prime minister for two years and that lapierre will be prime minister. Two years just like the Peres arrangement that you know disarray. Of by which of people's pasts can be forgiven once they're in power. You know nothing the given but you know. There are various dynamics that take place where people want someone to be in power and what they represent regardless and we could look at for example biden. I mean look. The guy has a racist segregationist past where he's using. The edward consular made vicious anti-black confident speeches in congress and was you know and yet that's overlooked because the the establishment in and segments of them want him to be president so they willing to pay for it over and i think that the senate i wanted bennett. It was some sort of anomaly. Agent a different from shamir. Bennett is extremely popular. He didn't even make it into the knesset election. In this time he only got five percent. I told you the polls only eleven percent of israelis think that the coalition. You're taught you think that this coalition is gonna last two years. Eleven percent of israelis agree with you. It interest all day like all. It teaches the arab party or are these groups to back out in. There's going to be new elections and that could be this week if ram the air piracy backs out. They'll have to call new elections next week. We'll be prepared by minister. And i think that they. They wanna have some consistency. They wanna have some sense of cohesion you know they were able to get rid of netanyahu. I think most people in israel quite honestly with tired of him regardless of the fact that becomes a very successful prime minister. But you know he's been in power off and on for thirty years. And i think that the there is this desire to do something different and move forward. It's zeitgeist again in situations like that. Often nuances of a person's past and whatnot are just overlooked. Let's put it that way. He's politicians only got five percent of the vote biden. But the point is he's there click shamir the p that's very popular at least among a hundreds of thousands of israelis there are thousands of but the difference is that it's not about him. It's the way politics works as such. The people of israel wanna have some sense of the building cohesion. I don't think they wanna go through another election. Given the fact that is already four. I think in the past couple years and People wanna see some sense and stability and up to. I think that for that reason because anyone dealing lights him but it's because they wanna see a government move forward and i think it will move forward and the fact that he is going to be. The only two years is at least somewhat of a safety valve in terms of people willing to to do to go along with it in the interest of national cohesion. at least you know who knows. We'll have to see what happens. But but that's my sense of it unless he really steps in it and does something so ridiculous or outrageous. And i don't think that's going to happen. The coalition is between benefit and the foul and the more left cardi than generally which is what they have the promise of getting in there in two years which i think they value and the arab which is their ally You know. I think that it's gonna tell you today's news when you're ready in why the coalition might collapse today in its relate to something that we've talked about on this show of before the family reunification law that bans palestinians and infiltrators who marry israelis from earning israeli citizenship. That currently there's a law in israel called the family reunification law that if you're a palestinian in you marry in israeli which generally is a path to citizenship. Only palestinians are barred from this path to citizenship and the palestinian Aram group has refused to back and So that could lead could lead to a collapse clarity on that law. So that say your your christian you marry. An israeli and american christian palestinians are borrowed anywhere from everybody in the world. Besides the palestinian mary's jew could get israeli citizenship without converted to judaism yet. Just through just through a numeric melt. This a specific law called the family reunification law that bars that has to be renewed every year and it needs to be renewed and the ramco. Listen said they're not gonna vote for it. And if ram back down to the coalition over this or if the right wing won the government to collapse the government could collapse. Today in there would be new. Elections will listen. I understand once. The coalition collapsed. It's bennett so then the right wing wants to see this wall continue. Which is that specifically palestinians singled out not like other groups. Are chris if somebody is rarely marries a christian or european or a frenchman or german that person automatically becomes a citizen of israel if they emigrated. Israel was eligible on the palestinians. it's forbidden whereas if you're palestinian and you married israeli you don't become a citizen. Is that if it's impossible to to its less converts to judaism. I suppose i told you the law. You can't even convert to judaism now. That's i looked into that. That's not a law. The family reunification does know that. A palestinian numeiri isreaeli then converts to judaism is still barred from coming in israeli citizen. That that's my understanding. It was debate in the knesset. Today you can look it up. okay Well i mean it's a issue. You know israel very careful about It could be the right wing. Wants the government to collapse could say like the peed if the peace coalition with the agreement that bennett bennett is just the first prime minister in a rotation so the right wing probably wants the government to collapse and would prefer perpetual Ah bennett in new elections ever. They're not gonna get better than no elections. The only five percent popularity but my but it doesn't matter they have if they call for new elections. Bennett will be prime minister until a new coalition is formed and so like just like netanyahu there before elections and they couldn't former polish. Netanyahu remained prime minister so rigorous apart bennett will remain until they new coalition as the coalition falls apart. They'll call new elections in which kill until that stop. it will be perpetual governance. in doesn't which is saying look it doesn't make sense politically. It may be happened but they have been in there for two years talking about the right. And if they if they're right conspires to to to destabilize. The government for new elections bennett ain't gonna be any more popular and he'll buy he might get in for another two year arrangement nothing. They're not going to gain anything. He's not gonna win a popular vote if he's is unpopular. She won't matter. You won't be able to get rid of him besides a new coalition so bennett. Even though he only had five percent of the vote through default will become perpetual prime minister till a new coalition through elections. They have trauma them. Pretty quickly right now. Very unlikely. I mean you saw how hard it was to get rid of netanyahu. Getting whatever right now and have. He may have been there for two years. A new election isn't gonna take two years. It's going to take probably a few months. And then they'll be back to square one. They'll be lucky if he's in it. All be the same thing that there is no path forward in israel period john coalition coalition that leaving. He's had to be done in order to get rid of benefits will be like anybody but Be of ill become anybody but bennett. In the coalition will require people that don't agree with each other forming a coalition already. Wasn't purpose of getting rid of bennett. They already did that to get rid of netanyahu. Look we don't you. And i don't know what what will happen but i don't think that i don't think at the end of the day that makes sense politically. The anybody left right center. I'm so worried. I'm you have faith in. You have faith that somehow this coalition government's going last for two years. I told you only eleven percent of israelis agree with you. We'll say i mean. That's i don't know which sat on what paul you're looking at but i think most israelis don't want to see another instance a continuation of this instability with constant elections. You know for the interest of the nation that's why the perez Shamir government work. Because people would tie of that. I mean there was some similar dynamic back then. I know that should that they were both heads of major. Parties and bennett is in but nevertheless there was a sense especially after the assassination of issaquah being that they wanted to have stability so they had a national unity government. I mean look at it. I mean ben. Gordon had a national unity government for a while and the smell of fesser qatar saying there is no stability in this kind of what me and you are agreeing upon within the current framework of the israeli governmental. Same within the policy is no possibility. Okay they need some sort of a new constitutional mean they don't even have a constitutionally but they actually need some sort of a constitutional convention to completely rework the political system in within the current system there in possibility of stability. That's and that's my electric of. I mean you're talking about amber parlementary system modeled after action british parliamentary system. I wonder how sincere to well. That's right they don't have a house of lords but they do over ceremonial president I don't i mean. I do agree that i mean get away. The american system is a better system with a strong president executive balanced by two other branches of government. And these instances states. But you know it depends most most countries in the world. I think have more of a british style parliamentary system. not just israel. I mean that's that's kind of the standard system in most european countries and prevalent force. Israel doesn't have constitution like if it's jordan arab countries that are constitutional mark monitor catchy alone have prostituted factual israel's supposed to have a constitution like they did the basic loves it was under the provisions that eventually they would form a constitution and revolted. So it's like a constitution. But that's what i'd be proposing saying. Yes the system. Israel's was supposed to be temporary system till they developed a constitution and much measures. They probably should be calling for in. Great britain doesn't have a constitution doesn't have israel was supposed to have when they made the basic laws and temporary to create a constitution. They never accomplished all right. Fair enough. what else is new Look at michigan semitism and with the In a we talked about the election of course. But what's going on in the jewish world. I mean actually boycotted the zim shipping. I think they didn't oakland california new so that the protests university of michigan had as pressure. But i don't. I don't think there's been as eds But missing they had there's a company called z. I m that is is isreaeli international shipping in oakland california. They actually black the ports and convinced the union not on loaded and the had protest in new york also had such problems so they just have office here in like seventy five people outside and protested for an hour but lay in in my area. The there hasn't really been noticeable increase in anti-semitism in the universities and the public statements In terms of the violence of illegal has she tischler. I think he got the new palestinian bill. Have back you know. We'll see the city council elections coming up. We'll see maybe he wins the democratic nominee in ends up Coming onto city council but like la. I think violence amongst the jews increasing in some areas. It hasn't been the case here in metro detroit. I think it's unlikely. The dynamics that there would be that kind of violence against the jews in detroit. So it's more just a question. Politically andy levin. Our local congressman Decide to back. Ilhan omar inner statement to yearly that. They had the twenty. The jewish congressman that Stood up in wanted. Ilan omer to clarify her statement about like is comparing israel to a massive place and andy levin agreed with her. that That you know these forcing her to clarify is essentially racist and islamaphobia that even if you disagree with her this force you to clarify and now he is being Stopping semitism as god forbid. They're gonna call. Andy levin carl levin's of sauna Yo senator levin's nephew antisemite. Over defending illinois omar into but let me in terms of. That's more political usa. Be like the one point. Two billion late like The one point two billion dollar package for israel for various things and eleven has a vote and that vote might make a difference. So there's a lot of pressure about that in universities that have like video resolutions adjust the general status of you know how high we hold their head as a jew but i honestly i'm not that concerned about rising antisemitism. I like as far as i know. I haven't heard any. Jews beat up in metro detroit. I haven't heard of people's businesses beating losing a job or various things. And i'm not expecting that. It tends to come in waves usually when israel is in the news intensive depending itself against a war. Like i did about a month ago. When his you know another attempted genocide in israel you get all the vicious haters from both the left and the right and it's more left that right these days crawl out from under the woodwork and start to agitate against israel and against us and then wants over they go back underground And i think that's what's happened. You know so you know. The that hasn't changed airing of that phenomena. Back in the day i mean. Is you know going back in the seventies. Israel's war get them all come out is and it's the same general unholy coalition between israel's enemies like her models or an arab country coalesced with leftist around the world You do have right now. Great criticism against your your good friend Your congresswoman to laid and omar and the so-called squad formed eleven for one of the most famous jewish families have been like one hundred years in michigan dominate. Carl levin was one of the most senior ranking senators You know his uncle is Disagreeing with you in. And he's stepping out. He's going hunting or employees. Why does he want to boycott. Israel supporting wants to boycott israel but But but what does. It's about them for because leftist in. He's probably his support Multicultural immigrant america in feels that defending it has to deal with the defending phobia or dark skinned Multicultural burqa. he'd by support. His own. people mean there's nothing that doesn't support via supporting his voicing. The opinion of the is warning jews in this area. So ag- you as someone. That's interested advocating for israel to sosa n eleven majority advocating for the greater in his district or the non. Jews who live in his district in advocating for israel goes against that where his uncle carl levin obviously was probably did more for israel he what he was the head of the ways and means committee. Most of the money that went through to israel was done through carl levin another nephews gone gone bad you you say he went bad. But your that's your opinion. Who cares about israel because yeah now they're that you're the guy. He lost the frank. So i mean barney frank line. We didn't we did disagree on that biography. What if he was in office today he would probably be similar. Oh i don't think you'd be fragrance inside. No i disagree because he's decades older. We're saying if she was decades young. I don't think it'd be we'd be zayn. Does a lot of people on the left are levin and apparently a lot of the survey then. i mean. we didn't talk about the democrats. I guess the most jews in greater detroit are anti israel. Now i mean intake there does not pro israel. They care the they're not saying that they want to be anti israel but they don't reload this was in the defacto say napping pro israel as being anti israel. They they'd be actively anti-israel in in an overt sense. But if they're supporting a jew hater and an anti israel activists like their anti israel in the defacto sense rhetoric using their supporting omar. Because they feel like maybe people like you are picking on her because she's muslim and has dark skin even anti israel absolutely upset she doesn't i israel blood libellous lie notes were and eleven loves in mature hindi levin those who are important for him because they haven't genocidal attitude toward the end of the state of israel they want to see every jewish man woman and child in israel murdered that. I think that's what he's saying. The one i think she's moslem they are very. There are plenty of muslims in this country. Who do not support her position. I'm sure occurred. Scenario andy levin would stand up to you to protect your on homer. And he's protecting jew hating per european is but he end up to protect her against people like you. It's not my opinion by new construction standing up for civically against people like you against movie. Because i'm calling people like andy. Levin is amazing. My i built. There's nothing to do with muslims. Rams i know andy levin sandy levin standing up to you the reason is because people like you because he's a paving jew. You claim your reason for his intention. But he's like no he's necessarily picking on her as i don't like spending art to send defensor against you. Yeah he's not a claim that because i don't go step to the left and zig heil to her points of view. I have something against muslims. Or i don't like somebody because of their skin color. That is a vicious goddamn lie and he is sick if he thinks that. Okay this inter jewish balance. Where you in. Andy lebanon getting in a fight over your opinion about illinois Opinion about ill owner and he's willing to stand up to you stands up for her policies. My opinion against her is because of her policies not because of her ethnic background relevant. She'll get one vote on whether to give more money to israel or not but what she thinks about. Israel is basically. It's very fellow guessing very relevant. Israel's based we get one vote in whether to go no no no. it's very dove. It is very relevant because she combined with talib and my own congresswoman here at boston. Yana presley and others are basically taking over the democratic party so it is every bit relevant given to think that most people in this area that are voting these elections. Don't really care about us policy in israel and saying as a us congressperson more. You're like old. There's only really one vote that they're going to get. It's going to make a difference on israel and that's going to be the funding of illinois homer and your congresswoman vote against funding for israel may and eleven votes for maybe he votes against it. Every jordan makes native for his constituents now if he is supporting a congress person who wants to cut aid to israel and one who is combined with others who are likewise of that opinion and who are really taking over to a certain degree. I would argue the democratic party including the existing administration. Then he is. He's supporting the destruction of israel. And he's i would argue a self. Aiding jew is nothing to do with omar's ethnic background. I couldn't care less about her ethnic background and for for you to suggest for him to suggest that i have something against anyone because of that is a vicious lie and a piece of agitprop communist propaganda. I might add this ops s and by the way now that we're on the subject this whole business of attorney. General merit garland coming out and saying the biggest problem facing this country. Right now is white supremacy. What does he really saying. He's saying anybody who supported trump. that's what he's saying. The white supremacy is there. It's always been there. it's not. I don't think it's any more now than it's ever been and it's something that's been condemned by everybody. It's a fringe thinkers but for him to try that out at a time like this and ask people to turn in their relatives if they think they might not have an opinion or something. That's what they did in nazi germany. This vicious this is ugly and santa american something to do with the there isn't a major pro. White supremacy is always a problem. But it's it's it's way down the list in terms of the real problems countries facing right now and it does not describe the most trump supporters. In fact i would suggest in in a way that the more supremacist attitude is found in the so called critical race theory. Who focused on this obsessive identification of people based on race and ripping people apart and dividing the country up. That's the problem if you wanna take a look at race problems so some fringe nuts on under a rock somewhere. Who part of some weird white. Supremacist cult we understand who they are and they should be looked at. But that's not that's not mainstream. That's like that's not suddenly becoming like the acts like this is some crisis that needs the whole country needs to mobilize. That's that's this is. This is just agitprop. This is dividing interesting dynamics of what's gonna happen politically in this area. How of because Any levin is the congressmen the district. Right now that's adjacent to where most useless that jews and eleven represents not too many jews the majority of the jews living hayley stevens district who ran against my friend Epstein was the coordinator of trump for michigan as republican. Mind into the jewish community in it tends but decided finishing layout layout the politics jewish community here in metro detroit unequivocally opposed lena epstein in favor of hayley stevens so if there's going to be district let me finish explaining something So there's gonna be redistricting because there were elections in in so it looks like they're gonna re district The districts and so andy levin should he run will be in primary against hayley stevens and will no longer be representing The area that doesn't have too many jews in his multicultural a'democratic but he will now be to run directly against hayley stevens in the area where tens of thousands of of jews metro detroit live and yes extremely likely that the organized jewish community will agree with charles and will back stevens over eleven in the primary over israel. But currently right now. Dr. levin is in the district. Were too many jews and no one in his district. Really cares that much about Your the issue does on why. I'm not saying he's he. He is a multicultural area. He represents you know. Like the uae and unions and a lot of african americans and arabs and it He probably does politically. It's good for him. Electorally to stand up for illinois owners no weekly like these are on found unfair attacks but because of the redistricting in the next election he will be democratic primary with in the jewish district. Do you ever win. Likely to become the congress area here will majority agree with charles. Thanks what. I'm glad that in two thousand we'll see next year. Yeah i hope we take. They'll be next unions interesting. I mean deflate rashida delayed. There's only like one percent of liking hayley stevens like fifteen percent of the electorate is jewish area like one percent of the electorate may be any leads. Three percent of the electorate is jewish. And so it's gonna be re district in bardon interesting brandon. Detroit's jews are not. I don't know if the same thing is happening in your area and also. I think because my area boston you know. I think that that safe to say that in my area of boston just like greater detroit majority of jews remain pro israel even if the liberal doesn't matter liberal conservative pro israel s johnson hayley stevens presley's congresswoman anyways presley is my congresswoman. But she doesn't she represent. i mean. i live in the city of boston. I don't live in the jewish neighborhood but percent of the electorate you're so you're saying presley is not the congresswoman of the district that includes the majority of jews area where you move not having armed with the majority of jews that's right. She's an if she was in the area that included jury you probably would not be elected with positions that the redistricting makes a big deal in this area. And that's why compared to that. I don't know if you're going through redistricting there in if they realized into overlap presley's area with the major jewish community the jewish. But in the air you live. The jewish community probably has close to know power within the democratic primary process to get rid of her just like here in michigan that the jewish community has basically no power to defeat laban election. That's right same dynamic. You're absolutely right. And i mean just again. It sounds to me. Like just to reiterate here. The jewish community boston just like the jewish new detroit which is liberal is predominantly and i would even suggest largely overwhelmingly pro israel and that sounds like hayley stevens. Who's not jewish is is pro israel and away way yeah and is supported by the jewish community among others and she's probably liberal to which is fine but the point is that this guy this guy Eleven is not in the mainstream of judaism. He is citing with anti jewish and anti israel. Click because they aren't disparate proper. My mother was partners of the same law firm. She's retired but when count retired he became a partner at his uncle. Eleven levin is about as meaning. It won't be as as you could get. They was good. Americans disguise his son now. All the sudden isn't in the main. I guess not mean he's from the dine movement where saying like he was what was made obviously went bad at some point because thinks mushrooming he. It was the if you find a way out our vay. It's just a natural trend of people like him that the that the epic spoiled silver spoon in his mouth. Rich when you're putting on it is necessary that they were like like like aoc and other people who it is a classic profile. He grew cuddling. You probably didn't even now most of his friends that he was jewish. He profusely somewhat integrated african american friends. Things like the union. The jewish shoes were more about supporting the and multicultural. aggression like. don't think most Eleven he still following like the uae integration. It's only it's only israel that And i also don't think the most african americans generally following policy the. I think that most african americans are anti israel. I don't think office basically off the ua that any enrich his union avenue backing. I am african american. I wonder if his anti israel thing is probably not because he thinks it's i think the anti israel acts appropriate real israel people who wanna cut aid to israel. That's aunt supportive. He's just too fancy. People like do have mean you're in mich- ordering pedal morning in young get some palestinian kid. I stood up for the palestinian kit against. Doesn't make me anti israel yet on this merrill with you because that's what you're saying you're insist on that. He's anti israel for against people like you attacking them. Yes no every say like i wanna go. I don't like the way you're talking about. Ilhan omar doesn't make me to israel not liking the way that you talk and you know what i don't wanna go back in this merry garard. We've got over it. I will do it briefly. Going to change the subject okay. My opposition to rely on omar is not because of ethnic backward and he thinks it is. It's a damn lie it's a it's a blood libel and it's vicious. It has nothing to do with that. It has to do with her public policies. Which are anti israel and that if he thinks criticizing omar's because of their ethnic background he's he's demented is nothing to do with that. That's an attack on jews. It has to do with her. Anti jewish and anti israel attitudes period nothing to do with her background and most certainly most african americans. I wouldn't even think of pretty. Good percentage of arabs are not anti israel and i don't think that's why he is side for i don't think he's signing israel anti israel and not anti israelis pros for de facto anti israel. If he's citing them no is saying that he and say he just standing up for not standing up for her opinions on israeli state airbag attack because of her policies which are anti israel was even. If you're right about what she thinks about israel he's saying yes as a jew i will stand up for her against you because she has a right to be anti israel. Even if i'm look i'm gonna defender. She has a right to the anti israel. Look at adolf. Hitler was elected in. Her district has a right to serve because he's elected. That doesn't mean. I'm going to support them. And he is when he the agree before aggressive policies besides for her positions on israel to power the unions he came to power on aggressive of platform. That has anything about her present controversy in congress about his statements about israel and comparing israel to the taliban has he criticized that has he come out publicly and talk about the said. The defender of buzzy did he criticizes that no. He's right ending his anti israel. That's pro israel white you said because he's refusing to attack in he he's anti israel i don't i don't know i walked down the street and i see someone eating up palestinian anti israeli activist. God forbid and stop the person from beating up the palestinians that make me anti-israel no but if that's things that what he's doing with a few but by supporting his her public policy does he's not immune to personally if she's i don't wanna hear her head damage to me is i would defend her. As a person of a her husband is right mean very little financial policy because ninety percent of issues. he's in the same progress of camping. He like they're both basically union back. Canada that this one issue he rbis as a low spas. Unions are way more important than than by the pro union people who are pro israel also most of the unions pro israel i would ask the unions. Position is unless it just demand that he turned against o. Marcus her position on doesn't mean that he agrees. Before bishop position on israel he should come out and vigorously condemn. We should do that as an anti-semite messy urging anti-semite if you don't condemning anti-semites them sorry. He is lying. Who talks with immortal. Jar and richard sir says the man who talks with richard spent vigorously you saying that he actively supports her and he has endorsed her supports her as a person in gaza polack. He has as a person who has progressive agenda. Adding visita has supported her as a politician bad ninety percent of their agendas progressives the same but he has to come out with that ten percent and condemn it or does he have to. He doesn't have you calling upon him l. under saying he's a bad june as he does there or he's anti israel unless he does i s i am and if he has any conscience he would do that because she is she and her not just for but her crowd her squad as they call it our anti israel and they are wielding considerable influence in the democratic party. And yeah he could come up. You can agree with our wishes. But you know i mean the fact that this is a big. But she's gonna say this guy charles's attacking me to work together on the unions and police reform. If you don't defend me against charles. I don't know what you mean by that but i just if illinois o'mara says the same logic that you're saying is like these guys. Are you choosing me of being anti semi. You know me you know me. I'm not anti need you to defend me. So that's what. Andy levin doing great together on various amounts of issue is she needs jews to come out in supporter in so andy levin step forward i will stand up for and he should have done it in the context that he does not agree with and condemns her israel policies. And he didn't do that diddy. no i'm not. i'm not as daddy. I'm not defending him. I i if there's going to support a candidate for office and they take a position that you disagree with. You have to put that out there and make that known that you don't support that particular thing you don't just goosestep along and say oh. I support this person. And you don't lie and say that anyone who disagrees with me has something legalize sent so that he's saying the houses the liar. She is not that that's what he's saying he's saying he knows the woman and jews non anti-semites patients by saying that he's bending or because he thinks people have really he thinks he's an anti semite. He is from front of the most famous jewish families. In all of america be standing up and saying she's not an anti semite and you also said that she feels that she's being attacked because of her ethnic background by jews which is a terrible whereas lama fled. That people are demanding that she clarify is essentially islamic finishing. That's eleven like you demanding. The stuff is basically black and muslim. And that's what. I think that's aggressive. But that's what. Andy levin and he said that he is connecticut blood libel against hugging her. Because she's muslim that's and that's why he's standing up. Defenders is an anti semite. He knows her as divisive. And it's vicious lie and she has made her position quite clearly known about israel and even so even to a degree about jews. I may add and he has you know the fact that he's he's doing disagrees with us. The point of what he's saying he's a jew from one of the most prominent jewish families in all his razi standing up and saying traumas wrong. This year's list is raising the legacy of his own family by not publicly saint. That's up to what father who think still his uncle who still live. His father passed away his ankle. Say i don't know if he's comment on it. But i wonder i'd like it'd be interesting of carl levin agrees with you. I've just grassing the legacy of his own family. I've got you he. He doesn't think of what you bet. You don't speak on behalf of your ladies. You're right to say he's disgracing or his family's right to stay. If carole evans alive is that his right to say whether his nephew msa to hold it against him if he doesn't have family here so maybe he doesn't want to fine. But i am not related to these people that i can make our opinion on. I'm really he is not condemning. An agenda that seeks to destroy the state of israel. It speaks for itself. She says that doesn't mean that she's personally and semite. Even though i think she is but either way her actions her advocacy is de facto anti israel and as such. I would argue antisemitic and the fact that he wants to. He doesn't wanna come come on condemned that and then he phrases it that we have something against her because of her ethnic background. Not only is he a coward for not coming out and criticizing her publicly for that. Assuming he's also not anti israel which i don't but to add that smear on top of it is really a disgrace and it's vicious. Let's talk about something stirred. What else he covid mate. Kingso a big issue michigan. We had the lowest case count in over year. Only one hundred fifty cases restrictions are about to be a completely removed there might be you'll flare ups or Variants in the usa. It's going to be interesting what happens. What has happening on the street out there. I mean people. Taken off the mass. There's lots of people going to restaurants again what's going on. Yes so restaurants reopen. I think you could even go endorse now. The local synagogues now have went back. I'm not sure if they get rid of social distancing but the but you can now go into almost all of the local or modern orthodox snake eggs without a mask in without. I think even without social distancing requirements as per the out on the street people doing it i mean. Are people going into the restaurants now without the mass of a walking. How many mass. These seen i was with president trump and i was disappointed in president trump when he did found through. The i was hoping social distancing would last after nineteen. But you so you. I'm asking what you found around us here. That's a lot of stores that sell have policies. That mask required that now. The government does not require stores to have a mask requirement policies but generally the majority of stores do still have a mask requirements and people. Maybe you're on the street. Maybe like twenty. Five percent of people are still wearing. Masks and social distancing is at some level effective But less than like as. I would mind if i think. Social distancing is generally a good thing like people deserve our private germs. Like i remember yeah. People always used to cough all over me and and that's a good thing. I'm i've never been comfortable like with tight. Crowds and and i don't think we need go back to handshakes to me. There's some benefit to protecting your yourself from from all sorts of germs. However i think that in my neck of the woods which is boston the It's kind of a mixed thing. I see people without the mask in store. I see clerks in the store without the mass at seen people in the restaurants without the mask. But i've also seen people still walking around with double masks outside long. I think it has a lot to do with the individuals comfort level Store policy mincing no longer north enforcing doesn't amass date but some stores duke. Still the policy stores do most would say it's optional and they've they suggest that if you're vaccinated wear it of course they can't ask. That been shouldn't ask that because that's a personal. But most most businesses in massachusetts have made it optional. I haven't seen anyone. That's still absolutely mandates. It i think that for good reason thing like hospitals and nursing homes mandated insurance but most regular businesses that are open to the public on. Not at this point. And i would say that the common down the masks that is and i see less it as time goes on in his people feel more competent My own personal doctor at mass general hospital who tends to think like i think has said that. She thinks that there's going to be a group of people including patients who are never going to take off the mask and who's going to fully emerge into society always going to be for the rest of their lives gonna be in a state of semi isolation and i think that unless you have a a serious preexisting condition Oil you're you're over eighty then. It seems to me that that is not is more. That's more psychological and maybe political than it is scientific. That's my pin. People should probably foll- local case. Count numbers if you have more even if you're fully vaccinated in the case count. An infection rate is quite low. You're a still keep social distance of the case to count starts going up. She will probably go back to mask and we got ten minutes. We should to the g seven in putin biden. And i would say that putin probably won on almost all accounts even though the. Us media is tied to that somehow portray it likley biden. Having the upper hand is biden. Obviously i mean look. I'm i don't want us to get in trouble with the answer but to me. It's obvious that he is dealing with a an increasing level of dementia. He is a dementia. Is i can speak to this. My father had dementia. It is a progressive disease. It doesn't get better. It gets worse and worse and he just seemed to be in intermediate stages of it at this point in his life. I think everyone knew that. In a way as president trump was on fox news yesterday hannity. It's not aging. Like there is a sizable you know. Ten twenty percent of elderly people who get dementia like dementia comes with age minority feral apl. Who are elderly. They get the dementia and there are many. Although who don't in fact. I think most of them but i think he does and You know i suppose. Sort of like tally bennett. To bring things back to israel. He's not popular. Most people don't think he is fit to be prime minister but they put him in there because they want to defeat. Netanyahu need i say more anyway jovan. I want kind of wrap it up. Because i want to make sure that the show will download properly to rumble and gab. And mines and bitch shoot and all of these other people to carry the show now but they tend to get finicky. If i go onto it doesn't it doesn't download so won't share your thoughts you up to in terms of broadcasting these days when you have coming up. I'm interviewing actually later this afternoon. A local senior hurry christian disciple who Actually ran for congress like he tried to run even against jerry peters petersburg for senate he wasn't Successful and interesting character is a professor of writing but but he's been You know he became a r krishnan decades ago and he is the one who convinced me to become a vegetarian. When i went to the local is kong temple. He was one of the first people. I spoke to and we had tens of hours of conversations mostly about the ethics of a meeting. So i'm going to be talking to and we're i included him. I was part of the local interfaith organization with actually a female. Rabbi in detroit in. I ended up being able to include him in it and then he became pretty prominent in interfaith and he's in lansing You're the capital of michigan. And he started his own interfaith network. There's an interview him on my channel in an hour at three about the interfaith end cow protection as he advocates for not forcing everybody to be a vegetarian but just generally The at your the ethics our. But my behind the of vegetarianism or or why and honestly when i Became vegetarian really convinced. Me that It's probably not such a good idea to kill the cow. Oughta rabbis agree with me. And saying that i agree that judaism has specific protections uniquely for the cow because the cow rise a benevolent men. Will that gives. Its milk to us and i have nothing in return. So you'll kosher says you just can't eat milk and meat together out of some respect for the cow but the current state of mass slaughter and we know in europe Most jews rarely had beef or or meet tillerson at most. The toddler talks about late. Most have just having meat on that today. Then as opposed the current your average porno sin if beef two or three times you could be homeless and poor instill beef two or three times a day in god largely in agreement about being against industrial slaughter. I am so sorry. I caught and i'm having on a catholic. Priest is just read the book about his own experiences with excesses them and the existence of demons in the world and their possession of people and how seen nece can hebrew and the sages phenomenon is hollywood exist. And i have to say that i personally never really thought much about this until maybe recent years when i started to think i'm having some things going on i'll be getting into that with with the priest whereas okay are you going crazy or is it is around and if you are careful in fact i've been plugging your book. Sometimes in conversations related to topix about the nature of hatred or the nature of evil in new zealanders debate on the nature of evil and to debate on the nature of hatred and in late and we discussed that with your book is at this added element that causes it in say like. Is it that we don't fight the eight sahara. We don't fight the evil inclination in the spirits that are always there therefore enter it in. You know certain it that new said that people are naturally good and it's not that people do bad things as the people don't protect ourself against these spirits entering his everett's interest in your book. It was just a pamphlet and was able to get into these metaphysical type. That will definitely be looking forward to that. And i don't mention your book even times over the last few shared that my and horton topic to understand like what causes. Not just other people that you disagree with To do bad things will cause me myself to do bad things and act in a different way. And if you're saying well maybe it's fierce. Maybe be well. That's the question and starting to actually have some. You know things that make me. Think it is and i'll get into that my interview by the way. Thank you for mentioning my book traditionally. So that's what. But that's maybe what jews believed even metaphysically or is the sahara you or is the sahara horror element that causes you to do bad things now as you obviously body and limbs do bad things. It's us the did it but was the cause of it me or was the caused the combinator lament the world deals with this question always has and it. It doesn't absolve the individual of allowing something an evil influence. Not only to take take over them but then manifest itself in them that is part of a will. So it's not like. I'm saying you're free unclear because this isn't your trumping able and it's something outside if the rabbi says one hundred percent of his evil evil spirits that enter the person who still is legally a he has the moral. And that's not no might be less like the intent to sarah's new crime without ten thousands more punishment than someone who did a without under the individual is responsible because it's the individual who allows that he will spirit of the degree it happens. What about the case. In france like yo save with that Mainland jewish community pick concerned that that guy who smoke marijuana or said spirits that the french court let him off for forbid killing the elderly jewish woman. And i was wrong because you're responsible his crime and he left at spirit in however it happened anyway. So we'll talk next week and as always wanna thank you joining great things. All right take care.

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Racing Preview | Enable bids for history at Longchamp | Racing Postcast

Racing Post

56:07 min | 10 months ago

Racing Preview | Enable bids for history at Longchamp | Racing Postcast

"Joining us. CAN HOST CAUSING What a weekend is, sadly, launch on will be largely empty, but that doesn't mean we're not looking forward very much to the pre deadlocked trump in which the wonderful enable. Is Hoping to win the race for the third time. We'll. We're hoping cheese I'm not sure what she's thinking anyway before we get to that we've got I super is on Saturday on it. Plus loose look at the other group ones on the first day of our weekend, and then our attention will switch to one of the great days of the year Octa at Longchamp on Sunday joining me. Bruce Meeting Center located this feast of Racing. David. Jennings. And kaethe melrose from the racing post as what has potty Powell's run mccue now then last week, we showed that there are more than one way to skin a cat or indeed pick a winner Dj very lucidly explained why alcohol-free would win the chief depart which she did she. Was One time and then gee, wrote in a slightly more roundabout. Why so of explain but didn't really explain why it's supremacy was guns win the middle part but he did that is one seven to one well, done dj for that like I say you were slightly more fluent but we got we've both got there in the end. So TJ better go I am going to look at the one forty at Newmarket, which is the tattersalls October auction stakes to race over six furlongs one I saw was race he's with. Phil what we got strong favorite Ryan. Yeah we do indeed Bruce Mighty Girka the net thirteen days m currently, Riccardi Power Clare inform the bet and very doses next in at seven, the woman. Brought Organising derogates. It's obviously revolved Husky this race mighty Gorka the really high. Michel Lindon for a coming off the back of a group free when the last time I guess to best performance of probably came on the all weather. For that reason, I was going put up with maybe each way the race Gif list. Effect Them. The soft ground is a key air grounds can be pretty tasks new Mike itself had been repricing around twenty one at the moment getting weight off of also Roy. This top gift list was of interest but as mighty Gorka, would be very popular demise nose day Okay. Thank you run. As Ron pointed out that guy's going to be the guys actually going to be atrocious everywhere I mean, some of the forecasts are pulling so to check in the morning. How heavy it's going to be but I think we can assume the oil around the country. The hooves are going to be going nice and deep into the turf. Okay. Then there's a lot of interesting races. This way can this isn't one on out tra- thrilled about perhaps you can put up value that will infuse middle of it more yet while I'm taking on the favors and I think the favorites fire to show. Our scrambled overlain of grocery last time on ratings. Obviously, she'll be the one to be but I like the second favorite undeterred favorite night almost coupland dust and per se and profit will be my first choice for ferry does hands off when it wouldn't new breeze. So that would kinda sway me think I should have save on fairy dust but just Peraza and it was just a nightmare last time and doncaster back over. To. Which sends ridiculous because he was just prior to keen then get into the rhythm I. Think he likes ours I think stepping back up to six here where you get lead thirty thrown installed twenty seven and in the last couple of years Lord. Warner. From stalled twenty seven in today's eighteen and accidentally just aged style. Turkey and says and sixteen. So being high could healthcare. So at onion go cross who I think has value. Okay. An Kato Dude I. Broadly agree with to be honest I thought by darker desperate of obey because I do think about horses to shore as one of those things where the of. A cascio form. Really outstrips the actual worth the and I think I would be pulled who's come down against the I'd go further digi I think this horses above I think quite frankly you tools harmful I also some pill flashing at York when he came through but it might be just the saw horse and a massive fueled race like this and joins picking his way through and finally to really to public performance. Okay. So no love for the five in the first gift list and Proto Oil. First tips we move onto the to ten at Newmarket, which is the British AB. Premier Phillies handicapped while diaper mice. What's the light expecting run? Autumn about heads of AETNA, to warn, it's eleven to two David six million Paris along with once words and it's nine worn vitamin for this looks a struggle. Kaethe do your best to solve it for us and well, it's personal life. So I don't know if anybody wants to put league's follow me in here but I did be more chest last time. I. Think it was enough there to give it another go. Everything that happens adjusted the legal right and once you're slowly away you're sort of struggling anyway she has won previously owned solve dot lock she's been dropped and patterns on previous comments are. Quite got the ball over. stunned. Okay. Be More for case defense anything here Ryan. Bruce I think it's a wide open race and I'd be happy to listen about Dj keys tossing. Okay well, let's get DJ's thoughts on it. I can't believe this first outweighed until we get to the act where going absolutely crucify keep Matt Rose Bush, I go absolutely hundred percent agree with here would be more go further and I. Don't think America's cotton down to the fact that be more has three times on soft ground and she's wounded three times unsolved crimes including at markets, and just she seems to be a software in Philly and the and the knock on effect of our Ronin, quick go to firm obviously when she a and she's crying. But then share on twice you toward and test Bryce Taylor thinks he's better. We're cutting the credit, which means you consider on of eighty nine, which is only three Penn prior now last minute mark, which I thought was possibly even as good a race not better than this and I think ninety one cracker price. I think when people realize how well she subscribed. She'd be half price. I'm looking forward to hearing you. Crucify. Me Doesn't banking. He's feeling a while back in the. act. The. Words from you saying. It wasn't that good. The Green Open on consumption is three. Gibson she was three lots. They send the great she lives. Kate, you'll miserable views on enable to later on right what will be avenue lights the grinch. In the meantime look ahead to the heart of the newmarket caught it's the to forty five, the Kingdom of Bahrain Sun Chariot stakes a group one for the Phillies Mas- over a mile really interesting rice. Ryan gives us a show betting and then DJ and tell us all about Shampoos Elise. At least the bet seventy to actually join for even repeat flu MSN The to regular missing there will be the. Witness's ethos at six eight to Denver esiason bigger prices S A KITE DJ Salami Shumpert leads as a rags to riches story for Johnny to in Ireland. Just tell us about Andy she'll selection. At Yeah. Unbelievable. Story Bruce One of the real feel good stories of the summer on that. Obviously, with the way the covert has been. It's nice to get a story like this should have been Tom Kong I forget one earlier on the season at Handicap of eighty, six, hundred ninety she was supposed to be sold Hong Kong put a failed the vet because it does it's not it's not a good Walker and dad. They obviously she wasn't to Hong Kong, and then she was almost sold again in the same thing happened again anything and she subsequently WANNA list race advice Atlanta calway she wanNA grew trae echoed Al Gore impact obviously on the matron group one brilliantly ask percents but they're going to be the grinch hair bruce because I think this is the bachelor of the weekend here he's for this seventy two is massive massive massive amount. Urge everybody if they can just take that seven, the two-night because you will be looking at a docket that will be singing. At you at the base to forty four on Saturday 'cause I. Think this is going to be a monster down but I really to at this pace for am oriented O'Brien a couple of weeks ago and he told me that she would return in the nation but that she would she was his favourite saying she'd be just about ready to start back I'm Dan I tachi random blue cracker in the matron day went hired. Teams. Heart they went up front fancy blue multiple group one winner Clinton to pay state on its peaceful was up there through acts and he and she kept out. So she did despite the fact that she wasn't fully farther rates and I think she could be one of the stories of of the awesome because I love to see are going for the champion stakes I think she's tackled and I did want her to go to France at running the pre Labra for fancy blue same owners run stare but I think it's actually a true choice because I think she'll handle the grind she was just beating. Them heavy at newmarket last year but she does in the Bryant and I think a mile at newmarket on describing would be a test. Osama. That's where peaceful interro own. That's where I'm not convinced of a champion. Lisa. Lacerra sent me a little bit easier. I think seventy-two peaceful is a cracking bad and it's my strongest fancy the whole weekend. Now, Ron mccue sounds like a decent man unlike that horrible Riley lost weight you remember eight did when you Power Co. freight a shot the price after you put the case up and wouldn't put it back out now I know Roy and he's a good guy. that. Seven to two. Peaceful. Kaethe Melrose, who'd you like in the Sun Areas? Don't have a especially strong you. Suddenly on DJ level I think the feeble it should be trained by John Gosden I think Ted Belem's echelon second the. Would probably the best species of? And the field and I thought the MAKIHATA wrong in that regard unfortunately, I couldn't particularly split the myself maybe normally Ted Bella because I think she's more progressive in the BBN. But it wasn't uneasy. What trump going to begin talked the genius. Akito key thank you very much kate and Ryan who go. Talk to her about it was probably the most interesting for me and she's back from a break. She's going to be fresh coming into this. I take a role in the last time probably came into quick after two previous efforts. She's been improvement racing ultra lassie's then again this season I talk to you. She was the one I went to a little bit visa. Jolie good. Thank you very much. We'll often run ask dot net. Putty power streaming all K- and Irish racing. Our APP new bet required just look in and watch terms and conditions apply must be able to talk. Welcome back to the Racing Post weekend postcards Bruce Millington, David Jennings, Keith Melrose and Patty Perez, Roy mccue, we've got four I TV races on Saturday from escorts look at next, and we will start with the one fifty five, which is tot-, DOT CO DOT UK row stakes a listed race over five firms in asker like everywhere else is expected to get a law of Ryan. So mudlark all the way and a wide market run give us the show of betting and. Going to pass the post from. Or the Dakota Gold heads are better at ninety two, a lot of open rates this weekend mosquitoes in there for one along with his mavericks and six one eight in India with bigger prices down the rest and for me in this race Bruce a top made of India manmade most appeal she put up a career best performance last time to fly in fly correct albeit was on different ground. She was a winner ankle to soften the past as she beat Dakota goals around this time last year as wealth in which context of this race she gets. She gets into weight off Otago penalty to carry, try and follow up his success in the race last year and considered a cop. Six to was drive back provocative sheet to handle the heavy Goldman to. BE AT A. Certain. Stage usual selection. Operas Haiti's. Sprints that don't evolve. Batas. Genuinely no strong opinion if post taboos. Thank. You An- kaethe. Very Tiny Criminal Ryan Center to go penalty, but it's not for winning the series last year because the penalties only apply for the marches for winning the beverly boomer. And August, and the crucial thing about that is it was a Steph FIFA. Finish on soft ground on I just think this horse is on. And the US obviously about form in Salto Gardens he can do to step five, but he can get prominent heavily on and maybe not see another rival and Michael we can't get be the most thing I'll ever see but do a horse weld be favorite. Yeah. As beauty is nailed the heights goldenrod rhino move onto the two thirty this is interesting. The coach dot co UK Cumberland Notch stakes a group three over a mile and a half and logistician dominates the market run. Eight fifteen is the price Bruce. marangos there at seventy two for any food each way punters. Six to one highland chief and ask one battles. Well, you'd have to tread carefully data. If you WANNA, do any dirty eight tracey because he's eight runners at the moment but given the amount of rain that's about full you wouldn't be long odds on the it will remain runners notwithstanding that Dj. What did you think of this common logistician has never really beaten a good host. Like. I know we're GONNA come to the laser and come to an end but but I don't like them type of arguments when horses keep winning right fair enough if they're beaten every so often they're beaten every second round. Pick. Up the race that they won't you say I will look was beat next time. Limitations exposed but how do you? Keep winning mcglasson doncaster was it's like in the in the later last year like I don't know what he's supposed to do like he he frankie was pulling them up like fifty hundred in the line like I think courses that wind racist I don't know what else they're supposed to do. They can only like I know you can use. Lens. For All this. Is, so. Easy. I think it's very, very hard. I just think he's very, very good hearts I'm you know some people shrewd Georgia's were put him up as a tiger in the Ark and Maranda was going absolutely. It's order grinds but I don't know if it's to sway the verdict back in Imran's favourite is apn between them and racing's and. I think I think he will cope with the it was okay. At Newmarket last year go to solve only okay but I think he will have the grandma thinking with I think if there is a each way by the way, can they? Do got spice off as hard and chief Robert Miranda. What do you think? I'm probably GONNA. On. Principle because this favorite should be in the arc well, price be. Might be single figures. Yeah but I mean that wouldn't. Value at single would actually this whole should be joining in the ARC on come here to get background Liu might not get it. But Yeah I think also you'll probably he is a any good horse agreement. Is better than this long but Y-, harrumphing because he was probably any other one or he would be the. Why keep like hold on a second rice, they have got a horse that's trying to create history in the same colors with the same train are on. Earth would they say? Oh, let's run logistics as well. Who Cares about this is about one of the greatest as potentially in the history of the sport I think they're damn right. are legitimate asked well, accountability goes many awkward as Marcel Boussac, joy ties, or at least you can hold that could right away loves to help the awkward on maximize by running one of the best horses as well as enable. Nine it's not that. Well. We'll see in the meantime Ron, a you wave or against the Julie. Thank you have to be very disappointed if this sloppy the mostly Miranda the ground is gonNa really suit him. He's he's a model of our. I'd be very disappointed to needed. You could make an seven in a row what he will be. Ben- price for me at that I. Know I'm going to take him on on what you think. three I five ascot this is difficult. ISSUES NEEDS TO TOTO UK Change Cup heritage China Cup over seven furlongs Zillion. Rana's wide favorite rhyme. What's late suspecting? Your pain paying life place in this kindred heads the. Joint Favourite River nymph raising signs in their thirteen to two Blue Mr Seventy one King Oscar. That's will will gonNa Arrest Kaethe. Long. Lost I'M GONNA get paid out on raising sandy's GONNA run and he's GonNa win isn't it? Well? Yes. We have been cooled overcome. All of those occasions tended to up myself as one of those of standards this prohibition of five, and we'll see how we go on certain things and if he does look mortal yet he is. You don't need to explain why you biking raising sun particularly do you he's got off all over the course distance. He has a form of guns on on on the software side. So yeah, he's. He's really sold at auction the prices starting to go let old but. I think he is the race and who'd you like Ryan? Or buying for me Bruce One I thought was most interested. He has four on slow going in France when he was Chrissy trained over there at Jamie. Spencer around for the first time last time at Scott, he just caught my all use the break Eliane before running late finished fourth I think Jamie. Spence. Will note also bit more after writing that day in around twelve won't cease to be drawn on the right side too. So I take him. Man Ryan. Thank you very much indeed and David Jennings. At twenty, five to one for me here, peruse at blown by wins f America Johnson who has so many runners every day we know that, but it's just a lot of horses a notice that work gradually as a form air on the season coma back to themselves very impressive Kempton. Bomb minutes and I just think to slow by winning again it's granting like when when he won that novice event that Windsor a couple of years ago that was on heavy graves overly bombed under James. And most of our ground gets very soft as well, and if you go back to last October, he beat none of the month who's A hundred and ten at the time was raises Asia as and was given months time plenty away fight I think that day on South Rights windows losses way little bit this season and you just wonder you know Willy Willy. Win again after sort of America's. There's a hundred walks i. thought he okay at towns for last time he missed the break and was never in the right position and I think if he breaks better faster can get blown by windows I. Think he's GonNa Rally describing them he doesn't have a bad win rate for. Harstad run. So often these five, Winston Twenty Five, consecutive four times I didn't twenty one is a big price by by went. When you said You were to for twenty five to one show I thought you were going to go for the ropy ropy guest who's in Handicap Company for the first time easy thorny shetty's made and he's quite interesting. Isn't he? Yeah the actually look let's start. Don't know if you've seen the race he was like Whoa tree and fast spent looks like a first runner on opiates I don't believe he's going to lose again. Quite snugly at the line like below hearts. Yeah I think after five run him then okay. The other ass rice the three fourteen is the John Dressing bengals stakes is a group three over six furlongs Kite Byron the five run. Yet, a combined age did I treat a baton is twenty, two years of age K- Byron Exit and ninety. Four. The ten months in their trade war with Brando and breathtaking look vote in their at eight ten to one a bigger remainder to sales I'm Ron, you're going for the boys or one of the young guns. Yes not a race I'm going to be involved in to be honest with you bruce. I taught myself kate. Byron was fit and ready to go after breaking within but it's been race for me. Is it for you David? Yeah I think 'em. Like and. You say to yourself you know year olds but he actually is reasonably like you race like he's run seventeen times but. You. Know we customer either Tofino season last season for said, he goes fresh one first time last season this obviously problem which has kept him on for so long but you look through this field and you say to yourself hold on here secondhand to ten minutes as and why we ran okay the last twice like. Whether is able to be capable of Cape Boy, his ninety five percents Rondo is a front was definitely not as good as prime. The was breathtaking. Look definitely has a chance. If Cape Byron is ninety, five percent. The horse we saw last season plenty was at his peak. Parliament. Who Do you like case I assume kate by Vince having a spin for jumping sprint. And? Therefore, tighten up for this and I thought the ten might be the best in the race. Obviously these late-season sprints when the going gets testing, he does tend to to pop up in one of Gracie's the jumping spent in the past, and obviously he just needs it to be a little bit easier and a group please exactly. He was second in the far side cooked and. SPENT COUPLA legal hoard from that site. So you can see in pretty good form and I just thought that assuming keep Biden has beggar decent agenda ten months doesn't these days so he might be. Good out the Tim man now muster the show him one race at Redcar I wish it was the to fifty, which is the guys were stakes featuring the of Escobar, Colucci? My over on and others but he is actually the three twenty five, which is the William Hill two year old trophy, a five nights a six furlong rice with a wide open market and a big field and Ryan extreme vetting. Yellow Buoy and sprite coke had are back at a fight one at the moment Simonis in their sevens or go jumbos endure eight to one, and it's ten to one the at bigger prices the rest raeside trying China volume the same this year. No Bet for ruin who fought David. Chance Blind. Beggar. Here. Second run for Richard Five He. Still made actually after four or starts on. Probably is. In, the in the main, that car will at your work on the Dan actually ran A. Race then actually terrified own Kontum. said on a good day are air few weeks ago all his form is actually working really well, and last time I was like. Eight completely missed the break was the back stumble again actually before half way and. Flew home only half length. There was as you fall but I think he's got near ceiling of his ability. He's much better. National Debt Twenty one is a big price of a blind beggar. Okay. I'M GONNA put ten to one up here. If you can get an extra places, I think member Wam the likes Scranton and will run very well indeed Patty Power Carney twelve to one till you're gonNA, go full and probably going to split between horse-drawn and underway and. horse-drawn his dog twenty, two, twenty, two, Thongkham Jumble. Obviously we've seen him run not CEO's race that York Doncaster should loans the pace that day I think the market on torture the he was the he was a Kevin Right Horse that was meant to go the best and indeed identified really good. Then you'd think on the basis of coming by just a little bit interest would be to his benefit and also to Kasey, my district Chris Element, he's thirty three to one. Already are listed level and is to on sends a bullpen include races thence. Good with the first time in Richmond unbending a by that captain I the bike and just go neurons all I think with a cleaner run you'd have been might go forth so. Listed race is just uh slight stat Bennelong along talion on if you can split stakes across your your essentially antiquing joy the hopefully unless the on come right in the middle and that's the to Algal. Thank you very much kaethe. Let's switch our attention now to launch on Saturday oversee the main action takes place on Sunday but as a couple of group ones on a really really good call those races. Now first of them see to fifteen is the Cata pre to royale your image king rife as the favorite in Manuel divide Iran yes the Vega heads baton at seventy two pissed his there for two for Joseph Bryant. Wonderful. Tonight is in at fires at eleven to two big remainder is. Just to confirm that, which is cool pace, they're also runs at pissed but I don't think that get a a case who are you going to be backing here and civilian interesting one particularly strong one said and just pissed a whole ship. The way she's come on from June making DB to winning the Park Hill. Say It don't cost last night Still. Showing signs that greenness and yet quickest lake. She did to win that race violent and a half. She could just be a little bit better than over and I think she is backing. It's not good asking me because I'm GONNA Manuela to vague king rife on soft ground that will do for me who's going to win it in Your Eyes Ryan. I think Monica Sharif as a chance that prices around nine one at the moment of issues more black and okay. Candy Bar not. One from each renders and teach I. This is a fascinating hate kate says it is. Yeah. I would do I think peace that is a rapidly improving affiliate I think Manuela Vega like this is her these are her terms and conditions like has degraded the trip the type of year. Seems to be in her favor and you just back to that Rhoda Hejduk earlier on the season where she basically hammered finding Logan. If local obviously having our first start to the season for that was extraordinary performance absolutely bolted up and I think it'll take a big performance from piece to beat my mother the Vegas. Manuela de Vega Campers Demand Aj now than the pre cadre and always used to be the last group race on our done many some time I've been scrambling around trying to find the winner to try and get myself out of trouble but instead it's been moved to Saturday takes place four o'clock is over two and a half miles and it will take some getting and there's a local favorite here on. Your call, the wind will be all the rage at. As far to five Princess Zoe be grey store, and she was teasing Dr. Levin the four TV well-supported over the past few weeks when she confirmed for the race tink of me is next in at six one bigger prices the rest you can side with the five run. I think. So yeah, I think he's a solid option in the race although I would like to see Princess E. Wait I'd be questioned Mike over trip two and a half on this Saudi ground she shot a teufel to win a golf twenty one. For me call the way and just looks very additive Dj is one of racing's great storyteller. So why would print zoe winning be so nice. It's just. It's it's probably. Type store year just a hard-fought from France for a lot of body that started off in a handicap off America sixty four and it's more like Tony Mullins is obviously Willie's brother. A Donny's father. He's jost arena kind of he's a character just Kinda has lovely fraser. Some just kind of doesn't take himself too seriously just the excitement in his voice. When he talked about this this this mayor, it's unbelievable and he said, basically, the plan is to the mayor's novice hurdle at the Chapman facile. That's the long term aim for princess only but I spoke to him last week and he said you know what she wins this, and then when she wrote, she's GonNa run the Prix Royal Oak then. Going, very hard to go hurting after went into important. I don't care bashing ways. I just wanted to watch this race I. Just I just love tall of like an eighteen year old jockey who am claims type pain in Ireland obviously can't claim here going over to write a horses trained by Tony? mullins. It's just lovely beautiful story. That's if it did come together and she did happen to win it would just lies up the weekend and I just I just really hope that happens because if you if you smile when Princess Zoe wins a groupon elaborate smart, lovely stuff, Dj thank you very much for enlightening on. The says Zoe story over to the grinch as by job Italian, she's got no chance now with you know she's got. The price suggests to be honest. She's obviously progressive. By progressive against the horses. Moves the law would be about even money four or five, and the other would be about three one. So yeah, I think that's about right. Jolly good. Thank you, Kate. Okay. Before we get the nap St Joe Thinking you've got one you want to tell us about Saturday this on the TV yet add this racing asset temporary. On Saturday and actually a critical carrot as well as some stakes action and one that I like in the. Just got up nine percent. Know you like to know the Times of the MRS at one that I liked in the one fifty that listed coolmore Churchill stakes at cosmic runs here for Jessica Harrington and Jane Foley owed very impressed. This harsh when you want it's made not leopardstown and he's taken Ontario around last weekend Likud of just take the edge off I'm Tara in cosmic Vega is a nice. Carson. On Kogo varicose let's get the naps. Will stop with Kaethe Melrose. Probably To show. Kite Roy McKie. I'm going to bet left feeling the tipperary for three twenty, five starting Monday I thought would win the thirty five into for thank you ron and TJ opera. So excited about this at. Two forty five new Mecca excellent without further ADO. Let's get stuck into the Ark Count. Here, at Paddy power where the home of the money back special with some incredible offers every single week check out the website or APP. Today terms and conditions apply eighteen plus begun dot org. Welcome back to the Racing Post Weekend Postcard his Bruce Marines and David Jennings Keith Melrose and Ron Cue from Patty Pelican ahead to one of the great days of the Year Arc Day at Longchamp on. Sunday sadly, only a thousand lucky people will be there to enjoy it, but the action is on TV so we're very much looking forward to it, and there is a host of great group one action with the art first, and then we'll do the rest. The out takes place at three Oh five it is the CATA pre out to trump to give it its full name, Ryan I want to. Show of betting first, and then the most miserable man in writing Keith Melrose the man who stunning says we're always all spent awake. Si- excited about enables historic third outbid and he wrote this piece there she's notepad. She's quite good. But anyway, we'll get his thoughts after you've given us the betting run. Yeah. Will the average Philly has better the fall painful places in the race at each hundred? Stratovarius in their Turkey to Utah He'd be second favorite stats aid to warn in Swoop Ninety one eleven to one that bigger the rest coming. Then why won't she? In case I don't think she would I'm just saying that she obviously shoes at point in her career, which is going to horses travelers but that doesn't matter because his middle distance division isn't as good as it was then travels around. So she has been she's like. Striven into Guinness does. Just keep. Making it so that you'll always beat the pipe. She's about. And she's very likable. She deserves to be favorite for this race and even A. Week but. You know the. This. Spring says motorboat me by able to been winning listening group. Sneeze all this tight rather than the ones that cause actually the her likeable in a way she's she has. Achieved a week because of odd. If, you want to ask you what good actually back and the Ark. Of. Toasters over and. It's hard to find much. Dj's obviously be horse. Industries is going to clip force for some point I think you've got Japan mogul. I hate to think what he's going to do. Next progeny probably go to bowl about to the poor house, but I think boggles wanted to be back at twenty two one. He's always stole and I've always picked us up from. Thought he's a good horse and he finally looking girl Peter Perry and we. Wants to find on form you kind of everything twinkies but I think this may be the Horse in a week Hawk besides needle. Do think that this would be the horse twenty one is going to run into place or maybe even better and he's a very, very big price although water look at seconds I think he has got to need for for a really galloping. Be A bold move. Now fight through that. Dj, came off the mute button I thought it was going to jump in and have it go. But you've how would you fight each? What's to say? Just the neighbor like I wouldn't subscribe to the theory that travels in a completely differently to enable. While you basically. You're drinking Guinness and there in the Middle and I just don't see how you can knock, enable and say that she she wouldn't have beaten Trav- our traffic Flintshire then hill was was only be a couple of lanes of one of the ACA travel travel is absolutely amazing. So to is enable and you see all these codes and and it seems almost like the cool thing to do with the moment from a from a from a tipping and debt racing expert teams due to Knockin able because you go through her farm and you say, Oh, well, hold on a second look at that that race you only by a couple of some you know look you know she wouldn't she be Chris Ocean by Paige neck in the King George. Allows The Times are eating enabled one more. Than the winning margin suggests, you can point last year. and. You can say, yes, she was beaten fair and square by Walter Geist I just think the way the race does I think Frankie would lower back and I know you can't good horses. You don't need to make excuses for, but I thought that was one occasion where you could make an excuse for I think she would offended exceptionally higher give so much way to love I really do on on any way decent grades but I think that is the way I take enabled probably win I hope she does because I think deserves to be taught evasion the tribes, and what one the seabirds obviously see barred was was obviously amazing book I think she if wings. Being you know the top five horses we've ever seen and I think he deserves to be there I think she is really exception I. Think she hands described as regards abetting proposition. I, just want to win I wouldn't be back there I wanted to win and look. I'M Ki, spoke there how many cliffs minor in here and I'm obviously ashamed to say this but I think the one at the prices that's most value at the moment given the way conditions are is Japan and again the clocks in he's gone for Japan again. No I look I should probably just showed up mail but. Just in a couple of seconds Japan and Mogi obviously broader that both by the same Japan seems to handle the software is much better than Mogo and he won his maiden at the. So I'm bottomless heavy granite like when you get partners heavy granite stole, it's it's Atlantic stuff. It is unbelievably soft habitat a and you just go truest form when he gets. Caught on the ground over mile and a half, he's actually a very good horse and. Juice from speaking to aid. Does make excuses for her spire too often but you just got the impression. Everything has been debate the. Japanese connection and I'll. Hang on to say as as being everything is being he's never. Next dreicer. What's the point of scenes? So I want to look at the food book Dj Yeah Well. That's my point looking at the four book when when he has got caught on the grounds like on over my house, if you go back to last year. When you know he was only three year olds I thought he rambled absolute cracker to be only beaten four lengths by. He was buying in the mix he was six. I had the magic and latter look he's eighty into one I know I I give this facts many chances but I'm just gonNA afford a more. I'll tell you what I do need to rescind the I've just I've just literally said the stupidest thing I've ever said why'd you listen why? Brian we'll preps because he's to be gene Those drizin. I must say they start they played gopher kills and Thomas City. Half, Iran said, who've you for the killing yourself t Japan for the arc and he stood his ground. So Yeah, you've you've got a supporter that run you've been listening to the boys bickering away. Who Do you think's going in the UK. Am three interested in Serpentine draws after put me off slightly obviously drawn whitest of all, which is not idea. Just, the fact that an eight week got from the epsom Derby to lung is an extra. You went off shards of your brain runners that day definitely had one eye on this race when he's sending them over to that race and draws status pulled me off but I think he's very interested running around twenty four heavy key to take on a Presley. Zoom. With with the drawer there presumably, they'll just blast out anyway like you know as hope you're hoping that you just hope that he didn't have to do to to to get to the position that he probably has the best chance of women to get that position. He's got to do something early. So I'm not even sure it matters where he is. Sorry, Kaethe. Crystal would benefit too much. Effort is obser- jokey song shoot. He'll do a good job in terms of minimizing decker acceptance us to expand. I just want to buckle but Ryan said about the Grocery Watch that I was morning from mogul washed second paper seventeen not was a spin off of it. I saw one here's into the. unconsumed just give gives a word only source in soup. I'd never even heard over the weekend. He's now single figure price case which are making that prices massively got on this horse. If you're on a Good Bear, I was sitting was mighty who's put up in Isaac. Much the same with his Cya. Fluke was another software monster. When the gunman coming up, one, the aqua back him about one, hundred, ten or. Rodman two thousand and twenty me but not but. And me didn't. But yet a special forces you look at that say low show lasted grumpy Depari. You shouldn't be half the price and we'll go and respectable president. needs to be said I think. I think mark was going to win but I wanna know what you guys. One two three with start with you David Jennings. Enable one Japan to and sucks Sassari. Keith. Google. One. Enabled to. Let's say three and Royan Serpentine enable stratovarius thrown on the get hurt. Off mentioned, good old Stratovarius we okay chaps that was the arc knowledge Tyke in all these other great juicy group ones at Longchamp on Sunday stunt with one fifteen is the cuts out. Please join luke lagged. For the two year old coats it's over seven firms and Ron Nando prod the hundred fifty two on shook winner of the COF- is a lot shorter, hair. Ryan. Yet, quite a bit shorter are as eleven to eighty two win this race seven Max basilicas in their to one one-seat away at six one can go on is in their eight sommes lamentable to gun laws of indices that ten, twenty, one, liberty, I'm GonNa stick with you for the selection run. I think say specific it should be a lot closer to abandon under proud than they currently act not the proud of neck and front rid of master. When he ran the last day she subsequently on being beaten I just like to look at a national states this year I think there's a really strong race. He's Simak specific to me still looked like he was kind of learning he kind of run around the mid part that race white the fact he's one on southbound has made on southbound that farmers being France and it she'll be a lot closer to the band's none of eases. For me I couldn't agree more. DO YOU AGREE DJ? Couldn't agree more he said, I wanted to say Saint saint-marc Silica Okay and Asia Full House for some mark's basilica Keith I'm Jay Distance? Would die because normally this is you're basically Frances Jill Harstad guineas trial and yeah a lot of these horses and Israel are real to you do not will produce feeble by Kodiak and they're all that also to be too usually pop and Las Basilica who's getting better but the Ron and I became eb spill the suspense that making feel because I think he's the only one of these is really still improvement left than. I think it should be clear fever. Excellent. Stuff we all Greece mark's basilica. Let's see what the views of the leads are on the one fifty s Qatar, pre muscle BOUSSAC. This term, the two year old fillies is over a mile and Joseph O'Brien has the five run. Yeah, pretty gorgeous is currently seven to four. being ever seen a few good knock around into seven save rovers in their flights will next Betty Motor Eric at age one with Tiger Tanaka's. Combatants. Okay. Now, DJ, if we think the second favorite is is is too in the lack of dad it's not case shortly faves go close it's. Just doesn't doesn't she at? No I think pretty it says the best of these by a considerable marriage and You know she beach Al at the Koru originally group to on soft ground. Obviously, she was beaten by Shale Stakes are in the in the Not The national. Stakes them. Both a everything above screens class and even last, very short runway like how she was justified. I stayed That's why the trip here's a bit of a worry but she just travels a wealth, the race drawn installed fourteen again a little bit of a concern. But that's I think factored into the price I presume to be devens for this I. Think She's I. Think she's very, very good I. think should win next year would peasant guineas if she's even sematech takes me eleven to ten I like Phev rover Kaethe likes. Federal nominally, I'm not going to have a massive R.. A. Rudin last year thinking the Marcel Boussac. So he's Weiss's off Katelyn. It's not often opposed Albania for that reason and she went quite well federal var is the mile vegetables bars as. We fight with a trip. Along Saudi on really testing ground. Yeah. cheapie the wannabe backing, but it won't be big YOU'RE GONNA go full Ryan. Agree DJ said Pretty Guard is looks completely different. Philly out software on YOU'RE GONNA get the weekend and I think she's The ZAND Rodeo we move onto the rice off the which is the three fifty the pre Lac la four phillies amas over ten furlongs Donna. Carr's got the favor actually nice joint favorites on they run. Yet join fans to fight to about Alpine Star see blue talking and his next game for the home team Florida. And at six to one time now and twelfth one Dan Biden for. A case off give. A wash to let pink and green face paint off after a neighbor's won the ARC who will be back in this. I think I'll start the really good horse and I think I think I. Think I'd want her be favor. If I was pricing public, you know Horror Chiba. Talk you'll be to inform in the really soft and really selfridge. I'll pay star was second obviously lasts in Shannon Wa wa and it looked like only her and palace Pierre really handled the conditions which which. Basically might as well been running into. The channel marred, it was really really testing that day. So you can't have any issue with the conditions. I think my to ultimately be a best track I do like awful awful law so we'll be backing. Alpine stoff Kaethe who for Brian? Agree keyed said Yeah. Slightly disappointed fancy blue and the last day in the matron is appoint star performance that she she put open the jockey. Marwat. Think that'd be good enough yet. And I'm pretty sure your an Alpine stall fennel us have been. Oh Yeah and and I think she'd probably win the worry I have a fancy blue speaking after the matron he was to. So what I'm for runner in the matron, a quick right was not Francie blue ones and I worry. Might have. been out of her, she hired race they're staying on strongly. And, and that's that's just a nagging date in the back of my mind I think what point star she's had a nice break forty nine days since since against policier that was a crack effort and. It probably didn't suit are making their own in the in the French oaks I, think. Maybe just sitting off the pace suits someday she started out for here shamefully gets on really with her and and yeah, it's it's it's a ten fold brought by but this a Helluva race tell you what did you in future when you start your horse just a method that that says I spoke to execs with right at the start. They all quite interesting insights Kaethe. What are you gonNA come back to that one that was quite harsh that wasn't it? The grinch is done neither yeah. Yeah, he's probably right. I don't know I like to from from what they heard from the O'Brien nothing right? Wasn't that was more jobs. I I thought that was interesting. He was disgusted that he actually even runner like she was favors for a group order to finish tired and it was just a strange reaction. I only say things that I think are strange Keith yet no that. Gone Kaethe. Obviously. Does morlet by every. horsey presumptive involved in Brian. Thanks. Well as quite, quite influential family out there to be fast. So I think at writing reports each bring Walt, the main men have to say is always valuable. Now, they traditional highlight of the arc on the Cardi's the abbey she's been I is now much. Shawn Takes Place at four, twenty, five over five phones a Weirdo she if you go to launch from, you cannot say things they've got grandstanding the way they charged right up the middle the camera work he's mad they change angles every three seconds you I'm GonNa clue what's happening? You've done whether winning money's but we can assume. quickly, well, that's roughly isn't it of? It. I was at the the last I had heard like half hour away. It's just a status in reading this man even if say mad when they were Sean see because actually disappearance the forest I mean is it's the kookiest race of all time anyway to compare the sun five drive 'cause say. Yeah. Even. It's Kinda. Similar thing. It's just straight down the middle in a miles away but it's Tony sees what is the fact that you can't say anything because they've got the grandstand on the on the FAW. Saudis just so peculiar. Tracing. Dahbi we recycle picked up. The. Until the final hundred Josh and it was absolutely mental, isn't it absolutely is it's wacky writes is last year's when gloss lip is one convincing enough can she do it again more importantly how did Patty Powell right? Her chance? He's run ninety four at the moment to repeat the fee may make a challenge in their seventy two left around the farm from the flying, Floyd but are. Ordered his next in at six one S I won't bite. It's obscene event. I'm GONNA stick with you run she fancy clothes slippers. favors. She probably could get as mature on the day and given the strength of the opposition just gone to this morning for me. There's no real value would make a challenge. We put them up with the priciest, but I just think he gets his conditions here. He wants heavy ground the heavier better on 'em. He was drawn on the wrong side of the flying five last time. So I. Kinda Kinda upgrade that performance that only beat to like last labor. So Ateeq Mak- challenge might be lastly, but at the prices and it doesn't really look for bat seventy to get bigger to be honest. Is there any value in this list David? Jennings? Yeah? I spoke to Denis Hogan yesterday and that's a joke and I I take Mega at the roller joke in the Irish. Racing Post practice room. With myself and Justin O'Hanlon because it's all even massive. Patasse final I always say potash is. Perceived when he's audited game and Justin always comes back with, he'd never be challenged on south down. We've had this rodent joke the WHO log like I'm making time handicapper share. How can you say how can you put them in the same sentence on I text them yesterday morning and I said you know. I may challenge is going to win I was actually calling to find to beat by tasks on Onoda tends predicted, but the crowd is just so heavy he's going to love it so much that he really is a rump session seven to two at this is like everything he wants in a nutshell he will absolutely adore degrade he's been trained for the race and everything about us farm screams are said he's a group of winner waiting to happen undescribed. Don't forget. He's straight at ridiculously short in Ronin and for last year's champions. For. Six. From looked over, just didn't get home. At Lounge on heavy rain, you will see the best of make a childhood so I think he. Case Drew Gray. To have sympathy with. All we're going to get better pricing. We are horses or putting up because backlashes Combo. To. Wars and don't onto. On the basis of of really attesting Greg, it's also because the only thing you can rely upon this fight for long course alone is Probably dead and I can see glass slippers drifting for that very reason Jordan won the whole school doctors dream who I think is a software monster as record on solve. This is really quite good. The haydock when he had in July is a is what can agree to be well, he was again in that said, farsight could have been his last thing we can talk. Travels. Well, off the think you'll be back at five. I was expecting more like twenty five, zero what prices Eighteen you. Appraise still pretty happy with holiday tweet on happiness it would be far from the least likely host to get involved. Given the history industry. So yeah, but between Belgium excellent, very much indeed I'm finally long show on Sundays. The cats are of foray takes place over full. Over seven furlongs I great rights for fans of the. Call the under appreciated seven Furlong Division, earth-like Favorite Ryan. Six to four. Bruce treated one in their master at. Lakewood. Safe. For is next in. Affordable Lobi Fernandez's. And then at sixty the rest. Kaethe will go to you first, who is your selection unity her well obviously, the masters under appreciate hospital she's like horses and trading women. are are very good horses by my positive biggest. On I think this is the conditions under which we'll see the best of LUPITA Fernandez. It's been sort of. In the middle he'll relieves third in the Irish, and then you are a few sprints and and boost the commodore cop on the spread. Cup is just one of his little and between. Ga, he was seconds dependency will increase. And then he was third to space blues the motive. Doing his best work at the finish in the lot occasion I think about forms. Is Good as most any horse in his as I think seven furlongs at low shall even the way is quite fast seven alone shown the grind will be testing and make sure there's a reasonable off tested the trek I think these conditions and at nine hundred, one, I think he's definitely the bat and the race interesting. I like the cut of your Gypsy Day Grinchey. Rohan who you're GONNA go full. I don strong opinion on who will win the race but have a strong opinion. Don't feel it when the race IB team to take on airtight racer and you've really sought options if you have taken him on eligible masters Safeway at your short on the races and I, try over seven foot on the last day on Goo ground at Samford on on various around this time round two, thousand, find him out. So I'd be against aired light on. Novi Fernandez with respect at T. Mobile, Jolie good and finally David Jennings who you're gonNA go for here. I actually think Eric would win this. It's it's it's obviously not set saying the ordinary but I think he's better than these and they are good horses and they're good Sam specialists but he just could just be a notch above the Monday you know he started eleven to ten favorite for the Primorsky St- on. Them? He was a little bit disappointed but I actually tell us he was ridden probably a little bit too aggressively they're and space lose kind of paged and I I just take. It's simple theory but I just think he's the best arson the race he's not much value though. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple away from long case thing you've got couple of forest very quickly. Do, come tracker Horses Coming Back Council. The jumps must be just trying to corner as stay humble runs in the too easily how to agoos for polling dopson sheet well, both times and I think he could win that said the to Happy de Council and then in the deal simply. Team coming back and not respond to the time. I'd cracking destiny a horse I like even more. But cool. Next I think is made for two miles or drawbacks trip and it had been you're. Getting Ready for this even though we fight, we can see him being a good price in the workplace I like to get involved now. Thank you. sussed one for us as well on Sunday having. Iran. Away to see in the like of the fly Novice Chase Bruce it looks at cracking or newly the race. He gets four year olds allowance. He's a sound jumper he wanted WanNa Kagan last time is There it's that's in the three, thirty, eight, tipperary. No Sense. I've ever read out a kite chaps. Thank you very much. Indeed it's been a marathon ause sprint but hopefully, case David an run have pointed utes white the whites would some way can valley don't forget if you enjoy the shows, we'd love you to write review and subscribe wherever you're listening. MATTY's going to be back on Monday to review all the action and we're back next Friday for more great rice in post casts. Here. At Paddy, power we one time gambling to be fun and encourage our customers to bet responsibly. That's why we offer a number of tools to help you stay in control including the ability to set deposit limits get reminders after a certain amount of time playing and to take breaks for more information visit, responsible gaming, dot patty power, dot com eighteen, plus become aware dot org.

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Season 2 Episode 1 Sunday, January 3, 2021 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Red Blonde Fox

2:09:11 hr | 7 months ago

Season 2 Episode 1 Sunday, January 3, 2021 HAPPY NEW YEAR!

"Talk radio beg one yvonne by doing good to your okay the model telling my high and you just he was saying jets the west missionary. Hey worry about this right. Only dead of her day. If i did sunday laggy banana agree all off. Who john keim on you. Smoke as opposed to go ahead to surgery me grew up in out of wack. Yes right louie. I mean torn dawn. Big to how. Good kay do nothing. I've been out of whack simone. Everybody get on put video of did. I'm listening a fixed is eight eight band-aid fixtures. Now got within your quick here. still coast. Logie some brand for loud. You got to check to see if she did any brand she you know you remember. I was was on friday new out that she did. That's right you're to ask ashley. When she comes out the great you know it's all right. She got the sunday school returned. They teach them suppress shane on here. She likes you she. She never really late loan. Yeah we use the same porn. Prompt loud here. Propylene serve keeping kids. You just tell them leave handa yup because scenario issue it might be hurt. I'll tell you can next look at this. You busy at out i you. They're going to sunday school teacher. She's she's gone like yesterday. Should coming back. John she come back for a while or your granddaughter. Yet she left she left yesterday. Okay well you got your daughter. There got my door she go. Keep you a chick she goes. She go keep you j. Who cloudy that grow. Simone nikki is saddam sunday school teachers on our in. No now get cloud job. No you open up. Yeah impreza lower for another day for a new ear. See everybody deal here. Thank you to open up praying. The tennessee is. There's just thank you now long here. Thank you just we. Just thank you right now. The blessed is on. Jesus name right a man. The hands of on one lewis still god blessed outlets of what he said. This is another year this us. Rejoice glad there. I am a wish we could have been jesus away for sunday but nevertheless pass still making decisions to die beat the glory. We are here. We are together. We are healthy. Poor all to proclaim bible base is look for fourteen to twenty two the barbara true. Jesus legis his ministry with a sermon and nazareth i reversed the spirit of the lord up on me because he had watching me the preach to the poor. Yes senate me. He has sent me to heal the broken heart to crease delivered some activity and recovery. I'll say to the belong to them. That are greaves. To create year of the lower does look for eighteen and nineteen lesson. Aim is the end of the listen. We will you wait. The meany is -nificant. Oh jesus in oakley serve a limited. We're holo our go on to. I couldn't pronounce it. It overall. Sarlat nasserists since. I of jesus canals. Snippet of nassar is allowed on me. We slow with jesus call admission. The background fear shoot is look for reading incorporate. The insight in gang crumbled back rows fishes into his studies of the less. Okay jesus i future for four fourteen juice in the power of the spirit to galilee there out a frame of him through all the regions roundabout and he told big role. A side of all as we know. Jesus came back. This is what he came on wilderness. I believe he just came out in the wilderness and he admitted to the senate and the scripture in the on profits spoke about jesus who he was. The prophet was talking about who who jesus was who was coming but this was in the old. So now jesus is beginning. His adult ministry. He's beginning to Preach it takes the gas. I believe on jesus. I think it was three years. Did jesus preach. Before he actually got a crucified. It went to the cross. But this time he just came out of the wilderness. he was he was The speed of the law of the holy ghost came on him if he was ready to do his thing for the people. I might Where are we believe. In the nutshell. I didn't even realize. I call this one. I've been so busy. And he came to nazareth's where he had been brought up as his custom was he went into the synagogue or the second day at stood up to re yano at on the second day. They they really didn't do allow the thing it was it is. It was bill to heal. It was far as teaching preaching the gospel of jesus cries so this is just a summary of what was on. Also jesus was comparing south. He was just got out of wilderness. Spirit of the law goes up. Want him just like all of us as we get annoyed invest we get a call god has given us. His spirit is the spill which is very versus. One me in that comes to size spirit of jesus. We have the same spirit to teach to preach to be annoyed. Spread the poor which means the poor in spirit. The is results reagan higher. Those in need need a savior. Those that don't know that there are so priests to the cat that are thought we are not to do listening to that. Came up more. Jesus saying spirit that we hear it from jesus wargin and accepting as a lot of say you're the say spirit to look out to fail people to to tell them about mrs savior to chris the keenum. Oh gosh you know the well. God is still supplied. It's and the violence take bomb four. These are the things that we be to learn as the cycle as we come to ask you to out. Bible studies bible studies at also. Y'all i not with us on wednesday nights at six pm. Science information science lately. Every sunday seti so serving our service we do as well while bible. So you baby baby. Also well good teacher with missionary questioning anything that you saw the screener so we are unordered to do the same thing to cepa. Cactus free preach the delivery of aquino who got. The guy is to jesus christ as you want to save you. Give all that. He has you know sides. You'll you'll weight onto us. Real learning took to do what jesus gun. As a minister as a young minister thirty three creased sheet again to took the to the kingdom of god as he's walking through this thing he's he's teaching the disabled and we all know that they always try to catch up on saturday. The saturday you know they law. It was supposed to rested and all their relaxed. Jesus was sending jesus became. He was asked why he was able to heal. He was able to sit. He was able to deliver. You know he say come to meet the student troupe. Of reading number said at and was as there was added there was delivered unto the is the cya these days that you and when he opened the place where it was retained the spirit of the lord of because he has a not neat to preach the gospel poor. Just talk about guys not us the priest to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted. It s here that we must have the world get we get by a tale about what we had with. The jesus here to be able to testify about to the rogan highly decrease the liberals jesus i saving himself as they delivered from stocks. The delivers to the cats. To let him know that he came to deliver us from out from our. It was a seasonal save yellow to recover the side of the that means what the world has been taught us in the way that we live at one point. We will all of the of the freedom liberty to jesus christ you know and also the law kyle was also bondage now. Jesus came to set us free flow. The bondage of the law in a lot of people don't know we talk the lower. Jesus came between us in the low to take away below but he had to seal the love because we was unable to fulfill abo we right now. I took business adverts. We two different savage. That guy knew that we could either. I'll mix. Bloodlines is a whole lot of stuff is gone all right now. Because we jesus carrying many. He said he was a cushion between us. Allow us now set in lord. Savior now we. We had jesus useful. We walk by the law. We must do what he say. Jesus just in case you got to from facts. What jesus took that. Yes sister teacher. I wanna read some off. At opening scene of jesus ministry occurred in galilee from brewers reception in galilee. Jesus next up was his hometown. Nazareth's the phrase where he had been brought up gives the impression that jesus had not been in nazran for a while before this visit. Jesus had a devout jewish parents who practice the tenets of their faith as was his custom. Jeez went into the synagogue. Every saturday it was unusual for jesus to participate in worship. Anyone could be invited to re descriptions lessons for the synagogue. Services scholars are uncertain as to how to reading from the prophets was chosen. Perhaps the particular tex was left to the discretion of the person reading. Jesus probably chose this passage as indicated by the phrase. He found the place where it was written. Jesus when he went in there when he read that he stirred up some people up. Then people didn't believe in too much of this and that they believed in the savage but he come jesus from net from naji. His father was a carpenter. How could he be a guard. That boy ain't no Daddy street him. He lives rep the street by by. Dooney him that your. That's that's how they do. Y'all that's that's how they do us with people here that we have gotten say the first thing they say. Wait a minute. I know her parents. I knew her whole family. They were but getting hal all the time and dragging in fighting what you got what. She's what i'll believe all that stuff even running around the on the bus. Stop a witness in the people. I know family. That grows crazy begging today. I don't believe they tell about all of them. Even nikki she what. Oh believe all there must dope. We smoke together in me a break. That's how they do a show. They always bring up our pairs but they don't bring a future they don't wanna give us a prompt to realize that we have came in touch with a higher power. Which is jesus and whenever you come in touch with the lower you never going to be the same all of a witness today to the glory to all of us here. Since the beginning the spirit of the law has cable going and has changed us. This is what passes this is saying. We all have a touch of jesus. We'd no longer sage. And i very own. This is basically. What does as we getting ready to go to our very all believe that we have been chain like an hour. Remember your best alleged. Our high used to go out to the cloud. I you was not many you get. Hey you and all came a see because they want to hold onto your best. They don't understand the anointing that is up on. Your life has changed. The spirit of the lower has came up all the people. The spirit of come on you. There's a complete change that's change. Not alas everybody on his own mizzou or lessen. The complete change is that you will bear. You want to show a light of god you wanna walk like jesus talk why you want to show his goodness how he asks for your life at. This is a whole point of wall with the spirit of god because he transform us out all talk. I knew now we witnesses it will. The bible tells asked that the spirit along the holy ghost come upon us our power to do what he does to witness thought you become a witness entailed allow guys trust like jesus windass now. He has studied till the school guy. Now he's treating now he's understanding who he truly is already already knew. He was special where his father. The property is natural but his true god was the heavenly father. He will slowly made. A fully powell. Everything has has given has passed now to you. Know what it is down to us because the spirit of the lord is is a transformation thing and now we are witness to those. That are is america in us the deal in all places of the world we have to be witnessed because the spirit of the lord has transferred. Anybody have anything to say. I go in all your oldest child equation because we do in christ. Jesus passed away. We'll come on we. We knew everybody who you are. They be separate come with us. We're no longer the same of the spirit of the local to have to see how they believe z want to set the day. Jesus it does not accept his own. That's able they wanna believe that. Jesus was the son of excess. Two sister sister teacher now. So jesus went into the synagogue. Jesus handled the book of the prophet isaiah. Even though the worst is us we should not imagine a codex with stacked pages bound in spy like modern books. The hebrew scriptures were written on parchment as were most writings until the fourth century. Ad the prosthetic book in the hebrew scrolls when a single volumes except the twelve minor prophets which were written collectively on. The scroll is as long as the profits books and the parchment could have not been almost two feet when rolled up. Jesus unrolls the scroll to the prosthetic passage with summarize his mic earthly ministry. What they were saying is they said that. Jesus had all that setup but it but he didn't when he gave jesus to scroll that's what he opened it up to two and they were shocked. Now man that that will number setup man. We went to church man and in the past was a and a year man and he started talking about Me and the ministry and all admit that they had set a man. I don't believe in and stuff but it wasn't set up it wasn't set up. That's the way it's supposed to have went on that day. Yes yes because it's already region it's already design ally already written just like as easily supposed. There's a squall was exactly on bet right win. the oldest. He knew does dispute along. The just came out of the wilderness yet. Just walk. you know who he was illegally into the senate all ain't nobody liable just like some of us really is the bottle of right will also the act totally to me. It was also a gallon. Say read that guy was a teach that how would make. Because i sit here i would say go to description it. Doesn't you know when you when you lied to god's ear inn you're close to the spirits like does now believe that you know what you know but but you know what we know because the spirit of the lord is on will listening to the spirit of the the local a spirit of the law can leave as it's alright snus legals is about leading us all righteousness. And that's what jesus was stepping into all righteous. He is righteous. He was needed guy to follow which will save. You won't believe that they don't believe that you are who you are believe. You know what you know. You know as long as you speak to you. You'll i see the negative is when we veneta indiana behind that. If you haven't heard about anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast. Let me explain. It's free this creation tools that allow you to record. Edit your podcast right from your phone or computer anchor will distribute your podcast for you. So it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts. In many more you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. Everything you need to make podcast in one place. This is a mandatory call to action. Download the free anchor or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started. And don't forget to check out the weekly sunday. Church services on my podcast. Lond box does young. So yeah no that may that. You're seeing what do come on. And guess what the world save your by ashish when he got through steep right. I have. I have questions here causing to placing one eclipsed in three. I'm gonna ask should treat earth why. Why is the holy ghost. Essential means by the clan. That's open we've had. Why do we need. The holy alliance is such a search is unnecessary will. We're the scripture sees. I am noticed alone. Walk for years. The always tried to say when people didn't have the holy goals because they didn't speak into on. They say that they didn't have it. That's not true. That's not true when you received the baptism of the holy ghost description hold goes makes you bold okay. How you know how you know how you know you got the holy goals is when you not ashamed to talk about as being saviors k. k. k. Nobody says jesus say who don't have the holy spirit who's walking. Who's professing that. They say that the bet they have an speaking of do go with it. But you can't condemn if they don't speak into you know so i saw i. I saw that for many many many nasa waving something wrong and then start realizing the same spirit to save you say holy spirit. Okay but let's go back to distributors. The holy. ghost is delete into guys. You in what all truth rose dumping rain all being told their league who is here my life and i thank everybody here but i told the same thing. How are seeking tom and gifts with question. Again why why paying you came in you. Have you need everybody minister of whatever he is on the day. They have sneered at by. Ask you a lot of people's own. were new were. But he's a living room housing. The have the holy spirit in order. Will you slow mixture to people. You know you go out. Jesus before zillow use zillow us so while the host family. And that's just what musk have. This guy is a that. Pete will see this spirit of god in us but all of us that owners line jones zoom call. We all profess to know. Jesus we profess to be saved. Let me kill all every one of us if we didn't have the holy spirit. We wouldn't be here today. Holding speed is keeping us lean. He's leaving us. He's helping all man as as long as you want to stay with him. He gonna stay with you so no no nobody tell you got hold of go. Let me if i smoke umbro. If i'd had smuggled we whole cussing like a sailor you tell me tell me. That ain't noted. I have it off. Yes he is working on me. I fully gotten back yet. Always keep them. But it's been worth for me. It make me only own by the grace million anybody else. Elaborate on the fresh a passer Holly medicine it rains. Any begins to click as we say spirit of the lord. It's to work in us us. It's all true all righteous. they got. take it at home stuff that is you will. All men is off so he is any you. What are you listening. Voice of the holy ghost. You'll know god was a years. I always been annoyed when i talk away. The voice of guy do this is what are these by. His spirit comes on us needs to every needed to do ministry to speak word of that will have to take tell us you know what i'm saying. Tell this person this versus that you know. That's the holy spirit. You grow you guys using we. We are as people we see it to us. Why the holy spirit is various for us. Eight-man legitimate ably wanna wanna get one that you wanna Toko network roca nikki. Perfect great okay. I question to question last question quasi q. Why is it important. That parents accompanied their children to church. Just ask jesus earthly goes baba says. Bring your kids to church in topic train to town. Weeds roof rights. Also trying to get were they were lubov aids. You miss a beat though now because they they know you know we can do is. Here's why the children they straight games dating back to. God they don the great show. Nothing church row. We pray for them because we know how do something were they j. c. know they know the only thing we can do that the noticed commissioning over there. I see it all facebook. You have people that. I need your praise. Grayton regular these brave. They know how to get especially on cravo fast. A way of god you sister teacher. We need to accompany our children because every church. That's teaching is not teaching. Jesus ever every church is not teaching the father the son and the holy ghost so we got to be careful in you know as time went on as you know what i mean by getting up on our bill i remember they should talk about the jesus only folks they should they will talk about them and then they talk about the baptist. I ran into scripture. In the bible that says that the disciples they were out casting out devils and teaching and preaching in jesus and jesus we ran into these people in jesus They wasn't with us in. Jesus i if for me. They're not against me. Leave me alone. So if the teaching jesus but take your check. Take your turn into where you worship at. No i can't kill you all because they teach in. Jesus only days say no. I can tell you that i can't tell you all because they baptist. Danny say the devil is a liar. It ain't just us as a church choir. People are say in how they that's how they teach and listening to teaching the word of god. I can't i can't condemn them people. But that's what they should do author the smoking. And who told you that wasn't say they accepted jesus christ as their personal savior. So i if they leave. Ain't teaching against leaving alone. People don't accept the christ leading people alone. They just they just not then just now with us also off in church if i didn't have my peers be net example seeing how they handle kessler dell's in how they handle deal with people who is being missy. If i had that example seeing in church arthritis follow somebody else who was doing real who they know how we are was taught at home behind closed doors. A you have to put that pressure on yourself. If you d that example at least your celsius kids can see the Lease trying to honor. You know the committee made between you. And i will say you know poly say his. Don't do what you'd say. They do what they see you. That's how they you could tell them not to do that hundred times but if they see a you might right here. They took the to t they might not when it yet donate what they are mouse in again. What would they would. They know they follow rules. They do what i do. This khan is pregnant is a town that know what i'm saying. They do what you do in all my bags. Raised up all of my baby so caracas. No jesus when they were they they know you know what i found. The day overnight knows they know if the because they do what we do know what we say. So that's what we train them. It we teach the repair and know what they're doing. Well know what. They're listening to know what they're studying learned. People away of not being nosy. Nikki i'll just don't think you know yawkey because they're more just now losing her house and i believe the blessing a big old. So y'all come back this year in a place where their minds and hitting us roy bill but they know jesus was raised up ngoc. They know if we need them back here with me speaker. Trailer child love. This is what we coordinate to that. We take bill because they're saying it any gusts their relies crisis. Things become on them. They know to call. Jesus us were told that yes it light. I got a question question question. No you're only last one is. Why did the people acts about. Joseph's jesus irk me. What over one. From i walk you. You want sign. Who your why. You said i la. Why acdem- sorry way you know mersal to your parents. I did up night if they agree. You know what i'm saying. They re you up in our tradition today ahead ways of doing things while jesus is no longer are doing exactly what they as he was taught because now he's walking in the spirit of his not his trou- so no this right yours. You don't want to this. This is the way they wanna know what you i agree with that because we wrote the rain in zing bang then learn was the way they'd be no why won't be me with jesus raisman spirit. Now she she will happen with when jesus when he took that. Scroll your memory what he said he said he. He has anointed me to press the gospel. They were saying. How in the heck and knowing it. Where's this who is komo. Come wait a minute now. I know his father. I knew dooney when he was now. He's not now he's annoying depre- man. His father was a two seat competent. Come moment so now he now he you know knowing it. Now he's god he's that's right last you show right now. That's the first thing they'll look at you like you know what you call from. You know what. I'm saying. The who who you know what i'm saying. Oh you better than us. 'cause you know so different united the law coach. He's listening to his earthly father. Now he's not listening to the natural man by their rules in in more. You'll know what i'm saying. Now here's sortie of where he is his name our so now that's one of the spirit of all. My idea came all valley. Yeah walking away which is no longer life early life his his upbringing his his his ways are now being switched to the how god to. Here's the guy he's a lot of. He's the king of kings so now he's walking see now the we get done a solar cheap spoke about before we baseball is now they talk because we have the jesus christ have left us his spirit that was in us. The priests teach the gospel to cepa counter to let you know we have done to come up with you know that you got god. We know that we are. We know what we was was. Because we didn't see jesus christ's we have the spirit of the lord sister teacher. Yes sir. then you wanna know what is caracas. You see god yes why. Because you're dragging they said still was okay. Thank you from answer my question three years. Light you elaborate on that you know. We're windy the question nos. It's like when the spirit of the laws upon means and because he had to pass to the four yes appropriate body increase chatting the found three one this fiery couples site to the blah. Not there little guy him because they were blah roping. They want that. Were jesus my as we as we know now guy is saying speak appraisal year. But they're they're blind to not knowing that they should off. I of the way time i'll be in jail say raised. You know that will need to heal the broken heart. Yes we've been so now young. Hi res laws. They not worry because his word is is is is only so yeah finally. Glory to god and this is definitely a good sunday. School lesson is daffy teaching us and open. It is to cool. We are mainly won't be accepted not yet because he cries the spirit. The everybody's not want to sell the i can guarantee you. It belongs in your. Why range hang. She says he's running a naysayers. We have will be great if that's what we want to be. We want to be what people want to see the best in you. That's what he's had to. He had told his disciple if they do not accept. What you're saying does your feel malls in will be to you wanna do you. Don't wanna always says boys away ally coming up. What we you people who the devil comment. He's gonna continue to try you. He also somebody else somebody has. Let's you know what we're asking a little way. It's all about this was it did this. We must be prosecuted is the way into all that sapone us. He gives us strength. Don't last week about the weight of the assignment guy. Now that's why we have come in and help us just like thank jesus. She's they gave me being a natural so we have to understand today. God yes l. Saying the spirit of the law is our hill. He's while we own. This journey was everything. Musil's needed grew evil. People don't accept us like we crazy like we're no we ain't going nowhere by wall this other. Somebody's neither. yes it necessary to proclaim. You're we're speaking about a new life. We have to call to proclaim we call. Trustful was entire be all transformed by the renault mind. Snakes we all nash. We are no the world we knew. We can't late in the school bus. This is where we come on. He's going to be the site flow. So we be the louis back. This is why allow was the teat a that while the best out of us does what the vasa that he wanted to see the best he. You wanna know when you're eating your slow back flip that you relationship to make a during ostrich they keep crazy all two million us to be christ. Jesus i'll talk with the law is if is talking to us. This morning we own assignment to take to teach you all of us. Owners zoom in the members that are not on soon live accepted jesus christ as their personal savior. Don't you don't you ever forget that. We are going to a better place if we don't get if we don't get raptured outta here it. We fall asleep if the virus takes out if we ever car accident. People are looking at us. But they don't know what we what we possess we possess the kingdom of god. We're going to be in the presence of the lord for eternity we. We are living out our. We're living our stories for each one of us has a story and we even out story and when we get to the end of the story we wins. We've lynch little supplies out on. You know. I thank god for the lesson room. Thank god for each and every one of gangs of the word of the lord is true. It is yet to edged sword and they come off as to teach us in. It is shape us in moldova. No it it costs to the to the deepest of their would winning teen. It is cutting us those that are are it. So don't worry will miss you. What you. I appreciate us. Negli- does the bible coastal correct gus. The lord of the holy goes about correct so that we may live righteous onto him which all does to hire calling god. Jesus was long sit appear to by to walk. This works to walk this exciting area so that we know exactly all of our sorrows. So there's nothing that. Jesus i know that we have already nestled. Hang every be somewhere himself thing. One of best friends is trade. You know everything was launched. I said the one that's sticking his. His meat is the one that's not graduated. Won't people that are closely. You wanna get back to your. I watch long just like jesus prepared excitement your view. You have to vote so young folks. We have people those wego hoping to try to get you to go through the same thing that i save your withdrew but he never instructions yes us solidify as a way to get to the ollie's it. Jesus needed to get this straight. He was a prayer. You want to talk to the military. He was. He's found a way he will stay to carry assignment. We all own assignment lane. The gospel jesus christ's gospel ask a given to superintendent yali less upbringing. Everyone has got something out of a of sunday. School lesson netted will help. It was my soul and that it polish was would not be stolen from me as appraising. You wait for lesson raise that burned now. Why all to inclined and because he playing now the senate three in room. That's how arousal calls proclaiming his word his people to read just the best people all the time. When would you provide s.'s. To life these problems washington at matthews this jesus proclamation of justice's passion and yes may is great work. We go sounds worse as serve aims. And say sit up there and say you. You are in high use to be used in you got. I know you saw a eight. Do the foot now you guys. He does not doing it to delete outright on moody. Cr this man come up out of nowhere and just say you. You're not you renounced. But the words are different praise. Jesus very came. He started preussen wasteful. Not in her slowly reason this spirit. The law miss it was essays. Her lethal in riga. Jesus will feel it's practice. And he did. I say wives. Jesus there from the beginning allahu. Now this case. Jesus we know jesus good raise more me and i think this because now phrase lolita free the preach in three till yet somebody a line note how jesus has saved us break. We beat nobody in for being saying he already nola the need to always stay. Were raise little doubt. Jesus we have. And i might something is now gonna win so many are to occupy. They think about switch matters keep on living rights. He won't do the best. she can. Halloween you can't save everybody as i always say you can't say everybody is not going to take. What what what what you say to lavalle guy so we got people won't raise lower as christ his feet and fee chris. Lewis were to meet physical needs and fight cyst justice while crazy teaching testify while the deal to boy it people's lives and i write these as jesus hands expe- words leap. The physical needs incites. Now that's more know why i know. Is it offensive. Need all we want. How eat that is the may bank. President john now grades k. Us we sing my saying that that he no usually you up. He does result john. Jesus was remorse. Your grays our wall so we can get out here. I kill by telling them how. Say you don't testimony is a sure thing praise because they look at you like yeah says praise law says god be for molly fraser lower. Hallelujah real one eight. Because i'm looking at with it. Raised x one in eight alirio. Latham in the back renault. Without now make as long that they would young medallion wrong there but you share is jr the onto me in jerusalem in algeria in samari unsurvivable the most beloved. Cg's and a set of sever rise alone you long seen. How researching is way you. Ll be all praise the lord you gonna be able to kill somebody. Yes raise that we need. How jesus upbeat honored on there so He's outraged myself. He did the deal guy told you. We're jesus received. How will he not ready. The gospel he not raid nearby. The you don't know why raise are. We don't know why he knew was blind to praise. Lawmakers see things that that they got in a straight line factories that how can you say you. You did this. Cd you hours on killed somebody. And i'm just putting killed by unita. Daily guy said he s. That's just a man for yet he's saying these are people just you know. Don't see although praise more because they want see they want to keep all that they wanna keep all white male you down slav but you know what raise law you keep. On going appraised. I eat on reason not to do a guy tell you even if you fall just name fall senator. We'll follow but we know that we advocate for half hour. Because jesus the mediator between him insofar is so did this blah blah blah. We repeat lord than they. Just keep our warm praise. little keep home. we don't say in at signing situation. Keep on wrong because we are here to proclaim to bring them to him so he comes back home in isis. Thank god was because this this evolving cook for he own little like bangalore where he said the. That's the main thing has to be your won't blitz so we got be obedient to god is telling us reservoir gear. Big will save the law. Tell you to do is the lowest tell you you bet again. Because there's a reason for only do it. He he he he lie about what he said he always gets his work in. God keep me say he can be. Ms moore always stress on ties phrase and i know people say they just want now you do. Why tear you. God is in a lesson. Bids easing a blessing new laws. Oh just do what have you can win. Your ties is little angry. After give as see your exactly be yourself law giving something phrase law somebody getting your ties to yell some because you raised ego. Bless you gotta just keep claiming his awesome. Keep on david who wants to do. And i just think that i m smith everybody on his back has not ready to low may watch teen no name. Seoul say close ally. We thank the lord for everybody is on the line see tier two year. Came on the line of see. Margaret is on the line. I see scharping holliman. Diese was who we haven't seen in a while. We thank god for them on the line. And we thank god for you being on the line coming on in join us service with on zoom in and we thank god for podcast listeners. All we think we thank god for the red bluff fox podcast listeners. Right central philippine germany virginia ohio texas california. New jersey illinois and western. Kate africa we want you to know that we appreciate you. And we're not forgetting that you are listening from around the world and we appreciate you joining in listening with us and we happy new year to everyone on the line and those that are listening and at this time as a missionary davis On my her Wishy do opening prayer and then we will have deacon john than we have danielle and then we have system annetta stay tune it ended being. I hear that. Dr landed ham. This man for prayer blessed a low. Stay to have made that. We should rejoice in indian local reaches waking up this morning starting us on our way clothing us in our right mind with the activities around limbs activities our bodies activities of of our souls. We thank you look of who. You are obese day guy. We ask forgiveness them says trespasses. If there's anyone that we had any virginia's towards logo we give them right now. We they got because we know that you are sovereign. You are god. You're good you are. The only will sit high. It looks slow. You're the only one who knows what we need before we asked you know our in most being we come to you. Only but bully before the throne. Grace say thank you hold it. Goes they blow. Appleans dangelo clannishness. Bigalow gaba watch overs creating us a clean heart real witness a rice spirit spiritual god if there is anything. Oh god that is not like you insiders any bitterness. The anger depression easier any back by any jealousy. Any murders. anything that is not like you know got taken away from us. Low guy clans look washes make us white as snow purchase with his guy look we wanna be warlike you look helpless got to be a living example guy as we look towards you. Look i we look towards the. He'll go which coming our health. We know low guida. We warned the mortar. We look towards you look. That is where i stress comes from because the joy of the lord is our strength and we want to be strong in you loci we know looking. We cannot face this where we cannot basically me challenges cannot do it without you because without you we are nothing because you are the potter and we are the clay and we are nothing without julie. Thank you guys would being guide in out along. We thank you for saving us. We take yoga. Who watch over wash over our children. Protectively healy are is from the chronicle his to the salsa rock feet we think you'll god forgives traveling grace and mercy we thank you god because we are not the with dodge. We take yoga studio. Angels campground hours eagle while we were asleep. Will we do. Thank you logo. We don't do anything we say. Thank you oh. God we thank you. Oh god we thank you because you are gonna guide along and niccolo garbage. You are our provider your outweigh make. Your you are warned didn't enough. They are the only one who cleanses your the only one who can hill you. Only one hook everything. Was your the on one. Hokey delivers a guide. You thank you look. We want to keep our hearts and mind stayed on you. Let your praises literal praise. This they live so guy louis. Continue to praise your logan we wake up when we go to sleep while we think about about how good you are. We continue to praise. You get seated. Thank you because you're the only one who can wait the sub. You're the only one could expect sleep. And we thank you low. God who you are what you dealt. We thank god with this new year. We given us grace and mercy to make it through another year. We take locale sooners guidance. Look i'll to navigate through this next year loci yield a strategy below guy open up doors lookout open up the doors lessees guy let the channels of blesses be free logo as they continue low guide to reach those who need. Help logar guys. Those bless can come back to us to be glory so that you can get the glory out of us being able to help those in need. We thank you low guy because you are good. You're good in. Mercy endures forever. Ever in jesus name we pray amen. John scripture army yup some forty one three and verse ten. Oh over my mouth keep watch over the course of my lips. Here's teach me to do your will for you are my that. You're steered is good the in the land of righteousness. Thank you lord. The man come on a statement of faith. we believe the bible to be inspired at only infallible rainwater. God we believe that there is one that eternally in three persons. God the father the son and got the holy spirit we believe in the blessed hope would just the rector of a church of god which is in christ return we believe that the only as being clans from sin is through repentance and faith in the person's blood of jesus christ we believe that the regeneration by the holy spirit is absolutely essential for personal salvation. We believe that the dental work of christ on the cross provides healing for the human body and acid to believe in prayer. We believe that says the holy spirit according to enforce given to believers who asked for it we believe in the central part of the holy spirit by whose dwelling the question is a nasal of a hallway is separate lives in this present world eight maintenance happy new year everybody. A man standby a man. We thank the lord and the net at this time when you re taza offering a mutual that last thank you weinstein twice to handle our life. Now is in team rainy. All is into the star. There may be in my home and told me out here with that. If i not older new the windows of heaven and pour you let that. There's not enough to receive. And i will you will you. And he should not destroy of your huge fines pass before this time in the field says the lord of reading your word grison toner. God we thank you for those gave tides and we thank you for those that gave often and gave see that we as that you blessed to tie pairs that you bless does not to give it. They may have next time to give later that. You bless see. God gives us one hundred fold. And jesus name they man dr leading hill lance last week last week you asked about beatrice want you to know she. She's on the line now and his is in your head. Dr leonard handle all along ahead myself. Husaini hear me. Why wonderful way to start a new year. New era era has now in twenty one twenty twenty two twenty nine. I'll be thirty. Two years is considered an some. Everything is new right now day new year. And we're thinking tremendously for keeping us safe and alive out of the pandemic is on and out of the year twenty twenty we pray that is nothing but good things coming for us now really ray even if we do have to go through more trials and tribulations that faith is great enough to carry us through every nowhere to run to. We have to get help and understanding of what we're going through. I think each and everyone of you for being on the line. I thank you for your prayers villas in the hospital and sony. I couldn't be attentive earlier. What it'd be going straight that way. That services over. So i ask you guys getting pray for us and continue trade for stress and al piece in congress and our our hearts and our minds because god is good too hard for him. Nothing as long as we continue to hold onto changing hands designed. Say we're gonna be alright. We're going to be all right with me for a word of prayer we thank you in the name of jesus we thank you for your goodness with. Thank you for your grace mercy. Thank you for your armor protection this whole time. And he gratis through safely into a new year. Lord we pray earth of for this year. That are steph speech or you. I'll give us a mind. Continue to ask the knowledge. You allow ways so that you could direct the right path father so you can save us from heartache and you can save us from problems that we just listened to you make connections so strong father. We give ourselves to you more than a better way this this year. Finally that we could be connected and we can hear from you. We need to hear from you. Each one of us is unique. Can your voice is unique to us father. So we're asking that you could get your voice to our heart and our understanding that we might be routed or safely more securely and more comfortably this year father as you touch to word it should given me to give to the church at finally infusion holy spirit in give them the confidence and the courage to know. We're gonna make it by bother. They were gonna make it no matter how it looks that you do this battle. And it's gonna be okay so we ask that you glasses and bless everybody that sickest via we as the ones that are one. I ask that you bless very blake. Inner her family by the by the court lewis family she passed yesterday and we should give it a strength. Carry on matriarch is gone and all the other people that are warning because of loss other. Lift up your hearts and give them a smile and always be careful to give you the glory and honor gracie you jesus angry brain. Thank i amen. Hey liam agrees lesson today. We have a very good giving us in his for the new year and is tall six ways to just start your spiritual life spiritual life is already are already drove. Because we're walking the reich's rule right now but it's always say. They asked him fresh when you want to go to a higher dimension to a higher level. We're all pressing to get higher and lower. We're all looking for ways to to continue to get stronger. Nobody wants to stay the same. Nobody wants stay the same with the same knowledge of the same understanding when there's lots and lots and lots of crushes gifts exult so we want to jump start so that we can dig deeper this year At hall at have a stronger wrote the whole on. You know. enhance the crazy. So i'll tell her. Directs you to james saint james jacker four and we're gonna go through verses. Six through hurricane. I think is the how far we begin. That's james james leslie or not. The brother of jesus chapter four or six. Let's start with that. But he gives grace we're for he saying god resisted the proud but gives grace to the humble. So what are you saying to us here is that we should always humble ourself when you see that you're a little exalted or your way to update. You should be as lord to bless you to bring yourself under his subjection. Because god is the guy who's out my life circumstances and things were gone drew. Can sometimes people sometimes want to lift you up to that. Highest last device that we how she's allied of the mountains where he'd had taken him for that forty out fastened. You went onto ticket and he told me he. You can have all this. I'll get you out and you know if you just pretty much. The night deny god. Jesus right hang law review. I listened to that because we all know that that's not true. Jesus handle that correctly. He got the devil out of his business. You got to have a lot of his face. He told him to get behind them because lower rebukes him in the name of jesus. And that's what we have to do so in a compromising position. We should ask the humble us. We have to humble sales. You really know what you because that could be a fair amount of experience. Depending on what the circumstances are we always wanted to be able to lean on interest health. Listen to strengthen us only as a hug less shit doesn't we're really very humble so think about that when he had that in your hair you have to help yourself. You have to see that. Maybe you're just a little bit too high and agrees up and let you recognize it. You recognize it. And then and what. You're recognizing williams. The fried turkey is zooming in your life right now and you have to ask the lord to forgive you for all of the pride that you were feeling. Because you're on top of the world and you ask them on a tree please bring me under subjection to you james for a six lessons outweighed. It makes me humble. How will yourself in as the lord. In this passage we discovered six steps that unlocked the cast of god's blessings for his children. So if you'd like to know if you like that better at you like his approval every liked to get the victory you gotta what yourself and you have to realize that yester- so much more for you to learn and you don't know everything you don't have all the answers yet the humble yourself before the lord would you like to take a closer michael guys. This year i think he would passages as we go through because it will help you to start your spiritual life. Never one is six versus seventy says they give more grace therefore it says god houses the prow it gives grace to the humble. Submit yourselves zero for two guy. So i offer you the number. The first thing that you should do is what take me with. The second you mean celanese is are praying to the more making a practice. Get down these for yourself. You're not able to get on your knees yourself at a prostrate position bring yourself on this objection to lord. Sometimes you lay out to can't get on the florida trial to god. I obviously here. Because if he sees your hubble heart and your will says he's definitely going to ask you all the things that you were wondering about answers to. That's the number one key. Educating the asset taking me taking the cover yourself one of those in pray asked him to help you out in this other fans adam savage savage give you what is necessary in order for you to have a great understanding into to go on and his lesson is telling me says no one likes being called what to do. We would rather be in charge of our own affairs. And that's why the whole notion of surrendering our practice lower south strange first i. There's no other way give there. There's no other way to be. Healed is not a lazy forgiving. There's no other way to find a new life but to subject yourself Grim yourself under subjection. Take yourself off the steering wheel in that guy hall of the steering wheel hardest. Step that we have only say our time but you really have to put into practice the see that it's really true and it will help you. You like we can find lowered or surrender. Everything all and we don't surrender everything to control god. But i'm sure a lot of you have heard that that all play years ago ours is too short too short. You can't i can do is submit the guy and you realize that you're on your way to having a better life tweet. Fight the law. We can surrender only finally lose on surrendering safely wayne. Friends saw a sign painted on the side of blessed. Nigeria says man. No guy that sums love doesn't it is not god is god bless we realize it got got in. He has power in a forty two then wrong road to winning. He's only grows best in the rich soil of guys race. They'll pray for more humility. Like i said before. Pray for more grease freida. God will pour out his grace in your heart so that you will only go of lord because when grace issue gracious see where you had messed up. He's allowed you that you should be even more things as you didn't suffer consequences or consequences was lowered on whatever that was being so we must remain. We must be remind myself the problem. I miss who are price muslim. Manas who got it is because the problem has accustomed imagine how great he is he. A constantly has to give half a happy whole giving him phrases in and showers of wonderment in things of that sort. Because it's friday so big god is saying deflate that pride and put all of that energy and me this mea use it if i were alleged at all but you have to that you have to lift brahmin constantly rags because he wants us to praise him. We all know people did out there just braggadocious. They just brag they got the best of the best. The best of the best best best. They have the best of the best. Come on deflate that. Call it down because it was not a great guy this you got the best of the best that you thank not by any of your standards so we get it sometimes get mixed up and we got to give that laureate praise to god always. Don't get the little thank. Thank you done something. Nice for so why. Because you're trying to do the will the will the lord and in man's such praising you for what you've done don't feel guys glory. They'll steal guys. Gloria scott laurie. Oh you write that message. That was the holy ghost in the lord is focused me. I give glory and honor appraise the guy immediately as soon as you feel that he no he. Could you know trying to raise. You gave that honor phrase back to not yours to take either jealous guy. He wants our little phrases for yourself because he knows what he's done for us he knows how he's keeping us all the way to the end of i ain't so we can give honor do honor is do we're lord six But if you have to tell me how great you are all the time. How rape possibly the braggart rags. Because he's tried to give you and trying to convince themselves of how grievance the humble man does not drag because the truth speaks for itself we know the truth is right and we can stand in a truth all the time. Now whether it's good news bad news you truth is on sale. How milan leases reputation. In the lord's hands because it doesn't matter to him what others think is not a novel idea who cares about what you think when it comes to me is all about what god is. god trees. what my life is not about is my dear friend dollar st louis. My life cannot come here. Great only regard again so we need to really and make sure that were held for now. Him have land as he leaves his reputation to the lower. He wants god reputation to become great in the land. What happens to hear. It doesn't matter as long as the lower can go forward. And if we're exhilarating the light of god then we are showing god. Choose the world. S what we wanna do so we lock as you know because that means that you confess your sense you forgive your enemies you admit your steaks and you don't brag about how great you are. It also leaves serving others snob. And then you repeat that is walking a humility leaves that you confess your sense. That confession says we confess our faults to running for accountability. We confess i sense to god. Because he's the only person can forgive us then cannot forgive you of your said and it's not easy now you and god. That's the only thing that else is you. Have you confessed that you guys already given you. Lisa's keep rocking my news as he walked walking on the righteous rolled. Go to another man in a little room. I had a closed-door official fans. That's not what the bible says bio says we convince ourselves to god. We can as halse one to another He says. I don't rag a lot. How forget it. you're saying forgive your enemies. Admit your sakes don't brag about how great you are and also surfing was now not rounds. It's you know. It really says me when i go to a drive through and i will service it says how people just you know have an attitude they just wanna you know. Taxi hanaway itself. You know obviously you have about what you're doing right now but it's not my problem. You know what i'm saying. I'm going to get a hamburger. Nice treat me. treat me round. that means. you don't wanna be here. You don't wanna do what should know one for me. That's what that means. So check that laura. Has you know something for somebody else. Make sure you have a good demeanor and you have a good attitude and you know the thing is lace. Because that's that's the shows. Got me god moses. The file so proud so please don't let that happen to you. He gives grace to humble so crazy for the grace that you mean. We say we pray for grace that we pray for. We don't praise humility. We pray for grace. Also take a knee down on your knees. You know down the how you can some kind of way. Make yourself frustrate guy. When i say frustrating i mean though go no lower stretch out ritual shea stretch out your legs labor for yourself. Under humility the second step would be to fight back okay. I seven essay submit yourselves. Therefore to god mccain's foreign seven. Submit yourselves therefore to god. Resist the devil and he will flee from you as a bible says resistant. Devil resist the devil so that means the something that we have to do. I in order to make him flee. We have to resist. We have to call you out and we got put namely satan the law rebuke you in the name of jesus. I will not do whatever that is. Because a god. I got the strength to resist you and make you leave me alone. That's how we fight back. This is a command and approval us. If we submit to god we may be sure that will resist the devil. He will flee from us. We have no power and ourselves. And here's the devil weekend another during covered on dry. You get mode all about a devil you on your okay. We are not but he but he has no power to use against us when we fight with guys so we take his way by sales. Other guy being subjected underhand because to him to leave us alone. That's how we fight the devil we as you the lore and we ask the lord to give us stress and we say in the name of jesus the law review you say that is stronger. The thing that out right now. It will help us in our battle where we're fighting over empty away. We're at a crossroads review. Was the one in your ear telling you to hurry up. Hurry up to a you. Don't need to think about this right now. right now. doesn't he wants you to do get yourself and you guys suffer the consequences. For god's way is slow a deliberate way. Acknowledge me okay. I wilder richard slow process down. Slow down this day at feel funny if you think longlist. Let's take a step away giving so if you can pray and ask god to that lets you when you ask lord for direct you on russia. You don't find that tree 'cause they go down if you get on the top walk around the tree going down. The road is mustang. The legal after to law review. I keep on walking luhyas. Jesus resist is a military jerry term. It means to stand in filed. You run away. We are to flee to but we are to the related to asian calls because something that size of your flesh to gives you pleasure and you like it but not be right to do so you got the slave comes. You got to run. I mean you've got to put on your city shoes. You're gonna fires cocaine you're the setting where everybody's doing cocaine when she got to do you've got you've got the door the door you got to hit the door because if you don't gonna suck something into that in just like finally the tree guy told you to. He will walk. It was you. Do you flee tation. but we aren't to fight the devil. Okay that leads. Taking the armor of god as daddy the evil in sailing evil today and we all know what our guy that you and you say is the devil and you tell them the law rebuked you in jesus i to the bible tells us even in this book is as the devil trembles at the name of jesus at the name of jesus armas trimble and liver diseases your frame of the name of jesus. The jesus is good because we are in his cat. And that's our toll a fight. The devil cool football coach steadying opposing team. He has gained seal on us. He knows our weakness. Use any strengths and use work. He knows against us so he knows what we are he knows will. We'll make the decision to do things aren. All the keep pushing number was unclear pleasant until they guys says the fight. Keep pushing them but nine you okay. Weaknesses in australia. He uses it to now. I know the gives us but he gives you discouraged if he gives you discourage he's already where the battle and you know what you could get discourages. Amen deserve it. maybe not this me. i'm tired. I don't feel like doing this more. This is really really sounded. Deserve of discourage me here led to three times more. You you also way he knows when you lose your temper you lose your temper an equal guy. He's he is not he's a he's a last than you meat anymore. Guys but he knows and he knows how to get us. That's why we have to fight with god. We gotta fight for guys name. We gotta fight with guys with guys power we gotta fight with. All of that is the only way we can fight with. Is he subject off okay. He's you'll leave adobe supplies on issue a loop listening when you just got blessed. Yeah we obviously nash. The best of the next thing you know. We got mogul locomotive because you know why because the cell happy for the blessed we let the six. No one is in wisconsin ways with lord. Bless you you got to be on the outlook you got to up. You've got to be alert in a way and you got to be crying. Because you know phone conway so reveling in a wonderful lesson and relaxing. You gotta be ready your suit. 'cause you know he's come for you. Don't be surprised when he comes for you with a seductive generation rain saying that years old boyfriends for twenty years ago girl. Plenty of ago you to sell together and got got my dying play on this view. I always think about you. Things heart flesh heart was here but if you really use this fall twenty years try to get the buke you in the name of jesus surprisingly with rusi your ear moment in one sense you fight back you find that the what that tree the tree they say tree he must seven. Don't go around. Does here for the devil is a murderer nature. Say john eight forty four tells us that he will destroy your career. Your marriage your your ministry and whatever you may have he will destroy you got to stand and fight your prayer and if you don't have the pro-life you don't have good is little you'll have good. You won't find some to that cassation as you are not strong. Also ask this year. you're in order. If find that with the word of god you back back by singing all songs of the way back holy with younger ya never had with whoever whoever all saints day unit zones. They know songs that will bring in steerage. They know that sounds that would leave us the congregation and lift them up. We got to go backed by jesus by leaning on your brothers and your sisters runners. I says we got on each other. Not necessarily are natural brothers and sisters. doesn't my nephew. Lean on what we got here in a baby on your with us and keep praying for everybody else to come back. You know what i'm saying. Is we got to dance. And they got the depend on us. We got to be each other's strengths. Obsessive christ openly. I give props to the lord for how he has used rana's with surgical. Is she confessed. Christ overly we need to confess. Christ don't be saying. God tell god save me. God loves me keeps me hundred alloy praising god because keith lee thank you jesus is guy wakes us up. Y'all god gives us breath every morning is is. We're his cam and where you children away desire. The happiness season we to able to worship freely. Because he is our dying over calculate keith us each and every day each and every day so that by confessing overly fight back come into the lowest angle is hard light. Now we haven't had communion allow but come to the lord's table a geek wires of his word against the x of his wire largest word. Fight back by sleeping every patient that comes to you because if you go down the wrong road sex you that so much further where you could have been after all how somebody else says you take down. You make the right decision. For christ's shower guy resist the devil and he will flee for u. verse in hamas down along through all of them and we can get back to a vital he can fish number. Three wrong near bursting says wrong. Nine to god and he was wrong. I you cleanse your hands you sinners purify your hearts you home mind. It could guy how much a drawing by having an interest in what is worth says having a a desire to research a desire to find the truth and desires and see what. They're telling me what i say on here and you can't stand up against the word of god the you say because something different by then you gotta raise laurel players because say late is the right word and talking to you the best say lower. Don't take it for granted that they're telling you the right thing i did that. We're longtime says. I'd say to us as a long time for me. Listen to what people say. I started seeing things a little bit early. Traditions of what many say would be a great ramonica randy told looking for listening to what the word says very important theory of john near guide rohingya starts in the heart taking take another married couple of western carolina. She made me knitting playing the piano. He may be reading a vulgar missing slur. Ms name passed without a worthy but they are having drawn her as he is round near. If we come to god with the same desire to know he wrong. There was no serious. No so what he's saying here with the word say gets your heart ready alleluia. You your ready and we come down with the same desire to know him. He will draw near to you. Do not need to be an advanced christian or a silver say or indeed. The newest sane and the weakest believer may know presence. And you know what sometimes is more strength and loose stakes bidding a surge years and years and years because their heart is your your heart is jury see god when you say. Your heart was ready. And when he came in he is used his love. His power is spirit in. You changed your life forever. That's what we got to do. That's exactly what we got to do in the last not least number four number four he says cleanse your hands. He's senators purify and your hearts you double minded. I eight be. We cleanser hair because they are dirty within. We must purify heart because they are fighting. And we are distracting. This means stop making excuses for bad attitudes for casual and kindness for clever downs for dabbling in photography. For bringing about our compliments for envying of others for s for critical theories for our trainless mess for our needs to be controlled for giving into despair for hating our enemies instead of loving them as a failure to do what sailors clean up clean. If you add his of your mind clean up your life clean up your house your car clean out would have nice claim good spirit for twenty twenty one and let's see how we get by december this year. We'll get to a new division. He will he will take us ohio understanding of learning. But we all have to be willing to do so. This is a new year happy year. Everybody lesson anywhere. Few ways the spiritual life for twenty twenty one. I gave it down back into the hands of the pastor. That was good were. It was good. It was good. We pay attention in here. What distributed all is trying to say to the church of the right path. We thank god. dr levin him on wednesday night where we come in from rebekah fees. We're going to go over to what you just came out of these after. Okay and then. I'll go to six ways. But we gotta finish off what we started all right so fuses. Jeff defy right. After i diversity. We go to six. We sat yup okay so everybody for windy night to six verse side. A my bible study from sixty to seven of those online who have been with us Beatrice we praying for you and the daughter. Your daughter We're praying for margaret margaret margaret. Son his wife They found her dead in house yesterday. So we need to pray for margaret and lead to pray for her brothers and his wife. Family pray for bill landing hail We print that simone daughter's going to a miracle this year and she and she will have those kids back. yes she will have. We speak simone to do is follow what they tell you to do. This jump just a how high follow five. Okay we're gonna pray the dead change also now. Listen y'all i'm giving you off. A fantasy dates muslim runaway nowadays is february seventh. We're going to start february seven february seven to thirteen to three o'clock okay. I'm gonna give you more instruction as we go along with his february seventh to thirteen. They're seven days from sunday to saturday. We're going to three o clock. If you choose to go longer you can. But we're going to three o'clock and we'll come and destruction for old that insulin and those are the medicine if you need to take your medicine of medicine whatever it is you take it and you eat and you get back into the fast that don't kill you from the fans. This is a group of church fan. That don't knock you out you still in the fast. Okay now know some of us. Get up like i want my coffee. The boy vodka headache coffee believe. That's a fast as fast for me day in the morning without their from. Now i know what i'm talking about. Tell you about ready to fighting coffee. So that's going to be my sacrifice. Did i'm gonna try to go to lunch. Because normally i can lasted one or two o'clock even a insolent and blood pressure and all. I'm gonna go long as i could go you go. You can't go to three. You go too long as you can go and you put in there now simone. Here's your chance. God break that spirit and people had so i can have my children. He's a these cats. Come out by fasting and praying so those things that you have in your life that we've been struggling and we need to get it broke. I'm telling you. I need my money into murder. The marine corps only money. And they playing with me but they could plan with me. I'm giving this to god on and you watch got lucy. Make them loose deadman. I'm sacrificing this guy. I'm giving you this time praying. I'm fast and this be quite watch. Wash your face. Don't tell nobody that you fast north your head russia. Listen view go to work you you fast. Don't tell them nothing. But i'll tell you what you're going to see everybody's gonna be awful. You also donors you off you. Everything is just a no thank you. I appreciate it. We got the february seventh. We we we bring it in. We bring to three o'clock you choose to go. You go on and missionary davis by her nursing the baby. We're going to talk. You know how to get around and you continue to do what you're doing and keep moving forward. Hey if you had to come off early if somebody only twelve. That's what you go to if you could go to two. That's what you to but if you can last three that's what you go all right. We'll give more structured as we go along. We fast and in france and god is going to break eagle breaks. He goes brayson yolks. I he said these kind of come out to fasting in pre any other. Now's your excess two miles odds sister so please pray for her. Name's beverly beverly williams your rate for my wife. She's traveled to saint. Louis he died. It's sent his body to saint louis so they leave and on on wednesday her brother's coming back on sunday so you don't y'all forget me day yelling and i'm up and around there with the stitches in my league. So don't y'all forget every now and then maybe maybe a meal fried chicken. Maybe maybe maybe may maybe something to help us alone way. You know i'm gonna be alright. Y'all i love you but if you do make that extradition. I'm done i'm ready. I'm ready to receive it. Yeah i love y'all thank god for a beatrice shebeens on a light year. Those we haven't seen listen we a every last one of y'all and remember remember what i said. Whatever whatever we do we do a privately if you need to have a need for something you contact me what we do. Nobody knows is your is your really know me. Whatever anybody talk to me about anything you'll never hear you would never know because that's not how you deal with people so you never hear. I needed to twenty five dollars passes. You never hear that. So if you ever need come on. This is what we here for. This is what paul did the church. The church the only thing. And i do have a ahead as against the church. Y'all member policy. What he do he. They went from house to house breaking bread here. They won't do nothing so let so let us do with those say usually do our endoscope without father. We thank you. We heard to request a vonda. We s got that you touch that young lady she's asking us to pray for godly. As you turn our situation around. And whatever she ne- god we ask that you bless her with that you give it to a we had that you make a healthy in the name of jesus we pray for margaret's brother and his wife we pray for that family god. god bless. That family helped that family. They need to now talk with their family. Walk with family. Oh god hold them in the palm of your hand guy remember him now they need you guys in the name of cheese That marie family guy seeing through god he we pray and we pray for bill later him that you go and you move by your mighty power your mighty hand and just he'll touch from head to toe give bless him guy old guy that he may be healthy blessing we've rebuke any blackouts win obuke any weakness where he can't walk. We were buchanan read now and got put stress in his legs in the name of jesus blessed first lady travelled by ways he just that burris family all that young man's father big betas having a hard time in white got encouraged him blessed him hormone hand. 'cause they go need you got this week and look over there. Look over every last one of us blessed beaches as she raised a child. Oh godly her. Baby god blesses. She raised her baby. Oh isn't name of. Jesus teva wishy neagh all in the name of jesus and we pray for every last one of on this land that you continue to bless us baby jay. Continue to bless baby. Jay continued to take anything out. God they don't belong. God blesses attic. Bless his weight bless him got in a special way in the name of cheese and thank you for blessing every last one of until we meet again in jesus name amen amen right once up alright. We we love your. You're later wednesday only bread. Is we do on thirty. Alright goblets everybody.

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The Shawn Harvey Morning Show - Live 2021-06-16 11:00

The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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The Shawn Harvey Morning Show - Live 2021-06-16 11:00

"Inch land hello into. May i josue too because she can't third just never i'm I i end report jeans. Just do because she. She's she's posses lis- she singing for mine thirty two who do badia. Making she do bother smart-size. She added down Took well a ten years. I started meeting love. Love is after dark my car actually until actually having just yesterday i remember emotionally felt from our you me feel so free and thank you for that. Thanks i've loved you all along. You know through it all has been you and me always there to keep me sane. When i needed to run we met on the dance floor. And you gave me wings to fly when i need into my soul. Your hobbies man morning. Tom last barely caught my whole night. And you did with my body exactly what you wanted to go. Hardly walk. we're through her. It was so worth. It always worth. And i have nothing love for you. Nothing but love for you Host get to trust you with my words once again. I just want to say happy anniversary. Mcgrane here for house. Music off and look think Long the end Oh list includes air. I'm like you see that. I'm like that used to be nothing. There used to be nothing there. And i'm like i sound like my parents but it's truly amazing you're going to get older too. You despise getting older and older people. And that's gonna wonder is so so now i get a call from wanted vendors. I work with general manager resource a cine literally after eleven. Comp tie on driving. I'm tired now. He had come a whole meeting for half an hour over the phone to midnight last night. Yeah because nobody can get in touch with you right so now in this odyssey of me dealing with my personal. But it's just like anybody else. His personal and business right china focus. 'cause they'll have a deficit of that because of the adhd now. I'm in new york city last night. And i didn't even notice. I don't know if you've said in the news review. I wasn't listening podger yesterday. In new york city the opened up new york city. Because i andrew cuomo said that they reach a certain threshold of vaccinated people. Now now now. Remember all of these. That i'm trying to catch up autism. I land in my beloved be x. Bronx the x. Be excellent next. Be next to be axed this. There's thousands of people singer. Your you know new york this like everybody's on top of each other right. Seventy four seventy percent of the people were aware matt. And i understand why. Because i was like okay remember. We talked about the supermarket here locally. And i'm walking in the supermarket without my mass right. New york is whole different piece. Play yourself like that senior. Going to western before prospect avenue. Yeah they they sit. They kill the lambs in the back. The meat is so fresh. Acting is a slaughterhouse behind the meat section sinning. Everybody aca say literally maybe seventy might be too dumb it down a sixty percent there. They were celebrating last night with the lifting of these restrictions in new york city. So cine i get out the car park over there on fordham road over there so when near south everybody. If you haven't been to south southwest inveigle you gotta go. Rob stapleton is the host. We will have rob come out here To do his thing he had at the. I am bill and every tuesday does a dope lineup of comedians lovie famous comedians. You know eight list be listed celestis wholesaler. And my man. Mike mris the hosted. I mean he's a dj's off the hook seeing get out the car now remember. I was at my mother's house yesterday. Match taken care things with my mother. I'm going to the supermarket for her doing all these things i do for my mom babbler shuttle mama mama. Harvey's your call charlotte to mama. Hardy combining the whole day. Your hands on me at your wedding. She paid for me. I love her. I told her i need it. And she started waking for that. She does she really put a hand on my arm. What's her and your aunt. Is there any metal parts. Selena's a pastor. That's what she was probably given my past the dirty looks. I go no right to call me. It's shut out the past the island. Now hey sandwich. Love her because she's gonna call. She said she's going to do a report. She's like sean going to hang up on me and listen. I don't want to check back to whole wedding experience Tiny had this whole sangre thing that she was making us proud of even though sangre beautiful is something simple to kind of make my pin notice to the sangre. Try to tiny. I'm sorry but jags out so minus come up my nieces from the streets my nieces the only woman i ever saw knocked the dude out dr dude out hit him and knock them in between two cars. I the was in averted leg. Extension uses the body of the bodies awkwardly underneath the ca- so so so shannon come through. She's she's so so slips the sangria and there was a bottle of hard liquor next to the saint. Where at tito's without even actually this is nothing she goes. Glisten the tourney sangria up right now. It's kind of weak your move out the way this. Is she cracks. Open city city right next to a ready to relapse thorny city myself he likes to have a drink and i don't i don't need one around one right so so so my knees cranked up to what accident. Anybody spotted the whole but that's not to sin sin instead. Give me a shot out. Because i did save you from relapsing emma wedding. You did it. Nobody talks about this and he really seriously i really did. You told me a step away. He's because they get away from. Because because i saw assorted relapse in your face it was going to happen. I was standing too close to. Your nose is open ready about these. She had that. That alcoholics talk. That we all can identify would and the way she put that in because the violation of what she did is enticing to the relapse opened up the stolen book. Straighten out at this. Has it out there everybody. Yeah i like cindy just go away cause you ain't gonna relapse at my wedding and then they already mad at me anyway. People feel certain way about me and if you to relax at my wedding they would arrested a chat room with a walk right the hell out of so chapel. You sit there and you all ways. Get on your boy harvey. When i had to sit the day that i set sydney was going to a a relapse off this whole thing. Thirteen day was actually. I believe my wedding day. And guess what i saved her as from a relapse chat room for your boy harvey. She just admitted that i set the cindy right. Tissue ready to he gave me added strangled. I haven't everybody. She was grabbed back out seem to go because she was sitting here. It i sitting on a chair and this leg was going like this this august shaking like this and right here talk about the happy and i said get away from their. Get away from there. I could have been a straight asshole and say go get your drink on whereabout it and she would have probably did it. Because the whole atmosphere was set it was set for relapse. I know then relapse. But i i so now. Running around for my mother yesterday speaks bugs on these. That's that's how this whole we slough sidetrack blue nicer sydney the bronx on pop in south chicago. I get the mass in my pocket. Because i'm determined to wear my mask like pocket for 'cause i worked in the supermarket in the bronx. I like for some reason. I felt comfortable where my mass out here. Of course the giant but not in western beef too much going on who many people is just. So you're everybody's yang zany. So i had the masks on and western beef with it had to go there twice. Dead get go city. Why even put on a mask to head security dude south right. He's yochon up. You know everybody you know the owners the security folks bite out there because you know there. All the time is it. Feel good though city. There was a line for the second show right. Yeah and i walk right in. Whose work right like it was a sunday morning. Sending talking to the security guard didn't realize to put my mask on. And i walked in the south so can forgo with over three hundred people and i didn't have a mass on sydney. Wait a minute and literally. Only maybe three senator close in at the mass on right before you can see store. They walk through survey now j. p. justice alfred. Jp just 'cause jp's me when he has his face me yeah it's ap justice capitalism's says they fireworks they celebrating the threshold of the seventy or seventy five percent of vaccinated people. And i swear. I don't know if you've set this shared this story yesterday. I didn't even realize this. He joe we. We're going down to the fireworks fireworks and new york city last night to celebrate. Whatever percentage that they reach to reopen new york city and south waigel was open last night. Senior people were out in the wrong people. They mass on people are not playing in new york. First time that. I saw in over a year and a half multiple faces in new york city. No mass did go to the celebration last night. Down in south street seaport. Cj that would be weird to go to a celebration of a threshold and no one's in the mass thousands and thousands of people. We haven't been that's what they're saying. Seventy percent of the people have at least one shot. Have at least one does so. That's where they're at with it you they everything can go back to seemingly normal. You know barber shops salons restaurants. They can choose to continue their mask wearing or not. But it's not required venues and other big large scale. Things have to be They're still going to be the social distancing and mask wearing but that's soon probably will lifted the same thing for pennsylvania pennsylvania they're saying that eighty percent of adults have at least one does right so they're June twenty eighth is zero lifting all the restrictions. Pennsylvania was sitting right so there will be no more requirement however people can still feel free to move about the cabin with a mask of now and move out the cadillac. Now comedian hamburger hamburger from back in the day legendary legendary. Comedians him burger. My comments are coming weird on facebook in the thing so you guys like other people there is but it seems like it's delayed for me. I don't know what that's about but higher sent something. So i can make sure everybody we're gonna shut you out soon so Comedian legend during the game. He's got the original. What is dead in our ninety five is it must say that right. And what does that mean in. The mass would end ninety five in ninety five. The one that you can't breathe the one that you put sheet. Rockall were no. That's the wrong but the right ones in other accord again. Yeah and ninety five but there's like two different kind to cut version. Yeah the one with like that vent thingy that's not the right one right right. He though the original the one that you can't breathe in city. He had to have masks on like he was the literally. Almost the only person wearing a mask. Right get one for costa rica right like in in in south of whipple right but see. Here's the funny part about it. Not only was. He wanted a few win a mass. He had that in ninety five and we all started snapping on them. And that's where this is going. It shouldn't be that way. It was sitting. Check this out. The peer pressure got to my friend. Hamburger either he took. It took it off. Oh but you know what. That's what i said. I said pressure part. That's who is that cool but as city we were going on do that at every even the events that we've been into over the iron you got to take a picture they're like oh off or people you go into like their group there you can take that off union twin my like it seems like they make big and then you get around them and don't know if it's because they don't have there's on so they don't want you to have years on because they feel like be like me. I don't know what that is. That happened with city. The contradiction really like absurd like he had this mass on to hamburg. I let do right. When i was a new jacket. Seem just would we do without. The beloved hamburger was sitting. Here was a contradiction. He had the mashal on that. In ninety five. I mean it had like capital in on it with ninety five. Like the whole thing. I go i said i go. You've vaccinated i. He was talking and i kept going. I can't hear you folks. Vassals is what was i can hear they go. You know. I said you know so which you got to say and the rest of the night. He took the mask off in. Hopefully he's fine but again it goes to story cj. Because i want to make sure that we carry all bases of information with corona virus. And you got us a story about that right now. My whole thing is if you go to new york city today. Everybody where umass suggest well breathe in the fresh air herd immunity but know that node at they party and the new york city in the mass or off. Yeah i'm done. I'm diving right into that thing. Yeah let's get back. Lets you left. What did the president say. Let's get back to good old american summer. Bet to a good old american civil and coming up next week. June twenty-first is pumping data. So everybody step outside. I'm am i them. I might go today. Cindy worcester first story. You have if you don't mind about the bad batch of a lot about that everybody's celebrating because celebrate this cuomo. I don't know if you're working in new york new york right now. Let me call in. Let us know what's going on in zero jackson. Daniels is our. She dropped. the dan dare jackson. Are you if you're in new york right now and every no if you see 'cause cine western beef the epicenter almost of corona virus and my beloved be x. Borough where a lot of folks sick and died in that area sitting have these folks was in western beef. No mass jr west in beat. The house was so small. you can't even turn a shopping kado round of going to the supermarket cine like how does anybody move around city. Nobody did and then of course is like a latino lady that leaves the baby in the carriage in the in the out blocking everything. I don't even there was even a confrontation out with down out. Seven all the way down to to come all the way back up the alphonse because i did not want to deal with this woman and her child blocking up the out in the west. Nbc nj they when you talk about using every square footage for profit. They are now playing in there. They know that is a hazard as cindy in the hood right. They have stag stores. That i've been into some of these places it's ridiculous city then the of course new york city police are coming into the parking lot. I guess doing job. I guess coming into the parking lot driving around the parking lot. And then they're just you know gore and it's not good to have either state plate. No we live here in pennsylvania so obviously have a pennsylvania license plate but it just illuminates times thirty. When you were in new york especially in the hood please look at you. Know they focus on your low just a little bit right because you could. You could block the intersection with a new york. Play and the cop could see you right there and don't pay it any mind but have a out-of-state plate driving through the green light. They will pull you over out there right right. So what's what's new york if if you in new york right now. Calling because the turn-up israel series and they had a celebration last night that i refuse to go right on george washington but on chinese sound no way in hell. You had mask in your pocket. Put it on the hours and you're not going to celebrate in your city the home that you love. Go away down to south street. Seaport for fireworks. Yeah just to take it. In at nine thirty it started at nine. Thirty s gets dr. levin the afternoon with a work perfect for me would have as well What happened was in new york. Almost nine hundred people were injected with expired. Pfizer kovin covid. Nineteen vaccine is a vaccination site. In new york's times square. The new york state health department is recommending that they schedule another fis. Earth shot eight hundred ninety. Nine people got the injections at the former. Nfl experienced building between june fifth and tenth. Atc vaccination services the company that administered the shots told cbs new york. In a statement. We apologize for the inconvenience and one people first and foremost to know that we have been advised that there is no danger from the vaccine. They received an email from the state. Health department said the doses in a freezer too long and added that. There's no guarantee of this expired vaccine effectiveness gabrielle. Swift mother fifteen-year-old recipient dante's have pointed out that it's not like it was one day that they messed up it was over five days And then they just go on to say about. How did you know. Relaxed restrictions and it was a momentous day and over seventy percent of adults in the state. Have at least one of the vaccine. You guys pfizer arizona. They are still a bit. Cdc calling emergency meetings because the injections are causing more heart inflammation and it's causing them more concerned than they originally thought because the cases are rising with that. Okay and then you're going to sit here and say so you don't even know what the regular experimental doses doing. But you're gonna stay here and say that the expire does is a okay. You know what the regular and they have. A bad batch is coming out of baltimore plants. Fda approved salmon said. The other one's gotta go. What made that differentiation for you. To decide which batches were. O'kane which batches were not at the contaminated baltimore facility. That johnson johnson was mixing their vaccine with another companies with their experimental. Dosages used the spur. Use the word experiments. They are very lightly but will we do know is this and now they got some experimental junk there. Now they want you to go back and get another one nine hundred people and then and then go back to get your second note and then go back to get your boost. Their know says it's it's too much for me. I believe that but you go ahead and believe they report. They can't even get their own inch together. But you're going to believe what they say but we do know something that's fax. God bless and godspeed all of you a lot a lot of shrimp rinker. Trina pinker you out there girl. She got she wanted to tell you she got her vaccine or she's going to get it today or something like that. She's scheduled suggests that she in the chat room now. I i don't know trina if you got it girl. Please check in a in check and everything that you said. A lot of it is not even and my whole thing is this go get vaccinated because there's one thing that is certain is one thing that is fax and you can. We can debate beta to the cows. Come home take a quick break and do one shot. The death rate is almost one percent in this country and is not because everyone's wearing a mass and from this time last year with no vaccine. And i'm not advocating will i am. Nobody's write me a check for it. I believe in the science. I'm one of those okay from this time last year. Pre vaccine thousands in the day. We can look at very easy. We could just type it. How many people doubted corona virus on june. The eight o'clock hour with what you have. Many people data corona virus june sixteenth. Two thousand twenty. We could easily get that number. We all get folks. Listen to get that number. That's easy comparison today. This was excuse me this was a pre vaccine and now today that rate is down at one percent and it's not because of everybody's wearing a mass because if we and send the respect break i respect your decision. Say that a lot of which you say is a lot a lot of non facts. But it's fine. What would i say this. Say nine when i say this. What a lot of what. I pack nine. You choose to ignore. I'm affects kind of guy. I i see things in black and white. You know that. I'm affects kind of guy. I don't do the conspiracy very well but listen to hold us any. The reason why this country is starting to follow the reason why this country has done open up. It's not the abundance amount of vitamin c. That show all taken out. They're still taking my vitamins. Take any noise not is not the best seymour mall. Whatever that is see. Mossy boss is not as not the see. Most admit this vitamin c snatching jamaican roots. That did this that you got from your grandmother. May i say that respectively to your grandmother. It's not the gallons of lifting and when you're this time last year everybody was in the head and the steam water with using god abby. Every pot doll that chat room if you saw that video of black guy with the with the pot with the onions and garlic and peppers banana city say clinic inciting. This was twenty dollars a town this time last week because the puck went out there. And you had to pop and you got display phase. Because they want to dock. Didn't save that evil because that flassbeck ios losing your mom exactly attended the vaccine came out and it was the pocus and i get that to get. I'm o'reilly but what's the facts. Though was the facts though exit that we don't their families are whatever they decide to. Put out and talley you. So we still don't know this sensitive jamaican nurse and houston took. The i was administered. The for i know why she was jamaican. To the japan is in jamaica jamaica the jamaican no said houston. Remember last year sometime. She was the first one they put it on tv. Oh boy we criticized her some of us who. She was a hero. Guess what everybody now talent. She took the first one. I guess targeted at african american nurse to do this. Because you know african americans who want to didn't want no part of it she's still alive but with the faxes before we take a break is the corona count in section defection rate in the death. Ray has church tremendously plummeted because other vaccine could do abuse in sean harvey along ones cologne. Comedy world net weight. This offense from the morning show featuring the wake of cash radio. hey dollars. Each radio took took t two checked took his case. Do so we. We are back in is With wednesday wednesday june sixteenth. Twenty twenty one of four minutes after. Welcome back sean. Everyone show wake up. Team suspect shutout. He's a dj young. You know he's never knew. Roman upside for the disconnect joe. That's the only thing dread about does show agent dale. I would love to be in a chat room and chopped them doing all. This scenario barbeque is glory. So i wanted to give us better shot at dj younger nutty. I'll tell you why. And i want to give a special shout out to dj shut out the dj also shot off the i want to shut out. Dj woman also dj. Not here and also gitai sings. We'll make sal who's who created and produced our morning theme right not this safe safe for some reason and i and i'm grateful for digit younger gregory young and god bless him for now on social media as part of this thing that we do here is allowing his music to play. I don't know why road has who dj who's created a great platelets for us as well saying they won't they won't play. I don't know why we get emails all the time facebook. Like we're gonna shut you down over one year because of this music and our own beloved gitanes who made the song for us can't play but shallow god's doing your support beloved young because laughing his music to play for now so we are grateful to dj young john hidden. We're gonna talk about that in a minute. We've got a lot of folks coming out father's day. Let's do it. For the dads john hidden hitting would be down at the. I m come. You're not you know. John from living single sitcom post a video of him talking about the event upcoming This upcoming fall day. So y'all come on out to the. I am mill eight. Thirty one south delaware dr eastern pennsylvania doors open up at five showtime a social grown event. We got a lot of folks coming out. We don't get a party on. We've got to tell some jokes going. Mingle with each other. We're gonna connect with each other and have a good time. So let's do it. For the das- day. June twentieth john hidden from living single. Be at the missions. free There's a table charge as well so You know hit me up. Five seven zero ninety two six five zero and also the day before sending with stacks juneteenth festival here and bethlehem. We'll be broadcasting outside or inside so if you're in bethlehem eighty between eleven and five in the afternoon come on out to the million. I mean to to the still stacks next to the wind casino down his Self side of bethlehem. We'll be there broadcast live so we appreciate you for them but shadow for dj rome. Who is in non who will take our equipment down there. Set up everything for us so special. Let's wrong thank you so much for that and in one would think the following week at the mill we have smoked to headliners. Smokey suarez and roberto vander pool for the rest of this week. I'm giving. I'm giving away. Free passes leshan brown. Oliver took advantage of that. She got two passes. Hit me up. Five seven zero ninety two six five zero. That's june twenty-seventh free passes smokey suarez reporter. Vander pool sean. I'm bill okay a show. Have you want to anybody. Who's on the phone. good morning. My favorite morning show. This is your angel cobblers. Are you saying looking good girl. Keep it up. i really appreciate it. It's really hard looking fabulous stuff face things. I really appreciate it. You're not ready to appreciate what i'm calling to tell you. And sean what's going. I'm calling to give you a few statistics sean. To back up all of your wonderful information this morning so statistics on your covert virus between this time last year. This time this year there has been a significant sixty one. I'm sorry yeah. Sixty one point. Seven percent decrease since the kobe shots have been administered to those that have lost two million eight hundred and one thousand four hundred thirty nine to virus. Youth has experience and that twenty two point nine deaf so far this year much more than that last year so there was a sixteen point. Seven percent decrease just in january win. The vaccine began being administered. So yes there is a decrease even though a lot of people are not getting their vaccination away. Some people are coming around now. You have Year you have seventy two point four percent of us That are not vaccinated. That the you have thirty eight point one percent. That have only taken one of their vaccinations and haven't gone back with the second one yet. For whatever reason so they are binney different reasons. People are dying from this virus now unit because they have gotten kobe inbetween shots and they haven't taken their second one yet for whatever reason. Knock on back but it's significantly less than this time last year so we are seeing some improvement with this virus with people. Who have you know. Run had gotten the vaccine so an avenue of know incident evitable that people will go ahead and finally get it once. They're comfortable with it. But i would suggest the better. And i know you don't want to hear that but you know i didn't necessarily want to do it either. But it didn't make sense for half of them not to so. I went on a heading conform to the head of my household and i submitted a process. And that's well well well. So refreshing with some icon wisdom stats. And i wore that and i did you know i sort my reference. It is online from jamat. Net from jamat network dot com. If you want to see it and read it for yourself in full length You know because it is there. And that is something i looked at in addition to the cdc dot com website yourself which is connected to and The statue there Once again like. I said if you don't want to get vaccinated get it on stanton cds. Cj actually hold the cdc propaganda. She did that. She sat and which is fi- to still have the rights in the opinions razzie opinion about this whole thing before we get into weird news. But you young lady. Everybody andrew johnson on radio so refreshing come with some stats so refreshing to come with. The facts is really. You can dress it up and you can call it the devil's in the boo boos was and i get that and i respect that but when you call it hard facts pause anyone unless had a hard facts a nose last october but when you come with the hard facts of the numbers still we still haven't had any confirmed deslys five thousand of them certificate. Kid i told you not about death. Excuse me it doesn't have to be about sas. Scooby doo remember. I'm not necessarily going to take the vaccine rowan. Everyone buys local saying. That wasn't what i would say saying that there's adverse report back to set are gonna happen. That don't know what can happen to you affect like all these people that are having heart inflammation that they don't really have secondary conditions. Now now they did there between ages fifteen and thirty five and they don't know why it happened. You pericarditis statistics on that. You can look it up right now. i don't need to look up. i'm good my mom. My grandmother and my children now backing assistant sometime. This truth hurts. It does hurt. Everybody do what you need to do. What i'm doing. I could care less about anything memphis. Cdc's putting out pitcher talking about people. I know what. I'm not all that matters to me firming. Hit it and you know what angel johnson that's the conspiracy bailout and it's five. It's not. That's the bill up before it's time to move on to the now how you bet. I'll say and they're being statistics of how are they going to have a lower rate and flu and all other that. We've been seeing sue to mask wearing and social distancing as well as kobe going down but oh it's because of the vaccines entirely nobody's doing any broussard. That whole like. I came out over a billion people in china work good. I know statistics work to research on all be clear about that question. No bail. I feel that i do you do you believe in these stats. That angel. johnson's is this. I don't know what the stats are on that now. I don't know how many people off those her period these are baseless and you also have to remember. She does have a valid point on people who have underlying health condition. That i said that well you have a point or people who have underlying health conditions can people who are sick you know you do have some cases that have gotten sick before so it's not one hundred percent full proof. Now listen if you sit in there and you smoke two and a half packs of newports today why are you taking the vaccine wiping vaccinated a two and a half a newport's congress and of course if you can't break you why getting vaccinated anywhere cine. I understand what she's saying in this very debatable. And get and we could do this to the test debatable. Because nobody's because you're not comparing it to let me just breaking out do you. do you take that. Ain't you just said only because of the vaccines or because of massive social distancing now place. Nobody was looking at it. Chinese people in china because in china they listen to the government because we don't have allowed those rights here in the united states and the united states. You can't tell nobody with the dude. In china they said. If you don't wear masks we're gonna kill ya so for six months in a row. Everybody wore masks disappear. You can't tell us that here. So when they gave us the vaccine it went away. Andrew just gave the stats. I'm to do you. Would you live in her stats with the death rate. At least at least well yes. Obviously the death rate has gone down. But i i. i'm not gonna say that. It specifically because vaccine sorta s west dissipate. Excuse me it's what they choose to. Yes it's what these people choose to tell you to put out. Nobody knows send numbers of anything. Are you really. You really believe in which i believe. Tallying separate from corona virus from this time last year she said almost seventy percent of the deaths in reverse just mystically magically just disappeared. I'm not saying imagine. That's next is left them. I want them to compare to what they were doing before. That's what i wanna see. I wanna see daddy's hearing that that. That's what i want to see city. How the death rate dropped dramatically like this. It could be a combination of things of social distancing of mask wary of how people taking people taking these. Maybe that's what they want you to think aid you got the last word. All i'm saying is it is a combination of the vaccine of the social distancing of people cooperating and working together they have a mandate. They haven't attended to do so. They're gonna put out whatever you need to put it out. They have reports of people still having kovin and people still dying out in rural america. But nobody's reporting on cova numbers anymore. All they want to report about the people that are surviving and they do have those those out there is. She's just and that is one report. There's thousands of reports on why rate. Okay okay that's great. The death rate has gone down. That's what everybody wants again. What i wanted to see different. Well you want to say it's because of the vaccines. So that's fine sean. And i told you what. I think it was injured last word. And then we're gonna go to the weird stories. My last word is can you and god bless topless. Joel's act thank you. Thank you thank you for this. Statistic put them in put them in a room for me said everybody putting it will ever. Everybody can read that tiktok videos and coop. God bless him. Sit before we wednesday. Yes becoming very weird today. Seems like a regular day. I gotta go ahead. Thirty chinese to get his life together as please. If you don't mind just give me like one day to get my life together this please akron idea. I am going to dedicate his whole day to getting my life together. I have nothing to do so before we get into Shouting out the room. Going to sean. Huggy morning show. Syndergaard was going on and let roy. Give me a call eggo. You've got three minutes. Sit down and listen okay in this city hall you y'all do a lotta arguing but Talking about the coronavirus and everything right. Okay right right. What about the skinny black people. What about the Black people that shape you see them diet. No you don't see them. You only see the butter biscuit. Bill foolish boola sas black folks. That's dying from corona virus and those that have dog on underlying health conditions. My son had the corona virus. He didn't ass he right isabelle. My grandson had it. I'm not vaccinated. My oldest daughter is not vaccinated. None of her four children vaccinated. My son is not vaccinated. The virus has run. Its course jon. And that's all six hundred. Did it run. Its course this guy. It's cold season is a flu season. The corona virus is that like eight so all of a sudden. That's out of nowhere without the vaccine. That just ran. Its course court so it was. So you're saying that we didn't have this vaccine on june Without if we then have this vaccine on june sixteenth which is today 2021. Run its course. Yeah because it's not a disease. A virus in viruses are different. Wait a minute wait a minute diseases. No no no hold on his the disease the it the diseases which would have can send this lowers would continue for the next five years and i'll tell you what does disease is us. American folks not listen to instructions. That's an opinion degrees after opinion diabetes. Disease well we deserve. These is a disease of the mind. Cj it's a disease of the mind you right okay. i'll give you that litter. But there's a disease at our minds. Sidney j and that disease is we follow instructions. So what about all of the although they showed on. Cnn about is adversely affecting black america. But nobody could up the top button on his shirt because they wide us all outside. What a skinny black victims corona virus show me. Cnn chelsea people people. Sean was a whole big homa. The joe linnet city. Dick agree or disagree with him of mad at him or not. Dallas kinda point there with in shape black folks. What gerona five this linnet are you living next question. Do you think that we have a deficit of following instructions in this country. Yes we do have a phone instruction deficit we do have that and as a black america. We got a serious problem with diets right. That's true now. now let it would they do. They have that same deficit in mainland china. Where did this come from again. what was the name of that town. Send you the corona came from all do. Do you think they have a definite deficit of following structures of wuhan china because city not in china right now now now. The virus went away china. Everybody simply put on a mask with a few months and it was gone because everybody cloudy destruction here here in this country. Everybody's fighting on an airplane because then went away this so this is a disease of the mind that will continuously that would that would have this virus continuously affecting this country for the next three years. 'cause it run its course spread for viruses like that only last so long. The aids virus is not a tie released virus. It is persistent. that's the reason the aids virus worker. Where did they break that. If they bring it down on the dna level if they break it down they will see that. The corona virus is the actual virus animals but the Like the typical things that allows it to get in connect with the human body. Cellular system was man made. It was not nature may hold on. He will show up. Anybody could morning show logging fifty grandma man. We go back like pants. I'm trying to tell you. I love what you guys are doing up there man. You got a great thing going on man. Thank you hold on a second everybody. This comedian fig a legend in game. I used to watch on television and go. I want to be just like that. Man he worked did. I did this and he was on. All major television shows back in the day. Comic views and the snaps. And all these figure here on a game. You'll take that when before still doing stand up when i was in relationship with thirty seven. You don't think i was enjoying you. Go back in the eighties and the nineties. Men are spaying that man i really do man. I was blessed to be able to get on them shows and in and do my thing man just making my way but but you you doing your thing. Now i'll tell you what you back then you games. You're doing your thing now. When i appreciate you but i just want to let everybody know. See who figures figures. Legendary standup comedian on urban side was opened up the door for many comedians like myself. So thank you for that. My my brother esau just get pulled they know who you i just wanna give flowers and saw them saying i love that. Ma'am appreciate you. Thank you so much man. Listen on show. Let me let me make this as quick as part of this is this fake. Little backlit befriend. Yeah i wanna. I wouldn't say something man as a not as a comedian. As a citizen of the united states as a husband a father. A grandfather person who i've i hope about myself that i i consider myself to be a wolf. You know what i mean aware of. What's going on around me. His corona virus just in a miracle. What they reported has killed over six hundred thousand people in just about a year. No disease has ever done neck. He's talking about the call who came on before no disease has killed over six hundred thousand people in twelve months and that's just a pig look. That's just the people that america has reported. We know america been used does not tell us everything but if you want world news you can see this thing is not is not just exclusive to america is happening all over the world. I mean in india. They were three to four hundred people. No no no no. It was three to four hundred or three or four thousand people dying every single day in brazil. Three to four hundred people every single day. In japan they talk about shutting down the olympics because of the corona virus america. We know america's all about the dollar. We know money. I cash rules everything around me cream. Get the money dollar dollar bill to beat the model of the united states. Right america missy. American school system makes billions. Would it be billions of dollars. Every year they shut down the school system. They shut down all major sports. A multibillion dollar industry shutdowns. No disease has done that. This bob and i'm going to say this. I'm gonna tell you what's happening and king. The only thing that'll make me right wrong is is is a time this week. A prerequisite was coming last year. We're in what's called the eye of the storm in september. This virus is going to between september and october when the fall hits this virus is going to accelerate. And it's going to get worse are strands in america. Now that did not even talking about and the fact that america has jumped a gun and going ahead and started everything up and got people's guard down is very dangerous to the people who aren't aware and not still paying attention like this thing has gone away. it hasn't it just laying dormant during the summer. It's the same thing that happened last year. During the summer months it lay dormant and as soon as the winter kick game. People started dying against. And that's exactly what's going to happen to get this thing. I'm telling you this thing is not over. Don't let your guard rail. Protect your so. I don't care what everybody else is doing it. I don't what this government tells you until you to protect yourself because it's not over. I'm not telling you to run scared. I'm not telling you to be terrified. Is staying your house. But when i'm telling you is do not let your guard down because there's virus has you haven't seen the worst is virus yet will think. Thanks for scaring the crap out of me. I wear mask when i'm in a crowd of people. I socially distance as much as i can but down now regularly. I go out. I enjoy life when i go outside. I'm not wearing a mess. I get as much sun as i came. I take as much vitamin d. As i can't because vitamin d boost your immune system and what the gentleman was saying before is basically people would immune with weak. Immune systems us acceptable to the virus. That is one. Oh one everybody would have weak. Immune system is acceptable to anybody's or any coal to anything that's going around if your immune system is weak you can't fight it off. That's the body's natural ability to be able to fight off anything your immune system and vitamin d. Helps you do that. So here's what i would say. Okay this virus. We know attacks people who have a lot of inflammation in attacks the lungs it attacks the heart so if you have a lot of inflammation in your body that's what this disease attacks and it's x. People weaken immune systems so over the summer. I'd say work out a little big issue. Nice little exercise. Get you some signs. Take your vitamin d. Make sure your vitamins up. Make sure your immune system is up. Godia doctor make sure your vitamin d levels are high and protect yourself. Where umass you in a crowd of people that you don't know if you go into the grocery store or something. Keep your mask on social distancing as much as you can continue to do the simple things that are mothers and fathers toward us when we were growing up. If you sneeze cover your mouth if you cough koby amount with the mask is all about. Wash your hands because your hands carry germs if you touch is all your face those germs transfer into your body. These are the things that we were taught when we were kids. Safe to say that speaking. Get the mucus out. And just thig is didn't get vaccinated. That's still still got it. I need you why my my wife works in. A hospital sean. My wife was first hand information. My wife works with your hospital. She's getting i in in some. She's telling me everything is going on. But listen i'll tell you this. Here's the thing that you should think about the whole world. The whole america is opening up restaurants. Movies everywhere you go. You don't need to wear masks just opened up. just do whatever you want in hospitals. Everybody has to wear a mess. 'cause somebody explain that to me the place that takes care of the most sick people period. They still have their mandate awareness. So why is everybody else opening up and hospitals. You still have to wear your masks because somebody says somebody just simply explained that. He's to me. If you wanna make sense of anything. Could you these to me while all hospitals has the mandate whether you visiting or your worker. You must wear your mess. Somebody has to explain that to me. What everybody else's opening up a good observation and we'll send you the hospitals or ground zero for all infectious diseases in kind of illnesses and hospitals on a number some different standard than the every day going outside folks. Hospitals have to protect themselves. They have to protect ourselves from having they had to have enough space and enough room for when people are sick. So this place to be like really a sterile place. So they have to continue those mandates. The hospitals might have these mandates for the next five years for this way. If there was over weight may be. I know because they still no the strain. That's the flip side on that too hot the healthcare industry. They were vaccinated. I so if this vaccine the vaccine work they all be dead and then we're or be debt because if the hospital closed i'm just saying get sick of hospitals close. We're all dead with done now. You just you just reinforced my point. John thurs and they're still wearing masks. Why is everybody else taking them off it. Because you don't know who's coming into the hospital. They had new viruses coming into the they have to protect yourself. Because cindy and just said it wasn't always this a new strain or new variant. Whatever word they use of virus anybody's rights any right where people get sick. Where's the first place they go to. The hospital has to be all a whole number level of protection. Because you don't know what style for all that. And why wouldn't they have always been like that dan before it is virus came out. Nobody husband always wearing method because there was no need to because there was no viruses out. There will probably be the first why they act because maybe again it might be a grace period. Where is the one dying over virus so of course they gonna put guards down a a minimized the rest of Having all this protection but was something. You don't know when something's going to happen. The right the gods now next year and the two years from now somebody gets sick. Where are they going to go into the hospital. Then they got hospitals down again because they need the space. Well let me let me ask you this. This virus we know has a two week incubation period like you you can have it for two weeks and have no symptoms. Right was fixing. Study things right now. You take your matt. So everybody's going to restaurants amusement parks movies displays that place that place. You mean to tell me two weeks. You can have this date spreading to everybody that you've been in contact with for the first two weeks and then when you finally realize that you have symptoms then you go into the hospital. What about the rest of the population is opening up. This virus is still there and as laying door meet. What about all these other people that did this thing is opening up about going to a restaurant and a hug by i go to a concert. I go to a club. I go to the movies or go to an amusement park. As hundreds of thousands of people. I'm going to these basketball. Arenas this shutting down the noticed. In other countries that is hungry as united states. They not playing no games. Japan told you say listen. Don't bring up a honda. They don't want no chance. They took down. The olympic shut down the olympics last year. The calendar year for the olympics was last year. They shut it down. They're gonna open up this olympic thing this year but only back to those at didn't i think they stopped this and see what they say about that. Now i'm city. Yeah the thing. is this a it. Goes back to that. Been saying all the time about this. You can't tell us what to do in this country. You know know you right. You can't tell us what they do. People getting shot and kill because someone else request in a business to put on a mass. So i say that if people are behaving that way it's always going to be continuous. That's why i said this country needs a dab of communism. We need some kim jong onen here. The shut everything but we. You can't shut us down because we have to carry guns. You can't tell us what to do you. Can you tell somebody to look both ways across the street. They will debate you with that. And that's why it's the disease of the so when you say they open it up everything and this is a capitalistic society. Of course you're definitely right about that but you can't tell us what to do. You can't absolutely right and that's why and that's why. Yes you're right. It goes back to what you say. Get your vitamin c. Eat all golic. You want sniffling onion kit. Take the vitamin d wall. Try to get the mucus out of uses them and gm ginger or whenever you want to take door and try to protect yourself but this country right now into the next wave or something new right because city scared the crap. 'cause they're probably a number wave around the corner. This is something that we didn't protect. You know that you don't know if it does. You might need booster shot. I'll take a booster shot. I got no one thing. I don't want to be in a position where i'm not vaccinated. And then something else comes out right. Like rather have something. They'll have nothing that's not that's just me but my thing is you're right. You have what we all we supposed to get into where news but where we have what we should've learned do these last eighteen months. Cj is right with would figures a list. Let's be more conscious of our health regardless of how how much how much you don't want to lose weight. I mean if you big just big would just be as healthy as you can and that this is something that we need to because it's also disrespect if coronas over and then you go back to your same behavior. You did before corona as far as your health. Well let me say this. If you're protecting yourself in his over what are you have to lose. because they. Here's here's the flip side to that. If is not over and you let your guard down and you just running around you in trouble well city. I've been playing navarre. Varsha left last six months. It's gonna let you go. Because i know y'all news funds funds. Here's the thing. Is that what you said earlier is that you can't tell americans but do you tell you. Honest truth what what we're really talking about is the privileged. We're talking about white america. No no no no. No no no no no. It's not the previous white. America is everybody in america. Everybody latinos white folks. It's all of us. You can't tell us what to do things you know what i'm saying. I'm talking about the mentality to close people. This storm the capital. That's very different. That's a different mentality right. It many could you imagine a bunch of us just even having that thought in our mind that we could do something like that you know. That's not in here. S is not in our community and of course black folks wouldn't do that because they get shot and killed but all through corona virus when thousands of people were dying last year. Us blacks and puerto ricans had underground parties. Three hundred twelve to a party at somebody's house. We sheriffs were going around stopping people from having had bars in the house. Underground and full kobe. So is it any different from somebody. Won an opponent capital. We still where they told us. Don't congregate stay away what we do we do. We have parties with three to four hundred people almost every night of the week. A major cities in this country. That's fax for some goes back to. You can't tell us what to do. The the babylonian i get it. Yeah that's that in but we all you can. If this china china and had a city that apartment three hundred eight child you can but now missing listen to this. The capital will full adults sorties. Thirty years people who were throwing parties. We kids man folks to they will fix. They'll be ready to party. Was where it was. Forty and fifty year olds off the big thing. We did it. But when you're old enough you know right or wrong you know instructions. You could be twenty five years old. They said don't do that part. You know what they city was making secret invites on social me. Yeah he ever w area with six hundred calls. She'll lives on a listen me. People my your aid forms you know. I was not says was at two of those fun listed. Miami's john people our age. If they're not entertainment or some form shape back might not even be on social media. No doubt agree with you but at the same time. And thanks for example cindy i believe eight has nothing to do with that. He's saying fifties sixties and climbing the war. I get that i get that privilege. I understand everything that he's saying. Age has nothing to do with this winter. These young folks twenty five years old of seventy five years old. You still can't tell america. He said we'll fix it when you just call it in. He's an american citizen at that. That was funny now. now senate. you can't tell american citizens. What do you care because short canton many. Take this back on top of that. Is that what you said. Thick is live in this capital to solicit society is all about the dollar in this country. Where you can you tell us what to do. And that's why this singles are now. Leonard said this thing would. Iran is cost right city without the vaccine he said on this day. Today was june sixteenth. there was no vaccine period. It would iran. its course anyway. I don't know about that. I don't think so that's debatable. Outbid so but limit said that he said a vaccine is just one is caused through the whole society and and historically he said that's what it's all about except for the aids virus now so so basically what he's saying is if we were to just continue life as normal. This is exactly the same result that we would have had. People wasn't washing hand. So justice wearing masks this thing with iran. it's course and then we would be over. That's basically what he was saying. And you know what. Let's keep it real that's linen but let me let me. Let's let's make sense. Let's let's talk about this. There are people out there. Black folks white folks. it doesn't matter. They still nasty not washing their hands. You know how many people out there. They stood on washington hand. They still nasty. They sneeze all over the place. Some people just nasty. These are carriers of the corona virus. So you've got walk which is said everything you said was simple follow instructions. Wash your hands keep your distance the how many people that was out there smoking the blood passing it from the drinking not washing their hands smashing and i'm not being judgmental about it right but it keeps this thing going but he does not. That's now that is exactly right. The fact that people are not adhering to the cdc guidelines the center for disease control. Some we have the organization called the center for disease control and they put out guidelines. We took to protect yourself to protect your family. Your loved ones and people were and people are ignoring and dying. Now we got. We got to go but cineas seen like coming out again. Thanks so you'll michael jackson bubble protect myself. And that's what i said. I believe publishing the cleanest fingernails on the bloc s. Now that's true. hey. I want to say one thing one word and then we're going to give you less work is going to get to the shots is. You're saying people do need to keep protecting themselves. I think that they should have people that are working with the public that they should still have them wear masks. I think that that's a good idea. And i think that it's an i think the social distancing and the masjid more i mean definitely if more people have been forced to if the government was let these states enforce it more especially in southern states and things like that i think it. Does you know they said there was no flu. Season practically last quick break. I will just say this. On my last word i would. I would advise all your listeners. Especially you and and your whole team is that is to protect yourself and marcus down. I want you to hold this this show on this side between the indus september a mid october. We're going to see an uptick in cases in viruses in of this virus and people are going to start passing away the same way. They did before because they're not the people that are not paying attention. They're going to be in trouble because the virus is not over. And it's definitely coming back. This whole i think we can find you can find also should media platforms that comedian fig of. I do a show called bought seats monday through friday one or two pm. Comedians talk sports myself. Talent rodney perry frank holder from humil- magazine. I love you guys man. What you guys are doing is absolutely amazing. Man and tune in every candidate i get the charlotte harvey morning show. Baby check a Was not five a. We are back with wednesday saguenay. So much Fifty five minutes after the hour. June sixteenth twenty twenty one. God bless each and everyone. Don't forget John hidden from living single. Im mill father's day this sunday. I'm thirty one. South delaware dr eastern pennsylvania. Welcome on now. Have a good time. Those open up showtime six hosted. By roy smith me show harvey. Let's have some fun. Dj hassles got a few comedians before john. And then we have you know after party so your komo now. A five zero ninety two six nine five zero john hidden living single outside free passes the following we june the twenty seven smokey suarez and roberto vander pool. So y'all come on now. I city a room you know. No we did not sean harvey on this. Show some love to see a heart in chattanooga gaza and before we shot out the room everyone on day. You are now seeing whou day. Fourteen fifteen now. Well now oh yeah today. Today's sorry so everyone cities on her journey. She's on day fifteen following through social media through the group and please when you follow city to the group's invite fifty of your friends to the group. That would be really nice. Yeah so they can join us on my journey. Well she's about to fall asleep right now and i can see i see more than next shredding. A neck is gone away concern. I can't wait till they thirty. I wonder what i'll look like. And now i kind of see. See our kasese this year metamorphasized into something. That's kind of like remember when you first met me. I've i've gone through multiple weight loss phase. It's very easy for me. Why don't we post a picture up. Remember when you always talk about that video like oh my own. She was really happy. I was like probably like one seventy five there. I had like lost a lot of weight than do but it wasn't. I wasn't doing like a crash. It was like over. It was over an amount of time. I like i did it and i was really happy with it but i was on a really strict protein diet and then i started like eating a bunch of carbs and it just didn't work out for me but this time i'm doing it and like as a shorter amount of time and it's a very restricted diet. So that's why it's just a little bit different this time because i'm very i'm really hungry. Like controlling cravings is. It's really mental allies. So i've been sleeping a lot when i can because you know like think they say you should go to bed early. 'cause i will say that 'cause you need sleep rejuvenate your your body but also like later in the day like at night like sometimes when i'm just watching tv. I'll be like. Oh like. I want something but i don't have any snacks in my house. Anyway like it's all gone. So even if i did wanna eat something. I told them last night. I ate some cucumbers and a string cheese. It was like ten thirty like we were on the phone late last night. So oh yeah. That's kind of like an. Yeah but it was. I was skinnier than that. I can't find the way dan. Yeah yeah i was. If i can get back to that practice rica. I'll be very happy. Which i think i'm on the way you know. I told you. I'm down thirteen pounds. I'm excited so in the next two weeks i can do another thirteen pounds. That'll be. I'll be down twenty six pounds in a month right. So that's what i'm holding onto. Thanks you wrong. I said thirteen days. Fifteen days yeah. I'm coming for you. Leshan sets twenty days and then someone else at the browns messed around said thirty days forty. Yeah he said forty and not forget my forty nine which is like basically everybody in our website following doubters key cenis journey on the patients and cine appreciate putting all that information in a group as though god bless you and then following it. And that's that's what we do here. Now sean i see this sweaty faith homeboy going down and everybody was sending his forty ninth day. I need everybody who put about forty nine hundred stars in the a group of about doing that. I'm going to have the best cheat meal. That's what i'm thinking about. You know what it's going to be. Well we'll be in costa rica. So it'll be something costa rican this six restaurants. I'm gonna eat all costa rica. that's when you just gonna start eating. Because sitting whitney considered that would be me and now hit me up just to meet new people and now i see him out of city city. Meow yell me out. I think honestly if you're going to do this. Forty nine day phase right for me having reached this goal which i guess. I'm a believer now. No doubt you know with the thirteen. You shouted that some also Here on the movement on forty nine movie. You could put me you fish. You put me with the forty niners and you can do that. You refuse to come into harvey's house. That's fine but i'm more open to come your way. I have my people talk to you now sitting listening here the city. Can i give you a suggestion if you don't mind because folks don't listen to me on this show for some reason i really may because i'm a comedian. I think i'm joking around law right but then every time i say something that comes through us allow facts with me even though the absurd thinking of it right and then two days later sean was right. There's a lot of that trend's on this show. Would you agree. So i'd like to say one one thing. I strongly suggest that you continue you your fast and your diet. Why in costa rica and then when you return to the united states then you go hand with the pizzas and all that and the only reason. Why the only reason why. I'm saying that because sydney you really you your body your body's really in trauma right now and right and this works. See some of that joy to give me give me. It's nervous now because you know what black folks black folks lose weight. everything sick. Why folks lose weight. They look great as city. I strongly suggest that you don't beat in costa rican. None of the food or just hit what you've been eating happen as you go down there day one and all of a sudden have all his food right yeah. This is great food type of result. I'm thinking about that. I've been experiencing throughout my life. The is going to be great right. Say that but city. What if you would if you eat like the first day down there. Yeah all other rice off the trauma now not to tristesse line on my whole thing is i know you got to run to the bathroom. Your body is just crazy. You get sick and don't think that thirty dollars insurance fifteen hundred dollars and that's the amland to the hospital and then insurance and then they go cash money and then all of us in the result have to do some kind of go fund me to get your podcast back here now because i wanna eat some seventy rice because acting on your forty nine day challenged and everybody is so inspirational. Saying i want to save you from yourself. Go right to fifty five days young lady you might as well because at least you know one thing that is true. You won't get sick and you you don't want to venture off into the unknown being thousands of miles away from home. I just say. I'm not trying to. I'm sydney believer now. Okay because you relapse it thousand times and god bless you. I'm just want to be proactive. I really concerned if you go down to costa rica city. Oh my god the food down as probably incredible all type of falls down. Is i think if you had to french fries. You're done so this. Is the french fry see. Can i lick one proposal. Say stick with a salad stick. I think you should still stick with which you're doing until you return back that you should go forty nine days and add an extended number seven days and go straight to fifty four fifty to six or whatever that is come back home and then celebrate because it just simply too far away and you don't know what your digestive system gonna is to react to all of this if you're gonna trauma bond all the way to forty nine. I'm not a nutrient. I'm just saying right here. I am just making me sad. Don't care i care see. Imagine you go down to costa rica day one and they're gonna throw a steak right in front of your face that you paid for you. Don't even have to pay for it. And then the wide savings study wanted to drink like say the whole thing or tell you what things you can do here and this is coming from a former alcoholic. That's lost weight via smoking crack. Because i'm not drinking either. Drink the humil- out this this would be my suggestion. Superlight ways training up until the days drinking every day. This would be my suggested this things you can do here. You can not eat like said right. Stay with the same die until you get back you can drink all you want in costa rica sanjay. But don't eat just eat the salad and don't eat all meats and fish and all of all the good food have now because now you don't yourself in a major quagmire you've been sober here. Come the steak. You don't think that there might be more chance of some kind of reaction from which you've been going through and that's all i'm saying be careful mean considering going so far away if he was going to miami and all that that's fine united states. That's nothing to go to hospital. It's not the ploger pitch venus. They caught they still on it. You don't know what the hell's going on down there. I wish my mom was coming now. Let's awesome. I'm just saying just be careful because you know 'cause the food is very good down there. I'm going to be sitting here. Eat my ass off letters. You're going to be doing when i'm not leaving. You guys can go do it. Everyone do but i'm not leaving the resort. You're not going to go on an excursion. Not sean come on. i'm gonna say. I'm just remember i'm i'm coming from the us version. Yeah i'm gonna take the whole week before. Yeah then. I'm gonna come here to change my clothes to go to the airport to fly someplace else and it's very you gotta be careful with the traveling and scott you want to get out lining. I wanna go to the pictures. Come on think about it. One hundred twenty five dollars. It's not the money part. I just don't know that's what i'm saying like it's like just doing like doing zip-lining zip-lining come on get a picture. Like nah i will. It'd be a mess. Be careful doing that. But what i'm saying is try. I'll be more more concerning for me than which eating out there. I'd rather you zip line and be hungry than zip line. And have a whole bellyful food. And you're going to go to poop point you saying you're gonna sit right on yourself on the line do sixty miles an hour. And this is sandy. Remember you go to beat a few days before by saturday. Your body the acid. Take food rejection of it. City diarrheal is going to be. You don't know that's eighty five dollars down there. You better take all see. That's another thing you better. You better pack all of that. You better would supplement galling for all that in your bag sometimes the eighty the through the continental all and you talk about. What kind of outfit you you got shit on your outfits doc. Here know it's going to be good. I'm gonna take it under advisement fresher. It's gonna be good when heart. That the puerto vallarta talk accessing. Let's go down with a heart back with jack with a heart. Where the hoopla. For what walk artifact the check take fat tape woah woah woah with heart set may where the heart heart set with. What's what hey. Hey hey hey. I check the heart and the fact that where the where the where the where the heart with a heart set one. Hey for work. Hey hey shut out to a barbeque colo. Hey barbie hey girl hayes to you shout to how are you doing things for other music. We appreciate you. Shout out to shove. Mika love hey golo bog leo. How're you doing girl. i don't think she's coming out. The father and i didn't get to see her this we i know i know getting a hold of her. She's just like butterfinger is. That's what i'm going to call you. She mickey he's slipping keep slipping through our hands. Come on out butter twenty seven. I got some free passes. She she's gonna be an upstate new york she's gone out we can i. I already checked. All her weekend was yeah. I think she's doing a memorial for her husband's father but a july is a new month. Shikha good old american summer so get ready girl. We're stalking you. Shoutout to michael grassy. Hey michael new york michael grassi. Shot out during the twenty-seven no oh she did okay. Shout out to angel johnson. Hey angel what's going on. Yes we always appreciate your. Thank you for those facts. Keep them coming girl shoutout to lose shawn heins jones win the last time you kept it shots ula shot. I truly around last october. I love you shine. Can't wait for costa rica's shaw swung longlist. How does that work see working in your life. It's fine to be honest. Really don't even think about it. Oh you can come. The twenty-seven for free passes for you. If you could come. Four look at look sean give about. Can i get one shot for was smokey. Suarez roberto four twenty seven. Look at that. Oh it's this when you can't the memorial okay. The twenty seventh. She got four for you. Four four repasts. Look at that you point heart son. I'm done i. Oh i like that. That's nice jewish. Show your love and you're sitting here. You're criticizing recall me and not just sit here and just show your number. I lose weight here on this show to perform for you. Only misleading about this show. I was married thinking the show. He's nobody shows harvey he'll come in. I have a deficit lowered. Oh come to. Bora bora wants to calm zero. Two free pass for you. Get on that. Buzz and bring gloria we gotta right yeah shamikh and two vertebra four fishermen six. I am on it. You guys can say with us. Shutout away free passes. Smokey suarez twenty seven roberto bamboo alaron. He opens up for tracy. Morgan around the world. I cannot wait to see them. I've been chasing smoke even these past years. You seriously slips through the fingers you better. He better be there shine. I'm going to hold you accountable. Mccollum myself to shot time. You like who. Are you gonna hit with every time. You always sean. You can get the isn't like shaw. Who's this letter school. Yeah there are. All i gotta do namedrop. Good out to one day i will. Oh oh yeah and will is semi prophecies. That i bohm was some location and say your name and then that eight class ching mid shaw out to tonya lynette. I know you're out there on youtube girl. Hey shoutout to you. You need to hold it down on youtube for us and all of you who are not subscribed on youtube. You need to go over there. You can watch tv. Take what you do. All types of shutout get free passes to smoke suarez. Berta pants not many passes. Come on now. you're better see down. These folks feel mind is who who got fleet pass it. He said to further. Borough the borough guess what to borrow another. Guess what it's changed that deploy leslie gets passes. So she gets one for herself in three. Wow there you go. I wanna see gloria there to make it happen. Shot out to the real sakina scott. Hey girl judy channel one seven. Smokey suarez roberto van. Not the fall show. Shoutout to de low map is haiti low. What's up one of my original forty niners. How're you doing girl. Get your ass out of north carolina. Twenty seven sat out to underground railroad. Get you get you arrest them. You can leave that far. God'll give us an update. What's going on in that farm over their free passes spoke whereas shoutout to veneta george haven that. How are you girl. Talk to you today. Shot out to robert beri aka doc. Smooth as sure boy dot calling calling if you can Louisville kentucky attack Ninety four. he called him. Before we call him. Bro we would love to hear it again charlotte to lynette nat serano odd. Thank you since he's over there. T. lynette we're gonna get a curate by the end of the year so don't worry we're going to update this for you. Yes we're in hot. This this yeah. This has gotta go shutout to feel about things like this. I know because stay there. We don't give lynette. Not sending something from me charlie. go wrong. don't don't give me in that space. Everything's just laviola which you will in the next two calendar ready to give you. Don't make me look at it. Shut out to queens iann and queens said well damn can i get a couple of ticket queen queen. I can't write that down queen. I got two free tickets for you. Smoking suarez then go take of course. Queen love the imu. That's for you and the dark okay. So we'll think shoutout to row. Mr sensational hala. Shoutout to your. Oh i'm going to get one a year I want to get one of your shirts or whatever but are you just having hoodies right now. Bro what it might be kinda hot. But but i might get a cropped one pretty soon. Yeah no doubt hala at chiro. We want to support you as well. Who else shot out to allen's swamp. Mcalister you go. Hey allen good morning shoutout to free passes. June twenty seven. Smoking took shots at crystal rony. Hey christo what's going on. Oh dealer said she's gonna come to texas when we when we go there okay Shoutout to tiffany close. Hey tiffany what's going on and shout out to you and happy birthday to your husband. That was such a sweet message that you left for him. She said you have my my body and my soul or something like that like it was just so sweet. You guys are the best shoutout to you and your husband. Kevin tiffany arrest june twenty seven. We got three pets votes while row. Them pool shot at to sir prints b-a-e-n what up. Sir how are you shot to you. Shutout shaheed johnson hacia e. What's going on. are you back on your workout. Like with the surplus. We need you in the building they were going on. I didn't hear nothing from shoutout to johnny ball. Hey johnny yes rain said he was gonna hit you today. Shot to train up or trina. You got that shot today girl. What's up which we need a report. I'm glad calm zero ninety. Two six nine five calling in shot out to dera jackson. Hey tiara are you here. I saw some. I on june twenty seventh spoke. Swallows birth fell. Free passes you boy harvey yet dear. i would love to see you here. She said she got her arm her. I hope that's all that hurts girls. I'm used to her to when i was single and i was one of my point of run. Shot out to the coal harris. Hey cole what's going on girl. Shout out to lee scott haley. What's gone on my brother. Shut up to april sky. Rub the belly personally from me thank you. We're with april in her in a while. She's still in october november timber august july. June she's about five six months. I think i did my math. Ron shutout to where my aunt a few months. How how how. Far along april lean. Shout out to alicia. She's five months. I was right. She's moving right along there. Shout to leshan. Biak's what up less sean was going on girl. I'm coming for you on the twenty days. I'm coming for you. Are you going to have a little treat for me. A little surprise. Thank you shoutout to tiffany thomson. What's going on tiffany and morning show. What is going on over there with your finger and shoutout to prentice cox can morning mr robinson. How are you chat prince. Shout out to marcus. Mr one emoji hit me with an emoji bro. Shutout to comedian fake. What up how are you all the information. Much information we're going down the dallas texas. I know i'm going because i'm going to be working. We go into that now. Follow your boy harvey because it seems like to travel and man that i am done piggy bank and now piggyback then all you folks running around with me throughout the country and that's fine could come out with your boy now and pay back up. That's what you did. Of course he did. And i feel free for my peoples to travel with me throughout the country. You know. i'm the only one on his show. Now just traveling the world in the country and you okay. Hang out with your boy. I got the information. Hold on before you finish. Anna finish on shut up to comedian. Fake shot to peachy cream luberon. Hey peachy at a shout out to lady photogenic. What up girl through the borough leslie deborrah free ninety nine. Hey girl shot out to sister. Hey shonda yes i am. Don't worry girl. I know i'm i'm not starving myself. I mean i am also she was like you know. Don't starve yourself your body to eat in trip out one day we still gonna love you man. Yeah but now. She loving basis milton away. Yeah no i know. I'm just i just have to go and guess what city rome is coming here tomorrow to make the adjustments at the show with the new lenses. 'cause we trying to make a whole television production out of this show really going to be zero and zero in on face. A tape doesn't camera at ten pounds. I look at myself after the show. I look horrible. This shot how to assist so shonda. So yes. Sean sean sean. Come on down got freak. Twenty seven's going shot to danielle williams hate then follow. What's going on girl. I cannot wait this year. You guys are gonna see her on sunday. She is just a lover shoutout to randy montgomery. Hey randy girl. Hey how are you. I'm getting there. Wow shaheed call your boy on after the show and let them know because this is embarrassing for all of that. that's going. hey randy. I know who you are. I looked i said wait. a minute. almost almost had it. yesterday. I looked at randy's pitches social god. Now you're being a stalker. Shot out to natalie right. Hey natalie what's going on. Hold on randy. I'm looking at you sean. Harvey you see me. I don't look the same as they were all thirteen. Fourteen years old. And god bless but now randy that you are involved in this movement here on this show show show featuring wake up in way you get your morning started right now. You have to put in. Emily and What you do is you have to. If you don't mind it's not mandatory or mandated using that word for the last year starting to bring your friends aboard one nobody in this group lazy now sitting there you get more than right is not fair that you feel good and you have a little humor and you get some informative inflammation any keeping it to yourself. That's not right. I want you to gather all your friends has been sitting stuck in this abyss of listening to that. Fm radio station. And nobody cares about you. Randy montgomery you had been liberated by sean harvey. Im your moses of the podcast part to seize free you to be in this love community. I need help. I need help how i need you. If you don't mind young lady you're grown ass woman to articulate back to the others thou- joe refuge that you found your sanctuary with all these other loving people in the group talking to stay yourself. Please would devastate me. One out there. Please spread the word shoving him show featuring a waco team custodians on every get you wanna start a right coupla grazing and last finales godfather of solar tracy ray and shot out to you the godfather you was out there hanging on my girl leslie at their harlem. Let's let's snappy right now z. Cine i'll tell you. Let's take a moment in applaud the godfather and he took a moment out of his to go up there and support the poor lizzie and her birthday who we loved dearly. And what's for sure surprise. Definitely a surprise and that's why again it goes back to Randy montgomery young lady. Hold on see what we do here. Young lady the godfather solo win up and surprise our beloved member. Both of them bought away. Let's put some respect on eight or chat room week. And he went up there and he showed her love on a surprise as she posted it in the group and we all reacted to it in a loving way. And this is what we do here. We've made lifelong friends. We've last come from the. That's what we do here talk. We really bring people together if we could bring me a man from this showdown practicing. Reagan picked indifferent become permits but still friends as vows. We don't want that for you and see the way. The godfather did a solo. That warmed my heart surprising. I'll beloved at her birthday party. At the social centre is social distance. Social listening social corner. Cuonzo's social the corner right. The right the right in the hall of hall and he's from brooklyn. He came straight to the epicenter of hall. And that's what we do here randy. Montgomery god bless you and we want you to be a part of that because these are some love in folks that you leshan brown from the bronx all. Let me start. Naming on veneta. George in in linda serano and all the men that prentiss cox no pause blackheart. He's your first chat room in week and as you continue to watch this show you will learn history randy. Amy and i'm moral okay. That is all we truly appreciate out there. We really appreciate you guys. You definitely want to make sure that you stay connected with us. Through social media the sean harvey morning show featuring the wakeup team business page. Make sure you like that. That's what we broadcast from. Every day you can click the bell on there because then you'll get notified in the morning when we go live. we also have a group page. That's connected to facebook. The sean harry morning show featuring the wakeup team group the group is popping. Please invite yourself at fifty friends. grow the community. We really appreciate it. We are on and I heart radio platform true. Follow us on their. We are also on fam- radio app or on comedy worldnet dot com And we are on other affiliate station so please like this video. Love this video posted on your wall and any groups that you are part of. We truly appreciate it. We'll thank you. Well said also especially shout out to our affiliates. We appreciate the most Ninety four point five. The plays louisville kentucky. We try truly appreciate you. Wfl legs are the flex and ninety two point three in rochester rochester. New york thing you especially shoutout to comedy cloud as well so we appreciate all you folks that are out there and all of phillies for believing in what we do here each and every day and also helping us pay the bill. Here's a very expensive. So thank you so much. We appreciate it now since about the fall asleep where we get into the news. And then we're gonna get out of here. Here's what you guys get bingo okay. So doug be production and chris love and friends and to harvey in their new york. New york mets dallas is called then called the new york meet dallas. It's the fifth anniversary. Two thousand sixteen to two thousand and twenty one right new york giants versus the dallas cowboys. Right getaway weekend so it's the fifth anniversary two thousand and sixteen two thousand and twenty one. Get away weekend in dallas texas right on friday. We have a meet and greet okay at the ambassador sweet. That's friday october. The kief everyone right and then saturday. We have the party hosted by we'll checks. I'm gonna do. Some jokes is going to be a all white a day party. That's sunday october tonight with being dallas. All that's gonna fit. And then on the sunday the tenth. We have to tailgate party at the stadium. Now re you do have an option to purchase a ticket to go inside and watch the game now. It's not about the dallas cowboys and it's not about the new york rep your team up in new york jeff fan. I'm bringing all my gear down there so if you're interested hit me up. Seven zero ninety two six not zero texas pricing start as at at one hundred and sixty dollars per person real light that doesn't include the flight me. Ingred embassy suites. That's friday twenty eighth in. We get dead day partied at all white party and i wanted to local venues in dallas. That's on october tonight. Wear a belt. It will track audience the tailgating body right at the stadium city. The hit me up. I'm going down there chris. hire me. i'm going down. There is crazy boy whose comes down which point. You're t october eighth. The of all we can the new york. Jeff we will be in dallas a but does only having a baby lee. I think they'll do sometime in october. It doesn't matter if you listen to the show. Part of the country urine hit me up five seven zero ninety two six nine five zero and we all go make a beeline right to dallas texas. We're going through a meet and greet friday the all white affair on saturday and then the tailgating went to christopher's tailgate upon. You got the tv's out there. The tailgate parties is actually better than going inside the state my opinion so we start promoting. Let's go to dallas. Texas every want is that weekend line of some shows in texas in dallas With my man rush all of them. And i'm going to do some of a comedy shows while i'm down here so texts everyone you want to travel. I'm you're you're actually. I'm human travel agency. Thank god if you want to go somewhere the country. Just sean we going on and i'll tell you u s version. He didn't tell us about it. Took a sold out with. Us version so doubt. Costa rica the week after. That's almost so down. Don't we go down to atlantic city. The end of july and august atlantic city manufacture roxanne. Sante will be at the new august. I right and then we come back in. Sydney are going down to us. Version allen against saint croix. That's almost sold out rob stapleton. They missed the cheeks. And there's some s and then the following week we go down to texas. How would you boy. You say it's already dad today and tell anyone he keeps always from cell so if you want to travel and you wanna party and have a good time boy who. I'm here i'm here. I'm wrestling through book written the blues. Sandy j. all date. Y'all wow y'all hey everybody is soon unconcern. Cenis us about the fall asleep. Not just like my body. but it's gonna. I'm going to do a workout when i get home after this. You guys are going to see a picture and the next like two three hours. So get ready for it. 'cause i'm ready to go i just some conserving energy. So i can power through. And then i'll probably eat something. Give me some suggestions on what i should eat. Because i'm really hungry. The first story that i'm going to give to you because this one is don't i'm i'm actually happy. I probably wouldn't right now. What i'm doing. No because if i was with a guide lose weight you'll find the way now i don't even that negatively in my life it'd be like what are you doing. Let me put this away for you. A lobster divers sean was swallowed by a humpback whale. Did you hear about this A little before eight. Am friday veteran lobster diver michael packard and the water for his second dive of the day off herring cove beach and surrounded by a fleet of boats catching striped bass. The water temperature was a balmy sixty degrees in the visibility about twenty feet licensed commercial lobster divers literally plug lobsters off the sandy. Bottom and now packard. He's fifty six. He saw schools of san last sand lances and stripers swimming by. So i guess that's fish. The ocean food chain was full evidence but about ten feet from the bottom packard suddenly knew what it truly felt like to be. Part of that chain he said all of a sudden felt this huge shove and the next thing i knew it was completely black because packard was swallowed whole by a humpback whale. Pack over called packard. Last week friday. That i could sense i was moving and i can feel the whales squeezing with the muscles in his mouth Initially packer thought he was inside a great white shark but he couldn't feel any teeth and he hadn't suffered any obvious wounds. It quickly dawned on him that he had been swallowed by a whale. He said i was completely inside. It was completely black. I thought to myself. There's no way i'm getting out of here. I'm done i'm dead. He said all he could think about where his sons who are twelve and fifteen years old. He said i was completely inside. Outfitted with scuba gear. He struggled and the whale began shaking. Its head so that packard could tell he didn't like it. He estimated he was in the whale for about thirty to forty seconds before the whale surface as he said he saw light and started throwing his head side to side and the next thing. I knew i was outside. In the water his sister spoke with crewman job mayo who relate some of the details to her parents and mayo saw the whale burst the service and that he initially thought it was a great white shark. I'm he said all of a sudden there was all this action at the top of the water. Then the well flung her brother back into the sea. They picked them up call by radio to shore and sped him to the hospital. They said thank god. It wasn't a white shark. He sees those all the time out there. He must have thought he was done now. Humpback whales He said that you know. Experts are saying that this was probably a mistake as an accident on part of the humpback whale because humpbacks are not aggressive animals particularly toward humans the humpback with described as being medium sized and. They suspect it was a juvenile feeding on the fish. Now when humpback whale when they feed. If you didn't know they open its mouth really big. And like the bottom of it like their neck gets like Gets really big. It opens up a parachute so it's almost like a vacuum and they just scoop it up So that's what happened to him and they think the whales gonna be fine story. Yeah type of was. I kind of complete lose. Are you get rejected by will back up. That's the total disrespect to your life. My friend used to go out. Laurie usually you like that guy from mma. Remember that Kuni movie and Mark wahlberg member was in that boat and they died out there. What was the name of that. Everybody was a george clooney. And mark waugh bird and i were out. Were in the middle of massachusetts and win. It was out there trying to find the some fish and they went too far. They tried to go go through a hurricane. I was in the like three hurricanes combined. Everybody what was the name and movie and they win out in glory and he died and it was a true story and that and it was such an honorable death. I never name of that movie. Everybody was the name of more warburg was in it. George clooney and a few of and it was seaman and george clooney. Was sean connery in it. No i don't think so sean. This is still alive and what would happen was accent. Went out too far city because they wanted up perfect storm of the perfect storm right. I never seen that movie. It's a great movie so see but they all died god because they didn't follow a structure. He wanted to get the big catch and they were saying. The storm was coming a storm sydney. The storm came off different directions and it was this little fishing boat and it capsized and the died and was a great movie. Oh my goodness. Cbs's moving but how it translates back to this unbelievable story that you're saying. How are you a fisherman out there in these obser- divers okay lobster. That whatever they all is back on your in your glory now and welcome. Swallows you whole this way you supposed to go out. This is the way. If you're sick. I die away. He was supposed to die with whale or get a the shock. Suppose and that would have made his death of glorious. Death put no and he went down for the second time he already dove for the day he went down for a second straight socal. You survived the world through you bag out to tell the story. You should never go back out there. My friend i feel bad for the whale. Like our wealth for he's the supposed to swallow his ass and he would have been done for the rest of his life and he would have been glorified but all the over lobster bruce by xiaomi cola. We love you to shine now. He got swallowed by the whale. The whale you're right deal. Oh the whale didn't like how he pays back out the well. The whales don't eat humans. How would he died. So you that city with this. What is this season swallowed. My throat city violently shoved him out of his mouth. Shoutout out to the way anyhow hung nasty. Was this human being that the will rejected him. The well was supposed you ever had said you have as something accidentally that you didn't like and swallowed it. Yes on that. Put us triple ginger. I hate when people can buy it back up just dealt with it and do the whole natural process right. Yeah that's that's been it out or put a pause on spitting it out now. It's been a bit calm down. This is a work environment. Jesus tell me how you really feel it now. Did you do all right. I don't wanna know what you do. You spit things out of your mouth now on what that he would never be. Glorified it will take him as mediocre. He survived this was his moment. Don't think about those kids. Those kids ain't thinking about him otherwise i think about. You probably had that relationship with the give a damn about you sir. You are complete loser. Will you had your moment if you remember. These were gully if he was really gully. Light that you the dove right into stomach and let that acid myrna crap out he had an the whale would not let him go down okay so he had to go so shout out to that man. Nbc halt production of its ultimate slip and slide after crew members experienced explosive diarrhea. The rap has reported that at least one person tested positive for gr gret. Ah on june second and reported symptoms on its seamy valley california set up to forty crew members reportedly fell violently ill during production resulting in awful explosive diarrhea that left people collapsing. That's going to be you when you go and you stupid. I don't wanna laugh. I'm sorry that's going to be you and you're going. That stupid was going costa rico. That left people collapsing and being forced to run support. Oh potty insurance and that's going to be you you're gonna have a shit storm going up there. It's going to really be literally shits when you go in that free. What is free will. And what are you doin' against our snow diving. Wizard ziplock gonna be followed by horseback riding going to be doing the same thing. am i. Thirteen hundred a rental forest. You don't think you're gonna do on yourself with all of that if you eat a steak prior to going on saturday for ten hours are you out of your complete left mine. What is wrong with you. Jared billy in the stay awake for this show metamorphasized. God knows what that is still looks great. And you gotta sit there. You could barely get to the door and you're going to have the energy to grab on something or handle zip line two hundred or three hundred yards to another location at the stake and you'll think you want to do and you got you got the nerve to read this story. You what should do is take eat. Illicitly you boy. Harvey don't eat nothing. Zidane's you're gonna shit on yourself. It's going to happen. And i'm going to build it and i'm going to put it in a group. I never posted a group and very rarely. But i will do that. You actually do need some depends. You'll that that would be. I would take depends any because you just never know. Is you look at me. Can you give to see this fall. Our take hate. You're so tired right now. We're going to show you done seeing you you actually in a delusional state right now. You're not even gonna remember being here today and you gotta go out there after reading this story and zip line i say. Get some data set. Say how much the depends how much the average price of a pack. I don't. I would suggest that you take that along with the pepito business and everything else to costa rica. Obsers on desert listen gre. A- giardi ah is a small paris. I typically found in soil food or water that has been contaminated with feces from infected animals or people. The parasite can be spread from person to person but the most common way people become infected is through ingesting contaminated drinking or recreational water. Girardi causes diarrheal disease. Cheer dr gerard. Dioceses and nbc representative told the wrap. That outbreak occurred within just five days left to film to determine the issue. They determine that the water used on the show was tested for parasites the la and ventura county health department as well as a third party company. The initial test results were negative for the sets water but additional testing revealed that giardi within the surrounding area city. Stuff as you probably have that right now sitting in your stomach lady to explode as something that you will not be able to control. So they're just trying to figure out you know. Make sure everybody's okay and filming away to refill. This after this is sad won't sounds like it's really painful. Well it's gonna be sad for you if eat steak down in costa rica. I'm telling you saying you'd better we re evaluate which you plan on doing down there. You're gonna be you're gonna have a shit storm going down. There is going to be really credit for you and that is not going to be sexy for using j. And not only the single men down net. At all five hundred y'all would be vying for. Ub be left in in the in the dust. Because there's no single man is going to be dealing with a phil women that zip lining sports hobbies house sports deep brooklyn nets defeated the milwaukee bucks. One fourteen one eight last night at the barclay center atlantic avenue in brooklyn. But here's the problem with the nets are now up three games to two. They have to go back to milwaukee where they can close out this series. That's going to be a tough one. Now here's the problem with the new jersey. And i'll tell you this kevin durant before we leave scored forty nine points singer out of one hundred and fourteen. Point is half the points. He's like forty eight point nine percent of the points not only that he played every minute of the game sydney to play forty eight minutes. I don't care what type of superstar you are. The a levels guys and kevin durant is a level guy that is a lot to put on an individual cine. He basically scored a point a minute and he contributed to use thirty more points. So he contributed to seventy five points to one hundred and fourteen points brooklyn. You have a major problem my friends. If you think that the milwaukee bucks you think brooklyn brooklyn you think you'll come into milwaukee. When that kevin is tired he's tired just like saying the mayor. Play forty eight minutes. Sending the game is forty eight minutes long. He played every minute of the game. He couldn't even sit on the bench. James harden no kevin durant superstar. James harlan still nowhere in sight brooklyn tonight. You will meet your basketball maker an estimated walkie bucks you will go into that temple of doom and you will lose. Kevin is tire. whatever daily. Play on tonight tomorrow. Kevin's tired is not even playing in the two hundred million dollar man. Don't give a damn if you think you're going to go to the nba finals finals. Like i was with the practice practice. Find i'm scared for you. You're kevin durant the play and novel forty eight minutes. It's one of thirty points. He's gonna have diarrhea like seaney woolen. Zip line down costa rica. Because it's just too much for one to bear. He is a one. He's a great player in this generation. No question about it but you need him for the whole entire forty nine forty eight minutes to score forty eight point. He contribute to it number thirty points which equals over seventy points. And you're not concerned. Kevin durant you are chew ballplayer. Carry urban. You a trooper. I which was on that that basketball court you feel about james. You're gonna go into milwaukee you get your ass kicked right city because milwaukee's deaths predict gotta win the game where they're going to get eliminate so you know what they're gonna do. You gonna come back to brooklyn on a game seventy to say this to my friends. Yeah say my brooklyn. It's no hate city okay. We got closer games. Haven't it did you say i'm gonna. I'm gonna turn what turned to the forty five degree angles right to the left. Me you over. I wanna let you notice good run brooklyn. God bless you nick sam brooklyn. Hey did you know that. And i always wanted to see all big three play because i wanted to play to get eliminated then i would have justify my decision anyway. We'll go on with the new jersey nets. Because i don't believe in that big three thing but your savior. Kevin durant is not gonna be able to do in my friends. Because he has nobody around him yes score forty nine points and forty eight minutes should done. We're walkie bucks will win tonight tomorrow. Night saying wherever they play arkalyk on and game seven be but comeback harvey's housing. We'll talk about it. You ask them find barbie barbie on facebook barbie cologne designs on instagram and designer babe. Three eight on in no no airbase. Three eight on three also not notice my friend. I just want you to jump back into reality and princesses. I'm looking at the prince's man. Come on bro. You was the one that disappointed me. Most you're coach bro. And you jumped into fandom. And i'm not mad at you because you got caught up. You know that is disturbing that your top player play forty.

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