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Syrians Vote in Election Certain to Give Assad New Mandate

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01:48 min | 1 year ago

Syrians Vote in Election Certain to Give Assad New Mandate

"Syrians have voted in a presidential election almost certain to give the incumbent bashar al assad of forty seven year term. He's ruled the country since the death of his father in two thousand in the last election held in two thousand and fourteen had secured almost eighty nine percent of the vote with turnout at more than seventy three percent. This election is likely to deliver a similar result willett. The result is dependent on the country's two biggest allies russia and iran. Dr laura james is a middle east analyst at the global advisory firm oxford analytica and. She joins me now north. Thanks for coming on. Do we have the results yet. No they're not do until friday evening I think we can make a fair guess at them. Though to be honest. I mean is there any chance that russia could perhaps derail the selection. That's no indication that they want to at the moment There's always a question. Mark over how long russia will see asset is an asset rather than a liability. But i think generally the assumption is that keeping him in place keep things relatively stable that trying to bring somebody else in certainly. It isn't a to be played to soon. Possibly at some point they could bring in somebody similar as part of a deal for western reconstruction aid. But we're very very far from that point. In iran influence iran is also supporting asset again as a source of stability and as a gateway into the country. Pro-iranian militias are playing a very important role there and iran is looking for a reconstruction con contracts and most of all a routine into lebanon where it supports the hezbollah movement so again for a run asset is an important asset.

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