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"dr kit mcmahon" Discussed on Reality Steve Podcast

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"dr kit mcmahon" Discussed on Reality Steve Podcast

"A little help for our friends and your co host is forget her last name. What's doctor dr kit mcmahon. She's got her she's got her doctorate. And you guys are currently on a break. You did thirty seven thirty eight episodes for season. One all different topics you can go check it out on any place. You can listen to podcasts. A little hope for our friends and then when will season to be starting. We are about to start recording again. We're gonna do a big publishing push into media push so It's sort of tvd. But honestly they're they're not too tied to the present time so listening to pass episodes. It's it's going to be just as valuable as like listening week by week. Say briefly the podcast is a mental health. Podcast could be my co-host just graduated from her. Phd at duke. I'm getting my phd at duke and in clinical psychology and so it's a mental health podcast and we like to think about mental health as a systems problem. It's not just the individual and so you listening out. There might have a friend or a loved one suffering from depression or ocd. You're borderline personality disorder in this is really for you to know what they're going through but it also to know how to help them and help them find treatment and also set your own boundaries. Because i know that mental health can take an immense hole on the friends of the family. So that is a little helper friends. We also talk about egg freezing and a couple of different episodes. And i just want to say for any of you worried about your own fertility or for those of you who want to start worrying facility. A modern modern awesome way to start just to get just to get knowledge about your hormones. And what kind of count you might be working with and then if you wanna take a step further I would start asking your gynecologist about further tests. You can do like an ultrasound in addition There there were a couple in season. One that were show related in the fact. That you guys had zach clark on tasteless. Luzon say to talk about his drug addiction in his past. And you guys had been higgins on recently to talk about his beliefs some sort of mental breakdown that he had recently greg just talking about loneliness what it was like in the public eye some kind of more social anxiety type judge type things but those are on there and yeah it's a little help for our friends You can find on any of the podcast apps out there. So jacqueline an hour and half didn't think it was. Yeah it was and it's broken out. I looked at the time on this Basically like twenty minutes on gas lighting forty minutes on my reporting and the last half hour. Roughly about your Your egg freezing. So it's a good breakdown of people that want to listen to the breakdowns about everything. So thank you again Jacqueline good luck with everything and we will Certainly be in touch. I'm going to I'm going to vegas this weekend. So be on standby. Yeah so Enjoy Well whatever.

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