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 How to Bring Eden  Back to Us with Dr. Kim Kelley

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How to Bring Eden Back to Us with Dr. Kim Kelley

"Welcome to the influence or networking secrets podcast. This is the gathering place of radically generous entrepreneurs where you learned to master the three. M's uh-huh of servant leadership in business and in life are interviews with the world's most successful leaders and entrepreneurs will help you become a magnetic source of guidance wisdom and accountability. You'll become a magnanimous source of generosity fellowship and coaching and you'll become a marketable source source of entrepreneurship small business and social innovation. This episode is sponsored by the book business beyond business. Get your free copy today day by going to the paul s. edwards dot com and signing up for our mailing list or text. The letters are g two six six eight six six us now. Let's begin. Here's your host paul edwards. I everybody welcomed influence or networking secrets all edwards with as you excited for another episode this time with dr kim kelly. She's the international bestselling author of the road to math and the founder of core wellness hawaii wii beckham and i got acquainted through the best seller publishing mastermind that she has set up an enclave treat if you will out in the paradise of the the islands for among others entrepreneurs but especially <hes> in medical practice and she's gone on this incredible journey of redemption reduction and restoration after mid life crisis that's through our life into chaos so pay attention to her story and pay attention to the importance of balancing balancing everything that you're doing with the continued renewal of your mind and your soul and your heart because that's what we're trying to get out of this episode. If it's it's helpful for you please be sure to leave a review in a five star rating on i tunes and now let's dig in and learn about how to bring eden back to us with dr kim jelly. Welcome to the influence or networking working secrets podcast pollard's in. I'm excited to bring you this episode featuring dr kim kelly international bestselling author of the road to madonna and <hes> founder of core wellness in hawaii <hes> i kim and i have discussed previously <hes> about <hes> the business beyond business mastermind and since she's on i just want to mention that real quick to all of you listening out there we are working towards forming a new group for the year twenty twenty <hes> seeking to start in january and we're looking for applicants. Were looking to interview people who would potentially like to be a part of this. If that's you i want you to go ahead and reach shots. You can email me p at the policy dot com or you can reach out to me via any of the social media channels that i'm on instagram linked in facebook. Look now we do have an application also on the website <hes> but if you are following us at all on the influence or networking secrets facebook page <hes> which you can join ah the facebook group. I should say that you can join <hes> the the strategic connections are starting to mount up and we're getting clear evidence that it's working and that's one of the big <hes> benefits that i want you to know about is the relationships that you get to build as a part of this masterminded severi same principle by which kim and i became friends and so if you would like to know more about being a part of that please reach out to me or you can apply via the website the policy edwards dot com so <hes> jim jim. It's great to have you here. We're going to talk about a little bit about how to bring eden back to us and <hes> a little bit about the road to medina <hes> and corn wellness hawaii so this is take to this interview we we already recorded it but <hes> something went wrong somewhere technologically. We're back to do it again. Kim welcome to the program. Thank you paul. Also it's so great to be here again and to chat with you and your community. I'm delighted. Thank you very much for asking me to come back. We're delighted to have you back. <hes> it's always nice to talk about hawaii. That's certainly a place that evokes everybody but i want a leadoff kim by talking about you because you've got the story that leads you away from the fee traditional medicine infield or partially away from it founding this wellness center out in the <hes> tropical islands of paradise. So why don't we <hes> let the audience gets to know you a little bit that way and talk about your background that led up to this. Oh sure so i was living a very a happy life <hes> on paper in ohio that was where i was born and reared and after i completed my medical training i went back to serve the community there ear and i was married to a physician at the time and we had three children and dogs and cats and everything we thought would make us happy but <hes> along along the way. I became very un unhappy. Just not knowing who. I was been what i was supposed to be doing. I was happy in the medicine but all the other parts and pieces that came with that kind of made me sad and so i kind of had an epiphany and <hes> a midlife change if if you will and decided to come to hawaii we had always visited hawaii the beautiful beautiful paradise as you will know and the plan was goes to retire here but as i said i had an epiphany and decided to come out here and so by that i have three children and the oldest had already already graduated from high school and so the younger to and i came out and we really haven't looked back <hes> back <hes> i was <hes> reflecting on on it i was actually going through some burnout and had some of my own personal challenges that i wasn't necessarily admitting are weren't in my consciousness. I just knew that i was not happy happy. Even though i should have been happy with all the trapping and whatnot <hes> of the job in the community and marriage and all of those things i i still wasn't so i was trying to find myself until i came very very long way from ohio to try to find myself and it was in the healing waters of of a way say that made all the difference <hes> i learned to swim in the ocean here and that was very healing and berry <hes> meditative if you will for me i began to and go on trail walks up in the mountains and again that was very human so in a way that became my religion that became my my church if you will and that's kinda what helped me to sustain and find my resilience and continue to do the work that i that i do now and one of the motivating factors for me you try to reach back and to help others like me with a similar background who in healthcare who who have a heart to heal a heart to help others but yet instill <hes> if we're not careful we don't nurture our own hearts and our own well-being so that's one of the reasons why reformed armed alcohol wellness healing how <hes> this the struck me yesterday i was watching a i'm preparing to lead a immense a younger men small group that i go to here in olympia and i was watching these videos from this series that i'm gonna take them and it's basically a bunch of young guys in their early twenty s set off on a bike ride ride through moab and utah you know and they're they're you know they're talking through the issues that they're having in life and understanding the world around them and all that but it made me think you know i i don't make a conscious effort to unplug from the matrix so to speak and get out there where phones and internet and all of the trappings that we have you know that i don't think they call them tram. I'm nothing that that where with those. I can't reach you so this is funny to me. As you mentioned yes yes yeah it's so important for us to unplug from our computers from our cell phones and for me my my my cell phone is very very a viable in real part of my life but i have to put it down when i wake up. I don't even put it in my bedroom. 'cause i was concerned. Oh maybe the kids will call or something. They'll be an emergency and need to get it but now i put it in another room so i'm i'm forced to have some alone time and then i have to go and get it and turn turn it on and because it's very <hes> it's addictive actually won't my but but we have to unplug that's the only way that we can kind of play into ourselves into our own meaningful lights and then think about think think about what we want and how he wanted not somebody the one we have to kind of plays into our own hearts so good. I'm glad you're going off to do that kind of going to going to do my best i am. I was thinking you know you touched on this a little bit but <hes> let's wind the clock back a little bit. You're going through this. <hes> this epiphany this revelation this change in your life. What did at the time you recall. Maybe a few you things that you got a remain fixated on that looking back at it. Nowadays you'd say no i i wouldn't i would have gone straight to what i know. He'll may but at that time you didn't have the category just yet no i didn't. I didn't have the category and i didn't have the past <hes> yeah i was on a journey but i but i certainly needed a roadmap and i didn't necessarily have one and because you know i'm the obviously the first one to my family take medicine and to achieve the success and or education that i have and so there are a lot of i had a lot of responsibility. Not a lot of people's hopes and dreams are on my shoulders. A lot of people have backfired for me and i realized that <hes> and so i wanted to and they showed that i was doing all of those things and and <hes> innocence carrying the torch but not really taking he care myself and then it was just a blur was married and had children nancy theologist. I was you know in the community and within the church and on and on and on and on and on but it but i wasn't happy and i need down in. I wasn't happy but like why are you happy and so i kept asking myself. Why are you happy and they did search and i thought well maybe the church okay well. We'll be changed churches and i kept changing and changing and shifting and pivoting not really knowing that necessarily wasn't any of that it was just me <hes> not being happy with me and one of my friends actually recently mentioned to me and she said well you know you whenever we would need would come to town and he would say there's something more or there's something more that i should be doing and even though on on the outside looking in it looked as if i was very successful and very happy i wasn't really living the life that i felt that i should be living. I wasn't going. I felt i should be doing living for others and and and that was one of the biggest lessons that i learned i can't live for anybody else <hes> and if if i'm not happy i'm just not happy and i had to do something else and so i needed to get away from the pressure of the expectation of what i should do and shouldn't do you and how i should live and where i live and what i should wear what i should eat <hes> sort of mentality that that had pervaded mine my thought process because <hes> <hes> there's an ideal of what a physician should be and i on one in one perspective. I wanted to do that but on another in my private life i did did not want it to be whoever i was you know i wanted to be barefoot run around with my hair undone but that's not really acceptable in the law community community because you have an imminent necessarily liked that imaging so i was really trying to find myself. I you know when you you i use a lot of people had sacrificed for you. <hes> those kind of things carry a long way in life you know i've i've. I've noticed that myself just a a certain obligations that i are people. I know seem to feel and they're they're really unwritten. They're not yeah. It's it's implied or many times. It's not implied but it's inferred. You actually think that that person is expecting x._y._z. swazi when they're not you know nothing. Nothing will change in your mind until you remove yourself from the environment and and you put some distance between yourself in those in those people are those things and and that's exactly what you did was rather abrupt <hes>. It doesn't necessarily have to be up for others but it works for me very <hes>. I just decided they didn't i couldn't take it anymore. I can't live like this when i put my letter resignation and i was able to find a job out here very quickly and and that was that my my family my family was very upset with me. You know you have everything here. Why are you leaving your children and all of that <hes> business but but they understand now <hes> as i look back on it. I was really trying to just save myself and i didn't know as you know hawaii. They're they're human place the common to the in the aloha spirit alive and well and you can be and do what you wanna do that allowed me to kind of get things in perspective <hes> <hes> no when i come across you know situations like this increasingly unle. I'm i'm i find myself <hes> going to god and i and i keep asking the question. What's not working great. Why is what is this. The sort of blind spot that i have in my life but i've noticed also <hes> i'm if i'm not careful i can come across some very even well meaning but an incorrect uh-huh and what do you think i mean what are some of the the phony fixes. I guess you would say the external fixes that that we that we see in the marketplace for for these deep seated internal problems well <hes>. We have folks who tried to fix it by shopping. I mean what do they forget the the word that they use for but you you you have a lot of things and i had a lot of things that i thought would make me happy and i i would go on vacation but but i i i mean i. I'm telling you i had i had materialistic that i thought we bring me happiness and they do separately but not it's not sustaining. It's not long laughing. <hes> you can try to find it in a bottle of wine. You know reser trolls. Oh that's that's supposed to be good for my immune system <hes> well. Maybe a glass of wine is a night but a bottle of night. Really i mean probably not or absolutely not <hes> others. Go you can take antidepressant. Prozac is probably the if not the number one prescribed drug probably number one or two it certainly in the top five and so you need entered. I'm practicing us everything outside of yourself to try to make you feel better but not realizing that the answers <music> are within and then we have the the key. The key is within your own heart. You have the keys but you don't realize that we have been given that tower. We kinda give others that power outside of us and that was an important lesson for me <hes> to go within to find to find the answers because they are there but it does take time and it's not a magic bullet gonna find it overnight but those are some of the things that we do now you know. I don't know if you're aware of it. There's there's i won't say an epidemic but now more and more we know that almost fifty percent of healthcare providers particularly vision are experiencing burnout <music> so now the little dirty secret is out of the closet and people are realizing that hey you and i can have a human heart. I want to give but i've before i can get into my patients and two others. I've got to buckle up my seatbelt. I and take care of you first before it can take care of those so i've got grown older and wiser those those are the things that i try to share with young with young people yes although us about are a little bit younger than myself as i see them going through some of the same trials and tribulations on my all my gosh that was me years ago. Maybe i can lend a helping hand or just or just an ear listening air. Sometimes sir take things like this in my opinion. I only say this because i've done it people. This kind of it's almost kind of reminds me me of like seasonal allergies. You know there's nothing wrong with you but your because you don't know how to handle it. You're freaking out you know. Oh and you're trying to medicaid. I never i never realized i didn't realize is that what happens is the cat licks itself like they give themselves bath the saliva the the protein in their saliva collide with the dead skin cells that then float into the air and when they go up my nose i start to sneeze well is is it is that exactly what i wanted to take into my body l. but it's harmless so my but my body doesn't know that it just starts streaking out and treating it like you know contracted some awful infectious biohazard disease and i think i think that's the mistake that a lot of people are making and so they reach for the wrong medication they reached for the wrong solution <hes> <hes> <hes> and that's one of the things we talk about in the book doc and terms of the solution's very simple nutrition movement mindfulness massage yoga though that can make a difference closer both things usually aren't very extensive and they're readily available to you at most times during the day yeah and also let's let's let's move to the road to manal here a little bit because this is this is a i found it fascinating as i read along along with i've found in some ways i could identify with each of the characters but all of them seem to be grappling with these like like invisible problems that they for one reason or another they couldn't they just couldn't figure out how to at the start anyway. That's that was my perception and bringing them into this environment though and again we've talked about this. It's it's it's changing that environment and also changing the messaging that they're constantly receiving when they're in their normal environment that helps people to break free. Have i got basically got this right. Is that the main thrust of it. Correct yeah you. You've got it right. You got it right so breaking free from environment <hes> having an opportunity for someone to kind of put a mirror in your face and so that you can refrain it's the same situation. It hasn't changed the only the thing that has changed is the way that you're looking at it. Sometimes what we do we. We can't control anybody else. You can only control ourselves and how would you are world until you have to put a new van. It's a blast upon and so that in the in the story that's what sister the y. Y sage we tried to do or did do she just put a mirror in front <music> safety and and help them to look at them differently so that's really what made them successful and also they're off the grid and no well no electronics no phones or anything like that were available to them so they had they only had but they had with them so bad and mother nature and that's really all that you need and so the road tomorrow the mono mommy's power mono means energy and so that's that's what i always trying to give back to them. They're their own energy the natural healing <hes> my <hes> so now thinking about this in in the context of <hes> what i was saying at the beginning you know i'm i'm suddenly realizing that that i'm watching these these these videos with these young men taking off on this retreat into the desert of moab and all that and i'm thinking mhm i'm thinking to myself you know. I have a couple of buddies. That would be willing to do this and yet we keep finding reasons. Let's talk about let's talk about the dangers here. The road to monarch gives gives us an excellent example of what can happen when we allow this to happen but what happens to people when they don't take advantage of this well. I think you can see <hes> in some of the the healthcare statistics <hes> with the chronic diseases. The hypertension high cholesterol diabetes the obesity. Those are the things that happen because you're not in community. You wanna ride with your buddies to moab community. That's a relationship and i believe that those are the that's awesome attrition that can feed our soul and as opposed to the nutrition that computer body and even that we have to be careful because if it can be it can be a lot of fast foods and whatnot and not necessarily the whole natural organic foods that are more healthy and have less pesticides the size so we're not necessarily putting those good things into our body but if we do that still feeding the body a what are we doing to seed our souls and so oh it's a it's it's the friendships the companionship's the relationships the community that what feeds our soul. I mean i'm i know for me. I can look back when a little girl i i would play tag and jump rope and you know it in the summer time i mean i would play until dark until the and and on on in the mid west and then it was co nine o'clock at night the sun went down he could play all day and i never got hungry. We never got thirsty because they were being being said on such a whole 'nother level and that's what we're missing now because we're trying to get that in an electronic format with the netflix the radio or the whatever's on our iphone whatever latest app we have available to us but it cannot be. I mean you see what has happened. The anxiety the depression those chronic diseases because you have to you have to heal on a whole 'nother level in this community because your friends and you're gonna take care of. Have you been through some things. You had some challenges when you go on this ride here. There's gonna be some flat tires or you're going to have to stop help each other out and those are the the kinds of things that build trust and there again the relationships that that's my humble opinion that that's what i believe. We are missing. I don't think it has to be a pharmaceutical based. Even though that is what i do for my living i don't i don't necessarily and there are certain instances where that is very very beneficial in very valuable liable but in a larger sense wean me less is more you were describing the rest of the video series there without having seen it which is which is the gift of a prophet there because what happens if you if you watch the rest of it interbike accidents you know they they run into trouble there rappelling down these off these giant boulders and they get stuck and you know oh and they ended up helping each other but but at the end of it they all conclude the same thing that the this this just three or four day jaunt jaunt ended up me you know a tank of energy to go another several months or even a year maybe two years here's back in their regular environment just because of what happened during those those couple of days which is which is exactly what i'm trying to get people to realize about about my masterminding exactly what you're trying to get people to realize about <hes> core wellness. They're into why it's relationship. It's it's relationship that makes the difference so hopefully they'll folks will will understand and get on board and realize what okay really making. It's just each other. Yes that actually now. You got me thinking about another one. I just came across mentioned right. You mentioned mission when you were <hes> when you were little you played until at night in the streets as as and that made me think of when <hes> <hes> when jesus is sitting at the well and he talked to the lady at the well and then she disappears disciples comeback and they offer him some food when he says i have food to eat that you know nothing about and he's talking relational intimacy that he has has not only with god the father but with people like the relationship just built with the lady at the well and when we're kids that happen so automatically because we have far fewer of the complications and <hes> subtle unspoken rules of adulthood so easy to just say hey you can try my bike if i can try are yours and pretty much <hes> where we've lost our innocence yeah yeah as g k chesterton once said we have sinden grown old and our heavenly father is younger than we are ooh i. I like that. You're preaching today. It's not even sunday these references kim. Where should we <hes>. Where should we send people if they want to get to know more about <hes> road tomato or korunas hawaii. Where should we send him wash. Yes i would love for you to send them to core wellness. Helium dot com core wellness healing dot com or they can give me a call eight zero eight four two six six four three six eight four two six six four three six or you can find me at kim <unk> at coral wellness hawaii or kim at coral wellness hearing awesome awesome well that runs out of the questions. I had kim but anything anything else on your end for the good of the order. Oh certainly i'm excited about your business beyond business and building. Those relationships and i'm excited wanted to be a part of that. Yes we're looking forward to talking to you more and more college and <hes> we can within the beginning huckleberry great. That would be great. That'd be great to have you. Welcome your insights and everything you could offer to the group so we'll keep that on the radar <hes> in the meantime thanks for tuning in to influence or networking secrets will be back again soon with another episode kim. Thanks so much for joining us from paul. Well thank you so much have a great week. Thanks for this episode is sponsored by business beyond business the international bestseller alert bhai entrepreneur coach paul edwards if you're tired of stress and anxiety from the rat race and life being all about the benjamins you're not alone. Do you want to go from struggle and scarcity to success and significance. If so business beyond business teaches you how using the mindset and qualities ladies of the radically generous entrepreneur i claim ted eck speaker ron carucci calls it a masterful blend of self-discovery faith honesty st and advice about amplifying our impact in the world bestselling author stand miller ads. 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