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"dr jessica eaton" Discussed on SuperTalk WTN 99.7

"You should listen there, I don't think that's hard, that's something different of the isn't it? I have no idea this. So it should be there. I Pol John, I mean tons lost iheart. Dan string went down off the air WTN streaming down when I are internet actually went down really well mine's up. It's back up now. But, but it went down for about what a good thirty minutes there, Johnny something like that. And so, when that happens our streaming feeds for our plant, whatever those platforms are also goes down. I don't know how long it takes for it to go back. I never noticed that the internet was down in here. I must be somewhere else. Are you on a different? I'm onto one for that. I'm normally on the east German. Yeah. Ours must be elsewhere are ours. Must be the Chinese one. Oh, I must be Chinese Internet. Well, we're sorry about that. But so you think it's backed up now or that, but it does it normally takes another half an hour. So for the streaming to go back out after an internet outage, but I will check has to reset them. Well, this is some brilliant said the part of the United Kingdom. They're trying to figure out how to curb their ongoing knife crime epidemic. And so one police department is proposed solution replacing kitchen knives with blunt tip cutlery blunt tip cutlery, they wanna they wanna take all the sharp kitchen knives out of the kitchens of Londoners. This sounds like the gun control people on what they would do as far as knives. The Nottinghamshire police department recently floated the idea in this county city councils way of preventing potential victims being stabbed to death by their partners while critics of the plan initially laughed it off the authorities have already purchased one hundred specially manufactured knives to be distributed to aunt risk survivors who've been attacked or threatened with a knife in the past. Yeah. So maybe they're going to do a knife buyback in London. Where you can you can bring in your sharp knives, and they'll give you a rounded tip. Knife in exchange for it. A pilot programs being launched a gauge the efficacy of the plan before deciding whether to continue the police say they doing this through the end of the year, according to the Daily Mail the force received one point five million dollars in taxpayer money to implement the initiative. Yes. Well, that's what they're doing to do in a nine trade. Inexact. Uh knife, buyback the knife trade ins game has been met with mixed reviews going into the BBC domestic abuse survivors, have called an everything from quite ludicrous to one hundred percent positive a retired judge told the outlet it could save lives while psychologist and interpersonal abuse expert. Dr Jessica Eaton said on Twitter that the nodding employees were morons. For thinking blunt knives would prevent domestic attacks from happening. Anybody realize why they're going for the knives because they don't have guns have knives. They'll go for something else. They'll choke you throw you out a window. Shetty's machetes beat you with a baseball bat. Of course they don't have baseball over there. I don't think but that's just the way it is. It's the Nottingham police departments new knife, crime strategy manager says critics got the whole idea Rhone. Here's what he told the BBC, it's a very small trial, and it will always be part of a much wider range of measures that we're doing to safeguard and protect the victim. We will simply have these knives as an offer to somebody inappropriate circumstances, and they can have them if they think they want them, you can't has struggled for years to come up with schemes such as surrender boxes to reduce knife knife attacks in the country, but to no avail. So they have surrender bugs you just drop, you know, anonymously, you can drop your sharp object in a surrender bucks over there. And then the Daily Mail reported last week that stabbings in the nation had a nine year, high more than twenty two thousand cases on record over the past twelve months of people standing people twenty two thousand. So they can't get a gun a knife to can't get a knife. They'll get a what is it a cricket bat. I don't know. I mean I don't play cricket but that's probably going to be the next thing, and then we're going to have to ban cricket, you know, because people use it cricket. Paddler whatever the hell you use. Is it a cricket bat? I don't know. I don't play cricket. I'm sorry. And then the next thing it'll be a soccer ball, but it'll be football over there. So they have to take up all the footballs, and then I don't know where you go from the people be throwing people off London bridge. I don't know. Anyway, six one five seven three seven nine nine eight six. If you chime in yes, we're, we're trying to get the iheart thing then if you're listening. Well, if you're listening on, I hear, you're not hearing me so it doesn't really matter, does it six one five seven three, seven WW T and will return right after this information. Opinion driven super talk ninety nine seven. WGN news center. I'm came on the top stories. A man opened fire at a federal courthouse in Dallas today before he was shot and killed by federal officers. He's been identified as twenty two year old Brian Isaac CLYDE was taken to a hospital where he was declared dead. The good news is he didn't shoot anyone when he opened fire according to Dallas news, quite posted a video of himself on Facebook saying he had served in the army at Fort Campbell, do believe that is indeed the case, and he was discharged in twenty seventeen hopefully more details about this case will be released at some point tonight, or tomorrow at police say they have video to us to try to identify who vandalized, a confederate monument in Centennial Park. Someone splashed red paint on the confederate private monument. That was dedicated in nineteen zero nine words scrawled on the side of it read. They were racists in reference to the names of five hundred forty Nashville. Confederate veterans. Channel four says this isn't the first time the bronze sculpture has been vandalized the last time was seven eight years ago, Ken Weaver, WTN knew that is the latest news. It's brought to you by John layman. Gourmet foods, traffic.

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