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"dr jerome adam" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

Newsradio 970 WFLA

01:38 min | 2 years ago

"dr jerome adam" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Virus. The school board calls Decatur's essential workers who deserve protection. A man from Fort Pierce faces charges related to the insurrection at the U. S. Capitol. Tony Mario says he did not storm the building and then he merely peacefully protest ID certification of election results He disagreed with with Florida's news. I'm Jonah Kristen W F L A news is brought to you by the Holland Group Retirement Wealth Advisors from the central region who wants traffic center traffic, still looking good on the Tampa area highways to speak it further into the afternoon. 2 75 75 a night for all moving up to speed throughout the area at this time to support a sponsored by compassion International, it's a new year. But for kids in poverty around the world, things are still desperate. Join compassion International with your one time $40 gift to provide a covert relief kid to a family in poverty text toward Give 283393 That's give 283393 Charles and his radio Wofl. A warm January Day underway temperatures making their way into the mid to upper seventies under partly cloudy skies and will stay Dr. Tonight will be mild lows near 63. High pressure is in control to start the work week. We'll see a lot of sunshine and above average temperatures each day Highs will make their way into the upper seventies to near 80. Our next cold front moves through on Thursday with a few showers and we will see cooler temperatures behind it with highs on Thursday and Friday in the sixties. I'm next to venerate meteorologist Amanda Holly I Heart radio with the latest info about slowing the spread in 2020 won the race to get Americans vaccinated against covet 19 is underway. US. Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adam's expects the covert.

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Virginia Republicans urge governor to reopen schools 5 days a week

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01:09 min | 3 years ago

Virginia Republicans urge governor to reopen schools 5 days a week

"Republicans Republicans pushed pushed for for school school buildings buildings to to reopen reopen five five days days a a week. week. I'm I'm Nick Nick in in l l e e w w t t o o P P NEWS NEWS time. time. 3 3 31 31 CBS CBS NEWS NEWS UPDATE. UPDATE. The The number number of of new new US US cases cases of of Corona Corona virus virus continues continues to to rise. North Carolina reporting more than 1900 with Florida at 15,300 California Congressman Adam Schiff on ABC. I'm concerned that the Republicans in Congress will not rise to the challenge of this virus. And we will have mohr. Economic suffering and and more more death death in in Oregon. Oregon. Health Health officials officials blame blame large large gatherings. gatherings. Joan's Joan's Jennifer Jennifer Dowling, Dowling, the the Oregon Oregon Health Health Authority Authority reports reports that that since since Oregon Oregon began began reopening, reopening, health health officials officials have have seen seen daily positive cases of the the virus virus shoot shoot up, up, especially especially when when family family and and friends friends get get together together for for graduations, graduations, birthdays, birthdays, weddings weddings and and holidays. holidays. It's It's also also spreading spreading more more rapidly rapidly among among young young people people with with specific specific outbreaks outbreaks in Oregon linked to exercise classes of fraternity party at a bachelor party surgeon general Dr Jerome Adam spoke to CBS. We're in a very different place than what we were in February and March. We have over 300 within increase and available pp. And that's not the famed mission accomplished. But

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Dr Jerome Adam, Us and Andrea discussed on  Investor's Edge

Investor's Edge

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Dr Jerome Adam, Us and Andrea discussed on Investor's Edge

"Especially firefighters emt's and cops to carry a drug that reverses the effect of an opioid overdose dr jerome adam says someone dies of an opioid overdose in the us every twelve and a half minutes and more people should have the antidote with them it's called naloxone the jury has been seated and bill cosby sexual assault retrial here's usa radio's wendy king jury consists of seven men and five women too are black and ten or white all are the same numbers of the jury in the initial trial last summer which couldn't come to a unanimous verdict cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constant a temple university basketball administrator in two thousand and four this time as many as five additional accusers may take the stand for usa radio news i'm wendy king remember you can find us online anytime at usa radio dot com.

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