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"dr haim weizman jabotinsky" Discussed on WTMA

"A significant figure here who will be with us into the nineteen forties his name is vladimir jabotinsky who was he what did he see right away bruce well jabotinsky was one of these interesting characters that was a highly mesmerizing charismatic or tour he was a poet he was a writer he was also a visionary and dreamer but like many of the unique men in history he had the ability to translate his dreams into reality for example is a journey journalist covering the outbreak of world war one he saw that the turkish ottoman empire had expelled all these jews from palestine juice who had emigrated from russia and from poland during the eighteen eighties in the eighteen nineties and they were all million about in cairo and jabotinsky had the idea to form them into a jewish army or at least a jewish brigade in the british army that would assist in the liberation of the conquest of palestine and then that he hoped would be would that the jews would be rewarded with somewhere admission of their contract contribution he created zion mule corps which participated in the illfated expedition to go elite in turkey which were celebrating the hundredth anniversary of very shortly in the fall and then he also created a unit in the british army known as the jewish brigade which a future leader and prime minister of israel david ben gurion fought in a lowly enlisted man jebsen ski informing these groups turns to another man who's critical now through the next twenty years to the formation of the stadium visceral dr haim weizman jabotinsky says to him a pogrom any day and he's prescient or he's very well informed because in easter time april one thousand nine hundred twenty pogrom breaks out there are riots who is the driver for these riots why do they start well they start basically an earlier you made the important point that the league of nations the predecessor to the united nations organization that exists today had not yet awarded britain the mandate for palestine that wasn't a tacoma until nineteen twenty two in an essence the mandate charge britain with ruling palestine and preparing it for eventual independence between the allenby's conquest in nineteen seventeen and nineteen twenty two with temporary administration have been set up by the british both civilian and military but largely military rule and in the.

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