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"dr gary simpson" Discussed on Your Doctor�s Orders

"But if you grew up in the south you might have had biscuits and gravy while California. Didn't invent GRANOLA. It is often associated with the California breakfast and coffee. We have coffee and no doubt you heard the saying eat breakfast like a king lunch like a prince and dinner like. Popper Adele Davis. The health who died of cancer said that of course. She said a lot of nutty things. Lots of claims about breakfast lose weight. Jumpstart your metabolism and be less hungry. We will see. The breakfast is more influenced by marketing than science. But there is science today and Brett bisque myths realities marketings hopes and what we know from science. My Name is Dr Gary Simpson. And this is culinary medicine where we sort out the crazy from credible about from its source to its effect on your body busting myths and showing evidence where food and medicine breakfast or breaking of the fast is the first meal one eats after a night. Time of fasting. Assuming you slept.

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