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Monday, May 18, 2020

COVID-19: What You Need to Know

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Monday, May 18, 2020

"This is an ABC news special. Kobe nineteen what you need to know here is. Abc News correspondent. Aaron Katersky as this school year nears an end. Parents wonder about the start of the next academic year. We'll schools welcome kids back. What will the classroom look like or will there still be online? Learning the answers dependent part. On what the virus does to kids and how kids transmit the virus. The World Health Organization said over the weekend that children appear to be less capable of spreading corona virus than adults. The comment came from the. Who's chief scientist? Sumio Swaminathan who appeared on the BBC? What we have seen in countries where schools remained open is that they have not been big outbreaks in schools and where there have been seen associated with we defense. A lot of people gather not in regular classrooms and it's often been associated with Donald who's had infection and who spread it so it does seem from what we know now that children are less capable of spreading it even if they get infection and certainly are very low risk of getting from the Z's for more on what all of this may mean. We're joined by Dr Edith Bradshaw Sanchez. A pediatrician and professor of pediatrics. At Columbia University. What do you make of her comments here? I think some of the reports that we're seen in the comments that were seeing from the. Who are definitely reassuring. I just want more data so a number of things have gone into into these comments from what I understand and there are countries that have opened schools Germany Denmark Some parts of Canada in those countries are not seeing big outbreaks of covert nineteen in children linked to schools which is reassuring but we just need more data. These countries have also done a variety of things to keep kids safe in school Germany. For example we've rent reports that they are having children self test every four days and given a green sticker to kids test negative and allowing them to walk around the school without a mask on some schools are taking temperature. Some schools have introduced a variety of social distancing in hygiene techniques. So so when we look at this at these reports and we we look at the lack of outbreaks linked to children after they were allowed to go back to school. It is reassuring but we have to remember that there are measures that these countries have taken and that we don't have all of the information yet. Really the bottom line is can. My kids hug their grandparents. Yeah I think that's such an interesting point for a long time and longtime in the cove world is a few months for a long time. We've been thinking about children in terms of the risk that they pose to adults. We've been saying okay. Well my kid goes back to school. Can they? Then come home and bring me the corner virus or bring the current virus to to grandma and GRANDPA if they visit in now. Not only. Is it that that is very much too little consideration? But now we're starting to learn for example that there is a new rare but serious complication of covert nineteen seems to affect children very differently than an affects adults. And now I think that the conversation starting to switch to what is the risk to children themselves from Bo Bo from going back to school. What's the answer? I wish I had it but I just don't know we just don't know there are reports for example right there. There is a report of a child. I believe from England who was in the French Alps and then went home. Was In contact with seventy two people that child himself tested positive for current a virus. None of the seventy two people. He came into contact with tested positive. So that was reassuring but then we had another report of a six month old whose parents had couvert nineteen and the child had to be cared for in the hospital and so they were constantly testing this little baby six months old and he shut the virus at very high levels for sixteen days. The data so far has been mixed in. I think that's why it's so important that we collect more data in children and the NIH as you probably have heard launched a study at the beginning of May to follow two thousand families to try to answer this question. What exactly is the rate of transmission? What exactly is the risk to children because we just haven't been collecting the data yet. Pediatric Multi Symptom Inflammatory Syndrome. What do we make of that? Does it matter whether it specifically connected to cove it as the CDC seems to suggest that it is? I do believe that it is linked to covert nineteen. And I'll tell you why. This new syndrome seems to have some characteristics of Kawasaki disease but it also has some characteristics. Overlap toxic shock syndrome. And I'll explain very very briefly Kentucky Diseases and inflammatory condition. It is cost by inflammation and then the the blood vessels in the body are affected. Ultimately different organs can be affected. The one that we worry about is the heart children present with fever with the red. Is the rash The swollen hands feed swollen. Lymph nodes some of the same symptoms that we are now seeing in this new condition but the difference one of the many differences that we're still learning is that these children were presenting with the new syndrome also seemed to have some of those symptoms from toxic shock. They are very sick when they present to care. They sometimes have low blood pressures and signs that there multiple there's multiple organ systems that are affected. And that doesn't go with Kawasaki. Disease it also here before cove it so we can of spectacularly Why are they testing? Summer testing negative for the antibodies and the virus itself. And that is absolutely puzzling. But I think at the end of the day you just sort of have to take a step back and think okay well. Even if it's not linked terrific can't prove it yet for some of these kids remember them majority are testing positive. And where was this before cove it? Dr Edith Broto Sanchez. Something else to consider as states consider the best way to bring children back into school. Automakers brought thousands of workers back to the assembly plants today. Detroit's big three restarted production at dozens of plants with new precautions. Abc's Ryan Burrow is with us. How's this going? Yeah let's start out with Ford for example They've got About sixty thousand workers heading back to the lines this week at the US plants they're staggering shifts so not everyone's coming in at the same time like they would pre pandemic their temperature checks upon entry. They're being given clothes and goggles. They're all working behind glass or around glass barriers and separators. And what's interesting too about? What Ford and Fiat Chrysler are doing? Is they've actually teamed up with local hospitals and medical clinics as a direct connection with workers who may be seeing symptoms are suffering from symptoms. So they can shoot them directly to those offices and get checked out immediately and what Ford's doing also and this is something we've seen in some other industries where you know you're nervous about outbreaks or your that. Maybe people won't be showing up to work. They've actually got thousands of temporary workers on standby. Just in case they see high absenteeism for whatever reason whether it be an outbreak or maybe people nervous to come in so they're prepared to keep the line moving. If maybe things turned sour once the work gets going again the auto workers have been sheltering at home for nearly two months. Now is the UAW. Okay with all these plants restarting. It seems like it's at first. Maybe four weeks ago. They seemed hesitant. They really wanted some guarantees that the employees were going to remain safe on the job and they seem to be pretty satisfied because they're ready to get back to work. There seemed to be enough supplies of PPI available. They seem to be staggering these shifts. They also feel as though workers who may be coming down with something feel as though they can take time off and not suffer the consequences which is a big issue that we've seen in some of these other industries like the meatpacking industry where people don't want to come in because they're sick but they feel like they have no choice because they may be their family's only source of income so they seem to have created pathways for people to If they don't feel comfortable or if they feel sick not to come in and still have their jobs. I wonder really if there's all that much urgency here certainly some of the employees May WanNa get back to work for the paycheck but our auto sales there. Is anyone buying a new car these days? You know it's interesting because we're hearing two different things number one obviously car dealerships. Haven't been open. It's really hard to determine how many people wanted to buy cars during this time But we are hearing that pickup truck. Sales are up. Maybe these are fleet sales. Maybe not individual sales but purchases. That would have been made over the last two and a half months that weren't made it sounds as though they've really got a ramp up some production to meet those goals into to hit those sales. So yeah it does sound like there is a little bit of a groundswell quite know what it is for if it's for fleet vehicles or if it's for individual vehicles ABC's Ryan Burrow with us from Chicago like many of us. It seems new. York Governor Andrew Cuomo Hankers for some sports to watch hockey basketball football. Whoever can reopen where a ready willing and able partner? The governor encouraged professional sports to start playing again in empty arenas the games could be televised. New York state will help those major sports franchises to do just that major league sports have been dormant since March. Baseball is in talks with players on a plan to start the season the NFL released its schedule earlier. This month I'm Aaron Katersky now over to Amy Roebuck. Thanks Aaron with me. Now is Dr Jen Ashton and DR C has just issued a health alert about the cove Associated Syndrome affecting children. So tell us what we know about that. At this point this is significant because the CDC ISSUES. These urgent health warnings when they really want to get all hands on. Deck Increase Awareness. What it does is it. Triggers clinicians health care providers end laboratories to be on the lookout for the syndrome. And here's what we know right now about this syndrome in children. It is now called multi-system Inflammatory Syndrome in children. It requires a covert nineteen diagnosis within the last month. That's either by SWAB or by. Antibodies and it requires a case severe enough that the child will need to be hospitalized. Also with signs or symptoms like fever rash which can be just raised bumps if it's on a darker skin child or pinkish rash on later skilled and then multiple organ systems involved. This is the syndrome that they're alerting people to be on the lookout for. We've been talking about this now for some time. But what are the theories out there? What's causing it? Well we've seen this type of reaction and children following other types of infections. That's why it's been sharing some features with Kawasaki Syndrome or toxic shock syndrome. But right now the thinking is that it could just be due to an overactive or extra vigorous immune system that we know children have but again right now a lot of theories and more questions rather than answers speaking to that what we still need to figure out well at the simplest level. Amy We need to figure out why this is happening. We also don't know at this point. Why some children are being affected and not others and in terms of prevention and treatment. We don't know if something like convalesce plasma would be safe and effective in the pediatric population. And again we really need to figure out why it's happening so we can prevent it and then tailor the treatment directly to the cause all right Dr John we will check back in with you a little later in the show thank you. We'll beginning today. The State of Florida is entering what it calls a full phase one of its corona virus recovery plan and that means that restaurants retail stores in gyms can now operate with fifty percent capacity here to give us the latest on how things are going in. His city is Tallahassee Florida. Mayor John Daly Mayor Daley. Thanks for being with us. And you agreed with Florida Governor to Santa's order to reopen those restaurants and retail stores. The happened on May fourth but beginning today we just said they can now increase. Their capacity. Gyms can reopen. How has the process of reopening gone so far in your opinion well? We have been very proactive in Tallahassee. And I'm very proud of our citizens and we've taken a lot of measures up front to protect health safety and welfare of our community. We put our stay at home order in place eight days before the governor stayed home order in our citizens have really embraced the CDC guidelines We wear masks. We hit them out for free. And so the reopening has gone very well before we make a decision here locally. We always check in with the local medical community. We run by them. What we want to do. Make sure that we've got the green light. Because first and foremost health safety and welfare of our community is our number one priority so many individuals and small businesses are hurting financially there. What measures has tallahassee taken to help them? Well we realized upfront that we we're going to need to help our small businesses nonprofits and every individual in the city of Tallahassee. So we proactively put some programs in place to help for instance we created a small business loan program that took a million dollars and put it straight into our local economy supporting our local businesses. We've been did the exact same thing and recreated the program putting a million dollars into our local economy disappoint nonprofits city. A Tallahassee also owns the electric utility and during the month of. May every single resident is going to see a rebate overall in the past month we've pumped about nine million dollars into our local economy to support local small businesses the nonprofits and individuals. And we're really proud the actions that we've taken and we know that last week we heard that. Your Accounting Department of Health revealed while African Americans make up thirty two percent of Leon County's population they accounted for forty seven percent of those diagnosed with covert nineteen. We're seeing this around the nation as well. Are you seeing similar numbers in Tallahassee? And what are you doing to address the situation? We are unfortunately fifty. One percent of our confirmed cases have impacted negatively are after American community. And that is something. We all need to pay attention to and obviously in discussions with the public health department. You know. A lot of these impacts are due to long-standing disparities but economic and health that not only tallahassee but I think all communities across the United States are saying this needs to be addressed but here in Tallahassee. We've taken proactive steps. Florida am university has set up a walkup clinic which has been tremendously successful. It's allowing us to gather data. It's allowing us to really decipher exactly how it's impacting all of our citizens. Tallahassee but this is an issue that we have to pay attention to and we need to do the best job we can to protect our citizens. We are certainly wishing you the best in all of your efforts. Tallahassee Mayor John Daly. Thank you for being with us today. Thank you educators. Across the country are scrambling for creative ways to keep students engaged in remote learning. That is just the beginning of the major challenges ahead once the new school year begins this fall but there are plans being laid to help with this new transition to learning and joining me now to tell us all about it as Kathy. Mir's interim president and CEO of the National Catholic Education Association. Thank you for being with us. We certainly appreciate it. Kathy and I know this is so new. Still for both students and teachers tell. Us Would Catholic. Educators are doing right now to help students get through this distance learning. I think our teachers and principals are acting as first year teachers and principals. No one's been through this before and they're doing a lot of grace they are doing are engaged in a lot of professional development that they can learn the techniques that they need to engage students in a remote learning environment but most of all. They're treating their students like they always have with a lot of love and respect. Catholic schools believed that communication is an intimate communication between souls and in order to have that intimate communication. You have to have relationship so mostly we remain remind ourselves every day that we are loved children first and then teach them and when we do that. We know that we're more successful. What are teachers planning on doing if schools do remain closed this fall well? We're all hopeful that won't happen but if it does happen we'll be prepared. Like they said are. Teachers are engaging in professional development over the summer and they're trying to build relationships students over the summer in different ways. Many of our Catholic schools are small and they know that when they get to fourth grade. They're going to have Mrs Lewis and the students in third great already know Mrs Lois that so that helps us a lot because we don't have a lot of transitions in our schools because many of them are k. Through eight and that helps with building that relationship distance learning goes a lot further one relationship before we jump into it but if we have to jump into it at the beginning of the school year we will do that with a lot of hope and joy and we will keep focused on students and their families The church also believes that students and parents are that first primary educators of their their children so we will work with parents and grow those partnerships to make sure that we're meeting the needs of our students the best way that we can nationwide. I know you know this. More than twelve hundred Catholic schools have closed in this past decade. And typically that happened as a result of financial stress. So that said what impact is of nineteen having on parishes and their schools financially it. We're taking a big hit right now. We wish it weren't so but parents are struggling to pay tuition. Most of our parents aren't saying we're not going to pay for more time to pay it and where we are working with families all over the country we have some great corporate partners like facts and others who are helping us with that too so that we can support parents as they figure out how to feed their children. I and Catholic. Schools are helping out with that too. We are providing meals and Catholic charities or providing meals food to family. So we're all working together to make that happen but there's no doubt. The financial impact could have great consequences for Catholic schools. We are hopeful that Catholic schools will survive this pandemic and still be there to teach our students because we know that Catholic education is a true gift to the nation. I'm we know that our graduates are more likely to vote. They're more likely to volunteer. And we are grateful every day for graduates of Catholic schools are leading during this pandemic are Dr. Patchy has the Is a Catholic school graduate. I think he was educated from first grade to sixteen at least in Catholic schools. And so we're grateful for people like him who understand that it's really important to be well educated in. It's really important to know that faith is our foundation and that to be a good leader. We need to be ethical moral. That's wonderful Kathy. Mir's we certainly appreciate it. We wish you the very best. Thanks for being with us today. You very much. Amy Up next right here when we come back. Dr Jen Ashton. With answers to the questions you're asking and then within this current bleak economic picture. There are some bright spots. If you're looking for work there's not a person in America who hasn't been impacted in some way by the corona virus pandemic but at every community. There are pockets of people who are suiting up every day last seven district. These are America's essential workers the people who are keeping our world moving to drop off a veteran produce one of our tenants and now a new podcast from ABC News. You're going to hear from them in their own words but there's always the risk for every home to make kids or my husband or my parents. This is the essentials inside the curve. Listen on Apple podcasts or your favorite podcast APP and welcome back to what you need to know. Dr Jen Ashton here in the House and Dr Jen. There was a very big vaccine headline again out today. Yeah and some positive news. We all need positive news in this story. Moderna is one of the drug makers in conjunction with the NIH announced positive data from their safety and efficacy phase. One and phase two trials. Those are smaller numbers but again they're working at land speed records to test this. This vaccine make sure that it is safe. Not just short term but long term and that it's effective so in just eight volunteers. They did demonstrate that they started to produce. Antibodies equivalent to that or greater than that seen in convalescent plasma. So that's good news but we are still a long ways away yet so positive news initially but if you start thinking about the larger picture of it so that's great even if it's safe and it's effective album is how many people and how quickly can you get this vaccine exactly and that's something that really. We haven't even started to talk about yet but we have to remember when you heard Dr Anthony. Fauci say twelve to eighteen month timeline. If everything goes perfectly there are certain parts of that timeline. That cannot be accelerated. You can't cut corners on safety and it does take time to assess for that not only short-term and long-term when you get into the manufacturing and distribution question. Amy Remember that whichever country or countries finds a vaccine that is safe effective it then potentially needs to make doses for a large part of the entire world so that will take time and then you get into questions like how will that be distributed. Who Will Get it? I the the vials the injections the needles. I mean there are a lot of supply chain logistical issues. That still need to be figured out. And they're complicated next question. Do we know more about why some people who had covert nineteen continue to suffer from symptoms months after their initial diagnosis? I'm glad we got this question because so much of the focus has been on the people who are sick and very little on the recovery process. We don't know yet why this virus produces symptoms in some that linger for weeks or even months and a lot of these people feel Really ignored because they're better with the acute phase of this illness but really still suffering. They're getting bizarre. Muscle aches and pains. They have extreme fatigue in some cases even cognitive or psychological manifestations that really do linger so right now. We don't understand why this virus does that. But my advice my prescription medically give yourself time. This is unchartered territory and we have to be patient with ourselves. And we're all being patient waiting for vaccine waiting for some sort of medicine. In the meantime this next question asks. Are there any dietary suggestions? Medical professionals have to help fight against the virus. Well I'm particularly interested in this. Amy Because as you know. I also have a degree in nutrition and I feel that in general we neglect the field of nutritional science. A lot in medicine short answer to this question. No no dietary suggestions but there is research ongoing and some H. funded trials looking particularly at the role of Vitamin D in its association with lowering the associated risk of not just this corona virus and covert nineteen but other well-known respiratory infections. So again it's not ready for primetime yet but there is some data that suggests that people with higher levels of vitamin D in their blood are less likely to become infected or seriously ill and of node. We've seen the association between particularly high rates as you know in Nursing Home Population and an African American and Hispanic People. All of whom are known to be at greater risk for low vitamin D levels. So right now it's association not cause and effect but something. I'm keeping an eye. They're just fascinating right next question. Has there been any connection to the vaping lung. Illness outbreak from two thousand and nine thousand nine Hundred Ninety two thousand twenty Kovic Nineteen and short answer. No because they haven't yet tracked the data of people who are confirmed to be sick with covert nineteen or in unfortunately who have died of covert nineteen disease and whether they have a history of smoking or vaping but it is theorized by pulmonologist that anything that has a potential for dramatically weakening pulmonary function respiratory function. Obviously when added together can be potentially not good but no official association or published data yet. All right Dr. John was always thank you so much. And you can submit questions to Dr Jen on her instagram at Dr. J. Ashton will nearly three million more people have filed for unemployment in the United States bringing the total number two thirty six million unemployed Americans so now more than ever people need help navigating the job market and here do that and walk us through. It is Karen Pitcher the CEO of rancid North America the parent company of job hunting portal monster dot COM Karen. Thanks for being with us and we know that this is scary. It's frustrating for so many people for millions of people so we give some advice or some hope that you can offer people who are looking for work right now absolutely. Thanks for having me amy I think the most important thing that job seekers need to know right now and despite the challenging economy there are jobs available out there. Monster Enron's dot. Our role is to match employers with with job seekers and with the reopening were definitely seeing an increase in demand. Essential businesses like grocery and food are hiring across manufacturing distribution centers warehousing as well as retail delivery. What about those need to pivot from their old job to a new one or even a new industry altogether any suggestions. Yeah absolutely my advice would be to get creative and really focus on your skills versus some of the jobs that you've had before we're seeing some great success working with hospitality workers that's a segment. That's been hit extremely hard with all the job losses but they have tremendous customer service skills and so those can certainly be applied to other areas of customer support or call centers banking is also very hot right now with all the loans that are being processed with the government programs. And so you absolutely can give it to a new industry and your skills are transferable all right. That's always good to remember and then for people who are worried that companies just aren't going right now in a lot of them are not we know. Ron's DOT and Monster Dot Com noticed an influx in job postings as well as clients seeking jobs as. Well what can you tell us about that? Yeah definitely like I said. Seeing that increased demand across the food supply chain across customer support and call center opportunities and roles also in finance and banking and lastly it the it segment has been extremely resilient throughout the crisis. Companies are continuing to invest in their digital transformation and these are roles that are easily done in a work from home environment which has also been helpful during the lockdown. So bottom line. If you're discouraged what some final out there who just feel hopeless right now. Yeah well listen stay. Positive number one. There are jobs available there and there are lots of resources to help you all the way from free training to resume assessments and obviously working with staffing firms. Like Ron Stott where we can help you find your next position Karen Fisher. We appreciate it so much. Thank you for your time. We appreciate it. Thank you the. Nba suspended all action on March eleventh after one of their players tested positive for covert nineteen and now NBA players are itching to get back on that court and finish the twenty twenty season the UFC and Nascar have both found ways to start up. So when will the NBA able to as well our next guest? Dallas Mavericks owner mark. Cuban is here to tell us more about this. A lot of sports fans WANNA know in Mark. How can players do you believe? Return to the game safely so that we all can you know. Get our game back. Cheer on our favorite sports teams wrote. Me and foremost guys are dying to play. I mean there's no question about that but we're going to have to have the quota in place in the good news is we saw. Nasqad kind of opened the door the UFC and wwe start to set the precedence and so learn from what they've done but key is accurate testing and being able to keep guys sick. Nothing can happen until then. Yeah certainly that makes a lot of sense. But how important is it? Do you think to get this season up and running again and do you have any idea about when that might happen day besides very important. We all want for our teens. I mean having to ask our goal back. America's Love Team Sports. Nba Fans WanNa root for the math. Whoever their favorite team is we need something to get excited about to cheer for. So it's critically important can't give you a day but I can tell you that the NBA and all the teams are working all right. That'll make a lot of fans happy. You're you're headed in the right direction and you made some headlines yesterday when you tweeted that every household you believe should get a one thousand dollar check every two weeks but they have to use it in ten days or lose it. Tell us why you put out this tweet. What happened right now. Is You know we've have programs that peeped and others that allow businesses to keep paying their employees but because all the uncertainty of whether or not people are going to continue to lose their jobs thirty six million half lost their gods cut people are saving more and spending less. We need to inspire people to spend more we need to create consumer demand sixty seven percent of our GDP is from consumer demand. And really until we can give them confidence that they're going to have a job they're wrong. So the thousand dollars every two weeks basically says we're going to give a thousand dollars and you would have to spend it if you don't use it you lose the goal. There is to stimulate demand because businesses can't stay open at their customers aren't by did you hear back from anyone in the US government yet. But it's a conversational heaven. Look I'll give him credit. I'm on the president's also for getting things back open and they've been very responsive so we'll see what they said. I'm sure you heard a lot from people who've be the recipient of that money so you know what? What was the response like on twitter? I mean a lot of people like the idea that you'll have spent a lot of people could use our my work and actually there's a little bit of a precedent not so much the user losing side but there's a social security program called direct express debit card. That's just updated with fines on as it's earned and that's the way that it can be implemented so you know again we're not gonNA have an economy if there's sumer demand and that's the biggest press point right now outs. When people are not confident that they're going to keep their jobs they they say they Ford money as best they can receive the savings rate. Goes up the fourteen percent. That's that's not a good thing for the overall economy and so just coming up with ways that we can push the man that really is where at right now and keeping small and medium and even large. This is open and moving forward. That's what it's going to take to bring the economy. Yeah it's GonNa take a lot of creativity so we appreciate the idea mark also before we let you go. May is food allergy awareness month and I know you have a daughter who has life threatening food allergies and you are an investor in ready set food which you covered on and discovered on shark tank. It's a system. Introduces BABIES TO PEANUT EGG and milk with the goal of reducing their risk of developing those allergies. It's one of the companies that offer that type of treatment. So tell us what your experiences been like as a parent with a child of extreme food allergies not scary. Every time you walk into a restaurant you've got to be very clear that she can't cashews staff Any trace of it inside any of the foods and its concern and so with grady. Set food this way for newborns and toddlers. I guess to really be able to to prepare their bodies to not be allergic to nuts in our in the case of ready set foods nuts. H or milk. It's a great chronic science behind it. There's a group of doctors that have really worked hard. He'll the thing I want to mention. If you go to ready set food dot com slash giving back for anybody. Who's just had a baby who has lost their job due to Kobe. We've got a really unique program. We'll we'll provide you ready set food which is just one pack that you take daily for fifteen days and then there's a maintenance program after that but we'll support you. We know. These are desperate times and we really want to help. People who have just had these because allergies is concerning to me is apparent. It's concerning every perhaps anymore now and ready set a great way to address it. Well that's fantastic giving back mark. Cuban we certainly appreciate you giving us your Time Today. Stay well first. Responders across the country are graduating early to join in the front lines. The fire and Rescue Team of Fairfax Virginia is the latest county to accelerate their training program in order to have graduates dive right in and help the overwhelm staff and joining us. Now is one of the newest. Firefighter graduates Meena Abdelaati Amina. Thank you so much for being with us. Congratulations but I know your graduation was anything but typical you graduated just a little over a month early. Tell us how it went. Thank you for having me so. Our economy was hut six weeks short in order to supplement the field and help staffing out here. So there's definitely interesting unprecedented times for everybody but I think everyone in my class is very excited to come out to the field and begin. Our training for a probationary year began running calls to all citizens you know. That's why we came here to serve them so we're all very excited now. We and we are also very grateful by the way we should say so six weeks early. How did they prepare you? Not only just for an early start as a firefighter but to be a first responder during a pandemic any academy our officers all instructors release stress that you know they train us to this level where they make everything difficult mentally physically challenging to that time that we came out to the field and do these things on a real life that we would. It would be muscle memory. Would maybe be very doable. Because we're used to at a higher level of stress and I think they definitely get prepared as well because of that on a now coming out here during these times we are able to continue to train with our crews now. And just you know I running those halls and gaining ice. It's continues to broaden what we're able to do it again. Congratulations we appreciate you. Thank you so much for joining us and thank you for your service eight year. We're GONNA turn now to Dr Jen Ashton for her final thoughts on this Monday. Amy As we hear more and more headlines Seemingly every day sometimes by the hour. I really wanted to do a deep dive on how we can help people at home. Think about those headlines almost in a scientific or medical matter how I think about the myself and it's really the who what where when why and how these are the questions that I think are important any time we hear headline or see a headline is who is the source. Where was the research on? Or where did the headline come from? How was it done? Why is it done and then I think we really have to evaluate the pros and cons. That's really the only way to follow this story in a rational manner because otherwise it is so easy to just become confused and turn a deaf ear to it and there is some important information that we do need to understand when we put this into perspective. It's unbelievable to remember that this is just barely six months old and some scientists some colleges spend fifty years studying a virus and they still don't learn anywhere near what there is to know about it. So we're in the infancy. This is the beginning and they're still a lot we don't know and I think that when we when we hear a headline it helps to have kind of structure to help us. Interpretive Dr Jen Ashton thank you as always and that's our program for today. I made me Rohbock. Thanks for listening.

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