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"dr edgar mitchell" Discussed on MinddogTV Your Mind's Best Friend

"Easy for you. You don't have to go looking for it. We kind of just scratched the surface. He i mean my mind is still kind of Blown back in the beginning of this conversation. But i'm still trying to catch up because there's so many things you said here. Unfortunately we don't have all the time in the world but It's it's really fascinating conversation. But i'll just draw One thing i did want to ask you about was the colonel mitchell thing. Would that be the same answer for why so few at least in my perception so few people experiences He was one of One of now. Hundreds of astronauts who have gone into space but it triggered that experience for him but As far as i know the astronauts have talked about that kind of collini or whatever kind of experience. You talked about Him having would would your answer be the same for that. Is that noise issue for dr mitchell for for why why why. Any of all the other astronauts having experienced what he said. Well my understanding was that some of them had according to dr edgar mitchell and you know in his in his In his His now in his words in what he would he would had talked about. You know they're not allowed to talk about a lot of different things after their space missions. And but what i understood from what he shared all was that others had but they were keeping quiet about it just like other things you know whether it has to do with contact with extraterrestrial craft in space or the basis on the moon things like that. These are all things that they have to sign things in. They're supposed to keep quiet about as to dr ag- mitchell's experienced particularly my understanding. Was that all the astronauts that were with him. Went through this at the same time and then the but the thing that's interesting about that is what that tells me is that there was something that happens or happened for them..

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"dr edgar mitchell" Discussed on Merkaba Chakras

"Was it was kind of signaled the welcoming of a new energy to the world which is the energy of unity consciousness and unity. consciousness is a fifth dimensional energy so It's kinda like if you're in a boat in the water and you're doing what you normally do and the wind changes and picks up and you're doing the same thing expecting the same results and is not happening. You're getting frustrated. Or maybe you need to realize that the energy has change but your sales up and then change the way in which you sell so that you can have a better experience. And that's what we did is the energy of this planet has changed your heart dimension and is doing it in small bits it doing small bits. So what the. The buddhist and may indigenous cultures around the world did is they closed out the psycho and they just waited for earth to To do her thing. Nobody knew exactly what was going to happen. They didn't know what this golden age of that we've been waiting for is gonna look like how it's going to play out. Nobody knew but what happening is because like i have been studying twenty years. A scientific research in this area is We know that the earth's energy has changed through choumen resonance and what the schumann resonance is. It's actually is a scientific project since nineteen ninety nine Heart math institute and then the astronaut dr edgar mitchell who started the institute of noattacks sciences They worked with princeton university. To put like seventy or more random number generators all over the world and they function like a seismology machine so they kind of measure the energy and basically when the energy of the earth changes and she has her spikes Heartbeat of the earth is typically seven point. Eight three hurts okay And the reason why when she has her spikes when an upcoming like natural disaster or snobby or some kind of big upheaval going on as affecting the heart of all the people in the area when she has her spikes it like it's it sends out this magnetic field and it affects all the animals and so people garesh Back hurts they can't sleep. You know having all these weird because You know like animals who know when a natural disasters gonna happen. They all squirrel in the while and start trying to find shelter. 'cause they can feel the energy is changing. That's what The schuman residents and the heart math institute was the global consciousness. Project has been doing instance. One thousand nine nine is measure these peaks and whenever they measured these peaks in the earth's Magnetics what they found is A natural disaster happened within hours of it Some big impending thing happened Like it measured nine eleven four hours before it happened. Oh my god and actually like a lot of people who are really in touch with nature like myself. I had images of nine eleven two days before so just like an animal. I was already sensing something's going to happen. So it it. It measured nine eleven hurricane katrina. I mean all these different things around the world wherever that random number generator in the world is located at it is measuring the energy so The energy of.

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"dr edgar mitchell" Discussed on 600 WREC

"I mean, while even in those days are true arrest Italian with his logic and concepts and putting about pointing out about how these planetary objects would want. Bring on doom and gloom. Not necessarily good things. But honestly, Clyde shifting gears with you. If you don't mind, I'm interested to know As much as I listened to you often hear on this about the great reset in this great transformation. I do think something's gonna be happening and How about naive? It's just it kind of worries me a little bit. We'll see. Will you look at you have worries me too. I mean, you look at the esoteric nature of what All this is about. I was thinking about this. I never really you know, brought it up, but you look at what the stars represent a twinkle in the night sky. There. Shapes, of course, is sacred Geometry Look at the well, the five pointed star. Its upright position represents Jesus. A lot of people don't know this. They think it's some pagan symbol. But does it is the ancient pagan symbol, but it did represent A lot of ways. Jesus points were actually there. The five main areas of human knowledge, chemistry, biology, physics, psychological, a psychology and then, of course, spirituality. And then, of course, in the elements, we see Earth, water, fire, air and ether. So And if you invert that pentagram as a symbol of the devil, it's the It's the symbol of inverting or perverting those things. The chemistry, the biology, the physics of psychology and the spirituality. You look at the Hex A gram, which is the six sided star, which was adopted by Israel's a symbol the is realized, But it was the hex a gone that they used as a symbol of hexes or the symbol of magic. Similar Kabbalah. So I mean stars. They do have an effect on us, even in sacred geometry. If you look at what they all represent, what they mean Absolutely. And I remember. You know, I think I've said this on your program before the times I had spent with Dr Edgar Mitchell talking about this quantum hologram. How everything is interconnected in this world, even the slightest You know in select him and how he believed all the way up to massive systems somehow, some way and I don't understand it, but I'm sure wanting to be a student of it about how we're all interconnected with something going on there and made it into the realms of Quantum physics. Someday, in the theory of everything, maybe we'll all may be able to figure out what's the key to this whole thing. And how do we keep it moving in a positive direction? Right? Well, where they say we're all made of star stuff. And if we're made of star stuff, you know then, and certainly the stars and that which God has made We have some sort of. Ah, kinship with what is out there in space. We have a kinship of the stars and every star that twinkles is every bright light that shines on this planet. We all need to know that we have a purpose and that purpose is to He is shining star and and to be part of one or the hole And I mean, I sound so Buddhist right now. I don't know what to do with myself, but I'm just saying that it's it's important that we look at these things and understand them. Rather than ridiculing them and saying, Well, that's just all you know Nonsense, but no, I mean, we look at the way it does affect things. And when you're looking at the beginning of a new era is this golden Age the age of Aquarius. They've talked to us about many times. And I wonder if this is it. This is the event that is to usher in a new era. And we're saying like you say that the great reset. We see all that happening. We.

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