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"dr dubar" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

15:38 min | 9 months ago

"dr dubar" Discussed on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

"Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast addition of watch what happens live with me Andy Cohen She thinks the Andras her mom's little minion and showed tell you what she thinks and say that's it what's the other side with Leeann lock in now to women you really don't want to cross please welcome real housewives of Orange County Camera Josh real outside of all is Leeann locking the two of you ever met recently but not not for a long time we are genetically long lost cousin yes our tongues touched and the DNA wettest went out well Oh my sin everyone tonight I'm telling you why we can't guy over at our bar mixing up a signature cocktail all the way from London's Lion Ass is Mr reliance London I'm happy you're here tonight Megan King Edmonds made a return to the outside Shannon's birthday I loved her train out vigilante super cute she looked talk Leeann while having your wedding to rich you really try to get the housewife discount I wanted to go look back that cost a floral typically is going to run anywhere from like twenty five to thirty five thousand dollars so I'm going to make this as affordable as possible this is like the least I can do for you thank you the ten thousand okay scary number she's always so hesitant humble about accepting things that people want to do for her I don't can't afford that we're GONNA do for for like degrees okay regret any of the awkward moments when you were trying to negotiate on campus wasn't I wasn't so much negotiating on camera I think what happened was these are people who I have worked with in our community long time like personal friends and so I think like in for instance in the dress she wanted to do my dress but she didn't want it to look like I couldn't afford twenty like I wouldn't pay for a twenty-five thousand dollar dress so she was trying to make me look like a writer couldn't afford it I wouldn't I can't afford it I just wouldn't pay okay I just don't well tomorrow's outside the Dallas things get heated between Kerry and Leeann when Kerry brings up her childhood take a look at this sneak peek a lot of excuses for my actions my life people have said that to me in this group but my us much altered as an excuse maybe people say because he's you bring it up I don't know we all grew up certain ways but does an excuses for how we carry even beginning to compare her child hood with my childhood is shut all right there you go Tim Leeann came for your questions but before we get to those here's what three things I'm obsessed with tonight I on tonight's the ladies took a train to San Diego to celebrate Shannon's birthday but emily and Gina might have also taken an express train to the their friendship take a look you take it as a real date gather your house is about me stable about her thank you should just go talk to her she knows this is my worst name they're more confident about three days how pissed it you feel time and yet you leave you the Twin Towers I know emily cares about me they know she loves me it's just there's a character flaws there that makes it difficult sometimes all right here's what go to W. W. H. L. Dot TV i WanNa know whose side are you on here emily or Gina who said Gena you're on aside when a little bit more than what viewers now you do yeah okay we'll emily absolutely knew that her cousin husbands and had a girlfriend but so then why would she set her up with him well because it was just like a fake date she's a fake day and she didn't like maybe the I wanted to be on TV. I don't know what it was but he used say she knew she looks like you guys are on Gina side by a hair it's very close second tonight during Shannon's birthday festivities one birthday wish was to have some physical contact with a male not named Dr Moon we montage it Wjr get laid out of your kiss on my birthday regina are there any single buys here again Ford the way I heard W. W. H. L. Dot tv for our next boil is on a scale of one to ten rates Camman's kissing ten that was yeah ten for ten on her face just what watching it like uh-huh yes I was concerned you were going to stick your tongue right in there I was just like the class you were okay you guys are giving it a five aw well Shannon got her kissed hammer got really cozy with one of the otherwise which seemed to anger her longtime lover Vicky Gumbel said watch it make out so soon all you consider writing listen there's nothing wrong with the little three someone Awhile Framework Bugs driveways trash muttering twelve he's just classless I know girls kiss girls but they're not lesbian so how are they doing this and why are the cheating go back to anyway we want to know is Vicky Jealous or disgusted Tamra and Bronwyn make out session is she jealous or disgusted so you think so I think just discussing I don't think she's jealous I don't anything fancy would make out with me if I was disgusted just that she's not she genuinely is looking at it like this is never something she would do so she can't assess it in her mind thanks so much that the bad stripper poles okay all right bravo con is just around the corner and while I'm sure my God excited to see Bravo liberties from all over the country I think this next game might make that a little awkward here's what it's time for three way or no way ladies NASA Bravo Lebanese safe you would bravo that them join you and your husband is in the bedroom okay Ramona would you let Ramona Oh you in the bedroom because I'm friends with her okay no no anybody's Day I gotta do less work Leeann says all right what about Porsche yeah no I'd be scared to death then would kill me sweet she's great okay what about shop I don't know doctor visit right about that stuff brandy amendment Oh absolutely okay Ah yes okay what about Craig conover no no boys no boys Waco she's intrigued what about ten y'all style now okay what about Slade Smiley God okay what about Captain Sandy I gotTa hanging from Captain It was good cake right right Hickey baby on the float or later wouldn't she want to own told us half of it all right last up is a jacks Oh okay all right thank you very much you know you told me earlier so Eddie right now how is in Las Vegas he has not seen the episode it is airing I think right now so do you think he is watch any of the episodes but obviously as you've publicized the damn kissed over and over again he's not so yeah but you know I'd just rather not watch in our audience during the commercial break I messed it I think she's doing Amanda from Louisiana. Hey Amanda what's your question hi Andy my question is for Tamra we all know that after a few mini Tequila shots we all kiss our friends but did you enter the world of boring wind come out on the other side of the Wild Win did you enter the world of Bronwyn and come out on the side of wild win well I never entered I was just get that straight I mean it was just a fun crazy night she posted she's beautiful I love her she's got a good soul she's got a good heart we're really good friends talk every single day that Leeann Samantha a facebook does on our walkabout who wants to and wants to know how widely known was it that Mama D's company in trouble and do you think Deandra did not know Dander did not know I begged Andrew for years to go into the office and find out what was going out yes she did not she never do but know that the company's been red line for years okay next week's Orange County the women attend Orange County fashion week we're the biggest trend seems the be all hell breaking loose do not touch me I'm going to the bathroom touch you went like grabbed me on the of say I know who you are spirited not mean sweetheart she met a bitch miss big security guy comes up and grabs me by the arm and then she came after me okay we need to apologize to my mom right now I think you're making a false accusation abebe as loud as I can't okay that's just the beginning it's really missed it. Let's go to shave from Virginia ah for Leeann. Aca what's your question hey guys other than each other if you could choose a housewife from any other franchise near the cash would you choose to our show yeah I'd rather answer the question who had and make out there oh I totally make out with Erica or Erika would make out with that because she's like me sickly but still okay you want to join your show Oh my gosh that's tough isn't it tough we were talking about replacing each other like she should be me for a day and I would go be hurt I mean I would watch that I would superego women that just put it out there so I would ask Tammy we got this a lot Camille as a facebook your daughter asks you to quit the show to have a relationship with her would you do it yes yes sir okay let's go to wick from Atlanta Hey wick what your question K. Andy what's up you're looking very handsome tonight thanks is for Damron Tamra do you think is more to blame for the train rumored Vicky for hinting at it or you actually dropping the bomb well my intention we're not to bring out there I knew that that Vicky and Shannon were the only ones that knew about it and Vicky kept going on and on every time we found I know something and you know Vicki spent two years of her saying like I know what David did to you so I just looked at her in the eye and I'm like train like that thinking she would shut it down what happened after that was like I was more so sticking up for Kelly going listen if you don't say it I'm GonNa tell her and it just blew up in my face all right let's go Eric from Missouri. Hey Eric which was said hi Andy my questions for Leeann I just WanNa know have you changed your mind about Dr Dubar carries husband doing your out since you guys used to not be friends with you guys are we're really good friends I actually just talked to carry today casket still WanNa do you you win so no now I think it's I think it's I I'm not I wouldn't want cameras husband naked I just think there's a certain line that just let my husband yeah that's because you don't want to see him screaming running through might WanNa see you mm-hmm big chance all right it's game time everybody admitted that she enrich have made love through a whole all in the fence but when it comes to other holes that rich might fill camera fill in it's time for the new game sweeping the nation to put his member in will appear behind Tamra if we can get her to gas seven in sixty seconds you've both good okay you get a thing of and your do something with it like you know when you put where do you put the Pas de Pasta Oh come on T. when you make hot tea what do you put the bag.

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"dr dubar" Discussed on Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

01:41 min | 3 years ago

"dr dubar" Discussed on Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald

"Like for the first few episodes i notice that legco is like a and if it was stress or like crying but also everything's kind of edited out so like maybe i cried and ones in that i didn't cry and it'll show where you know goes back i'm doubted us your face had an but no i i really don't do a lot with my face serves scanner besides both go dr dubar you know i don't go to carry cause an sh and as she does bow toxin wrestling back a i go to someone else 'cause i'm afraid of something happened it would just be awkward um so i just kind of stood sticking through paid sick with the person i've thought area in doctored uber who are also costars on the show i had them blaster and then of course you'll went to lunch rosary shows dallas and i really like them a further than provide leave fun and cool and so you're in the second season had and you guys are kinda is it's pretty eccentric group jet you have some indian people have the new girl who is the real life elwood's type of girl who is about two feet taller than her husband he yes which when you i remember i had a couple that i that are still together not that unlike not like a mixed couple like a mix hike couple couldn't last but i remember when i was going to meet them for the first time and my friend goes i just want to warn you she's a former beauty pageant she's really tall and he's goodlooking but he's very small and it's a little alarming that's the way she said it before we met them for dinner at that's this yeah it is it's a little our little yeah like whenever you i see them together you like hot.

dallas elwood two feet