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Entry 34  DR DAVID HAMILTON  When tennis and science collide

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Entry 34 DR DAVID HAMILTON When tennis and science collide

"Hey how's it going? Welcome to enter number thirty four to my tennis journal. My name is Krousar and if you knew to the shore thanks very much for checking out and if you are a regular listener than cheers for continued support. We have another cracking guest this week as slightly to move from the tennis world in that he is a keen tennis player but doesn't work within the tennis industry. His name is David Hamilton. Or should I give him his full title Dr David Hamilton. Phd Author Writer Speaker. One of the nicest people I've ever met in my life and his specialty. What he is world renowned for is being an expert in the mind body connection. I I met David Bank to maybe two and a half years ago where he was excused the Term Guinea pig on a coaching. Course I was running. We hit it off. Mmediately struck up a friendship and the more time I spend with David Moore. I'm starting to realize how much of a huge crossover there is between his work. And the sporting world so in this episode we really explore different ways that his work connects with the tennis. But you will hear exactly what he's about how he comes everything from a scientific point of view and how we can actually try and find ways of connecting that to typical tennis players of all levels. Something in this one for A. I'd also like to say that if you are not from a tennis background you'll get something from this because a lot of the principles that he uses are great for anyone's mental wellbeing so before I dip in. I'm going to give you a little bit of a glimpse into next week's guest. I have the WTI player. I'M GONNA say. Wto player because she didn't quite retire. Her name is Van Your King. She's a double Grand Slam doubles champion on. Us Open and Wimbledon titles back in two thousand and ten F tastic person. Fantastic tennis player. Obviously and she really gives some fantastic learnings for any tennis coach player and parent. So that'll be next week's episode lookout for that one being really and finally before I pass you onto my guest just the usual plea whatever podcasting APPs you use take two seconds press a button and give us a rating. Take a minute right a little view on what you like in particular for any of the episodes and it helps us get found on these complex search engines on their Internet. So let me pass you over to Dr David. Hamilton David Hamilton. You are my thirty Fourth Entry. Into my tennis journal. And it's probably been since episode for the I've wanted to get you on we've been talking about for probably a year and a half at least at least yeah we've been talking about us as a year and a half year my goodness at least well. At least you've thirsty more people an embittered in so I can live with. I did up passing and for the benefit of historical purposes. We are in the middle of the cool aged nineteen pandemic and so. How are you coping with all of that? I I have a book to rate and I have the an exam doing pop team university degree in mathematics and physics so I have an exam in six weeks. Seven weeks claim saw. I've just been so focused on those things and then you know other stuff. I do in social media you know. I'm trying not to think too much. Because of a famous also blessed it was slings. Good it's good that you got a call. Them distractions. Bus is a distraction. So they re as a distraction for me. Yeah stuff that I have to do. So you know it's a usual avalon. Travel any speaking events but I had actually planned this time to be mostly a home. So it's Kinda it's Kinda odd that I am Khomeini rate really has been of destruction for me. Just being solely be buzzy with. Yeah so if I go back to when we first met. I think you'll probably a couple of years ago night I met and the listener can understand. Where are pats crossed about? Two years ago on a Level Three Course tennis coaching courses. I should say I was treating Stirling University. We we get hit expression. Guinea pigs in practice on and David was one of those people and You know perfectly lovely I the meeting in exchanging so it was only at the end of that day the Sandy. We both know from Dunblane tennis crop. You'll of Ganesha Sandy Fleming. And he said Oh do what if it does next up. No idea. I've never met or any told me that. He was an author written many books and his latest one was on the side effects of kindness. Which is a clever title in itself. And now you've probably written a couple of weeks since then is that right a just once. Fun Talk Came this every a so because the majority of my typical listeners will be connected or involved in the tennis world it would be great for you to give a bit of an overview on the five side effects with kindness to see where we can tap into the tennis world. Great first of all. Thanks for that a tennis. Guinea pecking at that was immensely for me. Because as you know I only really take up tennis. I thought that was immense help to me. Even even though it was a guinea pig immensely helpful it to the defects is actually fight side effects of kindness. And you know first of all. I love bowling side effects because I for the benefit of the listeners. I I used to work as a scientists in one of the world's biggest pharmaceutical companies. I was building drugs for heart disease and concert. And so whenever you talk about a side effect is always in the negative but but in say defect is really just something that happens alongside the thing that you're trying to accomplish so that when you kind of five side effects five things that happen a some much of which is sage insatiable for scientific. Is the kindness. Makes you happy and you know. There's lots of studies that do the compare people who've been asked to go out and be kind gone through a number of a week and if followed over a period of fine compared sorry over a period of time with people who are not doing acts of kindness in all the study. Show the same thing that being kind produces a net gain and happiness and some other studies suggested is actually real changes in brain chemistry as a consequence overly. Just comes down to Kindness Nick Fuel. Second what is amazing. It's the kindness good for the heart and it works in a way that valuable stress too. If you ask anyone of stress almost anyone will say will peace come tranquility dinner? The opposite of stress those states of the absence of Spanish. You're watching speaking. The opus of stress is kindness. An audit feelings induced by kindness because stress. It self is the feelings and just by the feelings of stress what process stress Hormones Adrenalin Cortisol and what we know about the physical effects but would you be kind feelings in just by. Kindness produce cabinet hormones. I call him kindness and that really is calling kind homeless to make a distinction between China's hormones strikes hormones because it's the ease of the physical product of the feeling to stress. Hormones Adrenalin Cortisol of the physical products. Old feeling stress so kindness. Hormones oxytocin for example is one of them out of the physical products of how being kate makes you feel but at tons a. Kanus homeless the directly on the arteries under released attention in the walls of the Reduction in blood pressure to Kane this homelands and actually cold Protective that means that attack Jakarta vascular system so amazing. I think that the thing that I appealed to me in the work that you do is it's not no. You introduced me to this expression. I think we were along people when when you mentioned this type of stuff they think plainly almost like a spiritual type level but everything. You're talking about his own. A scientific level so straight away with the happier and the the cardiovascular impact one of the things that we have in the coaching world is the is quite a stressful job. In it's also quite lonely and because of that I think coaches instinctively become quite territorial about their area and also the the players they coach. There's not a lot of collaboration. Goes ON BETWEEN COACHES is starting to change in our thinking the last few years. So even the coaches are listening the the benefits of being kind. Not just in a the feeling that you might get from actually the acts of kindness but there is actually a benefit for your heart absolutely in fact even even in the context of Tana's it much you know when you feel stressed and you get tension in your shoulders and then you stop playing you lose someone at fallen mean what. Fm Stayed You I'm feeling really stressed yet. If I see her do something. Nice for my Compliment by one of justice something or even just in my mind even Concetta gratitude or something something Nice about my. What actually does is logically relieve some stress. Because kindness physiologically exact opposite of stress is like a see-saw kindness goes up stress comes down. Some studies have actually looked to Nazi so fact in the find. If you follow people over a period of fine you chop. The levels of stress scores Edo detained scale and then shot the acts of kindness score. Meaning the number of claims. They said done something kind. And what you find in days when kindness score comes up stress from it really has like a C. so effects even in the court. I'm not I've I've done message in life. You know noticing feeling stressed in quake banking or seeing or doing something kind and it just has. It's almost instantaneous. Release political tension in the body. I'm so glad you said that because I have had many debates with patents in particular the last couple years and I tried to introduce them to this concept and there's been strong resistance because the nature of their relationship obviously to their child and competition element mixes so a motive but one of the things that I've suggested when Letsie appearances their child's opponent the weekend was cheat or key to the match and I try and say well there's a benefit or I'll play devil's advocate and say new child cheats and the instantly like they get so stressed out and say if you believe that your child is being cheated or does it make you feel it just makes my blood boil it. They're literally telling you what you're saying is that they're releasing all this cortisol and adrenaline our system and said do you believe that your child will perform better believing that the opponent is a cheat and lie then we can start to see the logic kicking in and so on one of the things that I suggest to them. Is that if even if you turn around and be you that the opponent is desperate. Not What tends to happen if somebody gives a bad call? It's that fine line between determination and desperation. If I'm playing against you and you give me a bad call I opt for Russa can responds one. Which is I call you something or I confront yawn it or option to. I actually feel a little bit of sympathy for you because you're in such a desperate state that you've resorted to doing this. Act US incredible refrained. 'cause what the I immediately doesn't. Is it changes. How you feel and therefore changes attention in your body so so by being kind and that mistake having sympathy you will actually play out. And then how'd you got angry about the fact if did me? That's not for me. One hundred percent. Is it not the kind of the lightning are the light bulb movement? I want dependents. The have is that. I'm not suggesting that they have to believe that. This other person is not seeing. The benefit is for their child to change the chemistry in their brain. Change the body language. And you know us like yourself. You've even yesterday a couple of times. A shoulder drop five six inches. The body language relaxes a lot more a bit. More focused a bit more. Well at you tell me that was the result of Cortisol reducing and was the cancer is a Drennan no testosterone going yet Usually that's actually does accounting effect between a stress hormones in Kenya Swanson. Not As you increase lightness horror. You have a net reduction in stress hormones and many of the physical effects even even stress hormones cause of adoption in immune function is actually elevate. I mean functional. So it's not what you're gonNA. Yeah I've often referred to cortisol is being like squid. Ink for the brain clydes Krygier ability to an ability and think straight and if you're thinking about a cerebral sport like tennis where you have to move thinking and perform the same time you can't afford to be high in cortisol because you won't be able to see what staring you're right in the face. Even to the point whatever young children who at the end of a match have come off and I said so. You agreed the guys back. Ken was worse than beforehand. Admire I targeted. The back end and they've not realized the player was left handed. The they've not been able to see literally was staring them in the face. The player held the racket in the other hand so that from using indication that there were so stressed that the literally. We're not seeing what was staring them in the face like that. I like that. Idea OF S- because Samson hang this hormones. A Lake is something that utilizes the color of spending can restores back to clear again. glut using these currencies physical concepts because oftentimes let you said Elliott. I'd use the ten would often things. You're talking about these feelings and stuff. People Think Eh Okinawa Bring it down to the basics really does come down to you. Have THE FEELINGS? But the physical products of describing. You have the stress hormones but you also have the cleaning hormones. The kindness physical products of that. Reframe using getting your mind like we haven't even my opponent is desperate. Nothing amazing refund because you feel sympathy so you introducing not just the feeling your introducing if physical brought out of feeling. Sympathy isn't it. That is not physical feeling sympathy as these cleaning hormone kindness hormones but you could call them cleaning hormones incentive cleaning escorting your same time there's a corresponding station effect in the emphasis of the of the autonomic never system is governed by biggest now in the Vegas is it control controls to logic extent reduction in heart rate when you breathe out if you take your pulse when you breathe in your heart and PC's breath out your heart rate increases when you breathe an increasing ticket offer fewer spitting died decrease is produced by Your Vegas now and it's what it does. It support the enter. The nervous system interstate rest relaxing. You breathe then you gotta fight or flight. You're getting ready to brief reported restaurant. Lachey breathe Fight or flight Alexa what you is. The the sympathetic nervous system breathing potter sympathetic sympathetic invent autism Bills Breezing breathing kills a hot rate. Donors Your Vegas Vegas. Now is also tied. Intricately into feelings of sympathy and compassion. And this this is something that evolved over millions of years humans. Thank you both. Compared to other animal species humans larger heads limit bone and whatnot. Means is human babies born technically premature compared to other animals on other animals often walk within a few days. Even human babies need months and months of Kim and it's because of the logic hates hyun babies pre born premature so much more so over millions of years of having to care for children at human emphasised them evolved so that feeling sympathy and compassion. Spn's care for children evolved in concert with the Vegas now with kidding so it's actually often called the ICARE so tied enter your experience of sympathy and compassion has evolved because of the larger head size. If you want some outside so what we have today is whenever you feel kid and compassion. You never system immediately kept into. Potus who never system was interesting. Relax so even an above the cleaning hormones for describing kanus cleaning that stressful over and above that you actually have fun domain to it. A relaxation state being juiston your body simply by that reframe to do sympathy for my opponent. Whose so desperate to win this much. Rather than passing cheat me. The differences phenomenal. It's Just to play devil's advocate but just imagine someone hears this and confronts us in terms of higher. Is it possible that you can detach that from being competitive? Is there any any science behind intern? What will we'll actual refl wasn't because because what you can see is I can use this as a strategy. I can choose if I want really what when then I can real. I can recognize that. I'm more likely to win. If I expecting sympathy. Then it becomes a strategy. So you becoming your retain your competitiveness. But you're just doing a little bit more delicate understanding the mind boy. Anti War can automate. And you know that I know that and I. I'm so competitive I knew the F. I. Rather than you're angry I get sympathetic instead. Reframe that so I feel differently. About what my son is a strategy. What's in concert with my real competitive to competitiveness? I'm going feel sympathy as a strategy to win. I love that my response is being a little bit more. Almost overly logical in day. Competitiveness doesn't happen in between the points that I think. There's this thing in Tennessee. That people talk about the will to win. You know. I'm like well I kind of understand the drive and all this stuff but in the moment the it's the doing that leads to performance in versus a win versus loss for example. So if you take someone like an Andy for example who over? The years has been criticized for some of his body lying resort gesturing in between points but his ability to refocus and switch back on to actually perform is where the points are won and lost in new psychologist would say. Of course. There's a kind of snowball fate if you get your mind going too bad. It will rule over into the next point which agree with but to know that there's an actual or think of it as a strategy is a much better we are. I'll definitely be using one instead of my overly logical one because it because so many I mean so many any eastside working with and Leslie. It will help them develop strategies for when this happens when such and such a thing with this folks. It is what it is. Why thank you I will do with my mind? And so much of the strategies really are it is. I'll do with my mind Oftentimes you've just gotTa find a way of getting your mind to look at such we even when you're losing you know which is something. I was quite law as finding a way to deal with an almost myself. I'm thinking back to when I was about twenty twenty one years old maybe and I used to practice a little bit with a guy called. Tony Dawson. From Aberdeen USA. People people are listening to this. Nintendo's will probably remember him but he was Betty competitive pleats played for Scotland at tennis and badminton one. These guys have sickeningly good everything but he was a fantastic competitor. And I remember I used to struggle baked time when I used to compete against people. I knew a way of dressing. This didn't like I just heard a real. I was a bit of had a chip in mature or when I was younger. And he gave me this this amazing tip and he says if when you compete against these people number one smile at them and number two. Pretend that you're they're your friend. Might be nice to them and he says it will make you feel better and you perform a lot better now years me. Twenty six twenty seven years laser. Actually He. There was some science behind. What said yeah absolutely. Yeah because mean so much of anything in life even even with a lower talk in Tennessee. But an anything that you are farm. Light anything that you do in life so much. Defective this comes down to how you feel. You feel will affect how you how you communicate. Even the things that you see on to any situation is modulated in large part by how you feeling in that moment and so we have to develop strategies for bringing a definite bringing a way of thinking to any situation strategy that can also how we feel if we feel in the moment is helping instrumental effect on performance the court of performance in any aspect life to one of the skills in life to fight anything is is what strategies. Can I bring to a to change how I feel that? I'm I'm in a state much more productive. Perfect perfect go back to the five side effects and one of them is improving relationships. So what's the science behind that? Well first of all think of it really logically you tend to like people can t till like so much people who cheat as ungainly. So it's really obese in that can wait but scientists I'll give you two studies rate Scientists surveyed overcame foes and people in thirty seven countries the some good oversexed continents and the ask them what was most important to you. What's most important to you end up in a long term relationship and you're not really think about it and you know what Kim told an old fuddy seven countries more than financial security more than a good sense of humor more than good looks kind top that ten thousand people I've asked people and they sit doesn't make sense and the reason doesn't make sense 'cause we told them around and we think what does someone who someone been looking for me and then we immediately thank well funding a you know a hero a look good and a smell nice and a lot but it we've turned around but if you really think about it and then someone else you what would you like to really find cheaper than what really is? Someone is so on the basis of another study. Scientists that up several studies. That are like the Big Brother House and what you do is you have a group of people interacting. You've you've radio them over. A period of time and scientists noticed in study of newlyweds on the watched. How the Internet in what you often see. Is someone making what they call? Embed for connection and that's what they call it when when you see come check the so. You're looking at the window for example. I'M GONNA check this out what it really is. A few nature is a better connection you to connect to the best and so look at the one driver is to the partner will do one of two things they will either. Tom Towards more means able engage with you in some way to either the Komo Louis to the window and look at it with the other and the whole issue is some positive engagement or they will turn away turn away would mean it could go from each of off that's rubbish and it could be just a possible rally. Okay bye to the corner. Something and what did they find when they fold up six years later we find an an average in these studies? Is those who Tom Towards? Most of the time usually find sex usually at a niece statistically nearly ninety percent of couples of stolen altogether and those who turn away most of the time only about eighty four percent are still together is that she is later there. A ratio of five to one that people who taunt towards five times more than the tunnel we not so good cadet tough for the gift of a relationship. But it's less than the finalized. One thing you start to get into that could go either. We can talk. Statistically a five to one ratio boils pumping towards really as over and above. Love is split tightness. So so what you find in. All of these things is owed with love itself. The glued the underlying optic each relationships. Not just reminding friendships and get his kindness. Willingness to be there for someone. It's funny when I'm say as you're speaking I'm thinking right. Why because there's so many crossovers in tennis? Burton really basic one that we use in doubles training for example in a tip that you give to club players to anyone competes. You would say in between every single point you must always turn towards your partner again. I done it again is everything I'm doing is more from probably from a logical point. If you criticize you'd actually pretty hard science to which I love and the whole thing is a member very clearly playing doubles when I was maybe fourteen or fifteen with our club champion at stonehaven tennis club. Who was club champion for donkey's years in a row? And every time I missed a shot turned away from me and even now I can remember the frustration. The game he was it was almost like he was abandoning ship and Used to say that all the time whenever the especially when your partner makes a mistake turned towards them walk towards them so that they feel the togetherness when you know they're not blame. It's a partnership you win together. You lose together. So it's amazing the crossovers between John and never before have I made that connection to the tennis court. I've been talking about this study but a couple of years two years I've been you're hitting. This is an example with with public audiences when I get talks and never dental negative. Actually I talk. I say all types of relationships never quite queasy that in the Douglas absolutely of course because otherwise you feel you feel under pressure menu. Feel if I feel my important with Putin's enough is doesn't like my doesn't Find Cam Newton for example on the stress and I play I play based on the final. My opponent doesn't here. You just want to enjoy the game that I can't stand here and it said the to couple it with a silent. Which is the most negative signed in the world in my opinion is this. Is somebody touching winning back knowing the name the guy that this guy was infamous for this like? I would be serving. He'd be at the net and I would serve the first serve into the net and he'd go then exhibit a double-fault Echo in this show. You know suicide so true. Though I think the point that I make my my partner partner thank you sit my opponent doubles but I sent the Beta. When when have a double spot nut I feel comfortable at I? I know that they'd okay with me. shorts. There's bigger part of this improving. Relationships in terms of touched on already is that coaching can be quite lonely sport. So this is almost a message for the coaches. And I say this. All the time to work with coaches is find a way of building relationships with other coaches another clubs in other programs and find ways to work together. Not just because of loneliness thing but you will have a bigger impact if you work together as a team than if you are competing against each other and if you used a silly analogy of Microsoft and apple are stronger because of each other you know. They proved each other on. If you think of all the big brands in the world they normally have fake competitors far verses Volkswagen and so on if there was no competition wouldn't be as strong. And if you WANNA use that is true topical at the moment or at least timely the moment on Friday versus thirty tomato night. Andy Muddy and Novak Djokovic. We're GONNA do have life which will be amazing accurate and debt. Were asking for questions and I was so desperate to ask this question but no no never read the whole thing. We'd Andy be the player that he is or was when he was at its peak. If Drew Ed Roger Hlavac Rafeh hunting been around and it's a philosophical question. I totally I totally agree. I totally became super much better player because of the challenges of the best players out of a base a collection of players time that ever played sport possible. Yeah and if you think of that whole thing to take it to the degree. Is that off court to be appreciative of your opponent. And actually one. This is another thing that can't stand is when I say you should want the best for you to Cornyn because a lot of people they want the hall win take the cheap win if they can get where I said no you. Won't you should want your opponent to be at their best. So that when you compete if you win you deserve the win one hundred percent and if you lose ya you were tested to the best of your ability. I understand why the struggle was that that that whole thing of one thing. The best feed opponent is in my opinion. Another thing is almost an act of kindness in a way. That really has an again. It comes back to what we were saying earlier. That one thing to win puts you in a different state and it does an really does bring the best immune I can see that not just an endoscope and my gender life you when you when you want the best for people you tend to you almost tend to rise up yourself an Amos court anger soul we rise by lifting others. Yeah definitely you rise by letting others and we on the tennis court off the tennis court. We bring our based game when we want the best for someone else's to to throw the comparison the opposite in there. It used to wind me up when used to take the Scottish kids to British nationals. Every year. And you would. Let's say quite often to give a backstory behind this British nationals. Used to be in pretty much the end of August every year and the very best players in Britain have been tooting the entire summer quite often internationally as well and it wasn't uncommon the best seeds or like the top seeds in the nationals. We lose our second right because they were just absolutely gassed. By the time he came to nationals. And you get all these kids running by the tournament and it was like Chinese whispers or or like a wave of euphoria of you see the number one seeds like four one third and they're almost happy the top seed is going out and I was like we doing what I say. Why are you happy about that? I said you ever beaten this kid and no no he kicks my ass so it will. You've just lowered the bar because you are hoping that someone beat you handedly is actually gonNA lose. Therefore you've lured the bar you should want everyone to win or compete to their best therefore we all collectively raise the bar together. Absolutely tougher. Hit understand that. But don't we can rationalize. Wilted denser is great that you're communicating not to catch so because the most teams people you these things you have to hear things several times before it can sync it once it sank and you take on board and then it really begins to what nothing when when kids really get it can change everything really not too late because I'll change how they feel and many many situations big time big time so let's say get to other tangible things that You've used in a knife take f stolen from you. Which you mentioned to me by the crew of mindful meditation to help you when you're competing in you're in the club and so on so could you give a bit of an overview on what's involved or what as in was involved in it. Yeah so so. Mindfulness Meditation passably phone to be mentally helpful. A Taylor told me about the signs of why it works is because I took obtain associate years ago and I've been on a steep learning curve. I found it no matter how much I was getting better. I could always get to this point. Let's see it was game point. People would never taken a game thrown before game point and I see myself being forty love up. And I'm savvy still lose the game and do that so many times and what would happen is suddenly about forty love noticed the four hundred thought about until the gnome thinking on for this guy is in the division in payment before division. So I shouldn't be here in a moment always in my head. Iced double double fault. Again Gordon Language Toco Selena balls afforded Jerusalem that so many times so I decided to a to an intensified. Mindfulness Meditation and it was through doing that about every single day almost every day for a month. I found myself in a similar situation and it was just so much more unequal one when the game. That situation didn't seem to cause figure for me. Be is mindfulness. Meditation for listeners. Have never tried it. It's really just you become mindful of the fact that you're breathing if I'm used to do. Mindfulness right and I would hope most of lessons of doing. But so let's see I used to breathe and then I was to notice that breathing. What I'm doing right now if I noticed I'm breathing than unbecoming mindful of the fact time breathing though the moment you become mindful of the fact that you're breathing you give attention to your breathing if you want to take Scott of the brain. What you'd see is. The major activated region of the brain is a better Just above your eyes to forehead had just above. The ice is called prefrontal cortex in a really as the brain. Ceo of the brain is most active. When you're giving something you feel attention so for example it's like when you if you left our weight and you what let's see you go to the gym. You walk out your your your ties. For example they you'll notice to thanks. How could the Muslim will become firmer and become l'objet with practice? So you have exactly the same process. In the brain oviously you'd have scientists Muscle GROWTH NOODLE CLUSTER CITY. But it means exactly the same muscle growth. So if I was to exercise worker a region of the brain. So let's see my frontal Cortex then. Two things happened just like muscle growth the comfortable and and that's exactly how she developed more connections to more muscle fibers. So if you make a muscle stronger than anything that you use that muscle for becomes easier to prefrontal cortex stronger than ever before to comes easier. So therefore concentration becomes easier because another it becomes. Easier is ability to override feelings of stress in the moment and an ability to feel in control of yourself regardless of what's happening inability to stay present so in a sense when I intensified. My mindfulness practice is doing. I was taking muscle to Jim the above my license rather than by by sex or my quads. On my things I was working at a p front to fix and as a consequence if I walked to my shoulders and my arms on May available to the Honda Timothy Frontal cortex nine booth my ability stay centered and focused even when moment of stress. I could win game you too so when you practice. Mindfulness and Hewlett takes five minutes a day of Satin quietly and giving your attention to the breathing just notice what breathing sounds like notice breathing. Feels like that. You doing mindfulness meditation. You really are taking your fix the gem just as if you're doing twenty wrecks on any particular muscle and it's amazing. The the first time I really properly appreciated this is when I started to do yoga. Because the there's so much focus in breathing in yoga and I find. It was an amazing result for me in terms of holding positions for longer an end. So that whole idea of attaching your breasts to something so for example it would be like Grethe into your leg. Breathe into now like breathing. Then you do it and you can actually feel the stretch get up to longer and and that something a I historically have not been the best leaper in the world been best in recent years but if I do have a bad night's sleep I actually have find peace by just lying back my hands on my chest and being mindful of my breath and before you knew it absolutely yeah and Al- also as well as developing pre frontal CORTEX also remember Elliot. I was talking about the as you put out your outreach. Lewis down by focusing on your breathing. Watch Hopkins. Breathing begins to elongate bet. We intensify the length of time the rest of the lots of never systems checking and so when we give attention to a breathing breathing naturally deepens on zone. Sui increase more of the arrest and relax Washington. That's one of the reasons why the body and the mind began to relax when we read. This is such a big thing for tennis players. I think it moves coaches. Listening at most players are listening to this will at various points in their career being told the benefits of breathing and in typical tennis a world it would normally be to reduce your heart. Rate's IT'd be more cam and be more relying spit to to hear all these other benefits in late very deep scientific ways for me. It's more I think. Knowledge is power personally and I think if the more I would buy into this if I knew the science behind versus most people I can definitely speak for myself. If you just tell me what to do tell me the why of it. I do buy into nearly as as much I. I love the fact that meditation. Mindfulness Meditation with such shoeless physical changes in the brain. And it's not just about stuff that we've talked about in the past Of talked to meditate in reduced blood pressure can fetch a breathing is only because in the last decade or so am I. Technology is advanced in other brain scanning techniques defines new year look at density scans of the frontal cortex physical change in the actual fibers having more muscle fibers. You have the same cannot is called noodle connections but muscle fibers in the muscles is the same as noodle connections in the brain and you can actually see an increase in the density of the noodle connections in the brain from doing nothing than spending five minutes. They noticing the agreeing. Dancing voted live minutes a day. Don't we never because knowledge is knowledge is power when she knew that that happens? You start to do the stuff because it doesn't say it's no longer it's no longer something someone's just seeing. Oh you should try. That is the really strong. A scientific evidence perfect you said breathing anti like in addition of a reset dramatic but really does affect you like research. Harvard led by professor cold. Pascal drop the name there because he's a very famous noodle neurologist and he got a group of volunteers to secrets of fide notes and a piano so the basically went academic scale with five fingers on an all for a two of a period had to bring scandal. Today the region of the brain connected to the finger muscles had done legal muscle growth. But as I say we call it. Acetate quite substantial. You'll plus it. You could physically see the difference inside of the region of the brain having not to us today for five days a second group of people or ask the closer is the hunt flatten. Able imagine the going book is called. Kinesthetic imagery using the margin would feel really. Were doing it. Like is if you could. If you imagining doing a volley in tennis you'd be magic out. Feels the same thing in imagining. How feels the also the DOT imagining? I've it feels for the two hours on five consecutive days on the brain scandal today missing. When you the brain scans side by side you could not l. deference between those played the notes with the finders With the mind exactly the same in other words. The brain wasn't distinguishing between whether you're really moving with Uber imagining us. That's incredible now. This what you did with the Andy Murray served I get so Chris. Aided this study after you give me a video of undeserving on the US. Open this day. It was just after he'd won the US Open. We did the Creek Locker ten center. Go the video just behind Nimitz. If you give me an judy and Andy was sad and knocking Balls target amazingly seven and knocking the ball of the pinpoint accuracy site to be video. I cut it down to just about four or five seconds from an ice happened. Is I decided I was fatal being technically probably the worst tennis played. Don't blame him afford device because everyone in the blame for years and I thought I'm going to sign so somebody visualize what I phoned the visualization difficult because you need to have a mental representation a mental representation. As you need to know what you're visualizing using looks like so I used this little tool goal action observation if you exempt something being done correctly a fuss amount of fines your brain processes as if you're really doing it yourself massively speeds up landing so. I actually watched that video of Three thousand times and I see that with scientific accuracy because I may not be capable in Microsoft an exactly four weeks to the of the next leaks season and I thought my average losing margin in the league with sex love sex one an avalanche. Something's at score with two three games all the things that sexual sex love and I just. I'm just slamming. Today's I will do visualize ten sabs enter the juice court and Tan. Seventeen the sued ethical. Because I didn't do why they have failed. White WASHED UNDIES VIDEO. One Hundred Times a day for theft two days. That's why I say three thousand teens after about three days of doing that I in greened patch it in my mind of for a really good look plate so I too often about three days. I could visualize anybody to cut loan to that for days. And the core and hundred bowls a once a week to call alone students show. I won the league and then I wanted to thought with a dropping. Say they're a tensely by any means? I'm not trying to impress anyone trying to impress a how fast might game change Really just by using federalisation and you said knowledge is. I knew that as I been doing that is causing massive substantial changes to the sucker two of my brain and they would have to be a physical benefit of and for me. It translated myself improvement. Give me much more confidence. In the courts. I've is no longer always usually within ten minutes. Four left out when averaging all of a sudden wasn't for love that too hold and that changed the whole dynamic scream I just started through. Yes this is like music to my ears here because I'm just speaking to court this morning actually about how and I know there's a touch of Romanticism going on here but I was speaking about this idea that in the eighties. When I first started playing tennis the wasn't not much tennis on TV. But it was on our record as much as I could. I recalled a remember when Vj VHS tapes you by CEO or tapes or five. You know that stuff. I saved up my pocket money off five or to record end of season called NABISCO masters. Is The world tour finals. As we knew it was Landau Versus Becker. Nineteen Eight. It turned into this classic match. I honestly burnt not pay like I I would watch. It reminded watch. It reminded just any spare time was watching it and the point of making this coach this morning is an it could be overly nostalgic. But I don't believe that the children nowadays love the game. The way that we did neither could be a few people like. They're arguing that and that's fine but they don't study the game and and I tell them the benefits of watching imagining them being that player and back to stuff. We probably did as kids naturally like maybe it was football for you ever tennis for me. It would be. I'll be Aker. Ub McEnroe. I'll be becker. You'd be Lendl I'll be you know an you would practice things that they would do because you were role. Playing the fact they were like a volume. I never said volleyed but when I was Boris Becker volleyed and kids. You see them the ones that do watch Tennessee copying the mannerisms choke exactly how the players play Not so succeed to lending actually. Cd of scientific resets going into what you've done as a teenager. Cds Reception is called Action Observation and research finds you can rapidly increase the rate of laminate if you use option observation to know but you have to walk and the key is you're GonNa Watch it being done properly if you want. You've been on crates and crates on unconnected than into the brain. So the wrong if you watch unrepentant. I'm talking dozens and dozens. I did over fifty thousand things off extremist. Most studies have people. Doing Maybe Watch something a twenty times and then watch another way. Times in another twenty times and then visualized so it's like maybe sixty teams your what something possession and then almost all the action observation studies for. Tennis Golf Basketball. You name it wherever the past ever anything. That involves a mechanical movement wherever that Mechanical Movement as almost all of the studies show that action observation rapidly and vastly increasing Speed of landing of physical coordinated movement. And I knew that s why I did it with the research It's a great point for coaches because I think a lot of tennis players instinctively cook on what they don't do so well so if you let's say you have a little habit that you don't follow through on your hand in it crosses your body in you and the amount of kids that make that mistake when you get tight and then they'll do is if you walk in back to the baseline and they'll be they'll be replaying the bad shop in their mind like literally gesturing it. Yeah and I'm like well you've actually just played got short. Once it with a ball just played another three times before you go back to the baseline reinforcing. The wrong image which to we'd guests has the same effect but in the office. Directing has the same effect. That really what we should be finding is what we talked to. Elliott finding a way to change how you feel about it. If you're gonNA visualize anything just quickly imagine what you would have done from a lack space. 'cause what you've done chain you've re framed in your mind so that you're not feeling angry not feeling hot or stressed about it. No you're using US as a strategy narrow while is the margin myself another lap state note fling not show absolutely wonderfully wanted. Al Do two or three times in my head before I know. Take neck show. Yeah and I was remembered. The the Williams sisters were amazing for that when newburgh earlier in their career at times they make a mistake and they'd instantly gesture should have done or could have done in terms of cleaning destroyed and always struck me. That would make a mistake. Just shadow the correct version before they start the next point Oviously tapped into this at some point in the career. The this was a question I was going to throw you. Because you mentioned the prefrontal Cortex to this is something that I've heard on several podcasts. In the last year or so and it would be. I'm pretty sure you'll know what it is but I would like someone. Explain it in Layman's terms to me and it related to court. And it was the I can't remember his name now but he is a fairly famous breen. Dr For lack of a better expression and he was one of the ones that pioneered doing brain. Scans to check all these different things that you've talked to. And he said we'll be tied. Anyone expediencies Uber Fame. Before the frontal cortex frontal lobes are food developed. Are Your frontal lobes more that will frontal looks at the pizza to both of you that ability to to be able to be in the moment down presence it also when stressful situations happening you can overrule the strategy overall environment in the context and stay centered and balanced and so when Is If you get famous before you can handle it if you can be president enough to be yourself. Yup and that's why you will be tied because the frontal lobes such a big role in pitiable to control yourself able to stay centered and focused with Gaba this situation environment. Perfect the upset. It's so many people but it to me slightly that can have. Can you the gist of it? But I didn't know the exact science behind. It happens at a big one for tennis and again any ten spears listening or coaches listening. Now you knew clears that think they are and Jack? Ladder have achieved something before they've actually done. An early could be like fifteen years old. Win a big tournament and they. They've arrived to stir trying to keep president. Keep if you on the ground and so on frontal lobe. Just a part of the PREFRONTAL CORTEX. Just help you. To to maintain calm and pleasant. You Look Fanta. For example. Over the years homemade. The Dowell and I'm the Israeli Novak can how many times over the years they've been able to maintain a presence in Gaza Southie the moment facing the or the context. Even the losing I invite. You need a well. Developed Frontal Lobes of beef to be able to do that with a well developed. Frontal CORTEX couldn't do not see to anyone who wants to get to the top anything you've got to do you go. What your frontal lobes frontal Cortex in one of the base we as is as well as king attention to everything you do your attention to all the structure and really get everything your maximum focus also practice meditation. Mindfulness as an extra backup. Because you're always walking on building the strength from the Bolton Could is there a logic in that someone who has a healthy perspective or self worth for example? Attach attach their self worth to something like being kind to others is. They're logic in that. Also helping develop the frontal lobes in a sense if you if you have a healthy sense of self worth then. It's easier to plan your attention to any situation because your mind is less distracted on needing people to light you at approval of ought to get justification You generally find that if you've got a better sense of self worth value in your better is easier to be present in any situation. Slice of an internal distractions. The mind warned those all. The time is easier to pleasanton focused. When you huckleberry sense of self worth It strikes me I'd love to have had in dials. Scans when he was maybe twenty two twenty three. Because you know if I'm led to believe correctly these frontal lobes in males normally if fully developed right twenty six twenty seven years old and he females may be a little bit earlier and this was the context I was thinking of. Antennas is that there's a big shift and I believe in tennis players. When we get to that age over sudden you hear them getting interviewed and they have us a better sense of perspective quite often. It can correlate with either being married or having children so if you look at tennis players Rafeh Sorry Roger and the Nova. All of them had great periods of play after they had children because IRV hoerr values will be relying no be though. Have that whole sense of perspective tennis not being the bill and Endel so it has Rafeh always seem to have had it from a very young age because it seemed to be drummed into him that you have to be humble you have to ensure spag and be a humility influence. I'd love to have Scannel By lending humility respect. What does it help she? To main Saint Tutton in focused in balance and thought will call it correlate with increased optioning of the frontal lobes the frontal CORTEX Jodi. And there's new player I think history. That's plead or competed. In every point has relentlessly as rough you know in terms of being able to just reset and go again. He's the player recently. Somebody say if if you had one player to play for your life it would get you one hundred percent and every single points and that that also correlates with the frontal cortex looks ability to concentrate. Luckily it's like a muscle. No the stone gotta muscle as the more weight. You can left your stronger. The prefrontal CORTEX is the more you can focus in the barrier. Focus for the of what? The situation is irrevocable. If you scan these grain would probably have a super powerful frontal cortex frontal lobes and that comes out of practice practice of of things like breathing and bring attention but also practice are paying attention to every you're doing because you don't necessarily have to mindfulness opposite over pros it practice are paying attention practice giving you the attention to whatever you're doing in the moment. I mean I could. I could practice mindfulness right now by reaching for my bottle of water and just giving got school sensiti expedience my attention rather me bring him a bottle of water. Seem Tame on thinking what I'm going to do next and I'm thanking you. Send the email instead. I just bring my fill focused to. The fight is my water bowl and I'm just paying attention to anything like that. Develops a frontal cortex which means you can build up muscle fight the but just giving whatever you're doing you feel attention. Not so much mind wandering goes on because as the mind wanders you stop touching other vein other break. You want to build this. Give whatever you're doing your maximum attention in the moment. The this is brilliant because the one of the things that I am keen to. Let's say bring to the performance tennis world. For the like the expression buzz disorders called is a sense of play so I do believe that we treat people with better or more ability with more. Cds SNUS so but we're all human the Best Player. Still WanNa have fun play. But if you can let the western principle or thought when you see please unadulterated Tomfoolery if you know what I mean it but when when I say play in my mind. I'm thinking mindfulness so to use a silly analogy. If I'm reading a book for me a of play I could argue that when I when I do the garden. I used to hate gardening but now when I do the gardening I feel present and I feel. It's a sense of mindfulness when I'm doing it because there's nothing else I'm thinking about. I'm not doing the garden and thinking about my work the next week or what's going on the week or I am hundred percent present on whatever. I'm doing that time so it would there be any logic in thinking that when you play that you are giving you the tension to that thing absolutely if you if you bring your attention to anything you really are we have we had these. Luma brain scanners that you could looking at. What Apple Watch connects? You know? I watch the space in Scott and just that we Your head and you would actually see is alterations and be frontal CORTEX. Even as you're playing the game as your landing to give every shaw your full focused like the keeping an eye on the rocket visual rather than taking attention away to your neck short to quietly. Keep attention on all the way. I sometimes watch I I in my head I saw this image of of Novak Djokovic slowdowns was watching TV data when instagram at slowed down. And you could see the bowl coming. In you could see Djokovic Jeannie. Went without maximal attention was on bowl and it was total focus. Any took the ball. And he's focused with stow watching a note once that he's attention net short the next. It was a cold all the way through. All you could see this intense focused on exactly what was happening in that woman. And that builds prefrontal cortex having everything you feel attention is billion. We need to do more of these. I think they're so much crossover between I for me. This builds the bridge between what psychologists say. But it's in a much more concrete way. I don't want to be critical of the sports psychologists I've seen in my opinion too often they focus on just the act was sailing the why. Ovid and tennis players or competitive sports people are stubborn at the best of times and never more so than when tooled what to do. But if you if you talk about that was at Harvard. Business school equation for change of behavior. It's like they're disatisfaction. Plus Vision Plus for step has to be greater or equal to the cost of the change is tennis players quite often if they are of a certain level. Nur successful to sell them a a change. The Need disatisfaction. So if you were able to use these kind of scientific methods and maybe the word makes him a bit more layman terms the actually deliver them so they knew what was going on. You would create the satisfaction because you could say. Are you happy at the moment? This is what you're thinking feeling and behaving in so it would be another tool we could use to make it come to life obsolete this is this is why. I love that can have science really. Why is why? But it's really Y I talk about the signs of things because I find if people understand. Why something as far more likely to do over the years even writing my books and giving talks Hob ENGRAINED HABIT. Vote was backing effing science because then people more lightly to do the sensible things if you under the Sun why will actually? He's actually Hopkins people more like with I think people have more lately to medicate for example. If you understand you let are changing the physical structure of your brain something. Nice let the changing the physical structure of your brain. Just let you change the physical structure of your muscles if you stopped. Exercise up muscle is a physical change in the density on the size of the muscle for the same thing happens in the brain cold noodle density not was growth. But it's exactly the same idea same quonsett and so I find by understanding. Why something as far more likely to do the things that you use photos. Amazing it's a I. I do think there's opportunity for us to do more to this than future on the baby we've talked. We did a presentation together in Dunblane legit last year it was. Yeah Yeah So. There's definitely room. There's a space in tennis or this. Kind of work to maybe. The two words Two worlds collide a little bit more. I think there's a lot of overlap between We're talking about here in a great has been funding on unrehearsed unscrew conversation. Actually just a challenge. We we've always had you chats mover over red wine. You're normally over too much so well. Thanks very much fantastic. Certainly Forced Entry Into My tennis journal. And when this Kovic a fiasco is over we definitely have to get back to more red wine and getting back on the tennis court now order. I certainly look forward to that. I'll try and one point against you. Thanks very much.

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Solving The Stress Cycle

Food for Thought

50:06 min | 5 months ago

Solving The Stress Cycle

"We all live in fast paced lives and more. So can be said for parents with young children to putting a baby through that edi stages and helping with their development is at the forefront of every parents mind. At times, parents all need a helping hand and that can be in the form of a brand love trust just like Yo Valley and sharing your child gets older nutrients they need so important and this includes calcium. The Valleys Little Year Yoga. Pat Kit, which is suitable from six months that puff at for winning and developing the pallets of your little one. Available in two delicious flavors, the Red Berries, and apple and pear. The little yellow pouches is sure to keep children's satisfied and full to find out more head on. Valley Dot. Co. Two UK and find your local supermarket. Hello and thank you so much cheating into this week sweep for thought a pause on a mission to equip you with all the evidence based advice that you need to live and breathe a healthy lifestyle. I'm Rianne Lambert registered nutritionist bestselling author of Renard a simple way to eat well and founder of re Trish London's leading private nutrition clinic. In each site I'll be joined by special guests. All of him can be considered authoritative voices in health so that together we commend fact from fiction and empower the healthiest happiest versions of ourselves with trusted. Expert Advice. Navigating stress can be challenging at the best times and now in the midst of a global pandemic with concerns for our health and finances were all facing a new set of worries stresses ingrained in our world and day to day lives, and while this might sound overwhelming if we learned to understand it, we can then hopefully break the stress cycle. So. This meets food for thought sees Pharmacist Tunnel for Dr David Hamilton and I explore what stress ready is how we can control it and intern combated Hello David Hi there how are you today of? Thank you for asking I am very very well thank you how about yourself a really good. been working on morning on the bookwork in. Mathematics in Part Team University degree in Maths and physics. So I I was working or not this morning as well. So it's been. A multi tasking morning. Feeling that sounds incredibly strenuous. So just destroying your mind further today. I'm talking about strengthened kindness and self esteem missiles, things today, and let's start by a stat that I wanted to bring up. So research has shown that if adults in the UK. That work seems to be riches convenience through what you just said the biggest stress factor. Now, do you think this could be where businesses are perhaps maybe going wrong in terms of health of their employees and how they looking after them Yeah I think different companies have different different ways of looking at us, I think some companies. Don't really either notice or it's not so much of a big deal. The stresses experienced by employees it is other companies the new of a s really much. Something that they really have ongoing programs like stress management, Magma volt in a couple of companies. Where we've actually look to closing the culture of kindness really as an antidote to stress I think, varies from one company to the next and I think it's just the. You. Know. How How. Much I. I guess the the company not really notices a what's happening with employees in Ho what the Anita? Exactly exactly and I know you do a lot of work as well in the area of even being kind to one enough and the fact that. I the way we speak to one another as well as noticing the effects of stress because there's different types of stress isn't that that can affect us and how we talk to each flea could be a factor the definitely I mean but we have you know what you call acute stress the stuff that just happens. Because of something, maybe even something not necessarily this happened but your your perception, your perspective on on something here the way you look at something for example, and then you get a law of was what you might call episode stress. You may get a lot of a stressor, a succession of them and I think if these we hand and then stress becomes almost a hobby is. Something that you've experienced a law. Then we call that chronic stress and so and that's when I think that's when you stop to associate when people talk about the impact of stress on our health. I think in general we we're more more thinking of the impact of chronic stress can along term stuff that that really does occupy much of our psyche, but really has stone physiological effect. Exactly. I think the physiological is. Is what I think most people will be able to notice more perhaps in terms of what symptoms they they can feel. Could you just list a few perhaps that people could be aware of to note of? Despite my my job, my job era, right a lot of books on mind body connection covering Strasser eight books and Kanus and self esteem. But I have struggled a lot in my own life with with stress and anxiety, and for me the both feel linked an anxiety as for many people. A mentor emotional, a scientific supporters of stress but on a physical level depending on the person, some people end up shallow breathing. How many people do you know who don't notice that the not breathing women under stress? oftentimes, we forget to breathe and you look if you don't notice all of a sudden you food yourself. Good. And you take a gulp of breath because you've actually forgotten to breathe over shallow breathing because whole upper body let the muscles become really taints. So muscular tension for many people as a symptom especially tension in your jaw grinding the teeth but then deeper inside the body what we gay as a suppression of in function meaning that the immune system is less able to. To counteract ought to deal with many of the organizational Kohl's. The occasional pathogens that calmer, and then also you know increases in blood pressure even long time. If you take into the long term, then it begins, it can really impact a person's county vascular health. So we can. We can get ultimately you up of of inflammation and the blood vessels which can long-term elite to increase risks. I should say or things, attack and stroke. So I guess stress is a load to continue in chronic sense for a long period of time I think that's when we see more of the physical or physiological detrimental. Effects of now completely, and if that's the physical side, what about a psychological side? How do you identify that? I think I can speak from my own expediency of because an pasta I have struggled with depression in a number, a number of years ago, and it was not to stress in my life. I? Mean there's different ways people can have different depression that can they of depression for a variety of different reasons from genetic from? Genetic influence life experience or for chemical imbalances is a number of reasons. But for some people, it can be an accumulation, almost an overload of stress and for me passionately, it was an overload of stresses a happening at the same time. The I didn't feel able to cope with a at the time and another symptom iheart psychological was anxiety and it's something I have had to deal with even despite as I say despite my job a writer and in this field anxiety is something that has. prompted. His head up numerous teams and it's something that I almost get used to that. When it comes I know that go away and so I don't give it that much attention because it just dissipates again but but. Depression, are psychological a symptoms of stress for of people edit editor ability you frustration all these. Momentary. The ways that we respond to the strategies can be through eligibility of frustration and almost like a you know a build up. The pressure cooker will descriptions release it you know oftentimes people it's an it's an outburst that comes opposite accumulation of stress. We're not able to deal with the symptoms when they arrive in the ways that we can moderate the effects of these things. But if we don't attempt to moderate the really can build up and that's when you get a build up of psychological and frazee logical. Effects Yeah. The pressure cooker analogy is is really good. Actually economic theory with the steam the steam rising. I think we've all been there one hundred percent and that's what's so interesting about this topic in this discussion today that it does impact everybody I. Mean I think they can physically be a person out there that has not experienced a fraction anxiety or stress in their lives so. More so than ever I suppose because we're living in a time. With such increased uncertainty I mean. I consider myself fairly resilient and I'm really feeling it at the moment not I just think this can be having such a significant impact of the moment content on our stress levels are absolutely because what we often need an lives as some sort of feeling of control like these are things I can't control in my life for many people having a sense of control even if it's just control over. You're mood or some of the things that you're doing in your life. Those for many people are sources of Comfort Comfort these these are almost support that we can lean on and our lives, but when you have a timeless onset. And we don't feel that we have the same degree of control that can knock a lot of people and I think this constitution has knocked a lot of people a for sex and some of stop perception of not just loss of known Malibu. But let's loss of control of even some of the smaller things in our lives. And less social interaction and all of their it really I tend to find that you mentioned earlier breathing. Does he breathed now to take a moment. Just. A lovely big breath is something that I definitely don't solve and I know when I do I kind of focus on that square box thing I try and describe me you go up one side and he tried to make square out of your breathing in out and out. Do you have any useful like practicing mindfulness meditation that you'd recommend to everybody? Yes. I meditate every day and the simplest way of meditate. I can. What I'm talking to people who've never meditated thank of meditation as. I, use an analogy like going to the gym or landing. Let's see. You want to run a ten K and what you do is you practice you train for look if I was to start training my leg muscles on my arms or something let's say I was. Doing a particular exercise. Then as I walked out that muscle two things happen a the muscle becomes firmer. And then it becomes larger. And something similar happens in the brain way you know just breathe Hugh succeed when you notice that breathing is what you're doing and that ultimately as a simple form of meditation everyone breathes but let's see you to notice you bring your attention to the fact that you're breathing. Another wants your becoming mindful of the fact that you're breathing the moment I become mindful over I technically working out a particular region of the brain one of the main regions of the brain that gets worked out when I breathe and become mindful that that's what I'm doing as the idiot above the I is called the prefrontal cortex and just like a muscle becomes fun but and Lodger. When you walk so too does this part of the blame become firmer and logic and oversee Muda scientists don't call it muscle growth they call noodle plasticity, but the idea is similar. That frontal part of the brain, just like a muscle becomes for more powerful so that frontal part of the brain becomes more powerful and therefore everything that you use that part of the brain for the things that that part of the brain is involved and becomes easy and one of the area. Some of the areas involved is self control being able to manage stress being able to be resilient regardless of what seems to be happening in your environment not that team even been able to override knee-jerk emotions. knee-jerk negative emotions and so I find when I put it in that context, the breathing and just noticing that you're doing it it certainly helps people to realize that by understanding the analogy of the muscles you realize that you actually have to train and so to become better. Dealing with stress, you actually have to notice it. You're breathing more often. That's when meditate things like meditation even yoga a common because you're noticing breathing on a regular basis sorts, your training to attain key and becoming better at running or training to left a particular ways so. I think long term the ability to manage stress if you take, this can approach is related to. Practice that we do of breathing and noticing what you're not balks believing that you you talked about that such a good version you breathe for account CEO of four or five or more or less, and you hold it for the same you breathe out for the same jubilation and then you hold it for the judicial species, four phases being held for same duration and what you're really doing their azure having yet the entirety of your focus on the fact that you're. Breathing, there's different ways that we can breathe different breeding techniques, but ultimately, what unites all of them as your attention is on the breath during that team. So you're walking out this part of the brain. The prefrontal CORTEX is five making better to be able to manage yourself. Yeah. I when you when you were speaking then I was practicing and just breathing listing and I was just thinking. This is really something that is key is being aware because there are so many. Little things that happen every single day I think little stressors that people don't realize I guess perhaps if we're aware of them, like you said with the pressure cooker, you're able to just acknowledge it. And deal with it in a better way because it's like people just don't notice and then it does bode up and in many ways I guess. There's micro stresses. The tiny ones can be much worse for our house because the things that just don't go why aren't they in the long run loosen things that accumulate is just like you know an analogy, you might think Kovas. You've left your top dripping in this into the sink, but you've also left to plug in. Enough and you don't notice the top is dropping. And for a while that isn't really anything she normal pattern, you get frustrated at a terrible things and you just don't notice it but eventually. Because the the top the plug is in the saint. Eventually, the water spills over the top of your saying, and that's when you start getting collateral damage to your your your what your floors, the other things in your catching when things begin to accumulate because we've not done anything to take the plug of the site if we manage to to even. Take the plug a level boat sank in the drops go right down the saint but it's when we leave plugged. Then we have new awareness of overselves no awareness of how we dealing with the low micro stresses as the bell dot the not win the Saint begins to overflow and we get the collateral damage I e the chronic physiological consequences of stress. Some people are most apt they could you break down why perhaps that may Juno you said something earlier, I think that we we must the social interaction with humans are biologically why out for connection we absolutely need it in general hundreds of years ago. One of the worst punishments someone who'd committed a crime, one of the worst punishments they could get was to be banished. And many of them because alone and the the biology screaming out for interaction, many of them are in. The stories of the past you know hundreds of years ago would spend with actually Campo on the outskirts of the city of the timing or the village desperate to get back in and some of them with end up losing like trying to get back in because we crave connection. Yeah. Some people lake solitude, the vast majority of. Those need the physical interaction. And so when that is deprived Is Really hard to think under this claim for people who've put hops live alone or who who don't have not been able to get any form of connection even using technology exists more or facetime. It's very, very hard because the body and the psyche then began to suffer one of the antidote one. Maybe, not so much an anti-doping at least that can help. As part of the biological in genetic wiring is also the same a guest genentech's that makes us kind by nature. You know the the gene for the gene most associated with kindness is one of the oldest in the human genome but five hundred, million years old and four and a half days now talking four and a half days but. It's A five, hundred, million years old but it's also, but it's also the same gene that's involved no need for for connection. So one of the things that we can do it because it's the same process, it's the same situation, the body connection and kindness as we can focus on even though I don't have the direct physical contact I crave as some ways that I could opt by kindness and compassion for could I reach out? Could I look? For opportunities whether it's just packing up four and and check in some the whole you feeling how you doing or whether it's just noticing that someone has needs and the moment or along Tamin and asking yourself as anything I can do to help in some ways because it stimulate in the same systems of the body and some with up can kindness for others can actually relieve some of the needs we have for connection. Yeah. A hundred percent. It's almost like an yeah. The way we're built in the way we designed the way the body needs to function plays such a huge role, but we live in a world now that doesn't always support support that even before cove, I would say, perhaps the invention also, of technology. Is something that should be considered as well. I mean something a lot of people want to know I mean listen to US chatting and they'll be like. Well, what can I do? You know? How do I even how to combat that see we've mentioned breathing. But what did they do if they're stuck in this technological world where we are a bit more say she isolated or can everybody day? I think. You know reach. We can use technology and some ways to an advantage. You know zoom has free accounts but also things like facetime what's up video Kohl's see just seeing sahlins face and real time helps I i. know it's not the same but with within the constraints that we have to Levin at the Moment Ed, the question we have to ask ourselves is whole. Kaanai do within these constraints and even having the the real live federal of someone's face having a conversation when when I talked to say Mama Dada. My one of my sister I've got three sisters and one of them a just face thanked me the other day there and it was really great because of. An attains moment of writing and all of a sudden up comes face statements may youngest sister, Len and it just lighten the pressure and it may just it was nice just to communicate in real time and also see the person's face. You know. So being on the other side, I knew her nice that felt so being on the other side, what can we do for others? We can actually noticed am I reaching out? To people as often as I could am I checking in with family and friends and asking them they're doing even just forming a we chat just. See how they're doing just to really have a chocolate. You would do when you bump into someone in the quarter. Just, trying to find ways of doing these kind of things more. So in essence we can within the constraints we have to live and we can. We can use technology that we have to service dot cannonade and I think just the visual perception of people live in real titans good. But even just lessening on a foreign if you don't have access to that technology is stole nicest Oh feel that you still feel a connection even if it's not a physical biological. Pot carved listen throw. As this is the court. This is why for us? That's I think focusing on the positives here. Really lovely. Lovely way. because. Kindness goes a long way. Positively it's not just our relationships with one another with ourselves isn't it or abs absolutely you know. We often forget to be to ourselves. Actually. We saw most people find it quite easy and natural to help other people. But if you if you try to on any words, most of it don't even know what Kanye Mr Means An. An nutshell is really just being aware that you also have needs canister. Yourself doesn't mean kanus yourself. Instead of others it just means as well as you know not to forget. About yourself you know. So one of the things I passionately do when I get. Overwhelmed with what volume one of the against my stressors have to be aware over his I often get overwhelmed were just a large number of things I'm having to simaltaneously do just because of I guess my job might my career my work if you call it. And And so I do because time seems like a major commodity for me then I find that if someone in my family or close circle of friends needs my help on my time, I always find for them so I say to myself keep being kind to myself can I extend that to me and so what I do is I go into my Diet And a block away over time, it might be thought piano. It might be a whole morning or a D. and meeting with self I should write to audit missing self just like I would see you know meeting with X. Y., or Z. and meeting with self enough in my diary and for me, it gives it the same Gravitas as a meeting with someone else, and it's like me saying to my depot psyche, the I Mata in my time for me kindness to myself maters just as much as that mottos mate. Came to someone else me other people can became to themselves in other ways but that's what I do personally because that's something that's very specific to my normal set of circumstances. Kanus to yourself could be definite for someone else looked in a treatise comfort of walk in nature and it can be anything. But for me, that's that's the one thing that I find is really helpful. I've popped out of my diary. Meeting with myself. In my diary, my project manager Bay is going to be like what it's in your diary. That's very, very important I really like that. I think checking in on how you're feeling because we are so busy. We don't ever take a moment to stop and then how on earth, but we meant to even recognize lot Moretti discussed the feeling. Decipher if it's feeling fact in that moment in time and then action it and work out how we're going to proceed forward with it. If we don't even check in with ourselves, I think that's makes. Perfect sense because lots of people talk about practicing self love and but I think it's more difficult to do isn't it than a simplistic of oil? Maybe I wash my hair today but that Quite what self love is about it it's more consistent practice I call I, think of self love. An inner. Of Your own worthiness in value. suction that builds over time I. Think we we often get confused. The two types of self esteem, self love and self esteem. You can enter change one version of self esteem of self love and this is what I mean. There's two types of self esteem in most people get them confused. There's the external selfish team, and that's when we derive percents of worldliness in value from the successes and achievements in a life and people having a positive perception of us and we're like that. So that's old cold extent. selfishly meaning we're taking our sense of worthiness in value from stuff that's external. But as. An individual I grew up if that's the only tight you have then as your court is on shaky Neil, meaning if you've hung your jacket on a nail. Shaky than eventually follow, and what happens is all you need is for something, extend light to shift. Look you fail at something or or something happens as law you expected or someone's opinion changes view changes attitudes towards you change his devastating because your whole sense of what value is rested upon those foundations. You have no self or antenna self esteem, which is more more what I would call self love and it's an Anna Saints of Your Own Worthiness Valley. It's not dependent upon successes an achievement or people liking you for example no, it doesn't mean that you don't want to succeed and achieve things. It doesn't even mean that you don't want people to like you. Of course you do but only human but just means that you have can enter resilience and enter warmth toward yourself. That means that when finds change in the say opinion change it's not as F- shattering because you have that little bit of. Resulting of self love that can annuities that Got I'm okay I'm still here. And so that's why I acquit as a self love and it's not something that comes in a moment events. Say It's late working the brain through meditation at takes practice. With different ways and strategies to let the almost Wyatt and so that that becomes your resting assumption about yourself. So that is you meet the world you meet the world without version of yourself, and then life is a little bit warmer. For Yourself I love that analogy it's a little bit warmer for yourself. It's true. It takes practice. It's difficult. It's not something that I'm sure you can trust yourself the even somebody that speaks about the subject doesn't make you immune to it or an expert in in dealing with it and I'd love to know your thoughts on using exercise as a tool to be a perhaps management of. How to find a way to relieve stress, I. Suppose we're talking about stress in this podcast because sometimes I defined in the rechristened clinic that exercise is abused as another punishment that's masking perhaps. But on the flip side, I mean it does make you could. Definitely say. I passed away. Of. H I find exercise so Incredibly helpful for mental health especially. You know I play. Actually I love in a weak tone in central Scotland. Cold Dunblane. Famous more recently for Andy Jamie. Murray the world number one tennis former one tennis players. Following in efforts that for years. I took up tennis for years ago in my mid forties. So. You know. It's been a steep learning curve and I'm moving up through the Dunblane tennis called leaks system. The those ninety, nine divisions in I think I'm up no these before but there's no nine to the third division impressive though while dump starting something up, it goes to show doesn't matter where when you consume anything for when I when I was forty five never picked up a tennis racket in my life. And it was a steep learning curve because most people, Dunblane tennis skull pumping, playing sense of children or at least censor teenagers. So it's been A. Steep Lennon Cup but then. Ben's about Texas is a form of exercise the also. Challenges Hi I think I you know I'm a scientist spite by trade and tennis is very scientific. So if you look it and what I mean by that is if you get some coaching, you realize there's own team different ways you can. Strike the bowl with flatten with box penwith sites Ben with top spend, you can serve in a variety of different ways that the paint upon the opponent you're playing depends on the context and it becomes very scientific but the exercise itself I at four to five hundred a week for an hour to know and a half a each time. And obviously you get you get the. adrenaline. You get endorphins as well, which which we feel good but just choosing something that can become your exercise. For example, I sat playing the League Systems and I go to coaching. With of other adults, every Wednesday night and it's just a lot of fun and light after. But when you do something that fuels part of something and other people they are, and you see notice a progression than I've I've noticed that helped my mental health because it gives me something to focus on something. I can't wait to see for improved or plate does person before last year he beat me easily let's see if I can close the gap best team and so the exercise over and above the endorphins and you get the adrenaline over and above packing a form of exercise. that. Involved with other people and you can actually see progressions. It's been great for my mental health or have to say I love that it's even an example of turning stress into a positive way because when you're playing a sport I, guess stress has a lot of negative connotations. Doesn't people always assume that stresses just negative? Yeah but but it's actually very posted five the US stress. We think of stress was distressed but the stress that we normally think of as actually distress the other formed positive stresses called used stress. We often associate use stress with exercise or you stress with laughter even because Loftus, stress in the body, but it's it's stress of laughter but exercise when it's positive as you stress in other words. It's physical stress on the body that's actually helping the body to get stronger. I mean the law when you exercise vigorously micro tears in your blood vessels, micro tears in your muscles. But these get repeated stronger than they were before, and that's why we get physically stronger and the cardiovascular system improves etc.. So. Exercises Great. Not Waste of the positive sight of is actually. Positive side of exercises that literally does not just physically but also the a similar component and the psyche build you psychologically as well as you become better at. Dealing with you know, how do I push through the from Sam trying to run this evening. Let's have pets. Run. How do I get through this pain body and you bring your psychology to and you try to figure? The next semi Ron high will get through that pain body. I know that when I get to that hell really tough. Can I run hell slightly differently the next time and then you bringing a positive attitude to that particular stressful part and distress then becomes really positive and there's a sense of exhilaration when you figure out how to get through that really difficult part. Cyanide of eighty, it's definitely I can mine mine day for matter isn't it? With so many things and we do have lots of questions from listeners for you actually David and they're really appropriate these ones and quite a feat cheese from but this one in particular right now, I think is quite interesting. So Peggy has said I live in a really busy area and I've noticed becoming strengths and she said is it is noise pollution a stress factor we haven't actually touched on noise. Absolutely is Peggy. genucel I don't how easy this this would be for you but you know the human nervous system is adopted to natural. And that means not joe surroundings means not channel the warming by adopted two is. Built up areas. Are Very, very recent, the recent experience for the human nervous system and what do you mean by a? Couple hundred. Thousand Years, absolute maximum but for most of the span of human evolution for Yawns. Ancestors loved a niche effect. The left in Savannah you know trees grass running water sums of nature in soanes of nature, and so of research has fund that even just exposing. Your nervous system I get no niche. Even a park and just noticing the trees and noticing the Green Green notice the green bring your attention to notice the. So actually become mindful of the sons of nature under sakes of nature a has an extraordinarily calming effect. It's called these called respirator environments, but it additionally, you can even appear headphones on and just lesson Tucson's of nature to natural stones. The studies of been actually looked up recovery rate from people having had an operation. And the give them hate for NHS, in one fact, I'll give you an exact study that was done in women who had caesarian section and half of them were given to the lesson to overnight here phones, sounds of nature. Some of them were given. Office owns. It condition fines forms keyboards being topped and other people as a control group just had year earphones on with nothing clean gift Ceuta covered faster and required less painkillers those who on the earphones lesson two natural sons of nature. That's because the nefer system is adopted to these things. So even if you can't get and turn natural setting, you can plug anti-reforms lesson I. Do you know when I'm walking swanning I've been working on my book can. Study as well and the biker and I had a playlist initially of crickets owns. Then, I switched it to four sons and up in less than three hours this morning of crickets and then Forest Sun's bud sin and the one in the trees and it's just been awfully I'm definitely going to do that because normally I read classical music playlist but I think I'm going to switch it up now. You gotta try that thankless incredible. It has very, very profound effect on the nervous system because we the human nervous system is adopted to us. It means that means we trained to nature more than we realize that does link a nice to a question from Katie such. Should I be concerned that stresses affecting my whole Maine's because I suppose not being in nature and being stressed may have an impact on the body? Yeah. Definitely aware no of negative effects that then. You immediately, it becomes something that we have to address estimates and negative consequential talking hormones or any other way. If there's a negative consequence, then stress has to be addressed and and whether that will tap of using nature I mean, see just ten minutes of the lessening niche so it can be incredibly. What would you do about addressing the situation and because Adam said that his stress levels are getting worse but he doesn't feel he can say anything to his boss because he feels he'll get judged and their attitudes in his workplace. I'm sure a lot of people can probably relate to that at the moment about voicing perhaps how they feel. So. So. Other than the practicalities of speaking to a boss that. I exercise obviously helps with meditation is. I don't think we as a culture recognised just powerful can be you know what I did recently. Is I was going through a little phase or of overwhelm. Todd exam an deadline at the same time, an a number of other. If I. It was just after mental health awareness, week and the theme that she was kindness up and I had a huge number of talks to do for groups, charities, businesses, a an also podcasts interviews, and literally for the week leading up to with all the technology checks the week of the week after I was overloaded and it became very stressful and the irony was not lost on me that. These talks part of the talk was talking about the importance of kindness to yourself, and the irony was not lost me. The I was not doing that for myself because I was convincing myself that I didn't have time. So I decided to do I said. S My mental health, not more important than doing all the physical things I. Thank important as it not true that my mental health, my physical of is more important because if I don't deal with spends I, then I never going to be able to do those other things because something will break at very least blood vessel. So why decided to do as I said, I'm going to do to of meditation a day and a pack to because I thought that wouldn't be possible because I in my busy schedule that wouldn't be possible. So intentionally packed two hours and I said if I'm sure myself that. Lending to manage my stress as priority, then I'm going to have to make it really dumb difficult for me to to show myself that I can do. So what I phone does it go up a little bit earlier in the morning and I broke the two others I just let on my phone I type ten, ten, the ten minutes of just relaxed breathing, and then another ten minutes listening to not chill owns a do twenty minutes maybe fifteen minutes relaxed breathing even when I was in the show up at Stanford. Five minutes at least my perception of five minutes breathing noticing on breathing and throw the day. I was able to accumulate for a period of two weeks. I was able to accumulate two hours a day. Now, what was a stunning and even talking during lunch breaks? We five minutes here rather than scrolling. We lose twenty minutes a time scrolling through instagram or facebook. So I put the foreign away a feast on and I'm GonNa use that twenty minutes I'm GonNa breathe a notice on breeding maybe well, listening to nachos zones. And I found during that two week period, my levels of stress and overwhelm. Dramatically dropped though in the middle of a really busy time for me when I thought, I don't have time. As I started mindful do mindfulness meditation practices as I started do not even more. My perception of my situation began to shift and all of a sudden I seem to notice. that. I had more time than I. Thought and I felt definitely wasn't feeling as stressed about the same things in the reason for that is because you're building prefrontal cortex like a muscle and I not become stronger your perception and about off things on your ability to manage things and your state are dramatically altered. You know and just a week of quite lot of meditative practice is massive physical change to the prefrontal cortex brain absolutely massive. Physiology. Fascinating it is something I wish in a way we had a curriculum for at school were discussing this sort of thing because. It's only a lot of people listening to this podcast caused only listening because I'm very happy Bayer but where they're interested in the house and wellness and well being and actually I think the information that you've given us today has been something that. I think we all should be allowed to have access to you very easily just tap into and be taught but I digress move onto the fact or fiction round David are you ready get ready. Okay if you could answer facto fiction to the following. Stress. In this green. Both, breathe three three. You're only stressed when you have symptoms. Mum Section. Stresses Everywhere. fucked. Seventy. Yeah it could have seventy four percent of you. Adults have felt stressed over the last year. fucked. Stress is the same for everyone. You'll get gray hairs from stress. That's good. I'm health conditions can arise from stress. It's easy to tell when someone is stressed in need support. Section. Stress and Diet linked. I would see fact 'cause very closely. You'll get out spots from stress but she. Chatting about your emotions can alleviate your stress levels fucked my goodness. David you wished free that I'm so impressed. That was any right. You're the pro you tell me honestly, I feel like USA common collected you. You definitely debrief your way through that. Over, sudden fit like a tale of an exam an. Option over yeah, I need to ask you. To poke against recently and I go ask now that that's what it feels like again you know. What am I doing to my guests? But it's Fun, and that does unfortunately wrap-up the episodes day asquith every guest David, we finish the podcast feed the thought which is. A take home message that you feel and if I start by saying I think from what we've discussed today. I, think that we are in an evidence bonding increasingly stressful while and nine hours a new mom boss running a business. I'm being isolated fit situations this year that. Is Tough. The interaction is truly important and I guess sometimes I'm not truly present which has made that not my diary to have a meeting with myself I think it's very important but more importantly maybe the kindness aspect as well and trying to be positive. And Could you please leave our listeners David with a lovely take home or something that you feel. would be beneficial. A Wherever you can. Try to be kind enough to know what people are going through in the life's und-. and. So sometimes. Just being kind because you you know someone might be acting particular we not because that's the nature. But because of something that's stressing them, they had something that worried about a particular moment. So be kind as often as you can an one of the in the context of stress physiologically speaking. The feelings in just by kindness are the opposite give the opposite effect of the feelings and just by stress stress highs physically affects the body, but it's the it's not an expensive. It's not a thing that causes is the high stress fields. So how kindness feels has opposite effect. So whatever you the weight of stress negativity in the body be rest assured the feelings induced by kindness do the exact opposite. Gosh that was that was pathetic and he m perfectly executed in Rudy really good advice there. The behind thing is something that really rings. especially if we all going online more and more while I, think it's important to reach right now. David if anybody wants to find out more about you, where can they go and where can they read more? My website daughter Dude Hamilton Dot Com. I'm also very active on social media instagram and facebook quit my hand off. Slightly David Hamilton PhD. Dr David Hamilton Face Bridge. PhD. That's. Fine. But it was better because people often confuse me with a medical doctor but I'm researching an. Initially building pharmaceutical drugs in my former a expedience. Contain books. So the role was all AMAS. Website as well. Honestly you do some incredible work. I. Think. That's what really drew me am tip wanting you to be a guest because I know that perhaps more the area that you work a lot with his kindness in. That's so important. So Dave, thank you so much for your invaluable time today you're wonderful take home messages and thank you for coming on food for thought will thank you. It's been my absolute pleasure. Thanks for inviting me as a guest thoroughly enjoyable experience you. If you enjoyed this episode, you'll absolutely love what's coming next week and make sure that you click subscribe to be the first to hear it. If you have time to, we'd really appreciate it if you want leave a review so that we can reach those highs in the charts and hopefully help more people that is our mission here with this cost. For more information about my rhetorician clinic, the books, healthy recipes, and so much more visit retracing dot com, and follow me at re Tricia on instagram twitter facebook and Youtube.

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Entry 35  Vania King  Serving Up Hope

Kris Soutar�s Tennis Journal

1:11:25 hr | 10 months ago

Entry 35 Vania King Serving Up Hope

"They're welcome to the thirty fifth. Entry into Montana's journal my name's Chris Suter and each episode. I bring you guessed where I can transfer all their skills knowledge and experiences into the world of tennis. The great thing about the show is that every guest. I have had on a received feedback that the things that we talk about could be transferred into life. So don't worry if you're not a tennis fan player coach etc last week show episode number thirty four with Dr David Hamilton. I can safely say in the first three days of it. Being I had more feedback on any other show and it's really struck a chord. It's clear that people are seeing the transfers. They can make into tennis on their own life through this mind body connection. If you haven't listened to go back is as a crack in Illicit this week. I have a very very special guest. I have Vanya King WTI player. I'm going to say wd player because she didn't quite get her chance to retire. Social has some unfinished Business Ed. But she's a two time doubles Grand Slam champion. She wanted Wimbledon on US Open titles in two thousand ten as being as high as number three in the world and doubles top fifteen singles. I can have a great track record of continually being in the top hundred for all periods of time that she was fit. I met Vanya last year in the WTO finals in Shenyang China and where we spent a few days working together on the WPA Charities Program. Come play program for me. She was fantastic personnel. Remember when I got back I posted something about you. Know every every now and again you meet a diamond of a person and she is one hundred percent that a top performer. You'll hear the mindset coming out in. This episode is clear to see why she has achieved what she's achieved. The refreshing thing is she may have reached the end of her playing career but already she has more than one on the ball in terms of what she's going to do after she set up an amazing charity called serving up. Hope which we'll talk about near the end of the show. I'm going to do something slightly different in this episode in Net. A clearly defined this six chapters so what you will hear throughout your show me coming back in to your ears and talking about the main touristy bullet points that. I got from listening to Vanya. I honestly could have listened to her for hours and hours. It was a proper treat for me. Especially when she's talking about game a game development game style development. It was fantastic seeing her sitting on a sofa. Gesturing techniques on clearly is a new berliner and taken a lot from other coaches that she's listening to so first chapter. What we talk about is how she's dealing with couvert in already in that For five minutes or so you'll hear about how she addresses or mindset and how she takes the routines that she has learned the discipline. She's learned in her tennis playing career and applied it to her routine for covert. You'll also hear about an initiative that she setup offering back on social media to donate money to families in need in the states. Which again give you a flavor of? We're heartless so chapter one. Sit Back. Relax list note for the six chapters as we go through. Give this to your coaches. Your parents your players. There's so much learning in this absolute. How're you do? I see you on your daughter. Did a lot of like doctor should review. She introduced it to me a few weeks back. Pretty much in the lockdown came in. And it's kind of something she can teach me. It means you. You will be my third entry into my tennis journal. Let's say that's a lucky number? So let's start actually with a number one. How are you getting couvet? Are you surviving coping? Stay in the same year. So I'm alive doing. I just say I'm doing well I don't know if I'd send really well. 'cause I mean you know. Obviously this is affected everyone whether indirectly or directly and also in different scales expected me to swallow extent. It has to other people I I am looking forward to when things start opening up this has crimped my lifestyle of travel So I had to stay put but it's also been a learning experience. I think and also in a way because it's Kinda coincided with the end of my era so I was to finish laying in Charleston. I was GONNA play numerals Miami Charleston so basically about a week or two ago as opposed to retire So I kind of knew that I was winding down the end of my tennis travelling and the stress of that so it's also been nice as well because I was. I was ready for this kind of change of pace. It struck me that you know in some ways is perfect. Timing but in other ways sucks that you didn't get those last three events to I'd say overall look at. It is probably better timing than not because I was I was and I am ready to retire so I think you emotionally. I'm in that right. I'm in a good place there and if I wasn't ready and this'll happen it would have been a lot harder to deal with that. I mean it took a long time to get to where I am now out to accept that this journey is over but actually like I put everything on pause because times are so unprecedented. We have no idea what's GonNa Happen. I mean who knows how things are going to change after things start opening up. There's probably possibly some things that will be changed for good and so I just want to give myself a little bit of cushion to say most likely. I won't be coming back to play anymore if I dated. Which is again a handful tournaments. Get you know to have a say in. What is my last tournament But yeah I mean I'll wait till you know. Things are opening up the option. Start coming back again to really make a final decision. It's so weird not being able to plan. Anything is in some Nice Nicer. Yeah especially in our industry where it's all about scheduling in planning and you're making dancer Planning Events and working travel schedules around that so it has been in the beginning. I have to say I was. I was really stressed out in. Ansi I think not just because I think combined both the back that everyone started panicking and you know like the society starts panicking. You're like Oh you know. Maybe maybe this is really serious. I mean it is very serious but As you probably felt mean we did see this coming in China for a few months before it hit Europe in the states so we did know that this was a main so nothing really changed but suddenly I guess level people started panicking right and then I was like oh my gosh. Should I be even more worried than I am? And then being cooped up inside like I actually go outside Being a put was definitely very different for me so started feeling like trapped. You know like I really WanNa go here. I want to go there and and in the past might go to when I feel stressed out or unhappy is to travel. That is my belief I love doing. Got and it's also a good way for me if I can't change my birds by myself Internally than I changed by external perspective to then change by internal Of So dot wasn't able to do that. I was was anxious for our first few weeks That I realized I don't WanNa feel like this so I need to make a plan. I wasn't feeling fulfilled in what I was doing like being home. Kind of doing nothing On tour know we have a routine and in every work. We have a routine of me comfortable with that so I started making a routine. I helped my sister. She has two kids so I babysit Jesse to help outside Babysit for weeks. I've actually kind of made my schedule. Stilo might tennis training schedule. Which is is comforting to me. Like this is so in the past. I would train like you know we were chain ten to twelve three to five Or Times a week and maybe a couple of days so actually. I followed that schedule. That's kind of how much I baby said. And then Either by a run to her place which is about five miles away so it's a nice like exercise in the I That I also do my work with. Wj charities so of several times. A week I have calls about that and getting some work done so between no babysitting in keeping that like a schedule that I do with my tennis. I'm in a little bit of management With my own charity. I feel filled with where I'm at now and I think that is really important. It is so important to have that sense of routine no matter what we do and I think that the thing that people my friends personally struggled with is not necessarily being the go somewhere. It's just the routine is being completed window. It's drink in a sense. As a tennis player. You have lived that routine or so many years that you understand the benefits of it in terms of your mental wellbeing and almost can structure the it doesn't matter what it is as long as there's a routine at least for me personally. I also need to find things that are fulfilling to me So but I mean it doesn't have to be world changing you know whether it's like reading a book making time to read a books. I've actually now Once a week I've dedicated a couple hours to reading and because I haven't been stretching. I now have to schedule that in like once a week so but I think the routine definitely helpful being a player. I think that everybody is used to routine but being player were used to having more of a self driven routine to anything that we don't. WanNa do like if I had a nine to five job. My boss be calling me lose a job you know am I. It's not that black and white with tennis players right so we can. We can go at least a week but we go two months five months without playing if we don't want to write or doing so I think that in that that You know having should be much more accountable and actors in that regard. It's it's been more helpful with creating this routine anew discipline start to you and I I mean it's a work in progress that insured Always Faso every day. I step on the scale and I'm like I tried to do like the week. The the weekdays I work out and then I have the weekend off Eat whatever I want on the weekends and then it all starts to get on like Oh man. I have to lose weight during the week to be able to gain a weekend. It's not at the thing for the first time in a long time of started feeling guilty about eating bad food. Because I've had this routine now. We're I'm working at every day and I get are similar to you. I'm thinking right how to treat the weekend like a weekend And last weekend I had a couple of drinks over the weekend and had bad food and on Sunday Sunday night. Jason is like a staple like that's not that I know you Scottish flooding and so you mentioned charity and I noticed that you have recently pledged. Five hundred dollars to find different. People did that. I come back you know. There was a certain time and probably every country and it came in a little bit different time where everything started locking down and then he started seeing how it was severely impacted people especially people that were losing jobs so I think in the first week there was a stat in the states. That like that maybe twenty to thirty percent of lost their jobs and just that first week of everything closing doubt and of course as every week passes it just gets worse and people are more impacted. They don't have money coming in and I I wanted to help in some way And I realized that these are people that are that need to pay bills away and I was so I was trying to. The goal was to try to help with a substantive amount that I felt like would be enough to affect change and also in a way that would be quick enough so like we have in the states. We have like a relief amount of dollars that I mean people started to get that I think last week so about you know six weeks after everything started in a lot of millions of people haven't gotten it yet. That's the only form of government for that. We received a lot of people I mean. They have bills to pay. They can't wait. You know eighteen weeks to get money to come in and twelve. Hundred still isn't enough to pay for multiple months maybe family and pink. Bill Sunniest My goal was I wanted to reach out to try to give us as much as I could afford You know also. The tennis industry has stopped as well. We don't we're not making any money but luckily had a longer career able to save its money W. charities offered to match donation and then we actually got a couple of their parties that also pitched into Donate was a deliberate company in Tampa faithful deliveries one of the like famous. Mc's that does a lot of doubts. The tournaments Andrew Krasny so he He called me and he said I want in and I was like yes. Please like Ams really touched by that not just by the fact that you know. I really wanted to help other people but the fact that other people wanted to help to and this created kind of community of wanted to help I think that was amazing so we ended up getting quite a few requests to choose like it's hard to choose between we ended up increasing the amount to fifteen people that received five hundred dollars and then five people that received one hundred dollars. And then so you've almost YouGov boomers the catalyst for other people jumping on board and snowballing. A little bit perfect perfect and has that then led into the W. T. for love camping but soon home tonight that separate ended the chipper. Love campaign is from W. Charities. It's it passes. All of the corona virus relief initiatives so whether from the W. charities themselves w charities has been very supportive thinking Tampa. They donated five thousand masks to local hospitals and They have paid for thousands of meals. I don't know what exact amount And they've also again like supported player. Initiatives and promoted layer initiatives Through the chain platform as well so it just became for. Love is the deputy charities and exposes a small silver lining to these times as you actually see people rallying together and it creates almost like this community to to pay it forward and help people in these awful times and yeah. We'll we'll tie up with your other chance in check into chapter two. We go and this is where you'll hear. The Plethora of world class coaches that Vanya has worked with was interesting for me is how she is actually unpacking as we speak all the different things that she's learned from each and every one of them and there's a range of things from all the different performance factors and especially listen for the personality type stuff that she starts to speak about the end of this chapter. Enjoy I'M GONNA dig a little bit in your tennis stuff that I'm interested in. I don't know if you remember but remember you did that clinic at the W. Finals in Zang last year amazing basketball slash and The one of the questions I asked because you were getting typical. Like what your favorite shots that question I asked. You a question on. You'd mentioned you've gone into quite good. Nuances on volley grips in. Different is a risk positions hand physicians. And when I asked You said. Oh it's because one of my former coaches Phil. Dent was really into that type of work. So I'm curious to know which coaches raw. Or which coach did you work with? And what did they individually bring in newest early junior days? That's a great question So my dad was my main coach when I was up to up to seventeen or seventeen eighteen. I would say an ide. Dad took me to a lot of very break coaches in the so cal area because I grew up in Long Beach in California and we had a lot of Relief famous former players coaches are so gel was one of them's I took lessons from Portland store. Coaching Bograd Tracy Austin I took lessons from rubber band. Tov who coached Lindsay Davenport He was also a great third time. Thought Humphries Elliott Culture. Ray ruffles Ballard digging foos Lori. Mcneil I I was. I took lessons from anybody. That was good or great. Took a lesson from them and my dad compiled all of that and then applied his own philosophy to it. So a I remember Phil was very specific with my slice. He really tried to develop my slice. And my volleys I remember specifically the High Bali Slow High Volley that still taught me and the odds are very very good. Always you know. Instead of caulking. Aristion opening racket frame. He said the high wall was actually whether racket was vertical. Act and then you. I don't know how to explain it. Cuts Across Really Ajay but not upwards sideways. Yeah yes yeah. It was very very specific and I remember. He also taught me the very wide. All I think that's providence. When you were talking about manipulating the handsome with different odds not the hand is the same place. Every time you move had Wrist around so with wide volleys cocking with on the backhand side. Coffey wrist and your racket states is actually kind of porn forward. So if you just reach a handout with that physician volley bounce the ball bounce off your racket and then go straight into that direction. You don't have time to cut anymore. You're such a breach on the four hundred opt. Your would pointed forward of the again rackets forward so I remember him specifically teaching me a lot about The variation of Bali and say like I actually don't think I have technically very good volleys at I say that because when I grow up I actually had a very heavy racket. I had the old prince graphite who I started picked up a racket. At four I literally picked up his prince graphite racket at four and dragged around. I was very weak is a little girl and I couldn't. I didn't have the strength to hold my firm and I actually think that that did impedes technical on Aung enough to have good technique. I always dropped my risks because Iraq. It one of the things. That another my coaches. I think it was so red ruffles at remarkable said Tariq Venezuela's have had the most impact on my game. And Ray he told me to chug up on my grip because he saw that. I was weak. And instead of just saying stop dropping Was He said? Choke up on the rackets. Actually I took up when i Bali side sideshow up. Maybe about half an inch in an helped a lot with just purpose and Ray taught me a lot of a lot of foundational skills for the valleys but also he taught me like Gosh is great with serves like I had in my career my best service when I was with him He had this great drill for kick serves as I would sit on the ground on the at Horner like in the doubles kind of ally and he and I would kick a ball to try to hit like close to the net. The net deserve that And I it was not a very fun or sexy exercised Floor keep conserves but I mean it worked at a great king for that year. I mean he traveled with me for a year But he actually started working with me when he was in La Work again. I was thirteen. Fourteen for many years as an array also developed something that not many coaches and very few. Even my coaches have on the top level had ever done in which she no-man's to do like using the mental aspect of univer example. He really wanted me to have all court game developed folly for many new that. I didn't have a big serving. The average person would say well. You don't have a big circle. You sheets vol any. I know you have an effective Servino went to use server. Molly it works and it did. Work was a great addition my game. It's not doesn't make is involved. There could never be only but I remember him you Thirty all forty thirty is a great time or Adan of Bali because in your opponents a little bit nervous have a little bit of leeway to lose that point especially to do it early on in the match to give them a little bit of doubts. I remember w told me. Go down a line on the return right away every time even if they no go down the line and going lent. I love going down the line of down and even if they knew that there's something psychological about that when you Players know that they know honors online. Right away I went down allied but it just sets that psychological zone DOT com. I might already think about it consciously unconsciously. They have a little bit of fear. That may better. We'll go down like establish that earlier in. It's easier for that. Saudi rape was Very technical but it was also very smart He knew the game. You went by different strategies or tactics into chapter three we go. We have some amazing insights here from Vanya on the game style development from her two coaches that she talks about in particular one is wanting to be one thing when one wants to be another thing. But it's interesting. We're she leaves it in terms of adding personality two games development. Great one for coaches interesting to hear all the insights of her mentality her mindset and how she applied that to her own development enjoy now starting to work with three and Tariq had a different philosophy and actually interesting I had a conversation with Ray Maybe about a few years ago two years ago and I'm still you know. I play for a long time by the and a long time since he had coached me but he has followed me. 'cause we're still good friends and said you know what I think your game went in the wrong Like I think that Tariq made you more of flagging aggressive baseliner Bursa is all quarter. That he said I think he should've been fedor. Where whereas we've made you more of an adult like well. If I could be like either of them right and I I agree somewhat disagree Samal Autism because now go into three and to wreak found me or I found me and or like really fulltime working with him. I met him when I was thirteen or fourteen and I started working within kind of more full time when I was nineteen and he got me in a place where I was mentally not in. I was not happy I was depressed. I wanted to play at a lot of pressure edger bro but like. I had maximize five potential. I my friends were in college and I just wasn't and I also have any money left. Things haven't been off so I just wasn't good. Plays tennis is really hard. Were just overall developments as person because it's very dysfunctional bubble that we live in and you have to put in a lot of work from a very young age so to got me at this time where. I needed a lot of direction as player. 'cause I lost a lot of confidence but I would say even more as a person that's like one of the things that I really appreciate about to rig is that he is a good person like he really took me down a path Just because he is you know his his philosophy is similar to mine and he basically was leading. Put in the work when you need to put in a work. You don't put in the work all the time like you don't just push someone like it's just about of also when tobacco off over cover To find the right balanced be most effective when the improvement and motivation That also as a person he really urged me to say you know what like go as much as you can try. Try Things go out and be your own person And I really appreciate that about him but like specifically from tennis right he did. He changed my technique in my forehand. So I used to have the old school like Tracy Austin for you. Know Black flat at elbow down and he changed life or hand to elbow up turns tune right shoulders like more of a European style which using having a bigger forehand. I'm playing heavier with a forehand being able to hit higher balls more actively flat foreign. It's obviously Are Higher but the vice versa with lower balls at? Oh my gosh remember suffering. I did four to six hours of training for six weeks and it was like three to five hours of four hands every day I would like to but shoulder liked to my neck. I mean they both painful but I actually really liked soccer. I felt that this technique was At this is I actually told Ray I insert. Yes I agree with you in some ways I disagree like I really like my forehand. I really liked back. That it became heavy came a weapon. That can run around with it that I could play heavier with it. I feel like kind of where the game is going to do wish that I still had that really attacking aggressive all quarter style. I mean coaches are flexible with players. But you know their innate qualities they don't have they're not going to specialize in every single game style Three gave me a style. That was I would attacking like an aggressive baseliner with finishing at the net. But it wasn't an all quarter style like ray had implemented for each survey honestly like looking back a best of both worlds women at this time. I mean what I was playing well like when I felt when I was fit and healthy On a single core. I felt like I could beat. Anyone really believed that. And I I think my results show that I just didn't have consistent. Offer brawl in terms of going deep into enough tournaments throughout the year. 'cause I has was talk fifty but to get further than that to be like twenty to fifty you just have to have more consistent results over the course of year. Not just like one offers Alz. I felt it was more to step back. And that's I lacked. It's it singer Cup of things coming out. I was doing of online zooms with coaches through a coaching. Course that we're doing for the L. Ta and last week actually coincidentally happened to be game style development. And I keep talking about this to coaches because irks me slightly that on the girl signed there's way more self fulfilling prophecies that lead to actual deficiencies in goes game. So for example girls doing volley goes through a slice through the allstate could the baseline all that knowing that nowadays nowadays new generation of tennis is very one dimensional employment our likes guys on the tour and they're at least top hundred if not Of the young guys need is rippling. Oh Gosh come to the net and just pick that off. You know like stuff. The Ray told me in the news. They could totally do it. They just were not encouraged to or like coaches and say. Hey let's work on this thing totally capable of doing it and gosh some of the techniques I see. Now I'm like Emmy is incredibly players are capable of doing more the shot. Yeah definitely and the point. I was making the coaches that you know if if the majority of the girls deeply in a one dimensional way. You've only got two choices as a coach. You either make them better at doing that or you. Give them more tools that you were given for example with the slice volleys more concern under percent. And it's for me. You know without getting too deep into coaching methodologies and so I think what we're seeing now is maybe a product of that Real Academy program type stuff kicking name where everyone's just training training. No actually enough done on their game development. I mean training is so important at disciplining remnants That is so important. Because obviously you know if you look at the psychological and by mechanical that people aren't at of learning right like you need to to train able to make it on us and have confidence in it but at some point players have drained enough and then. I think you know. I think a lot of coaches while I mean I feel like if if I were a coach or as as a player as she saw a person if I if I want to go into something like how can I be the at as it can writing like trying to think of all the ways that I can do that. And so that's how I feel like adding little tools to your game. can only be beneficial. And I'm not saying like change your game and That you have to accelerate in eighty different shots. If you're really talented can keep core. Keep your core strength and then add like honestly you know if you could add one. Shot your game. As at any level it Mugabe transcend your game. You know if you're at one level and you blame somebody that same. It's you and you add a little slow or adult dot shot or atlas certain Bali once in a while like just once in a while to make more interest only the dynamic of the game like their didn't his them Now they don't know what to expect it just really compounds that way. But I wanted to say why you're talking that I thought that I think A lot of coaches. I'm I'm a big believer in kind of like your personality reflects on the court as to arts a player So I think a lot of actually don't know this but I'm assuming that a lot of coaches may not take personalities into account so for example like if a coach there I know there's some coaches that don't like pushers running or don't like the players but if a player if a player is near the Christina he's just real comfortable being a defensive baseliner than I think he should support them in. Bena defensive baseliner because you know maybe like obviously we're not going into their life details but eight other people that I know that are just you know maybe a little bit more. A risk averse said are a little bit more fearful Feels more comfortable to them. And tennis's you know at the end of game of like instincts basic instinct. So if they don't follow their basic instinct and you're going against themselves than are gonNA break down when Bush. There's a lot of stress put on them and then at that point you're like well okay. Your base era defensive baseliner but let's once in a while you know you're feeling confident. Let's add this in. You're like you're looking at this early on. Not when you're super stressed out of course but you know adding little little pieces to your game and implemented them in the right time can do law and I think that's what the best Thursday right they have. They have their core strange and they add like little bits to their game at Lincoln. Bitcoin evolving. As as your Ross. See someone like constantly looking for another student to unturned just to add even point one percent heat in there. I think that's what Saturdays Vati. Based is that there are constantly looking for that tiny little improvement every opportunity whether it be lifestyle nutrition working Technical little tweaks to their game tactical adaptations on chapter four and this is where we change gears slightly and Vanya talks about what's doubles brought terror that the singles court couldn't it's an interesting one for any appearance there because Vajna goes into how she was fearful when she pleads singles doubles was less pressure more joy. So take that into account. When you listen to this and it's also interesting to hear how in the grand scheme of things Vanya believes physically. She's actually very average but she's clearly made up for it. In other areas definitely in the mindset enjoy now you mentioned that paddock caroline on and not stroke. You said that you kind of a low web and you also mentioned at around that time that tennis's to cool your word dysfunctional. Which is one hundred percent kind of agree in terms of if you WANNA be elite you kind of have to have a little bit of a slightly dysfunctional lifestyle. I for sure anyway. And it coincided maybe within twelve to eighteen months that you're starting to really have success in doubles so I'm interested. Were there things on the doubles? The actually you couldn't get from the singles court whether be pressure so I. I want to clarify that when I say dysfunction. I don't mean like if are back just I. It's very extreme and so for me something. That's very extreme constantly stream. That doesn't give you a good balance that have just Steen -able I feel like a you know as of Rogers on his flare. It is functional Even trying to reach that the professional level as a youngster. You know like you have to put it in at least six hours. The JAMAIS almost every day. You're the law. You got a separate as a lot of your childhood in sheds a lot of your hobbies things that you love. So it's not an easy life that I mean you know complete abuse that Mike. Because if you love it and the Hash of course not saying it's going to be nice and happy all the time but if you love it than it's worth the doubles core almost provided a bit of relief compared to the singles core in terms of pressure or shading responsibility. Yeah there wasn't a didn't have gear with that period like 'cause you mentioned appeared while so actually when I've always enjoyed doubles junior. I was much more successful less. Well I guess less distort than approach because I guess being a slim when there's I don't know a lot better than being top fifteen singles then like at junior. I want a lot of titles in goals. I think my we lost in the finals to use open. I didn't play a lot of ITF's events. But I always did really well in doubles even at the junior and then rape. I forgot to say best ray coached. The woodies really really helped me in the doubles. Fear like he always said to me. Double helps your singles and singles doubles like knowing up in different ways of tennis. They all help each other. And I I feel like that's true so I think it's a bummer. Now that now that know kind of segregated singles doubles than The other topic so like doubles yes. You're totally right in. That doubles was different. Because I had less pressure was very hard on me when I was a kid and a lot of pressure on me to win in singles. But he didn't care about doubles so I think that's why I was more successful in doubles because I had a freedom my head joy and I still. I'm competitive in general and I think if I wasn't so competitive honestly. My Dad pushed me so much it probably would if I wasn't so competitive And I I still competitive as dilan competitive in doubles. I just didn't have that like overwhelming. Fear pressure that he put on me like the fear came from the pressure that he put on me and I and the fear was debilitating something that actually like the rooted behaviors that were taught as as kids last a lifetime. You know unless we can address them an even while addressing them they still impact us. Oh now my dad really instilled a lot of fear in my competition whether I don't think he intended to but he wanted me to be successful like enemies that was like really really be hard on me and the unintended consequences that like over the long term It did create a lot of fear on me and then it that translated on the court that I had so much pressure that in the moments that I needed to be free. Like when you're playing and you're trying to close out the match in a match when you have the most pressure that's what you have to be relaxed and so Alike I you know. The is the most pressure at the most fear side. Definitely think that it has impacted me throughout my career. It obviously got better because I I worked on it and I tried you were as I saw ecologist. I tried to saw reflect a talk to other people. ended US getting older realizing matters as no. I mean just like perspective perspective. A little bit more active. You know But a answer question. Yesterday was different in singles and doubles also have to say that doubles does suit. My frame physical frame. I'm little so I'm a little tennis player so I think it's singles sometimes like I always thought that I was a great tennis player but was great athlete Mike Physically. I wouldn't say that I was like compared to the average person. Yes but like you know compared to the other athletes out there run like when I was a junior We would you know go to the camps and we do tests and distance runs during trading jumping Mile and a half runs of sprints like the last last dad last at by far of everything except for agility of very small space of the United States or something so I I consider myself like I am on court quite intuitive Dave people. They couldn't quick actually. Don't think I'm quick but not fast. While I've I've quick hand is and I have quick seeds small space but You know if I if I I- anticipated well and also if I if I had to. Just strictly run line for a distance. I'm not that fast so There's a lot of different skills. The pitch great because Tennessee's sorry. I digress 'cause I I I can blab on forever hormone that in singles especially when you get to the higher level and I noticed this. You know 'cause a couple of times. They had to go ahead to start playing again injuries. I'd start through the IT circuit again and the size difference between the it off. Girls were Is significant that least like juice girls itchy. I'm like oh I'm a average too short height and then on the WGM. Like I'm really short. And just you know. The size is a lot different. You know. There's a burqas girls Obviously they have more resources to hone in on their training. Have so anyways singles? I could be doing the right things. I could empty implementing. The right strategy is just wasn't strong enough that day like or if the same strategy was implemented by someone who's stronger than me it would have worked you know. So that's why a doubles I think. Strength Part is mitigated a lot because of the size of right. You're just covering half the court and I now not just that but I have a partner unusual partners and a lot of the reasons. Why tape partners were to complement me. Which is to have a big strong girl to compliment my style of play. She had that big shot than I can. Be Quick around the net or you know and I can also be strategic in You know implement the plan that I like in doubles. There's a lot of ways that helped create some issues that I hadn't singles. It's interestingly I remember in Shenyang. The player party being in the lift whiskey fever and late literally standing up for believed to horseshoe so I completely empathize with the heightening chapter. Five Vanya talked a lot about her dad's but I was curious to know what her mum brought to the equation. Knew that I work with a very strong women. Some curious to know what you learned from. Or what Yeah what. Life lessons to learn from your mother because the mother is our beg very important in the equation. Yeah Yeah so Well I'll preface that by saying that. My parents were immigrants from Taiwan. If to the states they're first generation so I think that A lot of commonality of immigrants is like we've got the egg and really like a posting strict measures on their kids because they want their kids to do better than them right. That's why they moved. That's why they entertain upgraded their lives to country they languish So for both of my parents were both very controlling. It is very Asian thing or group by immigrant. Thing I think is while making sure that we don't make any. They don't want to make any mistakes right. They WANNA make they want cashew it that you can't make states we know what's best for you everything. That's very Asian thing So my mom. She likes to say she stayed out of by tennis. But didn't really you know she always had an opinion and so. I consider myself as being a strong character and I guess at me them. Strong woman And I think that most athletes have to have strong character. It's not an easy thing that we do so it builds strength. You know it either. I think that tennis either made your brakes. You way you know like you. You have scars But my mom always said to us when we were younger my I have two sisters and a brother. My sister's Are Closer in age and we always hang out together and she'd always tell us her daughter's like that we were capable like we have to do it by ourselves. Like GonNa do for you. You have to yourselves but did also create some pressure like you have to do it but you have. You always have to do it you have to do is like us always telling me. Bonnie your fighter. You're you're you're competitive your fighter. That's your life and I'm like Oh we'll on one hand it's great it's very motivating inspired me to be a tough and self sufficient. In far away that's so valuable for any But an exit also sometimes exhausting Clash gunfight fight again today like ill on the court in an I. Guess I guess that's also one of the reasons why an Everybody at some point gets tired of it. You know like this work that anymore. It's it it is a fight every day. And you've got to go up and get up and train and compete activism on Iraq dispatches real matches and we've played thousands and thousands of matches them. Yeah I mean that's I think I'm so appreciative of her or really encouraging her daughters and never seeing it like a a gender a gender issue are just as capable Whenever even never even thought of the difference between boys and girls it just is what it is what it is like we are. We're doing what we WANNA do. There's nothing to do about gender. That's that's so good to hear because I do expedience law. It's kind of strange these things. Where like I'm I'm so appro- quality I champion all the time and then sometimes you meet a bit of resistance. Isn't the right word. But it's like you're you're can of white white guy and you're so you kind of have these opinions because got you know. There's a lot of voices out there that are loud so you think that they represent a bigger population than they do nowadays of technology. It's easy for the loudest people. Just you Keyword say think are easy now while I support you. I think totally valid for any person to say I support equality I support. I support equality injustice sternest and what I say quality. It doesn't mean like you know. Everybody has to be treated exactly same emory circumstance but the goal is to have a to be treated fairly Added justly at night. Think that that goes goes without saying for either. No it's something I see a basic expression. It's almost like certain women have to try so much harder to get the same fairness or attention or stuff so I think that is great for your mother. Really chomping down from a young age. I think it's okay to say yet. Where is sexism yes discrimination exists in the world? And you know I it. Sexism is is huge. I think been bigger than at is the differences in power I think power a inequality of power so with sexism. It's the same it's like it's like it's trying to keep a certain group John and discrimination that it applies across discrimination right so it's more of a power struggle about a gets about Try to give everyone an equal opportunity passing powder. Nothing that's why I admire. Sounds like I'm kissing her ass. Admire Judy so much. As that. One point you and I have a voice and I'm going to bloody well use it to actually champion women our women and help them that can unfairness that. You're talking about Qudos to your mom. So the Yeah I love her to. I mean she's a trailblazer. And I think. Baxter Admiral because in teamed I think like most people Where we had heard talent right like we only do things people are doing it. We only we only been to say. Yeah you know. That's wrong with other people. Do it takes it takes guts and it takes like going against your own fears to to be the job laser. So that's I think why she's so. Add Yeah definitely under percent chapter six we get onto serving up hope which is evangelism Megyn. Charity Joseph goes onto again that can have unequal opportunities in the world and why she wants to set up this charity and I think it was a fantastic almost a nod to last week's guest Dr David Hamilton. When we talk about hosting is much easier to give than to receive. I think that's a very strong message for us all. Hope you've really enjoyed the show. And I hope you enjoy the last chapter of King. Everything you've said in terms of DR disciplined competitiveness. I'm not sure the average person with Dan quit that person to even before they retired. Go I'm going to set up a charity. So is a unique situation for a chance to do before they retire. So tell us about serving up. Hope Yeah says serving. Pope was born at of several years of intentions and a several serendipitous occasions as our big line. Traces of like that things fall into place. I've been to Africa's several times. I love wildlife so I've been. They're gone so far. As of tonight I really discovered a love for Africa and then also My nonprofit dirty work so right now. I work with W charities from an organizational capacity but before that as a player when I had the chance to give back I am especially working with children. That is kind of myself. Slut really enjoyed during one of the times when I I was hurt year and in that period I started working with an organization called acing autism. Which is mainly based in the state provide or rams children with autism. I had heard about them before. I think had volunteered for a couple of their programs. Let's I saw. That was a need in Long Beach where I grew up so I ended up starting a program there. My local high school I contacted a couple of schools in in the area and basically you know from the ground up. Recruited program is branch of Autism. And that was my first. I would say like bigger nonprofit experience Like working but this with easing autism and through that I also did like some fundraising for them Some grants granted. I mean I didn't do any grant writing but I I applied for some grants through the AM. I help them a friend of mine. Applied on the HP side or France for them. So I started to learn about like different pieces of the puzzle of the nonprofit sector and Some I enjoyed more than others and so I started to. I started a Masters Program in nonprofit management. That's actually in that program. I was classmates. With an Austin. Who runs the deputy crew? Ask Your classmates. And so that's how I met in And then combined Obviously my love for tennis and wanted to try to make the most impact that I can which also means I wanna be sensible about the Do Love tennis but also I can make the most impacted tenants to. That's where I have been successful. And I have the most impact have the most network lobster shirt like kind of all of these things were moving along And then I had wanted to start a non-profit But I was scared like I thought it was too much work. It was just Dongting trying to do all of it for myself. You know the legal and tax implications of it like. It's not just something I can. It's not one eventually. I can't just dip out so I knew that it would be a significant commitment And then I happened to chat with a former deputy player who actually runs a nonprofit called her prefer kids and they are actually partnered with debussy charities as well but before that Peanut Harper at. I had a chat with her and I I was just saying you know I had this idea and I really would like to start may nonprofit but I I'm scared also. I had actually wanted to start a non-profit about five years ago when I had stopped Here in Florida with a friend of mine called senior storytellers as you know as you may not know. Florida has very high population of Elderly. People can be tired and I wanted to start a nonprofit that writes the life stories for seniors. I had actually been in. I was at a medical center. I think or checkup and I had overheard a conversation of an elderly couple and the wife was saying like I think the wife is dying and they were just talking like normal Hasn't so I went to the farmers market You know I got the numbers for a dollar. And she's great and then he straightened to you know. I never thought that you died for me is that I died. Before you mentioned it was just very nonchalant does what it is. You went from like cucumbers to death and I was like. Oh my Gosh I wish and he said but I wasn't in the conversation was eavesdropping. Like there were just hygiene. I wish we had written down our life story. I was I was too shy to say I'll do it but I was like Gosh. But there's thousands millions of people that probably wish this right like So anyway sorry again. Digress I had bought. Actually Wallace during my nonprofit masters They had US doing assignments. All my signs were pertaining to storyteller with the goal of creating this nonprofit and then at the end of beds I backed out of it. Has I mean I was like I was scared of the obligation abilities but also I started to play again and I had to be full-time to in I just like end of end. My friend who was during with me ended up moving back to Seattle so he couldn't get involved anymore. I just thought overwhelmed means though But you know everything is a learning experience through that with C. Serving Pope. I realize like okay. I can't do this then. It was also like in my wheelhouse. Tennis is my wheelhouse guy. I know all about tennis right. And the writing space since I wasn't as Miller with it so anyways that's how about sorry. The goal is to provide sustainable tennis grand. So it's like the complete program they started. Ram and similar to Judy's program cheaper by test programs for underprivileged. Kids started it in Uganda. And what was that like? What because what did things like. I'm Chaman complete mess like when you start telling the stewardess couple of welling up here civil what was about and what. What was your Gondola on that level? I had been to Africa before but I hadn't had that much. I haven't had that much close proximity to leads like in this capacity right when I meet. Maybe I'd meet up with some friends that I go off. Cheer Clean or something like that so it was. I can't say it was by Ed. Ably eye opening because as we travel Because as travel we see a lot and we see a lot of different cultures and different experiences and we see a lot of people that do not have the same circumstances as each other as you're you know like everybody. Agriculture IS DIFFERENT. When lives differently? But there are places you know. Spanish in are under privileged countries in in our country all countries. That people don't have the resources or education or they definitely don't have the opportunities to that we have and does really make you think like is it fair right like is that fair at somebody who was just as capable as I am. Justice like genetic biologically capable smart a skilled Healthy With environment may not healthy to fair that they like. I get to be here With these free sources and this happened and I get to have a house that I get booed him a car and be able to be happy. I get to be happy. They don't have that opportunity at all not like to have this house apart and they can be happy because they can't sell their basic needs a survival mode all the time and me being stressed out because my dad pushed me. That's their live all the time. Right like that's esther that they have all the time so It just it is a it is visited. Nazi that like that. I haven't seen before but at the same time it's the IT'S A. It's a reminder of every time you that go and also note that I think about even when I'm home that I don't think it's fair. You know ethically And saw it. Let's do something about it and I think that's kind of overall my beliefs about the world and do things I do like I don't think it's fair that And I think I don't think it started that we we get unequal opportunities. And I also think that it's way easier to give than to receive like you have the means to give it's way easier to receive later. I it's so much harder to be on the receiving end to waiting for other people to help you at fall need help important. I'll take it for that. I think it's it's tough like I see some people saying like while you know. Some people just need to get a job or do this or do that any. It's not just strictly in the states or it's all over the world like it's very unambiguous way. If you think of each individual person you don't know what their circumstances I like. I'm really lucky. I have a really supportive family. I know you like you can get a message out or I have friends. I have a network Have supports Raise many people. Don't have that at all no an to have an education and that it's also beneficial so there's some people that don't have any of this So I think it's callous to make about other people where they are and what they should and shouldn't be doing. Definitely it's something. I experienced a lot with Judy's foundation. Is that the the big thing strikes me when I work with people to are disadvantaged. Is that they're borderline surprised that you're showing any value in them or giving them any kind of Volkert Unity. Not Not the get my heart. The most is that they're still on a pathway or engrained that the the wouldn't have people supporting them offering those opportunities so they're probably a lot of people in the world have have the same feelings as you but the differences you've done something So massive They got for for that and especially especially being a professional athlete. Like you say the typical stereotype or perception would be that. You have to be quite selfish in driven in the end. There's a degree of trees in the driven part. But I think what you and Mrs may be me speaking. Couldn't words in your mouth. It feels like you have really used your expedient to reflect and actually have a much healthier perspective on yourself and also the world and you're beyond anything doing something which is just like well don't you will. Thanks Chris I really. I hope that hope I embody what you think doing. But I'd like as a player even I. I think there's many ways to get back on. There's also and you could be little cliche knows. Eileen cliche like you never know how your kindness helps somebody and it can be just so small that can interlocks them but as a player yes we had to be one hundred percent focused on our game though. If you like there's again there's many ways to help and time verses money is like one of the kind of fundraising. What if questions like? So if you don't have the time but you have a little bit of money to donate like you can do it that way or if you have time and the money you could do both or you have the Thai but not the money. It doesn't even have to be organizationally right. Like new ninety just being nice to someone. Try to help out it. You don't have to measure it donated to. I'm GonNa send you the SPOOK. I'm going to send you this big venue. It's it's called the five side effects of and I'm going to send you a copy so big as well because until this Guy Actually. He's actually going to be on the podcast after you. He's episode number thirty six. Oh is to talks about the benefits of being kind. But he talks about it in a scientific way. And he's an amazing man you absolutely and curious to what this guy's GonNa site because there's different theories that like for example the ethical question of are are we at the core selfish or out twist Moran ourself And even though I believe in I'm not fully sure but it. I think most people are selfish. I I would. I would put a caveat in that. Where selfish because we have to survive and says five allies like if selfishness crate survival than we are selfish right but the first Survival Round A lot of survival or the belief that this will make you survive cream selfishness so I found a lot. And I'll you also draw your own conclusions that I kind of felt in that book which I'll send you project. Think you'll find interesting scientifically. We are altruistic because it contributes to our survival definitely David's on the same wavelength As well as the survival is that reptilian part of the brain which is millions of years old. But we've got the frontal cortex is the part that differentiates US between animals. And so on and the thing that would help us is actually to to be more kinds of people and like you said even just a gesture of holding a door open a small smile. Ask Her the are all contributes and if we can get more people to pay for was Denver Bronze winner. So I'm GonNa let you go. I cannot thank you enough for your time. We have spoken. I have listened or hours. It so hopefully fingers crossed our paths will meet again Leeson Just doesn't know what this we don't know what the world is going to be come but Fingers crossed at one point in the future. The near future will cross again and we can continue this chat with beer in day to take care bye-bye.

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Entry 43  My Lockdown Reflections

Kris Soutar's Tennis Journal

13:50 min | 8 months ago

Entry 43 My Lockdown Reflections

"Welcome to my Daddy's tennis journal. He doesn't have guess for you this week. He is very tired from bringing you one guess per week for the last twelve weeks. Sue Andrew Number Four, two three. R His tennis. Reflection from He told me to tell you distraught yourselves. As he gets on his soapbox. His nickname is so bad after all enjoy. Thank you to my other podcast assistant nine year old daughter Brooke. So goes reflection one. Tennis is important to me to. Millions of others rented world, but in the grand scheme of things isn't as important as the general health of the world's population. I've I miss tennis of course I have. Rather have zero tennis and ensure the wellbeing of the people replay work within support the game. This sentiment doesn't seem to be shared by few professional players seen in recent weeks. Don't get me wrong. Novak Djokovic definitely created his event with the best of intentions, but pitchers videos, which were beamed around the world, literally sent Shivers Diamonstein. In particular cannot get the picture of the kids day I've my head. Of, course players supporters payments in kids don't dried. They're kicking and screaming, but come on. There needs to be some responsibility and accountability by the organizers of this event. We can't tell heating Serbia had been a few cases, and the event was in accordance the government's guidelines, however inclusive inspection. The government guidelines were not in the slightest. It became pitch me of an exhibition. Unfortunately what was on exhibition? Athletes Looking as if they believed they would above global pandemic. It stunk of. I'm healthy, so even if I, get it. Oh, be Oh, Kate, however how the world's population deal with this? This could be likened to a metaphor kindness dial. This beastly bias isn't about whether you catch or no. It is all about whether you could pass it on to someone else. Even at the best of times, we over responsibility to think about the affects. Our behavior has on others. This vitus is the ultimate test of this mentality. And I'm afraid. Some professional tennis players feel distaste. Bringing joy to thousands of tennis fans. Not I weighed one single person catching this virus. Tennis as we knew it will have to wait. In the meantime we can look at fantastic examples it professional tennis events such as Battle of the Ritz. Of course you may believe this is a biased opinion as I am a Brit. But the way this entire event was put together did bring joins through tennis without fans, players and support staff increase it risks. That are. Scheduled leading up to US Open, then the tour is expected to instantly shift building up to the French Open. I genuinely believe the US Open will not go ahead. Wells was canceled citing just one case in the entire region of the event. CanNot believe that someone whether it be a player, coach or support. Staff of the event will catch couvet. If that happens. The entire event will have to be closed down. As I mentioned earlier. Tennis is not more important than anyone's. Player or otherwise? Reflection to? Mr Moslo Gordon Dangling with this pyramid of height hierarchy needs. Let me run through the CD of this pin amid really quickly at the base of the pyramid, our fundamental needs in order to survive air, water, shelter, sleep, clothing, and reproduction. WHAT NOT GONNA SPEAK ABOUT REPRODUCTION? Next up on the pyramid, is personal security, employment, property, health and other resources that can help us live more comfortable life. Then me of love and belonging friendship family in the sense of connection to others. Then we move up into respect, self, esteem, status, recognition, and freedom. Finally at the very top of the we have self actualization the desire to become the most one can be. If couvin has reinforced anything for me. It is all I need to truly be happy as my family by hugs, feud resources and the sense of connection to others. On that last point, tennis plays a huge part in connect to meet others. Through all the different work, doing tennis, a massively fortunate to such large number and variety of people. Just in the last week I've worked with over five hundred people across Scotland and all of sitting in my study. On deeper reflection I, believe one of the issues we have in the tennis world as many people want to jump straight to the tip of this pyramid at the expense of what goes beneath. In the social media driven eater many seem desperate. Climb some imagining ladder without realizing they need to help others to be the best they can be. Your heating, mortimore or stories players, our coaches experience in mental health issues, self, esteem, confidence, body, image, depression and anxiety are becoming more prevalent attempts. When you dig a rhyme. In each case, it is common to find. The recalls is dying to lack of deep and meaningful connection with others. Superficial targets and goals be pinned on young vulnerable children. Payments understandably gets swept away with these labels expectation in Canon. Some cases even add more pressure to the child. Tennis may be an individual sport I knew one thing for sure to be the very best tennis player you can be. You need the help of others. Therefore. If you tennis player coach appearance, please reflect on how you are with others. It's quite simple. People will want to help. People were kind to them. Play with anyone who is happy to put themselves in front of you coaches, many people as you can treat them all with equal importance and patents, please no the journey to self actualization for your child take decades. What happens when your kid is, a kid does not define an annual way, shape or form. This leads me onto the fletch in three. I'm the coordinator the of July two thousand and twenty. In Scotland, phasing out with lockdown in a more cautious than our English neighbors. I'm happier with this. Approach is risk versus a person. I would rather spend longer transitioning dime knowing there's less chance of progressing. However. The approaches led to Scottish coaches. Being restricted in how many hours they can coach per day. After. Be Very careful. Have a word. This next been as I. Do not want to disrespect Scottish coaches, so let me be clear. I empathize with any coach cannot make enough money to pay their bills in support. Their family voted. You mentioned maslow's hierarchy of. The. Feeling of not being able to provide to basic needs is awful. Nobody today's age should experience that. Has Frustrated me with some of the coaches is the sense of entitlement they should be free to mix with as many families as they won. While the rest of the fine point, five million people in Scotland are restricted to just seeing people from two other families per day. Regardless of how many times this argument across the still savers a disgrace that the honestly expand Nicholas Sturgeon to address the nation say everyone in Scotland is alleged socialized for the maximum to other per day, except for a couple of hundred ten coaches. They can fill the Grayson socialized with as many as they want. Again on deeper reflection loot, other ways, coaches could make money and bring genuine values to the players. One of the silver linings. This pandemic has been a huge number of tennis players who are doing something. The really did OVID. Phoning up people in organizing to play practice matches. Hundreds upon hundreds of people across Scotland are playing in both leagues. By idea led to rather awkward exchange with a coach last week. He's a pile of mines should be left off, but perhaps this is a great example of what tennis coach become. I suggest it to my friend. He charged the players to prepare them for the votes. League match video and Chart Matched D. player than send him the video. This offers massive is a lively coach. There witnessed firsthand the players compete. This, could fuel weeks and weeks of coaching. In the long term, the added value preparing for matches, unbeaten part of deep process is absolutely crucial for the player. His reply. I don't coach. People play matches. Say the exact words I said to him, but the gist of it was if that's the case. You wasn't really a tennis coach. When he strongly objected to this opinion, I mentioned. Tennis is a sport sport involves a game. Therefore if you had a coach of tennis, your job is to help. People get better playing the game. Came back at me with everyone is to play in competitions. I understand there are many reasons why people tennis some do purely for social reasons, some per general fitness and wellbeing, however the absolute vast majority of people I know that play tennis played the game. Therefore the are competing the issue. We haven't tennis's most people believe that competition is only for the best players each age group. Must Change. Tennis is a game for life is one of the few sports in the world where you can compete from five years old to ninety five years old. There needs to be so many layers to competition. It can come in so many shapes and sizes from skill development drilling competitions, fun team, Games. Team events double is events, and of course actual formal competitions. If we only offer formal competitions than of course we instantly shrink the prove of competing players danger tiny puddle. It takes a lot of confidence encouraged to enter into a tournament. Tennis needs to do a much better job at creating fun. Entry level competitions where people sit, feel safe to come along and join it. When we can get the coaching industry into this idea, a genuinely believe their coach. Daddy's will have waiting lists for lessons better. Still every lesson complete will have clear meaning for the players and coach. Their players will be high motivation. Coaches will be capable to deliver better lessons. Players doesn't get better coach's responsibility. When I finished my rent to Michael, his response was typical, but these events don't even exist. Why response bloody create them. If you wait for others to do it for you, you'll be waiting forever. Coaches, please the to why you coach tennis. Of course we only to make a living. If you believe you coach tennis solely to earn money, I would suggest you'll soon become bitter still in your job. We have one of the best, or it's in the world the best in my opinion, it can help develop skills in so many different ways on and off the court. You could make friends for life business connections, which could change your life and offer amazing opportunity the intrinsic benefits to play tennis amazing. We can offer all of this through the game of tennis now onto my last reflection recite dight, the biggest influence in my law unhappiness has been a certain Dr David Hamilton. David is a beautiful person and adult mean that in the aesthetic sensitivity. He is a good looking chap. He's an author Speaker Nicole, and all in the subject of the mind body connection. David was the guest of my thirty four journal entry. We also did several instagram lies on hot topics such as how to deal with the feeling of being cheated I to develop healthy relationships working through anxiety and self love. I thought more feedback from work with David than all of my allegations. Put together. It's clear. His work connects with people on a deep level. When you break down everything he does clear message is simple. Be kind to yourself and be kind to others. We're all complex creatures. Suspend all of our time walking around this planet living in reminds. We can be terribly cruel to ourselves and others quite often. How we are with others is a reflection of how we are feeling inside. You only have to look at twitter to see the through spectrum of kindness to hatred. Twitter is one of the most bizarre places on airs. One posts can make you feel warm and fuzzy inside, and the nets can make your blood boil. It could be argued that twitter is a true representation of older. Have on the planet. The solution. And I want to leave. You with is really simple. Be Kind. It's tough. It really is. It's a constant work in progress, and you'll have your highs and lows. Please give goop practice, being kind and feel the benefits. That's it. Those are my tennis reflections next week. Combat within the guest. I'll tell you about that another time. We'd ever you are whatever you're doing right now? Please be saved. Take care and be kind.

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Near-Death Experiences Pt. 2

Unexplained Mysteries

32:36 min | Last month

Near-Death Experiences Pt. 2

"In may two thousand thirteen. The newly graduated students of my trip college in portland oregon watched as their commencement speaker took the stage. It was his holiness. The dalai lama wrapped in a long robe. The dalai lama spoke about how buddhist teachings categorize unexplained events according to him. The first category is called evident phenomena. These are events that can be observed and measured because the can be felt by one or more of the five senses. The second category is hidden phenomena. We can't physically sense these episodes but we can infer the existence through observation or measurement for example gravity or magnetism the third category is extremely hidden phenomena. These can be measured at all neither directly nor indirectly. The only evidence we can ever have is through our own first person experience or by hearing someone else's eyewitness account the dalai lama directly referenced. Another man on the graduation stage renowned neurosurgeon. Dr evan alexander. The physician was there to discuss his experience with an extremely hidden phenomena near death. Experiences in two thousand eight alexander went into a seven day coma and when he awoke he claimed he traveled to heaven. The dalai lama finished his speech with a call to action in the case of extremely hidden phenomena. Like dr alexander's are human. Duty is to investigate because if we find quantifiable evidence for indie ease then we can prove the existence of heaven itself Welcome to unexplained mysteries a spotify original from podcast. I'm your host molly. And i'm your host richard in life. There's so much we don't know but in this show we don't take no for an answer. Every tuesday and thursday we investigate the greatest mysteries of history and life on earth. You can find episodes of unexplained mysteries and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify or wherever. You listen to podcasts. This is our second episode on near death experiences or indie ease as the name suggests these rare occurrences are most often reported by individuals who have survived the brink of death. Many and andy reports include out of body experiences interactions with dead relatives and seeing a tunnel of light that leads to another plane of existence. Last time we explored well-known cases of md's such as the story of anita more johnny in two thousand six her miraculous near death. Experience inspired her to write a new york times bestselling book about how her spiritual journey helped her beatcancer. This time will try to determine whether andi are the brains natural response to extreme trauma or proof that our souls outlive our bodies. We have all that and more coming up. Stay with us accounts of near death. Experiences can be polarizing indie. Most often happened while people are unconscious so researchers are incredibly limited in what they can actually measure. They must rely on human testimony to fill in. What's actually happening in other words. Andy ease exist near the intersection of two seemingly contradictory ideas science and faith which is why after a neurosurgeon reported in n. d. e. it became central to the conversation in nineteen eighty eight. Dr eban alexander began his career in boston at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. Brigham and women's well working as a neurosurgeon. Dr alexander simultaneously target his father's alma mater. Harvard medical school in both institutions. He had access to some of the most cutting edge medical technology in the world. Soon dr alexander became an expert in a non invasive. Surgical treatment called stereo tactic. Radio surgery a procedure that uses targeted radiation to address medical abnormalities. In the brain it can even eliminate tumors without needing to open the skull in his own practice. Doctor under-used stereo tactic. Radio surgery to treat cancer. Epilepsy mentoring nerves and tangled blood vessels and for nearly a decade in the field of medicine. His star was on the rise until two thousand one when an elderly woman from arizona. Whom will call. Rose contacted him to remove a benign tumor in her brain. Dr alexander was one of the few surgeons in the country capable of performing the procedure. So rose flew from arizona all the way to boston but she didn't receive the treatment that she expected when rose arrived at the hospital orderlies placed her in a wheelchair and brought her into the operation. Room apparently no one spoke to her or explain what was happening. After doctors strapped into a device rendering it immobile rose demanded to meet. Dr eben alexander. She was about to go under and he had yet to introduce himself mere minutes before the operation began. Dr alexander stepped in front of her said. Hello and assured her that she was in good hands then she drifted into unconsciousness and the surgery began when rose woke up in the icu. She couldn't move the left side of her face. Dr alexander never warned her about the risks associated with her surgery and though he'd successfully eliminated her tumor half of her face was now permanently paralyzed. Ultimately rose filed a lawsuit. Her lawyers asked to see the paperwork she'd signed before entering surgery. But apparently dr alexander could only produce a single sheet of paper. It didn't even have rose's signature on it. Apparently dr alexander had misplaced a number of her forms. The case was eventually settled out of court shortly after. Brigham and women's fire dr alexander from their roster administrators have not stated whether or not the dismissal was related to the lawsuit. Either way dr alexander moved on to work for umass memorial medical center located in worcester massachusetts. Where apparently his careless behavior continued during one operation. Dr alexander reportedly left a small piece of plastic inside a woman's nick. In addition to the pain this caused her she needed another intensive surgery to have it removed then in august two thousand three umass suspended dr sanders for an error made during an operation. On another patient's brain stem the specific details surrounding. These punitive measures remain confidential by early two thousand seven. Dr alexander relocated to lynchburg virginia and began work as a staff surgeon at lynchburg general hospital but his lack of professionalism and care continued on march first a fifty four year old farmer whom will call. George arrived at lynchburg complaining about a pain in his neck and upper arm. Dr alexander recommended as spinal decompression surgery this involved fusing georgia's fifth and sixth vertebrae together but during the actual procedure. Dr alexander fused the wrong vertebrae together. He didn't even realize his mistake until weeks. Later during georgia's follow up appointment. At which point he decided to withhold the information entirely. In fact dr alexander then went back and altered the surgical documentation to make. It seem like he'd done nothing wrong. Months passed before in october. Two thousand seven. Dr alexander told george about the mistake. He offered to perform a corrective surgery for free but shortly after lynchburg general hospital suspended him in august. Two thousand eight almost one year later. George filed a three million dollar lawsuit against dr alexander accusing him of negligence battery fraud and altering a legal document. When asked why he didn't immediately tell the farmer about the botched surgery. Dr alexander claimed he was interested in the post operative improvements george made. He claimed he wanted to study the transformative power of the placebo effect. But before dr alexander gave his first deposition his own health took a turn for the worse. It started as a simple headache but by the morning of november ten. Th two thousand eight the pain. Dr alexander's head was unrelenting issue. Ricky coli otherwise known as e coli had invaded the lining of his central nervous system. The bacteria was now surrounding his brain and spinal cord. As dr alexander's immune system released white blood cells to fight off the attack. His brain swelled with fluid by the time. Dr alexander arrived at the er. He was completely incoherent and his body spasms out of control as his health hit rock bottom. His life apparently changed forever. Dr eban alexander had a near death experience coming up. dr alexander. claims heaven is real listeners. This month marks sixty years since john f. kennedy became the thirty fifth president of the united states ushering his already prominent family into the highest enclaves of political power but behind their storied. Successes lie secrets and scandals so severe. If it were any other lineage they would have been left. In ruin this january to commemorate this iconic milestone dig into the dramas of a real life american dynasty in the spotify original from podcast. The kennedy's crime history mystery. This exclusive series from spotify features. Your favorite podcast hosts including me examining one of the world's most formidable families from all angles. Whether it's assassinations and conspiracies corruption and cover ups international affairs and extra marital wants to discover all of the kennedy family's most controversial moments. All in one place you can. Binge all twelve episodes of this limited series starting on tuesday january nineteenth followed the kennedys free and exclusively spotify. Bow back to the story on november tenth. Two thousand eight. Paramedics rush dr alexander to the hospital with a severe case of bacterial meningitis e. coli was attacking his brain and central nervous system. As doctors fought to save his life. His body went into a coma. Six days later he woke up but while unconscious he claimed he'd experienced something miraculous as he teetered. Between life and death he caught a glimpse of heaven. Dr alexander described floating over a green countryside on the wings of a giant butterfly. A beautiful woman road the insect with him as sentient orbs of light floated above them according to dr alexander. He suspected these were angels. The butterfly drifted towards a black void whereas singular light glowed in the center. The longer the flight lasted the more. Dr alexander became aware of everything a wash in a warm loving light. Dr alexander felt blessed with omniscience and he understood the comforting glow was god and that he and god or a shared being according to dr alexander in this state he knew the answers to life's greatest mysteries including the origins of humanity and the meaning of life then as quickly as it become graced with them. Nisshin's he began to float downward away from god. He descended into a brown muck and there in the mud. Dr alexander saw the blurry faces of doctors in an operating room. Soon enough he was back on earth. At first dr alexander felt confused lying on a starched hospital mattress. He experienced what's commonly referred to as icu psychosis in the days after his traumatic medical procedures. He frequently hallucinated and had difficulty forming coherent thoughts in time however he made a full recovery and after believing he'd seen heaven. Dr alexander became a changed man while poring over books about indie ease. He found a story about a little girl who claimed to have encountered a deceased sibling whom she never met in life. This in particular struck a chord with dr alexander. Dr alexander was adopted in though he never met his biological siblings. His birth parents once sent him a photo of his biological sister. They too had never met before she passed. The story prompted dr alexander to look for that picture of his sister again when he found it he realized that his sister was the woman he'd seen on the butterfly like the little girl he'd read about his near death. Experience reunited him with a long lost sibling today. Most scientists agree that prior to dying. Something likely happens inside the brain. It's just unclear. What in two thousand and thirteen researchers at the university of michigan induced cardiac arrest in a number of rats and monitored their brains reactions within thirty seconds many experienced a significant uptick inactivity apparent flares of consciousness in other words in the moments directly preceding death when their brains should theoretically be shutting down. Researchers saw a burst in neurological transmissions different parts of the rats brains were in explosive communication with each other all at the same time though interesting. The study was inconclusive. We can't know what the rats saw or experienced. During this time some would suggest the researchers might have been witnessing an end e but not everyone is so convinced. Most sceptics claim that all accounts of andy. Es including dr alexander's are actually hallucinations. They're the result of oxygen loss killing brain cells and causing confusion disorientation and visions similarly. They allege that the bright light at the end of the tunnel often reported by indie survivors is actually a relatively common side effect known as tunnel vision. This happens when the is don't receive. Proper amounts of oxygen as for out of body experiences sceptics claim. These are the result of the brain wires getting crossed while under immense stress. The brain misread sensory information causing the sensation of consciously floating above one's body but in two thousand twelve dr alexander published a book called proof of heaven in which he refutes these claims to this day. He insists that nbc's are much more than the imaginings of the human brain. Dr alexander pointed out that the e coli attacking his body prompted a natural coma as opposed to one that is medically induced. This detail remains critically important to his argument to induce a coma. Doctors typically used drugs that depress the central nervous system like animals or barbiturates once comatose. A patient's brain is essentially functionally asleep but still technically conscious in a natural coma. The brain is functionally dead and incapable of any activity at all. Therefore dr alexander shouldn't have been able to form any memories at all. He shouldn't have seen light felt a butterfly or sensed god unless he was truly experiencing something divine. Dr alexander's logic appears to be sound and his account does seem to suggest that n ease could be a real spiritual experience but according to the doctors who treated him. His hypothesis is based on some questionable information. Dr laura potter was the surgeon. Who operated on dr alexander. After he was admitted for meningitis and she remembered the events outlined in his book much differently than he did. Dr potter claim that in the state he was in. Dr alexander couldn't lay still enough for them to record his vitals for his safety. She medically induced coma and placed him on life support. In other words. Dr alexander's brain was never functionally dead. And he claimed dr potter. Also stated that when dr alexander's body stabilized. She attempted to bring him out of his coma occasions. Each time he would involuntarily thrash about in. Dr potter's expert medical opinion. These physical reactions proved that dr alexander was conscious the entire time in her care albeit often delirious and confused now. Dr alexander hasn't publicly released his medical records so we can't know for sure whose account is more accurate but there are elements of dr alexander story that can be called into question for example. The woman on the butterfly who he claimed was his dead sister. Now it's unclear when he last saw her photo but it would have been relatively easy for his brain to subconsciously. Recall her image and incorporated into a dream. Scape think of all the people who make appearances in your own dreams. Their presence in your mind doesn't mean they're real and of course prior to dr alexander's reported indy. We know he lied to cover up instances of malpractice his history as an unreliable narrator should call into question his account that said. Dr alexander has reportedly resolved all of his malpractice lawsuits and still maintains his medical license. So his interpretation of events isn't without some merit. Even if he may have an cheerier move after one year in circulation proof of heaven sold more than two million copies in thirty five countries around the world. Universal pictures purchased the rights to the story almost overnight dr alexander when from being disgraced surgeon to lecturing on daytime. Tv he's been interviewed. By oprah dr oz. And larry king and his views have sparked some controversy for example in two thousand twelve. He appeared on the cable talk. Show fox and friends directly after the tragic. Sandy hook shooting when asked whether or not the children who died would remember the tragedy. Dr alexander responded well they will know what happened but they will not feel the pain they will feel the love and cherishing of there being back there and they will know that they have changed this world. Statements like this speak to the heart of why reports of nda's can be so divisive. Sure dr alexander claims that he survived death in order to spread the message of eternal love and the existence of an afterlife. He wants to give humanity hope but many people worry that accounts of md es especially those that ignore medical evidence can give people false hope and that can be incredibly dangerous coming up. We examined the power of positive thinking now back to the story. Dr evan alexander is considered. One of the foremost experts are near death experiences. Much of his credibility stems from his career as a neurosurgeon after all. It's his job to know what's happening in the human brain that his checkered past filled was malpractice and lies has brought his claim into question especially since his end e has ushered in a lucrative new chapter of his life and he's not the only indie survivor to capitalize off their claims. Last episode we discussed anita. Johnny anita reportedly had a near death experience in february. Two thousand six six years later she wrote a best selling book about her experience. Called dying to be me. She then toured the world lecturing about its contents making a controversial claim as we discussed last time for years prior to her in d. e. anita had declined chemotherapy treatment for lymphoma when she entered a coma in two thousand. Six doctors administered chemo anyway in an effort to save her life after this treatment her tumors shrank and her cancer went into remission. But a nieta. The doctor's efforts had little impact on her recovery. Instead she attributed her renewed health to spirituality and the power of positive thinking the majority of medical professionals consider this claim dangerous as it encourages people to place their trust in faith instead of science but in response to her critics and needed claims. She's less dangerous than a doctor. Who tells their patient they have a few months left to live she argues. They're taking away something that could be life saving hope and she may not be entirely wrong. Dr david hamilton. A former pharmaceutical scientists believes that nontraditional methods like positive thinking should be incorporated alongside conventional medicine. He believed there's enough evidence to suggest that the human mind can change how the brain functions and possibly how it heals. One example of this is the placebo effect. A well known phenomenon in which the intended effects of a medicine are felt even though a patient. Unwittingly takes a fake alternative for instance. A doctor hands a group of people a sugar pill but says it's a new medicine meant to stimulate cognitive function. Though the pill should not physiologically alter anyone in any significant way participants report increased heart rates reaction times later when given the exact same pill and told his sedative. Participants report feeling more relaxed. The brain effectively creates its own expectations. Dr hamilton believes the placebo. Effect is an example of medical phenomenon. Known as neuro plasticity. Neuro plasticity is essentially the brain's ability to reorganize neurological pathways based on new experiences and habits for example in a two thousand four. Study the university of regensburg. Germany monitored a number of subjects as they learn to juggle three balls over the course of three months as they form this new skill. Mri scans showed growth in the region's of their brain responsible for processing visual movement. And since this is the case. Dr hamilton believes neuro. Plasticity could have serious. Medical applications. perhaps making a habit out of optimism or positively can rewire the brain to be better equipped at healing itself doctor. Hamilton's not alone. A growing number of medical professionals are incorporating physiological practices alongside treatments like chemotherapy but no medical professional would ever suggest that positive thinking could replace peer reviewed medicine and many would argue that anita more janis claims. Ignore the reality that she may be offering people false hope like dr alexander. She insists her indie e provided proof of another spiritual plane of existence but as the dalai lama once said in a two thousand thirteen commencement speech all claims of n ease should be investigated thoroughly to make sure. The person doesn't have a motivation to lie given the financial and career opportunities. There indies provided. We can certainly say that. Both anita and dr alexander had motivation to lie and they wouldn't be the first in two thousand four six year old alex malarkey and his father got into a terrible car accident. The crash injured alex's neck and spine causing paralysis in all four of his limbs and he spent the next two months in a medically induced coma when he woke he apparently claimed he'd visited heaven including his account were angels with wings growing out of their backs. The devil white tunnels of light even apparently spoke to jesus christ in two thousand ten roughly six years later at twelve year old alexander. Father sat down to write a book about the experience titled the boy who came back from heaven. it became an international bestseller later adapted into a made for television movie. Then in january two thousand fifteen sixteen year old. Alex admitted that he and his father fabricated the story to capitalize on the accident. And alex likely hasn't been the only one to knowingly capitalize on false indie narratives in one thousand nine hundred ninety eight a protestant christian man named bill we's claim to have a near death experience but instead of going to heaven on his journey he claimed he went straight to hell in his book. Twenty three minutes in hell. We s- alleges that he left his body while conscious in the middle of the night. He wasn't suffering from any health complications. He wasn't in a coma around three. A m he woke up went to the kitchen to pour himself a glass of water and suddenly found himself locked in a tiny jail cell in the fiery pits of hell. His cellmates were apparently two enormous beast. That spoke a language. He couldn't understand he could hear the screams and lamentations of the billions of people damn to spend an eternity in hell. Andy also claims he met jesus who told him to spread the message that hell was real. We woke up writhing and screaming on his living room floor. He later published several books about his experience and spent seven years travelling the country sharing his story. In two thousand we and his wife began sold choice ministries with the mission of bringing one billion souls. Jesus christ and restoring a reverential. Fear of god in the protestant church given the extent of his claims it seems likely that we fabricated his journey to hell to support an agenda. Either that or he had a particularly vivid maher. Nobody can deny that. Dr alexander and anita johnny survived the brink of death. But it's worth questioning. What caused their experience. Did their soul receive a glimpse into the afterlife or did a chemical reaction to physical trauma simply convince them that they did no matter what side of the fence you sit on. Nda's pose interesting questions about the nature of life and life after death and unfortunately we may never find answers not until we take our final breath until then it's up to you to choose what and who to believe. Thanks again for tuning into unexplained mysteries for more information on near death experiences amongst the many sources we used we found anita more janis dying to be me and erasing death by sam barnea. Md extremely helpful to our research. You can also check out. Anita more giannis. Ted talk on youtube for even more information about her experience. You can find all episodes of unexplained mysteries and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify. Cnx next time and remember. Never take no for an answer. Unexplained mysteries is a spotify original. From podcast executive producers include max and ron cutler sound design by dick schroeder with production assistance by ron shapiro carly madden and freddie beckley. This episode of unexplained mysteries was written by matt mcgregor with writing assistance by molly. 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Movement Medicine - Ya'Acov Darling Khan

Clara Apollo's Chi Time

59:18 min | 11 months ago

Movement Medicine - Ya'Acov Darling Khan

"The if we don't do a healing work through the body to reclaim to empty out the muscle to massage the muscle. Then live the bones. Spacious nece within us through movement and we just get full with and then we can't coats while did not devote time. How do we survive the day? Well it is so important to appreciate the power of moving our bodies from my guest. Yaakov Darling Khan a movement medicine. Sharman opening up this episode of Chee Time. So hello and welcome. You are indeed tune to cheat time your conscious living show with me. Klaar Apollo. I'm achieving personal energy management coach. And we are here together on. Uk Health Radio. Possibly even on spotify Google play or I tunes podcast and there are also video versions of most of my shows over on Youtube. All of these playbacks are under the Monica or Clara. Polos teatime aside from the on demand facility here on. Uk Health Radio so idea cheat. I'm friends how are you managing in these challenging times? I mean us. Humans. We are innately adaptable aren't we? I have been so hugely grateful of my daily practice and have a nice group working together to encourage their daily personal practice to help us dispel stress and fear and anxiety and recharge ourselves with fresh vitality. Because this is what's she going is all about and I have been very kindly invited onto various platforms to share. Just how useful. She is at this time to help us manage our emotions as well as our physical stagnation and find space to vision in the future that we want to see happen. So if you'd like to find out more about me and my itchy going sharing hop over to my website Clark Apollo Dot com now. That is a Beautiful Synod. She with elemental she going and movement medicine which I absolutely adore and this track playing underneath here is called elemental journey. It is a favourite chill-out piece of music by Yakov and Susanna Donning Khan and so we are entering the zone of the modern day. Sherman Yakov is a best selling Hay House author of Jagua in the Body Butterfly in the heart and his new book. Just out is called Shaman. He's also the CO founder of the School of movement medicine with his dear wife Susanna and he is known for his blend of strength wisdom humility. And of course humor now usually. Yakov is traveling the world speaking to audiences and teaching but now like so. Many of us is confined quarters and with ingenuity and technical support. He is offering online music medicine. Dance sessions and so much more. I'm going to let him tell you about the new online easy access membership to enable us all to learn together in our separate abodes now. I actually met Yakov about three and a half years ago now when he came to present an amazing evening for conscious events in bomber. That was just after his book. The Jack You're in the body butterfly in the heart had come out on his easy personable manner with humor yet always bubbling them makes them very accessible modern day. Sherman and he is a superb storyteller which invites us to access the Shaman. In each of us which is what. His new book is about An. I've been listening to on audible. And I highly recommend this because he gives a lot of practical suggestions and rituals and processes and to have him speaking this for you. Pick up the energy in his words and his intonations on his intentions. I feel so much more than just book. Although having both is ideal so I invite you to make yourself a cup. Achie- get comfy is more of the sublime track melts into you and then it will be time to listen to Yakov donning con talking. Shamanic wisdom for twenty-first-century lockdown a the beautiful track elemental journey air by Yakov and Susannah. Darling Khan there will be another track at the end of the show to share with you. More called the journey to meet the wise elder. Talking of which Yaacov is here for you now on cheat time. You're conscious living show welcome into cheat time. Yaakov Darlene Katan. What what what a what a thrill and respect to you brother. I mean the man of teachings that you're bringing through for us and you know I know you are the world's foremost purveyor of movement Med sern. And you've done amazing website going on on your second book. Now you know very established member of the Shamanic community and yet you're so possible and so easy to connect with and get on with and Addie how you do that. Well I I met too many people who have Lost and believe in their publicity. Sir I have a load of elders a particularly to elders who we asked when we began his at the school of Medicine in two thousand seven. We asked them to But we gave them like a golden pin and said if if you see his blowing up our own bubbles like becoming very important itself important. Please use the pin and bring it down to Earth and they do regular very funny. They are the absolute quintessential eldest growing old disgracefully. Very wise. They gravelled around food. He's a professor around an amazing green business. They're incredible people. And they keep coffee on the graph. We're not to lose it. All is really an Bettman they do with huma in such a way. That doesn't disempower you on another tool. Yeah I mean you have to have a sense of humor by the time. You're doing this kind of where you are wanting to really awake to who you actually are in walks inside. You will know what matters to you. It's a prerequisite to have a sense of humor via able to laugh at ourselves. Sometimes that's easy on other times. It's not an I notice to myself but The deeper I go on my journey. The mole the stronger. I'm becoming the more. I need to develop undo. My own shadow would unite never ends. I'm just a human being. We all just human beings doing our best. That's how it is that so so true before ordering a person not in competition with one another. We're doing the best that we can process and you know as a story of our lives really went. When did you first realize that you becoming a shaman? Well I think that SUP JER. A multi layered experience. Here I think is a child if I didn't have the language for it or I'd been in a culture where shamanism was still practiced and still woven into the fabric of everyday life. I would have none the because I was always into my number. One thing was dreaming was the Great. Mystery was in my nighttime. Experience was much more real than my daytime experience. My dreaming was was much more where I felt herman onion. I had a long journey because in our culture the essence of shamanism has been eroded by mainstream religion. And by the scientific mind. This is not at all at criticism of the scientific mind. I'm very I. I think the the rational mine is a very important hob to shamans world on you have that basis. You're in big trouble. Bought the re owning that rediscovery of what Shamans shamanism is in the modern world. Enough for me was thirty years of adventure and difficulty on ironing out all those distorted senses of South because I was fascinated once I discovered shamanism existed. I was like Oh great. I could be Shaman. I had no idea what it meant. If if I'd have known I'd probably ran the other way very quickly. This is mad. This is this is frightening. This is this the feelings of because of a shaman or We'll talk about the Shaman. I guess later but Shamas somebody who serves that community and not just a human community but that dedicated to reciprocity the balance of what we give what we receive what we take on such important medicine for our time so it was really a difficult journey and it stems at times especially these times. Well quite I'm talking about like the scientists and the Shaman. He did a lovely talk the other day with Dr David. Hamilton and Yeah a marvelous man. He is but it was great to see his connection with shamanism and then The fact that that had not went I noticed that he was telling us he stuff at the beginning he was foot of all this information and excitement and then you spoke and then the next time he spoke gone. Everything's much commonality that he recognized that about that. He said Yeah. Get very excited Scottish accent. I love a Bryant. Kind really incisive. Precise mind but the aligned with that kind so he his whole research. Life has led him towards understanding importance of kindness on power. We have the relationship between the body and the mind. He's an amazing match. Exactly and this is reminding me so moving on from science shamanism because we this whole of meeting going on here. Isn't the meeting of truth is happening and throughout your book than you on Sherman. You're talking about awakening the Danzso within and when we awaken to music and dancing movement is helps to shift the emotions that can get stuck and how how key some form of movement is. It's not just working out with the mind is actually embodying here different emotions. This is really especially now when so much. Fear individual and collective fair fear being pumped into the world through all the channels. Walk to be afraid of It is a scary time. It's overwhelming time. I know for myself without my own practice in designer. Might Get up early in the morning. We we spend the first three hours of the day in practice like before before breakfast before nine o'clock just to be as grounded as we can be in what's going on in the world see. Shamanism is is indigenous to its coacher addresses the wounds all the disconnect between Seoul Badio between spirit body in that's in industrial will disconnect between the brilliance of the mind and the brilliance of the body. And then of course the place in the middle where they need. Which is the hopped feelings emotional intelligence if we don't those of us who are being brought up in the industrial will if we don't engage the body and the intelligence of the body than our ideas that they could be brilliant. They can be amazingly creative. They are but they take us away from the recognition of the impact. That's happening under underneath arms. Two feet son working through the body is at the absolute primary importance to anyone. Interested in Chamonix practice who's grown up in the industrial world. It's so vital to be able to feel your feet to engage with the rhythm to let go inside the rhythm to give yourself to a great power in the form of Rhythm Music Melody Unto Dance like to sweat to engage your muscles in your blood and everything going Because what happens if we done in. The body has a capacity to stretch into change until cope with so much but when the so much emotion especially if we have in a switch we'll do in one way or another Stories from the past the Durham digested. Our own. Personal biography are on central biography. The journey that life has taken if we don't engage with that Ben when we're in a stressful situation What happens is we just going into the default mode? Which is coping coping. We coke in different ways. Many people Disassociate the just gone from the government from presence to survive an IT's It's a very appropriate survival mechanism when we are actually being threatened. It's hard for us. If we don't engage the body re-claim a territory of the body. It's hard for spent two none of the fear that I'm feeling now or the emotion. I'm feeling that is that president. Do I really need to be on high? Looks right now like watching out for that tiger. That's coming round the corner or is this my animal intelligence history taking over the present mom. And if we don't do healing work through the body to reclaim to empty out. The muscle to massage the muscle the The bones the spacious nece within us through movement than we get with Fulop and the Cosa. Well a number just did not default mode of how do we survive the day? Thank you so many places we can go from here just going to mention Danzig from different parts of your body. All in the Book Sharman Love It. Love it and This new word for full body listening interception. Oh that's the word isn't it is the wood is the. I have to say a all the practice I've ever done in my life. I'm Susanna actually discovered in our household the wooden to reception many many years ago through reading Scientific Journal was an she found this word and it started off a whole inquiry. An interception means literally perception of the Interior have all being able to describe in language the physical experience. I'm having like maybe my shuttle the feels a little bit halt osteotomy little vibration or my belly feels of might solar plexus feels a bit title fireworks moving through it like to find the language of the body. It's far from being purely a selfish pastime. It's actually the ground about capacity to be present on. It's the ground of our capacity to have empathy for for another so important. I mean it's always important but it's particularly important now when we're in this situation so this meditation being able to shift our attention from thinking about her experience to being in our experience and being able to describe that that's the foundation for shamanic practice. It's the real ground because otherwise you'll you're off in amazing magical worlds and experiences but this now wanting to bring it home to l. This brings US beautifully to the INISH Shaman. And doesn't it which is really all about what's going on your New Book Shaman? And the institution. The is there for us and the the wisdom that's inside each and every one of us if we can give ourselves time to explore it and you take us through some wonderful processes and practices in this book. Thank you so much. The creating it really. Well Calcutta copy here is going to show you so this is like It's unreal invocation. This book and I am in. The timing is timing is good. It's an invocation of every human being's capacity to connect to that natural space inside them of that archetypal that is the initial the initial Is Innocuous type. It's not the same as being shallan foyer community. That's in a lifetime of training in my case SOFA thirty three years and ongoing and I think it. I don't think I ever stopes. I hope not but the initial mom we all have access to just with a little bit of being willing to challenge the status quo of opposite section being willing to to be a little bit uncomfortable. Like for instance. When I started to do this kind of embodied the idea of dancing in front two people was horrific to me. I couldn't I was like Oh my God. I can't y would I don't know what's the point? What am I doing is moving my body around in strange shapes? What's this all about? I felt deeply uncomfortable about my body about being in my body so I had this whole story. That dancing was over there. Somewhere in it belong to other people except for we know when I was a teenager. I was a little bit drunk than I could. I could just be dragged onto a down slow to pogo mosh paint or something but but to Dansko to meditate was deeply uncomfortable so I know what it's line to have to. I discovered that it wasn't done or movement that I was uncomfortable about it was south consciousness. That's where I was uncomfortable about. Like what do people think? What will people think if I let my body move to the rhythm like apparently it wants to? That was the great shock for me when I was first on a dance floor with Gabrielle. Roth which was in nineteen eighty eight in a Doug Joe in in London with about twenty other people those days. Gabrielle's workshops really small as well and I am. I discovered very quickly with her guns. But apparently there's a downside inside. This voted on all it needs is a little bit of permission on a little bit of being willing to challenge that self-consciousness will be kind and then before you know it if you can shake your attention again from thinking about to the experience of the body moving just difficult. It's really not difficult. The practice is to keep the long enough to really take Jimmy. But that's just like learning to ride a bike. You just have to want it in the you WanNa and you'll have it you. Will you develop the the attention the focus necessary to keep on following? The this essential nature. That's already connected to the elements connected to the tree of life that's connected to our ancestors connected to our guidance systems physical and non physical it's connected to our dreaming it's connected to a hot. I quoted the Animal Intelligence. Abyss Shamans up. That's connected to our integrity it's connected to boundaries that's connected all these things. The initialement knows ready because they saw the light of the Sun. The waters of life they are brat they all the spirit in body and they are aware of themselves as part of this web of life they know themselves as interconnected something that uh species is having to find out about through this pandemic Actually we can't separate from the market in. Woo had all the family in Spain. Oh it's we offer One planet out of one family of life and This beautiful indigenous incantation. Who says you know I what I do too? I do to myself what I did to the fight due to myself. This understanding is growing Shown nuts and yet. This book is invocation vaccine. Invitation the U. For all of us to discover that in your own way it's really appropriate for where you are so step by step back. We can deepen on knowledge of that. It's so rich landscape and it gives us so much in terms of our in Pailin talk capacity to take responsibility than to harvest. What we drink. What way if oil what we are here not just to learn to take but to contribute definitely yeah co dot com with us on she time here talking about the appropriateness of Shamanism in twenty first century world. And you said earlier. That your book was very timely. It's super timeline. Couldn't of time that better the amount of people who are really picking up the wisdom again. I mean maybe I'M GONNA FLASH GORGEOUS. It can start some years back now. Jag YOU IN THE BODY. Butterfly in the heart Tools us a lot but to come round again with this core to find the INA Chaman especially now when the so much should have been called to be home a lot and how we can then do some work on our selves a but then have support so that connection all we really isolated a whole isolation but yet people seem to be connecting more and more. I mean. It's just phenomenal isn't it. It's really a more accurate way. Ravi social Distancing it's more physical distancing than social connection. Obviously we're all. I imagined aware of all different kinds of groups of people who are affected by. What's going on with all affected but people some people are affected in much. More severe weighs more difficult ways. And one of them's groups of people. I'm I would. I was really imagining. We're going to be having a really hard. Time was the elder people who are living alone on. I'm sure there are many who are lonely and having a hard time seeing that families and to be in touch but I've also rant that a lot of older people who were feeling isolated before is pandemic are actually feeling much less isolated that being recognized and people knocking on the door was bringing him food asking. How are you? This is amazing. This really focusing what matters within our society and the older people the nurses the people working in health what heroes. These people like. Get ENOUGH EVERY DAY. Going TO WORK. Risking their lives on behalf of our wellbeing. It's an extraordinary thing I know for me. I feel how as as much as I'm incredibly blessed I have to be honest sometimes I feel guilty. About how blessed I am. I'm living in Devon. I've got in a field outside my front door I can walk in unbear- out in nature received a spring the so many people who are just done have that in. How real difficult in I I had. I just heard him in my head. I used to have touchy teacher. Dr Cal's he was a very large Irish wonderful Taichi Mazda and he used to say to me. You know guilt is only useful if it makes you act differently. It makes you do something. I don't act to guilt. I act out of my love of life but the same time that guild makes me Kinda Jack of water. If you got here that you can share. What can you get on? That's that's the in a way the deepest grace of life is. I'm discovering what we have insiders that Saas to share on finding the ways the way to share it. I feel very blessed that in this time there are ways like like. We're doing right now to say hi to reach out to people to who while needing To be remembered to be recognized in their own experience. We'll need that. I think that zone one of the things we might learn from this is how important is to recognize the value of each jumper. Won't we give how we are with each other in a in a mentioned that tool that I did with David Hamilton the other day and he said the town? Kindness has a contagion factor. It's twice as strong as the corona virus on. I didn't know how they measure that. But apparently the corona vars has a contagion factor. Two point five means two and a half people aren't average can be infected but apparently kindness in fact fine people I I'd love to know how they measure such things but I thought it was a beautiful painting. He painted force of reality. Have POWERFUL WE A- and how powerful the choices that we make kindness to the body kindness to our own feelings kindness to settle the mind kindness to one another recognition of one. Another that's I feel very blessed to be alive in this time to experience actually in this this to US human beings than we may have cool. I feel more hopeful. Batta species than I did a month ago. I I'm with you on that now. That the shock. You know the initial shock is you know not initial visit was. I'm we are getting more used. Okay and human beings are so adaptable. You know we can adapt and we can do it and when we're all in something together we hold each other's hand more you know and this that value for one another. We pick up the phone more often. We may be make contact more. I mean it's astonishing and we can do these kind of zoom chats and stuff and zoom rooms and you know with this some cool because you have your new twenty-one gratitude sir study hub running very sane. Isn't it ten to fight? Pull that starting. It is the the. We're basically opening the doors for a week between the town in seventeen the viper week. We May. Obviously we've adapted the whole thing to meet what's going on now especially financially. We slashed the prices of it because we lost all our income when many people they did. A lot of people have a difficult time. But the stubby hub is really It's a chance to be part of the online community To Study Movement medicine to study this in a shallow work to receive teachings on a regular a bite sized chunk basis every month than than to move together to to have really good opportunities to shake out into practice that fluid To be able to do all of these things. It's quite something it really is it. Is You had the amazing dance on Saturday. Night that the tribal heart that I was part of. I love the fact that is actually. This is this is. This is my dance floor as well as my mistake. And everything and it's becoming already say sacred zone in that it has a little fun going on it but because you can see other people narrow works and stop as well. You feel like that I love being on dance was with people's while to get me wrong but this is kind of like and and then. He was sorting out the music. That they you had the the levels of music going really well as well so the quality was superb. We've worked so high to find the right technology to be able to. The people can plug that computers into a speaker at home and actually have really good sound really good guides and the visual of US Sunday. They wanted to be on zoom at the same time so you could be together. The sound comes through. Another challenge is very simple in his old described very straightforwardly. But it's been quite the mad which were and tell me about it on one. Goodness I mean this. This is live on. Facebook is probably had to be uploaded by eight times now because for some reason it's dropping out every four minutes and you're like I haven't got time to go into why that's happening because we're in this flow of conversation but it's like come on techy up. Can you imagine know the Internet and all those services they were built a how we were six weeks ago? Yeah amount of people online now. It's it's an amazing thing that we have fish worldwide web. All the indigenous Shamans. They always the years they've been telling me nuts. It's fantastic. You guys created the Internet. Of course it can be used for As well as the good luck anything it is like anything is like Ed. But it's a physical manifestation of the worldwide web in extraordinarily we connect that worldwide universal Metrics of wisdom that you like. Yeah it's amazing and we can use it in the way to make sense so just before we go. Just go back to your point our way we were talking about embodying emotions and and if we're wanting to create a new reality altogether this world that we we really want say. Yeah you need to dream in your reality. Need to vision it in. Is it enough to vision or do we need to embody that? And don't say in absolutely it's I think I'm really pleased. You mentioned that because there's a lot of fan is a lot of stories going round. There's a load of theories about. Why won't this is going on here? I for myself I prefer to deal with this is the reality wherein this situation whatever the cause of the whatever the meaning we choose to make from it on the I my I have prayed that we choose to make Mitt meaning dignifies the suffering of able to do Safa directly from the situation. I'm the remaining. Ballooning loved ones. Of course it was like that well well before the this pandemic unit. But it's very important to have to create individually with your loved ones as a community of vision for the future that is not apocalyptic the does not Hollywood Tara. Zombie failed all observers visions of the future which tend to in Salvador tickets. Put Bombs in movie theaters but at least in the old days but we need vision the future which is an uneven Of where we are as a species species that has learn more about our responsibilities to one another to our environment on the joy of taking responsibility of recognizing ourselves as part of this into connected web of life to be able to see a few Joe when there is justice in the world where health care is available for everybody regardless of who will. Won't they come from where they are walk country? Or what am I World Sacramento Third World? It's one world and we need to wake up to that. We need a vision of how that will look. We need our SHAMANS and our artists are economists. Economists He Lasana songwriters all the people. Who would partisan the schoolteachers to everybody and politicians to look and work for the creation of a vision of the future? The the makes his private gets us up in the morning with a smile on my face with meaning in our lives in the best way I know to do that is to empty out the mind by moving the body that was one of Gabrielle's Gabrielle. Roth out one of us. Central teaches one of her beautiful pithy. Phrases the best way to still the mind is to move the body when the mind becomes still it's a boat and When the bodies moving the mind becomes like a bowl the commend receive information from a higher source from not just from a bob but from the Graham from the four directions from the wind from the rhythm from our own creative so yes when we are able to experience the effect of that vision in the body. How good it feels how. Even though it's a dream that hasn't happened yet. Indigenous people say that soon as we dreamt something. It's only a matter of time before it comes into physical reality and the body is the it's the garden in which the soul grows its offerings so absolutely to bring vision into the body and that's what movement medicine is all about to bring your vision of who you are of who we are in our one to one relationships who we are in terms of our relationship with the community who we are in terms of our ancestors descendants on the non-physical on who we are in terms of our relationship with the great mystery so that was the roots of move medicine practice undamaged. We are super excited to shad. That medicine will with people through this Through this study happen yet. Do you look at your interested all Yakov. Thank you so much for that. Empowering our visions together as a collective is so many of us can feel the the new us we of as already here. And that's why a lot of us so excited. Yes that doesn't take away from the Fatimid suffering going on. We know that our hearts go out to people that are being to manage data and handle that. So much compassion. There's a lot of compassion coming through for everybody right now but but together we can do this. We are doing this in the global meditation at the weekend shows. How many people are on board for this and your dance could start all that off. That was how I prepared for it. Which is brilliant. Thank you thank you thank you. How can people find out more about Twenty-one gratitude and everything else she is the best way to find his his. Www DOT Dalian as in. I love you my dialing con K. H. A. N. dot com. If you find this that you'll find the links to all of our work and then if you're interested in the study of that. Www Dot twenty one gratitude hs dot com. And you'll find all the information and we we're going to be putting out more online ceremonies. The next one is made the second. That's free to members but it's also open to non members but it's much better daily. It'd be joined the membership site so find us there and please come and say hello and look forward to meeting you in this space learning together. Well thank you so much once again for being. Paci time as well appreciate your presence. You'll welcome real. Thank you very much. Thank you very much for the invitation on a participant. Kamal of you listening. I I wish she well. I you have real good help than families of well and how being looked after new. Have what you need so that you can find in this time war of what's yours to get now. Let's stay connected stay mood. Oh Yes let's stay connected and keep moving so much wisdom shed here with Yakov Darling Khan and if you'd like to listen again or tell your friends there is the on demand playback service on UK health radio or my podcast version on. Itunes Google play or spotify with the video version over on the Youtube or as Clara apology. Time of course and for more immune-boosting de-stressing she going head over to Clark Apollo Dot Com for links to the recent sessions for you to dive into and we will be welcoming. Yaakov back in a few weeks time where he will be talking with us about the power of community and connection as we move more towards booting conscious communities himself an ambassador for the bright sky collective just like my last gas Nikki lunar the filmmaker from the timeless six son and of course before her it was the author Mac Macartney. So there's a lot of ambassador. Bright SKY COMING THROUGH. Chee Times. You know I am part of Bryce guys. Well they support she time to hugely grateful. And I'm also hoping to talk to Yakov Wife Susanna. At some stage she really does craft excellent music. Medicine Dance soundtracks. Among so many other things can't wait and talking of which on the next episode we've Spring Full Easter. Chee time dance medicine with our friend. Dj Pixie Pete. Coming in. And I've just started offering chee time lives on the facebook teatime radio page every Monday echo Chinese dentists no tooth and on Friday at ten. Am Tech has to be willing for that to occur we will bear with it and work with it too so grateful so till the next time keep moving and resting kind and finding ways take care to dance your vision in for positive new future for us. All on the track is playing on the Nathan. That will play us out is Yaakov an Suzannah's journey to meet the wise elder. And it's been a total honor to have the wise young eldest Chaman Yaacov. Darling Khan here on the show. So you know to keep your CCI up my friend and thank you so much for listening to cheat time with me. Cholera Apollo Do

Sherman Yakov Yaakov Darling Khan Susanna Donning Khan Uk US Youtube Chee Time spotify Gabrielle Chaman Yaacov Facebook David Hamilton Clark Apollo Dot Yaakov Doug Joe Sharman Monica technical support School of movement
Making Happiness a Habit (with Tessa Stowe) | EP 11 (S2, E6)

Camden Boyd's The Happiness Question

38:41 min | 9 months ago

Making Happiness a Habit (with Tessa Stowe) | EP 11 (S2, E6)

"Please no! Tessa, in, our interview, References the Yes to happiness roadmap. Unfortunately that say it's not available anymore, but you can still access the Yes to happiness roadmap now called the happiness superpower road now by going to. Happiness superpower roadmap dot com. Again, that's happiness, superpower math com-. Today's episode of happiness question was brought to you by anchor anchor is the easiest way to make podcast. They give you everything you need in one place for free which you can use right from your phone or computer creation tools allow you to record and edit your podcast, so it sounds great. They'll distribute podcast for you, so can be heard everywhere from spotify apple, podcast Google podcasts and many more. Lastly. You can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership like I am right now. Download, the anger, APP or go to Anchor Dot FM to get started today. Hello and welcome to the happiness question today with me Tessa Sto an expert from Bali Indonesia. That will teach us how we can make happiness a habit. Yourself. I'm his story on the Bali Indonesia. Teach people react happiness, which is all about basically to be happier, healthier, less stressed and juicy saw to fix happiness and. How I came about to do this was because I husband died in two thousand and thirteen, and I just crashed, and if you wrote forward a few months, and even a few years, they are walls didn't Wanna get out of bed. Constantly sick I had shingles on my face at one stage on my arm, which is horrible. I had brain fog. They Brian Fall, but it's like when you're sites con think. Took me three hours to pack for an overnight trip. Couldn't find anything. No energy so. In a complete state and I just eventually decided, I wanted to be happier. Gain weight in search of the answers of. How do you be happy? And became quite passionate about finding it out, and it's actually quite high to find out because there is such information and so much misinformation, and another is actually telling you how to actually do it. over well having information, but what the ext and so I really. Time became happier and while out, my energy came back. My health came back. I wanted to get out of bed in the morning. Academic Straight. It wouldn't take me. I could affect for an urban. Trip about Kim minutes I mean so. These are all the side effects of happiness so. Yeah so it's really my journey and I've I've. Come compromise when I teach, people's come from my own real world experience, but I've studied a lot of scientists and scholars and I also connect with the Bj Fall, if you to reach I fall, but he's on the world's leading a foot in habit formation, and he's got a book by the way so I teamed up with him, because I wanted to have people to happiness into a habit, so I use his method as well so I teach people, happiness, exercises, and I'm not defect to that everything I. I teach people about doing it in sixty seconds or lace. because. It's sixty seconds all this while who hasn't got sixty seconds. List takes the resistance down to doing it. You don't have to share the let and the because all about getting people's Sixty seconds or less, and then the interesting thing is. Self it flies out into the day in some of those exercises. We turn into habits so that you just do them without thinking and to do that I use. bj Fox Tawny Habits. So you can learn happiness, you can make us A. Happiness! It's it's about basically doing happiness exercises, and just making them pot you day, and they really simple, but it's just to do exercise that a proven to make you happy because. They've proven to make you happy, then visible. You'll feel happy and you want to do it again, and they'll roll out into your day, so it's a question of ballooning happiness exercises enduring them so I for example a happiness exercise one of them is. Stop Look. You can. You can do this exercise. Anywhere, not one not when you're driving would recommend. You could do the excise anyway so essentially. What you do is wave you are you just stop neatest? Look around you and and you just look, but you look with like appreciation. Aw, curiosity, or on other was looking with. Those happy emotions you're adding to it and and then you just do it for sixty seconds this quick and the goat what you could be stuck at a traffic lines right, so you've got. You stopped at the traffic lot in just look. It's gone, but just look with appreciation, joy, curiosity, and the reason that makes you happy. This exercise is because being present is proven to make you happy just being right here and if if you're looking than you. Are I hear you stopped? You're looking. You're your hit. And then when you add those extra emotions of joy, free curiosity Iranian, extra happiness emotions, and that's the people commit for sixty seconds or less, you can just do it thirty seconds or less, and because you feel good, it's like a brain. Heck, you're Brian Grow. That felt really good. and. You WanNa. Do it again and again and again, and before you doing it again and again a game and Flying out into the race of you'll into. Aren't you live and you pitch yourself? We hope well. I'm feeling so much happy and you start getting excited. About the things that you've been taking for granted. I mean it's so excited about. Dengue Inches Supermarket Kansan because we live in Bali. The near a supermarket is like an hour away, so we got into supermarket. It's like Oh my goodness. It's like being a kid in a Candy Store I. Oh my goodness! Look a bet going up and down every on oil. So. What are the happiness exercise? I I teach is to go to your local supermarket and no up down every all and look at everything. Go well well well. It's exciting. We take things for granted. We just stopped seeing things. We stopped seeing the people in L. Odds. We stopped. Stop! We just take things for granted. We're would have been Bali sometimes the water stops. On. The tap on the border comes out. Get really expansion, and we don't want to lose. It hurts to strike. Oh, my goodness, so it's been. It's a question of doing specific helping exercises at proven to to make you happy, and a good one is dislike once with your senses it's. Your is he is. But, it's a whole, and it's also this talk. Happiness like this happiness in the moment, so that stop look was happiness in the moment is a big one, too, which is happiness in yourself feeling happy in yourself. I was with a friend yesterday, and she was looking at a toes, instead of a awful tires and I went. Oh my goodness to realize how you've just insulted you're tired. I. Think of all the things that you toes do for your. because. People have this thing about the body. Not being good enough will beautiful, low, enough or whatever, but my goodness advisor amazing all the things I do for us or medically all. No questions asked. Some happiness exercise just to get you really connected with how amazing your body's and just and just to stuck is negative. Thoughts going on so this happiness in the moment happiness and self, and then happiness in relationships and. I believe in signing in going in that order, because what happens, is once you stopping happiness happy in the Marmon. Guess what you start to feel. Happy in yourself. Guess what you start to feel happy in relationships, so if you start off by just focusing on happiness in the moment while the time you get to happiness and self, you're already happier himself. You just needed, but. Top UP. By the time we get to happiness in relationships, you might have fewer relationships because you realize you don't want to be around some people, but you'll also checked hall. A New People in Seattle. Office Since I've been on this journey on my goodness. I got some amazing people that have come into my life, and I've got some people that have just gone. Could be around and the thing is people. Don't realize that when you're around. Those people in making you feel like Ooh, anger or about into your body signaling. You're actually having a chemical, not put effect on your body, so for your sake of earn health. You can't afford to be around. Those people know moving easiest ways to minimise a-as. Be With somebody and there's a God that Dr. David Hamilton. He told me this one. Well I gave it a new name, but he taught me the principle, because what happens is if you would somebody and they like trump, e or angry or negative, or whatever they what happens is because of you'll Mira Mira. Neurons system. You automate a stop picking up the facial expressions. They bought a language or medically so angry and in an angry face. You sort of like earlier. What happens is you start to taint South Yourself, which obviously is not a good thing, and so so you basically you catch what they got. So I've cooled Cool the technique so when you around somebody and you can't just get away then you just uses if beyond. Technique and it's and it's the the face Bonnie interrupt, so you just kind of like if you can you just turn away from them. And you dislike change of faith or just something to interrupt, you'll catching their financial stuff and shake your body. I. Just think you Chevrolet cushy. Just kind of want to shake it off. Just FBI tiffany vise body interrupt so if you're around us, little people just do that and by doing net. You'll start laughing much offing, but you just think doing something otherwise you'll catch it. Not Good Yep. You have to have fun see that's nothing. JUST HAVE FUN UP! What is happiness? The common definition is that feeling. It's feeding. Joyous class, it's also a feeling that you'll walk is worth living and has a meaning and other woods, so you WANNA get out of bed in the morning, so is this is two pots and antipathy. That's where it stops. How his a lot lot more to happiness, and we led to believe and a big. Big Big Pot is that happiness is an emotion it, but it's also. It's a signal so when you have an emotion in your head. It's actually convince signals your body to go into to do certain things, and so we've got two sets of merchants. We've got what you could call happy emotions. or Not Happy Versions, or you could say safe emotions, not safe religious call them happy and not happy so when you have happy emotions your body next in a certain way when you have not happy emotions when you send a signal to your body to say, be a stress, you're you're endanger. You're fearful. You're grieving, then you'll what your body does. Is it takes it takes the available energy and it divert, said a wife from growth and repair and Dr Boots. A wife from your immune system. Because! It puts all the energy into survival, because there's no point in having garth and repeated is absolutely no point to having an immune system. If you don survive so being in that state of. Stress or not happy in emotions. You can say that if you're in the state and not having a on your immune system and growth and repair, it's of few consequences like big pot is that happiness is like an emotion, and but it's also. It's a signal so when you have an emotion in your head. It's actually signals your body to do certain things, and so we've got to sits of merchants. We've got what you could call happy emotions. or Not Happy Emotions, or you could say safe emotions, not safe religious call them happy and not happy so when you have happy emotions, your body x way when you have not happy emotions when you send a signal signals to your body to i. Like the stressed you're, you're in danger. You're fearful. You're grieving than you'll what you body does is it takes all it takes the available energy and divert said away from growth and repair Dr Boots Away from your immune system. Because it puts all the energy into survival, because there's no point having garth and repeated is absolutely no point to having an immune system. If you don survive so being in that state of stress or not happy, analyze emotions. You can say that if you're in that state, and and not having energy on your immune system and Gripen repeal. It's going to have a few consequences like your health will deteriorate. You'll end up with some stress. Related Diseases, which is stress, related diseases is the major cause of death, so living in that state is not good, so whereas when you're in that sort of heavy emotion state you WanNa goes oh I can stop and smell the roses energy guys towards growth and repair to your immune system. All I sing, so that's why I say that happiness is a lot more because it's a signal, and if you think it through really been, happiness is essential for your health. Happiness is essential for the quality of your life. And happiness is essential. Full your long term survival. happiness is essential. Not We know what. Tool that? taught me a long time to work that one out, and I was my own Guinea pig in a way being so after my husband Dr Being. Negative on the happiness scale. Sorry stress being sick drinking too much. Don't WanNa get a bid Nari. Energy couldn't. But would end then when I came back up, as came up became happier, four la my healthcare bag. Energy came back. I can think I want to get out of bed in the mornings. Or happiness is a big deal a briefing do it's amazing because it's a mind. Convert signals, body and converts at actually is committee and to chemicals in the body that rick the body to do certain things. And you want to be directing your buddy for growth and repair, and directing your body full building your immune system, so that you can do all the cool thing to do I mean who wants to be who else to be sick and he wants to have no energy. He wants to be depressed. He wants to have brain fog, nor It's a horrible sight is awful done it. I Think it's really interesting to try to? Compare. Distress happiness is so extract. It's offic could be a lot of teams. It's not as much as the leg. If you compare it to stress or sadness or a lot of the motions, you can't see an opposite to. Days to is two buckets is like happy. Emotions are not happy and different different emotions that go into those and they really easy to identify really easy, if I see to you, the emotion of sadness, which bucket does that go into well? That's obese. If I say join will which bucket so it's really easy to identify which cut the emotions, go into, and which in a bucket they go into. It's going to signal the body in a certain way, so you really want to. You want to have that backup. You won't be signaling. In. Two you'll buddy, but I'm not saying that you. Should be happy all the time. Absolutely not. It's actually dangerous because if you're being chased by a Sabertooth. It's not a good idea to stop and smell the roses. Really, it's not so. There are times when. It's appropriate to not be happy. And to and it's, it's times when it's appropriate that your body takes its energy away from growth and repair and your immune system. It's appropriate. What's actually happened unfortunately is that we seem to have gotten into the habit. Of living in that stressed out state, and it's causing huge issues for people huge issues with with people's health, so it's just a question of being aware of it and just actually consciously during things to fill you. Say Lots of signals to your to your body that you are happy that you know under threat. That you ask. That you can smell the -rises so what exactly? Do to your mom well. If you're in a state of stress, then you'll. Body's going to say okay. Down tools take energy away from growth and repair. Take energy away from your immune, system And put own an pump ya out because your undying. Just your heart starts pumping blood runs to the extremities, so you like you're. Ready to to run an escape, so if you inet state for too long. Imagine your hoster in this well, the timing going up. If you're that state for too long. You have probably have hot problems. Is what hot problems are a big deal. These days even have some stress related diseases. You'RE GONNA have you're going to be more susceptible to disease because you're not having energy on your immune system and and certain organs are GonNa to break down because you've done having Jeon Garden. Repeat started. Stress is. The number one reason all in the Western world. It's number one you know cools of stress. Related Diseases. It's. It's not good for look. If you are constantly instruments, and the trouble is, you can be in a state of stress doesn't have to be a real threat, and you just watch some of the news. Puts you into a site state of strengths you watch certain tops of movies puts you into a state of stress you become a social media can flip Inter state of stress. Being busy busy busy. All the time puts you into a state of stress, so there's so many things that put us into a state of stress. But the good news is once. You're aware of it. You can change it and you can start doing. What I call happiness exercises, which will just start to basically flip, it'll turn it around really and when you start to do these happiness, ozzy start to feel good and then i. just kind of rip Latin two day so to make some of those habits, too. So. It's just a bringing a win because you can't really do something about something this. You're aware of A. And then make a decision to do something. If you're watching something Bodoland. It's actually cream. I citing to tiny, but it's not entertaining. Your body is going into like. Oh, my goodness reaction! You're actually having an impact on your body, so it's Ok p. two ab, so often right, but it's safe you doing it, but the majority of the time. Then you into the side effects of stress which curtail? I'm passionate about because of. What I went through, and it taught me such a long time to come out of it because they were looking for it and there was nothing. The distant wasn't when you that with your looking on research on happiness. It's not is a ton of information you. Google had to be happy. I think it's nine billion hits or something ridiculous. It's so. It took me a long time and I was really sick to. Really it was awful and I. Just don't want people to have to go through that and I'm really good at taking the complicated making it simple, so I was doing it for myself and I thought. Wouldn't it be great? Because there's a lot of people unhappy strikes people as well, and I'd like to meet. The will leave contribution so I run this use to happiness. Happiness Group on facebook I am I said. Members of my is to happiness Jim and the got so that's part of it, but the other thing is the second pot tour, and about giving happiness. Because my my husband Mike was in the South African army and four, the the Coles, the coors destroyed many water wells and African villages, so he wanted to. I mean he? He wanted to go back and build water wells, but he he felt so much guilt that he never actually shaved it on any fan at about this after he died. So of my mission as well is to not any teach people happiness, but to give happiness by basically donating in helping build water wells Africa because giving a giving Warsaw to people who dot have water wells who have to try for hours everyday to get wolves. That's just gonNA give a huge flower on a fake of happiness in those. In those villages, so yeah, it's a to this two reasons for why do what I do? It starts stopping because I'm building up. The is to happiness Jim and the whole idea is that JIM GROWS BECAUSE JIM is is failing us on a few months old, but as the Jim grows then basically, a percentage will start to basically go to these water wells, so it's just at the moment. It's an idea is the how wide the win all I. Mean How it's going to happen store working at out because I wanNA, make sure that the money actually does all got into the mortar wells and doesn't go somewhere else is with me. Is Things out? So it will definitely happen. At a moments of vision, but it will it will absolutely happened is no doubt about it. It's to happiness Jim is is basically way we do these happiness. Happiness, exercises and we do expose I call it a gym because I are exercises any slack. You're building your muscles when it comes to happiness. And so we just do these exercises, and we turn some of them into into hypocrites. Sorry, for example you could turn that one about If you drive a car every day, and you ought clydes stopping at traffic. You say after I. Stop at the Traffic Lights I will look around me and and turn it into a habit, so you just do it automatically and as I say we use be saying fogs Tani Habit Smith at which is brilliant to do that. But. It's an huge pot way making things habits is really really short to start with so that it'll do them and make them from really from. Some people think I'm. Excited about the little things, but little things are it's. So the gym is a lot of a lot of fun, but basically happiness exercises, which funded not painful real exercises. Already talked about this. If there's anything you WANNA add to turn happy to have it well. There's Day folks formula. You simple. It's the full sofas. Simple your. Doing it correctly is visit odd? It's like think of died when you learn to play the piano. The first time you play the piano, you don't expect to become an expert to your wife. As soon as you one listen Blah Blah of an expert, so it's the same thing with the simple, but a lot more mature than it appears so what you do is you take? A Lot About the trip clients stopping at the traffic lights and stop look guard. So you what you do, is you make a sandwich. Like a sandwich, you've got the action in the middle and you sandwich so in other words after I in something that's going to trigger a prompted after I. Stop at the Traffic Lights. I will look around me. So that's the action and and then at the end of it. You celebrate about so that you just got all I it quite so but you only when it's turning into a habit sardine, it's a sandwich. The behavior in the middle at the beginning is after I in a prompt, and it's GonNa prompt that you do all the time every day could after tune the tap on Social Toya Africa picket line full I mean just anything that you do. You can catch up behavior too much, and then you just do the behavior for thirty seconds all this tuning into a habit. You just do it for you commit thirty seconds. It's all about taking resistance Dan you. Don't you can do something you can say? Oh, but I could do. That for a lot longer and you want. Out of the gate, but but we're not going. We don't just you out of the guy in bull fry. We make it a habit, so you just come up for thirty seconds all this and the end of that you celebrate, or however you want to. In the south people go, but that's ridiculous I'm celebrating thirty seconds. But. Yes, you do because that kind of its Brian Hackett. Wise and into your brain, and so you Brian just goes on and do that again. So celebrating is important, and that's how you can turn. Anything you want into a habit. It's amazing. It's so simple it so powerful, but there is an an a science to it. I'm always learning. Celebrate and get excited about. Totally. Obligated example of a habit in action. Well? There's a great one and this is one of the most popular ones and I do this every day. I do lots every day, but this is hugely popular, and that is in the morning, right? You wake up, so it's like after put my feet on the ground. I will say it's going to be a great day, and it just sits turn for the day. After I. Put my feet on the ground. Stand up guard. It's going to be a great day. And what you do is just release. That is good either rehearsed. These like five or six times, so just gone on Ubaid get disturbed, five or six times, and every time just celebrate did follow six times with an assist couple of three five days. Whatever it's, it's become a habit, really really fast. It's so fast. It's fun. It's effective. It's easy. site. While the the happiness saw to fix. Gosh, told me from experience is energy like your energy will go up which might suffer during the things that you enjoy doing, and because because you're in if you're happy, happy emotions than energy is you're gonNA. Have a viable energy for doing things because remember if you're not happy, stressed out your energy's GonNa be diverted away from nonessential activities. To survive, so energy is is one thing. Your health is another big one. You Look Yanga you, you'll live longer. People are happy live longer. You have improved relationships. He'll let's disease. You have more fun. You're more productive. A say that happiness people are happier on can work for example at fifty percent more productive, and that's because you can think straight you don't. You don't have Brian Fold. Yes the said they really good. Really good side effects, but yeah, looking younger living longer. Yeah, I, mean they just. It's all upside. As opposed to the other side, which is not. Does seem like we're happy to be happy honest. Yes, oh absolutely people live longer. Yeah hugely and relationship Sunday. Just all has a huge benefit. How can we start now with the happier well you can, you can get my y- to happen as roadmap that love God. That's one step in to go live is easy. Website, it's Yes to happiness. Road met DOT com used to happiness roadmap, dot com, but a really good step, actually to say yes to happiness is to make that kind of commitment because you back show, everybody says yes to happiness and I. Go like if I asked you that you committed to happiness. Yes, but but see now everybody is committed to happiness. If you ask me for example after my husband died and you committed to happiness. Do you want to be happy to seek. No, no, no I was just completely and utterly committed to mine grief and I thought I'd never be happy again. It will be disloyal, so it wasn't really until I made that switch. Yeah on, I! Do want to be happy again. Started to change so yes, people want to be happy A-. Healthy Alice stressful, I think. Make a decision. And then and then go into action I. Call it the Act of happiness because you make a decision, but then you actually have to do something. It's not gonNA just come to. Do Things. And you do things because you're generating those emotions, right which again signal your body. But you have to do things to hit those emotions. It's not just people say. Happiness is a choice and then just leave and I go. No happiness. Yes, you need to choose. It will decide, but then you need to do something you need to do things, but the beard is with. The things to do to make yourself happy. I really really some poll. Really simple really fast and guess what they have free. They don't cost anything. Yeah, it's not about stuff I remember. My husband and I lived in in Sydney. Australia we hit this pull Badri full bathroom house full of stuff, and we decided we were GonNa move and we got rid of two-thirds about stuff. Oh my goodness! It was so freeing. You looked at stopping. What were we thinking to acquire? Stop because? When you acquired stuff, I think stuff actually makes you unhappy. Because okay, you buy a car lance, wait or something something trained to you when you get a little blip of happiness, why and this? Is just a blip, but then you get unhappy. You're unhappy because it delivers unhappiness. Because you put a actually, go would hide that stuff so paint with your time. You live to pay for that stuff, and then you go to maintain the stuff. So. It's a time. Suck on it. You could be using at Tom and stage three things with your friends and family people. You care about and do the things that you love to do as opposed to being stuff by stuff if you get my point because if you can't think of something that you bought a year ago. Just something even like a car or something. You probably got a bit of a blip, but if you think about it now to sit in if you look at, it doesn't make you feel happy. It's like I'm looking at my stuff in my apartment. Marsabit is functional doesn't make me happy apart from the really special stop unfluffy Mata. Mental, a maintenance and things, but yeah, that's why say happiness. It's available in. It's free. Just go outside a night shop and just under the Stop Go. Free. To Indonesia were what we to this resort is. I followed the chickens. And what happened was January of last year. I decided that I wanted to I. Just felt uneasy to go away and think, and I've been to Bali a few times and bounty is a very. Spiritual place it's something very very special about Ali so I decided I wanted to go to Bali so I went online, and I found a place to stay. Which is actually exploded this resort? And I've got a late at night and then the next morning I got up and I just walk into Chinese. which is the village and came out of the out of where I was staying in, and there was a road to the left or A path. A pop up to the main road and I could go into town, and then off to the rot I saw these chickens wandering around. And I went we the chickens, a guy so I just decided to follow the chickens. The chickens and they need me to. Look drive line I thought. That looks like someone's driveway that the chickens keep going down and I thought well. If it is someone's driveway in the house, they can always throw me out so I had it down was someone's house and actually was genetically the. Backing of a resort and that house actually was a long to the owner. The result I followed it into the house, and then it went off and I found the resort next door. This looks nice and to cut a long story short. I bumped into the owner of the resort. Bread is his name and he said to me. You might want to come and live here. I'll show you an apartment. And I thought what a strange man I've only just met you and you said almost wanna come live here, but I wasn't rude. So I, said okay, so showed me an apartment, and in the United here I. Am I'm very grateful put ice chickens. As much as I can. Yes Ana, it's great I've had the other day on Tuesday I was invited to a Bali's winning on. It was amazing. Race up in the most amazing costumes in just absolutely stunning honored to be invited. Yet met many really happy. In her life in unbelievable, just we call the outfits US stunning. Absolutely stunning. His. Oh, absolutely. I kept you so long and I'm really happy. starting today so early since I know how I am over there. But I Mike up early, because I the roosters. Stopped restoring pretty early in the morning so I, get working up everyday by the roosters. It's time to wake up. Call Account Fourteen hours ahead of you. You're talking to me in the future because I'm on Thursday already. I'm sure none of my other times very useful, so most of the people that interview you must be from the state sir. It's effect. I'm just getting myself going with putting it out there to be to be interviewed so i. Had A few already I was on a big podcast, though one other hit of one eighteen nutrition, but they produce protein powders, health, Basel, dicing saw, and they've got huge following on June so I didn't interview for them light last year. That was great. And they were Australia by, but the ones I've done most of the risk of being in the US, but I really want to ramp it up now. Put word out there. I'm reading anything else we can link to you. Are you can find you? Please listen now time to do so. Yes, while it's yes, Easter Happiness Rag, med. To use to helping us right met DOT com. That's a good place to go and get my roadmap and that way we will get connected I also have a people on facebook. Go to facebook page San Use to happiness as my facebook page on my website. Saying yes to happiness dot, com, says his alleged different different places, and we can get connected. Really Awesome being able to talk to you. Oh, thanks, can we connected and I'm looking forward to hearing hearing all your podcasts on the subject of happiness. Fabulous what you're doing. Think. You're doing some pretty fabulous. No more than I do. Thanks so much, thanks can.

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Kris Soutar�s Tennis Journal

57:55 min | 1 year ago


"Welcome my name Krousar. And you're listening to my tennis journal. Welcome to another episode today. I'm bringing you Cedar Flutes L. Who can safely describe as a wellbeing coach this episode for me was a real revelation? Because when you hear words like spirit soul mind body. It's quite easy to take you to a place where you think is not tangible but rest assured it has lots of practical solutions to help trigger the right emotional. Will you hit it right? The end emotional coherence to perform at a higher level. That essentially at your potential so before I hand over to Sarah just the usual plea if you like this. Give it a little cheeky. Five star racing. Take a minute to write a review this episode. If you want to go back and check out the back catalogue thing. I can call a back catalog now at thirty episodes so go back. Check a lot of the guests that we have. They'll be something in there for for you for everyone shared it with your friends. Tell anyone who you think will be interested that there is this show and get them to share it with their friends too. So I'm going to hand you over to Cedar Flutes L. So welcome to the show. Sarah Halack thank you for joining me and so I'm going to try something a little bit different day because typically I would just have a chat. We've already had a chat so I think it would be quite good to add a bit of structure so this structure. I think we're going to go for is what you do why you do and how you do it. And when we get into the House I could draw comparisons with what I would do. What typically coaches might do in the tennis world? Let's start off by seeing. What do you do a flu? I work with a young tennis price and older tennis players And some other sports people and performance industry people actors and and those that need the fine tuning with the profession and what with them in a way so what we've got really tiny movements and also worked with their self esteem on the woman. Come and say if you if you self esteem is getting in the way of your very best performance as so I really work at the nuts and bolts of what's going on in somebody's Psychology IN THE IN. That kind of anything is really difficult. I've got massive toolbox of techniques to use to help them make everything easier. Excellence so the music tonight. Years a massive two blocks of bear exercises and activity so we will dig into that little bit later on just for people who don't newer have never heard of what is semantic. Coaching is freely. It goes along the lines of of the U Constantly getting in touch with your body in in so much that you aren't just a head on a stick you not just a load of in a very very busy mind and you take him with. The body is in different movements if an activity different kinds of like connection and that helps clear and coordinate the mind. That's real kind of tiny the tiny little movements tiny little exercise noticing in the body that you might not ordinarily do in your everyday profession right okay. Just while I remember I was coincidentally one of these can have moments where I was listening to a podcast the other day driving home from Glasgow and someone who is an expert in insomnia was talking about act. Therapy have you heard that or acceptance and commitment therapy okay. I haven't heard of that therapy precisely. It's probably very similar to the kind of like modalities that I've trained in. That was the feeling I got when I was listening to it. And then you know having spoken to a little bit last week I was like what are the chances of Mu listening to a podcast. Random selected podcast and the word acceptance coming up in terms of you mentioned something when we chatted about trust trusting. You're almost accepting entrusting your emotions and almost like over analyzing it is that kind of are you. You need to tame them control them or you or your open too trusting because whenever I say somebody comes in I say to them. How about for the next week? You go home and worry as much as you like and then you say a home you think. About how every short you've done this you just sit there and give an inventory and obsess over it and they laugh and said well you doing that anyway on you we we do that. Human Zoom. It's so why not do it with a little bit of kind of loving care go actually. I'm noticing this about myself now and it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong with me and it's not terminal on it doesn't mean that. I can't be successful player or anything. That's just kind of way to what with yourself than thinking needs to control everything and buried in sand with that was the thing boom Listening to this guy who's almost he was quite playful with it which I quite liked So again we'll we'll dig into what you do later on but just to give an example. If if if somebody couldn't sleep he was almost like say. Oh you welcome Hulo of insomnia. It's like come in and let's just hanging out and whatever I think some people think that's crazy but actually the more eyesores debated when I was driving. I thought that's actually in a way. Will I do I? I used to start sleeping when I made peace with it. I'm just GONNA lie here and rest and actually just BECA- happy and not sleeping then actually in inevitably fell asleep. I just accepted the situation and my mind sorted itself is like that the over trying the over analysis is almost an active self harm in a way it can become very aggressive that you're trying to do this trying to go to sleep. And just the surrender of it yes. I'm just resting now. No pressure experience over expectation. Perfect perfect so. Why did you get into this field? What did you do before? What was your convention point into this domain? Well I have always been interested in therapeutic works for raising from the alternatives to traditional psychology. My my undergraduate degrees half creative writing half psychology so I'm a musician as well so Everything is about experiencing and all creativity but I'm also a ten is not totally addicted to it as a player and I did my coaches badges couple years ago now and coating and I realized that my value on the tennis court was helping players emotionally over technically and tactically. That's the technical tactical people so I would find myself in my lessons doing these kind of different types of brain training buddy training so that the kids felt happier. And I'm looking at that coordination and go okay. That's that's kind of K- but instead of trying to force and driller on all these different kind of exercises I'd learned from some therapy trainings and I just gradually gravitated towards an players gravitate towards made that need that the need their emotional was sorting out. And they don't know where to start and and that's something. I've been doing with myself for years professionally and personally an so. Do you see this type of work. Being an add-on or an integration to what some might consider more established tennis coaching our sites. It's definitely another piece in the jigsaw puzzle. Because that are emotional landscape can be incredible. It can be vast and complicated or overcomplicated. And I'm not sure if many coaches are equipped to want to do without a they're they're brilliant at the tennis so somebody like me who is devoted their life to emotional wellbeing is probably a better fit and and I'm not joking. Every single player of work with their coach goes all while the everything's easy. Now it's it's just that you find someone yeah everyone's got their nieces specialities and it just becomes part of the bigger picture perfect and what were those early experiences like working with tennis players where you used your methods. And let's say if they've have expedience in tennis coaching and all of a sudden you're coming at it from a completely different angle. What was the first responses versus first? Or let's say reactions versus response because I can always differentiate to uh-huh definitely well. I always come in when people for the first time with my therapist head on therapeutic so we talk about things like how child was own or adopted adults as well. Can you go back and have a chat with your family and find out about your early years? We kinda Kinda take. Hey off the competition. Because it's normally go to the point where they're incredibly stressed and possibly unwell from it or injured and our chronic stuff is going on so I'm looking at in looking from a massive picture of what's going on with the individual person regardless of whether they're a tennis player actor high-performance performance person or whatever so the parents are involved in the. Oh yes so I remember this. I remember that and and then I said well. It's Paul of so of journey. The snakes his journey make things easier using various methods. Also come from a special needs educational background where I worked in schools for awhile. So I've I've seen this therapeutic stuff work with people that are a really having difficulty and its application with tennis players. Another people is exactly the same as orders. Getting things easier without over worrying over analyzing. That's the hardest thing to get people to stop doing. Analyze a hundred percent with these places on Earth am so just. Don't get into stop but you just find an easy way into to be gentle. Kindly is now and so. Let's go into the of what you do. So let's say we can either do in chronological order. If you're like so you've met someone for the first time what we'd be the analysis the testing and then going into the practical things that you would do to help because that was the the revelation for me is that you know in my opinion ninety nine percent of what you do end in practical exercises and so what is that process like. I go have trained in quite a few modalities but tends to be three or four that I come back to all the time so the first the first aspect I worked with. Someone is their breathing. Is Breath work? Because it's the first thing you do when you when you born we're born this is the first thing we did. We take a breath and working with the breath in in sports or in any aspect of lobby. Sport and tennis particular is can be quite miraculous at times and and it does require a discipline. You got to put the work. And you've got you've got the exercises to do not talking massive amounts of time couple of minutes a day and then you go to find over minding as but as the the breadth works teaching different breathing patterns for different purposes. So we might do the four seventy eight in for four for seven out for eight and that's great for anxiety relief to can be before match before slate when you when you got more focused time to do the exercise but if you're in matchplay and you're in a bit of a mess just simply remembering all or conscious long out. Breath can can make a huge difference evening between Serbs or just walking back to collect balls anything like that so I I started the very very very basics which which everyone forgets about. And you see the pants go. We we did. Forget we forget that consciously brave and and that's sort of medicine that's the prescription with it. Definitely it's something I've become more mindful of a probably since I started doing yoga but then seeped into my everyday life in terms of I can over sudden I can relate to my breasts to. I'm feeling so it could be almost like a chicken and egg quite often. I quite low of tension in in my shoulders and my jaw my jaw especially and it's the breathing that I notice quite often like being either shallow or rapid wherever and then a feel majol where whereas I probably used to few and not do anything about or maybe just relaxed. Majol the breathing. That was the catalyst for me actually sorting wherever it was going on deep in my mind but in the justice. Now I don't want to relax and the not to sing. It's the Chinese China brain to notice and it takes time but it's all very simple natural stuff and the body likes it and the brain likes it so it's not trying to do something particularly difficult. It's just as is must be a little bit of leak of faith of trust in the doing this. Very fundamental primal stuff is is is going to benefit you and then so from the breath were then go that it is all about the somatic body primitive reflexes this kind of types of movements that you can do to coordinate the brain and that is more involved program and that's something that Videos on Youtube that people can take Snippets from but really something wants to be delivered one to one or in small groups because it's you personalize the program for somebody and Is quite specific what you do but like. I said there's also take away. She can get from from Youtube and from the cusack online. When it comes to the movement what you said about your jaw. If if you were no singer breath jaw. I would be saying to you. Get you get you two fingers and put them in between the two jewel bones and find the sensitive point just myself that for thirty seconds Just connect with the body and really art k this attention point and and also that will that sort of say left brain right brain. I'm connected and is something that you can do if you switch off in a tennis match as well if you switch off. And he's got a a chain to ever give you on dig and you'll find it gives you. It gives you an energizer natural caffeine this week because this indefinitely start to connect work. I'll have done in many coaches listening will have as well so if you go back to the breathing just for a second other different categories Q. Mentions the four four seventy am for decreasing anxiety other other categories. Where you would see if you're feeling this. Breathe like that if you are the well. There's there's the multiple studies done on the extended out breath as being the night relaxing as well. So that's something that you can do really quick. You don't have to say anytime assigned to practice it and also if you want to add in a homeless whoa that that is That's ideal because you 'cause you're not thinking tool we most people when they sing for example whether you or no you don't think of much when you singing but by just adding that Hamalainen enjoy intaking more nitric oxide and this the feel good stuff is coming in. And that's that's that's the idea of it seller very very long out breath really conscious one year. What with younger people children children like to have visuals and color at it in so I will often say to the child. Can we just breathe in color? And can you find that color somewhere in your body? No Point to anyway. It doesn't matter where they'd say I said just hold onto it for a couple of seconds hold that Colorado and then just just blow away so that works with young adults as well but look younger. Children tend to like that one so he's also creative ways it can bring in breath work and also just simply blowing your troubles away. A word play once into our planets woman and it was really difficult and behavior was awful but eventually just sat down. Just a short sean breath in and blow it away and she just imagined that that all of all of the anxiety was just just been blown off the just the other day. I was working with employers in Prestwick. I travel so much of loose track but I said to them quite often. In in performance coach would use breathing is like the antidote to choking creates relax. Shit relaxation helps with timing helps. Us regulation and flow and all that sort of stuff and even just seeing to these kids. The other day is actually blew the ball. If you're hitting zone you know what I actually the picture and some of them. Just the is almost technically everything completely transforms or changes based on that one image of blowing the ball of the hitting zone cash flow. It's Nice it was the coach that was working as Gordon cut believer. No danger of that. Is it them? Some coaches think this is like a genius trick and they just do that for everyone and it works for everyone but it was just to use the right thing at the right time with a Kid. S right because they all have all as we all know in coaching and therapies. Everything has a honeymoon effect. So when you first doing new things you will get you get instigate short-term gains and there's no doubt about that and then then after while the one of these one of the problems that comes up after four months that I all well. This is not going so well and I said then. We go into maintenance Bring new things in of course but your your brain is down. It's got over the honeymoon effective a new exercise. And you've got to just keep keep it. This is where the trust comes in going to start to trust yourself a little bit more. And what about the blood flow in the ball out hidden zones? Great and I love it when I get into Really Lincoln. The out breath on the stroke after the whole because it you just say the whole body goes into flow is an to counter that times where you might change the type of breast depending on the stroke so for example if it was a short shot kind of a volley it might be a much sharper exile but that for me is just a technical logic in my mind if I do a low on breast. Then there's a danger. I might do a longer stroke. And they threatened can but all that I think I think we we. We have not trusting ourselves as elective and these kind of old fashioned will consider the fashioned things that people have always done. I ancient things like raving techniques and bodywork working list of is is has now become brand new game it makes me laugh and I think the people in the let's say the Far East have been doing these things for thousands of years are. You're like a million meditate in for assembly in Thailand. A new people making some money almost a rebrand irs. Some new thing you know. He's done since the star of time but it Kinda does need to be retour. I remember when I saw started on this journey of of training reading and studying and everything I was re parenting myself. I became apparent. I'm learning all this stuff again. That so simple but had never been part of my consciousness. It definitely is bringing it to the surface. If you like in being consciously doing and I think you know hopefully war is the principal or the hope that eventually these things do become sub-conscious again. Just become unconscious as you trusting your unconscious. Mind taking care of you that it knows what it's doing and and that's one of the little miracle things in tennis and I have this sometimes if I'm down if I'm titan a tie-break or something I just say look it's just a Christmas is over to you now. thing and that is a disciplined to get into but it's that kind of working with the thoughts pays dividends and they're that become hard work at first but it's it's incredible once you saw it working with your thoughts and comes from the the break. The breathing burst and then just I have to punish them. And then you just trust it and you trust that you have. You have got the skills you've got the ability and you've got to let go and let give with it And that's the thing. Most people go the hanging onto analysis. We like to be to be intellectual about every definitely and you mentioned the body. Work that you do. I shared a story with your boat. Could colleague of mine who told me a few years ago bites this young girl that she started coaching and it was almost as a fever to someone. Because she wasn't getting the help that she wanted from the powers that be and she took it on the court and she saw Oh my goodness she saw uncoordinated outstandingly bad coordination with disrespectful and she started digging around asking the died. You know her background or sports in background and one of the things that popped up in the conversation was the e had in his naievety assumed that if he had got his daughter to skip the crawling stage and go straight into walking that this would mean mean that she was stronger. She could start sports earlier. And so on and She had taken this player to specialist and the essentially retrain Dojo to crawl as kind of start points. So is there any correlation with that story and the types of work that you would do the body? That's pretty much. That's pretty much what I do. We look for some people. The coordination coordination issues a tiny. They're really tiny margin but they can always nice system and athletes as well quite good Scaffolding and and strength can mosque tiny coordination. Shoes obvious coordination's US and my program is literally re patterning. The body using infant reflects movements. So all the reflexive movements that would have been the atoll would have gone through ideally in a an a typical neuro. Developmental Pattern I just reteach them. We over them and we do isometric pressure on their body. And you'd be surprised how how many people find it difficult to even use the neck properly just that all the tensions between jewel and the shoulders and getting first vertebras inside the cranium in there and you and so tight his real kind of fine margin staff and it comes from a background was in Sweden with this Swedish psychologist Herro Bloomberg who had polio when he was a kid and there's nothing he came across in medicine that could help him out and he heard of this Swedish photographer who had been helping out with these people with psychosis depression of various different Challenge as you went to see how what were there for four years and then kind of restructured. The work that she was doing as all based on infamous moments. And you'd be. It is quite remarkable. How nonverbal stuff. How just teaching someone? How TO RE PATTERN? That baby movements can en- tennis mates is the lateral stuff comes in one who's totally four hundred dominant. Who who's is cross site right to left to right the left handed and just get in the eyes and everything working evenly each side and then then suddenly the the non dominant stroke comes in and the lighter and all this stuff and they don't they don't even realize it's happened because there's no analysis you just sign hey body you're gonNA learn how to do this now. Oh we're going to learn how to do this. And you follow the program and as quite disciplined and it requires a few minutes a day of apply excise but everything becomes easier in the matter of months What would you see in a player? To realize that there were a dominance on one side or dominance in the I had a domino thing. I've really not been able to get my head around. I'd love it if you are unitive or me. Because even two nights ago head coach asking about it and I was like I just do. I have a blockage with it. But what is your team on dominance? Well I I always set somebody up. When I first after few sessions we do dominance profiling and again. It's based on a system that was set up by an American bio physiologist who worked in special needs education where she was looking all these kids coming in various different behavioral problems etc coordination issues and sign. I don't WanNa Labor. I don't WanNa do this way. I'm going to check with their dominant. So I will check someone's is area. Foot dominance hand dominance obviously and the brain dominance so how how logical and how piecemeal they are versus how big a picture and creative left versus right. Brian's do that whole profile taught to and then you get to find out what the limitations are under stress. Some people it's visual. Some people are auditory simplest movement and USA. Find out in that profiling whether there is scanned dominantly from right to left or left to right and you match it up to the tennis and they own. The light bulb comes on and then I said well. There's nothing wrong with you. This is a unique patterning. This is is unique. Dna when we find out these limitations. We're going to do a whole load of exercise to make them easier for me. My like my one of my biggest stresses when I'm playing is my visual is limited. And that's really unfortunate for tennis player. Really unfortunate I take auditor any day but I know reformat. I've got I've got to be doing all my finger cymbals in the clay on got tracing letters of my eyes and blinking and all sorts of Oso of different visual exercises too is you are relaxed. You're working so visual dominance with with the you just find a couple of tests. I do with them really really simple tests. We just put two arms up in front of a arms level and our someone's turn the head side to side and the arm that drops down a little bit. That's the one that's telling you which which side the dominant ways and it will often covered which which side the is across with Europe so do is useful but I just think the whole body dominance is moist. I think the body I get. I think maybe again. It's maybe we my mind works. But the given example of if you discovered the I was let's see even right dominant. What in practical terms from tennis. What does that mean? I will be good versus bad. Well the I it depends on whether you are dominant cross whether your is would prefer to read from right to left or left to right. So for example. I'm Brian Dominant. And my left ear is dominant and my other profiling. My profiling suggests that I prefer to read from right to left. That means I play. I'm a lefty applying juice. Call everything makes sense for me crossing from right to the left side. So that's the right. Eye Dominance. And the brain dominance just prefers to be going going that way. And that's what I would check with you We could video you. Dominance profiler risk channel was. We can do that. Yeah dominance profiling and see. See what it means to you in your tennis. And how accurate is so? If you're you're right eye dominant is. Do you prefer to cross from left to right with your eyes or right to left seeing am right eye dominant. I have no idea but just picked one of them. The the actually the left to right right left makes more sense to me because I prefer to plead the core and I feel much more natural us. You've got to be left to right. I crossed because I didn't it? My ten is in about twenty people in the spreadsheet so far and every single one of them matched up their position on the doubles court yet. An even plea I would much naturally. Pickup cues from that side. I would switch better from that side on juice core. I'm just not feel like official water but then again I've always put that down to. I've always played the Ad Court so therefore trained myself to be that way but it does tend to be if you really do feel more comfortable there so much to do with how which which direction your eyes prefer crossing. Yeah Yeah it's funny. I've played doubles with some fantastic players over the years and clears that Y- status or ranking wiser way better than I am and normally the strongest player and the ad core now might not. You're not putting me in the court just like in theory by if you have someone who's like juice limited part putting them there lucky in that situation many times where someone's GonNa your a lefty you get in the. Oh goodness I'm out but a much rather be much of the crossing over with that full hands now in the cool. I love it there. Mari exams you the in terms of the practicalities of some of those movements that you might do in the body. Could you give some examples of exercise? Let's see if appeal is listening. Thinking right what my kid likely to do if I go and see theater well. An example is a young guy was working with an international standard in his sport he would he would always struggled to get picked for the next selection squad is always is always there and we worked out the his auditory was a bit limited and he was getting so stressed. It's been sick before matches so I gave him a selection of exercise a couple of them on Youtube. I can link them to and instead of any of the press work or as you you to pick what you want to do. I can write this. Oh down to you but it's GonNa work better view. Choose Your Own Program. And in the end he just picked this one movement which everyone says is incredibly relaxing. Myself included. This is if you're super stress. This is the one to do. We call it a windscreen wipers with the fate. And there's a video of it and it's kind of hard to describe. Sophie wants to link the video and he he just said that's why I picked. So did you just found somewhere if I didn't find some. I was so stressed Guy. Just lay on the floor and did it because he felt so bad under pressure. They couldn't get any worse and two sessions later. He's in the main squad but just in that kind of that level of trust they put himself at. This was the right thing for his body. Would that be considered like a trigger? Something physically that he is doing has the mind body connection well. The Way I taught him to do this movement as I teach everyone is that it's so specific and it has to be smooth and is the moment it doesn't feel smooth you stop. This is so much about trusting yourself reading all the signals in your body making to perfectly coordinated perfectly smooth is complete focus on one specific movement. And so I think that has a lot to do with it. That the precision of the type of movement. And that's that's the greatest effect so it that connecting the mind and the body in the minds. I'm totally responsible for failing right now. But I've got a solution instead of just going to sit and worry and be even more sick a that the mind will allow the worst possible case scenario to come up. If you're feeling baton that brings onto Nydia. We did have a chair boat last week. In terms of the think likened it to Rafeh with all his little can of mannerisms and rituals and soil and then Utah. It's about tapping so for the listener. What is tapping in? What is the benefit of tapping tapping is considered to be a under the energy medicine? Modality the idea is that it was developed by God who Gary Craig Wickes with somebody else. Various different practitioners bought is through psychologists. And and so on. It's way you tap on certain points of the body the AW meant to relate to the radiant system acupressure points and wash attacking on those points. You are saying very statements out loud. The ineffective trying to clear up old memories memories. Get in the way with your performance so I have no idea if if if it is related to any any acupressure system but I know by saying something out loud that's bothering you and connected to the body. It's a powerful force rather than just simply saying it loud that the nature of the of the tapping connecting and is rich realistic. Patton obscene amazing to see and I was working with somebody who A great player massive serve and series seriously quality at the name but she didn't really like running and it wasn't a an athletic thing it was just offset. She felt so bad she was running so I said let's go. You WanNa go for one and we're going tap through it so every time this feeling of not being able to breathe properly came out we tap through it and within an hour she was off. She's gone being someone who is petrified of a even like mile run to actually go as part of our because I used to do Shrinking Disney with her. Did she actually say advisable for run and do something else now and we got it? All comes came comes back. Memories are painful memories from Charles and they need some kind of love and care and attention. Expose suppose to give a comparison to that. They might of teachers that I have trained in the last seven or eight years who are literally petrified of doing any kind of sport physical education because they have been scart by an expedient when they were at school you know even in primary school and maybe it's one of the reasons why they went down the academic route rather and actually a sports thing every we're just labeled and they had the stigma by their ability and by doing breaking everything down and making it manageable and building up step by step. We can actually meet them realize they can do this. And that has a kind of transformative effect within ninety minute session. And what what you're saying is that that are actual trigger as well set things really quick. I was with somebody wants who really high level player and is like I just can't close out. I could be five to open Blah Blah Blah Blah just talk. Let's find that memories because there's some kind of challenge in your body and it turned out is some tournament in mid teens. Web people were watching this one particular thing and there's obviously other stuff sometimes you. I'm picking layers layers and layers but once you start clearing up the there's nothing wrong it's just it's just some old memories hanging around that needed cleaning up something you just come to me here. I'm just thinking the if we contextualized most of the anecdotal stories that you're giving they are all what we might consider rehabilitation if you like so yes. There are pre hab equivalent of what you're doing so for example thinking is obviously we don't want like let's see many tennis programs where people are thinking right if I tap here. That's going to be the answer to all my solutions. Yeah we don't WanNa go there but the what what types of things could young or inexperienced tense clear due to add to the routines that might just help channel or trigger things well from my own perspective as a player where Utilize Syrup. Komo much wiser. I I was using it for Rehab and then I think for wires. I all sorted now not to worry about his Yiska and it's not it's not the case then I just en- just carried on news in the same things that I use to rehab myself as a gentle caring routine for settling the mind the mind delineating that comes up like now if if my going a bit glitzy. Ibew just tap on the rack and sites to myself trust trust. Trust something like that so it's is exactly the same processes but once you go into more trust in flow that you you just starting numbers of your as your exercise regime. You keep doing those those movements you you enjoy that. Feel good for your body. You keep with the breath work you tap if you need to visualize do the brain training so it's just the when you've established that toolbox. I choose for emergency emotional state and then use it to Rehab and then you is your Rehab and the Magic Cave for me is the it becomes your program so awful on what within someone intensively first and then. I'll say some kind of I don't WanNa be seeing you all the time. I want you to pick your own program And be responsible for an be great if we check in once a month or if you need any any deeper work just always set people up with the with the tools they can use to take care of themselves not become dependent on a process. That's exactly what you want for a player to control one in choosing into the in a in a in a really kind of an origin so in a gentle caring loving way rather than some house discipline that they think he's going to get them somewhere. I just always say cut. The goals to say open goes into experiencing you enough expectation surrounding you anyway. This is the nature of spoke. Cut The goals open. Go define what you mean by ghouls. Because I mad on Google saying so you've might have let the tiger the kids here you can go. You go setting with your coach and that's normal and it's fine and you've got you've got to have that that is just a very much nature the structure of tennis when it comes to say nurturing your inner game as there aren't really any goes is just processes are of long. It's not there's no. There's no interference with the the logic and tennis coaching. So but we find that went want someone does get air in a cool is getting really strong all the stuff that you guys assigned to them it. Oh it's they. They absorb it so quickly. It's unbelievable you progress. You say is is remarkable. That's good that's what it was like. No Gaza and now the for me. I think the key thing behind goal setting is breaking it down to such fine but said dust of says that they are fixated on the process and then for of the channel into performance. And of course that will increase the chances of an outcome. But it doesn't guarantee it but that that's the thing that I find coaches. Typically struggle with is Asia. They're okay with the outcome stuff and the all cave to degree with the performance. But they don't build bridges between the process and the performance. And you know even. I wouldn't talk about outcome. Goals in terms of necessarily ranking or success. Ever talk about it more in terms of you've increased your first serve percentage and converted your your percentages outcome goal to do that. You need to focus on this performance the to do that. You need to focus on this process so these things that you are talking about are just other additional bolt on processes that might be the stimuli for clarity of sought to be like station am physical flu that type of stuff. Absolutely they are. That's the stuff that that you do. This work the body wellbeing. It's is kind of broad spectrum but his be good for you whether you're an accountant or a tennis player or anything it's it's it's application. It's just to make everything easy views. A person to help you get into your very best form as a human with gifts and talents that you bring to the world and and and it works so well with tennis re really does. I mean I know more than any other sport. But it's just like jumped sixty seventy plays at the rankings Mama Dada going. Wow How did that happen? Actually we don't want it to be massively. Stressful took is if you stress. You come and see me. And I'm the master of getting that sorted out because I know it well in my own life and taking hundred percent responsibility to so mind stuff out. So here's something you can help me with them because one of the things that I have struggled with have tried it. Several Times is meditation. And I think it's because I may be going down To genetic Route with it whereas I think there must be a more sporty way of or specific way of meditate than anything in that domain. Yeah I think you said to me last sports here nation you can. I have a series of meditations in this online. Course I've purchased the really are based on the traditional stuff. The I've learned for myself and read about train Dane and and I'm looking at gun. How can this be more appealing Casella they hit that one. Mellon Ono's EP. Essential oils and all that stuff. I what they're all way to do it. Just taking those additional processes and adding movement into at embody work adding keeping them very shoe as well. So the the the guidance in in the meditation is very very short and of go I even put them in categories of Visalia warm ups. The this is your workout time if you want to spend a bit longer. Anesthesia cool down. It blends as well as like meditation. It's blending kind of statements of of. Don't say positive of way you're not into what with your thoughts as well how you can turn things around. So it's not just meditation so yes it's a very specific very specific because we all know what it's like to want to win and we must we can't dishonor that. It's it's to pretend that we don't want to win is is no good. I is an that. Could become a pressure themselves. You haven come off at all. I was just meant to enjoy it and you can save. The child is devastated so often say to. Risco some like go out to the patio. Something for and I said so. I'm GONNA give you full permission to feel how you feel right now. Might get thirty seconds of heartbreak and then though to expect him but going to that specific meditation. You about says that you've got to give yourself permission. Try something new that there's no necessarily end result from it. It just give also giving yourself permission saying thank you for trying to take two minutes to clear my mind. It definitely will. That's a great message because I'm sure some people listening we associate the word spiritual with not giving a damn about winning and losing it. So you know so. It's refreshing to hear that you know. You acknowledged that winning isn't important driver for a Lotta people to accept it and actually work with it with him. I swear that I was looking at some. Drool is for a local county close and the women's draw in the goals or virtually collapses four six players. And I know all we don't WanNA play. I don't WanNa play her. Because don't like Blah Blah Blah and I had the missing ship is here is the don't have the emotional support and then resilience to manage this and it's not. The tennis is not anything else. It's just how can we fill in those gaps and so is yes very much about kind of experience in your own emotions and the it's absolutely find devastated after a loft lost in your body needs to feel like I talk about that in practice even isolate if if you if you make a mistake in practice and it doesn't sting just a little bit then. I think that that doesn't it means you don't feel that sense of dissatisfaction and if you don't feel that dissatisfaction then you're not going to want to the steps in place to to make change so. I think it's important people do feel that and just know that there's a way through it. There's a way through and is through. It's not around is not the berry nor the or anything like that is if you fail it for a micro second and then go back to the breathing. So it's just that knowledge in the notice in right now. I WanNa that that kind of like that child inside of me. That wants to just cry and throw my racket and screaming. Blame everybody else or something you know. The is very we. Human fight final range of emotional experiencing to go through in our lives and we often train ourselves haydn squash things and that can make us very unwell even at a young age and so that brings me to a great points ahead. You make about emotional control and she said it's not about emotional control about emotional. Coherence Aaron Sierra so to describe emotional coherence I would say. It's the point way you have moved from reacting to responding to acceptance to knowing that you are allowed to be human being you have about you bar you are taking full responsibility for how it affects. Your Life. What you're doing. The coherence comes from the breathing work but the tapping the body. Where you doing? Whatever your methods are that. You've that's the taking full responsibility so that you say you're acknowledging saying Yes yes to stress. I've got some. I'm working on this that you can you? Can you can accept any emotion that comes to any period at any point in time? Yeah no that sounds like the holy grail. If you like to actually be able to get all these can have triggers if you like or routines or rituals you know. Whatever whatever's they've done the end result you want to be emotional coherence because if you are in that place then you will definitely perform or behave better if you weren't it's for me? That's the the destination point almost because I I have a partner WHO's A. She's always really kind of scared. In the first few match fair I imagine she says very first time he goes what do I do? I said nothing work. Enjoy this moment. May and she laughed and she totally gone the page and then we went and smashed the match by said let it pass just. It's is here with you. It's here with us. Core and within a few games everything had settled down there. Is that permission giving the I can give to you and you've got to learn to give it to yourself. You comes up. And yes the higher level you compete in the final the margins but also the finer how you can work with it because you can have a lot more training a lot more practice. If I was working with some hours a day things are gonNA change really quickly Is it possible? Is it possible that perspective could have that effect on your emotional coherence to? I'm thinking of an example. I had many years ago. Probably when I was in my mid twenties and I played doubles with this Guy. Us A great guy and he was quite a that of said quite spiritual and he had just had a daughter a baby daughter literally weeks before that and we were playing this can have a league decider and it went down to a third set tiebreak and I was. You had to climb me off the footlights. I was just like so. We'd say in northeast. Scotland. He just is a kite and a wanted it so much and chilled out and I was almost getting entity. How calm he was and he was clearly getting edited because you short but he obviously was bothering him that. I was so high and he said why why you feeling. This doesn't really that a matter that much and I went what it was like a real moment for me and he said we'll stay with me forever. He said whether I win or lose this match. I'm going whom to my baby daughter. Who doesn't even know what tennis is. And she is not going to care one one damn whether I win or lose this match and soon as he said I could literally feel my shoulders and my jaw relax and I just was like fine and we absolutely smashed that break and for me. You know that maybe tell that story law and I give lots of other examples of how some seeing something can actually change your mind. Ceo Your Brain Chemistry to actually put things in perspective and hearing them. There's merit neurons that make sociable and more acceptable. Yeah is there something in that or is that just my opinion? I would say there is because that what you described there is what we want to be able to give to ourselves so that you've come on external stuff he's talking about. His daughter is talk to you. A new you've created this nice synergy between you. I where I'm coming from as a player myself more try and teach other people is that we want to be able to create that environment within our own souls and minds so you can say an not by saying oh it doesn't matter is is getting that perspective is important and I'm going to take care of. It's going to take care of myself rather than some people. It's not important works if it works for them. It's fine as is so this is so much going back to the beginning about noticing yourself getting to know yourself without who am. I is a really big question but who am I not cool? How am I with this ball and being able to create that environment? But you did between. Your partner and I've done between my mind was partner. We've had some serious scouts of people. The applying a lot longer than us a lot higher. And it's just because between us is love and acceptance that goes on eyesight to goodness you miss as many volleys as you need to come in on hopeful as much. She said she saw another wants and go online. All and I know after few moments and and JEB walks with anyone I play with man or woman they often I mix and some of the guys have really serious and it used to both the May of of had to go down to one hundred percent responsibility for how I feel right now It doesn't matter. What else is on the court. How am I taking care of myself in Oman? Because I now have to take care of the people I can make them as but of do it to myself so in a way you got my mind going now so in a way. It's it's almost in a really simple way being kind to yourself it is. It is because that's all anyone ever wanted once they live if you distressed upset or whatever or even happy we like being around people that make us feel good and we're going to have become that person to ourselves. That's a good place to wrap up there. I think be finally find ways to be good or like V kind to yourself. I've a fantastic friend Dr David Hamilton. Who's written ten books around that subject on a kindness in the benefits that can have another and the two of you need to meet. That would be helpful day. That's it so they is there a place where people can go to gain more tangible insights to what you've talked about you mentioned video so where the host got a couple of Youtube I can add more actually of movements and things so it was scattered across different channels moment. I could do put them together. I've only got an online course all the stuff that I do with players that could be put into video and text and audio format I have put together in a course like a DIY Kaas Bruin. Okay you could pass on the Lincoln. I could put it in the show notes. I certainly can. Yes yes good. Okay so that I tend to do this every now and again. I'm going to speak to the listener first. Second so first of all. Thank you for listening. If you have found any of this interesting then check out. The course that has put together but my plea to you is to explore experiment. If that's an acceptable thing to but to experiment with there in terms of not see as tangible things that can lead to almost intangible results. I don't if that sounds crazy but am I've tried some some of the stuff in terms of without realizing I was doing rituals and the breathing and it does make a profound difference. So bring it to life tryout and checkout series of course online. You'll see the issue. Say the Lincoln Notes Balu so say thank you so much or giving up your valuable time. I it's been a real pleasure and hopefully we will get to meet in person at some point in the future lovely. Thanks have me on Chris Leslie.

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