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"dr colin underhill" Discussed on KNBR The Sports Leader

"I didn't Bill here behind the mic. Standing behind the glass pushing us through marquee on the hill tomorrow for the Colorado Rockies. They've lost eight in a row. The Rockies are struggling vita. They're three and twelve I really thought this team was going to battle for I assure. I thought it was gonna be, you know, obviously, the dodgers are reigning champs. Not those who beat the dodgers. And who else that I thought the Bach is because they played good at all about the the second place team and a San Diego, we felt if they could jell together with the young group of sure ahead they've done that. And Todd teeth juniors has been Dalen down there playing shortstop. And that was you know, so so now the Rockies are really in a hole there three and twelve in the eight in a row already in the beginning of the year, you know, as well as I do as a struggle digging yourself out of a hole is well, we'll see if the giants could sweep them tomorrow. Dr Colin Underhill tomorrow and he's pitching. So well, I'm so glad he signed back here. He was happy to be here. And he's a delight in the in the locker room guys love them. And and you know, I heard some good interviews. He said this is where I wanted to go. This is the place to change me when I struggled when I was with the Rangers. And and I'm glad he's back and he's doing well for the giants guess sometime if just the right environment for you. It's not even about the money where do I wanna play where I can be comfortable by family can feel good about themselves with a good environment. And sometime guys choose choose their locations based on those factors. Well, our next guest. We have is a good friend of ours. Yellow back in Louisiana staying up for us. And he was all star in nineteen eighty five and L E R leader nine thousand nine hundred ninety is also one of the San Francisco's wall of fame. Let's welcome in Scotty, grouts, what's up, Mr. William girls. How's it going Bill by? I heard by the laughing he eight new I was saying. He did. And he just said all he says red wines. He drank. You have to ask like, I gotta get into Kreider to send me some more. Oh, I'm sure he will. I'm sure he may deliver it to you. To take him fishing and hunting again. Yeah. That coming might might not know it. But now he does. Putting fresh your back out of right? You're good at that. Scotty, I I like you in fresh both of them to keep coming back to fantasy camp, and it's working. So that's even better. Oh, awesome. Well, you know, we we talk into closers we've been talking to guys that Gary Lavelle, and we had Robin on and and your career really was just the opposite. The you you went from a reliever to a starter. And of course, the numbers is a reliever were outstanding. But when you went to a starter. I mean, you just have some Seychelle numbers at let's go back to your relief days. Let's go back into the day in nineteen eighty five. It was where you were finished forty four games. Thirteen saves. Tell us a little bit about that year. You are in seventy four games. Well, it was it was kind of in that spring. Jim, Dan or took over the club and going into spraying. It was just like I was just kind of kind of finest a role and that spring. Mony Mooney got hurt. So dad became up to me and. Mark davis. Some basically said you're going to be the less. You know, you're going to be the ride. He's an often. And you know, then things kind of went from there. We got in a lot of games, and we were able to you know, kinda kinda, you know, go along. But as a as a team we struggled that year. So I mean, it was it was it was kinda difficult. But yet at the time for me it was almost like a breakthrough year. But I tell you that was the year you made the all star team nationally golf star team you had twenty four scoreless inning streak that year while how did you stay focus? How did you stay in? That realm. Did you think about it? Did you go out there going? I got twenty two. I gotta get a couple more outs. Here. You know? Did you think of that? When you went out was the pressure that even thought of. I think what happened was whereas the cargo and some reporter came on today, you got twenty four scores went out that day gave up a run. Thanks a lot. Remember that year? I went I don't know if it was June or July, and I think it was happening came out and said read the reports they put on the table, you know, before you know, the game, and he says, yeah. And giving up a whole one yet. That's nice hack. We appreciate it. But you know, you know, when you when you go back to the days, you know, I'm looking over numbers. I remember when you came up in eighty two and eighty three, you know, you're just starting to feel it out and eighty four you kind of got into a little bit more. But I keep going back to this eighty five nineteen eighty five was you're really year where you kicked in seventy four games. You're in forty four finish those numbers jump at me jury member that year. Do you? Remember, what clicked for you? I think even your winter ball went down and worked on the on the split, and it really started down at Dominican Republic, and it really started working. And then when I got to spring training. I remember throwing the baby. Time. And he was like what is that? Bob, bradley. And so I threw it again. And I mean, it was it was just like all sudden, you know, for him to kind of say that. And then, you know, starting to pitch some of the games playing. You know, guys that I pay for maybe struggled. You know, I'm throwing the split and all of a sudden now making them look bad. And I'm like, hey, maybe, you know, it just gave me that competence to be able to go out there and really go after ties and in towns guys, and then from there it really just kind of kinda went on. And you know, I know, you know, with Roger Craig there, we kinda, you know, after eighty five year after Debbie was calling on eighty Mony came back, and he was like, well, we're gonna put you in the rotation again. So I started eighty six as as a starter. And I went out and struggled and really didn't do that. Well, and then we got Steve Carlton and sometime in July and I ended up pitching. The the last half of eighty eighty six back in the pen. And I take I went ten and two ten days, and you know, out of the bullpen, Dan. So I mean, really the bullpen was kind of a good fit for me at the time. But I was just happy to be to big lake. What do you want to do? I'm just happy to be there. We're talking to Scotty girls here on kmby are and I'm looking at these numbers in eighty six year thirteen nine and you had eighteen starts, and then you had fifty three games. And you're exactly what you're saying. Ten saves. So you're kind of flip flopping mental approach. How did that change for you? You know in eighty six is is when you know, we'll was there in in Robbie, and we just kind of went from down near eighty five. Also now things are started around attitude change, and we're starting to be more competitive, you know, in the division, and it was just kind of like, you know, it was exciting to kind of get back in and, you know, kinda be fighting for you know, I guess and so to me anything I could do to to help the ball about. I was I was gonna do. And and you know, I've struggled starting and just couldn't find, you know, you know, mechanics. I just always struggled. It seemed like until eighty nine I struggled really fun and about how to be a pitcher instead of thrower. And I tell kids this, you know, to day, I said, you know, we gotta be pitchers not doors. I threw for too long. And I said it just you know, it just doesn't work. So, you know, back then it was just starting was hard for me relieving, I keep go out there and go that one or two innings, and and let it go. And it it worked really well. But seriously, you prefer to be in the bullpen versus being in the starting rotation knowing that you're gonna pitch also. And so today against such a team versus you get to call the bullpen. You rather just have that short notice get up and get into game you prefer that. I really, you know, when I was the thrower, Scott. I really wanted to just go that one or two innings and just and just let it fly right in in nineteen eighty nine when you know, Bob lose up to and said, hey, we're gonna make you a starter. Again, you know. And then I really, you know, kind of you know, talking to big daddy. I started asking questions started learning about how to be here. And then once that happened, I went it can't be busy. But you started learning to not throw every pitch as one hundred percent. You start learning location is is hitters things. Like, sure, right. And so in early in my career, I was just here. Let it fly. And and and hope for the best for vita nineteen eighty nine. Scotty, I here's another staff from in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine vita. He started twenty nine games when a hundred ninety three innings ahead of two point two eight earned run average. I guess he did. Okay. Take that. Yeah. I mean, you were fourteen at five with a two point two eight and just dynamic numbers to complete games one hundred forty nine hits in hundred ninety three innings, and you you're you strike outs where huge hundred nineteen Forty-six walks. And then you just kept going from there in nineteen ninety at thirty one starts of back to back solid years. If you were talking, I know of you coached, I know you still coach what what can you teach a kid that you want to be really really want to be a starter. What do you kind of the approach as a coach in your mind? How do you make them succeed in either role? I'm really the first thing I tried to do with all these young kids. Now, it's just teaching the game as much mental as physical. And so we have to learn how to make adjustments and on the mound. We have on mechanics. And and we gotta learn to hit our spots. You know, we can never throw hard enough. I tell multi I'm I gave up a lot of home runs going ninety six ninety seven. To play. You know, you, you know, there's a purpose. You know, every every throw has a purpose. And you know, we just can't throw it towards the catcher we have to, you know, start in spots and.

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