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"dr carter martin" Discussed on True Crime Garage

"Friday, June thirteenth, nineteen sixty nine, six year old. Dennis Martin was on his first overnight camping trip. This was part of a long standing Martin family tradition of Father's Day outings in the smokies with him. His nine year old brother, Doug his father who was a Knoxville architect. His name is Bill Martin and his grandfather CLYDE Martin. The group spent the first night in a location called Russell field, and they camped with Dr Carter Martin of Huntsville, Alabama and his two sons Russell field is a grassy clearing in the forest with a panoramic view across the smokies the next day, June fourteenth, the group went east on a ninety minute walk to a spot called Spence field. Some quick specifics of Spence field. There were two shelters located there. Now the Appalachian trail, ROY. Runs east and west through Spence field, and there were two trails and one Jeep road that lead to Infrom Spence field to other destinations there at approximately four thirty PM the four boys were playing a game of hide and seek and grassy area of Spence field, and they thought it would be funny to hide and then sneak up and scare the adults in their group Douglas and the other two boys went south and then west little Dennis by himself headed for a spot to the northwest towards the Appalachian trail and into the force. Yeah. And he went into the forest, but his father saw where he went to hide. Literally a few minutes later, the boys jump out of the woods. You know, in an attempt to scare or startle the adult. Ha got, however, Dennis does not jump out of the woods. He does not appear, and he was nowhere to be seen very shortly. The after the adults would ask to mate ten minutes. So at approximately four forty pm, just a few minutes had passed without anyone spotting or hearing Dennis his father. Bill Martin was calling out to Dennis and looking for him. Obviously, Bill then followed the Appalachian trail west for about a mile before heading back and then he headed west again, this time all the way back to Russel field only to return a loan to Spence field, and there's no sign at all. Dennis, there was nothing of his. It was found during this quick search while the boys father was making his journey, the grandfather CLYDE made his way back down Anthony creek to cades cove roughly eight and a half miles and reached the ranger station shortly before eight thirty PM. This was to summon help. And at this point it began to rain very heavily with a very nasty storm. Well. Every parent will know, this is your worst nightmare. You can be in the grocery store and you turn in your child's not there, and it's like your heart sinks all the way to bottom of your gut well, and I want everybody to kind of picture this. Okay, because I think it's easy to work through this and I tried to find an exact time that they had left when they woke up that morning and took off on that..

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