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"dr carrie strong" Discussed on 860AM The Answer

"Beginning of the session, Trainers explained that white people have internalized a sense of racial superiority that made them unable to access their humanity, not making this up. More on this later on. Dr Carrie Strong regular guest in the Larry on a show is a seasoned gastroenterologist and associate Minutemen socially professor of medicine, and he's on the board of trustees at the American Society of Gastro. Intestinal endoscopy and on the board of trustees of Chicago Medical School. Please welcome back to the program. Dr Carey be strong, Doctor. How are you? I'm very fine, Mr Elder. Thank you. How are you? I don't know. I wanted to ask you what you thought of the governor re shutting down the state. Yeah, I heard the same thing You did. Look at it. The number of cases are going up. The deaths are going down. I think the concern is they don't want to run out of hospital space. Statistics are funny, Larry, They're very funny. I mean, It's just what are they gathering like, For instance, hospitals depends on the state. Some states. Reporting a lot of cases. Some are not. CDC doesn't require this. If that uniform everywhere. That's the problem. The number of cases are going up. Younger people are getting infected. Death rates are going down. I will tell you the death rates are dramatically going down. In the United States in May, like the middle of May 2400 deaths today. Now there's 212. But the cases are going up the cases they're going from 17,000 the same time to 67,000 What does that mean? More people being tested are not enough people being tested. It's very hard for me to determine what is going out with these stats because there's nothing uniforms and I don't know if they're measuring it in one or two days or they're measuring it in a week. I mean, it's It's very I mean, anyone who's dealt with mathematics. And statistics know that they may not be consistent across all state lines. So it's hard for me to interpret, I guess. Before assuming the cases are going up, which they probably are. And the concern is that the hospitals are going to run out of space. I suppose you have to shut it down like I told you before. You prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and it's a tough thing. It's a very tough read because I don't know if the numbers were getting are all consistent across all states. Hard for me to interpret. But the death rates are going down. The number is triple 8971 s a G Triple 89717243 If you like to ask Dr Carey be strong, the question Dr Strong. Speaking of the unreliability of the data before you came on, I played on excerpt from a newscast. Orlando Fox, local Fox News. And it turns out a bunch of labs in Florida were reporting 100% positivity every single sample that they that they examined. They tested positive for Corona virus. What are the odds? And so they investigated and one lab admitted that they screwed up and it went from 100% positivity to 9%. Now, that's a bit of a gap. Yes. So the national average is 9% positivity. When you're seeing a high positivity rate like that you're not doing enough testing or the test is inaccurate, so that simply can't be right. 9% of tests that are done in this country are positive, and I suspect as time goes on, because what we talked about before this herd immunity, it's going to go up. We sort of wanted to go up. We want people to get infected, not get sick and not die. That's what we want. That's basically our vaccination without an actual injection. That's a vaccination. So 9% is true across the country as pretty much consistent. Every state very California's anywhere from 6 to 10% states in New England or maybe 2% So it does vary, but I think across the country about 9% when someone's telling me they have 100% that is a false test, or there's just not enough tests being done. If you test one person, and they're positive, I guess that's 100% right. Larry gets so Carol is in Texas. Carol, you're on with Dr Cary be strong and Larry. Thank you very much for calling. Hi, Larry. Yes, Doctor. I have a question about so if you Had symptoms and he had to go the hospital and once you get in there, do you have any choice of what they treat us like, he said. I really want the hydroxide, Corcoran, zinc and Deepak, Or do they just throw whatever their protocols are at you? Well, I don't care. I don't think you're going. Where do you live? Texas, Texas, Texas. Yeah, I don't think you're going to be able to manage your own care of the hospital. Um Lookit there. There are two drugs out there. That seemed to be good now, which has some teeth behind it is hydro cortisone. Steroids. People that are on ventilators to get steroids tend to get up quicker. And the rent is severe. Seems to be a good one. The hydroxy clark Quinn. Um it is the data just is not behind it. Okay, Doctor Storm Dr. Strong meets my guess We're going to take a break. We come back more calls. Jesse.

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