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US hits 700,000 COVID deaths just as cases begin to fall

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US hits 700,000 COVID deaths just as cases begin to fall

"Signs of improvement amid a rising death toll from Kobe nineteen the US has reached a pandemic milestone more than seven hundred thousand deaths recorded nineteen death toll larger than the population of Boston it's news that's frustrating to public health leaders in medical professionals since vaccines have been available to eligible Americans for nearly six months but there's some good news the number of people hospitalized echo the nineteen has fallen down nationally to around seventy five thousand from over ninety three thousand in early September a new cases have dropped about a third over the past two and a half weeks Dr Caprio Neil with the lake regional Medical Center in baton Rouge said the rate of hospitalizations isn't decreasing as quickly as cases in the community because young people who catch the disease who are otherwise healthy you're living longer in the intensive care unit on ventilators the latest model from the university of Washington projects that new cases will bump up again in the fall and that about ninety thousand more Americans will die by January first I'm Jennifer king

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