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"dr brumbach hunter" Discussed on Dateline NBC

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"dr brumbach hunter" Discussed on Dateline NBC

"There is something about the openness of the Nebraska landscape that fosters a feeling of innocence of Simpler Safer Times in. May Two thousand thirteen a double homicide in the home of an Omaha. Dr Changed all of that. It was the second time in five years that a doctor from CREIGHTON. University's Pathology Department had apparently been targeted for murder in two thousand eight. The victims were Dr William Hunters. Eleven year old son Tom and his house cleaner surely Sherman. The latest victims were Dr Roger Brownback and his wife Mary and two Nineteen PM on the day. The brumbies were last known to be alive. Someone had tried to break into the home of a third creighton pathologist Dr Chanda Butuan and of course because of her position again or right back to Creighton University and specifically right back to the training program. We believe that that incident as well could be related. Somebody's going to war against the KRITON. Pathology Department would appear that way. Detective Derek Moist and his team had searched CRAYTON's personnel files will four after the murders in the hunter on. They'd found a fascinating person of interest. Dr Michael Blankie. But he had an alibi and it seemed the. Creighton connection was a dead end now. They looked again and this time they went further back in time and the second time around. From deep in the files of CREIGHTON's pathology department a new name emerged from back in two thousand one Dr Anthony Garcia he'd been a resident in the CREIGHTON pathology program ranked and was dismissed terminated because of unprofessional conduct toward another resident. Dr Brumbach Hunter. Beurre any of them involved in that all of them but his termination letter was signed specifically by Dr Hunter and Dr Brownback before arriving at Creighton it seemed Anthony. Garcia had been well on his way to achieving the American dream from a working class background in southern California. He'd finished medical school and embarked on what should have been a long and lucrative career but then for some reason his life began to be lit in large measure by the bridges burned along the way he'd been dismissed from other residency programs fired from some jobs and several states had denied him a medical license. It would appear that every time that Dr Garcia would apply for place of employment or licensure as a physician in another state Creighton University. Get notification of that because they would get a request to verify doctor. Garcia's time that he had spent their and Creighton would respond usually Dr Comeback or Dr Hotter. Yeah he was here. He was dismissed. He didn't do a good job right. And so that kept coming back to haunt Dr Garcia experience at Creighton. How many times that happened. I want to say at least seven or eight different times. The Moi's professional failure and the need for revenge could be a powerful motive. Now the detective needed to know if Garcia had the means to commit murder he knew Garcia. Now lived in Indiana. So the detective called the Indiana State Police. So in the Indiana state police came back that day and said we have records Dr Garcia purchasing specifically a Smith and Wesson St nine nine millimeter shortly before the Brownback murders. Well obviously that's very significant to us. The magazine you founded the brunt back home would fit a Smith and Wesson Sti. Yeah now he needed to know whether Anthony Garcia was in Omaha on Mother's Day. Two thousand thirteen with little to go on the detective decided to follow the money. I wanted to find out where he had active credit cards and or banking checking account and once again. The detective found an answer. A credit card issued to Anthony Garcia had been used twice in the Omaha area on Mother's Day. Two thousand thirteen. The first charge was at around twelve thirty PM at Casey's general store just outside Omaha. This is store video of Garcia. Buying Beer. The second was two hours later at a chicken. Join in West Omaha. Called who wingstop wingstop is about a mile from Dr Batra Zone. House able to get a receipt for that that showed it at two twenty six. Will I knew that Dr Beatriz alarm on her house had gone off at two nineteen and that was about a mile away from the restaurant. So you're thinking is he tries to get into the house he can't do it. Correct he leaves. Maybe knowing you set off the burglar alarm drives about a mile to this wing restaurant and he makes a purchase and we would come to find out that while he was sitting at that location he was searching for where. Dr Brownback reciting based on those factors. Investigators became convinced. Anthony Garcia. Was there man. You felt some urgency to arrest Dr Garcia quickly. Because we knew that he was a very real danger to anybody that he could have. Perceived had wronged him on some level and we also had learned through the search warrants by the Indiana state police shortly after he returned to Tara after the Brownback homicides that he had purchased another firearm another handgun in July. Two thousand thirteen. Investigators were ready to make their move. One Team of detectives sent to Indiana to arrest Anthony Garcia another flew to California to simultaneously. Search his parents. Oh it was all supposed to be a coordinated operation but on the morning of the plan to arrest the Indiana team suddenly discover their suspect had put them behind the eight ball. Man-hut they're going one hundred miles an hour. A doctor on the run would the man who eluded investigators for five years slip away again.

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