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Bench Schwartz, Director And Paul George discussed on The Starters

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Bench Schwartz, Director And Paul George discussed on The Starters

"You don't tune in to your my friends talk about their pickup league. Tune in. Dear me, talk about the sonic the hedgehog movie. This week. I saw the trailer was released, and I'll watch pretty much any trailers. So I watched the trailer. And here was my initial thoughts. Like, oh, that voice Miller. Oh, that's bench Schwartz. Ben Schwartz as the voice assigned the hedgehog. That's a great choice. Bench Schwartz is super funny. There's Jim is Dr botany chew up some scenery. Maybe it'll be funny. Maybe not I don't know. But sure great. And then I was left with the very strong feeling that this movie does not look very good. You can't be sure from a trailer, but more than that, this is a kids movie in some sense, people would say anything with a any kind of superhero video game. Stop movie is a kids movie. But this is a very much a kids movie. I looked at the end it said this film is not yet rated. But when it does I think you're gonna see a G or PG. Perhaps the Paul George thirteen. And that's where it ended for me. Like, this is a movie that I'm not ever gonna see but good for them. What did you think of the look of sonic the hedgehog while last night? Scrolling through Twitter in the late stage of this raptors game because I couldn't watch the old television. But I was too lazy to turn it off. And I saw. Some sort of headline that was like, sonic. The hedgehog director says they're going to be changing design sonic, and I was like, oh, that's so funny onion style headline. And I'm scrolling. And I see like a different headline. That says the same similar thing. I look at like. The what's going on? So then I have to put the phone down and go over the laptop. I. I can't I can't googling from iphone. And it turns. This is not a joke. This is real the director tweeted, the message is loud and clear, you aren't happy with the design, and you want changes it's going to happen. So basically people freaked out they didn't like the way sonic, the anime here. The other characters are real people is. Created by machine and. They weren't happy with the way look to my eyes. He looked friendlier then the sonic that people wanted one hundred percent disagree. You don't think? So because the more anthropomorphic people are saying he looked more like a human. Yeah. And the other way he looks more like a like an angry like man, I'm gonna go spin real like head truck. With spiky hair. But he looks you're right. The part that's creeping MIO. I guess a lot of people is the weird human quality look to the teeth. L'armee? Yeah. People are angry about the teeth.

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