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"dr bennetta" Discussed on The Bone 102.5

"Has yes either data you got fight hoppy without fighting i would either i would want to be embarrassed in front of thousands of people know your fight somebody i i mean i've had if it made sense we clearly rondos wanna fight round is not going fight i'll gave bugs guy i did put the offer other and he said on my offered i'm the only media personality in a country that has ever offered their number one hater five thousand dollars to five me and that guy triggering of five thousand two fighter beat you fight it's 25 to show up twenty if he wins and then people on social media wanna feel bad they to below five zero money while if you if you put five guerra gulf i have no idea what the like you have no idea what else am i i know from his mother from his arrest report he's at least six wanted easier younger than me so i don't know if he's all muscular i don't know if you wmal he's a gold gloves champion omona risk it and he he chicken out that's awesome well that's something on your behalf i mean they're not an easy thing you know me listen i i'm willing to go in there and put my anger verses keyboard tough guy and you've got some anger you know i can i beg dr bennetta utilize udl you will i don't care but i figured i don't i don't i'd never look at chumeiko while killy's guy amega church but if you have dedicated years of your life to china barish me and hate me be a man somebody said the about you fight mike how thelegal muslim worse as i asked augusta worst decision or whatever why for what has because you don't listen i know you're not target warped no i'm not trying to goodwill there and it'll be hard to really look at each other afterwards because one of us will ninety ninety right right we're gonna have a heart attack sniffer lit the thing is is that that the key thing.

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