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"dr gmail dot com" Discussed on WJR 760

"Doctor. Welcome back to the home and appliance show. We've got another 25 minutes yet to go. We're going until eight o'clock this morning. And then after that plenty of good programming on Newstalk 7 60 wjr and to tell us about it is our audio engineer for the home. Go. This is Danielle Mason. Okay, so right after the home in applying show, eat until 10. We have the rig, Gentlemen Shell, then from 10 am meant until noon. We have the inside outside guy. So that's what's happening. And Tommy Jr and this morning Thank you, Danielle. There's no reason to wait. We can help you this morning. If you call us right now. 808 590 w. J. R. That's why the appliance Dr Joe Gannon this year we're waiting for your call. 808 590957 as promised. We're heading to howl to help up with a dishwasher problem. This is Eric. And good morning to you, Eric. Thanks for calling. I'll May we help you? Morning, Joe. Hi, I've got Ah, um it's an older Maytag and dishwasher. At the racks are deteriorating and Costs as much to replace the dishwasher and the does to get new racks. So I was just wondering We've looked at the Bosch. We've looked at other Maytag's, but, um I see what the boss you have to use a rinse agent which my wife really doesn't want to have to do. And, uh, I was just wondering if You have any suggestions? As far as What type to go with. Well, I'm a Bosch guy through and through. And after fixing so many thousands of the dishwashers in my lifetime. I like the Bosch the thing about a Bosch. So remember this. Don't attempt to fix the boss dishwasher yourself unless you get directions from somebody who has worked on them. Who knows the product. They're made a little different harder to get to the components. But they're made with that German ingenuity. I call it and they're made like a tank. That's number one number two. I'm going back to your Maytag dishwasher with the racks that how bad are the racks are the eaten right through the prongs, sir. Yeah, Several of the prongs have broken off, and there are several other spots that look like they're going to soon. So, Yeah, I'm gonna give you directions that might save you the cost of a dishwasher. Number one. Find a Maytag dealer. In your area. And you you live in How all right, Right, Eric? Yeah, well, go to the computer. And find the phone number. For High gloss appliance. In Chelsea. Okay? Call and ask to speak to mark, Okay? There's three sons that own that business. Mark. Hey, Steve. And Matt. It has to speak to Mark. Tell him you were talking to me on the radio. Ask him if he will take in a Maytag dishwasher, and they've been a Maytag dealer for 100 years. The next time he takes in a Maytag dishwasher. Ask him. If he'll give you the racks out of the dishwasher. Really? Yeah, I know. But I own the business. One time I own the business. I was a Maytag dealer. Big time I used to have a back yard and I must have had 25 racks out of dishwashers. And we took you now, unlike on a trade in Had them piled in there in the backyard. You know how many friends I made with people who come in, and they needed Iraq and they didn't cost. Acted as much as they do now. Now it's sickening. Gather. I used to say that look golden through the fence in the backyard there. Pick up pick out Iraq to match yours. And take it on. Put it on. Now you owe me the rest of your business in the appliance world. I give him boy. And I made a lot of friends. That's why man, that's why I'm asking you to call Mark. He'll make a friend out of you if he follows my example. I say. Okay. Well, he might charge you $5 for the rack. That's fine. That's great. You try that. And Eric, I'd like to hear back from you and on Donald gives up my e mail at home here. I get them all week long, okay? Averaged 25 30 a week. I love him, but I want to hear back from you. Let me know how you made out, Please. I will. Thanks, Eric. I will. Thank you. Take care, You two happy New year. You do take care well of me to help out Eric, if I can by giving him hide loss, appliance number and 734. 47512 to 1. You know it by heart. Memorized it 1970 s so you just wanted to send him to his computer and do a Google search. Just a keep his fingers sharp. Yeah. So I might hear from good for you. Good for you. Let's give out your e mail address that you made reference to that. That's the first four letters of the plants, followed by the first four letters of Dr gmail dot com. That's a P P. L Depot ct at gmail dot com Going to Trenton. Now it's a question regarding the world pull dryer with jab. Good morning, John. Thanks for calling And how may we help you? Good morning. This is John and Jay Aaron, China on J. R. Yeah,.

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