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How to Share The Gospel with LGBTQIA+ | The Gospel Today

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How to Share The Gospel with LGBTQIA+ | The Gospel Today

"Welcome to the gospel today. My name is caleb suco and today we are going to be talking about how to share the gospel with lgbtq. I a. plus people from that community. And if you were able to catch the last podcast. I talked about a biblical foundation for understanding heterosexuality. So i'm not going to talk about so much about what the bible says about homosexuality or lgbt movement at all in this episode. i'm just going to focus on the gospel. How can we effectively share the gospel with members from algae plus community. And i was kind of long. But that's all the letters that they include in it because when it comes down to it our main objective and i'll say this again of this is not people to become power sexual or to leave their lgbtq lifestyle but our main goal is to bring them to god through. Jesus christ so that's what we really want to focus on. I do believe that those people who are caught up in this kind of kind of lifestyle it is a particular sin. I guess you could say and it has particular Barriers to the gospel in it that we must overcome do our best to overcome. And of course we know that in the end only the holy spirit can overcome. These things must trust in his work in the hearts of people. But let's let's get into it. Let's look at a couple of ways that we can effectively share the ospel with people from the lgbtq community. And first of all right away. I just want to say this. We need to remember as because i think as a heterosexual christian somebody's automatically assume were gins. Lgbtq people were not although we do believe as is essential but we need to remember that they are people to just like we are which means we are people than we are sinners and every center needs christ so the biggest need of every gay of every homosexual of every bisexual trans is simply is christ and i think it's important that we are able to put ourselves into that same position. That is our biggest need and that is their biggest need in not just look at their homosexual or gay lesbian lifestyle but look at them as a person like me like you who needs christ. So what does paul say. First corinthians one seventeen his for christ did not send me to baptize to preach the gospel not with wisdom and eloquence less the cross of christ emptied of its power. And i find this very interesting. That paul himself was so focused on his job of preaching the gospel. They even thought baptism wasn't wasn't really that important. As far as his goal of seen people come to christ his goal was to get them to put their faith in christ to have people repent and have their lives changed by faith in jesus christ and so we should have that same focus as we think about lgbtq movement as we think about how we can how we can help people who are caught up in that kind of movement. All right so first thing. That i think is important for us to remember here is that homosexual didn't really start. Lgbtq movement now sane seem surprising to you right homosexuals. Didn't really start this movement What do i mean by that. There's a great book that came out a couple of years ago by dr albert molar called. We can't be silent which is really focuses on the sexual revolution in the united states. Starting from about the nineteen sixties on and dr albert more in his book says this today's movement towards the total acceptance of homosexual behavior and relationships was only made possible because some heterosexuals i did their best to undermine marriage. I find that really sobering to think about. And i want to bring this point up as the first point because it goes along with what i mentioned about the fact that we're all centers right. We as heterosexuals also have a part in the sexual revolution. The fall of marriage and understanding a bit understanding of marriage. I think for large part united states and in the western world. We do because of sexual sins of unfaithfulness of divorce and things like that. I want to move on to another part of this quote. I wanna share with you from dr molar and a highly recommend that you get this book. I think gives a good foundation to the understanding of the sexual revolution especially as it is in the united states. I will put a link in the show notes for it so he goes on to say. Heterosexuals did a very good job of undermining marriage. Before the cultural culture forces begin advocating for the normalization of same sex relationships and the legalization of same sex marriage. The marriage crisis is a moral crisis. Did not start with same sex marriage so there it is from dr albert molar. And i think that it's important for us to admit that guilt because like i said it helps us to understand that we are centers. Were in the same sinful position in need of christ When we come the changes the way. I think we look at people in. Lgbtq community so unfortunately it was heterosexuals that lay that foundation for the sexual revolution. And once you get rid of the norms of a biblical understanding marriage really write anything. Can anything can go look what he says. Just a little bit further here. He says well. I didn't finish just quotes. Only finishes courses. The marriage crisis is a moral crisis. That did not start with same sex marriage nor will it end there. The logic of same sex marriage cannot end with same. Sex marriage wants marriage can mean anything other than heterosexual union. It can and must eventually mean everything and so. I think that's what we see. Even from the time this book was written a few years ago we see now that the cultural understanding has gone far beyond just homosexual marriage or union to trans issues to bisexual issues to pan sexual issues. And and what we understand is an unending new introductions all kinds of sexualities genders and and relationships so we need to remember our own guilt in this not put ourselves above others and just simply remember that we've all sinned romans. Three twenty three for we've all sinned in fall short of the glory of god fringe. We need to come back to this and this is really i think. Where the challenge is you see so often when we're sharing the gospel trying to think how can i get this. Unbelievable understand their sinfulness. What about us do we still really understand our own sinfulness. Do we come as a center to a sinner or more versus here. That is i timothy. One fifteen or pulses here is a trustworthy that deserves full acceptance. Jesus christ came into the world to save sinners of whom. I am the worst. So this is an amazing example of paul who we can look at as amazing spiritual man missionary preacher of the gospel miracle worker. But what was paul's understanding when it came to preaching the gospel. His understanding was that he was the worst of senators and that is how he preached the gospel the worst of sinners preaching to other people and so our own attitude towards our sin must be. I'm the worst and again. I think that's one thing that is often missing when we approach people from lgbtq community. Is it so often we as christians look at what your life is worse than my life or your sin is worse than my sin but we need to have the attitude of senators who've been saved by grace coming to them and share the gospel with them so speak to them as a sinner who found grace in jesus and not as a finger pointing preacher. Whose only remaining sin is being too long winded on sunday. Mornings typifies the attitude that we need to have simple humility when it comes to an audio honestly this is something we need preaching the gospel. Anyone right but i think in particular. It's important for preaching the gospel to people. Lgbtq community because there is such a cultural understanding that as christians were just kind of standing up on our podium pointing our fingers down on them and saying how terrible you are looking at me. Why don't you live like me. We don't want to do that. We're not going to avoid seeing that is it is a sim and we must confront as sin but we must confront as centers confronting sinners all right the next piece of advice. I think i would have when sharing the gospel with someone from the lgbt community simply. Don't avoid them and again as someone who has street christian mail it can feel awkward sometimes talking with people from lgbt community because it's sort of not the community that i'm often in but we can't avoid them. And i know there's a lot of questions that surround this. Like what do i say to them. How do i respond. I think sometimes there's fear involved. You know maybe they will. What do they try to influence my children and things like that. I have found that no matter who i share the gospel with whom i share the gospel. There's always some sort of risk involved in it whether it's just the risks losing relationship or or not knowing what to say or or greater and so it will wanna show the gospel. We have to be willing to take some of these risks and so we need to be able to communicate with them and to be with them in some way or another. And here's the thing it would think about. Lgbtq it's not. Some sort of special untouchable sin. Yes it is a sexual sin. But let's let's look at the bible friends. Look at all these sins that we find. Just in the book of genesis sexual says polygamy nakedness adultery homosexuality incest rape all within the first book of the bible. These are sexual sins are unfortunately very common. And they don't it doesn't mean the also this person who is outside of the realms of god's ability to save them or to change their hearts or anything like that we need to recognize. That is important for us to somehow contact with these people who want to share the gospel with them. Let's look at the example of jesus here luke. Chapter seven versus thirty seven thirty nine says a woman in that town who lived a simple life. Learn that jesus. Was eating of the pharisees house. So she came there with an alabaster alabaster jar of perfume as she stood behind him at his feet. Weeping it should begin to wet his feet with her tears then she wipe them with her hair kissed them and poured perfume on them when the pharisee who had invited him saw this he said to himself. If this man were profit he would know who is touching him and what kind of a woman she is that she is a sinner so jesus was condemned by this. Pharisee is religious leader because he was coming in contact with this center. Who was a senator that was involved in sexual sin but jesus allowed it. In fact i think jesus even welcomed it and he didn't put up some sort of walls of condemnation fact. Here's the here's the difference here because we can say jesus should've called her out on her sin. It was pretty obvious that when she came she was coming with some sort of repentant heart was pretty obvious that she understood the her sin was sin. And so i do believe that there is a difference. There are some there different kinds of people. There are some in the lgbtq movement who very blatantly live out their sexuality and their blood very blatantly oftentimes against god and honestly. There's often not much we can do with those types of people but there are people that are searching. There are people that have some conviction in their heart. That might come. That might ask a question and we need to be open to those people and not just immediately. Shut them down because we disagree with their sexual orientation okay so jesus allowed these people to come to him win. The felt some sort of guilt. Some sort of need some sort of prompting to to come to him so don't avoid them and the next thing is this. Don't try to fix their sexuality and again. I think we'll have to be careful. That'd be careful on saying this. But i think that when we share the gospel anyone. Our goal should never be to fix their particular sin problems. Okay so my goal is not to convert a homosexual into a hetero sexual. That's not what god has called me to do. Nowhere in the bible say that were called to go and preach the gospel of heterosexuality. Okay we're not called to do that or not called to to just help someone stop overeating or stop partaking in pornography or or just. Stop drinking alcohol or anything like that. That is not our job. God's job and our goal isn't just to fix someone's behavior problems but it is to turn them to cry so this is a interesting passenger. Second crinolines i think helps us to understand this. The transformation that takes place to the gospel. Second corinthians three sixteen three team but whenever anyone turns to the lord the veil is taken away now the lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the lord is. There is freedom and we all with unveiled faces contemplate. The lord's glory are being transformed into his image with every increasing glory which comes from the lord who is the spirit so what we see here. Is that those who do not put their faith in christ have avail- over their face. But what does it say here. It says anyone who turns to the lord. The video is taken away. Our job is simply to help. Direct that person towards lord to turn him to the lord it is god who will take that veil away and then what does it say wants that is taken away. Then they are being transformed into his image and i truly believe that someone who has sincerely put their faith in christ will experience a transformation from within and it will affect their understanding of their sexuality their understanding of other maybe sins that they are involved in so our job to turn them to the lord and i think that we need to keep that in mind as we share the gospel with them. Obviously it's not. Oftentimes homosexuality can be big barrier to them trained the lord because they realize that is against the gospel so it will come up okay but this is not a main job to fix it jobs to get them to see the lord put their faith in him to repent and god will do the rest all right. They'd understand that sin isn't limited to their sexual identity but rather their sexuality is just one of many manifestations of their sin nature. And we'll talk about that a little bit more as we look at their identity and so that brings us to the next point and that is we need to look at their whole identity see sexual identity. Gender choose woman did to be some third fourth fifth sixth gender. These are all questions of identity and so as someone who understands how got his created us understand. God has given us things so important that we look at individuals even unsaved individuals and we see their whole identity. The problem is that once we know a person is gay lesbian or trans or something else. Oftentimes that colors everything for us. And that's the only way in which we see them and we failed to see that they have normal maybe some aspects of their life. Maybe it has some other problems that don't come underneath that identity and it's important for us to look at their whole identity because god didn't just create them without one problem in their life. I mean he didn't create that problem. They chose that problem right. But god didn't just create them and that is the only thing about them right so even you can look at something positive right so i am a father. I am a father and that's part of my identity but that's not the only thing about me and so as we're sharing with him let's look at their whole identity because in reality the gospel is gonna change everything about them not their sexual identity right so it's important for us to look be able to look beyond that one sin in their life and see the person whom god made and again. Let's look at an example of this from john chapter eight. The woman caught in adult idolatry says and said to jesus teacher. This woman was caught in the act of adult adultery in the law in the law moses commanded a stone such women. Now what do you say okay. So obviously they were trying to get jesus trapped here right. They saw her. Sin the pharisees all. This they just saw okay. She is was found committing adultery. And that's all they saw. Jesus more jesus saw a person who needed forgiveness. And so what was jesus response here. Says and jesus straightened up and said women. Where are they has no condemned. You know one sir. She said the neither. Do i continue. Jesus declared now go and leave your life of sin. so jesus didn't condemn her. In fact he asked you know who has no sin. Throw the first stone. Nobody could and she's been condemned her. Because i think he saw that there was a sincere. There was a sincere need for forgiveness and that she understood that as a he forgive her. But what's interesting is that. Jesus also didn't ignore her sin so now like just sort of rushed offers sinn nothing. He didn't ignore the sin. He says go now and leave your life of sin so he gave her but he also instructed her to leave the sin if there was true repentance there and then she would leave this sin another example where we see is very similar thing is with zacchaeus and he sees a kia's luke chapter nineteen verses five through seven when jesus reached the spot he looked up and said has come down immediately. I must state your house. So when he came down at once he came down at once and welcomed him gladly. All the people saw this and begin to mutter. He has gone to be the guest of a center. Okay so again. The religious leaders. They called the kea center. That was all they saw in the keys. But jesus More jesus a man who is searching for his sin problem and again. Jesus didn't ignore the key assistant because we see later that zacchaeus decided to give back fourfold to everyone. He had stolen from so probably. There was some discussion about that. Sin as well in. Jesus interaction with ezekiel. But jesus saw more. Jesus a senator who was repentant who wanted forgiveness is so important that we see that as well and that we remember that they have the image of god in them. Let's go back to genesis. One twenty six. Then god said let us make mankind in our image and likeness. You see that's what it comes down to. We need to remember. These are also image bearers of god and his image bears of god they relationship with god but when we see them not just as a homosexual lesbian or something else but as an image bearer of god i think it helps us to be able to sympathize with their problem and to help them or point help point them to the solution of the problem all right but speaking of being made in the image of god i think it's also important for us not only for us to remember there in god's image their identity is more than just their lgbtq identity but also to help them understand that and that's important for us to do because really when you look at it people who identify themselves as lgbtq. They have identity crisis what they have. Let's look at romans. One twenty six and twenty seven here because assess something interesting it says they exchanged natural sexual relations for a natural ones whereas talking about these people who had denied god says earlier in verse twenty one for although they knew god then neither glorified him has gone. Give thanks to him. But they're thinking became futile in their foolish hearts were darkened. So what happens when our when we deny god god is the one who actually gives us our identity if it were made in his image and likeness our identity comes from him or did identity comes from our meeker as a win. I turn my back on. God my maker when i deny that is he who created me. Who made me then. I also have to deny dimity that my god given identity and so we see very clearly here romans what happened when they denied that identity. They exchanged natural that it would be god given sexual relations for unnatural ones win. People turn their back on god for a large part especially when that happens in a large societal movement. One of the first things to go is god given sexual biblical sexual relations. So what happens in society when we see this kind of denial. God i think that first of all we see. The god's love is often emphasized but his judgment is ignored. So when you take somebody who has claims to be part of the lgbtq movement and also claims to be christian we oftentimes they just focus on part of of who got his right. His love is emphasizes. Jasmine is ignored and then they lose their own identity right they lose understanding understand their sinfulness that they believe they're more or less good. They believe that god wants them to be happy. You see these are all problems in their understand who god is and who they are and then what happens if i believe that god is just love no judgment right if i believe that i'm more or less good. God wants me to be happy then if i'm not happy. Whose fault is it. It's the fault of other people. It's the fault. I'm not allowed to express my sexual identity and if i can live freely express my sexual identity. Then everything would be good. Unfortunately it's not so. Jesus met a young man. I think who had the same problem lou. Chapter eighteen says a certain ruler. Ask him good teacher. What must i do to inherit eternal life. Why do you call me good. She's answered no one is good except god alone. You see. he had lost this. Understanding of god's holiness in his sinfulness and jesus knew that he says that when he came to him and so. What's interesting is jesus in this particular instance. He didn't just confronting owning your center. Why are you saying that first of all. He used rhetorical question and then he told him a story. And i think that that helps us understand often how we can also produce homosexuals people. Lgbtq community the oftentimes it. It needs to be done in a wise way to help them. View their own sin problem and in god's holiness as well and again we we can also look back to genesis chapter three where we see sin coming into the world right and when god confronts that santa's interesting says in genesis eleven or three eleven and twelve and he said who told you that you were naked. Have you eaten from the tree. That i commanded you not to eat from the man said woman you put here with me. She gave me some fruit from the tree. And i ate at what happened. This is the age old thing. This is what we see in our culture today. Victim or senator see the problem. Is that many people who are caught up in lgbt lifestyle. They see themselves as victims rather than the senators and so we need a lot of wisdom. We need to help them. To see the jesus is the ultimate fulfillment of all their desires and the in him they will find their full identity and only in him they can find that full identity because homosexuality is just a surface scratching the surface of the problem. It is much deeper than that. And i think it's important to point them to jesus as a good shepherd as someone who yes upholds a righteous standard but also is is open and will and and wanting to give them forgiveness to love them and to bring them into into his flock and of course just a couple more things to end with here. We need to love them. I think so often. This is going to be done through relationships through faithful in self sacrificial love as christ loved us. It is through those kinds of compassionate relationships. People eventually will be open to listening to the gospel. And i think it's important that we pray for them and that we pray with them don't be afraid to pray with someone from lgbtq community. I think it's a powerful way to testify to the holy spirit. The power of the cross. And god's love for them and then finally just want to say this briefly and that is share the gospel with them at different times and in different ways. I think that's so important that we sometimes get caught up on just sharing the gospel one way. But if you look at how jesus showed. The gospel showed the gospel in many different ways. He never repeated himself. He never had sort of thing that he memorized. He said so fine. Different ways to share the gospel find different parts of their life. That need the gospel. Share the gospel with them often in many different ways. Well i i hope that some of these. Somebody's advice has been helpful for you. Y'all them let me know what you think. Maybe you have some team. You would like to add to this list. I will put my notes for this in shown out for you can go to them versus camera award to find them there and as always we appreciate your prayers support for rescuing praying any serve. Jesus prize responsible.

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