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"dpd daniels" Discussed on Slate's If Then

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"dpd daniels" Discussed on Slate's If Then

"I want to let you know that. This show was recorded late thursday morning about a fast moving news event. So it's possible that some things may have changed by the time you listen also there some bad words in this episode. So if you're listening with kids heads up. There were a lot of tweets a lot of posts in advance of this. There's a lot of online chatter on the part of people who took part in this. Were you expecting to see what we saw. I knew something terrible was going to happen when you had the president invite people to the capital to protest on. She's a law professor at the university of virginia who writes about online speech and privacy. He wasn't saying really. let's protest. He said come. We will take our country back and so it was very clear. He was inciting people who need very little incitement but even though this is what daniel studies and she knew the trump supporters were talking on social media about going to dc. She thought hey it'll be ok. Things won't get that bad and then wednesday turned violent. My kids one of them called me and said this is really bad. Mom what is going on scared. And i just said okay honey. I'm with you. That i sent off my tweet to jack to say. He's incited violence. Proof in the pudding. Like enough's enough. Take them off sweater. Lots of people tweeted jack. As in jack. Dorsey twitter's ceo. They tweeted him to complain about the company's policies especially when it comes to violence or harassment or president trump. But danielle is not just anybody. Twitter listens to her. She's been advising them for more than a decade and this week is quite clearly not just any week for the first time social media platforms are however briefly banning the president and his rhetoric today on the show why the platforms are finally acting. Why they didn't before. And whether it's just too late i'm lizzy leary and this is what next. Tvd a show about technology power and how the future will be determined. 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Dpd daniels relationship with twitter or started back in two thousand nine. If you don't remember what things were like on the platform back then well. They were a lot more personal. People tweeted about what they eat for lunch but the seeds of the big free speech fights and safety concerns. Were already there. It was back then. The danielle wrote a memo to some of the policy folks at twitter and talk with them about how to make the platform safer but at the time. Danielle says the company who was mostly interested in being impersonators or getting rid of copyright infringement all that started to change about five years ago when harassment got worse and politics got much more pointed and after the two thousand sixteen election. Jack brought a few of us together to talk about with him directly. About how can we save democracy and all of a sudden. I'm being listened to and what did he ask you then. Yeah he's thankful. I am really worried. What are you worried about. And what do we do. And so we talked about the different threat landscape. What are the factors. What are we worried about. Disinformation incitement of harassment dachshund seen we talked and took apart the different problems and we talked about possible ways to think of themselves and speech policies. My position was your site. Should see itself something of a public trust and you need to act like a public trust whether it's bbc. You're you're algorithms optimized for gay judgment that's got to change you can't be amplifying destructive wise it was like a beginning conversation And i felt hopeful but at that point daniel was part of a group called twitter's trust and safety council a mix of experts on everything from bullying to gun violence to human trafficking. They advise the company on best practices and how to make their platforms safer. I did feel like at some point in this presidency and four years. We stopped really needing trust and safety council. We stopped our in person meetings and since then it feels like we're a bit further away. That is the sort of tell us what they're doing and they don't seek our input before which is disappointing. used to be the reverse. Of course which was the whole point in iowa's worried that what seen in the last six months is a flooded. Disinformation that's led to dead bodies. Health information about masks. Lets people not wearing masks. He used the bully pulpit in ways that clearly we know has led to public health disasters and safety problems. Of course. twitter has made changes..

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