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"dove kleinman" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Being tweeted out earlier by Dove Kleinman, Who's a NFL reporter, he said, Uh, the Packers made a quote significant long term contract offer. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, according to Ian Rapoport. The two sides, however, are quote. Not in a good place, you know, also added that On the report by Mike Gara follow that Rogers has talked to several players about joining him somewhere else. Me of me, so he's easy's yes, other players that he's going, son. Look, I may do. All of the players have the same power that Aaron Rodgers has. I mean, if Aaron Rodgers again this to me is about is about communication. That's what it comes down to. We can talk about them, not spending enough of their draft currency on getting him or weapons. There was a really good study that went out yesterday or the other last week about where the top Wide receivers come from, And in fact, most good receivers come from the second round. And right, you're not the first draft dividing Adams is a good example. Johnny Nelson wasn't Jordy Nelson. A second or third round pick is well, The thing that I've always asked is like a lot of people go look at all the weapons that they've given Aaron Rodgers. They got him. Jordy Nelson, They gotta Brandel Cobb. They got him Davante Adams. They never spent a first round pick on all these. But my question is Is who is Greg? Go? Who is the other guy? Greg? Other guy where wide receiver a play for free man. Fred Jennings, like another example is Greg Jennings. Greg Jennings is Jordy Nelson. Jordy Nelson is Davante Adams Davante Adams If they don't go and play with Aaron Rodgers, that's a fair question. I think you're a gentleman Julian Andelman. If he doesn't play with Tom Brady, I think their careers they're definitely enhanced by playing with an all time great like Aaron Rodgers was that a feather in the cap for the Packers front office because they get Even those guys resent a feather in the cap for Aaron Rodgers because he took guys who probably would have went elsewhere and could have been Anthony Miller and the Miller was a second round pick Candy Miller's drafted by the Packers. Is he all the sudden? Living up to his expectations and potential point I think what you have to do is share that feather that you speak off again. I think this came down to communication and the lack of communication. Aaron wanted to be more in the loop on some of this stuff again on the outside Looking in if you offer a guy a significant contract extension. That to me is that dictates policy there. He's you're committing to him for a fairly good period of time. Otherwise you put yourself A very difficult spot from a contractor from a cap situation, so like the fact that they offered him a significant contract extension tells you that maybe it's too late. That this is too bad. He doesn't want to mend the fence. Well, so you get out. Wait him. You could. You could just be patient or you could do one of two things. You could just punt and say, Look, he's got a lot of value. We did draft the quarterback because we liked him. It's maybe a little earlier than we would have thought. But We got it. We got to strike down because we could still get a lot for him. Or you could play the hardball that a lot of people said. And and make call his bluff and make him go. What am I get retired? What am I doing? What my offers that? I mean, That's a That's an issue to me getting a good offer. I want Aaron Rodgers back in a green Bay uniformity find the front office. So what's your best be the best chance to win or you think there's a win here if you play hardball, and he doesn't show up to training camp Anyway? I think if he isn't the story if he doesn't show up, or he decides to quote on, quote, retire. He's got to pay back X number of millions of dollars. They're not going to release him to the point where he couldn't have you go take it that far. What? What are you winning? If you're the Packers You know what? You may have your pride. But what? What is that getting you that okay? Aaron Rodgers paid you back. But now You know you don't get anything for my straight. What's the trade trade value? I'm not training for 1/4 round pick. No, no. A couple first round picks now would be a different story. Remember, if you trade him to the Raiders, or you try even den. Denver's roster is Is not as bad as people think. Like I've heard a lot of people say, Well, what is Denver affair in Roger's goes there. They've got a urine Rogers. So they're pretty good. And I was sort of like the Bears with Russell Wilson and your previous question, Right? You're you're a team that competes for sure. So if you traded Aaron Rodgers, you probably getting what picks in the twenties, right? Probably so two first round picks in the twenties and a couple of other random mid ride. Listen, if that's the case, and I can't get this thing rectified, I make the deal, but I'm not trading him. What I'm trying to do. First and foremost, is trying to Who come together with him because he gives me the best chance to win. But if for whatever reason, we've reached a point of irreconcilable differences than you give me an offer like a couple of first rounders in a second, a third. Making the video. This is where you sucker Packer fans who bought stock this fake stock where you lose, like all these years of you guys bragging that..

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