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"douglas rocky" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

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"douglas rocky" Discussed on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani

"Oh you're on draw. She's gonna come in with their big hook. She's going to storm her and energy. She's gonna get dirty in that clinton and it's not going to be so easy to grow to slam rose. This is a this is the lady who's who's done so much great damage to a lot of people. This is gonna be tough one for valentine and she just made it. Look easy you know. So it's it is hard. It is hard as much as we respect. Learn murphy and you know but but that's that's the kind of stuff that fuels fighters right that jennifer. Maya was talking about her this way as well. Oh man i dunno. She's gonna have any sort of chance but she's the one who's done the best against her lately now. I don't know she did great against her and she might have went around or to. I'm not too sure. Jennifer maya but she came in there ready knowing that she's the underdog you know no pressure and laura murphy needs to have one of those buster douglas rocky moment right where you know. Everything's against her. Everyone is against their. She used that. If fire and and again i think you know fighting is ninety percent mental. Sometimes you know and and the will to want it and the will to win. And that's what she needs to really lean on and she really needs to try to bring that out of her into into listen to our conversation right now and just be excited to prove us wrong right you know and just you know. That's what she needs to do. And these things happen in them and may now and that's the beauty of our sport in every so often the person on top they lose it just it always happens. Actually it just happens. No you're absolutely right. You're absolutely right And then of course we got the main event featherweight title on the line. Alexander vulcan. Hausky taking on brian ortega. This is such an intriguing fight. Gill because you know coming into this. You know when when. Brian taylor lost max holloway. I thought okay. We're going to have to wait to see how. Brian can improve and grow from this and a few fights and he comes back in his next fight against the korean zombie and he looks totally. Reinvented as striking with so much better. He looked. I mean he just looks like a brand. New fighter was ridiculous. I was like shocked at how great he looked coming off of that loss which was pretty one sided. Fight with max holloway. And you look at alexander. Volkan oscar. This poor guy. He cannot seem to get the respect he deserves. I understand you beat a very popular fighter. Mac holly the first fight absolutely believe alexander one f. I gotta be honest. I scored her from exxon away And again it was a very close fight. But but this guys kind of living in the shadow of max holloway. Even though he's beaten twice you can argue whether or not. He beat him the second time. But max was such a popular such a favorite champion. This poor guy just doesn't seem to get the respect. He deserves it. You feel like he's gotta go out. In my opinion he's got to go out and really put it on. Brian ortega he cannot let this be a forty eight forty seven. He cannot let this be a split decision. I think alexander bulkin ski to define himself as federal way champion and kind of get the respect. He deserves. He's got to go out there and really take this fight to brian teigen. He's really got a win. This with in my opinion. that's so interesting. How you put it that way. Champion needs to take it to the challenger right where the challenge are usually needs to go out there and make a statement and take it from the champ but you are correct you know alexander broken out. He did win. The scorecard. Against max holloway right. He won the scorecards. But it's when you use the word beat everyone doesn't want to accept that now beat him up. You know in fact. I think he dropped you a couple of times in that last fight you know so. It's hard to say you won the fight. Yeah you want the scorecards. According to these reference to these officials who may have got it wrong right. That doesn't sit while with everybody and they have a good. They have a good debate. You know we. We agree on that right there But he does i in order to break through and get the the respect he deserves. He does need to make a statement but he doesn't. In my opinion. I think is important for him more important for him to win right. This is a guy you don't want to rush on and make a mistake because you feel pressured to make a statement right so yes you know you want your stock to go up. You want to be the entertaining fighter. Yes you want more money but this is a fight where you don't make any mistakes right. You don't make any mistakes. Even max. Holloway was a little bit conservative. Against frankie agar. Because he didn't wanna get taken down right he had to make sure he just picked them apart enough. I think he can let go more. But why risk take down. So i think we may see vulcanized. Who's a little passive who just relies on his striking and punches and keeping a close he finds. That's almost as style. But i think it might be the right approach for this fight and and against brian ortega guy who can just snag your neck abba guy who can just turn it around with the grappling. You know i. I don't know if it's this is the one where you have to really make that statement to make everyone happy before you really lock into. W i think brian ortega's showed so much improvement in a striking but then again not that he needs my advice but i feel like i think brian's biggest chance to win this fight as mixing things up a little bit make vulcan ski. Think about the takedown. Make him worry about the grappling. Because ortega is such a phenomenal graph. Were ridiculous. Submissions world-class jujitsu. We know that about him..

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