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"dougal president rutherford b hayes" Discussed on BrainStuff

"SMART is open open is smart. IBM is combining their industry expertise with the open source leadership of Red Hat. Let's unlock the world's potential essential. Let's put smart to work learn more at IBM dot. com slash red hat welcome to brainstorm a production of iheartmedia. Hey brain stuff lauren bogle Bam here over the years you've probably noticed the emblem emblazoned on the side of Air Force One. It's also attached to the podium from which the US President gives speeches and appears on official White House stationary and invitations a railroad locomotive painted to honor president didn't George H W Bush is decorated with it. It's the seal of the president of the United States of America the presidential seal look similar with slight differences to the great seal of the United States the official symbol. That's impressed upon official documents such as treaties and commissions the precise design of the presidential seal was detailed an executive order ninety-six forty-six issued in October of Nineteen forty-five by President Harry S Truman. It's specified that the seal depict an American Eagle that's holding ending an olive branch in its right Talon and a bundle of thirteen arrows to symbolize the original thirteen states and it's left while clutching in it's big a white scroll inscribed with the motto Eh Pluribus Unum Latin for out of many one behind and above the Eagle. There's a background of radiating glory depiction of rays rays of light crossed by an arc of thirteen cloud puffs below which there's a constellation of mullet sergeant which are five pointed compass stars that image is surrounded by a ring of white stars symbolizing the current fifty United States and around that another circle with lettering seal of the president of the United States though the presidential seals precise origins are unclear it was clearly inspired by the great seal that national symbol was adopted by the continental congress in in seventeen eighty two after secretary of the Continental Congress Charles Thompson merged ideas from several committees into a sketch that subsequently was modified by Herald Thomas the spartan that's according to the State Department's Nineteen seventy-six official history of the great seal written by Richard S Patterson and Richardson Dougal but at some point. US presidents decided that like the British monarch. They needed their own personal coat of arms as well. We spoke by email with Matthew Castello senior historian for the White House Historical Association. He said that the great seal quote was the official symbol of the United States federal government not the office of the Presidency Eh as such some president simply used the great seal while others thought that the president should have their own distinct seal. Castilla explains at least several throw presidents in the eighteen hundreds created their own seals incorporating. Whatever flourishes appeal to them James K polk for example used his own seal on the proclamation of war against against Mexico in eighteen forty six Millard fillmore came up with his own slightly different version which he sent to Maryland Postmaster engraver Edward Stabler to make in eighteen fifty Lincoln used a personalized seal as well. A presidential seal didn't actually appear on an invitation to an event until eighteen seventy seven Kevin according to Authors Patterson and Dougal President Rutherford B Hayes who was hosting a dinner honoring Russian Grand Duke Alexis Alexandrovich made the invites look fancier zero by placing them with a seal that featured an arc of clouds raise and stars between the Eagles wingtips but the Haze Eagle was thinner in scrawny than today's robust looking eagle and its head turned toward the bundle of arrows rather than toward the olive branch in Nineteen to President Theodore Roosevelt ordered yet another other presidential seal to be installed on the floor of the White House entrance hall. He commissioned a french-american Sculptor Philip Martigny to create a new one Martigny drew on the Hayes design fine but added a few changes including engraving the phrase the seal of the President of the United States in that circular border Truman who didn't like Martin. He's work had removed emplaced elsewhere in the White House during World War Two President Franklin Roosevelt who was fascinated with insignia asked experts to redesign the presidential seal they came up with the idea of adding ring of stars to represent. All the states and having Eagle Face the olive branches rather than the Arrows to emphasize the desire for peace rather rather than war that design was the one that Truman approved in nineteen forty five and it's been used ever since in nineteen fifty nine and nineteen sixty President Dwight Eisenhower and how updated it by adding stars for Alaska and Hawaii. Today's episode was written by Patrick Jake Jake Hydra and produced by Tyler Clang Breen stuff. It's production and I heart radio. How stuff works for more this and lots of other official topics that our home planet has stuff works dot com and for for more podcasts from iheartradio. 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