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"doug twice nash" Discussed on Book of Basketball 2.0

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"doug twice nash" Discussed on Book of Basketball 2.0

"Dirt's decade-long peak. DOC was a two to eleven. He averaged twenty four and a half points. Eight point eight rebounds and came really close to create an a ten year fifty forty ninety club whose forty eight thirty nine eighty nine for a decade I think we just talk about as offensive games really quick and you could see it really. Oh six was when he put together he could he could take the Dunkin Cagey guys and bring them out twenty five feet from the hoop and then go buy them or it could beat him off the dribble. If you put the Boeing Raja Bell type guys on 'em he could bring him down in either post them up or post them up at the Fallon and the thing he did especially he started doing no sex. He wasn't shooting. Well put backs free throws and just he would just figure figure out how to say those points. It did take a little longer like he was he. He showed glimpses of that stuff. You know six seven but in the play offs has la- bugged Doug Monroe six big time seven that warrior team with all your Jackson's your Al Harrington's like by the time eleven came around and this was another thing pays in. I would talk about all the time by eleven. He was a surgeon that was when he didn't have of the youth anymore but there was nothing you could throw at him that he didn't know how to counter at that point when he was different. If you if you want like oh six. Oh six San Antonio series I have to say that was the best series of his life even better than Oklahoma City but in the Miami series in the finals to me when I watch it back he looks rush like he's rushing has lem was bothering him like I do. I feel like he was later he was he was even better later later. I remember you know. Go seemed they play the clippers. Probably twice a year. Now go see him in person and somewhere two thousand ten two thousand eleven. It was like he kept refining that foul line that little step back shot were. He put his knee in in the guys balls and over the course of six years. He just kept perfecting and tweaking tweaking like a golf swing and then eleven it was like that's not stoppable anymore. If you would almost like you had to stop them before. He got the ball but once he got. The ball was unstoppable. You'd either sent a second guy at him or whatever but the the angle that he was able to create by bending back and then the way he shot the ball it was lockable and that was his. You know it's funny because I think it's one of the five greatest shots ever holger. Begged him for years. Let's learn let's the hook shot. He was like that's the missing piece. GimMe the hook shot. Let's let's get the hook shot and then nobody can touch you and he didn't mess with it now. I was never. There was always in Germany in the lab but he just said he never got to the point that he was comfortable doing in games so the though the one tim McMahon calls it the one legged step back whatever term you want to use that he just kind of invented when he got older and that and yeah and I think the biggest compliment name is. How many of the the durant Lebron's these got Kobe's guys all shot it after Kinda? He started it and so that is I think it's one of the five gray headshots. I think this Guy Hook is still the greatest shot of all time. Oh never be approached. That's the one I I can't understand why the hook shot is seen as easy well especially the away Korean data whereas hand was ten feet over the basket like you could. You could learn this in a couple we have like. If Dirk Nowitzki can't learn the hook shot that tells you something watching Kareem Kareem. How you just put it up and just flick? Yeah he would like hold it there. He is that's amazing. Shot the fourth thing you need to know about their Theo Theo. Six finals was an officiating. Travesty that robbed him of his in his prime celebration lap Even worse the so the big picture and I wrote about this at the time this was the NBA crossroads between this era where the League got away from itself. The late nineties nineties early two thousands where it's a just a lot of one on one hero ball and really physical and slow and just dump it down to somebody and everybody staying around and watch them versus the way the sons were playing in the mavs. They're trying to play and it was this crisis of style. I wrote before the two thousand six finals for your beloved. ESPN DOT COM CO workers. I can't believe I wrote this. This is actually kind of amazing so I wrote this before the finals. No team depends depends on the refs quite like the heat when the reps are calling all the bumps on shack and protecting wait on every drive. Their unstoppable when they're calling everything fairly. They're eminently eminently beatable and if they're not getting 'cause they're just about hopeless. I could see the refs swinging. Two Games at Miami's favor during the series possibly three three. In fact I'm already depressed about it in the series hasn't even started yet. I wrote that before the final that was the script they were using. I just can't I can't believe it. The officiating was horrific. It was horrific and to this day. I'm I'm just going to say that you're good. Buddy Eddie. Mark Cuban I. I still don't think he's over it because we were just we were just in Miami for for Novitsky last game in March and he made. I can't remember exactly what he said. But let's just whatever the comment was it made made it clear that he has not forgotten. Oh six but the mavs did it to themselves they did. I mean they still should have won that series. They you know that's like the king. Same thing he was self inflicted you also was not their fault but it was also funded I e just you can't you can't give them a total pass because they should've it was game was a game. I mean game. Three they were what was that they were up thirteen three. They choked. Yeah three he was about to be asleep. Here's what I wrote during the series. Nothing against Wade after all it is in his. His team sucks and he has to play this way. But seeing a an individual a triumph over team yet again would raise every positive outcome from the Oh six season basically the team with the Bronner Wade will in the next ten or twelve titles had never do there'd be together And it will come down to which made more 20-footers with two guys on him in which I got most cheap calls for the most spineless referees. That's not basketball. It's a star system system if Miami wins as well go back to box haircuts again so on and so on and I said I've made a Vince McMahon joke that was after after the COM. Cuban member had that blog. Maverick thing and he posted the link with the Headland Bill. Simmons's by new hero. And then he said I never have to say where it again bill. Simmons is one of the nineteen diehard says it all. It's nice to know there are people who pay attention. Thank you bill. After I just ripped the refs for four thousand words I agree with you. I don't think he's ever gotten over that final. I'm telling you I can't remember the exact words but we were just standing there and he just made some little comment that well what was after game five live when he went to court and yelled at Stern. Your League is rigged your is rigged. Wasn't that what he said. Yeah I mean it was so bad that that summer they he was. I'm selling the team. You know yeah it was. It was unreal that sucked but it turned out. Two thousand seven came around I just wanted to mention that fifteen. You need it's no dirk. beat the following guys. plasters Karl Malone. Kevin Garnett Rasheed Wallace Chris. Webber McGrady out together Doug Twice Nash. Koby Obi durant and Russell together and Lebron and Wade together now is in a eleven season. Run two thousand three was the great injury. What if if if this career and a really fascinating playoffs in general where San Antonio Wins Duncan was incredible But you also have Sacramento and Dallas their fans looking back on. faulk like douse Turcotte's hurt in the Western finals else. Webber got hurt around before the house gets by him. Circuits heard after three games or during game three and there's something wrong with his knee during game. Three Cuban wants to play them Dan Nelson says fuck. Now we're playing them. That's that was. That was the genesis of there. That was the the end for the two of them that was the Genesis Dirk is soft bird would've played. It's so interesting because I've asked I've asked her Kevin Durant thing again vaster twenty five times and he says now we made the right call. I wasn't ready so what was wrong. He had like a he it was you know He. He warmed up he he gave it a try and Cuban wanted to play him. The word was the doctors. Were okay within plan and Nelly just said. He's not plan Dan. He's our franchisees our future we're not risking it. He's not playing now Nelly who always took heat for. He's great as the underdog he's not good as the favourite a lot of people thought he doesn't want dirk to play because he wants the excuse if he doesn't win this series Cuban wanted him to play. Nellie you and it's amazing you know. Everyone thinks you know Cuban this you Nellie overruled him any let Nellie make the call but to this. I mean I've I've ah I've had no vaster ten times. He has never once said I should have played in that game. He'll say I felt it sitting on the bench. You know maybe I could have played seven but I don't think I could've come back unless we made the finals. He says it was the right call so I know someone's.

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