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"doug nabet" Discussed on Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

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"doug nabet" Discussed on Five(ish) Fangirls Podcast

"At this. There's no ordinary venue. Is it all it takes place in Bangkok Thailand and there's a line in there about how this how this has everything except for Yul, Brenner. The only thing missing is y'all parameter. Thank you very head. which apparently Yul Brenner Crown found that quite fun that he got named often. So because he passed away in like eighty, five, eighty, six something like that like he did the the last Broadway revival in eighty five in his last performance and that was like six weeks or something like that before he died of lung cancer. Wow Yeah. Yeah. He was a habitual smoker when he was younger and gave it up because it made him a better singer and performer. But the time that he did smoke unfortunately long-term he ended up getting diagnosed with lung cancer down the line I ended up killing him. In the eighties unfortunately. But But. Doug Nabet his role. And I love that movie it's just it's. It's him and. His interactions both with Anna and like his children lake. Anna for shows up and he presents all the parade of the royal children many standing there and you know one point he's got a set of twins that comes out and he just kind of raises two fingers like. Two of. In the king and I. It's such a fun. It is music is classic Rogers and Hammerstein. was very, very catchy tunes like getting to know year when yes having a a a school such. With the.

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