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"doug logan glenside" Discussed on KTLK 1130 AM

"From the top of the circle in the pond on and if it's not a lack of coverage it's a courageous turtle firstly there hiding behind these turnovers are they I mean seems so obvious Lewis is gonna be a tough one correct me if I'm wrong but if Jack laugh on teen is not on his game is already given up four goals this could easily be right now is not exactly easily yes and we're halfway the first two series going once again he I mean you can't have a veteran player a team captain give the puck away at the blue line like that on the soft grass holy cow we talked about a couple weeks ago Doug Logan Glenside more gone rest his soul they would be having fixed right now at the flood passes the offense of blue light turnovers my goodness in St eight forty eight to go in the period have thirty three shots on goal I was actually joking earlier when I said they're on track for longer either watch Johnny Sorenson of the gophers where along the wall to the right of the Minnesota now McMenamin full union with the helpful McEachern fourth line of all freshman is getting a lot of ice time for Penn state well fine make sure they're doing well well we got a four nothing lead me got a twenty shot on goal and a baseball player everybody I will mention again the fact that we haven't seen Tyler in any in awhile also mention the with I think we're in the second year now the NC double a rule that allows you to drop these are the recall election skater Minnesota's case for the most part this year it has been a seventh defenseman Robbie spot so he will see some regular duties as as seen spot duty all year they had given him some time out on the ice so it's not like they're gonna be short handed defensively they will be missing a co captain and one of their veterans of one of the.

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