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"doug holcomb" Discussed on Mere Mortals Unite

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"doug holcomb" Discussed on Mere Mortals Unite

"Hello listener i am so thrilled that you have chosen to spend your time with us on businesses that care as special series on the mere mortals unite podcast don't forget to subscribe to mere mortals he night anywhere you less than a podcast you'll never mess another great episode now businesses that care is a series that talks to leadership about ways in which they increase employee engagement and create a workplace environment where people want to come to work where so proud to now be a part of the cease week radio network where along with you we reach a half a million si sweet executives we always stride of bringing valuable ideas to boost your success and today's no different my guest is doug holcomb from greater bridge for transport and he's been working to improve employee interactions in an effort to improve their overall service because service is their product sound familiar the main goal was to provide training the increase trust as a gateway to improve interpersonal relationships within the agency and have that flow outward to their customers if this sounds something like you can use like do you have customers our clients i think there's something here field says stay tuned and stay with us boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom me movies united to probably presents this special series businesses the kid you will host julian solomon as such the globe for businesses would unique ideas about how they engage and inspire the workplace environment beach absurd is full ids you can easily implement so the youtube can be a business the keys are you ready than let's go b three two one well i wanna know i'll welcome dog all come for greater bridgeport transport done thank you very much for being with us.

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