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"Was found, and detectives are looking into whether the incidents are related. Today is the first day of the Republican Convention and we're hearing from AH, Western Washington native who is playing a big role call most Charlie Harder has the story. Jason Miller grew up in Edmonds and as senior advisor to the Trump campaign. He's in constant communication with the president. You'll be the one standing behind the TV director helping call the shots. He tells co Mo. This convention will have an optimistic tone but under a little bit of trouble last week and making it too much about job I personally the way Hillary Clinton for years. Previous several guest speakers will be on hand, and the president is expected to make appearances each night with a big speech Thursday. We have an hour long convention special each night through then, here on co Mo Charlie Harder, camo news. Turning now to new numbers in our States Corona virus outbreak, The state reports just 359 new confirmed. In cases of covert 19 that comes after roughly 1200. New cases were reported over the weekend. 12. More people have been hospitalized in the state reports for new deaths that puts the state death toll at 1867. Washington's first epicenter for Cove in 19 is now allowing visits with social distancing. Almost Ryan Harris has an update on life care center of Kirkland. People still can't give a hug to their spouses, parents or whomever they're visiting at life care, but they can use one of two outdoor spots for a visit with nothing between them. But 6 Ft of space. Deborah Trigueros husband, Doug Smith has been a life care for a couple of years, and his roommate was the first to die from Cove it but they're happy about this new situation for wonderful. This's what we get right now. This is what we get, and it's absolutely wonderful People having these visits have to be two weeks clear the Corona virus and they still have to wear masks and use hand sanitizer. They also have to make an appointment first. As for when they can have those hugs, the people that life care say that likely won't happen until the virus isn't a threat. Brian Harris camo news. Woman whose time is 9 30 for Let's take a traffic..

Jason Miller Charlie Harder president Hillary Clinton Washington Edmonds Brian Harris senior advisor Ryan Harris Doug Smith director Deborah Trigueros Kirkland
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Entrepreneur Stories for Inspiration: Millionaire Interviews

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"doug smith" Discussed on Entrepreneur Stories for Inspiration: Millionaire Interviews

"Like I would like be driving and I would look in the rear view mirror I would see my own expression. I was expressionless is the life was Kinda beat out of me? And then I went through a break up. I was in five relationships on their break. It was like. Two dozen I'm so glad that's over with. Though with your girlfriend, then now I had a boyfriend the time and that's another thing. So lifelong is like starting like in my teenage years I realized that uh-huh kind of attracted to that person that person and that's not what was expected of me by society or the church or anything like that, and so that's a battle I've had a fight ever since then is just my own sexuality identity, and put a label myself for not in which I don't really, but I always kinda hit the that kind of stuff in my business life, but now I've really reappointed my life for my. Broken, as far as I, don't really care if anybody has a negative opinion as long as I'm being like a good honest, ethical person am treating people right, and they may not like me for some other reason than I don't necessarily need them in my life, but honestly that's not been a problem. It really is not. Were you super religious or store I? Was In college a big time I was going to worship service like three times a week and I think it was because I was trying to kill the. Writer cows, fighting and his inner battle, right? Could imagine that's what I'm saying. It's like having to deal with that I guess maybe later businesses astor if it's like feels like two separate lives of what you're trying to figure out with your life. And author like outside that battle I was always wondering twin brother fighting this battle, but I was always too scared. Asking turns out. He was not items battle at all, and he's in very well with the ladies. That's good to hear what to have him on the next episode as a successful businesses well right now. Okay, yeah, maybe we can get is his name Doug Smith to now shred Swiss. Bring Smith threads parents very generic here, Doug, in frank, they were not the most creative. I can tell you that. I mean my real first name. Is John I know John Smith's. They just always called me Doug, and so that makes it easier at least. I am very pleased with Doug after learning. They'd could have just John so so we're up in the two thousand, eight, two, thousand nine, so this was kind of the lowest point of your life. You're saying yeah, actually was. The only good thing that I'm thinking of I mean I. Don't know how much you personally invested in real sake, because again your website wasn't actually you buying the real state. You're the transaction making money off of it right? So at least you didn't have your money tied up in a ton of assets that were a lot of people got screwed on now by Vesey mostly flipping, but I kept some rentals, and so those reynolds that I did have some of them lost half their value, because I would have been able to sell them to an. An fha buyer, but those fha loans went away during the crisis, but I just kept his reynolds until the market kind of came back and sold never really got taken to the cleaners. I'm a real estate deals I mean if they go in half, right that's too, but it sounds like most your money was coming from a different source, other than just buying and flipping..

Doug Smith John Smith fha Doug John I reynolds Writer John frank
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Entrepreneur Stories for Inspiration: Millionaire Interviews

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"doug smith" Discussed on Entrepreneur Stories for Inspiration: Millionaire Interviews

"She tells you how to write from books. That was a really good one. The author incubator was episode eighty nine y'all that was really good, and then you had Joel Comm on the Big Fan of his I listened to his bitcoin. Add crypto podcasts. He's great. Ninety in case anyone's wondering episode. Ninety I've really enjoyed the episode with the contractors who changed their pricing to be something like silver, gold and platinum. That was awesome. It was very entertaining. Was it like a family one? Yes, it was the dad and his daughter guess. Those episode one sixty one. Yeah, they've all been good, but those are three. That really stood out to me. Okay. Cool, and if anyone's wondering, I've just searching my page and I'm like I already know all right. When you say I can look so we didn't plan. In case. Anyone's wondering it might have sounded like it, but we did not promise, so you said You name's Doug Smith, and so, what do you do? And how do you make money? Oh my goodness oil. Oil Starting at about age twenty two, I, decided that making money was symphorien thing in life because I realized that people were miserable in their jobs and I didn't want to end up. Being one of them saw it started brainstorming how to do that. And at the time, real estate investing was really hot and so I read books like Rich Dad Poor, dad. Dad is one of them. There's another cool book thinking grow rich as an Oldie, but Goodie at decided that real estate was my fastest way to become financially independent so i. started flipping houses almost went broke within six months of doing that, so it's not as easy as they put it out there right? So did that for awhile and you said that for. For a while so you take twenty two years old. What year literally was the two thousand and two all right, so yeah I think everyone is a three all right, so you did that coming right out of college. Yes, out of college! I moved to Houston Work for Exxon Mobil as software developer because I was a management information systems major in college, but I kinda through that career at the window..

Joel Comm Exxon Mobil Doug Smith Houston software developer
Seattle: Temporary fix coming for Monroe residents isolated by landslide

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Seattle: Temporary fix coming for Monroe residents isolated by landslide

"A a landslide landslide wiped wiped out out the the only only road road to to their their Amman Amman row row neighborhood neighborhood residents residents say say they they now now have have the the green green light light to to access access an an old old logging logging road road until until that that happens happens but but after after Walker Walker rely rely on on ATVs ATVs our our bikes bikes to to get get in in and and out out because Michelle Esteban learn while the logging road is a go there's one thing in the way lots of tall pine trees that would have to be clear to the job experts only could take at least two months they also learn they have to do do maintenance maintenance without without logging logging road road before before could could even even handle handle traffic's traffic's of of nothing nothing happening happening fast fast here here it's it's been been nearly nearly two two weeks weeks since since heavy heavy rains rains brought brought down down part part of of their their main main road road limiting limiting it it to to just just eighteen eighteen vehicles vehicles quads quads for for people people walking walking because because it's it's a a private private road road property property owners owners like like Doug Doug Smith Smith and and been been out out here here every every day day doing doing the the work work to to keep keep it it from from sliding sliding even more we'll have to get get the road short hills shored up and rebuild the road meeting to get our temporary road behind the old ways S. or slide residents say they are waiting on bid for that temporary road and the name robin actually thought to be about a million Bucks to repair it reports now coming in much higher Michelle Esteban's in the moral

Walker Walker Michelle Esteban Doug Doug Smith Smith Robin Amman Amman
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"Career and that worked in that era. But like if someone does does if you donate bar Ghazi special was great. But like he's got to do another one. It's changed never stops plus things I ah. You've got a thousand kids to take care and so you know. Yeah you made thirty million dollars but you know your bills are probably twenty nine. So you didn't really you live in New New York. Yeah and you five children five children. I mean you have to make a billion dollars Jim Right. I mean and I can't imagine two and a half times that I it's it's it's pretty insane. How old are your kids? Four and two it gets worse. I can imagine I'll tell you how it gets worse when you have two kids when you have three more you lunatic. I mean crazy. It's insane drowning vacation. You put them all in the plane and fly somewhere together. I mean that's insane but that's also what's the goal here. Jimmy like farming or are you are you are are they. You're out sourcing your work to them. How many no I love You know it goes back to where I was like I realized I was array. Thought I was just going to be the weird uncle that lived. NFL `they apartment is that it is the creative fulfillment. Jerry mean it's like don't you feel like there's always this balance between other people's expectations or your ego and what you really wanted to do. Hell yes have you guys have success. Yes you have a good life but then there's always people what else. What else can't get distracted by that right? You have to be focused on what is kind of rewarding to you and so for me. It's like riding standup and movies. There's no money in movies. I literally lose money. And so. But it's it's creatively rewarding and I really do enjoy playing these different different characters but That's why I love stand up. It's like you you're right You know every year so you come up with a new hour of material. It's incredibly rewarding. I mean the audience likes but it's like a person you're creating something and I mean One of the reviews from American dreamer ever was putting you up there with marriage story Adam driver and I mean so you you know you're doing it doing the movie thing pretty damn well too so An incredible career in both fields. And it's amazing that you came through here so go check out troops zero on Amazon January seventeenth and obviously all of his special. It made me cry. I cry a lot about he. Probably how big crowd. That big of an honor. I went through a phase finally last year. I was like crying and commercials but I'm out of that phase gone through menopause. What by the way? There's a lid for every pot. I think Jim Gavin is pretty sexy to a lot of people still. Don't sell yourself short. Okay that's very nice so we just we just found out that Fountain Soda. Machines costs two hundred fifty dollars. But then maybe it's like the ingredients and I can't cost that much. Yeah I I'm looking at. It seems like pretty but I guess you know the problem. GotTa be getting like the Syrup sent to you. Because I feel like coke wouldn't like because then you can like I I don't like bootleg coke. So how do I get access to that. If you're not like a McDonald's Franchisee that's the real problem. Yeah look a little more if we can get one here is just Korea. Absolutely even if it doesn't have all the special you know what I mean. Don't have to be perfect. But yeah seventy five bucks for a box which the boxes. And it's like Coca Cola Syrup Rep or something or just like sodas sprite by it right now. Going Valdo go Jim. Gaffe again was an absolute delight and I just want. He's my hero. Like I WANNA be him now like I I I was so blown away by how Like I would have guessed these. It's such a family. Man Seems so old school very openly as like. I'm not sexy. Or whatever I would not have guessed that. He's as like progressively thinking about his career as he is where he's like the fact that he he was like I'm not doing much talk about the fact that he's on Tick Tock like and he was like you know that that line about everyone how everyone's house in Hollywood is an house major mice that's melting so build your next one like if I'm him thirty million dollars last year and I'm I'm good. You know the fact that he's still on his grind. It just goes to show that to be that successful. You have to have another dear where you just always go go. Yeah I actually I regretted I kick myself all night I said like. Do you think I'm too old or too successful to do something I didn't mean to say too. I I like getting my own head about interviews a lot and even I like I meant to be. I wouldn't establish call them all I would. I I usually would notice Otis have you. I would've been like oh I didn't even notice that one. I just feel that I've kind of started in that. Larry David it was like like talking about how he's you know he's he he loves. When you come out of any buses balls please also sensitive yes? Yeah yeah and it was like the things that would casin improv indices would be like someone called Areola you old fucking asshole. He said to him okay with it now but at the time we just looked was KRYPTONITE. Piss off how would you would only be like guests seventy five. Yeah he's look that way for a awhile so I could see he looks like yeah. Yeah yeah so I can see that definitely cutting I just the him the my biggest takeaway from Jimmy African was when we were discussing that he made thirty million dollars a year and you could tell he was a little uncomfortable about that number being out there because it was up to him to put it out there and I think both of us struggle with definitely even taking a compliment but like putting our own out there being like we fucking got this many downloads sold this mantra as many tickets and as uncomfortable uncomfortable as it is and I feel like I'm worried about people thinking I'm arrogant or whatever it's important to do it sometimes because if you're the what's the old like the old Corny ads you know if you don't believe in yourself you don't like your own material like why would someone else. That's I think one of the first times I can really getting in trouble with my mom voting and I was talking about how if I ever ran for political office. I wouldn't vote for myself which is probably a pretty strong foreshadowing. Ish In writing was on a long time ago. And you're the only person you know who vote for you. If you can't even convince yourself to vote how are you gonNa have been someone else but yeah it's true it's like you got to 'cause you know no one else's worry thinking about how much money you're making if you got to like you know money's a little bit different. I don't WanNa be in our you know what I'm talking about what you're making but you have to let people know when you're fucking killing it in order to like get the get to that next. Step whatever it's such a fine line I don't know how I I would do it but it's just a reminder that if I ever have a chance to put Thirty million dollars out there. The dodgers talking Doug Smith to wrap up today's monster episode like I said said all episode long one of the best stories you've ever heard and kind of a this is a dynamic because the story is pretty dark and pretty scary yet. He's laughing and smiling and he said the best thing that's ever happened all right away his all time tale from Doug Smith. Let's wrap it up today. See guys next week. Keeps you ready all right Kabc Radio Doug Smith in the building a Funding New York City comedian. He's got a comedy album out. Now we push through what's going on human. He's read me appreciate it We were just talking about Some of the New York City lifestyle home with people around big city. I mean when you're I feel like if you're a New Yorker occur there is just like material all around you at all times. Yeah Yeah I feel like I'm getting less now because I got a car a couple months ago and I drive drive everywhere. Some kind of Fox. I took the train today. It was almost like a novelty of like this. Nice Little Snooze Ah Allen Park slope and you drive everywhere. Yeah yeah I mean because a little bit Walker for thirteen years you make bank. No Don Walking uh-huh profession thirteen years ago. Yeah you must have been like. Oh Gee though Jesus now. They're one of those guys walking twenty at a time making tons of cattle dog. Walk back that I made it thirteen years. That getting fired or sued is amazing. So that that's like I mean I don't have a dog in the the US Akita. Everyone's house usually a prison warden. You just got a big change isn't it is. It is kind of a weird thing. It's it's almost similar to uber where it's like. Yeah I'll just get in the car with a stranger ranger and it'll go fine. Sure I'll pay this person to be able to get into my house rights. More Shit doesn't happen. Yeah we're like we're like what about you just kidnapped dogs just like you know I'm going to sell this dog on the Black Market GonNa come on your dogs and become much. Could you make doing that. You can make more Robert in the House I had. Yeah it's more just you know just little little things you get away with like taking naps or taking food out of the fridge or three. I leave their pants on your head every every gets you through the day I wanted you charge ESCA is I think I started out like fifteen dollars for half power walk and then by the time was done it was like twenty two for half. It'd be like this is fucking too much to do here. You know right but the amount of clients that I had eh that would give me. That would leave a key for me with the doorman without having ever met me or like. Yes no betty level strong being you know yeah. Yeah I always think about that even with like we have like League not made cleaner comes to the house like once a month or whatever it is and every time I leave him like you can do at this time. The one guy every time and I'm like I don't know I just feel you're GonNa rob well if you're smart leaving you alone in my house you'd be if will not to run if you're smart and subtle. It's like when you bring a close to like the laundromat and they steal one shirt at a time. Well they didn't really rob me. It's like they're just slowly robin you smart about it. You could get away with it for thirteen years. Doug crazy we have we have a cleaning lady too and my wife's wedding ring ring. She put it in a in a in the in the jewelry box in her drawer and for like two months it was gone and she thought she was like the she. She thought the cleaning lady stolen but she wasn't sure she was like. Maybe I left it somewhere. So you want to confront her on her confront her on the ring like the rock like the just the wind and then two months later it was back in the fucking box swallowed borrowed for a bit. I don't know crazy though. That's I think that's yeah. Did she ever like turn up the heat and like you know maybe like insinuates to made and she never gone and they come back..

Doug Smith Jimmy African New York City Jim Right New New York Ghazi Jim Gavin menopause Adam Coca Cola Syrup Larry David Korea NFL Jerry dodgers Amazon McDonald rob KRYPTONITE
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"Let's talk to the legend. Jim Gaffe again all right. We got the legendary Jim Gaffe again in studio we. We appreciate you coming through. You are really are legend year. All timer so Away that's all right where its troops. Zeros rose we're blowing. It comes out January seventeenth on Amazon and I cried watching today that you know what. You're not the first person to say really well. Then I cried out work. Ah this place of work right. We'll be belittled for crying and I was still at my desk weeping. That's I tell you I think saying that at Barstool takes a lot more bravery than people they. Oh I assure you I. It's doing anything to better yourself really. I've said that like self help. Hope you have emotions you care about yourself. WHO's at this office? I hide when I take my multivitamin every duck under my desk and like I'd be really. Does someone have a joint. But I'm going to hang multi. This is my flintstone over here. But listen that I mean there's some heartfelt stuff in that movie and that final scene without spoiling if anyone is certainly emotional and it's you know your first couple forays into the world of movies seems to be going. Well our thanks Yeah No. It's I mean. Lina acting is so fun. It's just impossible to figure out how to get the jobs I'm spoiled. You know. Stand up you come up with an the idea you can do it on stage that night in and you you know you'd like to be considered you kinda prove that you're good partner and stuff like that but you gotta be the right person for the right role now. Would you say that you because when you first moved to New York you were taking acting classes. was that before Santa for after standup it was it was before I was just going to act so was stand up the one that hit. I wanted to be an active standard. Just happened to hit I. I would say technically you. I mean I don't know some people don't think commercials are real. But I I made my living as a commercial actor and I had some Sitcom shows before. Stand up really took off so like when I had my first comedy special on comedy central The USA Today listed me. Me As sitcom actor really good does stand up but I had been doing stand up for. That's funny yeah teen years at that point so the stand stand up you know obviously takes off and we. We've had the honor of talking to several Comedians who I think are great with Nape argosy and Brian Regan and Jeff Foxworthy who are quote unquote clean comics. Like everybody each of them kind of had their own different reason for why they did it and it sounds like you you used to let it fly and then decided sided to take that out of your act. I mean some of there's there's a bunch of reasons but some of it was you know in the I I would say the big picture is authenticity. You know it's not to say I don't curse in everyday life but I also am from a small town in Indiana where if if you were cursing on stage it would be kind of like. Why are you doing here? I mean like. Did you stub your toe. The practical reason I started voted doing These sets these multiple sets on Conan O'Brien and Letterman and you couldn't curse on TV. I like how you correct. Added O'Brien as if it could have been a different bar barry it you couldn't curse so like I would look at my material and I'd have to like I didn't curse that much. I wasn't like super filthy but like there were network standards and removing the curse. Words made me realize that I was Kinda not done with a joke anyway. Like like a crutch. Yeah Yeah So. It wasn't like a huge crush and I do think that and I'm sure nate and Brian would say some of my favorite comedians are healthy. And that's it's where it goes back to authenticity. That's as long as you. You know if you don't curse don't curse don't force it but I don't WanNa hear Chris Rock or Lewis Black not curse I wanna hear them curse right and and also it's like what kind of works for you like I'm you know I you you know I. I have anger but like if I'm angry on sage it's not as funny as like went. Say Lewis Black reinstate. Do you think you're drawn to them. Because of the difference like pro sports a lot. They'll be like I don't like baseball. I watch football because I do all day. That my lane. Do you think like I'm a clean comic. I like to see someone really go off. Oh I don't know yeah. I think it's you know when you've done stand up you do it for ten in years you consume so much of it that I would say. Nate and Brian are two of my favorites. But some of it is. I don't think it has so much to do with the cursing at has to do with the individual kind of point of view like I think Brian's point of view and and nates eight and David tells point of view is very unique and some of it as May because I know these people that I can appreciate it more but it doesn't matter if it's cursing or I mean I you know I find it very interesting to watch someone like carrot top. You know I mean. I think it's like you know like we go through. Who like this purity test of what is what is art or what has its own long enough and you're like it's just about whether it's funny or not yeah? It doesn't matter if you say fuck or not I. It's just make people laugh. That kinda reminds me of a story I think he was. I forget if I'm getting into the wrong but I believe it was andy. Sandberg and Bill Hater we're both in an elevator up to their. SNL Auditions and Sandberg had a ton of props and hater had none and in haters head. He's like Oh shit. Was I supposed to have props ops. Does this is going to be disastrous for me. In Sandberg said he doesn't even know what the Hell Am. I doing both workout. You're right yeah. Yeah and it is. It's such journey and also it changes to you know it's I was just watching. I had my kids what this makes me sound like. I'm forcing them for unspecified. Reason I had my kids watch like my first TV. Laugh at daddy sitting down the learning for something. Yeah and my voice was different so like I like your voice. Listen listen very important. I mean obviously like talking voice. It's you guys. Listen to like an early. How long have you guys been doing this years? Eight years so like if you listen to when you guys I did it you sound different. There's going to be a comfort that develops do that is just different and I think Well for me. It's like I probably been doing standup five years at that point and I did. I was like the energy that when you finally hit that groove of the voice and the and the high pitch in the pocket stuff. That's how intentional channel is that. How much did you realize the crowd respond to that? I'm going to work that in or that was just kind of you know it's like it's so brilliant. It's so simple but it's so funny and brilliant. I just St No. I tried forever to figure it out and I struggled with a lot of frustration. Kind of when I let go and I'm like all right. It's not gonNA. I was the last one of my group of friends to get a late night. Show I was too. I never got the Montreal Comedy Festival. All these things and when I kind of an idol out of anger about it and when I finally decided all right I guess. I'm just going to be the weird uncle who lives in a dirty apartment in New York. Share you go after. That's unbelievable I. I mean to to think that the last and I'm sure you know it was like hyper drive after that and yeah it's it's weird because I'm definitely somebody who I always feel like. I try harder than anyone but like there's some things you can't control well there's a lot of things you can't well I mean I. I did read an article that said from Forbes which is always a good sign when you're in Forbes saying you made thirty million dollars betting on yourself so I think it works. You paid off. Yeah no I mean those Forbes numbers are never exact but it's probably more like fifty or sixty but no it's weird because it's it's weird because like the Forbes thing is strange because in a way You know if you know me you'd be like I can't believe he whatever 'cause you can like intentionally say I know I made one right now you can you know or I made nothing but the thing is is also this. This is a business and there's nothing flashy about me. There's nothing sexy about Jim Gaffe again. So it's like one of those things where I don't I don't like being on the list but I also you need people wanNA show. I've been successful. So it's a strange thing you don't Wanna come across his bragging. Hang our feeds itself. You know so you have to like so someone's like odors like the entertainment industry is very much. You have to show me exactly what you do is really risk averse so like your show very successful. You can't go into a room if you guys didn't have your track track record and saying hey we're going to be really successful. They'd be like Siri are but now at this point you guys can go. These are numbers. This is what we do. Do you have to show that. That's the connor reminds me. You're saying it kind of reminds me of One of the lines. You had one of the articles we read where you said The entertainment industry is an ice house. Also about how things are different. Now do you like that. Scares you everything. He won't take it for into it. Are you on talk are you. Is there a part won. Tek Talk but I don't know how it works right like the you said you'll see anyone tries harder or you do do try hard. Yeah and so. They're not like I'm too old. I'm too successful for that. I'm on that too. No no I believe it's all fleeting and I also I mean I you know I it totally nerd out but I think it's please no I you know I think that culturally we change every decade and I think our sense sense of humor changes and you have to always be responding and and Shows that were super like friends and Seinfeld Bay transcend and they carry on but like there were number one shows that people are not interested in and so you have to constantly be improving and and when I said like the ice houses is that you know you can have status. But it's not a foregone conclusion so like when I started stand up or even when I was halfway through doing stand up for twelve years like the the notion was you do one special one comedy special like Dennis Leary did a comedy special that changed his.

Brian Regan Jim Gaffe Forbes Sandberg New York nate Conan O'Brien Lewis Black Amazon Lina Indiana baseball Dennis Leary partner The USA Today Nape argosy Seinfeld Bay Chris Rock SNL connor
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"Her So I've been dating my girlfriend for a little under two years and when we first started dating very adamant about not sharing in my location with her on my phone I just told her that It's not something that I wanNA do. I'm not like I don't like anyone really knowing where I am when I don't want him to know where I am that she was cool about that and I think one night we got drunk. I tried to send her my location and it ended up sharing my location with her anyway So now she just has my location all the time and I know she would freak out if I just stop sharing it with really wasn't wife. Stop sharing it with me and become like a little bit of an issue like when I'm out somewhere that I don't want her to know him out because I don't WanNa hang out or anything or WANNA go like violent. We'd and don't want her now. Go to buy hi. We'd like Chica basically look up where I am whenever I am and show called me out on it so wrong for like not wanting her to know where I am no a fight about for where I was saying house weird that she just looks at this time that she was so brain wise. Just ask the question. This is not natural and it has nothing to do with. Doesn't mean you're hiding something you're cheating you're a bad person. It is not normal and natural to have someone staring at your whereabouts and knowing your every move everywhere you go and girls are so fucking stupid and short-sighted with this shit. They're so obsessed with snooping being in knowing that they they think they want us. You know what I mean. This goes by like yes. I've got it now. He can't go and like it's GonNa ruin relationship. You want this boy in this guy in your life and you want them so much so that you're going to ruin it he's GonNa resent you and you're gonNA break up just like think about all the shit that you know like back when divorce four straight was low and back when families were happy and all that shit well it was because they use hit their wives and they would just stay in line or whatever. Forget about that you bring up the D. Word Punch. That's that's why but like all right down downtown was held captive. We loved it. Ain't nobody Rogoff treadle folks. There was a very funny On the degenerates Adrian Pucci Amanda Lucci. Shit what's her name but she she. She does a very funny bid about like being in a feminist but not really and she was like. Yeah I mean back in the day you just like all. That was just not getting hit. That was that was all feminist was. Just don't me but For I this is literally tracking you with your. GPS like that was something they never at like. Old Couples never had to worry about but even down to dislike the text messages. Like where are you when when you gonNA be home. What are you going to be? What are you doing like? They couldn't even do that. It was just like maybe a call from a pay phone but otherwise I'll be home when I fucking get home and that's it you know it's like it's a literal ball and chain now. It's a figurative as a technological ball and chain. It's like you know everything at all times. Where who what when where? Why at all times? And if you don't know you keep asking you know who you're blaming around people though the blame guys for this for allowing you gotta blame in Nokia Okay. Women find it. Normal to have trackers on people have all their friends right because we rape girls yes. Yeah Yeah it's it's really made are bad here if we have a theme that Hey Megan. If we didn't really rape and beat and kidnap women I mean like like every girl I know has all of their friends tracks right so it's not crazy to be like well. You're my friend now like I'm six swan good twenty thirty and like I'm okay. No one is choosing attack me. Yeah it's it's like it's not just I look like a risk I'm not but I look like one I have. I have the body of a risk so you don't don't need my tracker good. I'm going to get home okay. No one's GonNa fucking attack me. I'm br pointing to attack you. Because you're the fight. We we got a Doug Smith Smith on the show we have a story about him Breaking up a rape and and we were talking about what we would do in that in that situation. I think now if I ever encounter honor it a rapist go to like. Hey Buddy you're making my relationship really fucking rape of that girl 'cause my girlfriend's GonNa ask me abridged. GPS tracking Bros before hoes bros.. Youth opping. Vicario think it's by. GPS that's true. But UH okay. I mean I I certainly understand your point so next time a girl says like let me track your location. Just say I'm not a rape risk. Yeah I'm not an assault recipe. Oh I will not know because I can't be raped next question. I mean it's like you know you you you think you you think you're stopping cheating or whatever right and you are but you're also stopping like I just want to grab a quick beer before I hit the train. And so I'm I'm not getting the five thirty six o'clock but I'm GonNa have a quick beer with my buddy and you're stopping me from doing that. Because I know you're GONNA see your loan right. I need to right before where I get home to work and talk more. I need to decompress somewhere because that is like. We're talking about that with Chris and Janas today when you were and we're just like they were talking about how his next episode. It's fucking crazy awesome but we went on for an hour just like Bam Bam Bam and it was Kinda fucking exhausted. Thank God yeah. It's like it's exhausting again. It'd be fun to to a coal miner. I get that all that silly. It also is and like sometimes when you leave work any job when you leave work where your brains and combine us just need to chill for a minute right and sometimes it's Saturday. I don't want to go to the form. I don't want to go to with your mom to lunch anywhere. It doesn't matter it could be somewhere fucking awesome. I don't want to go to the PATS game. I JUST WANNA chill. Jim Now ranks to my local spot. Go for a drive like just not under your watch all the time. That doesn't it doesn't always I feel like girls like if he's not with me he's fucking somebody it's like there's a big in-between where we might not be together. You might not know my whereabouts and it's maybe something I don't want you to know but it's also not something nefarious. It's not something like I'm not breaking rules. It's just like I wanna there are so many you talk about how about the other countries divided. All that is everything's divisive. Now where it's just like I. I can definitely be doing something. You probably don't WanNa know about but it's not the worst thing in right that's at the end it's almost like You know let me see your taxes messages. And it's like no. Oh while you know but this other sitting there you might be offended by or I don't want you to see the and it's like Tom Brady flaky. I wasn't talking about the fucking pleaded balls but shit you don't get to see you know I it's I. I honestly think that the the answers for girls. Like Lemme tell you are or let me track you big okay. I will but it's GonNa ruin her relationship. We're going to break up over this eventually. I think they're still. You're still on it because I'm triggered. Yeah you can track me for another three months before I break up with you or we can be happy together for years. If you just don't fucking expect to track me. I mean this is like mission impossible like I swear to God. I think they would put like a chip under our skin. If they could not S- leave us alone there any guys attract the girls you think brought death probably right up your loser. Talk to your fucking moron. I don't WanNa just painted as a girl thing. Anybody who wants to track back. There are significant other. Because like that's the difference. Two girls track their friends for the worst case scenario like they're not looking like. Oh my God. He's he's at Brendan ended apartment again on like they. Just as long as you're not dying like you're good but that's not what your friends are like. Everyone looks like they're home that you're not going to apply that to me. You're going to be like well. Why aren't you here? Why would you there? It's like if you want to track my location to make sure I'm not getting murdered fine but you try location because you can't like let let me be alone for any moment anything about Having all your money pulled together it's like if a guy wants to be able to grab one hundred bucks to buy some weed this guy I and like that's going to be scrutinized like you're going to that you're going to resent that girl and eventually dumper of your own money and your time and your own space last voicemail the day before we get into to Jim gap again and Doug Smith what we got. Nick Hey guys. This is a big Fan. I saw the quick hypothetical unassuming movie Richie Rich so if you guys had like money Richie. Rich had what duster-dress having a house Going to look great question by the way remember blank check. Yeah he wrote that check like Tony bought like everything in the world. It's not fast food but ever since tirees having a Benihana in your houses over that I think is house furious money head that it was there and a couple of stars and they were playing like I I woke up and my Bugatti or whatever guys hitting the stove that one is awesome. If if we're talking just fast food I mean you gotta Let. Let's say pick one because if you like which ones you want. It's like well that's easy my knees McDonald's Taco hits so if you get one one fast food restaurant in your house which was I think by McDonald's I think I think that's not the sexy choice anymore but I think I think it's good old fashioned American fastball. I also would maybe by by the way. Maybe that's the problem like. Maybe have a little foresight here and pick one that. You don't love the most 'cause if I got him McDonald's in my house your boys dead and like seconds. So it's like I thought about Jason Favorite One because you know you won't eat it everyday but it'd be nice because you can flag simply Sunday chick-fil-a true also flat gay porn movies. Bruce film there. That'd be funny. Probably make a lot of money for that. Yeah big time. That's that's now taking it into my revenue by Reverend. I'm not making income out of my personal personal thing. Yeah cleaned up after. Okay Yeah I'm a cleanup to come. Yeah you got to come up for sure. What maybe that's what I for? Twenty four hours. I would jump into the owner chick-fil-a fillet and and open up chick-fil-a on Sundays for the gay porn and then I get all the money. There's something there I'll workshop but yet chick took fillet is a is a good but I mean you know most fries big Mac Berg I mean but I all but I think my answer would be Taco Bell because I don't think I would eat that every single meal but if I could have achieved Goudie to crunch on deck. Whenever I wanted that to me I think would be ideal? What what a what a My inconvenience but one expense. That would be the fully-functioning like how Richardson Beautiful. I think to get even like a franchise. It's like Nick. Live life savings to get one of those right. Yeah Person Yeah. It's like two hundred fifty to get a franchise on on the ground. And then after that like McDonald's I saw the McDonald's movie was about Rox the one about Ray kroc with Oh yeah I know Charlotte but but I don't know the name but it was like McDonald's isn't fast food company. It's a real estate company where it's basically like they sell the land and then allow you to build a the building. Yeah Pretty interesting movie rocks. Fucking Shit Yeah But the but yeah it would would be just the expensive like okay. We're running to run it. Yeah we have three employees. Sit here Ninety nine percent of the week. Yeah I think I want to just like baby steps here. I found soda machine. Yeah that's Gimme McDonalds sprite at my house. I don't even in the machine. Just need the sprite just one that'd be pretty fucking like someone inventing McDonalds sprite right and it was one of those cages of ice going to fry machine exactly what it's like pouring liquid fire. I've had such a a weird novelty if you have a house party people show up and you have found soda machine. Everyone's Woo. Yeah that's true and I don't know if it takes all that much I mean you have to like you probably have get wholesale like Syrup delivered to your house or some shit but I think it might be worth it. I'M GONNA LOOK INTO GETTING A. That's just for myself thus for instagram videos. All right solid voicemails good episode and about to get even better with the legend. Jim Gaffe again and a all all times story from Doug Smith we alluded to both of these interviews. Let's get right into him Jim Gaffe again on. KABC radio is brought to.

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"Com slash. KFC See ten. Someone was talking to me about this the other day. you just reminded me of that with the Saving the time of the Grocery shopping all that and it was just like. Do you think auto how much more time we have than anyone else has ever been alive. And guess what would we do with it. Rogin just had on I want to see Joe Derosa so yet Mark Mark normand yet. Some comedian on who said like Oh honestly. This wasn't what I saw on instagram too. Yeah Yeah it was on was on Rogan. So he was like you know my dad used after call a travel agent and sit on the phone for twenty minutes to book a flight and go somewhere. I do that in two seconds and I just saved myself. You know one thousand nine minutes and you add up all that convenience you have more time to accomplish or to read or to do whatever and yet we are still relatively the same pieces of shit like like. I even think about the information. The information highway the Internet. I should be like wildly wildly smarter than my GRANDPA. I don't think I really am right. I would say dumber. Yeah right but I mean I guess there's a difference between like intelligence elegance and like information right now. Both you think that like my grandfather just like new more facts that I don't think so because I think I've been reading the Internet Net and just picking up dumb shit. Well I guess that's the thing is really it's like you can access the information. We've never seen it doesn't matter thing I'm stupider and less informed than my grandfather. US US us the two of us. Yeah the golden hostile minute a table Arroyo week. That's what I meant to say. Obviously I didn't retain the golden right back the Fox Tena. That's funny it's funny I mean for it should be that we I know more about like take like cold down. I thought that was just like you came up with something that you thought this thing. Yeah I think he came up your own version of it your creative dump. Yes definitely I did but I like Jeb Golden US jeopardy jeopardy we all should be the golden rule and the royal we just put but in the wrong word. They're going to be a good producer game because he is. He's logging lapping over there. You are dominant. We should all be pretty good jeopardy contestants contestants but we're not like we all are like we have so much access to not even things that we seek out. It's just like give of your fucking around on the Internet. You're GonNa see information that you just never would have come across if you were generations ago. I guess you have to retain it but we all should be getting smarter and more informed and and I think maybe it's overloaded. There's too much and you that's what it is so it's better to specialize and just read a book like when you're a GRANDPA. Didn't he knew a lot about XYZ versus like. I can't remember even common phrases from college classes Ed when I was fucking learning about a different century every day. I don't really. Ah Yeah I could give you like a loose explanation of what happened to the revolutionary war and revolution class. So it's it's a here's this here's this. Here's this here's this this yeah. I don't really remember any of that. doggone point was what was the point of my formative years. I have no memory of them seriously. Well we're just pieces of shit with these are still induced voicemail. One more thing one more thing before he ended up not like three times now. I this clip. 'cause I wanted shown to the people of Barstool Sports. I mentioned this at the Philly live show when someone comes into the bathroom and you are shitting it is it is cultural law. Give it a little now. You just tighten talk for a second you shut the fuck up you get invisible in there. Did someone just let the naked asshole farting and it's like disgusting again here. The unique let me just be peace and you can fucking blow this place up once they get Outta here. Let let the let the friendly's clear for you blow the bomb grunting. I don't know who it was. It was like what are you doing. And what kind of fucking world we're living. I'm going to play devil's advocate for the second. Because you know the the the goal here we're in agreement but like like you can. Maybe he was just holding it while someone else was in there but like sometimes your body just goes views views. No no you gotTa have better body control but I mean I got I got I. Eventually the poop comes out no no way. I've never had uh-huh never been like Washington to the bathroom. I wasn't this life if I had a lot of my. I have my buddies when I wanted to have complete control over my next top next smell. Casey fights super to SPEC- going to stress me boy from Massachusetts. I got a little hypothetical for you. Guys I'm just wondering if you can have the clout of anyone in the world for twenty four hours. How are you going to make the most amount? The money you can't have access to their funds or anything. For example. I could be Kannada Westbound on the concert for twenty four hours and charged one hundred dollars emission. Okay I got me. I'm taking the pope and I'm putting some crazy propaganda their money Let me know what you think. FAULK mine wasn't even be propaganda. I was GONNA be the Pope GonNa Open my then Mo.. Oh you're late Notre Dame on fire sure there you go. That's actually the most practical one go said another fire. It's camping order like another one. The madigan so the Vatican trillions of dollars. They'll donate a billion and a day. I think if I was the pope and I just said open my then mo I bet you. It's almost like when cards humanity humanity. Said we're gonNA give me money. We're going to be nothing and they did it anyway. The pope quit. You didn't even need a reason. There's so many religious crazies. If you said at Pope van Mol Send Me Money any because on the pope cash money and then if you had if you did have a reason if you wanna go propaganda route or you want to say we're raising money to like keep the gays Outta hell or something like that really really rally the Catholic nuts. You'll get bang hill route. Evan Yeah you gotTa have or you know a zen me. Then I'm going to make sure all like condoms. uh-huh don't exist anymore like abortion clinics are gone. You get a billion overnight. Daf I hope is the way to go. You have pope or you. You have to have power to get money quickly and like the pope has the most of the royal family not only power but you also have to have the royal family is like well liked Britain hated. But it's not like here. Take my money you've ever. You say as far as you find them entertaining pretty much. But maybe maybe I'm wrong. I don't know Britain Could you could you could. I could become Jerry Jones and sell the cowboys tonight. Does that count as like accessing their money. What have you just take someone who has something serious serious value and just sell it? That also works. I was GONNA say Brad picks I thought he said L. D. C.. Cool I hear cloud. That's all I think. What is you're talking about money? You just want to be be cool for the night just one night a leg if you could. That would be one of those things to Oregon just commit suicide after. That's you know once you've tasted the good life now you you'd be chasing the dragon the rest of your life. Joseph able to feel that they can just pick up like a couple idiosyncrasies being in his mind forbidden like Oh this is how how he thinks. Whoa this way he works? That'd be cool. I like I like a social anxiety. misfit I would be Brad Pitt. I would walk into a party and take notes of how my brain just feels. Oh so I should think this way but it's better than money you know it's right would you rather have fifty thousand dollars or go to the JC right. Take that dinner. What a few of the Pope and you sold the sex tape? TMZ Wall pope sex tape. I don't I don't I don't think you'd get more than if you promise. Gays wouldn't get into heaven right by followers of the cult followers. All right so I'll be Kardashian and also a sex tape again early. Launched a billion dollar empire if you're if you're highly now but then once you're not hurting more you no longer are benefiting from it like. Oh you gotta take the money with us. I think it's one of those things where it's like a great start but then you know everything they've done since then you don't want to be a part of but couldn't I be like thank you know. Set up an account or some Chili. That the syphon. It off you probably could like a manager does but usually your call. I don't know if you're smart enough for it. Yeah I mean I gotTa know the parameters here. Do I have to have the cash cash in my hand at the end of the night at midnight when I turn back to myself all right. That's a little different. But then the ways to make the quickest ways to make money in general would be like a card Ashi making a sex tape right now house house. You think Kylie if you did it. I don't think he's like no. That's what it would have to be more like like these. Comedians just is like Louis. CK where he's like he used by myself if Kylie controlled her own sex safe and was like you gotta pay like pay per view the big money. Yeah I mean I how much would you pay for. Maybe maybe you don't even care about Kylie but just like to the you know the interest to just be able to see the blogger in you or whatever like pick that person and it's like would you pay a twenty bucks to watch but we pay for a Kylie state. Yes I mean why it's Wash Watch Kylie. You don't think is going to be free tomorrow like we know again. I'm I'm big. I paid for content guy. I feel like I by the way right. The only one. I don't think you pay for news. I pay for my car. I definitely pay for it if I if I. I don't think it was an ironclad like the the only way you could see it was this. I think if they released a sexy I think tomorrow it'll be I don't think so I feel like it'll be like scrubbed She won't do that because Kim's James is not available every wanted Kim's out there Kim's was the one that launched the whole empire. I believe right. Now there's no value to Cali tape unless they like cash in on it. I mean we've seen the sex tape gets grow from the Internet fucking year Porno Lincoln do Kylie Friskin. Definitely do it. I I feel like I would pay for it just because like I wanted you mealy it. It wasn't even a question at the moment so we how much how much money though like. Where's your cut off for to be five hundred five hundred? It'd be this expensive at the company opening day for it anyway. Even if I wasn't but I I pay five hundred minutes a cultural event. You know what I would do to you got to do something like I pay I. I pay five hundred dollars without blinking. We'll just start talking thousands and I'm like yeah I agree. It's a cultural events like I'm not even gonNA write about this talk of this is my kids are going to know about this one. What about like Like like I would be I guess it's not that much money but if you became a music I'm GonNa go be Dr Adrain released detox. You know. Finally give the people what they want. Charge a hundred dollars album. People would pay for that or that. One Bhutan albums is sitting in the fucking bankers. Only that you you can make a little bit of money. You're not you can't make pope sex. Take Money I know mine. Po sex eight money okay but really. It's like sex sells and like or or could you could you. Could I become so take my company public. There's gotTa be some like Banging Company. That's like you know private and sell. You'll have hours. You have have any of this stuff. I think it's just like it's like show. How for some reason on this day looking at you? They think you have the cloud right so like Brazil. I kinda you could perform like that's how you can put on a railway to announce I am here. I mean the only thing you know unless you have a talent so unless you're jumping into someone who can sing or whatever ever the only thing that you can do is fuck so sex tapes for everyone. It's the only. That's the quickest way. Right yeah I mean you could be Chapelle. I'm doing this and like you don't I don't even know if you get talent but you get up there and just like I don't know pretend you're drunk or something like people. What a disaster that wasn't pills? Yeah but that's what I would do I would I would take him hostage. I go to the Real Jamie. Listen about to ruin your your career. GimMe Gimme all your money That's a good one though. That's that's that's that's a that's a good API question that's a good social media questions so get at us. Would you be calm for twenty four hours. You could try to steal all their money. Can't buy super.

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"I know of but the the idea of retiring from advocates when you have like the thrown but this doesn't have that but he just retiring from Royal Life Life. I mean he went out he married a half black divorced. Hollywood American like fuck you fuck you fuck you over fuck fuck fuck fuck. And then. He's just like one giant fuck you. I'm totally out. I don't understand like there's no way he wants to be all I don't know I think it's so much like rain. Washing pushing and one of the lines in the fucking statement is like we're trying to become independently financially stable. Whatever it was? Yeah Yeah but you grew up a royal. That's not your lifelong goal is to start making your own fucking well no see. Here's what I think. The reason why I mean I feel like that statement was like you got to play it safe here because this to me. It's like the Mafia it's like you can't just like quit all the secrets. We've been telling you things forever. I would be nervous to just like try to quit the royal family and next thing. You know you get sniper rifle by John Henry that to me is like we can't you're either enter your fucking out but that to me it was like I'm not GonNa take your money. I'm going to support Her Majesty. The Queen like just let me go. You know what I mean. That was almost his way of being like a one out. And I mean means you don't have to worry about me and you don't disappoint me. I won't be a Leech. I'll still have your back but don't worry I'm not GonNa let go against the family sort of thing just like let's go our separate ways to me. I think if you can pull it off. It's brilliant I think that Harry I mean it's Almo- I sat on radio. It's like being it's like Reggie Bush like you can't vacate these wins. He's still a royal. So if you get to remove yourself from all the bullshit they have to do all their old traditions and like you have to dress this way and act this way but you still get to be. I'm fucking Prince Harry for life. He'd some festival festival worlds. I think this this marriage has three years tops. Yeah well that's that's that's a different debate. I think it's it's well she did. Is She killed his dream. What what like what? Israel Bro up and do nothing. Yeah you gotta go get a job if someone prevents you from getting your dream job of you get like say you know like one of those stories where it's like. Oh I didn't go to law school because I wanted to get a job to support you'd medical school or whatever the fuck you Kinda here that I didn't go to the Super Bowl you go to you. Grow to present someone and that seed planted and it will grow into a tree of Hay and Harry's like all my life I just wanted to live of of British taxpayers dollars. And I had that I had palaces and fucking not do anything and now at the Living Canada and fucking get a job the apothecary area GONNA do. I mean unless they're just gonNA do a reality. TV show now. That's how they're going to make money think they're gonNA do anything may may markle's fuck consensual by go back Hollywood. Are they sets. We're talking like set money if you don't have the row checkbook. Yes how much they coming. Definitely have mega millions for sir. How many do we don't work anymore? Canada I don't know I think I need to have big money to not work. I don't think so to still maintain it also lifestyle taking for maintain that level but also like they're gonNA get money. Well I mean I guess it depends on how much much like this break-up how much this retirement really is. I mean they got a bio for sure. Well that's what a bio bio the royal family. Megan markle is worth five million dollars and preference. Harry is reportedly around nineteen million. But that's like their money their buddy. That number is way way higher. It's like independently from like from his trust. Funds may be in his account. But it's from being a royal but that if that gravy train stops cuts off now my accounts my money okay fine he has twenty million dollars which you can live off for the rest of your life. Not If you're Prince Harry and used to like partying in Vegas and fucking you know Meghan markle and her expensive lifestyle. They'RE GONNA have to get a job. They're going to have to have some income. He's got to work at the gas station but they're going to need to do like speeches or a book or something. I'll that's fine but I mean that's that's where like Harry is GonNa. That's GONNA be rude awakening for Harry. We think what do you think Meghan Markle's now bringing in on the silver screen on TV. Yes what hurt bucket. Also that's A. It's a lot more than I feel like. That is probably. She was not going to be an actress if she was just going to sit around. And be a princess right now you. She wasn't allowed allowed to right so now she can go back and be like leading lady like how I'm the princess. Yeah you want the princess in your movie thirty million dollars so that to me that was that this is the most hyper steroid injected version of a girl like making you change the way you dress. You know when when it's like man you used to hang out with the boys and now you're wearing like fancy suits and you go you know. Hang around anymore. It's how annoying. That is for that guy and his friends. Now imagine that if if you have the ultimate gravy train in billions of dollars from the fucking royal family and she made you give that shit up and like not even that to where it's like the rules had been clearly out for you before we even. Yeah you knew what you were getting into. You had a taste of it. You'd seen what happened to other princesses. I mean you happen to my fucking mom and also tip the cap in this chick like she probably knew that and she had a plan and she executed the I do I think in this could be the romantic in me. I think that he genuinely loves her because he did. He had like a kind of ball or quote where it was. What Mega Mega went away? Public life a little while and came back and was crying talking about how it's really hard and it is one of those things sewer. I think like coming to bars. Obviously much more extreme and Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah but. It's one of those like I get it. I get it I get it then. You are hard employees and your day I can handle the heat. No you've you've you've felt a different version. He then this exactly and I think his quote was something like I allowed you to kill my like. I'm not doing well. That's why I actually believe leave that. Like as much joking about her making him do it he might. He might be fed up about you now. You might be fed up. Yeah you killed my mom and now you're like ruining the girl I love. It's time for me to balance. Might actually be some pure intentions here. There is one I mean happiness. It's like the homeless diverse me. Yeah I got a job I got a roof. I don't I don't have walls but I got a job in a roof that is content and better than me. Maybe maybe Harrison money and I'm still not happy. Let's go see what it's like. Yeah he went to war right if he kinda like. He's always been like searching for his purpose. He joined the military meaningless. But like you know. I think two tours to tour so like active duty so I feel like William was always the one that was like I'm going to be the royal and he never really liked it. He was the party boy he kinda wanted to get away from it and now he has his chance. It might might sound crazy because it's like giving up a ton of money or but like you said you're not giving up all the money but it's a it's a power move to be like I'm all good. I'm amount you know it's like it's almost like the American version was James Harden breaking up with chloe like. I can't do this crash here. I don't want this man. I'm sure there are a lot of families are a lot of people who were like do this Maga did yeah. He risks a lot more of the new. And he's going to be fine. Yeah he's going to be fine and if he does have him if he does have like an ounce of personality or anything that he he is now allowed to do like. It'd be kind of. Maybe they're going to have a podcast. Doc S it was gonna be a Harry Meghan podcasts. I'd listen to the SHIT OUT AT I. Want your sex safe. Let's get into our voicemails voicemails brought to you by hellofresh so you do have a kitchen and you do have the luxury of that so you can cook up your own meals at night so you can. The rest assured you're better on the street. Because you can get yourself. hellofresh can open up this box and you can cook yourself multiple meals this week in under twenty minutes and have have yourself a nice freshly prepared meal. That'll bring you have to do that. And you know what maybe you don't have to make you mean that's not the thing you accomplish everything you cooking some food. That's that's a better one. It's so much better because I was gonna say earlier about that. That bed thing like we're really setting the bar low for accomplishment right. I guess what if I Still Kevin I. I know I still trip over that bar. I don't do it it drives me crazy it is annoying. It's enough of of a task that I I. I am too annoyed to do it. But if a mother comes up to me be like I'm so accomplished today. 'cause I made my bed fuck off okay. But if someone comes to me and says they will rattle in those pots and pans and they made themselves and their date or their family a nice meal..

Prince Harry Meghan markle Royal Life Life Hollywood Megan markle Reggie Bush markle Mega Mega Harry Meghan Israel Bro John Henry James Harden Kevin I. Harrison William Vegas Doc S
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"Jim fucking gaffe again on the show. I should say Jim. FM Gaffe agains on the show. He wouldn't appreciate me. Jim Gaffe again is a Goddamn Damn legend and came through here and was an absolute delight he was I didn't know what to expect with him. sometimes guys are so big that I get nervous Orissa. They don't care also the Clean Comic Angle. I'm always do look down upon like people like us who are not clean. Not only was he not looking down but he also referred to Barstool a couple of times that also made me feel like he kind of knew what was up. I T on the way home and I was like I love Jim Gavin. Yeah I got a call my mom. She loves like why and I said he loves me. Yeah that's all three times. He's a successful show. It doesn't and and the way he was like you know it takes a lot to admit that barstools like do you know what how works. Or maybe he just did a quick gloss over or maybe you can just tell you walk in here and take one. It's a guy yeah these guys are fucking emotionally stunted assholes but he seemed to know a lot about US took a lot of interest in us spoke when he he said one point like I. I could had nerd out if you want me to. And we yes. Please Gimme all your knowledge. He knows about acting he knows about stand up comedy streaming technology where the markets are all all that shit and he was he was an awesome interview. He's a monster superstar. Even at one point we talked about how he was third on the list of Forbes most profitable Santa Comedians which you know you can kinda be put on the spot when your numbers are out there like that and the way he navigated. That conversation was also super intriguing. Very interesting stuff so Jim Gaffe again on the show and also another very funny comedian. Doug Smith is on the show who has a story that I promise you is at least top three. Unless you've heard crazy stories in your life. Doug Smith's tale of a of Basically being vigilante hero in New York City is an absolute Alzheimer so two very funny comedians. that that provided some great podcast materials to shout out to those guys Also it will get your voicemails but John John. We started the show today and every now and then we're planning out the episode. John will behave in a manner where I know we've got a doozy and sometimes it's like I got something for the show I'll tell you now that's how you on the air. Okay let's go then. There's this other time this other stuff kind and that was what happened here. He said something happened happened to me. I don't want to tell yet until you on the show. I don't know how it's GonNa go. I'm going to tell you that way. I gotTA deal with this guy I I got a guy blue sworn enemy and it is. I walked in and how you doing. How's I've been better and I said why which is the surprising reason because I've always been better But the there's a guy outside. There's a homeless man outside parcel offices. Who makes his bed? Ed flawlessly every day. And like when you when you walk by it walk to work. I'm basically running. I'm not but I'm exerting the same amount of energy someone who runs is so I do have endorphins. Every time John gets to his desk I was like. Did you like run up the stairs like no. I just walked but you just walk gas. It's an absolute absolutely gathering the endorphins running a mile road about a mile away. So I'm right when I turned the corner into the office. I'm feeling as good as I will. That day yeah. I'm like all right. Let's get get to work. I got some fucking emotion. Going Adrenalin some juice flowing. And then right as I'm turning the corner every time I see homeless guy and it's a perfectly we made bed and he like folds all his stuff up and it's just like an nicely put together small house and it sucks. Everything Auditing. Because just like you you know I was put together with this. Homeless Guy Donnas insecure. Because of a homeless man. He came in today. He was talking about this guy. Fuck this guy. What does he think he is? I mean it's bullshit and it's not just hugh by the way this popular podcast. We have fans and I do okay every day. I'm cut down by this homeless managers. Like on better. Yeah we are looking at me and look at you. Look at your apartment. Looks like look good. My apartment looks like all the means. You have all the everything you have but yet me over here. We're homeless still but it's coming down to the point either GonNa have to fight this guy or start paying them to start being disheveled. But you can't have what about pay him to be your made made make your house. Don't want him tastes the good life a good life and my converted room as Messier than in your corner over here. You know what he you know how offended he would be that you don't want him in your head he'd be like fuck your apartment. You're not allowed to my corner. Ever start walking you an extra two blocks pass out for you to work if I start doing that. The known detour. One block one mile. Walk to work. That's what my village level. Well Natalie. That's it we'll go to twitter. Casey radio twitter. John put the pictures up. His bed is like bizarrely. It's like four corner and he's never order off at military style. Well so you brought him up. You know him as his bed. Nate said this has been everybody has seen this guy. He reads books spy flashlight at night. And he like he like Like sings to music. But he's very he's very. Oh yes a phone but I mean he's never there in the the daily I think he'd do his job where he makes beds at a macy's for the showroom because he's so fucking at fucking sleepeasy is at the mattress firm is part of the conspiracy. But it's like nate. Must be seeing him at night and you just see like his bed during the day or something where he returns so he has a job. I I don't know because his job he might be somewhere else. But he's got a fucking phone and he's buying books steele books steele books. You can't have a phone unless you have income. Come on on the phones. These days are all I've heard about the Obama phones. I don't know exactly. What are these people? Complain About your boost mobile. I don't know yeah I feel you can get a phone pretty cheap I I mean. That's that's the point here is that homelessness is is is it's like HIV. It's like it's going away. It's fading away. Oh I I guess I do see less and less no not even like not even though the number I'm saying the I mean as I say something about discussing homeless people like now homeless is here to stay but there are people who who are homeless. Who can live like home? You can live a homeless life. That's much better than like Twenty years ago you know what I mean like. I see homeless people. They have phones. They have Jordan's they're not like maybe their new homeless. Maybe they haven't like they're really bottomed out yet. When the homeless have been moment? This is just crazy to me. I saw a homeless guy who I swear to God came to New York to be a model. Didn't work out so it was just like fucked almost homeless man. You couldn't see his face. You just really really well dressed like I think it was he. Maybe he just got his right by Penn station. So maybe he just got off like Madonna style. I Got New York thirteen dollars in my pocket and he doesn't immediately realize like pizzas. A nice bag. He was sleeping on wasn't right outside fought like like day one of homelessness a great fucking movie or a pilot for TV. Show like when you're first homeless. Your teeth are clean. Your hair's caught you. You have some shit you know what I mean. I guess I don't know I don't know how you just become almost i. I don't know the answer. Maybe it'd be made by then you're already addicted to drugs. And you're already. You've already drug earned every bridges ages. Like I don't get how you re appoint where you don't even have a couch asleep on you don't have enough money to like get to fucking Ymca or something. But that first day where you're like. I'm homeless I got nowhere to go. I got nothing to do. The world is your voice. Ter- go ahead go. Do whatever you want you just have no money or means to do it and you had to do it like in and the clothes on your back. And that's it. They say we youth is wasted on the young free time as Wasilla homeless. I would kill to have an empty schedule. You don't gotta worry about anything forever. Trent brought it up. I mean just think about the disposable income. You'd have to pay rent. I'm this close to being homeless. Anyway I look I sleep with my windows open. It's like I am. There is nothing separate. I guess a roof I worry about getting wet. You know what they have those driveways where you put up so you can like put up a garage almost appeal New England. At least where it's like basically like a overhang. Yeah you can pull up if it's raining and get out and exact one of those. I don't have walls. You're like a lean to live in a wigwam. There's another predominantly elements. It rains in my room regularly. You I have have towels below because it gets too hot in my room so I opened the windows rain rain in my apartment. I gotTA Shove Towels Against Walk Doc. So it doesn't spread that you don't deserve a home. I woke up one morning and socks and put my feeling around got wet and realize we gotta Towel Bitch up another reason to not. We're talking the socks Abed. Can I just mentioned the homeless guy who has a bed. We're talking about this bed being made get a fucking mattress. It's not even like a cardboard box that he's dressing up. It's like a full-blown on probably got himself. It's probably works for sleepy's he'd he'd be a great person to ask about I forget what it was a former Admiral uh-huh the navy gave a speech. I think he's an apples and basically he was giving life lessons in number one was making about every day Because if you get home if you had a great day Oh because I love you immediately if you had a bad day when you get home at least your bed is made or something like that right. Yeah this guy would be a good case. Study on. Yeah it's like how does this feel everyday. Is this like you. Almost every day gets home. And he's like Oh my God my teeth or rotting. I smell terrible. No I haven't eaten in days. What the peds made good I'll kill? I guarantee not guarantee that human beings I mean I am the the like almost missed fucking. He thinks he's better than me. I know he does he is he. Reads that pisses me off. He's he's more culture than you. He's more disciplined than you. He's probably tougher than you are. Living in the elements he's more of a man than you are no doubt I don't care more than me. He just doesn't as being you better than me. Oh no he's much better than you. He's he's more he's more educated he's more intellectual disagree. I mean if he reads every night so I I realize every night but every lot this guy first of all he has a job so he he's well read. He goes to a place of employment quickly. Be Smoking crack. But that might be why. It's not as bed. Maybe so what people would you. Drugs are like worse than you know. So so that's not a point in your column this guy he probably sees the world. I'm better than YOU I. I don't give myself a lot if you are the crack. Well what if you've tried crack. I looked down upon people who do crack. I promise you that. If you're addicted to crack like you're a crackhead. You're the homeless. If you even tell me that you smoke crack just once. I'm like smoke things. Sometimes I wasn't sure what it was. That's fine fine if you get tricked into it if if it's if it's training day like I didn't know you liked to get wet spot if you're like. Where's the crowd? We thought in Spain Salamanca just like immediately. It's like I feel like if you knowingly grass for three hours after that complain how itchy were. Yeah whatever drug that was folks if you knowingly do track and especially especially if you seek out crack because like you're not buying that from like your Wall Street drug dealer you know what I mean like you're in a back alley getting up some rocks to cook them up and Shit. I'm better than you. It's not a Glam I'm not I'm not better than a drug user better than a crack user..

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"Fix if you. How'd you describe your style in one word? What would it be spicy with the answer? You're looking forward. They casual sophisticated replaceable. I it doesn't I don't have. I don't think there is like a thing. In fact the the best way to describe my style I think David is will Larry David where he was like cannot sweet as morning is to be this morning from G. Q.. Article with Larry Days on the cover of this month But we between that and all going around yesterday curves back in the next week. I mean Larry Larry is. Is this all out media blitz going on right now everywhere I turn. He's talking but he said that what's interesting. He grew up a A garments it's Ellen's son. So he has a lot of I for which I mean I would. I'm stunned like I if I had to guess I thought that Larry David would be the type of a guy who's like I don't care at all like you know what I mean like. Fashion doesn't matter to me. He only he cares very quote which is like a fashion icon level quote. We're he said we're one nice thing at a time right and I think that's overdraft. Rabbi you wear fancy jacket with your fancy shirt and your expensive pants. You look like trying right the right But the he thought half is always more and I was like. That's actually one thing that POPs I've describe it for the hell. Yeah go to hell so I'll usually where one means. Well everything else goes back half is more. Is it just a great life mantra. Yeah and I do half the work. Go half the distance and you'll end up going the full distance. You know so Stitch fix is a way to due to kind of curate this this entire style. You're feeling so what they do. Is They mail you. Every month will send you multiple items. Based on your style L. Preferences you go in you create a profile by they send you other brands and other close. Do you like this. Do you not like this. Yes no you know thumbs up thumbs down and it generates the type of clothes that you would like and then from there they mail it to you and you get to pick how much you WANNA keep. So let's say you're doing the Larry David half is more and YOU WANNA pick one item. That's like a fuck you pay me type A type of clothes you can keep just that one send the rest back If You keep everything in your first box when you use the the The Promo stitch fix dot com slash. KFC You'll get an additional twenty five percent so it knows your style knows your size. It has style profile style professionals professionals who know the trends. And what's in and what's not in. And so they We'll mail you close based on all that coming together and you get to pick what you keep and Jews And what you send back never pay for anything you don't want and no long term commitments..

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"Doug Smith Chevrolet please join us here there's already had people bring stuff all right really shorten was the first one here I was sure right yeah somebody somebody Jordan from us Salem I was running a bit late because I was up most of the night suffering from an attack of cruciferous vegetables with the broccoli was all it was I have all I have I had broccoli bell I woke up in the middle of the middle of the night going something's about to happen yeah and it was a I don't want it to happen here in bed and can you get this stomach ache you know and it's just awful and then you think okay okay I can finally go back to bed no no no but yes I can't go back to bed look for parodies yeah I did you know I don't usually have a problem with that I don't know I it was very good and I ate a lot of broccoli is that what it is okay what what so was there wasn't like something in it that made you know take it with you a lot I think I'm just I'm suffer I'm suffering from a broccoli poisoning yeah that really works the broccoli yeah if you want to you know you know get things moving boy did it ever and I looked around and I had fun I found some Imodium which we don't usually have around the house because it is better to just get it out let's go rather than to keep it in right but I knew I had come to work so I thought well got to keep it in but but I don't I don't remember how much your modem to take one or two two now and then how long one and then if you continue to have so like them and you can take and I did it the right way because I took one and then half an hour forty five minutes later took no you're supposed to let it work well I think that's too was if it was trying you're never going to go again bill hits it's a permanent fix it if that were the case genie you would you have done a long time ago Carl and you have the poop chat so that's a little handy because under P. for proof I mean that's it's not pleasant but everybody does it but but gene is disgusted by her own body so there are just times and places for things and if it's not the time or the place guy different to later and there's bill we could make you do then there's the time at the time of the place is no where near anybody else know where where anybody or camping or more where anybody here you know that's the perfect place you know ask a bear Gina where does he do it well what if he had the option of a bathroom in his own house you would do that no no the bear like the pope in the post no he wears a funny and is now a look well leak though never Doug Smith Chevrolet we are and see what the folks of Utah county and want to just race here in the holiday spirit here we are I really did feel awful and it's it's I hate that anyway but I'm here and good in it and and somebody should what does anybody know what that plant is that they they cry to burn stuff in the middle of the night so you can't see that big cloud of smoke which you're going past room it's not listen optional it's not the old steel plant okay that's gone right yeah yeah but I mean it's so I've noticed that a couple of times it Sir and I think they try to hide it under the cover of night looks like somebody's set off an atomic bomb there there's this big mushroom cloud in the I noticed it before well you know that's not a problem Nash and no problem so what doing this year Doug Smith Chevrolet we're going to officially begin the program coming up Dutchman Chevrolet in Spanish fork we're just right on main street is that what it is mainstream yeah west side of the freeway yeah once in awhile north side of well I'm reading it backwards not not the main part of mainstream hits west is at thirteen forty one the north mains that what that says I'm sending it backwards but I think that's right thirteen forty one north main street our final stop on the road to the road home because we'll do our road home broadcasts tomorrow and Friday so what brings down the stuff like Jordan from Salem that illness is bright brought a couple of bags of clothes thank you Jordan sorry I wasn't here to say hello to you I went through my kids like the out group grows snow boots and and coat faster than they wear them out so I went through closets last night and some of the someone just text in claiming that what you saw was a steam cloud sure I'm sure it's a steam from from what sort of sure it's harmless steam and what sort of plant is that I wonder anyway they we are officially begin the show I guess I'm gonna have some Mill Creek coffee drink that up our it will we're doing some commercials here now while we take check ins eight seven.

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"So much for joining us today, I have a special treats I have dug Smith with me, who is the author as unintentional. How screens secretly shaped your desires in how you can break free while come to by his grace done. Thank you so much, misty. It's an honor to be with you today. Well, let's start off the podcast by telling the audience a little bit about you and your background, and who you are Heure sure, will. Again, my name is Doug Smith in I wear many hats, as many people do, first of all, most importantly on a Christian, and I'm a husband and father of four grown daughters. So that's, that's the most important part of my life. But I'm also an author speaker and those two activties really about my two plus decades as software developer combined with spending most of my life. Well, since became a Christian in my senior year of high school, pursuing an understanding of the scriptures, I tend to be a nerd, as you can imagine the software developers. So I like studying and so those things came together and just terms of the book in the terms of the subject, we're talking about. I was watching the effect of technology on myself, my family and many people around me and just became very concerned, and out of that grew what I felt like was a calling from God to, to start speaking into that absolutely. Last week on the podcast. I had Eric Nevins, and that's exactly what we talked about was where our passions and what we're good at come together to form are calling. So that believe you're. Absolutely walking in that. So that's wonderful. Let's talk a little bit about the challenge of screen time, you know, I know for myself being an entrepreneur that has a podcast and blog I spent a lot of time on line because it sort of the nature of the beast, I'm also a wife and a mom and have a have daughters. I have sons, but son's face a netter said of unique challenges that I'm gonna get to a minute. But everybody their screens everywhere we go when we're pumping gas. There's a screen, there's one at the grocery store check. I mean we're just inundated with screens. So tell me what you think about all of that in a travel. No. So the struggle is, is definitely real. It's huge. And everybody knows this is not a shock to anyone listening. It's like, oh, no. I didn't realize but what we do what I think most people don't realize is the will many things. About it, but how it's grown over time. We've we kind of experienced it in real time. But if you look back, you know, the iphone smartphone really only came out as the iphones release in two thousand and seven certainly, there were we had issues with screens before. Then we've had issues with screens, every sense. The television was invented, but the real power of it started coming out with the influence of these portable devices that we can all carry around. There's now billions of them all around the world. And we are strongly influenced by them, and people are spending a lot more time than they mean to that's why called my book, unintentional, because most of us run intentional with our screens, the stats for amazing. I mean any bidding on the study, it's anywhere from an average of six to twelve hours, a day, average consuming media of all kinds, but especially on your devices on a computer on television, video games, and so on. So. Mike contention is that most people didn't, you know, wake up one day and decide, you know, I just really wanna spend the equivalent of one or two time jobs that week looking at a screen unless that's my job. Right. But I mean, in terms of the, the, the entertainment screen time that we're so influenced by most people didn't plan to do that. But they end up doing it anyway. So I like that you'd call the book unintentional, because we can be an intentional the way your book is written the and then you have the intentional because there's also an intentional heart is this, and, and that's from the tech industry. So why don't we talk a little bit about that. Sure. Yeah. That's the thing that people don't really realize, they, they feel like you know, I think most people again, they're, they're they feel all I wanna check this. I need to look at this. I need to spend time on this. They feel like that's what they want to do, but they don't realize those desires have been what I call shapes or really. Influenced strongly by billions of dollars and millions of hours invested by our best and brightest minds across the world that are using techniques to exploit weaknesses in our psychological makeup. So our devices are addicting, because they're designed to be everybody's on their device, all the time because they are they use practices that are habit-forming. They use practices that they've tested and tested on thousands and hundreds of thousands of people. They know what works on us and it works very well. And that's why I really wanted when I finally got down to realized this, this sense of almost righteous indignation, like I don't wanna be manipulated. I know nobody likes to be manipulated. I think people should know that. And, and not feel like oh, it's just fun. I just like doing this, because it's, you know, it's just not it'd be, especially when you realize the cost of this, having most people's lives, so yes, it's very intentional. And my hope is that people will slip that intentionally imbalance around become. More intentional with their lives than the tech industry is s. Yeah. You know, it's a problem when the makers of these big tech companies like the makers Facebook when they don't allow their family to be on it or their children to be on it. Yeah. That because they know they know that they have gamed the system to keep people locked in. And I know like I said, I have a teenage son who loves to play video games much like all of his friends do in. It's amazing to me. I'll say hey, you know, pause that come help me they penalize them if they don't stay in the game. So they have worked it to make them stay in there. They don't get points or say lose, what whatever it is. But it's been very intentional. And I noticed the more that he spends in front of his more free time he has the has time to do that. The more he does any has no idea how much. Time that has been spent in. So I know that that's one of the problems, but what are some of the other dangers that UC? Yeah. That is a huge problem of. There's all kinds of studies on the act of not only on kids and screens kids, screens, adults, and the, the effects are broadly negative, there are there many correlations between the release of the iphone and many negative outcomes. We've seen a rise in exile and depression, and many kinds of mental illness, that can be linked, and that, that those who study scholars study, these things are starting to see that correlation. There have been the rise. We've got a dramatic rise in suicides. Than and social media is a is often a blamed for that, especially among the younger because of the aspects of comparison and the anxiety around that. And the feeling of missing out and, and just the negative content that is often on there among the things that the especially on the social media side but also in the video game side. But among the things that, that are compelling that people tend to stay more, what they call engaged with are the things that are more outrageous, things that make us angry things that make us concerned. We, we spend more time. We'll click that link if it makes us mad, we'll comment we'll, we'll do stuff, even more than if we like it. And so they know that. So what do they do? They, they optimized for that. So, so, yeah, it's pretty negative culturally, then there's also the course there's a relational aspects. There's the there's the cost on marriages, especially you know, unfairly time these things ego. New restaurant. It's cliche, now you sit at a rescue go to rest. And the kids are on their screens where the parents are more all of them are. So it's, it's a relational toll the societal toll for kids. It's often a, a scope school toll, you know their, their performance in school is, is impacted other relationships with their parents, and, and, and so on. So it's, it's broadly negative, unfortunately. Yeah. So what can we do about that Dag in we how do we take it back? How do we become more intentional? Well, in most of my book is about that most of my book is not about the negative side. Other I there many footnotes so people wanna go deep on the negative side. They certainly can. But my goal in the book is to provide a hopeful grace filled path to walk in intentionally in. So the first part, though is the awareness, the learning of the strategies. So the first thing I recommend people developing awareness understand that every, every everything you do online is tracked. And every thing you see the light buttons. The auto play the the way the comments the endless. News feed the endless video games against you cannot win just all those are by design. So learn those strategies, those are not your friend. They are nothing. No. That's not your friend. So then I encourage people to, to cast a vision for what their life might be like, I mean, my contention, is that most people again because they didn't realize they don't plan to spend this much time. But they but at some point, we all kind of sense this thing I thought I'd be farther along by now in life. I thought I'd be. I really wish I was doing more of this, that, so I really encourage people to take that time in cast vision that's almost like the precursor purpose. We're talking about near last episode. But the, the idea of casting vision is like, the, an aspirational future, or the positive of what you think the future could be like and. What you might want things to happen. So there's so there's things you would then do because it matters to you. And I, I would people don't say no to things unless they have a more positive. Yes. No. So we don't. That's the thing. I really want to encourage people to do is get that positive. Yes. In front of them that will be motivational. On the bible that my people perish for lack of vision. Right. So we go throwing half to cast a vision, and that's a, that's a biblical concept. So sorry to interrupt. But I wanted to inject a really good point, misty. That's the because ultimately God. Wants to be of our vision. He wants to provide our vision for us. He wants to be our hope. He wants us to be having our hearts and minds on his and so, yeah, that's huge. And he has a vision for us, and it's really great when we're walking in that. Then. So then the other things the thing that I walked people through as I have five biblical practices that I encourage people to adopt, and it's a process. It's not a it's not do these things all of a sudden, all your woes are, are, are over because. No, it's a relentless constant battle. So we have to be relentless with our with our response. And so, but it's, it's, it's really a recasting of classic spiritual disciplines just with a focus on our on our experience of technologies. So yes, to it's a all that is, is provided in the book, and I'm happy to go through those how much detail you would like yeah. Why don't you just give us an overview of that? So they can can know what that looks like. Yeah. Sure. So I'd started with the first biblical practice is surrendering to Christ against the Christian book, and this is about my story about the things that really helped me. So I have personal experience myself. Overcoming things on screens, and then personal experience, mentoring people and teaching classes, and so on, so this practical. So I start with intentionally as you might imagine, surrender to Christ. And the reason I started there is that, that sets our posture for whatever else we need to do crisis, Lord, so often when we talk about technology in our lives. We hear the word balance here technologies, tool, we just need to balance it. Well. The problem with balances that most of us are the most balanced people. We know I know I'm the most modern and everybody else, that's kind of nuts kind of crazy about the stuff they do. But i'm. Unreasonable. Right. But if I start from a place of balance, I'm pretty good. But if I start from a place of surrender on. No, not really. I, I don't have a right to anything scripture says psalm twenty four one says the earth is the Lord's and all it contains, that's me, my family mites, and every screen in my life. And then. Chris calls us to follow him into surrender Anton's. The in so often the scriptures were told, you know, to submit yourselves therefore God. All those things just those those concepts of starting from posture surrenders really huge because then you're willing to do stuff.

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The return of wolves to Yellowstone Park

60 Minutes

13:08 min | 2 years ago

The return of wolves to Yellowstone Park

"Problem since ancient times, they've been portrayed fables and legends and the bible as fearsome voracious predators. The story of the big bad wolf may be the most memorable. And frightening of all the fairy tales told by the brothers Grimm that grim reputation actually produced a very real result in America in the early twentieth. Century wolves were wiped off the landscape trapped poisoned and hunted until there was not a single one left in the American west when the National Park Service decided to bring wolves back to Yellowstone park in the nineteen nineties it followed a bitter debate between wildlife groups who wanted them restored. And ranchers who most definitely didn't two decades later, the wolves of Yellowstone still stirs strong emotions, but they've also had an impact that almost no one saw. Coming. In the dead of winter Yellowstone park is a beautiful, but forbidding place howling wind subzero temperatures, six feet of snow. Just finding enough food survive is a profound struggle for every animal waterfowl bison, elk foxes. They all have to work for every morsel. Yellowstone was the world's first national park. Founded in eighteen seventy two and remains one of the most visited millions of people come here every summer, but they used to pretty much leave it to the wildlife in the winter until the wolves came back behind the treatment. Now reports of a wolf citing can produce a traffic jam along the one fifty mile stretch of road. The park service keeps opening the winter. Visitors with spotting scopes gather in absolutely frigid weather for a momentary long distance view Bellevue came from Germany to see wolf, Doug. Smith runs the Yellowstone wolf research program for the park service. And no one predicted. This would happen actually we indeed the appeal of coming in to see the wolves. Yes. And it truly has been amazing and hundreds of thousands of people a year, we estimate come here. Justice sequels. Tourism pumps thirty five million dollars a year into the local economy much of it spent in the winter, which is prime wolf watching time we've seen flows all three days we've been out Glenn. My is a retired FBI agent from Arlington Virginia. Kathy lumbar is a retired cop from New Hampshire. They both paid an outfitter thousands of dollars to take them with watching. So what is it about wolves that bring you all the way out here from New Hampshire to sit out here and just hope for the chance to see them. They've been able to burn wolves back into Yellowstone and they've thrived. So that's just an awesome thing to see. It was January twelfth nineteen ninety five when the first gray wolves captured in Canada were carried into Yellowstone park. It drew both national attention and fierce opposition so much that armed guards were posted to protect those wolves. So the first walls released into Yellowstone park or released rightback here in this thicket. Yes, so total forty one over three years. How many are in the park. Now, we've got ninety six and ten packs, and it's been roughly a hundred wolves the last ten years very stable, those ten packs of about ten wolves each are without a doubt, the most closely observed and studied wolves on earth our goal is to keep touch with each pack. That's our goal. They do that by trying to attach radio collars to at least two wolves in each of the parks packs. So you fly. The airplane. Find wolves in the open that airplane radios, a waiting helicopter on the ground. The helicopter flies out with a gun in the back seat. That Gunnar is almost always Smith himself. And you fly up alongside that wolf, and you should tranquilizing dart into it. Five minutes. It goes down. We process the wolves. We take blood. We measure them we look at their health, and we attach a radio collar, and then we follow them for their life. Hopefully that life by the way typically lasts about five years. You'll Allstone wolves are fears and territorial the leading cause of death is a tax from other wolves. And their look is uncontrollable that look says I ain't going to conform to your rules. And I'll die before I do, and that's powerful. That is a location of a wolf data from the radio callers has helped Smith team to learn volumes about wolf behavior. Folder is by them. It also helps all those wolf watchers. Find them truck service employees. Rick McIntyre is out every day listening for signals that is from a black. Male Wolfram revenues seven and then spreading the word. Did you like to see a gray well of two okay? So it's a little bit right of center. Oh, yeah. Oh, look here comes a whole pack. Wow. To receive you can count the mall. It would be to graze six blocks four five six black ones and the white one that went by in the should be a second gray. How 'bout that? We had spotted the junction Butte pack, along a ridge line about two miles away. Like most packs, it's led by an alpha, male and alpha female, the only two wolves in pack who mate with each other greyhounds, a female is still leading to the right? And you see how the ones behind are playing. She's determined to lead them to the west. They're running along the top right along the real. Yeah. That's magnificent. We can see these wolves from the ground, and it's been a sensation. So we've learned a lot about packed dynamics and personalities and how social they are. What do you mean describe that for me? They won. Wannabe together, their pack animal. So the power of the wolf is the pack. Nowhere is that power more evident than when a wolf pack is on the hunt for elk its favorite prey they worked together because they have to your average wolf weighs one hundred pounds or so, but your average prey animal is much bigger, but below seven hundred fifty pounds a colleagues five hundred so house of roughly one hundred hundred twenty pound animal going to take that down. They do it. Doug Smith says both by coordinating their attack and by zeroing in on Volna, Rable, pray. They're going to take the week. So they're making their living off of calf elk old elk injured, elk without wolves. There was an overpopulation of Elkin Yellowstone as wolves have cut the size of those hurts. There's been an unexpected side effect plants that elk. Feed on have made a comeback which has in turn produced benefits for other species. All the little trees have come back since we'll recover this Goey filled with shrubs has all come back since we'll recovering and the wolves are a factor in all of that very simply put wolves Email elk eat this when the L kit reduced the eat less so beavers and songbirds can respond to the growth in that vegetation. And it's Doug Smith is quick to say that it's not as simple as he just made it sound, but that hasn't stopped some environmentalists from declaring wolves the saviors of Yellowstone's ecology. There's some people who will try to convince you that wolves could probably solve Mideast peace and world hunger. Randy Newberg is a Montana hunter who hosts the TV show and podcast four hunters. He remembers how emotional the debate over reintroduction. In was between wolf haters and wolf lovers wolves are wolves. They aren't the big bad wolf, and they don't have rainbow shooting out there asking like everyone would think they do. There's something romantic about a wolf, right? Bless you've seen it chewing on a live cow. Eric Costa's family has been raising cattle and sheep one this Montana rent for one hundred years. He says he was worried from the moment the first roles will brought back to Yellowstone, which is about one hundred miles to the south. You know, they weren't going to stay in the part. They're wild animal their go or they want to go. I'm sure you knew it was only a matter of time before they were going to get here. Oh, yes. There was no doubt. And there was a set of tracks. Very well cost a new that wolves would follow migrating elk out of Yellowstone and onto his ranch and that they attack his livestock if given the chance he started hiring range writers to watch over his cattle, and he bought guard dogs to help keep wolves away from his sheep live sheep, pay for things. Live cattle pay for things deadwood and stole his defensive measures have kept wolves away from his livestock, but neighboring ranchers have lost both cattle and sheep to wolves. The thing that's never monitored. When I talked to these people is the loss nights of sleep. The nervousness. We'll track on my place today, or I actually saw wolf wolves around you can't measure compensate for that are wolf attacks on livestock, a serious problem. No. It's rare that it happens. But if it's happening to you. It's a serious problem. It was that fear of wolf attacks that drove ranchers and settlers to eradicate them in the early twentieth century after the Endangered Species Act was passed in one thousand nine hundred seventy three wolves were among the first to be listed and a campaign began to restore them to Yellowstone park after that happened in the nineties wolves quickly spread out of Yellowstone and into neighboring states, so many that there are now nearly two thousand in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho after a long and bitter legal battle, those states finally won the authority to manage and sometimes kill wolves outside the national park has. This management of the wolves helped to lessen some of those passions to calm, some of those emotions I think so so to have wolves you have to kill the wolves and some situations. Yes. The first situation is cut and dried any wolves that attack livestock are immediately killed themselves. I think that's hoped a lot at least with the ranching community and people feel better if they're not powerless to deal with something and then wolves are hunted. There's hunting season on wolves all three states have. So having wolves be hunted has probably increased people's willingness to share the landscape with them two of them. Randy Newberg is living proof of that. He filmed a wolf hunt a few years ago for his TV show. It took him eleven days and one hundred miles of trudging and tracking through the snow. You went out looking. For a wolf and saw how smart they are. How cunning they are how athletic they are. If you wanna increase your respect for world's going chase them out on their landscape, hunters and ranchers and avid wolf watchers. Rarely see I'd y but they know agree on at least one thing. We've got a gray wolves are back in Yellowstone for good. People love this. You know, we live in an artificial world. It's stores and cars and roads and buildings wolves are real and people crave. It they love it. We almost have this thirst for something real now.

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"doug  smith" Discussed on Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank

Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank

04:36 min | 2 years ago

"doug smith" Discussed on Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank

"I will not give you a chance. Well, that's wrong. That's not should I get behind. That's wrong. What I don't mind if saying like, I wanna hire chip that cool. Great go for you wanna do that fucking go forward. That's fine. It's not coolest I refuse to hire this or fuck that because other people have their gender had it easy. You're this or that. No. Because then you're not treating them as an individual as a hardworking performer, you know, like that guy fucking who suing Harvard, some Asian guys I worked really hard, and you cannot let me in because you already had too many other Asians. I'm just me and I worked really hard. I'm not white comics. I'm just Ari. I didn't talk in a living in this business. Ten years in nothing was handed to me. I had my insurance paid for my car insurance by my parents who fucking my immigrant father who made away from self. But I'm not like fuck you. You had it easy. None of that. None of that. I worked hard. I worked on my act. I got better until people start going. I enjoy what you're putting out and they related to it. There aren't twelve people in this industry. There's thousands. If you have people that like you for what you do fucking great. You know, there's some shitty people that I think, you know, our shitty that make a living. But you know, what they have fans. That's okay. I'm not gonna say that name of thinking about. That's okay. If they got fans if that's what they're they're into. You know, but someone's into them. Anyway, that's my piece you can promote anybody, but don't just promote anyone because of their race or gender because that's just racism, and I'm not going to get behind it. You know, Doug Smith told a great story this year on those having I worked with them hard. Louis. Cats also told a great story this year on those not happening. In addition to just a read like I mentioned before. But Doug Smith told about this fucking great. Look it up. Look it up. I don't wanna ruin it. But it was great over on about breaking up rape. Sing of rape on a subway platform, breaking it up, and it was great, man. It was funny. He was Geraldo without bragging. I'll brag about him because it was fucking. It was a fucking hero. But he just did it wasn't trying to like push himself as great guy. Just he just did something instinctively stinks. Really? I don't know. Even though I don't know the difference. Of those words, I'm still smarter than burdened, Tom. Give me a break. Everyone knows that. Yeah. I don't wanna get to the plate point. I don't want anyone else. Get the point. We're sorry, Doug. But because you are have this color and this type of genitalia. I don't wanna hear that story. That's wrong. That's wrong on this level on the level that we as purveyors of the art form as people who look at comedy would be missing out on something. Really nice. We'll be missing out on something. Really great. And I don't want to get to that level. But in addition Doug Smith, we will also get a read. Understand that further promote other types as well. Not at the expense of anyone as best. I can. So I'm trying always to get a mixture. But if it's like three person show, you have no choice. Does a six person show. You're crazy. If you try to follow it on the lines of has three this three that and one of these. That's that's nuts. One year might be. I mean, we had it is not happening storytelling showing in in Edinburgh. This year to white chicks a black, dude. And someone's like, oh, you going Harford averse like what? No last episode. We have just three do. It's just like what are you got to worry about every single one has to fit in this type? He just get quality people. You see whatever happens. And if you find yourself never booking anyone of diversity, then like look a little harder. But if you do then, it's fine. Then don't worry people say so anyway. Yeah. With this happening. We had you know, forty stories year to book. So of course, we have more options to book different types of people. And we did a great job. We did a fucking great job clue show and stand up comedy history..

Doug Smith Geraldo rape Harvard Tom Louis Edinburgh Harford Ten years One year
"doug  smith" Discussed on WJR 760

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"doug smith" Discussed on WJR 760

"I'm your host, Jack Priscilla. And with Doug Smith. Go on February second nineteen Ninety-two shattered his spine and a game and was paralyzed Doug. You wrote the book the trauma code why that title. My life has been about high-performance tonight. I believe everybody in the world wants to perform better. I think it's innate in 'cause it's your manner equality of functioning. And and so everything that I look at in life is based on improving performance and mental or physical. And and and if you're gonna look at that, you have to really understand what the thing that hurts your performances. Makes sense right, Jack. Absolutely. Yeah. Why not look at what hurts our performance? So what we've discovered what I've discovered in the system that I built is simply designed to help you understand and see when you're hurting your performance, wh when trauma is the reason you're doing things went traumas caused a disruption in your brain and your behaving in ways. But you don't know why you can't explain why? So if you can if you can be aware of of of when you've been traumatized over your life emotionally, my work today is primarily about emotional trauma, though, though, if you use it it helps you physically. Can you talk to us about the miracle? We call the brain. Yes. Yes. I, you know, that's where I spend all my time today. So the subconscious brain is is is ninety seven percent of our human functional. So what what trauma does is from an emotional or physical trauma, and there are four types of trauma. There's only four catastrophic physical catastrophic emotional cumulative, physical and cumulative emotional now catastrophic physical, you know, when you suffer one, you gotta get help catastrophic emotional, you can't hide it cumulative physical. Sometimes it's too late. But we know now you shouldn't be banging your head against stuff over and over. And then the last one the one that we spend the most time on the one that I educate on which is cumulative emotional trauma because it looks like carbon monoxide to the brain. It can't see it can't smell it. All of a sudden you wake up and you hate Monday mornings. You can't wait for the weekends. You hate your you. Don't know what's going on in your life. So what? Trauma? Does any of these traumas they cause a disruption between your sub conscious brain which controls you and your conscious thoughts. And when that happens, your subconscious brain just runs all over you is it eight hundred pound gorilla, sit when it comes in the room, Jack anywhere at once anywhere it wants, and that's your subconscious brain. So here's how you team it. Here's how I had. I had to go through this process myself. I use the system myself it works every time. It's helped thousands of people. It is the leading systematic approach to mental performance. And here's how it works. Your subconscious brain has three priorities, that's all just three. And if you just focus on these three for a minute. I'll give you the behaviors that you can, cultivate, these that feed these priorities here. They are meeting basic needs. Clarity is thought. And helping other people, and I can break those down into their scientific components and look at them from a physics standpoint. I I can't do that on the radio, but there are eight specific behaviors that feed the three priorities of the sub-conscious Frayne. And here are the behaviors awareness. I became aware you have to become aware number two purpose, you have to develop a purpose in your life, or or or you're gonna flounder number three motivation understand the self determination theory, that's motivation, focus, you have to have focused to be successful to really tap into high performance, and you can, cultivate, focus and focus is a competitive advantage. Number five belief and self you must build belief in south and you have to put yourself in an environment. Where other people are building your beliefs for you won't be able to compete at high levels trust, you know, Jack, if I trust you I can rapidly internalize your belief in me mirror neurons to study of mirror neurons at Parma university. We now know that the brain extends beyond the confines of the skull, Jack. So if you believe in me, and I feel you do I can leverage that trust. I can use it as a competitive advantage. Asking for help is number seven. I thought that asking for help was a sign of weakness. Asking for help is a sign of strength. Don't let anybody fool you asking for help is a sign of strength. Emotional control is number eight. It's the hardest one for me. Controlling emotions. Here's how I control my emotions in a business setting today. I ask myself two questions before I go into the building. Or before I go into the boardroom. I asked myself this first question, how do I feel and then I listened for the answer. And then I asked myself the second question, how do I feel about the other people in the room? And I answer the question in my head. And then I enter and that reduces my concern about losing emotional control in that environment by a radical percentage. I won't get into that today. But if you use those eight behaviors, and you feed the three priorities of the subconscious, brain, what will happen is you'll get the subconscious brain working for you. As opposed to risking that. It's working against you..

Jack Priscilla Doug Smith Parma university ninety seven percent eight hundred pound
"doug  smith" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

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"doug smith" Discussed on Legion of Skanks Podcast

"But was was her was it more than one chick it wa it two different women time in the six months yes i still hissing good stats there i want to more beers may we go okay so you was this chick sorta like fucked up when she kind of like you know what did you see me look alien nation at that time actually the first time i ever met eric was in rebecca's apartment he came and he did like powder it was crazy i trinity power next the next turn the lights off like fonzie yeah shark did you like when you were fucking these do you ever like bought like trick them and play dead this was it so anyway you said you're going to get right when you come pictures out is that okay if we picture of you when you had out all i live for every walk us through this nightmare now wait a minute hold on we had fucking doug smith on and he told us about his fucking subway slashing we pull up pictures and laughed at his face it was great yeah so pick your cancer's bear that a subway tek air taking this more seriously than me bring up the ugly me yet yet another big here ugly was it was a big opportunity for visual gag here you can go with almost anything and it'll probably work yeah yeah perfect yeah we got got it it out we're not the truth no hate ball or not you were able to get late twice going through all that shit that's pretty fucking good choice but to different chicks broads it's pretty good pull was cool lady vaginas did you're like do you remember on the fly when ear certif on off and they were like making out of your body or fall off during sets dude you're dick it's often side of me take it out you're like bergstrom fly from the fly she goes to the bathroom she was do you have any town on that she'll be your medicine cabinet and it's like your teeth left eyebrow.

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"doug  smith" Discussed on That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

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"doug smith" Discussed on That's What She Said with Sarah Spain

"And he wants to be open about it and help others and um it's it's a powerful and necessary conversation that we don't have enough in sports and you guys have heard me on this podcast talk about kate fagan's book what made matti run and she mentions and they're like for sports we've got people that are working on every aspect of you physically and soon neglect the mental part of it and to not understand the mental part of it is so shortsighted and that's what derozen talks about two so it's in the star dot com the headline is raptors derozen hopes honest talk on depression helps others this is a column by doug smith and i'm going to read you a little bit of it he says this is demar speaking this israel stuff he said we're all humans at the end of the day that's why look at every person i encountered the same way i don't care who you are you could be the smallest person off the street or you can be the biggest person in the world i'm gonna treat everybody the same with respect my mom always told me never make fun of anybody because you never know what that person is going through ever since i was a kid i never did i never did i don't care what shape form ethnicity nothin' i treat everybody the same you never know and it's interesting because after derozen came out and talked about the depression and his issues but back on february 25th now just a few days later or a couple of weeks later we're seeing kevin love tell his story in the players tribune and he actually mentions that line from demar derozen that everybody is going through something and that.

kate fagan raptors doug smith matti demar israel kevin
"doug  smith" Discussed on Relevant Podcast

Relevant Podcast

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"doug smith" Discussed on Relevant Podcast

"Really i don't even know easily one of the main characters in it in the in the movies make it a lot of money because it had a high run tomato score is the theory of the last the last test is going to be this weekend because nothing mcdonough hey idris elba movie dark tower comes out and so far it has not been released for critical screening there is an embargo until friday morning on not a good sign on now 'cause i love you drew salva he's like my cell the i love those books but a super movie there's a lot of red flags for the movie like honestly i i kinda love the rotten tomatoes thing because they feel like this is finally honestly crowdsourcing give a movie is good like you used to have no real way of knowing a give a movie was good like you'd have your local newspaper reviewer and maybe you trusted hammer herman he didn't but this is like pretty accurate leg we breen i watched rerun movie the day just on a whim and we're like oh let's see this is some funny people in it was called table nineteen it was about some wedding and it was like ready to apply it to do plast brothers movie it was absolutely trash land than i was like what was this rotten tomatoes and was super low it also goes to show like at what point does like something like netflixing incorporate ride tomatoes score into the browsing experience or does that limit their inventory so macho just like doug smith who is a mental wants to just went they just removed the ratings they used to have the net flicked caesar ratings on the fivestar curve in as it was they have so many.

doug smith idris local newspaper plast